View Full Version : Chapter Twelve--Jeannie Loves Her Horny Pets

Brigit Astar
07-05-2012, 11:01 PM
Chapter Twelve
Sonny Watches His Wife and Prince

Sonny and Diana drove most of the way around the ranch until they saw Jerry's ranch wagon parked in front of the barn where Prince was stalled. By this time the stimulant was beginning to work its magic on both Sonny and Diana.

The got out and walked up to the barn door. They heard gasping and panting and groaning coming from inside. They opened the barn door and halted in surprise.

There in the center of the straw-filled hallway of the barn, Jeannie was on her knees start naked at the flank of Prince the pony. Her cheeks popped out and her wide mouth was filled with the pony's cock. She sucked the animal fully, taking in every inch of its dick.

The pony neighed and snorted and stamped its rear hooves as it pumped its prick down to her throat.

Behind her, scooted up tightly against her rear, Jerry humped his cock up her cunt. His hands squeezed her tits good and hard and pinched the nipples. Jeannie hunched back at him, humping her pussy to meet his thrusts.

Never before had Sonny seen such a perverse sight. He stood there frozen in amazement until he felt Diana unzipping his pants and pulling out his half-hard dick.

She opened her mouth and slid her lips on his prick and began sucking him fully.

He looked down at the black-haired beauty bobbing her head up and down on his cock, and he felt a stab of lust shoot through his veins.

He turned his head and looked again at the spectacle before him. His dick reared up, throbbing and hard at the sight before him—and at the feeling of Diana's wet warm mouth sucking his prick.

The last inhibition left in Sonny was ripped away. He moved around Diana to her rear and unsnapped her jeans and pulled them down and off. He raked her panties off and then he marveled at the sight before him.

Diana's ass was big, round, and smooth; its upthrust mounds seemed to invite anyone who wanted to cram a cock between them.

Jerry grasped her hips and moved his crotch up tight upon her rump. He rubbed his now fully hard dick between her butt mounds till he found her asshole. Then he pushed the head of his prick forward, digging it into her rump.

She winced a little at the feel of his big hard cockhead cramming into her tight butt. But as he dug more of his dick into her ass, it began to feel better and better. Soon there was no pain, only pleasure...

“Oh yes,” Sonny groaned as his prick dug inch by inch into her moist hot channel. Her ass was incredibly tight; it gripped his cock like a red-hot vise.

He slid his hands up to her titties and mashed the big hot orbs as he began to move his dick back and forth in a sawing motion.

He saw that Diana was watching Jerry and Jeannie too. And now the couple near the pony turned their heads and saw Diana and Sonny watching them. The couple gave them lustful looks and smiles as they continued their sucking and fucking.

Sonny's heart thumped and his prick thudded, extended to its full hardness and thickness. He began screwing Diana's tight hot moist rump hole as he squeezed her breasts. She grunted in pure pleasure as he gave her a hard fucking.

Diana felt as if her heart would burst and her ass would literally fly to pieces.

Sonny was screwing her fast and fully, and she gave as good as she got, humping back at him to meet and match his hard thrusts.

Sonny watched Jerry pump his cock into Jeannie's pussy from behind, and a shaft of perverse lust jabbed through his dick and balls, up his tummy to his chest and on up to his mouth and head.

“Fuck!” Sonny shouted. “Everybody fuck! Fuck my wife, Dad. Squirt a baby in her.”

Jerry obliged his son. He cried aloud as he felt the sperm churning and swirling in his ball bag, and then erupting up his stalk to gush out into Jeannie's snug hot juicy cunt.

Sonny and Diana grunted and gasped in unison as they both squirted at the same time; Sonny spurting his cum in her pussy as she squirted pussy juice.

Prince pumped his big stiff prick in Jeannie's mouth down to her throat. The pony neighed loudly as its cum gushed up its staff and sprayed into her mouth, filling it up with thick creamy juice. The cum kept gushing out of the pony's cock til it overflowed and came seeping out of her mouth streaming down to her breasts. She rubbed her tits and neck and face, smearing the pony's cum all over them.

Both couples and the pony had ejaculated and squirted at about the same time, and the barn was filled with wet smacking sounds and panting and gasping and crying out.

Sonny collapsed on Diana's back, causing her to sprawl down into the hay.

Jerry let out a big sigh of contentment and satisfaction and reared back on his knees.

Jeannie kept licking and sucking lightly on Prince's dick till she had gulped down the last dribble of its cum. A wonderful warm balm spread throughout her tummy as she swallowed.

“Ah, sweet fucking,” Diana murmured. The rest of the humans in the barn replied by humming their pleasure and satiation. Prince was breathing hard and wheezing. The woman had sucked him dry.

The couples finally separated, and in unison began putting their clothes back on, as if they could read each others minds and knew the fucking was over—for the time being.

But they knew it would start again soon...