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Brigit Astar
07-05-2012, 10:57 PM
Chapter Nine
Diana Takes Care of Sonny

The next day being a Saturday, Jeannie and Sonny waited till the early afternoon to go to the ranch. Even though she wasn't required to do it, she went ahead and dropped Sonny off at the ranch house and then drove to feed and water the show animals. She enjoyed her “job”--in more ways than one.

Sonny entered the ranch house and gave a loud hello. Diana answered from the kitchen.

She had just poured some of the stimulant into a cup of coffee. She intended on starting early today.

Sonny entered the kitchen. “Where's Dad?” he asked.

“He's making his usual rounds,” she replied, sipping on the coffee. The stimulant was odorless, tasteless and clear, and its effects were almost immediate. It was a perfect aphrodisiac. She thought about Jerry for a moment. He was clearly a man of many talents. He was not only a full-time rancher, but he was intelligent as well and had common sense.. He kept his reading up on subjects as varied as chemistry and history. And she knew from personal experience that he was even more perverse than she. Diana was more than willing to marry him. She would be an equal partner in his enterprises and businesses, and she would have an equal partner in sex and perversity. But Jerry didn't seem to be interested in marriage.

She poured a cup of coffee at the counter and unobtrusively poured some of the stimulant in with it. She walked back over to Sonny and handed him the cup. He sat at the kitchen table and sipped the coffee.

“Where's Jeannie?” Diana asked.

“She dropped me off and went to feed and water the pet animals.”

“She didn't need to do that,” Diana replied. “This is Saturday.”

Sonny took a gulp of coffee and said, ” She enjoys doing it. She likes the animals.”

Diana smiled at Sonny's innocent statement.

“They like her too,” she said. “Animals are more perceptive than people in some ways. They can sense if you like them or not, or if you're afraid of them.”

“The animals on the ranch here are sure like that,” Sonny answered.

Again, Diana smiled. If you only knew, she thought. Well, maybe today, you'll start finding out.

Sonny finished the cup of coffee. “Would you like another cup?” Diana asked.

“Yeah, I think I would,” Sonny said. “There's something about the coffee you make that makes me want more than one cup.”

Again Diana went to the counter and mixed up the coffee with the stimulant. Within ten minutes, he's going to be raring to go, she thought.

The stimulant was working on her too. She felt stabs of wet fire jabbing up her pussy. Her breasts throbbed and began swelling and growing warmer by the minute. She felt an aching void in her cunt—a void that needed to be filled. She began breathing faster.

“Let's go in the living room,” she said. “It'll be a little while till Jerry and Diana get back.”

They walked into the living room and Sonny sat on the sofa. Diana joined him, sitting close to his body.
She could hear his heavy breathing. She saw that the stimulant was already affecting him. His face was flushed. She looked down at his crotch. She saw that he had a hard-on. His cock poked at his pants.

Although Sonny had a short dick--about five inches long and thin, when it was fully extended and hard, it was enough to satisfy a woman. Diana knew enough about men and women to know that it was very possible for a man with a penis of only a few inches to satisfy a woman. Sonny was adequate enough.

An idea had been forming in Diana's mind over the past few days. She knew that what was required was for Sonny to “sit in” and watch his dad fuck Jeannie. That would do the trick. Along with the stimulant, Diana could see that Sonny would be more than an adequate “fucking machine.”

She didn't think any preliminaries were necessary. She reached over and grasped him between his legs and began rubbing.

Sonny hissed and then spread his legs and scooted down on the sofa to give Diana full access to his prick.

She unzipped his pants and pulled his dick out. It was fully extended and hard and throbbing. She began stroking it up and down, and he breathed hard and panted.

She lowered her head to his cock and opened her lips and swept her tongue over it.

Sonny clutched her head and drove his dick into her wet warm mouth. She began licking and sucking his prick, using her tongue, lips and palate over the entire shaft and head.

“Oh, ah, suck me,” he gasped. “Suck my dick. Suck every inch of it.”

She deep-throated him and he cried aloud at the feeling of every inch of his prick being licked and sucked. He grasped her head and began fucking her down to her throat.

“Ah, what a sweet cocksucker you are,” he panted. “You know how to suck a dick. I wouldn't mind at all having you for a step-mom.”

My sentiments exactly, Diana thought.

She knew that even if Sonny squirted cum that he would be ready soon to squirt again. So she continued to lick and suck him fully, sliding her lips and tongue tightly up and down his staff.

Something like a dam bursting had hit Sonny from within. His inhibitions seemed to have been swept away. He had never before had the stimulant, and that—along with Diana's expert sucking—had served to open his being up to all kinds of possibilities.

He suddenly felt an urge to lick Diana's pussy. He didn't question the urge—he was too stimulated.

He got up on the couch and unsnapped her pants and pulled them off, and then he raked her panties down and off.

He raised her legs and drew them back. Her pussy was shaved and he saw the slit glistening with juice.

With a groan of lust he dipped his head between her legs and began lapping on her cunt, flicking his tongue-tip up and down. He blew hotly on her pussy, causing her to hunch up and mash her cunt onto his licking lapping tongue.

“Oh, ah, that feels so fucking good,” she breathed out hotly.

He tongue-fucked her, digging his tongue into her hot dripping pussy.

She clutched his head and jerked her body up, twirling her cunt on his face.

He jammed his tongue in as deep as it would go and began zipping it up and down on her clit. He sucked the throbbing bud with his lips as he raked his tongue over it. He could taste the pussy juice seeping into his mouth. He sucked it all up.

Her head was tilted back and her mouth gaped and her eyes rolled back as he gave her one of the best cunt-lickings she had ever had.

“Oh god, we should have been doing this a long time ago,” she panted. “Ah, I want this every day—I want your tongue deep in my cunt every day.”

He kept licking and sucking her pussy till she jerked up in the throes of an orgasm and squirted cunt juice.

“Oh sweet fucking God!” she cried. “Sweet fucking Jesus Christ!”

She hunched and gasped and panted as the climax wracked her body from head to toe.

Sonny kept sucking her pussy till he had sucked her dry for the time being.

“Oh, ah, you're something else,” she breathed out hotly.

His cock throbbed and thudded, extended to its full length and hardness. He wanted to screw her then and there, but there was still a little inhibition left within him. He didn't want his dad or Jeannie to come in and see them on the sofa fucking. It was one of the last remaining inhibitions he had.

He suggested to Diana that they go upstairs, and she agreed. “Let me fix us a drink,” she said, “ and then I'll join you upstairs”

She went to the kitchen and mixed two drinks, both with the stimulant, and then went upstairs

Just as she entered the bedroom upstairs where Sonny was, Jerry and Jeannie entered the ranch house below. They had met at one of the barns and had finished feeding and watering the show pets and had headed for the ranch house....