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The Pacific Resort is the largest, luxury casino/hotel in the world.
It is 16 stories tall with three underground levels. It is owned by
the international pharmaceutical giant, GenTech, and was built by
their construction affiliate, Gen Construction.

LL3 dosen't appear on any of the official drawings or records and
access to this level is via two restricted elevators which are
connected to all floors. Movement of the elevators are controlled
by the Operations Center in LL3. Floors 14 thru 16 were reserved for
GenTech's research staff and wealthy clients.

LL3 consists of a 350 seat theater, eight preparation rooms and eight
holding rooms. Multiple HD monitors are imbedded in the theater's
seating area, including the large stage.

The theater is used for research and entertainment. Live video links
connect the theater to the multiple laboratories around the world for
real-time testing of their products. On the weekends, the theater is
used for the entertaining their wealthy clients and financial

The 'subjects' for their research fall into three categories,

1. Involuntary:
These subjects are sex offenders, advocates against gay and lesbian
life styles and social 'rapists' that use date rape drugs.
Retribution would be in the form of 'an eye for an eye'. This would
include transgendering.

2. Voluntary:
These subjects are members and friends of members that would like
sexual enhancements, transgendering and/or the unique sexual
services provided by the resort.

3. Medical:
GenTech will provide transgendering and/or sexual 'correction' when
recommended by one of their affiliated Physicians or Psychiatrists.

GenTech's medical and 'subject' data base is international and reaches
into the records of Federal, state/provincial and local governments.

GenTech's capabilities are,

1. Male and female enhancements.
2. Male transgendering to Shemale or Hermaphrodite.
3. Female transgendering to Hermaphrodite.
4. The changing of a male's or a female's sexual preference.

GenTech's procedures include the use of,

1. Patented Programmable, Gels and GelPods.
2. Patented Hybrid slugs, snakes and worms.
3. Patented docility, aphrodisiac and orgasm inducing drugs.
4. Patented 'acceptance' and 'suggestion' drugs.
5. Patented vaginal enhancers.
6. Patented penile enhancers.
7. Patented anal enhancers.

Products that are in the final stages of lab testing are Plants and
Force Field Entities.

GenTech's devices include, but limited to,

1. High Tech, computerized Sybians.
2. High Tech semen, sperm extraction machines.
3. High Tech, computerized radio controlled prostate milkers.
4. High Tech, recliners and beds.
5. Highly trained animals.

GenTech's legal division will supply all transgendered 'subjects' with
valid legal documents, including, birth certificates, passports and
social security cards if required. In addition, GenTech, at their
discretion, can bond two subjects to each other that have been
transgendered, enhanced or had their sexual preference changed.

Guest Rooms,

All guest rooms are suites and have the same layout. Living room, two
bedrooms with bath and separate walking shower, kitchenette, a Jacuzzi
and a workout room. This room is for the personal sexual pleasure of
the guest. All rooms in the guest suites have hidden HD cameras and
microphones embedded in the walls and ceilings.

The Operations Center can control the HDTV's in all the suite's rooms.
The Center can also release an odorless gas into any room of any suite.
The effects of the gas could range from unconsciousness to arousal to
docility and 'open to suggestion'.

Vacationers may be selected for entertainment and/or enhancement
sessions. Prior to being returned to their room, all recollections
of their session are removed from their memory.


Sara, a widower of 12 years, has a limited social life and refuses to
date. She has been a member of the Resort for 17 years and uses the
Resort and the entertainment sessions as a form of sexual release.
Sara turns forty three today and the Resort's selection committee has
arranged a birthday surprise that she won't soon forget.

Sean 44, and a widower, has been with the Resort for 10 years. Since
his wife's death four years ago, he has become a recluse but still
enjoys the comfort and privacy of the Resort. His participation in
the resort's 'services' has declined and now visits the Resort as a
vacationer. The Resorts selection committee has decide to revitalize
the sexual side of Sean's life and match him with Sara.

Their rooms ara across the hall from each other.


Sara arrived at the Resort at 10:00 in the morning, checked in and
entered her suite. She loved being here and appreciated having the same
suite reserved for her annual visits. After unpacking, she did a quick
tour of the rooms, especially the workout room. She gazed longingly at
her long time friend, the customized Sybian.

Sara changed into her bikini and spent the rest of the morning on the
beach enjoying the sun and warm waters of the ocean. After having lunch
at a sidewalk cafe, she spent the rest of the afternoon at a mall that
was having an open concert. She returned to her suite and decided to
have a shower before she ordered dinner.

In a few minutes she was in the bathroom and turned on the water to the

The Operations Center thought it would be a good time for Sara to loose
that thick patch of hair that hid her womanly treasures and switched
in a depilatory that mixed with the warm waters from the multiple shower

As she waited for the multi jet spray to reach a nice warm temperature,
she looked at her body in the mirror. Sara saw her fortyish body and
frowned. The price of growing older.

She put on the shower cap and stepped into the shower. The jets from the
floor, ceiling and sides flowed into every nook and cranny of her body.
She sighed as delicious 'popping' sensations were felt all over body.
Her legs parted as the exquisite feelings spread onto her inner thighs
and labia.

Sara opened her eyes and she gasped when saw all the hair on her body
being slowly dissolved and washed away. The sensations of the exploding
bubbles slowly subsided as the jets changed were changed to a normal
flow of water. Sara knew the 'Resort' had done this and smiled as she
looked down across her body. Her hairless labia made her look sexy.

She stepped out of the waters and squeezed a liberal amount of soft,
silky soap onto her hands and spread and massaged the silkiness over
her small breasts and tingly nipples. The slippery hands soon found
their way down to her labia and clitoris. The engorged appendage was
protruding from its protective hood and she gasped when the tips of
her fingers made contact with her hard organ of joy.


Her arousing fingers didn't stop there, her breathing quickened as
they slipped between the swelling folds and teased the entrance to
her womanhood.

"UHH!! UHH!! UHH!"

She had sworn to herself that she wasn't going to do any more self
pleasuring but that faded from her mind as two fingers slipped past
her twitching inner lips and into vagina, twisting and turning.


Sara stood back, gasping and panting,

'No .. No .. No ..
Not here in the shower ... later ..."

She got the removable shower head and took a deep breath before she
started rinsing her body of the silky soap. The pulsing waters soon
had Sara's hips jerking wildly. She exhaled sharply and wailed as a
minor orgasm bolted across her loins.


She smiled sheepishly at herself,

'Just couldn't resist it could you.'

She turned off the water and dried her glowing body. Of course, the
soft, fluffy towel went from drying to arousing.

She looked in the mirror and finally a smile crossed her face when
she saw her naked, hairless body. For the first time she could see
the folds of her labia and her breathing quickened. She hunched down
a bit and spread her thighs for a better look.

As she stood back up, she wished her breasts and clitoris were a
little bigger. She now winced when she looked at her body.

"God I hate being forty 43!"

Sara returned to bedroom, turned out the lights except for those over
the bed which she adjusted to a soft glow. She like to return to the
bed after dinner to relax and watch the HDTV.

She put on a robe over her nakedness and walked into the living room
and ordered breakfast. As she ate, she watched the movie 'The Holiday'.
At the same time, an odorless gas was filling the room which made her
mind become 'open to suggestion' and acceptance. The HDTV's subliminal
messages were started and a warm flush slowly spread across her body.

The screen switched to a video of a naked woman about her own age
sitting on a sectional and holding her arms out toward 'something'.
Soon a round, Gel-like ball bounced across the floor and onto the
woman's lap. It was the size of a beach ball, transparent and lightly
bluish in color. The woman picked it up and brought it to her upper
chest. Both Sara and the woman smiled when it snuggled onto the
woman's shoulders and neck. Sara could hear it purring and the
woman smiled and sighed.

She saw the GelPod spread itself downward over the woman's body and
the sighs got louder as a warmth flooded onto her breasts, nipples,
vagina and clitoris.

Sara wished she could have her own GelPod. The observing Operations
Center signaled the front desk.

In a few minutes, She heard a knock on the door and the HDTV returned
back to the 'The Holiday'. A startled Sara tightened the Sash on her
robe and opened the door. It was the Resort's Concierge and he was
holding a large package with her name on it.

The Concierge smiled and handed the box to her,

"Compliments of the Resort."

Sara took the box and the Concierge walked away.

Sara closed the door and put it on the coffee table and looked at it
with puzzlement. She hadn't ordered or asked for anything.


She opened the box and a smile crossed her face when she saw a round,
translucent and light-bluish gel mass. It was shaped much like a beach
ball just like the one that the woman had. She reached into the box
and picked it up with both hands. A warm tingly sensation flowed up
her arms and she brought it up to her shoulders and neck.

As it nestled against her neck it began purring and glowing.

Sara whispered to it softly,

"You are just about the most adorable thing I have seen."

Sara took her 'friend' to the sectional and continued to watch the
movie. The GelPod flowed down onto her lap and Sara smiled as the purrs
flowed through the fabric onto her inner thighs. Sara leaned down and
kissed it and her hands gently rubbed its warm pliable surface. The
pleasant tingly sensations radiated through the robe and onto her body.
They stayed that way for several minutes, both were enjoying each
other's closeness.

Sara was so engrossed with the movie that she barely noticed or felt
the GelPod begin to shift in her lap. The GelPod saw that Sara's
robe had slightly parted just below her breasts and it slowly began
to edge itself toward the opening.

As Sara sat there with her eyes glued to her HDTV, the GelPod extended
itself though the parted robe and gently touched the skin of her upper
abdomen. Sara's sensory system brought her back to reality when she
felt a wonderful warmth spread across her chest. She looked down and
saw that the GelPod was slowly flowing under the robe.

She quickly put her hands on the robe with the intent of stopping any
further advancement but her mind wasn't sure if she wanted to stop it
or encourage it.

The GelPod's soft, warm surface flowed upward over her breasts,
encasing each within a massaging and kneading pouch.

Sara sighed at the wonderful sensations that were flooding onto her

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Myyyyyyyyyyyy!!"

Two internal depressions formed within the pouches and Sara gasped
as each formed into suckling 'mouths' and descended onto her excited
nipples. The delicious contact made Sara's head spin and she moaned
as ripples of pleasure shot across her chest, the exquisite suckling
caused her nipples to quickly become erect.


Sara closed her eyes as the sensations intensified and, not knowing
why, either unconsciously or instinctively, reached down and undid
the sash to robe.

She felt the upper part of her robe being pushed away and she opened
her eyes and looked downward. She gasped when she saw and felt the
soft, clear gel-like pouches manipulating and caressing her breasts
and tingling nipples.

"Oh! That feels soooooooo ... Niceeeeeeeeeee!!"

She felt pressure on her abdomen as the GelPod was attempting to push
the remaining part of her robe from her body. The GelPod was on a
portion of the robe that was tucked between her legs.

In a daze, again not knowing 'why', Sara reached down and grasped both
edges of the robe and slowly pulled her robe away from her body. The
GelPod flowed downward between her closed thighs sending delicious
ripples of warmth onto her clitoris and labia.


Sara's thighs spread apart and her loving 'friend' flowed onto her
flared sex. A low gasping moan escaped her lips as the GelPod nestled
onto her clitoral hood with a delicious massaging action. Her hands
shot downward in an attempt to pull the loving GelPod away but the
wonderful, warm purring sensations radiated onto her hands and another
gasp escaped her open mouth.


Sara's breathing was now coming in quick pants as the loving gel began
massaging her flared folds and coaxing her hard organ of joy to leave
the safety of its protective hood. Her mind was trying to cope with all
the new sensations that were radiating from her breasts, nipples and

Suddenly a wild thought raced across her mind.

"Oh No! Its going to have sex with me!! ..."

She made an attempt to stand up and the GelPod nestled deeper between
the junction of her thighs and flowed between the the folds and nestled
against her clitoris and twitching inner lips. Sara wasn't prepared for
the ecstatic contact and she slumped back onto the sectional gasping
and panting. Her hands reached down and began to caress the purring
Gel mass that was exploring the treasures of her womanhood.


