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Brigit Astar
07-05-2012, 11:03 PM
Chapter Thirteen
An Announcement and the Future

An Announcement

Two months later, Jeannie was notified by her doctor that she was pregnant.

She was overjoyed, and so was Sonny. They couldn't wait to tell Jerry the good news.

They drove to the ranch house and found Jerry upstairs in one of the bedrooms. He was in his underwear trying to escape the heat. It had been an unusually hot and humid day and he had the air conditioner going full blast. But he forgot about the humidity when they told him about the baby.

Jerry beamed with pride and accomplishment. He had never felt any doubt that he would impregnate Jeannie, but when he actually heard the news he laughed and clapped his hands and felt a great sense of relief.

“What will you name the baby?” Jerry asked.

“If it's a girl, we've decided to name it Jeri—J.e.r.i.” Jeannie said. “If it's a boy, we'll name it Jerry.”

“You're going to name it after me?” Jerry said in disbelief mingled with pride.

“Sure,” Sonny said. “You're the one responsible for the whole thing.”

“Yeah, but if not for you two, it wouldn't have happened,” Jerry replied.

“But you're the one most responsible,” Jeannie said.

Jerry was happy beyond words...

The Future

A year and a half later, there had been some changes in the lives of Diana, Jerry, Jeannie and Sonny.

Diana and Jerry had finally gotten married. Jeri was now eleven months old, and both Jeannie and Sonny had found that parenting was a full-time job. But they divided the time up so that one of them was free at all times.

One afternoon, Jeannie suddenly announced to Sonny that she wanted to have another baby.

“Are you sure?” he asked.

“Yes, I'm sure.”

“With Dad as the father?”

“Yes,” Jeannie answered.

“Fine with me,” Jerry said. “Do you think Dad will agree?”

“I don't see why not,” she replied. “He's enjoying being a father, and he's told me more than once that when I was ready to have another baby, he would be more than ready to give me one.”

“Well, let's go solidify the agreement with him,” Sonny said.

They took Jeri with them and drove to the ranch house.

They found Jerry in the kitchen sipping a drink. He had just mixed a little stimulant in it because he knew that Diana would be returning soon from shopping.

When Sonny and Jeannie asked him if he was ready and willing to be a father again, he answered, “Sure. When do you want to start?”

Jeannie looked at Sonny, and then said, “Why not today?”

“Today would be fine with me,” Sonny replied. “What about you, Dad?”

“In my opinion, today's a great day to start,” Jerry smiled. “Let's wait till Diana gets back from shopping. She can take care of Jeri while we take care of business. In the meantime, can I fix you all a drink?”

“With a little stimulation in it?” Jeannie smiled.

“But of course,” Jerry answered. “Nothing else but. When I'm the bartender, there's usually stimulation going on.”

He mixed two drinks and handed them to Sonny and Jeannie.

They made small talk and played with the baby, sipped their drinks and waited on Diana.

She finally arrived and was overjoyed to see them all together.

Jerry asked her if she would mind watching Jeri while he and Jeannie and Sonny took care of business.”

“What kind of business?” she leered.

“Monkey business,” Jerry replied. “Jeannie and Sonny have decided they want another baby and have asked me to be a surrogate again. I of course told them I would be more than happy to be a father again..”

“He talks about Jeri all the time,” Diana said to Sonny and Jeannie.

“She's a perfect child,” Jeannie said.

“Well, if that's all settled, why don't we three retire upstairs,” Jerry said.

They went to one of the bedrooms, and Jeannie, to break the ice, quickly stripped . She stood naked before them.

Being pregnant and having a baby had not changed Jeannie that much. She had put on a little weight and her breasts were bigger.

The men stripped and all three got on the bed.

Sonny was more than happy to watch while his wife and his father went at it. He was more than happy to share his wife with his dad. He considered himself lucky to have such an attractive wife who was also fertile and wanted to have a big family and was also willing to be fucked by another man in order to get pregnant.. He knew that his father wanted to give Jeannie as many babies as she wanted, and Sonny thanked his lucky stars that he was simply in the position he was in to be able to fulfill his and Jeannie's wishes.

Sonny's dad was more than happy to fuck his son's sexy wife, to knock her up as much as she wanted. He knew that he was fortunate to have such an open-minded son and daughter-in-law.

Jeannie's happiness was supreme. She had two stiff cocks (three if one counted Diana's strap-on dildo) to fuck her, and to fulfill any and every act of perversion that came into her mind she had a number of beasts with big stiff cocks that loved to be sucked by her and to fuck her. Could anything be any better than this? she asked herself. No, she answered her own question. Nothing in this world could be better.

She smiled with contentment and fulfillment as she realized that everything in her life was good. Everything was perfect.

The End