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The next morning Ginger awoke full of confidence, even though she was nervous too. It was the first day of classes, and Ginger knew that she needed to be in the right frame of mind to expect the unexpected, and to be prepared to confront problems not covered by the school or faculty handbooks.

Her class load wasn't hard; in fact, it was light and easy. She had three classes in Introduction to Sexology, two counseling periods, and a study period where she could make-up lesson plans or just relax; and finally there was the lunch hour.

Ginger had a hunch that she was going to enjoy every class and period...

Her first class went well. There were fourteen students in the class, evenly divided between male and female. Most of the class had gotten into a lively discussion of just what sexology consisted. Ginger had the final word: She told the class that for the sake of order and direction Introduction to Sexology should be considered as the study of sexual behavior.

Her second class did not go so well. There were twenty students in the class, and a couple of the male students had the bad habit of disagreeing with everything that was said and interrupting people when they were speaking, and half the class took no part in discussion. But all-in-all, it wasn't that bad.

The third class was the best one of all. There were twenty-five students ( which Ginger thought was a large size; she wasn't aware yet of the fact that her class had aroused the most interest of any course by the students; and as word spread of the teacher, even more students tried to join the classes). But all twenty-five were bright and lively and were eager to learn exactly what sexology consisted of.

Two of the students in the third period especially caught Ginger's interest.

One of them was a girl perhaps sixteen years old who sat up front and took part avidly in the discussions. Her name was Shelley Boyd, and she wore tight jean shorts and a tight strapless halter, which left most of the tanned body exposed. She had a habit of crossing and uncrossing her long full sleek legs every few minutes. Ginger saw the imprint of her breasts through the halter. They looked to be good-sized and firm and upthrust. It was clear she wasn't wearing a bra. She had a serious intensive look when she was taking part in the discussions, but she smiled whenever she looked at Ginger, who was immediately physically attracted to her.

The other student was a big husky good-looking black guy who also sat up front. His name was Rex Atkins and he looked to be seventeen. His crotch was full and poked out, and Ginger found herself checking it out more than once. He too gave the teacher bright dazzling smiles, but he took little part in the discussions.

Ginger felt herself becoming aroused by those two students in particular. She felt heat between her legs, and her breasts were growing and swelling. They began to throb.

It was Ginger's intent to have counseling sessions with all the students, and she figured the best way to do it was by alphabetical order. When she looked at the class rosters, she was pleasantly surprised to find that the two students in question came first.

As the bell buzzed, indicating the end of the third period and the beginning of the lunch hour, Ginger called out the two students' names and they went to her desk.

She explained to them about the counseling sessions, and worked out the time to have them. Fortunately, the two students' study periods coincided with her two counseling time periods. So there was no problem. She would see both of them that afternoon...

Ginger headed for the cafeteria, and when she reached it, went to the fast-food-like line and got her lunch. She headed for the faculty section and found an empty seat by a table. She looked around for the teachers she had met the day before, and was pleased to see Rod the boys' basketball coach and Melissa his wife the Biology instructor wave at her. They came over to her table and sat.

“Kind of crowded, isn't it,” Rod remarked as he set down his tray.

“Kind of,” Ginger replied.

“I'm glad we got acquainted yesterday,” Melissa smiled. “It's a very uncomfortable feeling not to know anyone.”

All three examined their lunches, and Rod said, “Doesn't look very appetizing. Oh well, the proof of the pudding...” He bit down on a slab of meat with gravy and grimaced. “Kind of tough.”

“And the lettuce on the salad is wilted,” Melissa said.

“The dessert doesn't look too appetizing either,” Ginger motioned toward a small bowl that held a grayish-yellow pudding-like mixture.

“Something tells me that I'm going to be bringing my lunch here,” Rod said.

“Me too,” Melissa remarked.

“Me three,” Ginger said, and they all chuckled.

Rod looked around the faculty section. “I don't see Tammie or Diana anywhere. Maybe they had advance warning and brought their lunch.”

“Well, maybe they'll be five of us who form our own lunch group,” Melissa said. “We can call ourselves the brown-baggers.”

“Is Diana a faculty member too?” Ginger asked.

“Yes, she's vice-principal as well as teaches two classes in Bookkeeping and Accounting,” Melissa replied.

“I can't eat any more of this,” Rod announced as he chewed on a dried-out celery stalk, and finally bent his head down and spat it onto his plate.

“Ginger,” Melissa said, “You're invited to an informal get-together at mine and Rod's house this evening. Don't worry about bringing anything. As hosts, Rod and I will provide all the things necessary.

“What time?” Ginger asked. “And where do you live?”

“Make it seven,” Melissa said. “I'll draw you a little map here.” She drew it on a napkin and handed it to Ginger.