The purring Gel pushed the folds further apart. A soft tube with a
suckling 'mouth' slowly made its way toward's Sara's engorged pink
clitoris and slipped over it with an ecstatic suckling motion. Sara
almost fainted as ecstatic jolts of joy raced across her aroused sex.
Her hips ground in tight circles against the Gel's loving 'mouth' and
sheath-like 'throat'.


Sara's dazed mind told her,

'Not here ... not on the sectional ....'

With a determined effort, Sara stood up from the sectional and her
robe slipped from her body. She started to move toward the bedroom
but crumpled to her knees as the suckling 'mouth' and 'throat'
intensified its actions on her rigid organ of joy. The massaging Gel
pouches and its sucking 'mouths' continued their exquiste attention
to her breasts and nipples. With pants and gasps, Sara crawled back
to the sectional and her hands grasped the edge of the cushion. She
was about to pull herself up when the Gel burrowed deeper between
her swollen folds and deliciously traced around the sensitive opening
to her vagina and her engorged clitoris began jerking wildly with


She instinctively spread her knees and her thighs wide apart. Her
Lover formed a large Gel mass that purred over her flared sex. Sara
was dazed and awe struck at how fast the GelPod had aroused and
positioned her on her hands and knees. Her mind and body were
immersed in a cloud of arousal.


The Gel mass that was attending to her aching breasts and bullet-like
nipples flowed further forward and soon covered her neck and shoulders.
Sara felt delicious butterfly like kisses flood her neck and she cooed
and mewed as her friend's loving foreplay caused her arousal to soar.

She pushed her sex rearward against the massaging mass between her legs
and shifted her breasts into and around the mass's loving pouches that
her swaying breasts had fitted so nicely into. Her body trembled with
waves of pleasure as the GelPod suckled on her aching organ of joy,
and massaged her labia, breasts and nipples. Her hips began grinding
her enflamed sex against her lover's devouring mouths.


The Gel on her on her neck flowed onto her chin and molded itself to
her gasping mouth. Sara felt two lips form onto her lips and her heart
raced knowing that her Lover was going to kiss her. The GelPod's tongue
slipped into her mouth and their tongues danced and played with each
other. A minty flavored taste was on the Gel's tongue and Sara eagerly
sucked on it and her arousal vaulted from the aphrodisiac-like 'hit'.
She and the Gel kissed deeply and passionately and a low guttural moan
escaped her mouth.


While they kissed, the GelPod pushed her labia folds further apart. A
tongue formed and it slithered around her enflamed sex with ecstatic
jolts of joy. Sara's back stiffened and arched, and she instinctively
raised her hips and pressed rearward.

Sara broke the kiss and gasped loudly,


The slithering tongue began sliding up and down, over and inside her
slick folds. The ecstatic sensations of the loving tongue and suckling
tube made Sara buck her hips in ecstasy.


Sara froze when she felt the Gel's lapping tongue nudge past the eager
opening of her womanhood and slip deeply into her vagina. Her mind went
ballistic with ecstatic sensations and her grip on the cushion tightened
forcefully. The Gel was feasting on her oozing vaginal juices.


The Gel's extended tongue drove Sara insane with ecstasy as it slipped
in and out of her steamy vagina. It played havoc with her clasping
entrance and then drove back inward to caress her cervix and womb.
Sara laid her head on the sectional's cushion gasping and panting.
Her hips pushed back ground against her lover.


Sara's ecstatic body told her she was going to orgasm and she lifted
her head up from the cushion, her drooling mouth was wide open. She
felt it start at her toes and move up to her labia, across her abdomen
and then onto aching, swaying breasts and erect, tingling nipples. The
GelPod's tongue lunged into her enraged vagina and the Gel's suckling
tube intensified its ecstatic action on her excited organ of joy. Sara
was being catipulted toward her first orgam.


She cried out as her hips ground in the air. Bright flashes of orgasmic
lights danced across her mind and eyes. Her nipples twitched and tingled
within the loving suckling mouths. The GelPod's relentless assault on
her sex continued as her body rode the orgasmic waves.


As they subsided, Sara's pants and gasps slowly subsided.

A weak and gasping Sara knelt on the floor with her thighs spread
wide. Her head returned to the cushion and she closed her eyes
tightly as she savored the delicious spasms and ripples of ecstasy
that were again flowing throughout her body.

The GelPod's foreplay ended and it now concentrated on the main

The entire mass now restarted its sexual assault. Sara's nipples
felt as though they were going to explode. Again Sara felt the
delicious tracing around the entrance to her womanhood.

Sara gasped loudly. She couldn't believe that her body was still

"Oh you wonderfull and beautiful thing .."

Sara felt something bump against her inner thigh. It was warm, long
and thick.

She looked under her body toward her spread legs. Her eyes flew open
and her breath came in a deep gasp. She saw her Lover's massive 7.75"
x 2.5" perfect erection. Her vagina clenched rapidly in anticipation.
She tried to shift her labia down toward it but the GelPod teasingly
kept moving it away.


Sara felt the wonderful, suckling tube withdraw from her hard clitoris
and she moaned as it pulsed and jerked in the air.

The Gel slowly and teasingly, slipped its massive hardness upward over
her left thigh toward her steamy folds. She moaned as the long phallic
ground over her erect organ of joy. The thick head finally reached her
swollen folds and pushed them wide apart as it settled between them.
With agonizing slowness it traced Sara's swollen crease from her erect
clitoris to the clenching opening of her womanhood. Her clasping inner
lips kissed and caressed her lover's thick gland each time it came in
delicious contact with them. Her vaginal juices oozed freely from the
puckering entrance.


Sara didn't move, she couldn't move. Her hands gripped the cushion,
her kneeling body tensed and her eyes were tightly shut as her mind
tried to will the GelPod's glorious erection to penetrate her enflamed

With an almost incoherent plea,


Her lover obliged her frantic plea. In one fluid motion, the thick
crown nudged past the eager lips and slid slowly inward. A loud hiss
of ecstasy escaped Sara's wide open mouth as the thick length of her
lover's pulsing hardness slipped into her steamy and lubricated


Sara felt the most incredible stretching of her vagina and a
wonderful sense of fullness. She gurgled and drooled as her Lover's
magnificent organ slipped inward, inch by glorious inch. In a few
seconds, Sara felt the gates to her womb flare open to receive her
long, thick lover.


Sara felt The GelPod slowly slide its long, member outward and then
slip it all the way inward. Then it withdrew part way, flexed,
wiggled and then again stroked deeply back into the depths of her


The Gel adjusted its position behind Sara's wide spread thighs. The
angle of its penetration changed and the head now pressed against the
upper lining of her vagina. It started a back and forth dragging motion
until .. then something electric bolted throughout enflamed sex. A
series of intense explosions of joy gripped her clenching and spasming
vaginal sheath.

Sara raised her head up and wailed in ecstasy.


The Gel had searched for and found Sara's ecstatic 'G' spot. Her Lover
flexed again and again and Sara squealed in joy.


The Gel now plunged all the way into Sara and then came back out.
Once again it teased her magic spot. It was incredible. Sara's
mind was overloaded with waves of raw joy.

Her Lover now started a methodical rhythm to its massive thrusts.
Sometimes sliding all the way in, filling Sara completely, once,
twice, three times, before pulling back and sparking her sweet
spot again and again.

Sara gasped and groaned, unable to fully catch her breath. She
lewdly thrust back and ground hips in ecstatic circles. Her
vaginal muscles desperately clenched around her lover's thickness
in a desperate attempt not to break the ecstatic connection.

Sara cooed and gurgled as the Gel's undulating erection plundered
her spasming vaginal sheath. Her Lover's thrusts were now all inward
and full outward. Sara was basking in the glow of ecstatic waves
of joy and ecstasy.

Again that wonderful suckling tube slipped over her straining clitoris.
The contact was so ecstatic Sara's entire body spasmed and she lifted
her head and squealed with loudly.


Sara was catapulted into an orgasmic frenzy. The GelPod had now found
the buttons to all her erogenous zones and was now manipulating each
of them like a symphony conductor. Sara's body began lunging back onto
The Gel's thrusting erection with a new sense of urgency. Her fists
tightened their grip on the cushion.

Low guttural moans escaped from her mouth. Her lover never eased up on
her breasts, nipples and clitoris. Her orgasmic wave built higher and


Sara's hips became blurred as they counter thrusted like a pistoning
engine. Suddenly her Lover lunged inward and froze. Sara could feel
the gigantic head enter her womb and then thicken. Her eyes flew wide
open and her vaginal muscles clamp tightly around her Lover's engorged
hardness as it swelled and pulsed. A deep throb in her spasming passage
was accompanied by an upward surge of The GelPod's mass between her
legs. She felt an ecstatic flood of a warm, liquid pressure boil and
gush into her cervix and womb.

Her eyes snapped opened as her body started convulsing with her
ecstatic second orgasm.


The sensations were mind ripping she gasped and moaned, her hips swung
madly around the GelPod's erupting, buried erection. Her Lover quickly
did a withdrawal and re-entry, its engorged member unleashed another
torrent of hot thick ejaculant. The delicious sensations spread
explosively throughout her ecstatic body.

Sara entire body was spun into an orgasmic explosion. Her long wail
echoed throughout the suite. Bright colors swam in her vision as she
spasmed and shook. Every cell vibrated with ecstasy. It went on and on,
as her Lover continued to forcefully flood her body with joy.

Sara wailed in orgasmic ecstasy.


The orgasmic rush to her mind blended seamlessly with her convulsing
vagina. She drew in deep heaving breaths which were matched only by
her lover's massive pulses and throbs. A second total body orgasm
was unleashed and Sara's ecstatic wail again echoed across the suite.


The intense orgasmic sensations that saturated her mind and body now
overloaded her sensory systems and she lost consciousness. Sara's hips
slumped down onto her bent legs and her head rested on the edge of the

She slowly recovered and her body continued to spasm and shake with
delicious aftershocks.

"OHH!! OHH!! OHH!!"

Sara moaned again as the wonderful fullness slipped out of her
reluctant and clenching vagina with a loud slurping sound.

"Ohhhhhhhhh!! Noooooooooooo!! Slowlyyyyyyyyyy!!"

With the GelPod's help, Sara slowly turned around so she sat on the
floor with her back resting against the sectional. The Gel mass that
covered her body now began cleaning it. When finished it returned to
its normal round shape and nestled across Sara's neck and shoulders
with loving purring sounds.

Sara smiled at her friend and her hands lovingly massaged its purring
surface. She leaned her head down and kissed it gently. It responded
by nuzzling closer into Sara's neck and purred its song of love.

She stood up on weak legs and turned off the HDTV. The GelPod rolled
behind Sara as she made her way into the bathroom for a quick shower.
In a few minutes, low moans and gasps were heard as Sara and her friend
enjoyed their shower. Soon an aroused and flushed Sara walked out of
the bathroom and crawled onto the bed that she had prepared earlier.
She rested comfortably on the pillows that were against the headboard
and turned on the HDTV.

Her 'friend' bounced onto the foot of the bed and waited. Unknown to
Sara, the Operations Center was uploading her enhancements to the


Sara heard the GelPod begin to purr and glow held out her arms toward
it. She smiled as her lover rolled onto her bare lap and sighed as the
soft purring seeped onto her clitoral hood and over the folds of her
labia. It then flowed upward, over her abdomen onto her waiting breasts.
Again those wonderful massaging pouches and suckling 'mouths' nestled
onto her breasts and nipples. The GelPod then snuggled onto her neck
and shoulders, purring its song of love.

Sara smiled, knowing that her Lover wanted her again ... and she
wanted her Lover ... again.

She spread her thighs wide apart, giving the GelPod more room between
her thighs and moaned as her Lover embraced her.


They lay entwined in each other's loving grasp.

The GelPod now extended itself under her thighs and buttocks. It spread
toward the underside of her knees and slowly bent her legs and brought
them back toward her sides. The portion of the Gel that was under her
buttocks pushed her hips upward and slightly forward giving it complete
access to her open and flared sex.

