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Brigit Astar
08-01-2012, 10:43 PM
When we reached 's Ms. Kraft's house (which was off the road and secluded), we found Ginger already there with Ms. Kraft.

“Let me fix you two a drink,” Ms. Kraft said. “A get-together should always start with alcohol in some form.”

“Make mine a wine cooler,” Ms. Mulvey replied.

“I'll have the same, Ms. Kraft,” I answered.

She smiled sardonically and said, “First off, let's drop the Ms. We all go by first names here. My name is Diana, and you're Donna, I believe.”

“Yes, Diana,” I smiled, feeling welcomed.

“As you'll see, we enjoy food and drink,” Crystell said, “ as much as mortals do.”

When she said the word 'mortals' it gave me a strange feeling. There was a feeling of separateness between they—the sisterhood—and humans.

Ginger had sat in an easy chair in the living room and was already sipping a glass of wine. Diana returned from the kitchen holding two goblets. She handed them to us and we followed her to the living room section of the big reception room.

Ginger gave me a smile which thrilled me when I saw her long razor-sharp incisors.

Crystell and I sat on the sofa with Diana, with me in the middle.

We sipped for a moment in silence, and then Crystell broke it. “Um, this is delicious. What kind of wine is it?”

“Nordic wine,” Diana replied. “It's a Swedish wine.”

I heard a car pull into the drive, and a moment later there was a tapping at the door and it was opened and two women came in, their eyes luminous and their half-smiles showing off their teeth.

Both women, I learned, were instructors in the graduate school.

Tammie Grace was in her early thirties with short amber hair and deep gray eyes. She was full-figured as I had been a few days ago.. I could tell by the tight silky low-cut blouse she wore that her breasts were big and rounded. Her hips were curved and shapely, and the short tight skirt she wore exposed most of her legs which were full and sleek. Her rump was big, smooth and perky.

The other woman was more petite, in her late twenties, with shoulder-length honey-colored hair and blue-green eyes. Her name was Margaret Wright.

Diana went to the kitchen to prepare more drinks, and Tammie sat on the sofa while Margaret sat in an easy chair.

We made small talk at first. Tammie asked me how I liked graduate school, and I replied that I liked it fine.

“Crystell told me you were her favorite student,” Tammie said.

“She is,” Crystell replied and slid an arm around my shoulder. “She'll get her Master's within two more semesters, and then she'll get a position as instructor at the university.”

“That's not a sure thing, is it?” I asked.

“I'm virtually certain that with your Master's and your grades,” she answered “that you won't have any problem.” She looked at Tammie and said with emphasis, “I've already told her that she'll need to quit her day job, but that she can live at my place, and I can get her a position as a grad assistant. She'll receive a stipend for that.”

“Yes, but just one stipend is not enough,” Tammie said. “She needs another.” She looked at me and said, “Is your Bachelor's in Library Science?”

“Actually I have a double major, I replied.” I also have a Bachelor's in History.”

“That's perfect,” Tammie said. “I teach in the History department at the university. I'm sure I can get you a position as a graduate assistant and you would receive another stipend.”

“That might be too much of a load,” Crystell said. “She would be teaching two classes as well as attending two.”

“But you can probably work it out so you'll have all the classes three evenings a week,” Tammie replied.

“You're right,” Crystell said. “Yeah, maybe it could be worked out after all.”

Diana returned with a tray bearing full goblets. She passed around the wine, and then said, “Whose in the mood for watching a short erotic film?”

Everyone said “aye,” and Diana said, “I just happen to have a DVD of a new short silent Danish film entitled “Night of the Vampyre.” I assume that no one here is adverse to watching it?”

No one was adverse, so Diana dimmed the lights and placed the DVD on the TV and we proceeded to watch the film.

The movie was totally silent and consisted of a very attractive woman getting undressed in a bedroom. She got on the bed and then the bay windows opened and a shadowy form was seen in the windows. It moved—or floated—toward the woman on the bed who acted half afraid and half desirous. The figure came into view and revealed itself to be a beautiful sexy young woman in a long silky flowing robe.. She got on the bed and lay beside the woman and they began stroking each other. The scene built up to a virtual climax with the figure revealed to be a vampyre who licked and lapped and sucked the woman's neck. The film ended with the vampyre getting off the bed and floating to the windows and then going out of sight, leaving the woman on the bed completely satiated and drained.

