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Brigit Astar
07-22-2012, 01:12 AM
After her three classes were completed it was lunchtime, and Ginger ate her lunch from a brown bag in her office.. Her experience with the cafeteria had made her a confirmed brown-bagger.

She thought over her remaining day. She had a counseling session with Shelley Boyd after lunch, then a study/planning period, and finally another counseling session.

Her thoughts came back to Shelley Boyd. She grew warm between her legs and her breasts heated up and throbbed as she thought about the sixteen-year-old girl. She was so luscious-looking, so delicious...so—lickable and suckable.

She slid a hand under her blouse and bra and stroked a breast, tweaking the nipple. At the same time, she slipped a hand between her legs and under her panties and stroked her pussy.

Her heart was thumping as she thought of the girl. She's definitely bi or les, she thought. And she wants it as much as I do. We're going to lick and suck this afternoon, she thought with certainty. I'm going to lick and suck that sweet pussy and lick and suck her breasts, and she'll do the same for me.

She sat in her office stroking herself and daydreaming of the girl when the bell buzzed indicating the lunch-hour was over.

Ginger's heart was now thudding as she sat behind her desk and waited for the girl.

There was a tapping on the door, and Ginger's heart rapped along with the tapping.

“Come in,” she said.

Shelley Boyd entered, and Ginger couldn't take her eyes off the girl. She was dressed in tight jean shorts and a strapless halter. Both accentuated her curves and the outline of her breasts. Ginger could see she wasn't wearing a bra. A hot jab of pure lust shot through her pussy, up to her breasts, to her heart and on up to her head.

“Please, have a seat,” Ginger said huskily. “Here, sit beside me behind my desk.”

Shelley complied and sat next to Ginger. Both looked over each others body. Shelley licked her upper lip with her tongue -tip. She had thought of her teacher and counselor even more than Ginger had thought of her. Shelley was sure that today would be a turning point in their relationship. She hoped that they would become loving partners.

Both females crossed their legs at the same time, and Ginger gazed at Shelley's halter. She could see half her breasts. Her lips, mouth and throat were suddenly dry.

She spoke out hoarsely and huskily: “I spoke with the principal, Mr. Humphrey, about forming a les coalition here at Pinecrest. He gave his okay and approval, so I don't see any problem. A program could be started, we could have an organizational meeting, no matter what.”

“Wow, that's great,” Shelley exclaimed.

“Also, I talked with him about adding a Woman's Studies program and offering courses in it starting next semester, and again he gave his okay and approval. So Ms. Edwardson and I will work on that, and work out the program and what it will offer, and the courses to be offered. I figure that Ms. Edwardson and I would be the only two instructors, although Ms. Willis the vice-principal might be interested in teaching a course in the program.”

Shelley looked at Ginger admiringly. “You're great,” she again exclaimed. “You get things done.”

“Mr Humphrey is quite open and enthusiastic about adding new programs and courses here at Pinecrest,” Ginger replied. “He's all for for it.”

Shelley gazed at Ginger's full smooth sleek legs, and at her thrust-out breasts threatening to burst through the tight blouse she wore. She felt the hot juice churning in her pussy, and her breasts throbbed and grew warm and began to swell. She wanted to make it with Ginger so much she couldn't stand it.

The two females' legs were touching each other and their arms also touched. Both were hot as firecrackers.

The passion that Shelley felt took over, and she let it burst forth. She slid an arm around Ginger's shoulder and slipped a hand down her blouse and cupped a breast. It was warm and throbbing and swollen. She moved closer to the teacher and nuzzled her neck and cheek as she began to stroke a titty and scrape a nipple with her thumb.

Ginger panted with lust, and then slid a hand under her student's halter and grasped a breast and began rubbing and massaging it and stroking the nipple with her thumb. Shelley's breasts were the size and shape of softballs, and they grew hot and swollen under Ginger's stroking of them. The nipples grew erect as Ginger scraped them with her hand.

Shelley brushed her lips over Ginger's, and then slid her tongue between her teacher's lips.

The two swirled and flicked their tongues upon each other as they shared a hot wet open-mouthed French kiss.

Ginger broke away and huskily said, “Let's go over to the sofa. More room there.”