“Well, looks like lunch is over for me,” Melissa said. “I think I'll stroll around the school, check it all out.”

“That's a good idea,” Rod answered. “Think I'll join you. Remember, make it sevenish,” he said to Ginger.

”I'll be there,” Ginger replied.

They arose and took their trays and dumped the food, and then left the cafeteria.

Ginger felt a compulsion to visit the library and talk with Tammie.

She found the library easily enough. It was a large roomy section with dozens of bookshelves all crammed with books. There were a number of doors in the library, most of them shut. She assumed they were offices.

She walked up to one of the opened doors that had a sign engraved on it: Tammie Edwardson—Library Director. Tammie sat at her desk, munching a sandwich and sipping from a cup.

She tapped on the door, and Tammie's eyes lit up when she saw Ginger.

“Heya, come on in,” Tammie smiled. “Aren't you having lunch?”

“No, I happened to go to the cafeteria and sampled their wares, and so...”

Tammie wagged her head. “I should have warned you about the cafeteria. I learned from Diana not to frequent it, but to bring my own lunch. It's too bad. The food here is the only bad thing about this whole school.”

“I agree with that,” Ginger replied.

“Why don't you share my lunch with me. I have more than enough. I have another ham sandwich, and some chips, and some grapes. I also have some coffee,” she waved at a thermos on her desk.

“Oh, I couldn't do that—take part of your lunch,” Ginger said.

“Why not?” Tammie answered. “I won't eat all of it. Here, let me divide this other sandwich. We'll split it, and the chips and grapes.”

Ginger giggled and said, “Well, if you insist.”

“I do,” Tammie replied. “Here, come back and sit beside me.”

The two women proceeded to eat lunch and talk.

“This is a big library,” Ginger remarked.

“Well, yeah, but it's a big school,” Tammie replied. “We have close to twenty thousand volumes of books and magazines and other publications. And we have a couple dozen computers. But if you consider that there is a student body of close to two hundred and a faculty of twenty-five, it's not actually that big a library.”

The two women were attracted to each other. They had been from the minute they had set eyes on each other in the faculty lounge the day before. They both stole glances of each others body out of the corner of their eyes.

Tammie's appearance was in complete contrast to the way she looked the day before. Gone were the granny glasses and the granny dress, and the bunned hair had been set free. It fell in shimmering amber waves almost to her waist. She wore a short tight skirt and a tight blouse which served to accentuate her curvy shapely body. Her breasts thrust against the silky material of the blouse she wore. Her legs were long, smooth and tanned. She had a peachy complexion, like Ginger's. She was, in short, a total fox.

“Are you going to the little get-together at Diana and Rod's?” Tammie asked.

“Yes, they invited me earlier,” Ginger replied. “Are you going?”

“Yes, I'll be there with bells on,” Tammie said.

Ginger looked at her watch. “Well, the lunch hour is nearly up. I have two counseling sessions and a study/planning hour for this afternoon.” She stood and swept her hand over the desk. “Thank you so much for the lunch.”

“You're more than welcome,” Tammie replied. “I'll see you this evening.”

“Okay,” Ginger smiled and headed for the door.

She walked back to her office. She had a counseling session with Shelley Boyd up next, and she spent some time thinking of the two students whom she would counsel that afternoon, and of the counseling sessions as a whole.

She saw her task as mainly discovering what the students were interested in, and what, if any, plans they had for the future. She also planned to use the counseling sessions as a way and a place to get closer to any students who might spark her interest.

She thought of the two students and felt her heart begin to throb. They both were very attractive, and she felt her bisexual nature rear up and take control of her body.

She pictured Shelley Boyd in her mind. She was a match for Ginger in the looks department, and she had a sexy dazzling smile. And those long full sleek tanned legs...and those firm upthrust breasts...her shapely hips, and shoulder-length ash-blonde hair and green eyes...

She was, in short, luscious-looking. But there was something else about her that fascinated Ginger. She had a masculine walk and movements, and there was something of a male element in her. She couldn't quite put her finger on it, but there was definitely something about Shelley that gave her both a male and female aura. Maybe she's a she-male, Ginger thought.

There was a tapping at her door.

She opened it and Shelley stood there in her tight shorts and strapless halter. Ginger wanted to grab her and eat her up. Instead she said, “Hi Shelley. Glad you could make it. Have a seat,” she motioned toward a padded leather chair in front of her desk.

“Hi, Ms. Cox,” Shelley replied, giving Ginger a look-over that wasn't lost on the teacher. She returned the look, and both found themselves liking what they saw.

Shelley sat in the chair and Ginger went behind her desk and sat in her big padded chair.

She engaged Shelley with small talk at first, subtly and gradually introducing more serious subjects into the conversation.

