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Chapter 4.

On Friday morning, Doug woke up extra early in a very excited state; he turned over to face his beautiful wife, Pam, and lightly slid his hand up under Pam's short pyjama top and moved with them slowly towards her breasts. He was happy but surprised to find her nipples already firmly erect and sticking out from the soft tit flesh; soon his fingers closed around those firm stubs of flesh and as he squeezed his fingers closed he heard delightful purring sounds coming from his half asleep wife.

Doug knew that playing with his wife's sensitive nipples would have a joint effect upon them both, he knew that his wife's body would begin to respond and in particular her cunt would begin to produce its heavenly nectar and for himself he knew that his cock would rear its head and begin to harden. Sure enough this is exactly what happened and before long his cock began to ache as it gently rubbed against the crease of Pam's arse.

As much as he wanted to slide his cock into his sweet wife; time was against him for he had to be at work, some forty minutesí drive away, in one hoursí time. Pam also felt the urgent need to be fucked, but also felt frustrated knowing there was not time to satisfy the itch now irritating her cunt. Both randy parties had to contain their urges as they showered separately and all too soon left for their jobs.

The day seemed to drag and unknown to each other they both managed to masturbate themselves off in their office toilets, sixty miles apart, at lunch time. Eventually they met up again at five pm as they now prepared for their doctorís appointment at seven. Barely talking to each other they tried to avoid contact with each other as they prepared their bodies in readiness for the probing appointment with Dr Travis but each hoping to sample his cock like previous appointments.

In silence they drove side by side to the allotted appointment; arriving ten minutes early and both sitting nervously in the waiting room trying as best as they could to avoid each otherís eye contact. Receptionist Rebecca soon handed them some forms to fill in; they contained the usual questions like name and address but also five questions for them to answer in a totally honest way.

Question 1. When was the last time you had orgasm? Try to be as specific as possible including time of day and location.

Question 2. Have you ever experienced sex where you were totally unable to refuse anything that may happen and if so what did you think about it.

Question 3. Have you ever taken part in a BDSM sex party and if so have you done so with your partner? Once more be as accurate as you possibly can.

Question 4. Does the idea of being under someone elseís control excite you? In other words if you were helpless and unable to prevent anything happening to you could you relax and enjoy it.

Question 5. Have you ever submitted to your partner fully and without limit for a period of more than one day? Please give details of activities and enjoyment levels.

Now Pam could not help but look up in Dougís direction and she too found him to be almost as red faced as herself. But as they had promised at that very first appointment with Dr Travis they would remain being honest in all answers.

Within a few minutes of finishing answering the questionnaire, Rebecca asked Doug to follow her and led him along the corridor and turning to the left she showed him into an examination room before taking his form from him. Quickly undress and lay on the table, she said before adding, someone will be with you shortly she said as she scanned his responses to the questions. Exiting the room she quickly back tracked down the corridor and asked Pam to follow her. This time at the end of the corridor she opened the door on the right and showed Pam into another examination room. A slow sexy smile covered the receptionistís face as she scanned the replies supplied by Pam. Again she announced Pam should undress and that the doctor would be with her soon as she left the room.

Doug wondered what had happened to Pam as this was the first time they had actually been separated upon arriving at the clinic. Still he removed his clothes as instructed but the cold plastic feel of the examination table seemed to quickly start beads of sweat gathering around his back. He could not resist trying his feet in the stirrups and imagined his own wife laying like this; having a genecology exam, for some strange reason this thought caused his cock to twitch and begin to harden. Just then the door opened and in walked three people he had never met; two men and a woman.

Immediately the two men grabbed his ankles and secured them with straps into the stirrups; now Doug began to panic for there had never been any need to secure him to the table in the past. Just as quickly the two men then grabbed his hands and pulled them above his head before securing them to hand restraints he had not noticed built into the table. Now completely immobilised Doug began to really fear for his safety as the woman stepped between his outstretched legs and she began to bind his testicles. She tied a shoe lace around his balls and then separated each testicle before tying off the lace.

As Doug opened his mouth to complain The woman warned him that to complain would surely result in him being heavily punished; just then one of the men spoke. According to the form you filled in tonight this should be a real turn on for you; after all you filled in, That today at 1 pm you had a wank in the staff toilets at work and splattered the wall before licking it clean; you also stated that your ideal fantasy would be helpless at the hands of several people including men and women; although you claim to be a BDSM virgin; and that the loss of control is the biggest driving force in your fantasy. Soon you will no longer be that virgin and will experience the joys and pain of being subjugated.

Meanwhile in the other room Dr Travis examined Pam. Pam remove your clothes and climb on the Table like a good little slut; Put your feet in the stirrups and push your knees as wide as you can. Rebecca here is going to excite your cunt with her hand and if you relax enough she is going to fist fuck you. As she does this I am going to ask you about your answers on the form. Rebecca began by putting on a latex glove and coating it in lubricating gel; beginning by sliding two fingers into Pamís cunt she began thrusting; Dr Travis asked Pam to describe how she had brought herself to an orgasm at lunch time in the ladies loo at work.

