View Full Version : Rules for Blue Stories Forum

07-25-2005, 09:45 PM
We hope you enjoy your self here and tell your friends.

We have a few simple rules here

1. All subjects in the stories must be atleast 13 or they will be rejected.

2. Any member may post in the story forum

3. You must be 18 years old or older to be a member--- close does not count

4. By posting stories here you give the forum non -exclusive posting rights---you may post you story anywhere else you would like but the stories will not be removed unless you posted someone elses copyrighted story or they violate the rules of the forum.

5. No flaming other members or the staff---no threats or posting of personal information--- this includes PMs or emails in whole or part without the permission of the other party.

6. No Hot linking to outside sites---this is stealing bandwidth

7. Pictures in the galleries --subjects must be at least 18

8. All pictures posted must be free of copyrights or web addresses or they will be removed
also, absolutely no Beastiality pictures are allowed.

9. Please do not post Personal Erotic Images in Signatures...some areas of the Forum are accessible to non-members, Such as The Rules, The Welcome, The Sneak Peek.

10. Please check with the Admin for size specifications and approval of signature pictures.

have fun and feel free to ask me or the moderators anything