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Brigit Astar
07-05-2012, 10:58 PM
Chapter Ten
Sonny Finally Joins the Party

Jeannie was going to go in search of Diana and Sonny but Jerry waylaid her.

“Why don't we mix a drink and start the party early,” he said.

“Sounds good to me,” she replied. “But we might have a little problem with getting Sonny to join in.”

“Not when I get through,” Jerry said. He then decided to tell Jeannie about the stimulant.

She was somewhat surprised as he mixed the drinks and told her about it.

“Why did you think that I needed a stimulant?” she chuckled.

“I thought you might need a little something to break the ice. Now I see you don't, but don't you like the stimulant anyway? The effects of it?”

“Yes, I do,” she answered. “I like it very much. I like the intensity and sensitivity of it.”

“I like the staying power it gives,” Jerry said.

He handed Jeannie a drink and she sipped it. They went to the living room and sat on the sofa and sipped the drinks, forgetting about Sonny and Diana for the time being.

As they sat and sipped the drinks, however, Jeannie suddenly thought of Diana and Sonny.

“They must be here somewhere,” she said. “I'm going to find them.”

“I might as well join you,” Jerry replied..

“Oh, I just thought of something Diana might want,” she said. She went to the bedroom and got the bag with the strap-on dildo, and then rejoined Jerry.

They went upstairs in search of Diana and Sonny. They heard noises coming from one of the bedrooms.

“Don't tell me that Sonny and Diana are...” Jerry began but then closed up as Jeannie opened the door and they saw Diana and Sonny naked in bed.

“Well, I'll be...” Jerry said. “I didn't think it would ever happen.”

Sonny was somewhat embarrassed, but the effects of the stimulant combined with Diana's beginning to stroke again on his prick eased any discomfort or embarrassment he felt.

“Why don't we start the party,” Jeannie said. “We're all here.”

“Sounds good to me,” Jerry said.

Diana stripped, and Jerry quickly followed and they joined Jeannie and Sonny in bed.

Sonny was still a little inhibited by his dad being naked in the same bed, but when Diana slid her lips over his prick and began sucking it, his inhibitions dissipated.

His dick grew rigid and extended to its full hardness. Suddenly Jeannie joined in and both woman licked and lapped and sucked Sonny's prick till he thought he was in heaven.

He looked down at the two sexy women sucking his cock and he could hardly believe it. Two beautiful young women who looked like movie stars were busily engaged in licking and sucking his dick for all they were worth.

Jerry was content to watch for the time being. He was glad to see his son finally overcome the inhibitions he had had.

But both women in an unspoken accord suddenly shifted over and began licking and sucking Jerry's prick. His cock immediately grew hard and throbbing, stretched out to its eight-inch length and thudding in its full thickness.

The two women in less than a minute had both men's dicks stiff and thudding and ready to fuck.

Diana had an idea of her own. She quickly strapped on the rubber prick and tugged on Jeannie's hips till she pulled the woman up on her knees. She then wrapped her arms around Jeannie's waist and moved up behind her. She tapped the rubber cock against Jeannie's pussy and pushed forward.

Both women grunted with pleasure as the prick and the extension on the harness dug into their cunts.

Jeannie went back and forth from Jerry's to Sonny's dick, sucking them as Diana stuffed the rubber cock up her pussy.

All of Sonny's inhibitions were gone with the wind. He felt completely free now. He was no longer intimidated by his father on his knees next to him. They took turns stuffing their pricks into Jeannie's mouth. She gave them both equal time.

Diana squeezed Jeannie's tits, scraping her thumbs over the nipples. Jeannie winced with the pleasure/pain, but she didn't want Diana to stop. The pleasure was beginning to outweigh the pain.

Diana pumped the rubber dick in Jeannie's cunt, and she gasped with the feeling of the extension rubbing on her clit as she screwed Jeannie.

“Oh, ah, I'm gonna cum,” Diana called out. Jeannie answered her by crying out, “Me too. Oh god, yes!”

Both women climaxed almost simultaneously, hot pussy juice gushing as they jerked and hunched in their orgasm.

Sonny couldn't hold back any longer. He grasped Jeannie's head and drove his dick down to her throat and let her have it. He pissed a stream of cum down her gullet. She gulped and swallowed it all, not letting a drop escape.

Jerry held off. He didn't want to squirt in her mouth. He wanted all his sperm to spurt deep in her cunt. He slid his cock out and reared back on his knees, waiting for the women to finish their climaxes.

Jeannie was in nirvana. A long thick stiff rubber prick was pumping her pussy as she gulped down warm thick creamy cum.

Diana collapsed on Jeannie's back which gave Jerry his cue. He slid down and pushed his hip against Diana. She quickly got the message and slid the dildo out and moved over.

Jerry turned Jeannie over on her back and slipped atop her body. He burrowed between her legs and clutched her big butt as he pushed his crotch forward.

Jeannie spread her legs and drew them back and raised her cunt up to give him full and free access.

He dug his dick up her pussy, never halting till he had every inch stuffed up her channel.

After their cuming, Sonny and Diana were content to lie back on the bed and watch for the time being.

But Sonny found himself more and excited as he watched his father fuck his wife. Suddenly he couldn't hold it back any longer and he called out: “Fuck her, Dad, knock her up.”

Sonny's prick felt like it was going to explode by watching Jerry fuck his wife. He slid atop Diana and stuffed his hard dick up her pussy. She grunted with the feeling, and then spread her legs and drew them back, and Sonny pounded her cunt.

Watching his dad screw Jeannie had been the last straw. All his reserve and inhibitions were gone now.

He fucked Diana fast and hard, never halting till he had spewed three gobs of cum in her pussy, and she had climaxed.

Jerry humped Jeannie, rapping his big hard cock up and down her hot snug juicy cunt. She wrapped her arms and legs tighter around his body and hunched back at him. They were soon screwing in perfect synch.

“Oh, ah, you're making me cum ,” Jeannie gasped and began humping her pussy on his hard prick. “Oh, fuck yes!” she cried out as hot juice gushed from her cunt, bathing Jerry's dick in a balm of pussy cum.

“Oh god, I could fuck like this all day!” she panted as Jerry continued to saw his cock back and forth in her cunt. “Ah, you're fucking my core!” she cried out in pure lust.

Both Sonny and Diana were mesmerized by watching Jeannie and Jerry screw and by Jeannie's orgasm.

Jerry rammed his prick deep in Jeannie's pussy, and gave a strangling groan as he spewed a stream of semen in her core.

“Squirt sperm in her cunt,” Sonny said.

Jeannie's pussy sucked in all his semen. She felt it bathe her womb in a warm glow which she knew could only help her in getting pregnant. As much as they had fucked in the past week and as much sperm as he had squirted deep in her cunt, she was bound to be knocked up, she thought.

After they had all shot their wad, so to say, they lay on the bed side by side, just breathing hard and recuperating. One by one they drifted off into a nap....