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Chapter Eight
The Women and Satan

The woman wrapped her fat legs tighter around the goat's flanks and met its full thrusts with that of her own.

“Goddamn, fuck yes!” she cried aloud in rapture. “Big fucking goat cock screwing the piss out of me! ”

The goat was relentless and insatiable. It pumped her pussy full with long thrusts of its big prick, never halting in its strokes. Its full ball bag mashed upon the woman's fat ass each time it gave her a thrust.

The fat ugly man was still watching intently, every now and then stroking his prick. Diana noticed the man's cock. It was long, thick, stiff and throbbing.

Jerry. Like the fat man, watched the goat screw the woman, its big glistening dick pumping her cunt. Jerry's prick reared up stiff and thudding, his balls filled with sperm.

Diana had worked the dildo's head into her pussy and was moving it up and down.

All the people in the room were breathing hard, their hearts thumping, their bodies tingling and itching to fuck.

Jerry grabbed at Jeannie and pulled her over onto his lap, her back facing him. He wrapped his arms around her waist and thrust his dick into her pussy.

She grunted with pleasure. “God, that feels good!”

She spread her legs and raised her ass to give him full and free access.

He dug every inch of his hard dick up her tight moist cunt without halting. Then they both began hunching and humping, fucking with full fast thrusts.

Squeeze my tits,” she commanded him. “Squeeze them good and hard.”

He complied and she cried out: “Goddamn, that hurts so fucking good!”

The fat man suddenly stood and walked over to Diana who was engaged in sliding the rubber prick up and down her pussy.

With one hand he grasped her head and with the other guided his cock toward her mouth. She opened her lips and he slid his dick in.

He gasped at the feel of her wet warm mouth on the head of his prick. He clutched her head and drove his dick on into her mouth. She relaxed her mouth and throat muscles and let him use her mouth like a cunt.

His cock was a good seven inches long, thick and throbbing. She sucked it well, using her lips, tongue, and palate—her whole mouth and throat on it.

He stood there in front of her, his legs braced, grasping her head and pumping the full length of his big prick down to her gullet.

She was a capital cocksucker—he would need to keep her in mind, he thought.

The goat had never halted in its screwing of the woman; it had kept up a fast full steady fuck, filling her pussy up with thick hot meat.

“Oh, ah, you're the biggest, you're the best,” she cried out to the goat. “God, what I wouldn't give to have you every day—and night.”

The beast gave out a blaring “baaa” as it gave the woman the best fucking she'd ever had.

She grew determined to buy the goat. She was sure she could offer a high enough price for Jerry to sell it.

Jerry lunged his dick up Jeannie's cunt, spewing a stream of semen in her core. Her cunt sucked on his prick, drawing his sperm deep within her pussy. She felt a warm balm bathe her womb. He's knocking me up for sure, she thought.

The goat suddenly jerked and thrust every inch of its cock up the woman's cunt. It wheezed and snorted as it began pumping cum in her pussy.

She cried out with pure lust as the animal filled her up with thick creamy juice.

The fat man fucked Diana's throat fast and hard, driving every inch of his dick down to her gullet. She sucked just as fast and hard as he fucked.

He suddenly froze, and then jerked hard as a thick wad of semen spurted into her mouth, down to her throat. She gulped it down with ease.

She still drove the long thick rubber prick into her cunt, digging it in deep, jamming it fully up her pussy.

He shouted out in pure pleasure as he emptied his balls down to her throat. She sucked and gulped and swallowed every drop of his cum, A dribble of it came running past her lips, and she swept her tongue down and lapped it.

Never had he had such an excellent suck job. He wanted more of her, that was for sure.

All the people in the room laid back and relaxed, resting and getting their breath back.

The fat woman finally waddled over to Jeannie and sat on the long wide sofa beside her. Next in line was the fat man who sprawled on the couch, fucked out for the moment.. He was lying beside Diana, who was still breathing hard and trying to regain her breath from swallowing the man's load. He had squirted gob after of cum down her throat.

Jerry was also spent for the moment. He laid back and just relaxed, regaining his strength.

Jeannie heard the goat snort and give out a “baa.”

She looked over at the beast and was amazed at what she saw. Its cock was once again stiff and throbbing. It had regained its stamina and was ready to fuck again.

At the sight of its big balls and long stiff thick prick, Jeannie felt a jab of lust shoot through her body and hot juice began to flow in her core. She realized that she had wanted the goat the minute she had laid eyes on it. She grew determined to get a piece of its cock.

She got up off the sofa and walked over to the animal. She knelt before the beast and reached out her hand and stroked its scrotum. The goat gave out a bleating baa and moved its body closer to her hand.
Jeannie's heart thumped in excitement as she felt the animal's slick hot stiff prick growing in her hand. The size of the animal's cock was amazing. It had to be over eight inches in length, and its thickness was a sight to behold. Its dick quivered and thudded and its balls swelled and grew.

“Oh, you've got a beautiful cock,” she said softly.

She vigorously stroked its prick. The goat's dick strained forward, rigid and thudding in its excitement.

She moved her head closer and flicked her tongue on the beast's scrotum, and then began lapping the bag.

The animal stamped its rear hooves and snorted.

She stuck her tongue out and swept it up and down the goat's cock, lapping and licking it with her tongue. The beast reared up, and then stamped back down. Its big hard dick wobbled and swept the air in an arc.

She began sucking hard on the animal's prick, taking in as much as she could.