Sara sensed that something 'new' and 'different' was about to happen
and she moaned in anticipation as her arousal grew.



The Gel mass that was formed over her labia now slipped between the
flared folds and snuggled into the pink furrow, pushing the folds
further apart. A delicious massaging action was started and Sara
felt as though a hundred tongues and mouths were now loving her
clitoris, labia, breasts and nipples.

She closed her eyes and moaned as the delicious sensations flooded
her body and mind,


The massaging Gel kissed and caressed Sara's fluttering inner lips
that were already moist with their early juices. Her clitoris hardened
and began to ache and throb.


In a few more seconds, her clitoris became engorged and pushed out
beyond its protective cover into the waiting, suckling Gel. The Gel
slipped around the engorged button and pushed inward under its hood.
Sara gasped at the ecstatic contact and her clitoris jerked with joy.


The Gel nudged against her treasured entrance with a delicious kissing
and caressing action and was rewarded with thicker drools of Sara's
vaginal juices. Her hips jerked rapidly as the Gel suckled on her organ
of joy and excited inner lips. Her bullet-like nipples pushed into the
'mouths' of the Gel's suckling pouches.


Sara's eyes open wide and she gasped when she felt a thickness form
between her flared folds and nudge against her fluttering inner lips.

"OHH!! OHH!! OHH!!"

She shifted her hips excitedly against the caressing mass and pushed
her sex down onto the thickness that was probing the portal to her
womanhood. Her swollen labia was now tingling with desire and Sara
moaned as the ecstatic sensations soared across her loins. While her
swollen folds and clitoris were being massaged and suckled, the thick
mass formed into phallic-like shape and slowly nudged against the
excited entrance. Tendrils of joy rippled up and down her vagina as
the flexing head slowly slithered inward past the stretching inner

Sara gasped loudly as the GelPod entered her clasping vagina.


The ecstatic sensations rippled across her body and Sara wanted more.
Her hips bucked up forcefully and the Gel's phallic plunged deep into
her vagina.


The GelPod's phallic started a methodic thrusting action, from inner
lips to cervix. Full in, half in, fast, slow. It twisted and undulated,
it pulsed and throbbed. Sara was delirious with ecstasy. She couldn't
keep up with the counter thrusts and just lay back and let the orgasmic
waves wash over her.

She gasped and panted, her body heaved and thrashed with every wave.
Ecstatic jolts of joy shot up her vaginal sheath. Her stiff bullet-like
nipples ached and tingled as the Gel 'mouths' continued to suck and
suckle on them.


The Gel phallic, sensing that Sara was approaching the orgasmic trip
point started deep, direct, in and out thrusts. Sara hips circled
around the loving invader and again matched its thrusts.


Sara raced toward a climatic orgasm. The Gel phallic plunged deep into
cervix again and again. Suddenly Sara arched up, her body rippling with
orgasmic convulsions. Her eyes opened wide and she saw nothing but white
flashes of ecstatic joy. Her vagina clenched along the entire length of
the loving penetrator.


Her body exploded into orgasmic overload and she lost consciousness for
a few seconds. When she recovered her body was still heaving in he
throes of aftershocks. She closed her eyes and slumped back against the

The GelPod began analyzing Sara's orgasmic fluids. It was now finalizing
its enhancements for her body.

When it finish, it absorbed the vaginal fluids and then slipped outward
until only the head remained within the caressing lips of Sara's outer
vagina. It went into a dormant stage with delicious low level 'purring'.


The GelPod let Sara rest against the pillows that were propped up on
the bed's head board. Slowly her body came down from its orgasmic high.

The purring silky pouches on her breasts released their enhancement
chemicals and Sara felt a wonderful warmth seeping into each breast.
The delicious massaging, kneading and suckling was restarted and
Sara moaned as her arousal was rejuvenated.

Suddenly an exquisite firmness gripped each of her breasts, her erect
nipples twitched with excitement. She looked down and a beaming smile
filled her face when she saw her breasts begin to expand within the
clear Gel pouches. Delicious quakes pulsed across her chest as her
breasts and nipples expanded in spurts.


BREASTS: 34B, NIPPLES: 5/16" H x 5/16" D


BREASTS: 34D NIPPLES: 3/8" H x 5/16" D

Sara couldn't believe how full and full her breasts were beginning
to feel. Her nipples had never felt so hard and tingly.

"Ohh!! Ohh!! Ohh!!"

BREASTS: 36A, NIPPLES: 7/16" H x 3/8" D

The expanding pouches had more to work on and the kneading, massaging
and suckling intensified.


BREASTS: 36B, NIPPLES: 1/2" H x 3/8" D

She began thrusting her breasts and nipples wildly into the loving


BREASTS: 36C, NIPPLES: 9/16" H x 1/2" D

The Gel now had Sara's breasts and nipples at their target size and
the pouches settled down to a wonderful 'purring' action. Sara cried
out in joy when she saw her enhanced breasts within the clear Gel



She lay back savoring her breast's 'new' fullness and firmness. Her
hard nipples felt like bullets and she yearned to touch them.

The warm suckling 'mouth' and 'throat' of the clitoral massager once
again rippled over the rigid organ and slipped into the clitoral hood.
Sara's hips bucked at the ecstatic contact.


Sara's entire organ of joy was now being sucked and suckled.

She threw her head back and gasping and panting.


Her hands shot down and lovingly rubbed the Gel mass that holding
her thighs wide apart. The GelPod purred into her grasping hands
and fingers. Sara gasped loudly when she felt her engorged clitoris
expand within the rippling and suckling 'throat'.



EXTERNAL CLITORIS: 1/2" x 3/16" ... 5/8" x 1/4"

With each ecstatic jerk of her hips, Sara's clitoris lengthened and


EXTERNAL CLITORIS: 3/4" x 3/16" ... 1" x 3/8"

Sara's hands were franticly massaging the mass that was causing jolts
of joy to explode across her loins.


EXTERNAL CLITORIS: 1.25" x 1/2" ... 1.50" x 1/2"

The long rigid organ's natural downward angle insured an ecstatic
contact against a thrusting erection.

Sara's hips were bucking and grinding against the suckling 'mouth'.

Her throbbing organ was now fully within the loving 'mouth' and she
threw her head back and wailed as her clitoral orgasm exploded. Her
thick vaginal juices spurted from her clasping inner lips.


The Gel slowly and tantalizingly withdrew from her erect clitoris
and Sara lay back gasping and panting. She looked down and saw
her excited, pink organ extending well beyond the soft confines
of its clitoral hood and an excited smile lit up her face.

Her hands massaged the purring mass between her thighs and whispered,

"Oh! God, Thank you!"

As if in an answer, the Gel kissed the engorged pink tip and Sara
gasped in joy.



Her Lover's dormant phallic came to life and the flexing head began
to tease and tantalize her clasping inner lips. Sara gasped and ground
her aroused sex against her Lover. The thick head nudged inward and
Sara's excited lips eagerly slipped over the flexing head as it slowly
twisted and turned its way into her more than welcoming vagina. The
GelPod's phallic sunk into the depths of her sexual being and Sara
screamed in ecstasy.


The Gel now secreted its enhancement chemicals and Sara gasped as a
delicious antsy sensations gripped her entire vaginal sheath. The
elasticity and vaginal depth was slowly changed to accommodate an
8.00" x 3.00" erection. The sexual sensitivity was expanded to take
in 50% of the vaginal sheath and her illusive 'G' spot was expanded.

The Gel phallic now started to test out Sara's 'new' enhancements.


Suddenly Sara's entire body was flooded with waves of sexual excitement.
The massaging and suckling pouches renewed their loving attention to her
new, firm breasts and bullet-like nipples. The suctioning 'mouth' once
again slipped ecstatically over her extended organ of joy.

Sara bucked and jerked as incredible sensations that she had never felt
before flooded her body.


The Gel phallic withdrew from her clenching vaginal sheath until the
thick head was just inside the clasping inner lips and then plunged back
into the depths of her steaming passage.

Sara squealed in joy as her Gel lover began a rhythmic series of slow
ecstatic thrusts and lunges.


The phallic began to vary its rhythm, full in, full out, part way in,
part way out, always twisting, always flexing.

Sara was gasping deeply for air as her body became saturated with waves
of sexual ecstasy. Her hips were bucking and jerking wildly within the
soft grasp of her Gel Lover.


Sara's body was riding her enhanced orgasmic wave. She had never
experienced such total joy. Her orgasm came like a clap of thunder
and its lightening bolts flashed across her dazed eyes and mind.

Her hips bucked upward and froze and a loud orgasmic wail echoed
around the bedroom.


She slumped back down, gasping and panting. Her hips continued
matching the deep thrusts of her Gel lover. Her mewing and gurgling
sounds became incoherent as they escaped her drooling mouth. The
He Lover expanded its girth and width to 8.00" x 3.00" and Sara's
body went into its sexual 'auto' mode with forceful counter thrusts.

Sara was riding her orgasmic elevator toward her second orgasm. Her
legs shot upward and outward in a wide 'V', kicking franticly in the
air. Her Lover lunged into her womb and unleashed its warm thick
ejaculant. Sara felt the incredible warm, thick volume fill her cervix
and clenching vaginal sheath.

Her eyes opened wide but she saw nothing, her mouth opened but no
sound was heard. Suddenly, her orgasmic freeze disappeared and
the bedroom again was filled with her second orgasmic wail.


Sara's mind and body went into orgasmic overload and she lost
consciousness. Her jerking body slumped back down onto the bed.

The GelPod released its final conditioning chemicals.

A series of mild cramps flooded her body and an unconscious groan was
heard as years of neglect were rolled away from her body. A rippling
firmness gripped her entire body as the final stages of the physical
changes took place. Her body was becoming more youthful and curvaceous.

Waist: 26"
Hips: 36"

Sara would be bisexual. Preference order would be male, female,
Hermaphrodite and then Shemale.

Bonding pheromones for Sean, a man she has never met, were flowing
throughout her body. Sara would be the aggressive partner in their

Sara slowly regained consciousness and she moaned as a series of
wonderful aftershocks rippled across her body.


Sara sat on the bed, her body glowed with sexual fulfillment and
satisfaction. She looked down her body and saw her firm, fuller
breasts and jumped off the bed and stood in front of the mirrored
wall. She almost wept with joy when she saw her 'new' body.

Fuller, firmer breasts and stiff nipples.
Extended and engorged clitoris.
Curvaceous body.

Sara was looking at a body she had always dreamed about. Her hands
lifted her breasts and tweaked her enhanced nipples. Her fingers
slipped down to her still engorged clitoris and she moaned as she
caressed and fondled her extended organ of joy.

Sara smiled, she didn't care about the 'hows' and 'whys'.

She saw her 'friend' glowing and purring at her feet. She bent down
and picked it up. The GelPod immediately snuggled onto her shoulders
and neck. A very happy and tired Sara walked back to the bed. She
fell asleep with her arms wrapped around her purring 'friend'.

As she slept, the HDTV turned 'ON' and subliminal images of a naked
'Sean' filled her unconscious mind. Soon, sensors detected her
quickening heart beat and the lengthening of her clitoris.


Sara awoke to soft purrs from the GelPod that was nestled onto her upper
chest and shoulders. She smiled as she remembered last night and began
to rub her hands of the glowing surface. Her clitoris tingled as it
slowly protruded from its protective hood and her nipples stiffened as
the Gel's purring excited the rubbery nubs. An image of a man flashed
into mind and she wondered who he was and where she had met him.

She moaned softly as the silky sheet brushed over her extended clitoris,


She pushed and pulled the sheet away from her body and sighed again as
her rigid organ sprung into air and the GelPod nestled onto her breasts
encasing them into warm, massaging pouches. As they kneaded the firm
mounds, two internal 'mouth' like depressions formed and descended onto
each erect nipple with a delicious sucking and suckling action.

Sara gasped at the ecstatic sensations and pushed her breasts up into
Gel Lover.


