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07-27-2012, 05:32 PM
Chapter 4.

It was some two weeks since Alan had been used as a human toilet and if anything things had gone really quiet. He had not been humiliated or spanked by his mother in law for over a week and even his wife, Sandra had gone easy on him allowing him to dress normal.

He arrived home from work, and as was the norm now he went to the bathroom and shaved, not just his face but also he shaved his balls and cock and even self-administered the after shave on to his privates which stung like mad but he quietly endured it. Just then Cathy his daughter entered the bathroom and without so much as a hello she dropped her panties and squatted over the toilet.

Alan began to head for the door when his own daughter ordered him back and made him watch as her golden piss flowed freely from her wet cunt and splashed down into the pan. When the torrent of flow began to subside she ordered her own father to lick her cunt clean; which he dutifully did without hesitation. As was usually the case when Alan licked any femaleís cunt his cock grew stiff and hard and this brought ribald burst of laughter from his daughter as she mocked him for his pencil thin excuse for a cock.

During this burst of laughter Alan did not hear the bathroom door open and his wife Sandra enter, in fact the first he knew of it was when he felt the full force of her kick aimed at his balls. Wincing and yelping like a stray dog he now cowered beside the bath; Wimp his wife yelled I am sick and tired of your poor excuse of a cock rearing its ugly disgusting head just because you have to use your tongue on our superior sex orgasms; so from now on you will wear this until one of us releases you; with that she held out a clear plastic contraption which had one noticeable feature, a heavy padlock secured one end.

Quickly mother and daughter encase his cock into the clear tube and Sandra delighted in snapping the lock closed trapping his balls tight against the plastic cylinder. As Alan looked down he saw a tiny hole in the end of the cycler which had manage to align itself to the pee hole of his cock. Cathy smiled as she saw what Alan was looking at and said, Imagine father of mine, I could easily catheterise you without having to unlock your cock from its camber and I bet you did not know but catheters can work both ways, not only to empty a bladder but also to fill it too with all sorts of wonderful liquids.

Alan now shocked and somewhat scared simply nodded as he stared at the floor. Eduardo is coming tonight and he has a surprise for you; you worthless wimp; Sandra snarled. Just then Cathy laughed out loud as she chipped in, Oh yes what a surprise it is and it could be a double surprise for you too.

Alan was ordered to go to his bedroom and put on the uniform that had been laid out for him; He had long since been relegated to the spare bedroom as being unworthy of sleeping in the master bed. In fact his bed was simply an old single mattress on the floor without any blankets and close to the four anchor points fastened into the skirting board at the base of the wall. He scurried off hoping it was going to be his favourite French maids dress because the frilly under skirts tickled him as she walked but he was soon disappointed for the clothes he was to put on consisted of a childís trainer bra, a short skirt and sheer silk nylons; the type that were self-supporting so he did not even get to enjoy wearing a suspender belt. In no time at all he was dressed as ordered and he sat on the edge of the mattress knowing that to come out of his room without permission would be just the excuse they would like in order to punish him severely.

An hour later he heard Brenda, his mother in law, calling him and responding quickly he answered the call as he was supposed to; immediately he approached her and knelt down, reached forward until he could kiss her feet and answered, here I am mistress, your wimp of a son in law is ready to do as he is instructed. Brenda smiled but inwardly thought shit, I was hoping he would mess that up and I could punish him, but never the less I am sure I will be doing so before the night is out.

Follow me she ordered and led him into the living room, where he was confronted by the three main females in his life, Brenda, his mother in law; Sandra, his wife and Cathy, his eldest daughter. Each of them pointed to a wooden bench in the centre of the floor; without any more being said, Alan moved and sat straddling the bench. Cathy and Brenda then secured his ankles to each side of the bench; while Sandra moved to his head and slipped handcuffs on to his wrists.

Alan expected to have his hands bound to the bench in front of him, so he was taken aback when he had his hands dragged over his head and fastened to a leash attached to his ankle ties. Now he was helpless and vulnerable as his small cock was openly on display and he knew they could do anything and he would have to endure it all in silence.

Just then out of the corner of his eye he spotted Eduardo, in the corner by the door. How he had failed to see him when he had entered he could not explain; neither could he explain how he had missed his youngest daughter Tracy standing behind him. Now Eduardo brought Tracy forward and pointing to her father said, See I have not lied to you, your father is a spineless wimp who has become the plaything of all of us present in the room and as if to demonstrate this he ordered Cathy to have the wimp lick her arse.

