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Brigit Astar
07-22-2012, 01:22 AM
The school day was over and Ginger went to her apartment, and mixed herself a drink, put on some good music, kicked off her shoes and lounged back in an easy chair and thought over the day.

Her first day of teaching had gone very well. Nothing bad had happened; she had handled her classes well. She had counseled two students whom she believed would supply her with some hot times in the near future, and she had had a good close conversation with Tammie the librarian.

The more she thought of Tammie the more she was turned on by her. She was so damned sexy and attractive. She ran a hand under her blouse and stroked a breast as she thought of the librarian. She tweaked the nipple and massaged her titty and thought of the coming evening. Tammie would be at Rod and Diana's. She had shown by her looks and actions that she was attracted to Ginger. What was to stop them from getting it on? Nothing.

She took a shower, stroking her body as she bathed. Her breasts and pussy tingled and throbbed in anticipation of the coming evening.

I want to lick you, Tammie, she thought as she stroked her cunt. I want to lick and suck your breasts, your pussy, your ass. She rubbed her tits and her cunt till a mini-climax shot up her body, all the way to her throat and mouth. Her heart thudded as she imagined getting it on with Tammie, their naked bodies rubbing upon each other.

After she showered, she dressed in a short tight silk low-cut dress. She dispensed with panties and bra. The low-cut dress showed half her breasts, and the shortness of it showed her legs to her upper thighs. She brushed out her long wavy shimmering sandy hair, and lightly sprayed an exotic perfume on her neck and shoulders.

She checked the clock. It showed six-forty. Time to get going, she thought.

She drove the few miles to Rod and Melissa's in less than ten minutes. They lived in a duplex set off the street.

When she knocked on the door, Melissa opened it and gave her a sexy smile.

“At the risk of coming out with an old cliché,” she said, “you look good enough to eat.”

“So do you,” Ginger shot back.

Melissa was dressed in silky short skirt and a white silky blouse. Her short blonde hair was wavy and her deep brown eyes sparkled. She wasn't skinny, just boyish-looking. Ginger found her attractive. Her body filled out the skirt and blouse nicely.

“You're right on time,” she said to Ginger. “Let me fix you one of Rod's world-infamous wine coolers. He has his own brewery in the basement. He makes his own wine.”

“Hiya Ginger,” Rod called from an easy chair in the living room. “I'm not responsible for the effect of my wine in your head. Just don't gulp it down and you'll be okay.”

Melissa brought Ginger a goblet filled with a purple liquid. “Rod calls this Nordic wine,” she said.

“It's made from a centuries-old Scandinavian recipe,” Rod said. “It's guaranteed to make you mellow.”

Ginger sipped the wine and ran her tongue over her lips. “Um, it's delicious. Kind of strong. Has a lot of body to it. I like it.”

“Well, that's three of us so far that like it,” Rod said. “If Tammie likes it, I'd say it's an unqualified success.”

“Tammie's not here yet?” Ginger asked.

“Not yet,” Melissa replied, lounging on a big puffy cushion. “She should be arriving any minute.”

“I've appointed myself as camera man and official watcher,” Rod said. “I have a dozen short films loaded and ready to go.”

Melissa made sure that Ginger's goblet stayed full of the wine.

After one glass, Ginger had a delightful buzz. The second glass intensified the buzz.

“Your wine is delicious,” Ginger said. “It's full-bodied and has a luscious taste, but it doesn't get you drunk.”

“Just mellow,” Rod replied. “I'm going to go ahead and start this first film. It won the Erotic Academy Award last year for best short film. It's a totally silent film so you'll need to watch it closely to get the full benefit of it. I'm assuming that you don't object to watching an erotic short film.”

“Not at all,” Ginger answered.

Rod dimmed the lights and popped a button. The film started out with two women alone in a room. The women slowly stripped till they were stark naked. Then they embraced and began rubbing their bodies together.

Ginger found the film to be intensely arousing. It consisted of the two women stroking and rubbing each others naked body and kissing and licking and sucking each other.

By the time the ten-minute film was completed, Ginger felt hot juice churning in her core and her breasts were swollen and hot.