The GelPod began to flow downward over her abdomen toward the apex of
her thighs. Sara instinctively bent her legs and spread her thighs wide
apart. The purring Gel flowed onto her hardened clitoris and formed a
suckling 'mouth' that slipped over her excited organ of joy. This,
time the sucking 'mouth' had more organ to devour. Sara's hips bucked
as jolts of joy gripped her sex and her thighs spread wider apart.


The Gel flowed onto her swelling labia and began to massage the flared
folds that were already moist with her arousal. Sara's eyes were tightly
shut as her body began absorbing the incredible sensations that were
exploding from between her thighs.


Sara's hands shot down to her enflamed sex and began to massage the
purring Gel that was giving her so much pleasure.

While her engorged clitoris was being suckled, her 'friend' now pushed
it's warm Gel mass between the swollen folds, pushing them further
apart. It ecstatically traced the slick pink furrow down to the clasping
inner lips. Sara mewed and gurgled as the excited lips were teased
and caressed. Her hands grasped her legs behind her knees and pulled
them back toward her shoulders, giving her Lover complete and open
access to her sexual treasures.


She felt a thickness form and nudge against the portal to her womanhood
and she held her breath as it slipped through excited opening into her
eager and welcoming vagina.

An incredible sensation of fullness gripped her seething passage as the
Gel's phallic slipped inward, flexing and turning as it slithered deep
into the depths of her sexual being.

Sara squealed in joy.


The Gel now began a full sexual assault on Sara's breasts, nipples,
clitoris and vagina. Her entire body spasmed with intense ecstatic
sensations. Her hips frantically counter thrusted onto the Gel's deep
penetrations. The long, thick penetrator began varying it's lunges.
Full in, full out, half in, half out. It would stop and begin a
maddening flexing action, causing Sara's body to lurch and buck. Her
breathing came in deep gasps and pants as she was catapulted into a
sexual frenzy.


Her hips became a blur as she ground and lurched above the bed. Bright
flashes of orgasmic lights filled her eyes. Her legs broke away from
her grasping hands, jerking outward from her body in a wide 'V' and
cycled desperately in the air. Her toes curled and her hands tightly
gripped the sheet. Her first orgasm exploded across her enflamed sex
and spasmed across her body.

"OHH!! GOD!! OHH! GOD!!"


The Gel's hardness didn't let up as it continued to stroke into her
enflamed and frothy passage. As her strong orgasmic aftershocks began
waning, her Lover intensified its actions on every erogenous zone on
her body.

Sara's ecstatic body was floating on an euphoric cloud ecstasy. Every
sexual nerve ending in her body was exploding with pure joy. She was
no longer conscious of anything except the intense sensations that
were flooding her mind.


Her Gel lover lunged into the depths of her vagina and unleashed its
hot, thick ejaculant with such force that it back flowed out passed
her clenching folds. The mix of ejaculant and thick vaginal juices
gushed outward and drenched her thighs and the bed. The ecstatic
liquid pressure that was ballooning within her steamy vaginal passage
pushed Sara over the orgasmic edge. She arched high off the bed as her
body bucked and thrashed in the throes of orgasmic explosions.


At the peak of her shrill wail, Sara lost consciousness. Her body and
mind were totally saturated with orgasmic sensations. The Gel stopped
it's lunges and lay purring, deep within her clenching vagina.

While she was unconscious, it released a chemical that removed all the
memories of the GelPod and its enhancements to her body. Her breasts,
clitoris and curvaceous body were her new normal. The Resort had
'prepared' a complete change out of 'worn' clothes duplicating
everything that she had brought with her. These would fit her 'new'
body and the change out would occur while she showered.

The Gel slowly pulled out of her foaming vagina with a loud slurping
sound. Gushes of Gel ejaculant and orgasmic juices flowed past the
gaping opening. The mix of juices were quickly feasted upon by her
Gel lover.

The GelPod cleaned her body, including the sheet and then silently
rolled of the bed and into the living room. The Concierge was there
to put it back in the box and then they left the suite.

Sara soon awoke and she happy, full of energy and refreshed. She hopped
off the bed and scurried into the bathroom. As she waited for the
shower's waters to warm up, she looked into the mirror and gave herself
a thumb's 'up' as she gazed at her youthful 43 year old body.

An image of 'Sean' filtered into her mind and her clitoris tingled.

Sara's shower was long and relaxing.

The Resort's staff worked quickly and silently as they replaced all of
Sara's clothes.


Sean arrived at the Resort at 6:30 PM, checked in and entered his suite.
After unpacking, he ordered a light dinner from Room Service and relaxed
on the sectional, watching the HDTV, while he ate.

The 'open to suggestion' and 'acceptance' drugs in his food slowly made
its way throughout his body. The HDTV's subliminal messages were started
and a warm flush spread across his body. Thoughts of having a shower and
giving himself an enema flooded into his mind.

Without thinking, Sean got up, went into the bedroom and undressed. He
looked with disappointment as he stood in front of a mirrored wall. He
had let himself 'go' after his wife's death and frowned as he looked
at his body. If he could change anything, it would be his penis. All
his life he had been unhappy with it, even to the point of clipping
his pubic hairs so it would at least 'appear' bigger.

He walked into the bathroom and turned on the water to the shower.

The Operations Center started switched in a depilatory that mixed with
the warm waters from the multiple shower heads. He put on the shower cap
and stepped into the shower. The jets from the floor, ceiling and sides
flowed into every nook and cranny of his body. He sighed as delicious
'popping' sensations were felt all over body. His legs parted as the
exquisite feelings spread onto his inner thighs and between the cheeks
of his buttocks.

Sean sighed and looked down his body and saw all the hair on his body,
below the shoulders, slowly dissolving and being washed away. He saw
his hairless chest, abdomen, penis, balls thighs. At first his feelings
were of shock,

'How did this happen, how could this happen?'

Then 'acceptance' filled his mind and he smiled when he finally saw
the full view of his penis and testicles that had always hidden behind
his thick pubic hair.

The sensations of the exploding bubbles slowly subsided as the jets
were changed back to a normal flow of water.

He picked up the bottle of liquid soft-soap, stepped back from the
flowing waters and began to liberally apply the liquid silkiness to
his body. As his hands spread the silky soap on his areolas and small
male nipples, he felt a pleasant tinglyness that spread across his
chest. The sensations intensified when his slippery fingers swirled
around the small rubbery buds.

He moaned and thought, it must be the soap.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Jesusssssssssssssssss!!"

His hands acquired more of the sensuous liquid and did the same to his
nuded penis and balls. When his slick hands and fingers began caressing
his small penis and massaging his swaying balls, a whole new set of
sensations rippled across his loins

His penis stirred and quickly grew erect and his balls filled with a
delicious ache. He gasped loudly and his hips jerked as his 4.00"
member stood hard between his spread thighs.


'What is it about this soap!'

Sean calmed somewhat and rinsed himself off with the removable shower
head. He targeted his tingling chest and his excited nipples strained
outward from his firm areolas Sean closed his eyes and spread his
thighs apart as he shifted the shower head downward. His hips jerked
and he screeched as the wonderful head massaged his throbbing erection.


Sean had always like the Resort's multiple head shower.

Sean reluctantly turned the waters off and opened the misty shower door
and saw his naked and hairless body in the wall mirror. He saw his 4.00"
erection sticking out from his thighs and smiled again. Despite its
smallness, it had always gave him a lot pleasure.

The shower's sensors had recorded Sean's sexual statistics.

1. Penis Flaccid: 3.25" L x 1.00" D
2. Penis Erect: 4.00" L x 1.75" D
3. Nipples Flaccid: 1/4" H x 1/4" D
4. Nipples Erect: 9/32" H x 9/32" D

In a few seconds, the Operations Center had completed Sean's
enhancement program, which would be uploaded to his GelPod.

1. Penis Flaccid: 4.25" L x 1.00" D
2. Penis Erect: 7.75" L x 2.75" D
3. Nipples Flaccid: 9/32" H x 9/32" D
4. Nipples Erect: 1/2" H x 3/8" D

The word 'ENEMA' flashed into his mind and not knowing 'why', he stepped
out of the shower without turning the water off. He saw the Fleet enema
box sitting on the vanity and picked it up.

After reading the instructions, he positioned himself in the 'knee to
chest' position on the floor and inserted the three inch 'Fleet' nozzle
and administered the enema to himself. When the pressure became almost
unbearable, he sat on the toilet and expelled his lower bowel. A much
relieved Sean stepped back into the shower.

Sean finished his shower, dried himself off and returned to the bedroom.

He went to the bed, pulled down the top covers and put two pillows
against the head board. He climbed onto the bed and sat back against
the two pillows. His naked, hairless body glowed in the soft light.
He turned to a channel that was showing a rerun of 'NCIS' and in few
minutes the screen went dark.

Thoughts of 'Watch this' filled his mind.

A Title filled the screen, "A man and his GelPod"

The screen switched to a video of a naked man about his own age sitting
on his bed, holding his arms out toward 'something'. Soon a round, Gel-
like ball rolled across the floor and bounced onto the bed, rolling
onto the man's lap. It was the size of a beach ball, transparent and
lightly bluish in color. The man picked it up and brought it to his
upper chest. Both Sean and the man smiled when it snuggled onto the
man's shoulders and neck. Sean could hear it purring and the man smiled
and sighed.

He saw the GelPod spread itself downward over the man's body and
the sighs got louder as the warmth flooded onto his nipples, penis
and testicles.

Sean saw the man lean back and moan as the GelPod settled over penis
and Sean smiled when he saw it rise up and twitch excitedly as the
GelPod began squeezing and massaging it.

Sean wished he could have his own GelPod. The observing Operations
Center sent a signal to Sean workout room.

Sean sensed something near the door to the bedroom. He could barely
make the doorway out because he had turned off the lights except for
the soft glow over the bed. He knew or thought he had closed the door
but now it was slightly ajar. Suddenly a light-bluish glow illuminated
the door and it was pushed open a little further.


Sean looked wide eyed as a round, transparent, light-bluish Gel mass
rolled into the bedroom. Sean watched intently as the glowing GelPod
rolled along the floor toward the bed. It bounced up onto the foot
of the bed and he instinctively closed his legs as it slowly rolled
toward him. He flinched and his heart raced when it rolled onto his
closed legs and moved toward the junction of his thighs.

Sean sighed as soft purring seeped into his flaccid penis and drifted
downward onto his testicles.

It was like the video .. or .. did he dream it?

It didn't matter, all he wanted to do, was hold and touch it.

His apprehension disappeared from his mind and he reached down with
both hands and lifted it up. A warm tinglyness spread into his hands
and fingers. He smiled and brought it up to his chest and sighed again
as it nestled onto his shoulders and neck. Its glow seemed to pulse as
it began purring and singing its song of love.

As his hands caressed the glowing surface, the Gel began to spread
across his upper chest and move downward. Sean closed his eyes as the
warmth reached his areolas and flowed over them. The rippling Gel
caressed his tingling nipples as it slowly formed a thick silky Gel
mass over each areola. A low sigh was heard as his male nipples
stiffened and grew erect.


Inside the silky masses, two depressions formed into suckling 'mouths'
and descended onto his excited nipples. Sean's sigh turned into a moan.


The GelPod continued its downward flow across his abdomen. It flowed
around his penis and balls and onto the soft skin of his inner thighs
with an exquisite massaging action. Sean gasped as the warmth spread
inward between his thighs and a strange tinglyness that he had never
felt before flowed into his penis.

"Uhh!! Uhh!! Uhh!!"

His thighs slowly spread apart and his penis and testicles slipped
down between the parting thighs. The Gel now spread under his thighs
and moved toward his knees. Both legs were bent at the knees and his
feet pulled back toward his hips. At the same time, the Gel mass at
the junction of thighs flowed under his buttocks and lifted them
upward. Sean's penis and balls swayed between his parted thighs
above the bed's sheet.

