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10-05-2006, 04:07 PM
Keeping The Family Together
by sabina4u

My wife is 29 years old and above average looking. She always dresses sexy no matter what the occasion. For work, shopping, cooking you name it. She wears stockings always unless her skirt is super short. In that case she'll wear crotch less pantyhose. She and I both love when she shows off her legs and bum. This is a story of what happened recently with my father. He left my mom a year ago to go off with another woman. He wasn't having much sexual excitement with Mom, as it turns out. He was conflicted as he did not want to leave the family, but the lure of a stocking wearing younger woman won out. Mom was greatly depressed and she wanted him back, as did we all.

Jenette knew right from the start that he was a stockings man. She later told me that she caught him looking up her dress while she was playing pool. I did not know it but early on she would tease him by raising her dress when no one was around. So when we visited him on Christmas day at his new apartment Wife was wearing her short Christmas dress with black stockings and suspenders underneath. He was alone as the girlfriend was with her kids. When she crossed her legs, the silky stocking tops were visible. She and I both noticed him looking when he could. She was feeling playful, and with my encouragement, she kept flashing.

When the wine ran out, I offered to make the run. Jeanette went to the bathroom before I left and removed her panties. She had a Brazilian wax and her pussy and asshole were completely smooth except for a slight landing strip of hair. While I was gone (and I took my time) she made sure to sit in a low chair across from him giving a clear view. She later told me that at one point she bent to adjust her shoe with her back to him and exposed her stockings and ass.

As the evening progressed and we all got tipsy, Jeanette became more daring. She sat across from my father and next to me so he could see without worrying that I was uncomfortable. When it was time to go to bed, she went in to our room and waited for me in just her stockings and heels. She was on the bed doggy style with her ass facing the door. Jeanette called for me and I answered that I'd be right there. Instead, I told my father that I was going to the bathroom and please go and tell Jeanette that I'd be a few minutes. He walked in and saw his gorgeous daughter-in-law on all fours.

He saw Jeanette's spread open pussy and asshole up close. He quickly left and went to the living room. I said good night while he tried to act calm. About 30 minutes later, she got up and went into the living room, complaining that she couldn't sleep and that I was snoring. She had on a long robe, but kept her stockings on underneath. I'm sure he could tell by looking at her black silk covered feet. They spoke about his health and she offered to give him a back rub. He agreed. She led him to his bedroom and began to rub on the outside of his shirt. Eventually, she removed it and was rubbing his bareback. She went to get lotion from his bathroom and returned with it and her heels. Her robe was now open reveling her legs. She asked him to turn on his back so she could rub his shoulders. She did that for a while and began to work down his chest. In doing so, she turned with her back to his face.

There was my Dad's daughter-in-law with her ass inches from his face. She lifted the robe and for the first time he saw her pussy and ass being offered to him up close. She spread her cheeks and he stuck his tongue deep in my wife's asshole.

We left after awhile, and after he got many good looks. We had invited him to visit us on New Years as his girlfriend was traveling to her family. We had booked at a black tie party with a big band. While we were getting ready, he seemed particularly interested in Jen's outfit, constantly complementing her. She wore black stockings under her cocktail dress, with no knickers and all was evident.

As the evening progressed, we spoke about his relationship. It turned out that he was bored of his new girl and missed home. Problem being that he couldn't spend the rest of his life with little or no sex. Wife had previously said that she thought he was sexy and it was her fantasy to have an affair with her husband's dad. I found the idea very exciting as well. As we drank and danced, she dragged him to the dance floor for a slow number. She got the courage to ask if he liked her stockings. When he enthusiastically said yes, she offered to show him a bit more. I made to the bar as they sat at our booth. While I was at the bar, Jen pulled up her dress so Dad could see the tops of her stockings. She wasn't wearing panties.

He loved it and said that he always wanted mom to dress but she never would. Jen asked if her dressing would help matters. She told him that she always wore them and that we both liked when she showed off. He loved the idea and said that he wished there was a way he could see the all the time. She said that I wouldn't mind as long as he was happy and it was our secret.

Then she popped the question. Jen asked if he would consider leaving his girlfriend and returning to my mom. The catch being that if he did, and was faithful, she would let him see anything he wanted. The idea that he could have his family back and get to have fun with his gorgeous daughter-in-law was tempting.

She assured him that I was on board and would help create situations where they could be alone. He was unsure at first, not knowing what to believe. When we arrived home Jen led him up the stairs and he saw straight up he dress.