Just at that time, the doorbell rang.

“I'd say that's Tammie,” Melissa said.

And so it was. She entered dressed in tight short shorts and a strapless halter. She was absolutely stunning, and Ginger felt her heart thump and the heat increase between her legs and her breasts grow even hotter and swollen. There was a lump in her throat that wouldn't go away.

Tammie carried a rattan purse and she laid it down on a table.

Ginger stood when Tammie entered the room, and when the librarian caught sight of her, she went to Ginger and embraced her, nuzzling her neck and cheek. “I was hoping you'd be here,” she whispered in Ginger's ear and then nipped it.

“I'm glad you made it too,” Ginger answered back.

The three women sat on the sofa with Ginger in the middle, and after Melissa had handed Tammie a goblet filled with Rod's wine, they lounged back and continued to watch the new film Rod had placed in the DVD.

It was a longer sound film this time, and Ginger found herself getting more and more aroused.

Melissa made sure she kept the women's goblets full as they watched the film.

“Wow,” Tammie exclaimed. “This is some film—and the wine's not bad either. Something told me this was going to be a fun evening.”

The movie was a subtitled Danish film, and all four people became engrossed in it. It basically consisted of four people—two men and two women having a sexual tryst.

The four watching the film were turned on by it. The Nordic wine was helping too in making them all open and ready for anything.

Ginger's head was humming, and her body was warm and tingly. Waves of tingling warmth ran up her pussy to her tummy and on up to her breasts, and then to her head. Her titties especially were affected. They grew hot and throbbing and swollen. The nipples were rubbery and erect and ultra-sensitive. She began breathing heavily and raggedly.

When she felt Tammie's hand slide under her blouse and grasp a breast, she gasped at the feeling that shot through her body.

Tammie mashed and massaged the hot swollen titty.

About the same time, Ginger felt Melissa's hand slip under her blouse and clutch her other breast.

She gasped and panted as the two women rubbed her titties. Then she felt an indescribable feeling as Tammie raked her blouse up and went down on her breast, licking and sucking the hot throbbing orb.

The feeling was intensified as she felt Melissa's mouth, tongue and lips on her other breast. Both women were licking her nipples as they sucked the nubs of the titties with their lips.

She grasped both women's heads and pushed her tits up to allow them full access.

Rod had not been idle while all this was going on. He moved over and knelt at Ginger's feet. He raked her skirt up and spread her legs.

Ginger's cunt was spread open before his gaze. He felt he had never seen such a beautiful pussy. The trimmed sandy pubic hair half-hid her slit, which was moist and pulsating. She was ready to be licked—and then fucked, no doubt about it.

He buried his face between her legs, zipping his tongue-tip up and down her pussy lips.

She gasped and grasped his head and pulled it forward, showing him beyond a doubt that she wanted to be licked.

He dug his tongue into her cunt, swirling and twisting it around.

She cried out with pleasure as he tongue-fucked her, clutching his head as he jammed his tongue into her pussy.

He went for the clit, and scraped his tongue over it as he dug it on into her pussy.

She scooted down on the sofa, lost in lust as the two women licked and sucked her tits and Rod sucked her cunt.

She cried out in rapture as a climax ripped through her body. She never wanted this feeling to end. She would have been content to go on like this forever.

But the three people licking and sucking her had other plans...

Tammie suddenly got off the sofa and went to the rattan purse and pulled out an object. Ginger's eyes widened and she gasped when she saw what the object was. It was a strap-on dildo. The dildo was long and thick and made of stiff but flexible smooth rubber. It was molded into an exact replica of an erect penis. The strap-on had an extension built in to it, another dildo in the shape of an erect penis, but smaller than the dildo that jutted out a good seven inches.

When Rod saw Tammie strap on the rubber prick, he divined what she wanted to do. He moved off of Ginger's pussy and knelt back on his knees, content to watch for the time being.

Tammie winced as she pushed the extension into her pussy. Slowly but surely she slid her cunt onto it, and then she gave out an “Ah!” as she stuffed the final inch in.