Cathy moved to Alanís head and facing away from him she lower her arse to just above his mouth, Alan then had to stretch up pulling hard on his arms and legs to get his tongue anywhere close to his daughterís anal ring. Tracy blushed as she saw her beloved father behaving like this without a word of complaint; but even more she was fascinated by the thing which covered his cock. With a nod from Eduardo Brenda moved to Alanís side and taking a thin rubber pipe she began to feed it into the tubeís little hole and similarly into the pee hole of Alanís cock.

More and more of the rubber pipe slid into his cock; when suddenly his cock twitched even inside the rigid tube and there was a trickle of urine dripped from the open end of the rubber tubing. Brenda then chastised Alan for wetting himself like a spoilt brat but added that we were now in his bladder and we can do anything we want. Sandra then handed her a funnel which slipped into the open end of the rubber tube.

From amidst the crowd around him Alan suddenly saw the now familiar super black cock and he had to watch as his beloved youngest daughter was gob smacked as she lovingly viewed Eduardoís cock. Inwardly Alan sighed sadly as he realised another white female was going become addicted to the black mambaís charm. Eduardo then had Tracy hold his semi hard cock and Cathy held the funnel as he emptied his own bladder by pissing into the funnel and laughing as he watched it slowly syphoning down the tube and into Alanís bladder.

A stern Glance at Brenda and Sandra was all it took for Eduardo to stir them into action as each one in turn squatted over Alanís face and began pissing directly into his mouth, having no alternative but to drowned he had to begin swallowing as fast as he could. In Alanís mind he felt himself sinking even lower as he imagined being scorned and berated by his precious daughter Tracy. She had always had a special relationship with her dad until now.

Once Eduardo had finished pissing and the funnel was empty; it was removed from the end of the rubber tube and that end was placed in a glass demijohn and the freshly mixed piss began to fill that jar. Meanwhile Tracy was ordered to undress and then she was gently laid across her father with her legs either side of his face. With both Brenda and Sandra now out of the way; Alan was staring at close quarters directly into his beloved childís cunt and arse. His heart sunk further when he realised why she was laid so; for now Eduardo moved to his head and he saw his powerful balls hanging just above his eyes and he knew that soon he would witness his baby daughter being ripped apart by this big black cock. Not only was he powerless to stop it but he was being used as a mattress during it.

What no one expected was that Tracy although being seventeen was still a virgin and when Eduardo began forcing his cock head into her tight cunt; her hymen seemed a lot stronger than anticipated for Eduardo really had to press home his attack before traces of her virginal blood dripped on to her fatherís chin. Tracyís screams soon turned to gasps of pleasure and lust as Eduardo began to really fuck her hard and as her cunt lubricated it was splashing down over Alanís face.

Even with the rubber tube still in Alanís cock, his balls suddenly trembled and white thick liquid gushed from around the tube and being smeared by the plastic tube it seemed as though it was bubbling from just inside his cockhead. This brought about loud ribald laughter from Brenda who was quickly joined in hilarious laughter by Cathy and Sandra; all adding even further to Alanís humiliation.

After Eduardo had filled Tracyís cunt with his spunk, Alan had the task of orally cleaning both Eduardoís sticky cock and Tracyís stretched wide gaping cunt; virgin blood and all.

Then Alan had to watch with his back aching so bad as one after another Eduardo used his cock on the four women; Brenda being last so she could tease and punish Alanís tightly encased cock. Just when Alan thought things could get no worse; he felt rather than saw his ankles being released and forced up and over his head. Instinctively he knew what was coming and half dreaded it but also felt flattered that he was not being left out as his boy pussy was stretched to its limit as Eduardo demonstrated his power over the entire family. On and on Eduardo plough his cock into Alanís sore arse and the giggles and laughter from all around showed that the women were clearly enjoying his discomfort.

Just when he began to feel the jerky pulses of Eduardoís cock was it promptly withdrawn from his wide open arse and thrust into his face as spurt after spurt of the black manís baby making seed flowed over Alanís face and the final humiliation was when his baby Tracy actually used her fingers to scoop up some of the spunk and force it into her own fatherís mouth before bowing her head and sucking some off his chin.

Alan was then made to stand and be bound over the back of a dining chair while each of the women spanked his arse red raw and then used their fingers to probe his now exceptionally sore anal ring. To make matters even worse they were all talking about what they would like to do their own wimp male. Tracy wanted to make up his face as a typical whore and have tattooed on his stomach sucker for black cocks; much to everyoneís amusement and very much Alanís embarrassment.

It was well after midnight before his bruised and battered body was dumped on his mattress with his hands secured by the restraint fixings. Alan felt lower than a worm now as his mind played through the facts of his life from now on.