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Brigit Astar
07-22-2012, 01:29 AM
Although Ginger Cox had not taught for one minute in high school, she had made her teaching plans well. She had spent the summer on the beach running her future strategy through her head.( And doing her share of drinking and getting high as well as fucking and sucking on the beach.)

Her plans were simple. Her first move would be to seduce the principal, and then any administration around him (or her); and get them on her side--right off the bat. Then she would start with the teachers (both male and female). One of her first requests from her first conquest the principal (or whomever was in real power) would be a secluded private office of her own; so that she could do all the kinky things she liked to do, without risk of being discovered or fired.

Ginger's plans were not unrealistic at all, given her situation and the face and body she had. She had a masters degree in Sexology and a bachelor's in Woman's Studies. Her face and body would match any movie star's. Her eyes were the color of emeralds, her long wavy sandy hair came down past her breasts which were the size and shape of big softballs with eraser-sized nipples. Her peachy complexion was a perfect match for her full pink lips and heart-shaped face. Her hips were shapely and curved; her legs long, full and sleek. Her butt was big, smooth and perky.

Overall she was a match for any beauty queen.

Sexually she was open to exploration and to anything goes. There wasn't much she hadn't tried, although there were still some things she wanted to experience for the first time.

She knew very well the amorous and sexual effect she had on both men and women and she knew herself very well. And she knew her limits.

Psychologically, she was healthy; although some might say she was overly promiscuous and totally calculating. But they couldn't deny that she had a very well-thought-out teaching plan..

As she got up from bed, she checked out her naked body in the full length bedroom mirror and she liked what she saw.

She ate a good healthy breakfast and then got ready for her first day at her job.

She had been hired as a Sexology teacher and counselor at a new albeit exclusive high school opening in the San Francisco Bay area. The school handbook indicated a good generous starting salary for teachers (even starting teachers had her or his own office).

Ginger had studied closely the teacher handbook, and it was clear that the school's direction was progressive. From the curriculum down to dress, the code for administration, staff, teachers and students was one of being ultra-liberal.

She took the hint from the handbook and dressed appropriately enough for the teachers' dress code: short tight skirt, and tight silk blouse.

The picture in the handbook showed the principal to be a heavyset bland-looking man in his mid fifties with a weak smile. His bio indicated that his administrative experience had all been in liberal progressive schools. She didn't see any problem at all in controlling him sexually—which she intended to do starting that very day...

The school had a one day orientation program before classes started. She arrived early at Pinecrest High School for the orientation and went to the principal's office. She noticed that a woman in her mid- twenties was “manning” the office. The woman was casually dressed in a short loose flouncy skirt and a pull-over blouse. She had a pretty face and her short black hair was wavy and her deep blue eyes twinkled mischievously. She had a full figure which appealed to Ginger physically.

“Hi,” she gave the woman a winning smile. “My name's Ginger Cox.”

“Hi right back to ya,” the woman said cheerfully. Ginger noticed that the woman looked her over closely as they talked. She had a hungry look as she checked Ginger's legs and chest out, and she guessed that the woman was either bi or les. She wouldn't mind at all getting it on with the woman.. Her face and body were as alluring as Ginger's ( in their own way). She informed the woman that she would like to speak with the principal, and get a look at him.

“That's funny,” the woman replied, “because he wants to see you too. It's nothing personal, and believe me, Mr. Humphrey's bark is worse than his snap-crackle-pop. He's the best boss I've ever had. He won't unzip you—unless you want him to,” she chuckled, and then moved closer to Ginger and lowered her voice to a warm breathing. Her eyes made another quick survey run up Ginger's front, which was beginning to turn her on. The woman seemed to sense it.

“I wouldn't mind spending some time with you myself—on a professional level of course”—the woman gave out a conspiratorial wink and smiled.

Ginger chuckled. She was beginning to like the woman more and more every minute.

“I'm a teacher,” Ginger said.

“Uh oh, I'm in trouble already—which is par for the course,” the woman assumed a frightened look.

“No, not at all,” Ginger said. “I'm very good at maintaining a secret relationship. In other words, I'll never tell.” She gave the woman's body a full once-over look.

“Um—my kind of teacher,” the woman said. “I think Mr. Humphrey will like what he sees too.” She smiled warmly. She had already won over Ginger.

“What do you teach?”

“I'll be teaching Sexology and conducting some counseling”

“Um. Would you like to practice some sexology techniques on me? I'm more than ready and willing.”