Sean's mind was a whirlwind of emotion. He didn't know what was
happening to him but he liked the wonderful touches of the Gel on
body, nipples and thighs. He felt the warm mass flow from each thigh
inward and form under his testicles. As the mass thickened, Sean moaned
as his balls slipped into a silky, massaging pouch. His stirring penis
soared to full erection.


The Gel pouch extended a sheath-like tube that flowed upward over the
sensitive underside of his hardness, When it reached the tingling head
of his erection, its length split opened and Sean gasped loudly
when his erection was manipulated into a massaging, vagina-like sheath.


Sean's suckled, erect nipples and massaged genitals were now sending
waves of pleasure rippling throughout his body.


The GelPod now had full control of Sean's body. The encasing blanket of
Gel rippled and purred over his upper body and he moaned as his arousal


A round Gel probe formed from the mass that was laying between Sean's
inner thighs and slowly extended itself toward Sean's lifted buttocks.

Suddenly, Sean felt the warm thickness pushing between the cheeks of
his buttocks and instinctively tried to shift his buttocks away from
the advancing probe. His actions quickly faded when the oozing tip
made contact with his anal opening and the liquid warmth caused his
anal lips to swell and tingle. The tight sphincter muscle relaxed
and a euphoric warmth spread into his rectal sheath.


Sean felt the probe begin to apply pressure to his tingling opening
and he sighed as the probe slithered past the relaxed anal lips and
slip into his rectal passage.

A wave of warmth accompanied the thickening probe as it nudged inward
and his erection jumped and throbbed. His entire rectal area began to
tingle with pleasure and Sean unconsciously started to push and grind
his hips onto the GelPod's flexing probe as it twisted and turned its
way into his rectum.


He shut his eyes and savored the new feelings that were spreading across
his body. Suddenly, Sean's eyes flew wide open, his hips thrust into
the air, and a loud gasp escaped his lips. The GelPod's probe had made
contact with his prostate. An incredible jolt of joy rippled throughout
his body. His hardness throbbed within the GelPod's squeezing vaginal
sheath and its 'mouth' feasted on the drooling precum.


The probe formed a massaging pouch over the top of the sensitive mound
and released its initial enhancing chemicals. Sean's eyes shot open as
a new set of sensations gripped his loins.

"OH! GOD! .. WHAT .. OH! OH! OH!"

The enhancing chemicals absorbed by his prostate would be activated by
the GelPod's urethra probe.

He began moaning and panting as his prostate and erection began
throbbing in sync with each other. His preseminal fluids oozed and
drooled into the thirsty vaginal 'mouth'.



The probe's soft depression, covering his swelling prostate, intensified
its exquisite massaging. It deliberately and teasingly, spaced its
delicious massaging of Sean's prostate. Every time it restarted, Sean's
body was racked with a series of internal ecstatic spasms much like
those that a woman experiences.



His body shook and thrashed in joy as the orgasmic freight trains
roared throughout his rectal sheath, onto his erection and into his
disbelieving mind. His hard male nipples were tingling with sensations
that he had never felt before. The rippling sheath encasing his
straining erection intensified its 'milking' actions.

The GelPod's clear vaginal sheath begin to balloon with his spurting
preseminal fluids.


The anal probe slipped deeper into Sean's rectal sheath. The probe
started slow, ecstatic thrusts and Sean squealed in joy as the pulsing
ribs brushed and pressed across his excited prostate.


The probe began to vary its lunges from fast to slow, all the way in,
all the out. An exquisite pressure was building within his prostate
and at the base of his throbbing erection. Ecstatic ripples of joy
radiated across his loins from his clenching rectal sheath.

The clasping sheath encasing his erection intensified its squeezes,
the massaging pouches holding his balls began a delicious kneading
action and the sucking 'mouths' on his rigid nipples made them feel
as though they were going to explode.

Sean's mind and body had never experienced sexual joy before and he
wailed as the new sensations exploded across his body.



An incredible pressure was building up at the base of his erection. It
pulsed up his rigid hardness and seemed to stall at his thick, tingling
gland. The liquid joy swirled around the ultra sensitive gland and then
exploded outward, into the GelPods waiting vaginal 'mouth'.

Bright flashes of orgasmic lights flashed across his mind and eyes. His
toes curled and his hands fisted.

Sean squealed again as his body was gripped with intense orgasmic shocks
from his induced ejaculation.


Sean's mind couldn't absorb all the orgasmic sensations and his sexual
sensory system went into overload and he lost consciousness as the
GelPod feasted on his spewing nectar.

Sean slowly awoke and moaned as delicious aftershocks racked his body.

The GelPod slowly withdrew its probe and Sean moaned as the wonderful
fullness left his body. The Probe's thick purring head lay nestled
within his swollen anal lips. His erection never softened and it felt
like a granite baseball bat.


The Operations Center was analyzing Sean's semen and preseminal fluids.
It uploaded a 'tweak' to the GelPod's programming.


The GelPod let Sean rest against the pillows that were propped up on
the bed's head board. Slowly his body came down from its orgasmic high.

Shortly, the purring masses on his areolas released their enhancement
chemicals and Sean felt a wonderful warmth seeping into each areola.
The delicious massaging, kneading and suckling was restarted and
Sean moaned as his arousal was rejuvenated.

Sean's sigh turned into a low moan as an exquisite tingling grew
within each nipple.

"Uhh!! Uhh!! Uhh!!"

NIPPLES: 1/4" H x 1/4" D

As his nipples grew, they became more sensitive to the suckling
'mouths' and Sean moaned and gasped loudly.


NIPPLES: 3/8" H x 5/16" D

The ecstatic sensations were now merging into those that were
emanating from his engorged erection.


NIPPLES: 1/2" H x 3/8" D

Sean's nipples had now reached their targeted size.


The 'mouths' slowed their assault to a low level 'purrs' and Sean
lay back against the pillows savoring the wonderful feelings.


The gland at the head of his erection now began to tingle in sync
with those emanating from the suckling 'mouths' on his erect nipples
and the purring tip of the probe that was resting within his tingling
anal lips.

Suddenly he felt a tightness grip his erection. He looked down and saw
the 'mouth' of the GelPod's clear vaginal sheath curl down over his
thick gland to its circumcision ring. He looked in astonishment as his
preseminal fluids continued to ooze outward and drool over the gland's
sensitive surface.

A thin clear, tube rose up from the Gel mass between his spread thighs
and arched upward and then dipped downward so it was centered above the
oozing opening to his urethra. It was a 1/4 inch thick, flexible and
hollow. A warm lubricant dripped onto the tingly head of his member
and mixed with his slick precum. The lubricant contained the necessary
chemicals for his prostate and penis growth.

Sean's eyes opened wide with apprehension and tried to move his member
away from the dripping end of the stem's tube but his erection was held
firmly by the GelPod's vaginal sheath.

Slowly the tube descended into the slick urethra opening.

Sean watched with apprehensive eyes as the tube sank slowly into his
hardness. His fears were quickly erased as the tube slithered deeper
into his urethra. As it slipped downward, ecstatic ripples of joy
spread into his rock hard penis. Sean threw his back and gasped as
the chemical laden tube reached the base of his erection. His throbbing
hardness never felt harder as it pulsed and jerked with ecstatic


The tube continued its journey deeper into Sean's urethra. Soon it
reached the two valves that controlled the injection of his sperm and
semen into the urethra. A chemical was released that opened both valves.
Two, dark, tube-like stems slithered outward, one slipped into the
fleshy tissues of his prostate and the other made its way downward
toward his testicles. Waves of euphoric sensations now bathed the
entire center of Sean's sexual being.


The open tips of the two stems released their enhancing chemicals. His
semen production would be six times that of a normal male. The multiple
ejaculant streams would be two to three seconds in duration and Sean's
sexual recovery or rejuvenation would be rapid, immediate if stimulation
was still present.

The stem entered his testicles and split into two tubes. Both injected
their enhancing and growth drugs. Sean groaned as a wonderful warmth
filled his balls. They expanded quickly and Sean felt a new delicious
heaviness encased within the silky, massaging pouch.

As the stems withdrew, they oozed a chemical causing the sexual ducts
and valves to be enlarged, permitting larger volumes of semen and sperm
to be discharged into the urethra.


The urethra tube now slowly slipped back down until it reached the base
of his erection.

Again Sean felt another flood of warmth, spread throughout his groin.
The tube now started to secrete a chemical that would enhance his
erection. He gasped and threw back his head as jolts of joy radiated
outward from inside his jerking, hard member.

Sean felt an incredible antsy feeling sweep the entire length of his
erection. His spurting precum gushed up the sides of the tube and
spilled out onto his thickening gland. Sean moaned excitedly and his
hips thrashed wildly trying to get more of the ecstatic feelings. His
throbbing organ now felt heavier and longer. The engorged and highly
excited gland throbbed excitedly.

His hard erection grew in spurts and his hips jerked ecstatically.


"Oh jesus!! What is happenning! AWWWWWWWWWWWW!!"

ERECTION: 4.00" x 1.00" ... 4.50" x 1.25"

ERECTION: 5.00" x 1.50" ... 5.50" x 1.75"

Each growth spurt pushed Sean and his excited drooling gland up
a rung on his ecstatic ladder.


ERECTION: 6.00" x 2.00" ... 6.50" x 2.25"

ERECTION: 7.00" x 2.50" ... 7.50" x 2.75"

Sean screeched as his hard member came nearer to its target size.
The clenching sheath began to match his thrusts with its own counter
thrusts. Sean had never experienced such ecstasy.


ERECTION: 7.75" x 2.75"

Sean's new erection was complete.

His heavy, bloated balls ached and churned within the massaging
testicle pouch. His loins rippled with ecstatic joy.

Sean thrust upward moaning and gasping.


Sean gasped as the tube slowly and teasingly withdrew from his
hardness. As the end slurped its way out, the confined preseminal
fluids gushed outward with the force of an ejaculation.


Sean looked down and saw his new, long, thick manhood. His eyes opened
wide with excitement as his massive, heavy erection throbbed before
his stunned eyes.


The head of the sheath closed back over Sean's oozing gland. Those
wonderful undulations were re-started. This time, the clenching vagina-
sheath had a longer and thicker organ to please. Sean closed his eyes
and moaned as his new hardness was sucked and suckled within the 'mouth'
of the Gel's sheath. Sean's hips bucked and jerked as the Gel swirled
around his thick hyper-sensitive gland as it ecstatically moved up and
down his new engorged manhood.


His mind and body was totally consumed by the exploding jolts of joy
that shot out from his sexual being. He began gurgling with
incoherent sounds as bright orgasmic flashes of light danced across
his mind and eyes.

A low guttural moan was heard as his new and forceful ejaculation
surged up his throbbing manhood. The thick liquid of joy stalled
at his excited gland and then exploded outward into the eager and
thirsty Gel 'mouth'.


The Gel increased its loving pressure and another forceful
ejaculation jettisoned out past the orgasmic numbed gland.


Sean lost consciousness and he slumped back onto the bed. His
massive erection continued to gush and spurt.

While he was unconscious, the GelPod released its final chemicals.

Sean's would be bisexual. His sexual preference would be female,
male, Hermaphrodite and then Shemale.

Bonding pheromones for Sara, a woman he has never met, were flowing
throughout his body. Sean would be the submissive partner in their

One of the secreted chemicals was an ejaculation controller. The
surface of his erection would be able to sense the orgasmic
contractions of the vaginal muscles, female or Hermaphrodite.
If they were present, his ejaculation would be permitted, if not,
he would be kept at his orgasmic edge until the contractions were
sensed or his erection was removed from the vagina.

Sean slowly recovered and moaned as he came down from his orgasmic
high. He felt the Gel mass slip away from his still excited nipples
and they tingled as they sprung into the air.

Sean moaned again as The Gel's massaging vaginal sheath slipped away
from his deflating erection with a loud slurping sound.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Don't leave me!"

The GelPod slowly left his body and returned to its round beach ball
shape. Sean sat on the bed relishing the wonderful feelings that were
still radiating from her body.