Well doctor, I made sure the toilets were completely clear of any work colleagues and then I slipped my panties off and entered the cubicle. The ivory basin felt cold to my arse but my cunt was jumping and soon accepted my fingers; in my mindís eye I saw the five coloured men who had taken part in our previous appointments and imaging one of them standing in front of me stroking his magnificent cock. I manage to get my feet pushed against the side walls of the cubicle and I could smell the arousal in my cunt. Taking the Rubber cock from my handbag (I have to confess that it has travelled everywhere with me since that last appointment.) and it slid easily into my soaking wet cunt. I saw the coloured guy in my mindís eye and imaging how it would feel if he was just using me as the whore I am. While Rebecca continued to massage the inner walls of Pamís cunt, adding more fingers until all four and her thumb was pressing against the horny bitchís cunt, the Dr continued.

What about you being helpless to prevent people doing whatever they liked to you? Asked Dr Travis. Oh that is easy to answer for I am such a slut that I would never stop any hard cock from using me in any way they saw fit so I would not need to be bound for that to happen, Pam breathlessly replied.

In response to question 3; I cannot actually say I have taken party in a BDSM party unless you count our previous appointments as such parties. I also think the answer to the next question would be pointless to answer as I have already said that even without being bound I would never even dream of denying any hard cock access to any of my holes.

Finally question 5; When we were courting many years ago we role played and I did agree to be Dougís sex slave for a week and thoroughly enjoyed it all. Doug made me wear short wrap around skirts, not panties and would often expose my ass or cunt when we stopped for a rest and I was never allowed to adjust my dress; by the time we found somewhere private to actually fuck I was so horny that he made me cum before he had even fully inserted his cock into me.

Dr Travis then produced a syringe and injected a clear fluid into Pamís arm telling her it was a muscle relaxant and now she would not be able to move or resist. Now Rebecca had her fully hand deep inside Pamís sopping wet cunt and at the DRís command she clenched her fist and began to really pound Pamís cunt; in an instant Pam was screaming out her orgasm and she was more than a little embarrassed as her cunt began squirting.

Meanwhile back in Dougís room; the female undressed to reveal she was a transsexual sporting a fairly hard six inch cock; Doug groaned almost dejectedly as if he had hoped she would have a much larger cock. As her fingers played with Dougís anal opening he began to hope she was going to slip it up his boy pussy but at the last minute she stopped and laughed in Dougís face.

Unseen by Doug one of the men had wheeled a trolley beside the examination table and pulled off the cover to reveal a strange looking contraption. It was like a breast pump but with a small two inch diameter glass dome at the end of the piping. Now Sally the transsexual moved once more between Dougís legs and taking hold of his bound cock she held it upright whilst the taller of the men placed this glass dome just over Dougís cock head. With a flick of a switch suddenly the machine kicked into life and began rhythmically sucking on his cock head. The sensation drove Doug out of his mind; and these feelings intensified when Sally now took a silver coloured pointed cylinder and inserted it all the way up Dougís arse.

Soon she was standing beside Doug and asked him if he liked thunder and lightning, a puzzled Doug began to ask why. Suddenly as if from nowhere a surging stinging sensation emanated from deep inside his bowels; she whispered to him not to worry for it was only static electricity for now. She promised him that he was only feeling the lowest setting of the machine at the moment but it could go a lot higher if need be. Suddenly a blinding white light went off in Dougís head as he lost control of his senses momentarily and he saw his spunk being literally sucked from his balls and flying along the clear plastic tube. All his spunk seemed to be collecting in a medium sized jar beside the machine on the trolley.

Sally whispered to Doug that this was only his first orgasm from the machine and by the time he had cum twenty times he would begin to dread the electrical spasms of the rod. She confessed that when Dr Travis had used the machine on her he had not stopped for twenty hours and she had filled the self-same container he was now filling. She delighted in telling Doug just what the good Dr had done with all her spunk and promised that he; Doug; would undergo the same treatment with extra benefits.

Now in Pamís room Rebecca took some silk bondage ropes and bound Pamís arms to the table whilst two husky looking coloured guys gripped her knees holding them wide open. Dr Travis then entered Pamís sight line and she saw him holding an enema bag and rather thick nozzle. He smiled as he saw she recognized the apparatus and said, Did you know the average human can only take three litres of fluid up their arse before it becomes too much and the automatic senses over ride and release the pressure. Well for you we are going for a new record of four litres and to assist us we have devised a sort of pressurised system. Normally the enema is delivered by gravity but in your case today we have this syringe pump hooked into the system to push the fluid into your rectal canal.

Just to make it even more interesting Pam, These two fine specimens of coloured manhood will be fucking your cunt as we fill your arse; a sort of pleasure agony syndrome. You will have to hold in the fluid for as long as the two men can continue to fuck you and oh I forgot to mention that Rebecca her will be toying with your clit or nipples as she sees fit. Donít forget to smile my dear little Pammie for if you look just up there you will notice a camera to record all the action and guess what; you will be a live star tonight as already 1,000 customers have bought tickets to watch the streaming on line.

