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Brigit Astar
08-01-2012, 10:47 PM
I found it hard to concentrate on what the instructor was saying. I kept gazing at the teacher's figure, imagining her naked.

The teacher was engrossed in explaining to we seven students the difference between the study of library science and the actual practice of being a librarian.

But I only had eyes for the teacher's face and body.

It would be difficult to show a more marked contrast between female bodies as was the case with my teacher and me.

I was twenty-two, short and full-figured; not chubby but on the verge of being there. My long blond hair fell in waves to my waist; my eyes were blue and my complexion was peachy; my breasts were the size and shape of cantaloupes. My legs were full and sleek, and my rump was big and smooth. Two things kept me from being fully attractive: my full-figuredness and my thick lips.

My teacher, Crystell Mulvey, on the other hand, was near perfection itself. She was in her late twenties and was tall and slender; her face, especially her pink lips, was made for kissing; she had a pale complexion, and a long white neck. Her breasts, as exposed by the low-neck and tight sweater she wore were the size and shape of softballs. Her hips were curved and shapely; her legs long and sleek; and her ass, as outlined by the tight skirt she wore, was smooth and perky.

I was a graduate student in the field of library science, and I attended evening classes at the state university five evenings a week in my quest to obtain a Master's degree in Library Science. I was the assistant librarian at my hometown public library, and the library director, an old shrunken woman in her sixties, had indicated she was going to retire within the year. It was my hope that I could obtain a Master's within the forthcoming year and slide right in to the library director's slot.

Whenever Ms. Mulvey looked my way, I would cross my legs and give her a smile. She would return the smile.

After the class was over, Ms. Mulvey called me to her desk.

“Donna, I just want to let you know that you're doing well in all your courses, but I wanted to know how your thesis is coming.”

I sat next to my teacher, keeping my eyes glued on her exposed legs and her outlined breasts. The low-neck sweater exposed the top of her titties. I could only imagine licking and sucking on those luscious orbs.

“I've got the thesis statement and the introduction done,” I replied. “Now, all I need to do is write the body and the conclusion.”

“You have plenty of time,” she said. “You have two semesters to complete it. Also, you know that if you get stuck on it, I'll always be happy to help you.”

“I know,” I replied, “and I appreciate that more than I can say.”

“ I understand you work in a library?” Ms. Mulvey asked.

“Yes, in my hometown—Davidson,” I answered.

“I imagine you stay pretty busy,” Ms Mulvey said. “You're taking three post-graduate courses and working full-time too. I remember when I was in graduate school, I wasn't working, but the three courses I took kept me busy.”

“I have to ration my time,” I replied. “But I guess I'm a driven person, because if I work it right, I'll get my Master's within two semesters and the library director is going to retire, so it's my goal to take her place. But, yes, I do stay pretty busy.”

“You seem to have it worked out well,” Ms. Mulvey said, uncrossing her legs and then crossing them again. Her short skirt had ridden up her thighs exposing most of her legs, and her breasts thrust and poked against her tight sweater.

I felt heat between my legs and hot juice swirl in my pussy as my breasts throbbed and grew warm and swollen. My nipples tingled.

Ms. Mulvey smiled., and a shiver ran up my spine.

There was something about her teeth and her long sharp fingernails that both intrigued and chilled me. Her teeth—especially the incisors--were oversized and sharp. It was only noticeable when she smiled, but it was enough to send a sort of hot chill up my spine whenever I saw the teacher smile or open her mouth. And her long sharp nails were painted blood-red. Whenever I looked at them, I shivered.

After chatting a bit longer, I made my way to my car and drove the fifty miles to my hometown and my apartment.

I kicked off my shoes, mixed myself a wine cooler, put on some good music, and lounged in an easy chair.

I sighed as I thought of the amount of work I needed to do. I would go to the library the next morning and work for eight hours, and then make the trip to the state university in the evening to attend two classes.

I really need to do some reading for the courses, I thought, but I'm too tired. Think I'll finish this and go to bed.

I drank the wine cooler, and then took a shower.

I usually slept in the nude, and tonight was no exception. I got into bed and pulled a sheet over my body. I lay there and my thoughts went to Ms. Mulvey.