He had to see it .. had to see his new body.

Sean swung his legs off of the bed and weakly stood in front of the
wall mirror. He smiled and looked down at the purring and glowing
GelPod that was nestled against his feet.

Stiff fuller nipples.
Thick flaccid 4.25 inch penis.
Heavy balls that swayed between his thighs.
Flat abdomen and muscular body.

Sean's body was now everything he had dreamed about.

He bent down and picked it up. The GelPod immediately snuggled onto
his shoulders and neck. A very happy and tired Sean walked to bed.
He fell asleep with his arms wrapped around his purring 'friend'.

As he slept, the HDTV turned 'ON' and subliminal images of a naked
'Sara' filled his unconscious mind. Soon, sensors detected his
quickening heart beat and the stirring of his penis.


Sean awoke to an incredible morning erection that throbbed over his
abdomen under the sheet. Every movement of his body caused the sheet's
soft fabric to tease and caress his straining hardness. Sean kicked the
sheet off of his body and his erection sprung into the air over his

The GelPod which was snuggled on his upper chest and shoulders began to
purr and suckle on his rigid enhanced nipples.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Jesussssssssssssssss!!"

The GelPod began a slow movement down his body and Sean's breathing
quickened as it neared his raging erection.


Sean felt the GelPod's 'mouth' leave his abdomen and he froze when he
felt the GelPod's warmness seep onto the thick head of his erection
and then its 'mouth' made contact with sensitive flesh of his straining
crown. Excruciating and ecstatic, sensations flooded his loins as the
Gel's slick 'mouth' slipped over and around the most sensitive part of
his body. The Gel's rippling 'mouth' suckled its way downward over the
tingling gland and its 'tongue' swirled and massaged the excited

Sean's hands fisted tightly, his body trembled and his erection jumped

"AHH!! AHH!! AHH!"

At the same time, the GelPod extended its rippling mass downward and
with a sensuous, massaging action, formed around Sean's bloated
testicles. Sean's body trembled and shook. He felt his balls became
come heavier and they started to deliciously spasm within the GelPod's
caressing mass.

Sean moaned loudly,


Its 'mouth' now started a slow descent onto Sean's throbbing erection.
It raised up a bit and Sean's thick gland glided further into its
sucking 'mouth' and then into its clenching 'throat'.

Sean gurgled with joy as the GelPod's 'throat' began to ecstatically
caress and squeeze his pulsing hardness as it was sucked into the depths
of his Gel Lover. The velvety pouch holding his balls intensified its
massaging of his testicles.

Sean to gasp loudly from the dual sensations.


The GelPod, with a torturous twisting motion, lifted upward and Sean's
throbbing erection was slowly pulled outward. When the agitated gland
reach the GelPod's 'mouth', it closed snuggly around it with a forceful
suctioning action. Its 'tongue' swirled around the pulsing head and
played with the oozing opening, sucking up Sean's precum with as though
it was a straw.


The GelPod then skewered its loving 'throat' back onto Sean's enraged

Sean's hips began bucking and thrashing, his hands gripped the GelPod's
purring mass tightly. Again, Sean felt that ecstatic sucking and milking
action as his erection descended into the depths of the GelPod's
incredible 'mouth' and 'throat'.

"UHH!! UHH!! UHH!! OHH! JESUS! I .. I .. I"

The GelPod pulled upward just enough so that two or three of Sean's
hardness remained within its 'throat'. It then began flexing and
clenching its 'throat' around Sean's straining erection.

Sean was catapulted into a sexual frenzy. He gurgled incoherently as
his thick load of semen entered the base of his erection and shot up
his highly agitated erection. The thick stream of semen spewed into
the GelPod's eager and receptive 'throat'.

Sean wailed in orgasmic ecstasy.


The GelPod feasted on Sean's free flowing, gushing nectar. It increased
its exquisite milking actions, knowing that it could coax at least one
more massive ejaculation from Sean's enraged erection.

Sean's hips arched high above the bed as his mind and body became
submersed in a cauldron of orgasmic explosions. His erection was now at
the swollen bursting point. Another huge stream of thick semen exploded
up his jumping organ. Again, the GelPod feasted on the spewing gushes of



Sean slumped onto the bed unconscious.

While Sean was unconscious, The GelPod released a chemical that removed
all the memories of the GelPod and its enhancements to his body. His body
and genital 'package' were his new normal.

The GelPod withdrew slowly withdrew from Sean's satisfied body. His slick,
drooling penis slipped down onto his drained testicles. The GelPod bounced
off the bed and rolled into the living room where it was picked up by the
waiting Concierge.

In a few minutes, Sean awoke feeling refreshed and vitalized.

'I think it is time for a nice relaxing shower before breakfast.'


The Operations Center had planned the meeting between Sara and Sean with
military-like precision. Both were given the 'suggestion' that it would
be nice to have breakfast in Resort's Sky View restaurant on the Resort's
roof. It was timed so both left their suites at the same time.

They stepped into the hallway and saw each other for the first time.

It was as if time had stood still as their minds were flooded with a
deep sense of attraction for each other. Sara was the first to break
free from the 'bonding' trance.

She smiled and said,

"Hi, my name is Sara."

Sean returned the smile,

"Sean ..my name is Sean.
Have you had breakfast yet?
I'm heading up to the Sky View restaurant."

Sara stepped closer to Sean and said softly,

"I would love to join you for breakfast."

While they ate, they talked and laughed as they got to know each other.
Their bonding was complete and their lives together had just started.

When they finished, they walked to the elevator and Sara snuggled up
close to Sean and whispered,

"How about coffee in my suite?"

Sean smiled and whispered back,

"I would like nothing better."

They entered Sara's suite and Sean closed the door behind him.

They were barely two feet apart from each other and their eyes never
left each other.

They both moved closer to each other.

Their faces were now less than six inches apart and Sean whispered,

"I want to kiss you."

Sara whispered 'yes' and closed her eyes.

Sean's lips touched Sara's lips. When she felt his tongue glide across
them, her lips parted and she pushed closer to Sean when his tongue
slipped into her mouth. Both tongues touched and then began to dance
and play with each other as they kissed deeply and passionately.

Sara's mind swooned with her first kiss in 12 years and she became weak
in the knees. Her arms wrapped around Sean's body and held onto him
tightly, not wanting to lose this wonderful moment. She felt a growing
thickness pressing through his pants and she moaned softly into his
mouth as she pushed herself against it.


Soon they broke the kiss, their flushed faces and panting breaths said
it all.

Sara whispered,

"I want you to leave."

With a sense of excitement, they began undressing. Sean quickly removed
his shirt, shoes and socks. He drew close to Sara. Her shoes and socks
were first, then he unbuttoned her blouse and pushed it away from her
shoulders. His hands pushed her skirt down from her hips and it let fall
to her feet.

Sara reached behind her and undid the clasp to bra. Her firm 36C
breasts pushed proudly into the air and she smiled when she heard
a soft gasp from Sean's open mouth.

Her hands reached down and curled her panties down her hips and down
her legs to feet. She kicked the skirt and panties off to the side.

Sean gasped at the wonderful sight of Sara's curvaceous and hairless
body. Sara's breath quickened when she saw the bulge in Sean's pants.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh!! Sara, your like a Goddess!"

Sara knelt down and undid the belt to Sean's pants, the button to his
fly and then pulled down the zipper. The pants fell to the floor and
Sean stepped out of them.

Sara gasped when she saw the huge 'tent' in his underwear pushing the
waist band outward from his body. She looked up into Sean's face and
and saw the embarrassed, flush look on his face.

She smiled inwardly and continued her sensuous task.

She ran the palm of her hand over the protruding thickness and felt
its warm, throbbing pulses through the fabric. Sara sighed when she
saw a moist circle spreading outward from the tip of the 'tent'.

"Oh! Seannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!"

Sean was able to suppress a moan but couldn't stop his erection from
jumping against Sara's massaging hand.

With trembling hands, Sara pulled the elastic waist band out and over
Sean's straining hardness. Her eyes opened wide and a sharp intake of
her breath was heard when the tight confines released his 7.75" x 2.75"
erection and it sprung into the air before her excited eyes.

She gasped and looked up into Sean's face.

"Oh Sean, its beautiful, and it's all mine!"

Sean's erection throbbed at her words.

Sara pushed the underwear down his legs and Sean stepped out of them.

Sara leaned forward and her tongue swirled around the thick tingling
gland, her tongue slipped into the oozing slit just as her hands lifted
his heavy and bloated balls. She sucked up Sean's preseminal fluids
as if her tongue was a straw.

"Sean's body jerked forward at the delicious contact and he moaned as
Sara's hands and loving mouth explored his excited gland and bloated


As Sara stood up, she felt her arousal dribble down her inner thighs.

Their naked bodies snuggled up close to each other and they kissed
deeply and passionately. Sara felt Sean's massive manhood pressing
against her abdomen and she shifted her hips in delicious circles
causing both to moan as they arousal soared.


They broke the kiss and looked at each other with deep need and desire.

Sara took Sean's hand led him into her bedroom.


When entered, Sara whispered,

"Let me set the mood."

She adjusted the lights over the bed to a soft glow, then turned on
the sound system with romantic mood music. She then went to the bed
and pulled back the cover, blanket and the top sheet. Finally she
retrieved a bottle of K-Y massaging oil from the drawer in the night
table and put it on top of it.

John's heart beat faster and his erection throbbed with excitement
as he saw Sara prepare the room for them. He smiled at her when she
finished. Sara saw the engorged, granite-like bat throbbing between
Sean thighs and seductively, sat down on the edge of the bed and
laid back on it. She smiled up at her Lover.

Sean picked up the bottle of massaging oil and put it on the floor
by her feet and knelt down in front of Sara's closed legs.

He looked over Sara's body and said softly,

"Sara you are really going to love this."

Sara's breathing quickened when she saw him pour some of the contents
onto his hands.

Her lover's slick hands began to gently massage the top of her thighs.
They sensuously glided along her upper thighs from her hips to her
knees and back again. She loved his soft touches and she sighed as the
finger tips teased and caressed the soft skin of her upper thighs.
Slowly the slick hands and fingers slipped downward onto her inner
thighs. His touches now moved from knees to almost touching her labia
and then back to her knees. Her sighs turned to a soft moans each time
the massaging hands approached the folds of her labia.

Finally, Sean saw what he was waiting for, Sara's thighs slowly began
to part. This time the tips of his fingers lovingly traced the outer
folds of her labia. A deeper moan was heard and the thighs spread wider.
As they did the folds flared apart and Sean now saw her sexual treasures
spreading like the wings of a butterfly.

His hands formed themselves around her labia with a soft massaging
motion and he smiled when he felt Sara's hips jerk and then heard
a gasping sound.


Sean slipped a finger between the folds and began to deliciously
explore the moistening furrow. He traced around the sensitive inner
lips and then upward toward the rigid clitoris that stood out like
a pink beacon at top of her folds.


The exploring finger tips slipped downward and renewed their caressing
of the Sara's eager vaginal opening. He repeated the loving cycle again
and again until and he heard whimpers of pleasure and saw Sara's hips
began to move in sync with his finger.

Sean's slick fingers now slithered up the moist furrow and began to
caress and manipulate Sara's mini-erection like organ of joy.

She squealed, her hips jerked and a long moan escaped her mouth.


Sean reached down and pulled Sara's feet up onto the edge of bed. Her
swollen sex was now raised and fully accessible to him. He leaned
inward and Sara felt his warm, moist breath bathe her labia. Suddenly,
the most ecstatic sensation griped loins as her lover's tongue made
contact with her engorged clitoris.

Her thighs spread wider, her hands shot downward and grasped the
loving head as jolts of joy exploded across her enflamed labia.


While Sean's lips and tongue suckled on her exploding clitoris, his
finger now nudged inward past the excited inner lips. It twisted and
turned as slipped into Sara's excited entrance. Her juices were now
oozing outward.


