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10-05-2006, 04:29 PM
Just Like Old Times
by UseAndBeUsed44

It was supposed to be my moment of triumph. I'd been waiting for nearly twenty years to confront the bastards who ruined my life, made me a slut slave to their hellish desires....turned me into the worst sort of cock sucking slut. Their actions when I was but a very young man had affected me my whole life...in my relationships with both men and women.

With women, I'd been unwilling to accept intimacy, but had instead used them as my playthings, constantly in search of the next "fuck fix" to satisfy my desires. I could even now cum up to five times in an hour....but I usually wanted to blow my load on an upturned and pretty face.

I was a "Master" and I craved the kinkiest sex imaginable with women....women whom I ruled and abused and whipped and who could be counted on to beg for yet more abuse even as they came and came and came. I search the classified ads long before the invention of the internet...usually in those seedy underground papers. I was quite successful in accruing a stable of sluts. Later, I used the 'net to increase my "property holdings" of female flesh. Even after marrying a wonderful woman, I continued to seek the conquests I craved worse than a heroin addict craves the drug.

During the "dry times" I would seek my satisfaction from other sources....I found myself descending into the old ways, I sought to be degraded and used myself. But I could only find this degradation with much older white guys. I subconsciously sought the return of my old scoutmasters. I remembered well how it had all started those many years ago when I was a first year college student and had been a volunteer junior scout leader/counselor. The older Masters had taken a liking to me right away.

Using porn and drugs they had quickly seduced me. I'd never even had a woman and already I was a willing slut to these men! My subjugation was completed and I was eager to obey any and all orders given me. Usually it went like this: I'd be walking home from my classes at the local junior college when a big old Lincoln would glide to a stop just ahead of me, and the door would open right in front of me.

"Hello slut. You know what to do."

Indeed I did. "Yes SIR."

I quickly stripped naked in the back seat in heavy traffic and draped myself across a set of legs and begged to be spanked for being "bad."

"Sir...I'm such a nasty little slut, I should be punished for needing to be used all the time. I can't help but think of your hard cocks spurting their hot CUM all over my face."


In no time at all, I was crying hot hard tears, but my cock was hard as steel. I was shoved to my knees and my long blonde hair was grabbed roughly. His cock suddenly appeared and he proceeded to Dick whip my tender skin and lips.


I eagerly opened my lips and felt his man meat slide over my lips and across my tongue. I sucked, but he used my hair as a handle to rape my mouth and I loved it. Soon my hot mouth was filled with hot cum as it dribbled out over my lips and down my chin. Then the man in back would change places with the driver and the whole sequence would repeat. My ass glowed bright red and my jaws ached.

Then I would be given a brief respite, as the car traveled to another county to a "party." Well, I had to keep myself hard and my body was toyed with for the entire trip, but I could relax my jaws. I knew they would be well used later. See, I was the only "Party Favor." All these old white guys simply raped my ass, and mouth over and over. I was usually covered in cum inside and out. My final humiliation was to walk out to the car totally naked and thusly covered for the trip home. Sometimes, they would stop at a gay bar and sell me to a few customers. This wasn't rape. I had to beg to be used. Which I did and loved it...it made me feel so wonderfully slutty. I just loved rough degrading man sex. But with women it was just the reverse!

One day it all ended. I wasn't their only conquest. Somebody turned them in and they fled town. I didn't see them or hear from them again. When I was no longer being used, I got depressed and entered therapy. It lasted a long time, but I finally came to the realization that I had been the victim and had been attacked, that I wasn't REALLY a "BORN SLUT."

Years passed, I got my degree and then another. Got married and found a prosperous job. I had a perfect life. But something was....missing. I went back ****** and soon discovered the wonderful world of internet porn....and the dating services. My MASTER side reasserted itself and I began to build a stable of lusty young and some older slutslaves.

Then, one day, I was surfing the net and I came across my old MASTERS in a popular fetish chat room. Of course they weren't using their real names, but nonetheless, I recognized them. I made arrangements to meet them in real life.

Now, here I was at the door to the seedy motel far from my home. I was forty three years old, but I'd kept my slender figure and probably could pass for a decade younger. I raised my hand and knocked firmly. A deep voice (one I remembered so very well) answered.

"C'mon in, BITCH!" came the voice. I was shocked. But I felt something strange. I felt the desire rise in me. My breathing quickened, my stomach tightened and I felt almost lightheaded. It was about to get a whole lot worse.

I walked inside. There they were, looking older and somehow more cruel than I remember seeing them before. They both laughed and one passed the other a $20 bill.

"You called it." said Bryan.

"I knew it was the little whore...even after all these years," said Bennie.

I was stung to anger and yet frightened out of my wits. I SHOULD be the one in control THEY should be contrite. After all, they had raped and enslaved me, right?