Back in Dougís room the machine continued to work and each time just before he ejaculated he received the jolt of static electricity from the probe. Sally nodded to one of the men and he turned before bringing what looked like a gas mask into Dougís view. Doug knew better than to struggle as the gas mask was strapped across his face and the straps properly adjusted; He now noticed the breather tube was much longer than he expected and it almost looked like an elephantís trunk.

As Doug breathed he swore he could smell the definite odour of stale spunk and Sally seemed to sense his thoughts as she suddenly said, yes it is stale spunk you can smell and these two fine specimen of manhood are going to have a mutual wank into this breather tube and you will eventually get to taste their cold clammy almost drying spunk as it drips its way down the tube. All the time the machine continued to rhythmically suck on his cock and that damned probed seemed to know when his sexual desire to cum reached its peak as it then unleashed its stinging invigorating discharge which seemed to shoot directly into his tender balls. The collecting bottle already showed about an eighth full and it had only been going for thirty minutes; Doug wondered how much more he could take before dry pumping his orgasms.

Meanwhile Pam found her orgasms running into each other as Rebecca still pounded the inside of her cunt with her clenched fist and the two men began sucking vigorously on her nipples as if trying to breast feed themselves. At Dr Travisís beckoning Rebecca then pulled her fist out of Pamís cunt with her hand still clenched and the Dr flicked a switch on the pump. Pam suddenly began to wail as spurt after spurt of warm liquid seemed to scald her anal walls. Initially it was almost soothing like washing her cunt with the shower head but as the levels of liquid increased and her large colon began to fill her desire to expel the fluid began to kick in and each squirt from the pump seemed to fight her urge to let it out.

She now felt her colon was fully extended and she could actually feel the liquid backing up even higher in her bowels; she wondered if it was possible for so much fluid to be pumped into her rear end that she would need to expel some through her mouth; just then she was aware of one of the coloured men pushing his large cock into her cunt and the pressure increasing further on her extended bowel. Ignoring her he simply took his own pleasure as he fucked her like she was a living sex doll. No sooner had he spunked up her cunt then he withdrew and Rebecca placed her mouth over her gaping cunt and sucked some of the spunk from her before allowing the other equally endowed male to enter her cunt. He too simply fucked her for his own pleasure and soon added his load to that of his partner in crime. On and on the swapped always cumming inside her and all the time her bowel was swelling ever more as the pump pushed in centilitre of liquid after centilitre.

Just then the pump alarm went off and Dr Travis announced the pump was dry; Rebecca suddenly climbed on to the examination table and sat down with her legs straddling Pam. She did not sit on her face so Pam could lick her cunt; no she sat squarely on Pamís stomach adding to the pressure pam was feeling in her backside. Dr Travis now offered Pam a choice; she could simply hold the fluid inside her bowels until told to release or they could remove the enema nipple and replace it with a simple tube; the other end of which would be fastened into Pamís mouth and she would have to drink the fluid from her arse and recycle it through her body before discharging it as urine later.

Fearing what the liquid was and what else she would have to swallow Pam chose the first option and she almost regretted it when she saw what Rebecca was holding; she was holding an extremely large butt plug and without so much as by your leave she whipped out the nozzle and pushed hard on the Butt plug forcing Pamís anal ring to expand around the head of the plug before it slid into her.

Now DR Travis approached Pamís head and gripping her hair he forced his cock into her mouth; from pam there was no resistance so she wondered why he had used such force but she soon discovered his intent. Dr Travis simply relaxed his muscles and began to urinate directly into her throat, fearing drowning in the piss; Pam had no alternative but to swallow as quickly as she could.

Doug continued his treatment in his room but had now reached the point where he had given all the spunk he could and even with the static shocks he just could not ejaculate any more. Sally then removed the probe from his arse and rested it directly against his balls when it triggered again and the sensation was so different for Doug that without thinking his body surrendered its absolute last load of spunk. The machine was then turned off and everything was disconnected; the now quarter full collection bottle was screwed on to the end of his breathing tube and then hung like a drip on a stand. The thick white viscous liquid seemed to cling to the top of the bottle defying gravity until suddenly with a silent plop it dropped down to the neck of the bottle and began to ooze down the tube ever closer to Dougís face. There was too much for Doug to swallow so it literally formed as a face pack all around his mouth and nose; becoming cold and clammy as it seemed to set rock hard as it dried.

As much by luck than judgement both treatment rooms seemed to finish at the same time and Both Pam and Doug were released from their bindings as they were brought together in Dr Travisís main office. There both were made to kneel and accept being fucked by who so ever wanted their holes; this resulted in at one stage Doug taking a large black cock in his mouth as he plunged back onto Dr Travisís hard cock in his boy pussy and Pam having her head held tight against Rebeccaís cunt as Sally slid her cock into her arse while laid beneath her one of the coloured guys was busy sucking her tits as his own cock plunged in and out of her cunt. Pam and Doug could only walk bow legged as they dressed and made ready for home, expecting to be told when their next appointment would be they were shocked to discover that they were being discharged as cured.

As they left the room Rebecca asked them if they could be called on to volunteer to assist other couples in future treatments; both Pam and Doug looked at each other before turned back to Rebecca and giving an enthusiastic yes.