The length and thickness and shape of the dildo captured Ginger's full attention. As Tammie approached her on the sofa, Ginger knew what she was going to do. She was both excited and filled with trepidation. The rubber prick was so long and thick.

Tammie didn't say a word. She grasped Ginger's legs and placed them over her shoulders. She scooted up, clutching Ginger's ass, and thrust forward, guiding the rubber dick toward her pussy. She tapped it with the head of the dildo and began digging the rubber cock into Ginger's cunt.

She grunted as she kept pushing the rubber prick in. Ginger thrust her pussy up to give Tammie as much room as she needed.

Melissa was more than content to lick and suck Ginger's tits and watch out of the corner of her eye as Tammie began to screw Ginger in earnest.

“Oh god, it's so long and thick!” Ginger cried. “Oh, ah, it feels like a real cock fucking me. Oh, Tammie, fuck me!”

Tammie was fucking her own cunt on the extension as she screwed Ginger. She panted and gasped at the feeling of the twin-fuck

Rod was becoming more and more aroused. His cock strained and throbbed in its full hardness. He got up on the sofa and guided his dick to Ginger's face.

When she felt the hard prick brush upon her lips, she opened them and Rod slid his cock into her mouth.

He groaned as he felt her wet warm mouth envelop his dick. He clutched her head and drove his prick down to her throat. She sucked his cock avidly, sliding her tongue over the head as she sucked up and down with her lips on the shaft.

Never before had Ginger felt such sensations. A long thick rubber dick was pumping her pussy as her titties were being licked and sucked and her mouth fucked by a long thick prick.

She screwed back at Tammie, her cunt sucking on the rubber cock as she thrust her breasts forward to allow Melissa unrestricted access to her titties; at the same time she sucked on Rod's long thick dick down to her throat.

“Oh god, I'm cuming already,” Tammie gasped as a climax rippled through her body.

They fucked hard and fast and furiously, hunching and jerking in the throes of their climax.

After a few minutes of rest, Tammie slid the rubber prick out of Ginger's pussy and climbed up on the sofa behind Melissa. She wrapped her arms around Melissa's waist and moved her crotch up against her rear. When the dildo tapped on Melissa's cunt, she spread her legs and raised her rump up. She continued to lick and suck Ginger's tits as Tammie dug the rubber dick up her pussy.

Tammie clutched Melissa's breasts and squeezed them good and hard as she screwed the prick up her cunt.

Rod's cock was now throbbing and thudding, extended to its eight-inch length and thickness. He slid off the sofa, threw Ginger's legs over his shoulders and pushed his hard prick forward into her pussy.

He didn't let up. He dug his dick up her cunt in one long slow thrust. Her hot moist snug cunt sucked on his cock as he began screwing her, sawing his prick up and down as his big full balls mashed against her ass.

“Oh, ah, fuck me, Rod,” Ginger panted as she humped up to meet his thrusts. “Pump the meat in me, screw my pussy good and fast and hard.”

Rod obliged her. He jammed his cock to her core and began fucking her with long jabs of his dick, thrusting it deep in her cunt with each stroke.

“Oh god, oh Jesus fucking Mary!” Ginger cried. “I'm cuming now!”

She cried out in passion and lust and her body jerked and went stiff as an orgasm swept through her. She spewed pussy juice and it coated Rod's prick with a warm balm as he continued to fuck her to her core.

He felt the cum churning and swirling in his balls and he knew he was on the verge of dumping his load into her cunt. He couldn't hold it back.

He cried aloud as the hot juice gushed up his stalk and spewed into Ginger's pussy. He squirted what seemed an endless amount of semen deep in her cunt.

Her pussy clamped down on his dick, sucking in his thick creamy cum. She jerked up and her body froze as another climax wracked her body.

All this time, Tammie had been screwing Melissa with the rubber cock, pumping her pussy with the long thick dildo, and at the same time sliding up and down on the extension.

Both women climaxed simultaneously, their cries and grunts and groans coinciding and joining in a harmony of passion and lust.

Tammie collapsed on the back of Melissa, still squeezing her tits and with the rubber prick impaled up her cunt.

The four just lay there, gasping and panting and trying to regain their breath. They all realized without speaking that it was time to take a break.