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Brigit Astar
08-01-2012, 10:45 PM
I awoke in the morning, feeling languid and light-headed. I didn't want to get out of bed. But my job called.

I got up and viewed myself in the full-length mirror. I looked pale. Then I noticed the marks on my neck.

I closely examined them. They resembled pin pricks.

I thought of the dream I had had (For I couldn't help but think of it as a dream.) As real and vivid and intense as it seemed, what else could it be but a dream? But what about the pin pricks on my neck? Where did they come from? A mosquito maybe had feasted on me, or maybe a spider. I shuddered at the thought. Something bit me for sure, I thought. But what could it have been?

I got on the scales and weighed myself. I had lost two pounds In just twenty-four hours, I had gone from 145 to 143.

I rejoiced but wondered what I had done to lose two pounds.

I fixed myself breakfast, but as I prepared to eat, I realized that I had no appetite. I forced myself to eat, but I felt bloated afterward and somewhat nauseous.

I dressed and applied make-up and brushed my hair and prepared to go through eight hours with Mrs. Grundy, as I had nicknamed the library director.

I felt as if I had no energy, and that I was dragging myself through the day.

Finally, the eight hours were over. I went to my apartment and drank two glasses of juice. It seemed that I was terribly thirsty. Then I drove the fifty miles to the university. I felt bone-tired and out of sorts. The evening sun sinking in the west bothered me. The heat seemed unbearable.

I made it to class, and Ms. Mulvey was her usual self—all business in the class. But that didn't stop her from showing off her luscious body. She was dressed in a pale red short tight skirt and tight white silk blouse. Pardon the old cliché, but she truly looked good enough to eat. I found myself growing so horny for her, it was almost too much to bear. But when she glanced my way, she would only smile, showing her full sharp teeth. A thrill shot through me, stabbing through my body.

She had said she would visit me again that night. I had planned something that would prove that what was happening when I lay in bed was real or was a dream...

After classes, I drove the fifty miles to my apartment. I felt so tired and worn-out. It seemed that the least movement on my part made me groan and moan.

I showered, and I suddenly realized that I had not eaten anything since breakfast. I thought of fixing something to eat, but I simply didn't have any appetite.

I climbed into bed and lay there, wondering what was happening to me—to my body. Maybe I should go to the doctor, I thought.

I drifted off to sleep...

I suddenly awoke—wide awake. I saw a shimmering by the window. The shape drifted/floated toward the bed and began to take on a substantial form.

I lay in bed, half dreading, half anticipating what was to come.

The shape gradually assumed the form of Ms. Mulvey, and just as she had the night before, she was suddenly atop me and pressing upon me.

Her naked body lay atop mine, and she began stroking her breasts upon mine. She scissored her legs on my legs, and we began rubbing our bodies together.

Fizzing, tingling jabbing bolts of wet fire stabbed through my body. I could have gone on forever with the feeling.

She raised her head and pressed her warm soft lips on mine. She pushed her tongue forward and I opened my lips and she slid it in. We flicked and swirled our tongues together, sharing a hot wet open-mouthed kiss. She stroked my body as we kissed. I felt her long sharp nails scraping upon my legs.

I ran my hand through her long hair and grasped a few hairs and gently pulled them off. I raised my arm and slid them under the pillow.

She broke away from the kiss and slid her mouth down to my breasts.

She opened her mouth and took in a third of my titty, and began sucking on it, swiping her tongue over the nub as she nipped it with her sharp teeth.

I cried aloud in passionate lust, wanting her to take me totally, to lick, suck, bite, fuck me.

She slid down my body. Her face slid over my tummy, to my navel. She dipped her tongue into the little pit, and I thought would die with the rapture of it.

She slid her head on down to my pubic hair, and then began lapping and swirling her tongue. Closer and closer she moved her mouth to my cunny. I gasped and panted with the feeling.

She breathed hotly on my pussy and slid her tongue up and down the slit.

I groaned and spread my legs and drew them back. I grasped her head and raised my cunny up, allowing her full access.

She slid her tongue into my pussy and twirled it around.

I mashed my cunt on her face and twirled it around. “Oh, ah, lick me, suck me, eat me!” I cried in lustful passion.

She jammed her tongue into my cunny and zipped it over my clit. “Oh god, take me, I'm yours, my body—all yours,” I cried aloud.

She tongue-fucked me, rasping her tongue over my clit as she jabbed it back and forth.

I looked down and saw her long red hair spread over my pelvis as she sucked my cunny.

I jerked and hunched as a climax whipped through my body.

