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I never noticed at the club, nor on the taxi ride home,admitingly it was dark in the club and all I seen of her in the cab was the back of her head ,but when we got to my place I noticed straight away , her hair was full of come .

As we made ourselves comfy on the lounge floor , I ripped her panties off just as she says where's the loo. Pointing her in its direction , I inspect her jocks and fuck me they were not only wet as a dish cloth , but were covered as well with come in various states of dryness.

Throwing them toward the bin as she returns saying I'm Kim by the way , laughing I pull her mouth to my asshole and say shane slut. As she begins sucking my ass , looking in the mirror , I check out her cunt , and as I expected it was a red swollen sloppy mess ,

come clearly oozing out of it but also dried on her inner thigh ,with trails running down her legs. Ohh yeah Kim I say as she. Eats my ass , now she reaches around and pulls my cock with one hand and slides a finger in my ass with the other hand ,

you know how to please a man don't ya ,,, mmmph she said ,I'd hope so I've certainly had a few fuck me, yeah I say you can see that , ohh I know. She grins fuck look at me every guy I met tonite either. Come on my face or in my cunt ,

no shit I say I noticed your hair first , then I seen your panties and now looking at your cunt , you so look like you've seen a fair chunk of cock tonite .

Oh she says I started early today , mum went out so my step dad came straight in the bastard , has fucked me 100s of times , but he has me suck his cock and I say hmmm that tastes nice , oh he laughs that would be your mums asshole I just finished with her , before she left

, wow I say ill bet you just kept sucking it too , oohh fuck yeah she says , my mom and I are very close she smiles , turning around to have her suck my cock I say , a nasty slut like you , ill bet you've had your tounge in your mother many times , ohh you know me too well

she laughs ,taking hold of my balls and deep throating every bit of my fat 12 inch cock in one hit , I grab her hair and gag her forcefully , letting her up she says oh I love that ,I can tell that I'm gonna do some sick shit with you shane ,,,

I like how your forceful , a lot of guys take there time and try and woo me and I'm like hey dickhead , I only want your cock in all my holes , and your come all over me , yeah Kim don't worry slut I say slamming my cock down her throat , your just another slut to me ,

I fuck a lot of sluts like you , cause I love dumb come slag's like you ,standing up I take her from behind , straight in her cunt to the base.,oh yeah i say., I love fucking sloppy cunt., and I plough her in it for all I'm worth , Kim pushing back matching my every thrust ,

screaming harder cunt fuck me harder I fucking love your long fat dick., after 5 minutes of this I pull out of her pussy , and slide it straight into her asshole , ohhh yes she says that's the shit ,stuff that fat dick in my asshole , oh yes I say that's better ,

ohh you like fucking my asshole shane,she says ,fuck yeah I agree , its a lot tighter than your cunt for sure , ohh let me taste it she says spinning around ,and sucking it down her. Throat mmmmm oh yes she moans I'm such a slut ,

I love the taste of ass and cock mixed together pushing her head back down I again shove my cock in her asshole , pounding her backdoor for all I was worth till , I exploded deep in her ass ,

ohh fuck yeah she moans that's it come in my ass , oh yes ,oooh shane she says that was so good , pulling out she sucks it clean ,mmmmm not a bad round 1 she laughs , copy that I say .

To be continued.

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Very hot and explosive. Get someone to edit it for punctuation and grammar, and A LOT more people would enjoy reading it =)

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Hot story my cock got hard gotta go fuck my slut of a moms ass now thank you

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