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Brigit Astar
08-01-2012, 10:44 PM
When I awoke in the morning, I stretched and felt painful and sore—and so very languid. I definitely did not want to get out of bed.

I had to force myself to get up, and as I stood, I almost passed out from light-headedness and dizziness.

I wobbled into the kitchen and made a cup of tea. But when I began to sip it, it tasted stale.

I thought about breakfast and almost grew nauseous thinking about food.

I ambled to the bathroom and looked at my reflection in the mirror. My appearance shocked me.. Not that I had turned shrunken or ugly, but that my face had lost all its puffiness. My eyes seemed brighter and more luminous, and my lips had shrunken so they were no longer thick. I opened my lips and a shock shot through me. My teeth had grown longer and sharper, especially the incisors.

I looked at my neck. The pin pricks had been enlarged. They looked like puncture wounds. A chill crept over me. I was changing. I was becoming one of them.

I got on the scales, and again I was shocked. I had lost three pounds! Over the past two days I had lost five pounds. I now weighed 140.

I felt good about losing that much, but I wondered what was causing it. True, I had not eaten much in the past forty-eight hours, but five pounds in two days? If this kept up I would be down to 130 (my idea of the perfect weight for my five foot seven frame). I suddenly real;zed what was causing it: the visits from Ms. Mulvey and the taking of my blood.

I suddenly thought of the hairs I had stashed under my pillow. I went to the bedroom, and just as I reached the bed I halted in amazement. There were drops of dried blood on my pillow.

I turned up the pillow and got the three hairs I had obtained from Crystell.

I sat on the bed. I felt as if I was a daze. The hairs were deep red—the exact color of Crystell's hair.

I now knew that all I had experienced over the past two nights was real. It was not a dream. It had really happened.

I felt as if my world had turned upside down. What I had considered reality—the actual concrete real world—now seemed distant and unreal, while the pleasures and delights of the past two nights was the reality,

I sat and wondered in a sort of dreamlike state.

What could it all mean? What would happen? What would the result be? Could I now live in a world that I knew was distant and unreal? These questions and more ran through my mind.

I looked at the clock and was alarmed at the time. I was going to be late for work.

I rushed through all the necessary things I needed to do and wrapped a silk scarf around my neck to hide the punctures. and stepped outside to go to my car.

The morning sun blinded me, and I felt the warmth growing hot. I began sweating, feeling like I was melting.

I got into my car and turned on the air conditioner and broke the speed limit, arriving at the public library right on the dot of nine.

“Mrs. Grundy” was not amused. She gave me a frown and said, “You're late.”

I wanted to say, “Ah, Sherlock,” but I kept my mouth shut and went to work.

The day wore on. It seemed that five p.m. would never come. I felt tired and energy-less. There were times when I had to sit for a few minutes because I felt I was going to pass out with the warmth and the loss of energy.

“Mrs. Grundy” asked me if I was feeling all right. I answered yes, but I wasn't. Not at all. I was on the verge of being ill. I felt as if I was catching the flu. I decided then and there to go see a doctor the next day. Then I thought: Tomorrow's Saturday. Finding a doctor on a Saturday was like trying to find the proverbial needle in a haystack.

Five p.m. finally arrived, and I dragged myself to my car. I thought for a minute of skipping my classes, but that wouldn't do at all. Each class session in graduate school was important, and missing two classes would put me really behind. So I drove to my apartment, drank three glasses of juice (I seemed to stay thirsty), freshened my make-up and changed clothes.

Ms. Mulvey and the graduate school was quiet lenient in the dress code of both students and teachers. Short tight skirts and tight blouses and short dresses were allowed, as well as tight shorts and tees.

I drew on a pair of cut-off jean shorts and a tee. I dispensed with both panties and bra.

I drove to the university, feeling better by the moment, as the sun had set and the cool twilight was on its way.

My first class was Bibliography and Methods of Research. The instructor was Diana Kraft, a woman in her early thirties. She was very attractive with short curled black hair and dark eyes, and she had a body that wouldn't quit. She wore tight shorts and her full sleek legs were completely exposed, and through the shorts one could see she had a big smooth rump. She wore a tight silk low-cut blouse which enabled one to see that her breasts were big and rounded.

I noticed that she often looked my way and would smile. A shiver of delight ran through my body when I saw her teeth were the same as Ms. Mulvey's—long and sharp. So were her nails, and she had them painted blood-red.

I noticed that a fellow student had moved from her seat across the room to sit in the row next to mine.

Her name was Ginger Lewis, and she was very friendly. She had long sandy hair and luminous green eyes and pale skin. She wore a strapless halter and short shorts. I looked at her full smooth legs and the tops and outlines of her breasts through the halter. It was clear she wasn't wearing a bra.

When she smiled a chill swept through me. Her teeth were long and sharp. And, like Ms. Kraft, her nails were sharp and long.

After class, Ms. Kraft called Ginger and me to her desk. She stood in front of the desk, her butt leaning upon it.

She smiled and said, “I just want to welcome you, Donna.”

“Welcome me?” I asked in mystification.

“To the sisterhood,” she replied.

My heart thumped. Ginger stood close beside me, smiling and showing her long sharp teeth.

“Crystell told me that you were on the verge, that one more more 'session' would complete the transformation.”

“We're happy to have you as one of us,” Ginger said.

“Yes,” Ms. Kraft said “and to celebrate the transformation we have planned a little get-together at my house tonight. Crystell will be there, and some other members of the sisterhood. We want you to come.”

Something told me that that very night would complete the transformation and I would become one of them. I felt both trepidation and elation. For after all, I would be leaving a world, a life behind, and would be assuming a whole new mode of existence. It would be a momentous event.

“I'd like to come,” I finally replied. “I'm looking forward to it.”

“So are we,” Ms. Kraft answered...

I made my way to my second class, Advanced Principals of Librarianship. I was a little early and I engaged Ms. Mulvey in conversation about the forthcoming get-together that night.

“You can follow me or you can ride with me,” she said. “Diana lives about ten miles away. I suggest that you ride with me. You can leave your car parked here with no problem.”

“Okay” I replied. “Will tonight complete the transformation?”

“Probably,” she answered. “After tonight you will probably be part of the sisterhood. There is something you must understand, however. You will have to give up your day job. You'll find that you must rest in a shaded place during the day. I can get you a position as a graduate assistant. You will teach a class in Introduction to Library Science, and you will receive a stipend. As for your living arrangements, you can, of course, stay where you are now, or you can move in with me.”

She smiled, showing her long sharp fangs.

A thrill shot through my body.

“I think I want to live with you,” I replied.

“Good,” she exulted. “I was hoping you'd say that.

“One thing you may not know,” she said, “is the fact that we can live off each other. We can suck and absorb from each other.”

Students began filing into the room, and I took my seat, and Crystell proceeded to begin the lesson for the evening.

My anticipation began to grow. I felt, I knew that I wanted the transformation, that I desired to become part of the sisterhood. There was no question about it. Tonight would tell the tale...