“Do we have time?” Ginger asked seriously.

“We have at least ten minutes, and this room here” she indicated a door, “ is private—if you lock the door—it's the bathroom.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Ginger replied.

The woman led the way into the bathroom. She touched and brushed her body upon Ginger as she locked the door. Ginger pressed back.

“By the way,” the woman said, sliding her arms around the teacher's waist, “my name's Diana Wilson—and I'm the vice-principal.”

Ginger's eyes widened and her mouth gaped and her face grew beet-red.. “Oh my god. I'm probably fired before I'm hired.” Ginger was actually dismayed. She truly thought her repartee with the assistant principal had cost her a teaching position before she had even begun.

Diana gave out a throaty chuckle, and her eyes twinkled. “Don't worry about it. It's good to know that at least one of our teachers has a sense of humor.” She slid her lips and tongue up and down Ginger's neck, and then moved her mouth to the teacher's and slid her tongue between Ginger's lips.

Within a few seconds, both females were French-kissing each other and running their hands over each others body.

Ginger grasped the woman's non-bra breasts and palmed and massaged them. They were big round titties with rubbery erect nipples.

Diana broke from the hot wet kiss and breathed out warmly. “God, that feels good.” She slipped her hands under Ginger's thin silky bra and stroked her tits. “Um, ah, your breasts are so big and smooth and hot.”

“Um, that feels so good,” Ginger replied, breathing out huskily, as the vice-principal rubbed her breasts.

Diana fell to her knees before Ginger, and scraped her skirt up as she raked her panties down. Ginger stepped out of her panty briefs, keeping one hand on one of Diana's breasts as she stroked her hair with the other.

The woman's titties were the size and shape of grapefruits. Ginger pressed and scraped a nipple with her thumb as the vice-principal moved her face between the teacher's legs.

Ginger wrapped her legs around Diana's shoulders and pressed her pussy upon her mouth.

The vice-principal blew hotly on Ginger's cunt and slid her tongue-tip up and down her slit.

She mashed her pussy upon Diana's licking sucking mouth.

“Oh god, that feels so fucking good,” Ginger panted.

The vice-principal clutched the teacher's big smooth but firm butt cheeks and rubbed and squeezed them as she slid her tongue as far as it would go up her cunt and began tongue-fucking her—zipping her tongue up and down as she sucked on the clit with her lips.

Diana immediately fell in love with Ginger's pussy—loving the hot moist juice of it as well as the heated softness of the walls, and the feel and taste and smell of her cunt. She sucked the teacher's pussy juice up as she tongue-fucked her. Her cunt tasted like musky honey.

Ginger grasped Diana's head and hunched her pussy upon the woman's wet hot licking and sucking lips and tongue. She couldn't believe how close she was to cuming already.

“Eat my cunt out!” she gasped, humping Diana's mouth. “Lick, suck, eat my pussy up! Oh, sweetheart, I'm going to do the same for you.” She panted and hunched and mashed her cunt on the sexy woman's mouth as the pussy juice literally squirted up.

Diana sucked on the teacher's cunt, using her lips, tongue and palate to flick, lap, lick and suck the pussy juice up.

Ginger jerked up and her body froze as an orgasm ripped through her entire being. Her whole body became stiff as a board for a moment as a climax rippled and ran throughout every part of her. It had been a long time since a mere tongue had driven her to such an intense orgasm. Diana was one of the most talented cuntlickers-and-suckers she had ever encountered.

She felt a twinge of regret at having received such pleasure and given none, so she quickly came down to earth, tugged at the woman's panties and pulled them off and then ran her hands over her bra-less grapefruit-sized titties. She palmed and mashed the big hot tits as she ran her tongue and lips over Diana's cunt-slit. She blew hotly on the pussy as she lapped, licked and sucked it.

She concentrated on the clit. She flicked her tongue-tip on it as she lapped and licked with her tongue and sucked with her lips.

The effect on the vice-principal was immediate and electric.

She clutched the teacher's head and mashed her cunt on her mouth. “Oh, ah, eat my pussy up! Oh god, don't stop. Fuck me with your tongue.”

Ginger slid her tongue into the woman's shaved cunt and proceeded to give her a first-class lick-job.

She jammed her tongue as deep as it would go up the vice-principal's pussy, and then she began zipping her tongue over the woman's clit, flicking her tongue-tip over the bud and sucking it with her lips.

Diana went crazy with lust. She hunched her cunt on the teacher's mouth and gasped and panted with passion as Ginger gave her the best tongue-fucking she had ever had.