Diana had noticed what Jeannie was doing. She got up off the sofa and walked over to the goat and Jeannie.

She knelt, and in her own fashion, worshiped the beast. She licked its balls as Jeannie sucked its dick.

The two women lapped and licked and laved the animal's cock with a thick layer of saliva.

The fat man and woman had been watching and were now fully aroused. They walked over to the women and the goat to get a closer look.

Jerry watched them all with interest and growing arousal. He had figured what was going to happen, but he was content for the time being not to interfere.

Diana lifted her head from her licking of the goat's scrotum. “I've simply got to have a piece of his cock,” she breathed out.

She unsnapped the strap-on dildo and laid it aside and lay back on the hay bale and pulled at the beast's dick. It scooted forward, and she wrapped her legs around its rear flanks.

Diana said to Jeannie: “We'll both fuck him. You'll get yours too.”

She moved forward, raising her legs and spreading them back until her pussy made contact with the goat's prick. She could feel the animal was fully aroused.

“You're amazing,” she spoke to the goat. “Oh, ah, fuck me, Satan, fuck me! Pump that devil dick deep in my cunt.”

She thrust her pussy up till she felt the beast's cock pressing against her belly. She guided its dick to her cunt and hunched forward. She grunted as she felt the animal's long thick stiff prick enter into her pussy.

The goat and the woman slid up till they met her core. The beast was now fully impaled in her pussy. It had every inch of its cock stuffed up her cunt.

They began fucking. Both of them hunched their bodies forward and back. Soon they were in a perfect rhythm.

“Satan's fucking me!” Diana called out in pure perverse lust. “Satan's screwing his big prick deep in my pussy!”

She hunched until an orgasm swept through her body.

She caught sight of Jeannie watching them. She suddenly felt a compulsion to share the goat's dick with Jeannie. There was more than enough of its prick to go around.

She slid off the beast's cock and said to Jeannie: “Have at him.”

Jeannie wasted no time. She locked her legs around the goat's body and let its front hooves rest on her shoulders. She moved her body down till she felt the head of the beast's dick tapping on her pussy.

She lunged forward and gave out a big “Ah” when she felt the animal's cock slide up her cunt.

She hunched up and cried aloud when she felt the goat's thick prick stuff her pussy.

It dug its dick up her cunt with no hesitation, no halting. In one continuous stroke, it drove every inch of its cock up her pussy.

When she felt the first full thrust of its dick in her cunt, she screamed with pleasure.

“”Ah, fuck, Satan, fuck! Oh yes, Satan's fucking me--Satan's pumping his devil cock in me.” She grasped the goat's long thick curved horns. “Ah, fuck me, devil, fuck me Satan—pump your devil meat deep in my cunt. Ah, yes, you and me are going to suck and fuck a lot. I want your cock every day.”

Never before had Jeannie felt so perverse, so wicked, so sacrilegious.

Jerry was content to watch what was happening for the time being. When it was time for him to go into action, he would know.

The fat couple had become aroused from watching the two women and the goat. Without regard for Jeannie or Diana, the couple took over.

The fat ugly man clutched Jeannie's head and slid his hard prick between her lips. He thrust forward and began fucking her mouth.

The fat woman found the strap-on dildo and strapped it on. She tugged at Jeannie, pulling at her body until she had tugged her free of the goat's dick. Jeannie whimpered in frustration as she felt the emptiness in her pussy.

But that sense of emptiness soon turned to cries of pleasure as the woman got Jeannie on her knees and began stuffing the stiff rubber cock in her cunt from behind.

Soon the man and woman had joined in a rough rhythm and were fucking Jeannie's pussy and mouth at the same time.

Jeannie cried out in passion and lust. The very idea of a fat ugly man and an equally fat and ugly woman fucking her mouth and her pussy at the same time was enough to give her a new experience in the realm of perversion. The pleasure she was receiving was half made up of violating taboos and engaging in perverted lust and half made up of the actual pleasure she was receiving. It was as if she had received an insight while fucking. It opened her mind to numerous possibilities.

I'm going to do this again—soon, she thought. I can do whatever I want in the world of perversion. There's no limit.

Jerry could tell it was time for him to take over when he heard the fat man exclaim: “Goddamn, I'm gonna cum!”

He quickly made it over to the fat couple and Jeannie and took over her pussy. He nudged the fat woman's hip until she got the message. She slid the rubber cock out of Jeannie's cunt, causing her to moan in disappointment. But, again, as with the goat and the fat woman, Jeannie's cries of frustration soon turned to groans and grunts of pleasure as Jerry dug his dick up her cunt.

He slid his hard prick in her pussy up to her core, and then began pumping the meat in her, screwing her with long full thrusts.

Diana took care of Satan. She saw to it that the goat had some pussy. She wrapped her legs around its flanks and pushed her cunt up to meet its still-hard prick. Then they started fucking fast and furiously. The beast screwed its big hard cock in her pussy with long full fast and hard strokes. She fucked back at the animal, giving as good as she got.

The fat ugly woman, seeing that all cunts were occupied, took off the strap-on and began fucking her pussy with it, jamming it deep in her core.

The fat man clutched Jeannie's head and spewed cum down her throat. She gulped and swallowed it down.

All five people climaxed at about the same time. Groans and cries and grunts filled the room as they all shared one big suck and fuck.

This is the best animal show ever, Jerry thought.

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this story is so hot and my cock is so hard, I want to be that goat for 1 day I'd be fucking these women non stop