He watched in awe as his gorgeous daughter in law stepped up the stairs with her pussy in full and inviting view. She went to the top of the stairs and sat on the final step, wide open.

There was his beautiful daughter-in-law lying back open. She moaned softly as he stroked her legs and worked up toward her bum. She let him lick and touch and then when he was about to cum she slid his cock up her tight asshole. He never had anal sex before and the combination of the feeling and looking down and realizing that he had his cock up his daughter-in-laws asshole made him explode like never before.

He would later say that the image of her open asshole dripping with his cum stayed with him forever. Every time he saw her he could picture it. This was the desired effect. We knew that when he saw how beautiful and smart she was and then had his taboo cock up her asshole, he couldn't resist.

But the deal was, no more until he moved home. Nothing more happened that night but we were all quite charged. He left the next day and promised to call. Jen e-mailed him a picture of her and confirmed that she was serious. All he had to do was go home.

We heard nothing for a month until my mom called and told us the news. Dad had asked forgiveness and she accepted. He was back home and she wanted us to come for the weekend for support. When we arrived, nothing was said and Jen was pleasant to them both. She wore a long wrap dress hiding her stockings. When mom was out of the room Jen would cross her legs and let the skirt open showing her goods. That was the start of what would become an amazing and happy tale. Dad was able to look and touch as much as he wanted and was the better for it. He no longer had to look elsewhere to satisfy his desires, he had it right at home. We got to have the excitement of such elicit sex with all the benefits.

Part II

Still, he had not yet fucked Jen in the pussy. We invited my parents to visit us in Europe where we maintain a second home. My mom didn't want to fly but encouraged dad to go. He was to visit for two weeks. We had a dinner party the first night with some neighbors and friends for him to meet. He was nervous as he was sure that the men could all see up her dress and he wondered what they thought about him seeing as well. The evening ended with one of Jen's work colleagues (Chris) being the last to leave. She sat on the floor and was having a good time crossing her legs.

Chris was playful and was teasing my dad about his sexy daughter-in-law. He laughed nervously and tried not to look. Once Chris left, Jen got more daring. I begged off to bed. Within minutes, dad had his face buried in her crotch and was licking her hot pussy and ass. He never had oral/anal sex before and he was amazed how horny he was to have his tongue in Jen's asshole. Now, for the rest of his life he will know that the first time he ate a girl's asshole it was his daughter-in-laws. She did 69 and sucked him until he came. He added to his memory the vision of Jen swallowing his load of cum without dripping a drop. The realization that for the rest of his life he was going to get his cock sucked by his hot, young, stocking wearing daughter-in-law was amazing.

They continued drinking and he eventually was hard again. This time, finally, she offered herself. My wife took her father-in-law deep inside her.

From then on, he got to see Jen wide open for him his precious daughter-in-law's pussy and asshole. When her father came for dinner, she made him a drink and said she would go get my dad who was napping. She went into his room and pulled down her panties.

The fun continued with all of us enjoying the experience. When dad finally came in Jens pussy, it was quite exciting. She gave my dad his first full swallow blowjob. He loved it. She also, licks his balls and asshole. He never came in a woman's mouth before and he now is addicted! Jen has been good and sucks his cock pretty much every morning. Over the time he stayed with us before going home, he came at least 20 times in Jens mouth, 10 times up her ass and a few in her pussy.

We all still think its amazing that he cums in her ass. Especially when they do it right before company arrives. This Sunday, she hosted a lunch for the family and friends. Sure enough, 20 minutes before the guests arrived she was laid back on the bed getting a hot load of her father in laws cum blasted up her pussy.

All afternoon, we all knew that she was full. To tease the nephews and neighborhood teens, she left the cum drenched panties in the bathroom hamper. We figure that over the next 20 years my dad, her father in law, will cum up her asshole over200 times! Imagine that, if they work on any projects together for charity, the number would go up more. Imagine those two at a charity ball sharing a room as normal family members would. Little would anyone know that after its over, my dads fingers will be buried deep in her asshole while she sucks his balls. He'll then lay her back, lube up his daughter-in-law's asshole with KY and slide his cock inside. Hell look down and see the girl that everyone was trying to pick up and knowing that his hard cock is sliding in and out of her ass. When he finally cum and looks down, hell see the most desirable woman at the ball with his hot sperm dripping from her open hole. The next day everyone will be together and no one will know anything.

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