I slid a hand over my breasts and then began stroking them, lightly pinching the nipples. I began breathing heavily as bolts of pleasure streaked through my tits.

I swept a hand down between my legs and stroked my cunny.

“Um, yes,” I breathed out. I began stroking harder, sliding my middle finger into my slit, then I ran it over the clit, and I gasped with the feeling.

I pictured my teacher in my mind as I stroked my body, wishing with all my heart that Ms. Mulvey was there at that very moment.

A mini-climax rippled through my pussy and breasts, and then I sighed, half with pleasure and half with frustration.

And then I drifted off to sleep...

I dreamed (or was it a dream?) that I was floating, drifting among clouds of inky darkness. Suddenly something began pulling me down, pressing upon my body to drift down to the bed. I felt there was a presence in the room. I half-opened my eyes to peer through half-lidded eyes around the room. A dark shape was at the door and it began moving toward me. As it grew closer I began to see the outline of a woman. She was dressed in a long flowing dark robe. Her hair was long and red, and her face was as pale as chalk. The robe couldn't conceal her luscious body. She was young and ripe-looking. I could see her long pale hands. Her long sharp blood-red nails tapered off from her fingers.

The figure reached the bed and drifted upon it. It seemed that she drifted or floated rather than walked.

I lay there, half frightened and half fascinated by the figure.

The woman slipped her robe off and suddenly she was atop me, her soft luscious body stretched on top of me, and she was breathing in my ear: “Don't be afraid. I'm going to give you ecstasy; I'm going to give you pleasure so intense you won't want it to ever stop.”

In spite of my fear and dread, I wanted it. I wanted the figure to continue, to do what I half-suspected she was going to do.

The woman was now substantial, solid and physical. I could feel her naked body pressing upon mine.

The woman's breasts were so warm, and her nipples, rubbery and erect, rubbed upon mine. Our breasts mashed together as we began stroking our bodies together.

I knew it was Ms. Mulvey. There was no mistaking it. My teacher had somehow been able to travel the fifty miles and come into my apartment and lay atop me.

I didn't question it. I simply gave myself up to the spectral figure.

She lowered her head and went down on my breasts. She went from titty to titty, flicking her tongue on the nipples as she sucked the nubs with her lips. She nipped my tits with her sharp teeth and I jerked and shuddered as a sharp bolt of pleasure/pain shot through my body.

She scraped my breasts with her teeth as she continued to lick and suck. I hunched and writhed as a climax wracked my body. I cried in passionate lust as her sharp teeth bit my tits.

She moved her head back up to my neck and nuzzled it, and then she opened her mouth and began sucking my neck with her lips.

I can't describe the ecstatic feeling that rushed throughout my body at the feel of her sucking.

I felt her sharp teeth press upon my arched neck, and then I actually swooned as her incisors punctured my skin. She slowly sank the two teeth into my neck and began sucking and lapping.

I stroked her head as she sucked, letting my hands roam through her long silky deep red hair.

Never in my life had I experienced such ecstasy. Although I felt I was being drained of my life essence and my blood, I never wanted it to end. It simply felt too good to end. I would have been content to die with her naked body pressed upon mine and her lapping sucking mouth draining me dry.

But she slowly removed her fangs (yes, fangs they were) from my neck.

“I must stop,” she whispered in my ear. “If I don't, I will drain you dry and kill you. We mustn't do that. We want you to become one of us.”

“Who is 'us'? I asked.

“The sisterhood,” she replied. “You will know what I mean before many nights have passed. Two, maybe three more visits by me will accomplish the deed. Then you will become as we.”

I felt her becoming insubstantial, without body.

“Don't go,” I pleaded. “Stay, take me, drain me.”

“No, it must not be,” she replied in a low whisper. “You will thank me later on. But it is near-dawn, and I must go, or I will be burned away.”

I sighed in disappointment, and I heard her as if through a funnel, “This evening when you come to class, I will not acknowledge what has happened. I will come to you tonight in your sleep. Until then, sweet dreams, my darling.”

Then she was gone, vanished, and I was holding onto nothing.

I lay there lost in a state of wonder and bewilderment...