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Brigit Astar
07-22-2012, 01:16 AM
Ginger made it to her apartment, set the clock for seven a.m. and grabbed a few hours sleep. But all too soon the alarm went off and she was up and rushing to get ready for her second day of teaching.

She decided to wear a short tight light red skirt and a tight white silk blouse.

She made it to the school at seven forty five and was going over her first class's lesson plan when there was a knock on her door and a skinny horse-faced girl stuck her head in and informed her that the principal wished to see her in his office.

Ginger had a hunch she knew what the principal wanted. She was correct in her hunch.

When she tapped on his door, he answered with a hurried “come in.”

She entered and the principal was standing beside his desk stroking his crotch.

“Why don't you lock the door, Ms. Cox,” he said in a raspy wheezing voice.

She flicked the lock down and walked to him and stood there facing him. He looked down at her body, taking in her luscious curves, thrust-out breasts and shapely hips and full smooth sleek legs.

At that moment the principal would have done anything Ginger suggested he do.

“Looks like you're in need of some help this morning,” she said. She reached down and grasped his dick through his trousers. He hissed and began panting.

His cock was stiff and thick and Ginger began to look forward to what the principal had in mind.

She went to her knees before him, unzipped his pants and pulled out his thick throbbing prick.

She moved her face forward, opened her lips and took his dick in.

He gasped and clutched her head and began hunching. His entire cock slid down her mouth to her throat. She relaxed her mouth and throat muscles and began sucking his prick, laving it with her tongue as she slid her lips tightly on the shaft.

He rocked back on his heels, closed his eyes and grasped her head, and drove his dick into her warm wet sucking mouth, down to her gullet.

She sucked him eagerly and avidly. His cock was stiff and meaty. She enjoyed sucking his prick. He had one of the thickest stiffest dicks she had ever sucked.

He suddenly pulled up on her head, and when she had stood, reluctantly letting his cock slip from her mouth, he wrapped his arms around her waist and carried her to the sofa.

He stretched her out on the couch and unsnapped his pants and drew them down. He slid her panties down and off and raked her skirt up.

He lay atop her and grabbed one leg and spread it. Ginger helped him. She spread her other leg and raised her body up. She grasped his cock and stroked it, and he gasped with the sensation.

“Um, give me that fat dick,” she breathed out. “Every inch of it.”

As he began digging his hard prick into her pussy, he raked her blouse up and burrowed his face down onto her breasts. He began flicking his tongue on the nipples as he sucked the nubs with his lips and mouth.

Ginger wrapped her arms and legs around him and raised her rump up to give him full access to her cunt. He grunted as he stuffed his prick into her pussy.

“Oh, ah, fuck me, Mr. Humphrey,” she gasped, “fuck me with that thick stiff cock. Dig it in deep. Pump the meat to me.”

He panted and wheezed as he dug his dick into her cunt. He drove every inch up her pussy, and then slid it back. He then screwed his entire prick up her cunt.

She cried aloud in lust as he began pumping his thick dick in her pussy. “Oh god, now! I'm cuming now!”

She jerked and writhed as a climax roared through her body. “Jesus fucking Christ, you've got the thickest cock! You've filled me up.”

“Ah, what I wouldn't give to fuck you every day,” he wheezed. “To pump my prick in your pussy, and squirt cum deep in your cunt.”

“Ah, nothing's to stop us from fucking anytime we want,” she gasped.

“I'm gonna cum,” he suddenly announced. “I can feel it building up in my balls. It's cuming—now!”

He let out a loud “Ah” as he rammed his dick to the root and let her have it. He spurted a stream of semen in her core.

“Squirt it deep!” she cried. “Squirt cum deep in my cunt!”

He spurted gob after gob of thick creamy cum into her core. Her cunt sucked greedily on his cock as he emptied his balls into her.

“So good,” she breathed out hotly. “So fucking good.”

“Ah, you've got the sweetest tightest juiciest pussy I've ever fucked,” he wheezed.

They shared a delicious afterfuck as he slowly slid his half-hard prick up and down her cunt and she swirled her pussy around in slow little circles.

He suddenly burst out with a passionate little speech: “I'll do anything for you—anything you want, you got it. I'll give you anything you want—just let me keep fucking you.”

“There is something,” Ginger said, suddenly very practical “Actually two things. You can approve the formation of a les coalition here at Pinecrest School. There are some students and teachers too who want to form such a coalition. Will you approve of it?”

“Yes,” he replied. “What else would you like? I'll give you anything you want, I'll do anything you want. Just tell me.”

“The other thing is to allow Ms. Edwardson and I to form a Woman's Studies program here at Pinecrest and to offer courses in it starting next semester.”

“All right. You have my approval,” he replied. “Anything else?”

“Nothing else I can think of at the moment, “ she said. “ When I do think of something, I'll let you know.”

“Anything you want,” he answered...

When Ginger finally left the principal's office, she noticed the skinny horse-faced girl behind the counter in the outer office. The girl looked at Ginger with an awestruck expression. Something told her that the girl had been eavesdropping on the principal and her.

No problem, Ginger thought, the principal will take care of it. She smiled with satisfaction as she realized that she had the principal eating out of her hand. Now all I need to do is cement the relationships I have with the vice-principal and the teachers, she thought...

Her classes went well. She made sure she sat on her desk facing the classes and crossing her legs and letting her arms fall back to the desk. The short tight skirt and tight silk blouse she wore showed most of her legs and the outline of her thrust-out breasts.

She was amused at the impression she made on the students in her classes. All the boys and half the girls stared at her body, mesmerized by her looks. There was a lot of masturbation that went on throughout the day and that night as all the boys thought about their teacher and half the girls wanted to be with her...