Another finger joined the first and both were now plunging into her
vagina while his mouth continued devouring her throbbing organ of


Sara's body was nearing the peak of her arousal. Her erect nipples felt
as though they were going to explode. Her vaginal muscles clenched
around the stroking fingers and her clitoris was sending jolts of joy
cascading throughout her body. She felt the long twisting fingers
circle around the lining of her vagina as though they was looking for
something. His exploring finger nestled onto the enhanced tissues of
'G' spot with an ecstatic massaging and caressing action. Sara's
hips bucked and jerked her seething sex into the air.

She screeched in ecstasy as shards of joy exploded across her sex.


The other finger joined in on the manipulation of Sara's excited
sweet spot and Sara's body exploded with its first orgasm.


Sean didn't stop his massaging fingers or the deep suckling of Sara’s
engorged organ of joy. He knew he could coax another orgasm from her
flailing body. Bright flashes of orgasmic lights flashed across her
mind and eyes. Her thick vaginal juices gushed outward past the
stroking fingers drenching her thighs, the sheet and the floor.

Suddenly, Sara broke out of the orgasmic freeze and her wail echoed
around the room.


Sara's body had absorbed all the ecstatic sensations that it could and
she slumped back onto the bed unconscious. Her body continued to buck
and jerk in the throes of her orgasm.

Sean withdrew his loving mouth and fingers. Shortly Sara awoke. She
moaned as ecstatic aftershocks rippled across her body.

She looked down her body and saw the smiling face of Sean. She reached
out her arms and he stood up and moved between her spread thighs and
then leaned over her body. Their lips, mouths and tongues met and they
kissed deeply and passionately.

Soon the loving embrace was broken and he stood up. She saw his massive,
erection jerking in front of his body her heart raced in anticipation.

"Oh! God! Its soooooooooo! Beautiful!!"

Sean again knelt down between her spread thighs and brought his face
within inches of enflamed labia.

Through dazed eyes Sara could see her Lover crouching between thighs.
She could feel the flat palms of his warm and loving hands pushing
against the softness of her inner thighs, pushing them further apart.
Again her secret treasures were wide open to his gaze.

She watched with baited breath as his head moved inward, slowly ...
slowly ... slowly ... And then ...


She cried out again as that loving mouth reacquired her enflamed sex.
Her body convulsing with joy as his moist hot lips closed over the
soft mound at the apex to her thighs. His face disappeared from her
view as he planted wet suckling kisses on the swollen, engorged furrow.
His long tongue stroked at the clasping opening.

Sara's hands fisted tightly and her head thrashed back and forth as
the hot probing tongue extended outward, its curled surface lapping
around her engorged and rigid clitoris.


She groaned deep in her throat as the hot probing appendage worked its
way up and down the swollen wet crease. Her hips ground wildly while
mewing and cooing animal sounds of joy spewed from her lips.


Her groans drove his long tongue faster and faster between the flared
lips of her enflamed sex. Sean thrust his tongue again deep down into
it, bringing a low guttural groan from Sara whose soft warm thighs
opened and closed against the sides of his moving head.


Sean leaned up and over Sara's squirming body and grabbed her flailing
legs behind the knees and positioned them back against her shoulders.
His rigid erection flexed into the flared crease of her swollen folds.
He guided Sara's legs so they were locked tightly behind his neck,
causing her enflamed sex to be pushed upward and outward.

Sara gurgled incoherently knowing that her body was in the most erotic
position she could imagine and soon that incredible hardness would be
slipping into her highly exposed and eager opening.


Sean began a slow, teasing sawing motion back and forth, back and forth,
that caused her to press her enflamed folds upward in a desperate search
for that magnificent, thick head.

A frenzied Sara reached her hands down and grasped Sean's manhood with
both hands, her fingers barely able to wrap her fingers around it. She
could feel the deep throbs and pulses against her soft palms and the
slick fluid that oozed and drooled from the engorged gland.

Sara was well beyond the 'point of no return'. Her body and mind
screamed for penetration. She guided the flexing head so it slid up
and down her engorged labia crease, not letting it lose contact with
her excited flesh until it was nestled into the clasping 'lips' of
her excited vaginal opening.

Sean slowly nudged his straining hardness past Sara's inner lips.

Sara felt the lips around her throbbing vagina being pushed open. Her
eager entrance stretched ecstatically around the thick, slick crown
encircling it with deep clenches in an effort to draw it into her
seething passage. She moaned loudly as the first inch of Sean's
massive hardness slipped inward.


Sean moved further inward and was rewarded with a deeper groan from
Sara's overjoyed mouth.


Sara's mind and body couldn't wait any longer.

She wanted it all .. she needed it all.

Sara's hips lunged forceful upward and she squealed with joy as the
magnificent penetrator sunk to the depths of her enraged vaginal sheath.
Her legs unlocked themselves from Sean's neck and shot out into a wide
'V' cycling frantically into the air.


Sean felt the clenching pressure exerted against his encased manhood.
He flexed his engorged erection as it lay deep within her and then
ground it in tight, ecstatic circles.

Sara cooed and gurgled,

"OHH!! GODD!! It is soooo big ... Sooooo long!!"

Sean moved slowly outward and then slowly inward, setting a slow
teasing rhythm to his strokes.

Mewling and gurgling sounds of pleasure rolled excitedly from Sara's
parted lips.


Sara's sexual sensory system was now flooding her body with intense
sensations that she had never felt before. Maddening electric tingles
began deep within her womb and seeped relentlessly through the hyper-
nerve ends of her vagina and labia. Her engorged clitoris throbbed and
ached as it tried to stretch further outward from its protective hood.


Spasms of joy rippled through her vagina and out the clenching,
enflamed folds, over her rippling abdomen and up to the erect tips of
her rigid, tingling nipples.

Loud slurping sounds were heard as the massive erection plunged deeply
into her body and her thick juices gushed outward past her flared
folds. Sean felt her sex skewering around the length of his rock-
hard erection. The contracting muscles inside her vagina were sucking
and milking on the incredible organ that was giving her so much joy
as it relentlessly bored into sexual being.



The juices of her milking vagina were flowing and the wet sucking
sounds of the in and out stroking movements could be heard. She
suddenly thrust sharply upward on his lunging erection, burying
it fully inside her body.

Sara bucked wildly against her Lover.


Suddenly, with a deep-throated groan, her body began shaking
uncontrollably. Her thick vaginal juices gushed from her throbbing
passage, drowning his impaled member with its frothy warmth and
drooling down her thighs.

Sara's second orgasm exploded throughout her body. Her deep wails,
gasps and pants echoed around the room.

Sara was riding her orgasmic elevator.

Sean began long hard strokes into the steaming passage that was now
wet and slippery from Sara's orgasms, withdrawing the swollen head
until just the thick gland was inside the slick, clenching opening
and then thrusting forward until his heavy, bloated balls were
pressing tightly against the wide split of Sara's buttocks.

Sara groaned helplessly. Her body twitched and shook as the massive
thickness bored into her spasming vaginal sheath again and again and


Her womb flared in open acceptance and the swollen folds flowered open
to receive the delicious onslaught and her legs again snaked around his
lower back. She pulled him deep and thrust her hips up hard to impale
herself impossibly deep on his lunging shaft. Her body began to match
his pounding strokes with her own rhythmic counter thrusts.

"OHHH!! Sean!! I .. I .. GOING TO ... AGAIN!!"

Suddenly Sara felt the most ecstatic sensation that she had ever felt
in her life. An exquisite pressure of liquid joy flooded into her
cervix. It was warm and thick as it gushed into her with the force of
a fire hose. Her entire sex spasmed with joy. Her Lover was ejaculating
deep inside of her convulsing vagina.


Sara's mind and body exploded with ecstasy. Again her legs shot out
into a wide 'V' and her legs and kicked desperately in the air as her
vagina exploded with her third orgasm.

Sean's jerking and throbbing erection began to jettison its heaving
torrents of his ejaculant, and she could feel the delicious essence
spewing into her enflamed sex.


She was going insane with the feel of it!

She never wanted it to end, never .. ever!

Sara abandoned all body control. She reached between their squirming
bodies with both hands and began to massage her Lovers huge swaying
balls. New torrents of thick semen gushed into her convulsing vagina.
Her cycling legs shot outward and froze.

White flashes of orgasmic light saturated her mind and eyes. Her wide
open eyes saw nothing but orgasmic explosions, her drooling mouth
opened but no sound was heard.

Suddenly, the silence was broken and a shrill wail was heard around
the room.


Sara's sensory system went into overload and she lost consciousness
for a minute or two. Her body continued to orgasm as Sean continued
to flex his spewing erection.

Sean leaned over Sara and waited for her to regain consciousness.
Sara awoke to multiple aftershocks. She felt the huge member of her
Lover still flexing within her. She wrapped her arms around him and
again their mouths met. She moaned into his mouth with fulfillment
and satisfaction.


Sean hunched up his hips and slowly his hardness slipped out of
Sara's reluctant and stretched vagina with a loud slurping sound.
Streams of vaginal juices and ejaculant gushed outward and down
her thighs.

Sara moaned as the wonderful fullness left her body,


Sean bent down and planted a suckling kiss on each of her erect
nipples. His warm hand formed onto the folds of her swollen, slick
labia. She groaned and pushed upward against it.

Sara slowly came down from her orgasmic highs. She wrapped her arms
around Sean and held him close to her glowing body.

Sean smiled and whispered,

"I never dreamed it would feel like that."

Sara smiled up at her lover and said,

"It was incredible .. I love being a woman!!"

She smiled as Sean helped her up from the bed and put his arm around
her. Both walked with wobbly legs toward the bathroom.

They lingered in the warm flowing waters. Each used the silky soft
soap to clean, tease and tantalize each other's bodies.

They held each other tightly for a minute and then stepped out of the
shower. Each dried the other off. It didn't take long for their hands
to go from drying to arousing.


Sean reached down and palmed Sara's still aroused labia. Sara gasped
and gripped Sean's shoulders, her hips hunched down and her thighs
quickly spread apart. Her right hand shot down and grasped Sean's
magnificent manhood.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!! Sean ... I need you in me!"

Sean whispered,

"Let me carry you to bed.
Put your arms around my neck."

An aroused Sara expected Sean to pick her up in his arms but instead
he grasped her buttocks and lifted her body upward. Sara's heart raced
when she realized what Sean was going to do.

Sara felt Sean's erection sliding downward toward the junction of her
thighs as she was lifted upward. Her breath quickened when she felt the
thick gland slide over her engorged clitoris and then slip between her
swollen folds.

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Seannnnnnnnnnnnnn!!"

Sean whispered huskily,

"When its positioned correctly, lower yourself."

Sara's held her breath as the slick thickness made its way down the
between the spreading folds and then felt her excited inner lips begin
to kiss and caress the pulsing gland.

She quickly wrapped her legs around Sean, giving his throbbing member
more room for full penetration and both looked into each other's eyes
with passion and anticipation.

Sara moaned and slowly lowered her enflamed womanhood onto Sean's
excited gland. Her body rippled with ecstatic sensations as the head
nudged against the entrance to her enflamed vagina and then slowly
slipped inward. Her inner lips stretched eagerly to accommodate the
wonderful thickness. Sara screeched ecstatically as the gland 'popped'
inward and the lips kissed and caressed the slick crown.


Sara lowered herself further and Sean moaned as his hardness slipped
into the hot, wet, clenching passage.


Sara cooed and mewed as four inches of Sean's throbbing erection
ecstatically stretched her spasming vagina. Sean flexed his manhood
and Sara cried out.


Sara's moans were growing louder as she slowly lowered herself on Sean's
hot, thick, throbbing member. With an ecstatic scream she thrust her
hips downward, fully impaling herself on Sean's granite-like hardness.
It plunged into the depths of her sexual being.


Sean's hands supported her hips and Sara bathed his neck with her
deep ecstatic pants.

Sean whispered,

"Now I will carry you to the bed."

Sara didn't hear the words, her mind and body was being flooded with
waves of arousal she had never felt before. Her hips began to grind
and circle around the impaling thickness that was at the portal to
her flowering womb.

