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Brigit Astar
07-22-2012, 01:20 AM
The women took turns going to the bathroom and douching and reapplying make-up. Rod was content to sprawl naked on the sofa and await their return.

All the women had dispensed with clothing and everyone walked around stark naked. Rod couldn't help but compare and contrast the three women.

Ginger was the most attractive overall, but Tammie and Melissa were nice-looking too. They all had attractive faces and killer bodies. For a moment Rod just sat there and congratulated himself on being able to pull this off. Three sexy young women were lounging naked in his living room—all three open to any and everything. He also thought of Diana the vice-principal. Melissa had invited her to the get-together, but she had been feeling under the weather and had declined to come.

Rod thought that the coming school year would be very interesting. He thanked his lucky stars that he and Melissa had applied and been accepted to teach at Pinecrest High.

He turned on the DVD and said, “This next film lasts about thirty minutes. It's entitled 'When Hubby's Away.' It won the Erotic American Short Film award last year.”

Melissa refilled all the goblets and the women lounged back on the sofa and drank the potent wine and watched the film.

The movie was intense and arousing. All three women had forgotten Rod's admonition and had gulped the wine down. The feeling of the wine and the watching of the film had aroused them all.

Ginger couldn't hold back any longer. She moved over and began to lick and suck on one of Tammie's breasts. This inspired Melissa to go for the other titty.

Tammie panted and grasped the heads of the two women and thrust her titties out.

Rod was a connoisseur of both observing and participating. He was content to sit and watch the three women make-out. He felt his cock slowly growing and stiffening and his balls filling with cum. Soon enough he would join the three. There was no need to rush.

Ginger scooted down till she was on her knees before Tammie. She spread the librarian's legs and moved her head up between her legs.

Tammie knew what Ginger was about to do, and her heart thumped and the hot juice swirled as she waited for Ginger's mouth to fall upon her pussy.

Ginger wasted no time. She slid her tongue up and down on the cunt and blew hotly on it. She then dipped her tongue into the snug hot juicy pussy.

Tammie reared up and gasped, “Oh god, Jesus fucking Christ! Lick, suck, eat me! Eat my pussy up!”

Ginger licked, lapped and sucked the pussy, and then she concentrated on the clit, flicking her tongue-tip on it as she sucked it with her lips.

“Oh, ah, you're the best,” Tammie panted. “Ah, I want this every day, every night. Oh god, be my girlfriend, be my wife!”

Rod watched in excited fascination. His dick was now extended to its full length and hardness. He was ready to join in.

But Tammie had her own priorities. “Fuck me, Ginger,” she breathed out hotly. “Fuck me with that long thick prick.”

Ginger raised her head and looked around for the strap-on dildo. Melissa found it and handed it to her. Ginger strapped it on, and was going to lie atop Tammie, but she had a different idea of how she wanted it.

“Screw me from behind,” she rasped, getting up on her hands and knees.

Ginger obliged her, scooting up on the sofa till she was up against Tammie's rear. She wrapped one arm around Tammie's waist, and with the other guided the rubber cock into her cunt.

Tammie spread her legs and raised her rump. Ginger dug the rubber dick up her pussy, taking it slow and easy.

Tammie strained and gasped as Ginger stuffed the dildo up her cunt.

“Oh, ah, that's it,” Tammie breathed out in passion. “All the way, every inch. Ah, you're fucking me now. Pump the prick in me, screw the piss out of me.”

Ginger proceeded to jam the rubber cock up and down the cunt, screwing Tammie with long full even strokes.

“Jesus Christ, this is heaven,” Tammie panted. “Oh god, I could fuck all night.”

Melissa was busy licking and sucking Tammie's breasts as Rod got on the sofa. He clutched the women's heads in turn as he drove his hard dick into their mouths. Each woman sucked his prick for a few minutes till she gave it up to another.

“Oh, ah, oh darling, I'm cuming!” Tammie cried as pussy juice gushed and she hunched her cunt back and forth onto the long thick rubber cock.

Ginger rapped the dildo up and down Tammie's pussy, feeling a climax building up within from the dildo she was riding.

She cried out in passionate lust as an orgasm roared through her pussy and tits up to her head, and throughout her entire body.

After she had settled down somewhat, she suddenly had an urge to screw Melissa. The attractive blonde woman was on her hands and knees going from Tammie's breasts to Rod's cock licking and sucking them. Her blonde ass stuck out and up invitingly.

Ginger slid the dildo out of Tammie's pussy and moved over to Melissa. She wrapped her arms around the woman's waist and thrust the rubber dick forward. She tapped and explored till she found the cunt, then she pushed forward, driving the rubber prick up Melissa's pussy.

The young blonde reared up, spreading her legs and raising her rump as Ginger clutched her tits and squeezed them.

She began to pump the prick in the woman's cunt, rapping it hard and fast but deep. Melissa hunched back, crying out in passion: “Oh, unh, ah, fuck me! Fuck me with that big hard cock. Pump it deep in my pussy—all the way to my core. Goddamn, I'm cuming already!”

She jerked and writhed in the throes of a climax as Ginger screwed her fast and furiously.

Rod had taken over where Ginger had left off with Tammie. He got up behind her and pushed his crotch forward, driving his hard dick into her hot moist snug cunt. He fucked her hard and fast, ramming his big stiff prick deep in her pussy.

She cried in rapture and squeezed her own tits as Rod pumped the meat to her.

Side by side, Ginger and Rod fucked Melissa and Tammie. All four were completely caught up in a world of passion and lust. In the back of their minds, as they screwed, was the thought: We're going to do this all year. There are four of us. We'll get Diana involved too, so there will be five of us—plus some select students.

Rod and Ginger got into synch and screwed the two women in perfect rhythm. Melissa and Tammie hunched and jerked as climaxes wracked their bodies. Rod gave a lunge, driving his long thick prick into Tammie's core, and he cried out in unrestrained lust as he spurted thick creamy cum deep in her cunt.

Ginger gasped and panted as she humped the rubber prick deep in the pussy. She herself cried aloud as an orgasm burned and swept through her cunt, up to her tits, to spread throughout her entire body as she slid up and down on the extension.

All four collapsed on the sofa, gasping for breath and breathing hard.

Before they knew it, all four had fallen into a doze. They were temporarily worn-and-fucked out.

When Rod awoke, he was amazed at first at the sight of four naked bodies lying sprawled on the sofa. Then the humor of it struck him and he gave a chuckle. This aroused Melissa, who asked the nonsensical question: “What happened?”

Rod went to the kitchen and put on a pot of tea. By the time it was ready and he had poured four cups and carried them on a tray into the living room, Tammie and Ginger were awake and wondering what Melissa had voiced.

Rod just smiled and served them tea.

Ginger looked at her watch. “Gee, it's three a.m. We've slept the night away.”

“I trust we all had nice dreams,” Rod said.

“I did,” Tammie smiled. “I dreamed Ginger was fucking me.”

Ginger chuckled and said, “We had similar dreams in a way. I dreamed you were fucking me.”

“Dreams are nice,” Tammie smiled mischievously.

“I didn't dream of anything, my mind was blank,” Melissa said. “I think I passed out.”

This brought on a round of chuckles.

“I do need to get going,” Tammie said. “I have to be at school at eight.”

“And I have a class at eight fifteen,” Ginger replied.

They didn't waste time on formalities of departure. They had all formed a bond and informality among them now ruled.

Ginger and Tammie with hasty goodbyes—till the next time-- were gone like the wind...