They broke away from each other and walked over to the couch.

“We have forty-five minutes,” Ginger said. “We have time enough to get naked and really do this right.”

Shelley immediately undid her halter, and Ginger followed suit, unbuttoned her blouse and unsnapping her half-bra. They unzipped their short skirts and slid their panties down and off. They stood there for a moment just admiring each others body. Then they came together and fell onto the sofa.

Shelley took the lead. She slid atop Ginger and they scissored their legs and began rubbing their cunts together as they mashed and rubbed their tits upon each other.

Both gasped and panted and groaned as they rubbed their naked bodies against each other.

Unfortunately, Ginger had forgotten to lock the door.

Just as the two were engaged in a 69 on the sofa, Stubby Kaylor the custodian came up the hall pushing a big wide sweep broom. As he passed by Ginger's office he heard grunts and gasping and panting coming from the room.

Stubby was a short fat bald ugly man in his mid-forties. Nature had cheated him in the looks department. As if to make up for the deficiencies, nature had given Stubby two long thick gifts: a tongue and a cock.

Contrary to what most might think, Stubby through the years had gotten his share of pussy. Once he got his long thick tongue and/or his long thick cock into a woman, she loved it, and tended to overlook his chubby ugliness.

Being the janitor at Pinecrest High School kept Stubby in a constant state of arousal. It seemed his prick stayed hard, poking at his pants, letting all who looked at his crotch see that he had a long thick stiff dick.

The girl students and most of the female teachers kept Stubby aroused. He fantasized about dozens of them. Especially Ms. Cox. He could only imagine what it would be like to tongue-fuck her and stuff her pussy with his cock.

He paused at her office door. The hallway was deserted as the fourth period was in progress. He placed his hand on the doorknob and slowly turned it. The door opened a crack, and his eyes widened and mouth gaped as he saw the teacher and student naked on the couch licking and sucking each others cunts.

His prick reared up to its full length and thickness and hardness. The student was one he had especially noticed, and Ms. Cox he had noticed on the very first day of school.

He watched for a short while as the two tongue-fucked each other, then he saw their bodies begin thrashing and hunching as both experienced climaxes.

Stubby silently closed the door and slowly swept on down the hall, but his mind was in overdrive.

He was sure that what he had just witnessed was the key that would unlock both the student and the teacher's bodies to him. If he played his cards right, he thought, he would be able to fuck them both. And not only fuck them, but dig his long thick tongue up their pussies and slide his long thick dick in their wet warm mouths.

He finished sweeping the hallways and went down to the basement where his “office” was located. It was a small room, furnished with a couch, a table with a computer, and a smaller table with a hot-plate and coffeepot.

He sat at the desk and began composing a letter to Ms. Cox. Within a few minutes he had completed the letter. It read: “Dear Ms. Cox, it would be for your benefit if you come to my office right after school today. My office is located in the basement beside the boiler room. I watched you and the girl student in your office today. I saw everything you did. I'm sure we can work something out. If you choose to ignore this letter and don't come to my office, I will have no choice but to report what I saw you and the student doing to the proper authorities. Yours truly, Stubby Kaylor, Custodian, Pinecrest High School.” He placed the letter in an envelope and sealed it and wrote “For Ms. Cox “ on the front.

He intended to write a similar letter to the student, but first he wanted to make sure Ms. Cox received hers. He walked upstairs to her office and slid the envelope under the door.

Ginger was in the midst of her planning period and was looking down at her desk, and so she didn't see the letter slide under the door. She didn't notice it till she stood and got ready to receive her next student to counsel.

She opened the envelope and read the message with an increasingly sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach. But as she thought more about the situation, she realized she didn't really have anything to worry about.

First of all, it would be the custodian's word against the teacher's and student's word; secondly, she would have the principal, the vice-principal, and a number of teachers and students who would stand up for her. The result would be, she was sure, that the custodian would be fired, and she would remain as a teacher. But she vowed that from that moment on to always lock her door when she was about to engage anyone in any “tryst.”

She pictured the custodian in her mind. She had seen him a few times. His fat ugliness had been an immediate turn-off, but she had noticed he had a tremendous hard-on. His cock poked at his pants, bulging out tent-like at his crotch.