Sara pulled her hips upward and gurgled in ecstasy as the pulsing
shaft slipped outward and then she plunged back down. She closed her
aroused, foggy eyes and let the orgasmic sensations build within her.
Her cries of pleasure and joy became magnified as she started to twist
and turn as she glided up and down Sean's rock hard organ. Fast, then
slow, half way down then half up, all down then all up. Delicious
slurping sounds accompanied Sara's ecstatic lunges and plunges.


Sean knew they weren't going to make to the bed. Sara's gyrating body
was throwing him into a sexual frenzy. Sean gasped as Sara's tight,
clenching vaginal muscles felt like a hot, sucking, mouth that was
devouring his raging erection. With every downward plunge, his erection
jerked and throbbed in ecstasy and his pants and gasps were matching
those of Sara.

Sean was now counter thrusting as a desperate sense of urgency gripped
his entire body.


Sara had never experienced such deep penetrations. Her mind was
exploding with ecstatic sensations. When Sean started counter
thrusting, her vagina convulsed and spasmed. Her entire enflamed sex
was now riding the orgasmic wave. Both her eyes were tightly closed
and her breathing came in deep gasps. Her thick juices spewed out past
her swollen flared folds and drenched Sean's balls abdomen and


As Sara pulled upward on each thrust, Sean's straining hardness
glistened from their combined fluids. Sara's erect penis-like clitoris
was exploding with joy as Sean's thick hardness teased and tantalized
the excited organ on each upward thrust.

Sean swung his right hand toward Sara's seething sex and began to
manipulate the engorged, pink organ of joy.

Sara froze and screamed at the ecstatic contact.


His hand returned to her hip and now his body began to plunge his
massive manhood into Sara's steamy sheath with deep penetrating

Sara's vagina started to convulse and spasm and her enraged clitoris
unleashed a series of pre-orgasmic explosions that rippled throughout
her body. Sara was catapulted into a sexual frenzy. Her arms tightened
around Sean's neck and her lunging hips became urgent and desperate.
Her body reeled with orgasmic waves as Sean's long, thick manhood
plunged and flexed deep within her enflamed body. Never had Sara
experienced such explosions of pure joy.


Sean now thrust with total abandonment into Sara's enflamed sex.

Both Sara and Sean were moaning and wailing as their orgasmic waves
built higher and higher. Sean began deep penetrations as the sense
of urgency became unbearable. Sara's mind and body wanted more and
more of the orgasmic sensations that were exploding from her sex and
she lunged and ground her hips on Sean's straining hardness as her
orgasmic wave build higher and higher.

Sara screamed with joy and her body exploded with her climatic orgasm.
Deep, ecstatic convulsions exploded across her body, her vaginal muscles
went into deep spasms as the shockwaves crashed down upon her.

An orgasmic wail escaped her lips.


Sean nearly fainted as the Sara's vaginal muscles, clenched and
rippled up and down his enraged erection. His balls churned and drew
quickly upward as his thick load of enhanced semen was propelled up
his jerking member. The thick liquid of joy swirled around the
sensitive gland and then spewed deep into Sara's vagina, bathing
her cervix and womb.


Sean's thick, forceful ejaculation caused incredible sensations in
Sara's seething passage to intensify and she screamed again as her
clenching sheath triggered her second orgasm.


Sara couldn't absorb any more climatic sensations and she lost
consciousness. She slumped against Sean and he held her spasming
body in his loving arms.

Sean gasped again as Sara's vagina began strong post orgasmic spasms
and clenches inducing another ejaculation. More vaginal juices and
semen gushed outward past Sara's swollen and flared labia folds.

Soon, Sean came down from his orgasmic high and he held lovingly
onto Sara's unconscious body.

Soon Sara awoke and she moaned as the aftershocks rippled throughout
her body. She lifted her heard from Sean's shoulder and looked into
his face, they smiled at each other with a deep sense of fulfillment
and satisfaction.

Sara whispered,

"I don't think we made it to the bed."

Sean smiled and said,

"At least we don't have far to go for another shower."

Sara giggled.

Sean lifted Sara upward. Slowly his softening member slipped out of
her reluctant vagina with a loud slurping sound.

Sara moaned as the wonderful fullness left her body.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Seannnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!"

They stood together and kissed passionately.


She smiled when she saw Sean's huge hardness bobbing in the air.

They stepped into the shower and let the soothing warm waters cascade
over their bodies. They were the same height and their foreheads
touched as they smiled into each other's face and eyes.

Once again she reached down, her right hand curled around Sean's
erection and the left hand lifted and massaged his testicles.

She looked at Sean and whispered,

"I still can't believe how soft and heavy they are."

Sara was becoming adventurous, much to the delight of Sean.

Sara suggested that they move to the end of the shower, out of the
flowing waters. She snuggled up closely behind Sean's body and brought
her arms under his arms and reached around and gently started a slow
kneading and massaging action on his areolas.

Sean closed his eyes, savoring the sensations.

She began planting small butterfly-like kisses along Sean's neck and
shoulders and he leaned back and sighed as his body responded to her
soft and gentle hands.

The massaging hands slipped onto Sean's enhanced nipples and her fingers
tantalizingly played with the enhanced pink buds. All the while, she
continued to plant warm wet kisses along his shoulders and neck. Sara's
fingers slipped deliciously around the rising nipples, pushing and
pressing and then back to kneading the firm areolas. Sean moaned as
his enhanced nipples tingled and his erection throbbed between his

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Sara that feels so good!!"

Sara whispered in Sean's ear,

"I love the feel of your body. Your making me wet down there."

Sean moaned as the relentless hands and lips continued.


Both of Sara's hands started a massaging action down Sean's body
toward the apex of his thighs. Sean's member jumped and throbbed in
anticipation as Sara's hands approached his inner thighs.

"UHH! UHH!! UHH!!"

Sara's hands stopped at but not touching Sean's erection and heavy

He moaned as her wrists grazed against his erection.


Sara then started back up toward Sean's areolas. She found the nipples
were now fully erect and stood up like hard bullets. Once again Sara
started to tease and tantalize them.

Sean's hips squirmed back and forth as Sara's hands roamed up and
down his body.


Sara once again massaged her way down Sean's body. This time her
hands went further down. They lifted the swaying, bloated balls and
began to gently massage them.

Sean gasped out loud and pushed his hips forward against Sara's
loving hands. His dancing erection jumped and jerked between Sara's
wrists. She deliberately didn't touch it and let it jump in the air.


Sara stopped her loving manipulations and moved around in front of
Sean. She held him close to her body and they kissed deeply and

Sean moaned as Sara ground her abdomen against his 7.75" x 2.75"
massive erection.


Sara leaned inward and started planting soft butterfly kisses on the
front of Sean's neck and shoulders.

The suckling kisses continued from shoulder to shoulder and Sean's
breathing quickened. Sara's mouth and lips now trekked downward toward
Sean's right areolas. Sean knew where Sara's suckling mouth was
headed and he held his breath as it neared his right areola. He felt a
warm, moist breath bathe his erect nipple and then he felt it being
sucked into Sara's loving mouth.

He moaned as Sara's lips and tongue kissed and swirled around the
excited stiff nipple.


In a few seconds the loving mouth kissed its way over to Sean's left
areola and again, her loving mouth devoured Sean's left nipple. Sara
divided her attention to both erect nipples and Sean's breathing now
came in quick pants and gasps and started to push his tingling nipples
into Sara's wonderful suckling mouth.

"Uhh!! Uhh!! Uhh!! Sara .. That feels so nice!!"

While the loving mouth continued to suck and suckle Sean's excited
nipples, her hands massaged their way down his abdomen. Sean's pants
deepened as the hands neared the base of throbbing erection. The hands
moved to his inner thighs and began massaging the silky, soft skin and
Sean quickly spread his thighs wider. Sara's hands now retraced their
way upward past Sean's jerking and oozing erection and back to his
aching bullet-like nipples.


Sara slowly lowered herself to a kneeling position in front of Sean.
As she did, her loving mouth never left his body. The suckling lips
slipped away from his rigid nipples and began a delicious kissing
journey downward over Sean's abdomen.

Sean knew where the loving mouth was headed and his entire sex rippled
with excited anticipation. His erection jumped and jerked and precum
spurted and drooled from the enflamed head. He closed his eyes and
waited with baited breath as the suckling mouth came nearer and nearer
to its destination.

Sean felt Sara's mouth and lips leave his abdomen and then a wonderful,
warm, moist breath of air bathed his highly-sensitive and tingly gland.

Sean screeched and arched outward as the Sara's wide open mouth
descended onto the head of his straining manhood. Sara's' stretched
lips suckled their way down to the circumcision ring and her tongue
swirled ecstatically swirled around the highly excited gland.


Sara moved her hands from Sean's testicles and grasped his buttocks
for support. Her head and mouth now started a slow descent onto Sean's
throbbing erection. She raised up a bit and tilted her head. Sean's
thick gland now glided into her mouth and clenching throat.

Sean gurgled with joy as Sara's warm throat muscles ecstatically
kissed and squeezed his pulsing hardness as it was sucked into the
depths of her throat. Her throat bulged obscenely from the imbedded
thickness and her chin pressed against his heavy balls. She twisted it
back and forth causing Sean to gasp loudly from the dual sensations.


Sara, with a torturous twisting motion, lifted her head and Sean's
throbbing erection was slowly pulled outward. When the agitated gland
reached her mouth, she closed her cheeks around it with a forceful
suctioning action. Her tongue swirled around the pulsing head and played
with the oozing opening. She sucked up Sean's precum with her curled
tongue as though it was a straw.


Sara smiled inwardly at Sean's torment and then skewered her loving
throat back onto Sean's enraged organ.

Sean's hips began bucking and thrashing, his hands gripped Sara's
head tightly. Sara's grip on Sean's buttocks tightened. Again, Sean
felt that ecstatic sucking and milking action as his erection descended
into the depths of Sara's incredible mouth and throat.

"UHH!! UHH!! UHH!! SARA .. OH JESUS! I .. I ..."

Sara sensed that Sean's wouldn't last very long and she pulled
upward just enough so that two or three of Sean's hardness remained
within her throat. She then began flexing and clenching her throat
muscles around Sean's enraged manhood.

Sean was catapulted into a sexual frenzy. He gurgled incoherently as
his thick load of semen entered the base of his straining hardness and
shot up his highly agitated erection. The thick stream of semen spewed
into Sara's eager and receptive throat.

Sean wailed in orgasmic ecstasy.


Sara feasted on Sean's gushing nectar. She intensified her exquisite
milking actions, knowing that she could coax at least one more massive
ejaculation from Sean's throbbing member.

Sean's hips arched outward and froze as his mind and body became
submersed in a cauldron of orgasmic explosions. His erection was now at
the swollen bursting point. Another huge stream of thick semen exploded
up his contracting organ. Again, Sara feasted on the spewing gushes of


Sean's mind was now saturated with the multiple waves of orgasmic
ecstasy that was exploding across his loins. His mind went into orgasmic
overload and he lost consciousness. His body slumped down in front of
Sara and his spurting erection slipped out of her sucking mouth and

She supported him within her arms and reached down and lifted Sean's
jerking manhood and smiled as it spurted and gushed the remnants of his

With a long moan Sean regained consciousness. He felt Sara's hand
massaging his erection and he moaned as it again spurted deliciously
with his aftershocks.

Sara leaned close to Sean's ear and whispered,

"I love the taste of your essence ... the nectar of the Gods!"

Sean smiled and kissed Sara on the forehead.

"That was incredible!"

They stood up and lingered in the warm flowing waters.

They held each other tightly for a minute and then stepped out of the
shower. Each dried the other off. It didn't take long before their
hands went from drying to arousing.

Sean whispered,

There are so many positions to try and so little time."

Sara was filled with sexual excitement that she had never felt before
and said,

"Oh, Sean .. we best hurry then."

Sean took Sara's hand and led her toward the bed.

End of Pacific Resort Part 1