“Oh god, Jesus Christ, yes!”she cried out, humping her pussy on Ginger's licking sucking mouth. “Ah, don't stop, oh sweet fucking god, you're the best!”

Ginger kept tongue-fucking the vice-principal till she had rushed through three climaxes, one right after the other. She squirted pussy juice which Ginger sucked up as she jabbed her tongue into Diana's cunt.

She finally slid her tongue out. Diana was like a rag doll. She flopped onto the floor as if she had no muscles left. She breathed heavily and panted, trying to get her breath back.

Ginger stood and straightened up her clothes. “I think it's about time I see the principal, don't you?”

The vice-principal sighed in contentment and satiation. Never before had she had such a sweet licking. “Yes,” she finally managed to breathe out. “Let me tap on the door first.”

She stood and straightened her clothing, gave out a deep breath and said, “Mr. Humphrey tries to stay open for everyone without an appointment. He's very accessible.”

She tapped on the principal's door and called out: “Mr. Humphrey, Ms. Cox is here to see you and talk with you. She's one of the new teachers.”

Ginger heard a high-pitched voice say “Please, come in.”

Ginger opened the door and began her conquest of the principal of Pinecrest High School...

The conquest proved to be ridiculously easy.

Ginger noticed him take her whole body in with one glance, and his eyes widened and mouth opened. She heard a half-suppressed wheeze or gasp come from him.

He was a portly man and had trouble navigating in spots.

All through her interview she noticed his eyes making the rounds over her body, trying to see as much of her legs as possible. She showed him plenty, crossing her legs every minute and letting her short skirt ride up her thighs. She thrust her chest out every few minutes and let him have good views of her front.

“Oh, Mr Humphrey, I'm so excited and nervous,” she said. “As you know, this is my first day teaching.”

“No reason to be nervous,” he replied in a quavering voice. “Just keep this in mind. This is the first day for everyone at this school”. He chuckled and snorted as if he had made a funny remark.

She laughed and said “I'll try to remember that, but I just hope that you'll keep in mind that I haven't taught at all yet, and I could use all the help I could get.”

“I'm sure you'll do fine,” he said as he stood and walked toward a file cabinet. “I'll help you in any way I can—any time,” he wheezed. He opened a file door and took out a file which she suspected was hers.

He sat back down at his desk and opened the file and studied it for a moment.

“This is outstanding,” he finally said. “You have two degrees. One master's and one bachelor's. I suppose you realize that most high school teachers only have a bachelor's degree.”

“I wasn't aware of that,” she replied, although she knew it was true.

“Your concentration, I see, is in sexology, which I should tell you is somewhat of a new and experimental field –as far as teaching goes.”

“I realize that,” she said. “What I hope to do is approach it from a clinical angle. Which also falls in line with my being a counselor—which is, as you know, related closely with the field of sexology.”

She realized what she was saying was nonsense and gobbledy-gook, and that he didn't understand a word she was saying, but was pretending he did. She crossed her legs again and let him have a good look up between her legs. He eyes bulged and he actually licked his lips.

She stood and walked sinuously toward him, took his hand, and letting her body sway said in a soft throaty voice, “Mr. Humphrey, I want to thank you so much for listening to me. You helped me so much this morning just by listening. I hope you remember that it's my first year of teaching, and that I'll do anything to do well and to make a good teacher. Anything you want me to do—I'll do. Anything. I hope you remember that I may need help.”

He licked his lips again and his eyes stayed glued on her swaying chest. She knew her breasts were poking at the tight silk blouse she wore, and that he was thinking at that moment how much he'd like to see them.

“You're very welcome, Ms Cox,” he replied. “Don't hesitate to let me know if there's anything I can do to help you. My door is always open to you—anytime.”

“Thank you, Mr. Humphrey” she answered.

“Here's the key to your office,” he said, pulling open a desk and getting a key out and handing it to her. “The office was reserved for Mrs. Boyer, but she has decided to retire. She won't be teaching here.”

Ginger thanked him again. As she walked away she jiggled her butt for his benefit.

As she left his office she realized she had already conquered him.

The vice-principal gave her a thumbs up signal as she left and a big smile. Ginger returned both.

07-22-2012, 05:28 AM
nice tale thanks

Brigit Astar
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Thank you for reading it and for commenting

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Something tells me I am going to like this series Brigit.

Brigit Astar
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Thank you. I planned this story all out in my head before I wrote it.