"Do you know what you did to me...to my life?" I sputtered.

It didn't go quite that way.

"SHUT UP YOU SLUT!" screamed Bryan. I fell silent, cowed and yet, totally excited. My mouth was dry and I cast my eyes downward, instinctively. They both chuckled at the sight.

"Still the little college slutboy, aren't you? You MISSED US, didn't you? ANSWER ME, BITCH!"

"YES" I whispered

"LOUDER and you know what to say, so get used to it."

"YES SIR. I did miss you." I said firmly.

"Why, slut?"

"Because of the way you make me feel....like a nasty little whore and a slut. And for the things you made me do, over and over again."


I hastened to obey. I was caught in that old trap, and I saw no way free, nor did I want a way. I had to face the facts, I AM A SLUT. A nasty cock sucking cumswallowing whore, who will open my body to any man or woman my Masters give me to. Mostly men. So, I stripped off my clothes and moved to the spot between his spread knees.

I knelt there....and gazed at his powerful, erect cock; undiminished in size even for his sixty odd years of life.

"You know what to do, so do it...suck my cock and swallow my cum you slut!"

I set myself to the task, and my mouth opened wide as I felt the velvety head of his cock glide over my lips and inside my extremely hot wet mouth. I tasted his precum instantly and it drove me mad with lust and submission. Bryan was groaning and Bennie was the cheering section:

"Oh yeah, look at the little whore suck! He fucking still loves it! Yeah, we are going to have a very good time...c'mon bitch, hurry up and make him cum...cause my thick man meat is the next stop for your hot mouth. I figure that in a bit, Bry will want your hot asshole, too (I moaned fearfully at this, but my mouth was still stuffed full of cock) so we can make a nice manwich!"

Sure enough, Bryan spilled his searing hot cum into my mouth, pulling from my mouth and spraying my face, as I used to love it....the heat was intense. There was not a second before the cock was replaced with Bennie's and I started to bob my head again, slurping the meat before me. I felt a sharp sting on my ass and then another. I whimpered as Bryan began to spank me, alternating asscheeks. Soon another load was deposited into my eager mouth.

I was allowed a respite, but not allowed to wipe the now drying cum off my face and lips. I was ordered to dress, this time in a little "outfit" they provided: Short shorts, very tight, a t-shirt, and some boat shoes. That was all. We walked out to their car as some of their neighborhood buddies came outside and made catcalls and whistles like I was a common whore walking the streets which....I guess I was. My cock was so hard, it jutted obscenely out a pant leg. As I walked to the car, I was surrounded by men...OLDER MEN who brazenly fondled me, making me whimper more.

But then I was in the car, Bryan got into the back seat and Bennie drove. My pants were taken off and my cock sucked, and my ass fingered. I was reduced to a moaning twitching mass of nerves as my body was over stimulated to the point of torment. They laughed as I cried hot hard tears, begging them for my release.


My nipples were clamped by way of reply. My back arched and I moaned, but my cock was so hard, my body betrayed me. I am SUCH a slut! After what seemed like hours of driving we got to our destination. An adult bookstore. I really started to shake then. I started to beg again:

"P-P-PLEASE, SIR...mmmmphmph!" I was smothered by the lips and tongue invading my willing mouth. I moaned again and melted into the strong grasp as my long blonde hair was used as a handle to control me.

I was dragged from the car in a dark parking lot and still nude from the waist down was thrown roughly across the hot hood of the car. I heard other car doors immediately open all over the lot and I struggled wildly as I heard a bunch of men laugh.

"Fine looking little bitch. Can I fuck it?" asked a strange voice.

"Twenty bucks a pop and he'll even clean you with his mouth after!" yelled Bennie.

A whoop went up from the crowd which I guessed to be about a dozen. Soon the first hand roughly lubed my asshole with spit and a huge cock forced its way inside my ass. I thought I would split open, and opened my mouth to scream as another cock slid inside my mouth. I was now resigned myself to my fate and did what I do best: SUCK and FUCK. I rhythmically clenched my asscheeks until I heard a deep guttural moan and felt the hot cum spurt inside me. The raping member was withdrawn and replaced by another. At almost the same moment, the cock I was sucking, came and I swallowed rapidly. That cock too, was replaced with fresh meat. On and on it went.

Then, it seemed to be over. But that was just the parking lot cruisers. Next, I was dragged around to the back of the store where the back door was being held open. I could feel the cool of the store interior on my still naked and cum covered body. I was taken to a booth and dumped inside. I blearily looked up and saw a GLORY HOLE in each wall. I knew what was going to happen next and I could hear the deals being made to use my slut mouth and asshole. Then I heard the doors open in the booths on either side of me. It was about to begin.

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