She continued to lick and suck me, but at the same time she slid her body around till she was straddling my breasts.

She lowered her cunny onto my face and I stuck out my tongue and dug it into her hot juicy snug pussy.

She began twirling her cunt around as I tongue-fucked her. I jabbed my tongue as far as it would go up her pussy and zipped it back down over her clit. I felt her shudder and writhe as I began sucking her clit with my lips.

We hunched and humped as we tongue-fucked, sending each other over the edge to orgasm. We both spurted pussy juice and we sucked it all up.

She turned around and slid up my body and held me as she breathed hotly on my neck.

I knew what was coming, and I braced myself for the pain/pleasure.

She pressed her incisors against my neck, and I cried aloud as she punctured my skin.

The cries soon turned to moans and groans of passion as she began sucking and lapping with her lips and tongue.

I felt my essence flowing into her. I felt as if I were swooning as she continued to lap and suck.

“Oh, ah, take me,” I breathed out, “drain me dry, make me yours totally.”

She suddenly removed her mouth from my neck. I heard her sigh.

“I have to fight myself from draining you dry,” she whispered. “If I did that, you would die, and I would lose you completely. That mustn't happen. I have chosen you to become one of us, and so I must take it slow and easy. One, perhaps two more sessions will complete your transformation.”

“What do you mean, transformation?” I asked. “And you keep referring to 'us' and 'we'. What do you mean?”

I think it's time to tell you something of what's happening to you,” she replied.

She stretched her body on mine and spoke these words into my ear:

“We, the sisterhood, are part of what Stoker so quaintly called us in his novel 'Dracula'--the Undead. We are vampyres, not v-a-m-p-i-r-e-s, as the movies and stories have so named us. We are older than Bela Lugosi, older than Bram Stoker, older even than Vlad Tepes.

“No one knows when we began. We were 'born' when humankind first began gathering in groups and communities. We have been with you ever since. Every culture and civilization mentions us as existing among them.

“We are mortal in some ways, in that, as you, accidents and mishaps can affect us, and we feel pleasure and pain as you. There are two major differences between you and we. We are adverse to sunlight; if we stay too long in the sun, it will destroy us; also we must have free flowing blood every few nights to sustain our existence. We don't require it every night, but we must have it every once and awhile—as one of your better writers, F. Marion Crawford, surmised in his story 'For The Blood Is the Life.' “

“But who is the sisterhood?” I asked.

“The sisterhood is our name for those of us who are attracted and want to be with members of the same sex,” she answered. “We are labeled as lesbians in your vocabulary. The fact that we have become 'undead' doesn't change the fact that we hunger to be in each others company. We don't detest men; we will not turn down any man who desires to join the ranks of the 'undead', but we simply desire the pleasure of being with members of our own sex.”

I saw her emerald eyes flash in the half-dark of the room, and I could see her bloodstained teeth in her half-opened mouth.

I suddenly felt an overwhelming desire to join her, to join the sisterhood.

“I know what you're thinking,” she said. “You want to immediately become one of us. But it cannot be that way. It's a process that takes time. As I said before, one more, perhaps two more times will see the transformation completed. Have patience. Another night or two will see you as one of us. I must ask you a question, though. It is required to ask it. You cannot be forced to join us. So I ask you: Are you willing to become part of the sisterhood? Are you, of your own free will, desiring to be one of us?”

It didn't take me long to answer. “Yes, I want it, I desire it. I want to become one of you.”

“I must tell you,” she replied, “that we are not immortal. We are as prone to accidents and mishaps as humans. We can be killed just as humans can. Also, there are certain ones who are very cunning and intelligent who are determined to hunt us down and destroy us, for they see us as a plague or a disease or parasite. We must stay on our guard at all times. I am telling you all this so that you will know I have not deceived you in any way. Our way of existence is fraught with dangers, and we are subject to all the shocks that humankind is heir to. But I can also tell you that our existence is filled with pleasure beyond my powers to describe. We experience true ecstasy when we are with each other.”

She looked into my eyes and I felt myself swooning with her gaze. She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen, and to know that she had chosen me to join the sisterhood made me feel something that I cannot describe.

“I want it,” I breathed out. “I want to join you.”

She smiled, showing her long sharp teeth. “Despite the disadvantages, you will never regret it,” she replied. “The pleasures of it far outweigh the pains.

“And now, I find I must be going. The dawn is looming. I must rest.”

She began fading away, like thick fog being dissipated by the sunlight. Soon nothing remained of her.

I drifted off to sleep, completely satisfied that I would soon become one of the sisterhood...