She caught the student by surprise when in reply to a remark that Shelly made about not having yet decided on a major or about going on to college, she said that she had been in the same situation when she was a high school junior and sixteen years old. She had started college with no major and no specific interests.

“What got you interested in teaching?” Shelley asked.

“I thought and truly believed that it would be an easy path,” Ginger answered. “I believed education would be the easiest major to undertake, so I got into education. But the more I got into it, the more interesting it became. To make a long story short, I grew very interested and excited about teaching in high school. The subject I wanted to teach the most was Sexology. The rest is history. I ended up getting a masters degree in Sexology and a Bachelor's in Woman's Studies.”

“Now that's something I think I might be interested in,” Shelley said. “Woman's Studies seems to attract me. But there are no courses offered here in that field.”

“I think that's going to change soon,” Ginger replied. “There are a couple of teachers here whom I think might be interested in conducting Woman's Studies courses. Tammie Edwardson the librarian for one.”

“Who's the other one?” Shelley asked.

“Me,” Ginger answered.

Student and teacher both laughed.

“But it will be next semester before we can offer any courses in Woman's Studies. But keep it in mind.”

“I will,” Shelley replied, uncrossing her legs and then crossing them. Ginger ran her tongue-tip over her upper lip and her heart gave a thud. The girl was incredibly attractive and sexy, and the teacher made a vow to herself to make it with her. But not this time. It was important in the first counseling session simply to get the student at ease and to delve a little into her interests and likes and dislikes.

They talked for a full hour, and by the time the session was over, Shelley had even told Ginger of one of her pet projects: Starting a les coalition at the high school.

“A les coalition?” Ginger asked.

“Yes,” Shelley answered, “In short, an organization or coalition made up of lesbians to enable them to meet and get to know each other and associate. Would you be interested in being a faculty sponsor of the coalition?” she asked suddenly. “I've already asked Ms. Edwardson and she's agreed to be one of the faculty sponsors.”

The question caught Ginger totally by surprise. But after giving it a few seconds' thought, she replied that yes, she would be interested, but that it would take some paperwork and meeting with the principal and other staff and administration to get their okay. “As you probably know, all student clubs and organizations have to get an okay from the powers that be in order to get “certified.”

“Oh, I understand that,” Shelley replied, uncrossing her legs and letting Ginger have a good long look between them. She noted that Shelley wore pink panties. “But we can at least get the ball rolling.”

“That we can,” Ginger said. “I'll speak with the principal about it, and also some others, and Ms. Edwardson, and get their feedback.”

“Thank you, Ms. Cox, you're great,” Shelley crossed her legs.

Ginger was hot by the time the counseling session was over.

“Why don't we have the next counseling session tomorrow at the same time,” she suggested.

Shelley was all for it, and as she left Ginger's office, she sashayed her rump for the teacher's benefit.

I'm going to get me a piece of that ass, Ginger thought...

Her second counseling session and final period of the day involved her conversing with Rex Atkins.

He was a senior, and unlike Shelley, was filled with certainty about his future.

“I want to go to college and study psychology and get a Bachelor's degree, and then a Master's in Clinical Psych.,” he said right off the bat.

Ginger noticed that Rex kept his legs spread. His tight jeans were cut off at the knees and he wore a tank top. His fully-packed crotch strained at his pants. The imprint of his cock could clearly be seen. Ginger's mouth and throat were now dry and a lump formed in her throat.

Every few minutes her gaze returned to his crotch. He noticed and spread his legs wider. She could actually see his prick pulsating and throbbing. She could tell his dick was long and thick. His balls are probably big and full, she thought.

Since Rex was already fully decided on his future, there wasn't much counseling to do in that direction. Ginger decided to spend the rest of the session on small talk.

“Do you play sports?” she asked, checking out his big husky build.

“I play baseball and volleyball,” he replied.

“No basketball?” she asked.

He stared at her thrusting chest. His mouth watered and his prick thudded in its hardness. What I wouldn't give to suck on those, he thought. “No, no basketball for me,” he answered. “Was just never interested in it.” Um, wide mouth, full pink lips, he thought. Made to suck a cock.

He sat there, imagining sliding his dick between those lovely lips. At the same time, she was imagining sucking his long thick prick. There were a few seconds of silence, then Ginger snapped herself back to the present.

“Well, our session's time is up,” Ginger said. “Why don't we continue this—say Friday at the same time.”

“Fine with me,” he replied.

She watched his muscular and husky body—and his crotch—as he stood and smiled at her and headed for the door.

Her heart was thudding and her pussy was hot and moist. I'm going to get me some of that cock, she thought...

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AHHHH - a chapter to build the excitement.

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I try to strive for variety in the chapters or parts. An erotic story can't be one continuous fuck. It would get boring.