I was amazed at the film. It was so like what had happened to me

It was a very arousing and erotic film and I could see everyone was excited by it. Along with the wine which was potent, everyone appeared to be aroused.

In the course of watching the film, Crystell had slipped a hand under my tee and had cupped my breast. I felt a thrill shoot through my titties, down to my cunny and rump, and then throughout my body.

She began to stroke and knead my breasts, rubbing her thumb over the nipples, going from breast to breast.

After the film was over, Diana put another film on, and got everyone fresh drinks, and then she sat down on the sofa beside me.

I felt her hand slide under my tee. Crystell and Diana were kneading and massaging my titties, scraping their thumbs over the nipples. Bolts of wet fire shot through my body at their ministrations. When they jabbed their sharp nails into my tits, I cried aloud in passionate lust.

Crystell began pulling my tee up, and Diana got the hint, and they both pulled my shirt over my head. My cantaloupe-sized breasts were naked for all to see.

Crystell and Diana simultaneously went down on my titties, sucking on the nubs as they flicked their tongues on my nipples.

I groaned with passion and grasped their heads and thrust my tits forward, pressing them into the ravening mouths of the two teachers.

I felt their sharp teeth scraping and nipping on my breasts, and I almost swooned with the pleasure they gave me. Buzzing, tingling jolts shot through my body as they licked, sucked and bit my tits.

I noticed that the others had all stood and were stripping their clothes. Soon, they were completely naked. Even with my titties being licked and sucked, I couldn't help but admire the women's bodies.

Tammie Grace was in her early thirties, with short amber hair, full-figured with baseball-sized breasts and big nipples, full legs, and a big smooth rump.

Margaret Wright was in her late twenties and had shoulder-length honey-colored hair, apple-sized breasts and a big perky ass.

Ginger Lewis, the student, had long sandy hair that swept down past her titties which were softball-sized. Her butt was big, smooth and perky.

Crystell and Diana didn't stop with taking my tee off. They unsnapped my shorts and pulled them down off, and then they undressed.

All six of us were now fully naked.

I watched as Tammie, Margaret and Ginger approached the sofa. And then all five of them were on me, licking and sucking my breasts, my pussy, and my neck. I felt Crystell's sharp teeth pierce the skin of my neck, and then I felt Diana's incisors on the other side.

They were sucking my blood as I had my body licked and sucked.

After a few minutes of sucking my neck, Diana and Crystell pulled back and Tammie and Ginger took their place, sucking the very essence from me. Crystell and Diana licked and sucked and bit my tits as Margaret continued to tongue-fuck me.

I felt as if I had died and gone to heaven. I cannot describe the ecstasy that I experienced. It was unlike anything I had ever felt before.

I felt myself changing. I felt as a butterfly must feel when it emerges from a cocoon. I realized that my old world—the reality that I had known--was fast disappearing to be replaced by a new world, a totally new existence. At the same time as I held Tammie's and Ginger's heads and they sucked my blood, I felt myself floating above the scene. I could see the whole scene below me.

All five vampyres were feasting on me, and I—in the middle—was in ecstasy.

I floated back down, feeling that I had been totally transformed.

My senses were heightened. Colors seemed brighter and sharper; sounds seemed clearer and nearer.

Margaret was the last one to taste my blood. She sucked heartedly, draining me almost dry. I felt weak, on the verge of passing out.

As if from a funnel, I heard Crystell say, “Drink from me. Revive yourself.”

She lay on the sofa beside me with her neck arched, inviting me to partake.

I wrapped an arm around her waist and nuzzled her neck, and then I pressed my teeth against her skin.

“Harder,” she said. “Pierce my neck.”

I pressed my now sharp incisors against the main vein in her neck and I was rewarded with my teeth sinking down into the vein. The blood spurted and I lapped and licked and sucked the life-giving nectar.

Crystell sighed and held my head and pressed her neck upon my teeth.

“Drink, my darling,” she whispered. “Drink your fill. Just don't drain me.”

I sucked a great gulp of blood and and eased off. I felt electrified and energized by the blood. It was as if energy and vitality had swept throughout my body. I had never felt so alive.

“You must drink from everyone here,” Crystell said. “to complete your transformation.”

I went from woman to woman, sucking their blood, taking just a gulp from each one. They gave eagerly.

“One thing remains,” Crystell said. “We must suck from each other. Only then will all of us be truly sisters.”

We formed a circle, and each sucked and was sucked in return.

“We are all now truly members of the sisterhood,” Crystell announced...