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Hi All,

I am beginner to writing stories and would greatly appreciate any feedback or comments that can be offered :)

Theme: Masturbation, Cuckolding, Fantasy, Mild Violence and Humiliation.


Amy: The Beginning

I'd known Amy for a lot of years, she was 6 years younger than me and like most of the guys in my area I wanted to spend just one magical night with her, she was every guys dream and she knew it.

Amy was a dominate woman sexually, at 21 she'd already fucked well over 20 guys, she stood at 5'6 slim and slender, she had blonde hair down to her shoulders and the cutest baby blue eyes you couldn't help but fall into. Amy loved to lead boys on, sometimes she'd fuck them if she felt generous, other times she'd milk them for all they were worth and then leave them hanging, she could crush anyone with that 'innocent' look she had down to tee or entice them with that tight, young luscious body of hers.

Amy was well known, she had a reputation for being a man eater but to talk to her you wouldn't have known it, were the stories I'd heard really true? Or were they made up from the guys she'd rejected in the past? Soon enough I'd find out for myself.

August 15 2008 I remember that night like it was yesterday, there was a knock on my door, when I answered, there Amy stood, hair casually waiving in the breeze her perfume so sweet and intoxicating, her figure outlined by the pale moonlight, it took me a moment to even greet her. "H..Hi" I managed to stammer out, she smiled and giggled a little knowing full well I was taken aback by her beauty, she was clearly dressed to impress.

Quickly though that smile turned into a frown "I've been stood up, can you believe it?!" she stated with authority and familiarity. "Err, no, but why are you here?" I asked, it wasn't like Amy and I were close, we'd said hi a few times and may have had the odd word at a local gathering but we weren't exactly friends. "Aren't you going to invite me in?!" she said impatiently, totally disregarding my earlier question, still mesmerised by her beauty I shook my head to come too and moved aside so she could walk passed me.

Amy moved into the lounge and took off her dress shoes, I closed the door and joined her in the lounge, I sat on the single seat whilst she sprawled across my two seated settee like she'd been here a thousand times before, it didn't bother me though, it gave me chance to admire the shape of her body and those legs that seemed to go on forever, she was perfect, she caught me looking at her.

"Sorry, I've just never seen you so dressed up, you look beautiful" I said calmly and admiringly, her frown soon washed away and she smiled. "Thanks, at least someone appreciates my efforts, my date Phil decided not to show, he treats me like shit. I don't know why I bother with him, well...actually I do" she said with a wicked grin "it's not for the way he wines and dines a girl though, that's for sure".

We conversed for around 20 minutes, well I say "we", Amy went on to tell me how poorly Phil treated her and how she was sick of him not showing up when they had things planned. I kept drifting in and out admiring her body as she gazed at the ceiling whilst going on about Phil and various other ex's who didn't know how to treat a girl right, I wasn't paying attention until her phone started ringing out loudly with some random dance tune, this soon snapped me back into the moment.

Amy looked at the phone to check the caller, her face turned into instant anger, she answered the phone, it was Phil obviously. "Where the hell are you?! I waited for over half an hour for you!" I couldn't make out what Phil was saying from his end but Amy's face seemed to calm, she turned her head to the side and played with her hair. What could he have said to make her calm so quickly I wonder. "I'm at G's house, you know round the corner from the restaurant" ... "No I came here when you didn't show, no nothings happ.."

Amy looked at her phone, "he hung up, he's on his way here, he thinks something's happening between us, he sounds pissed". My thoughts turned to worry, the last thing I needed was an ass kicking from Phil for being a gent. "Don't worry, when he gets here I'll sort it out" the next five minutes were silent, they seemed like an eternity, here I was minding my own business on a Friday night and now I was being dragged into some lover's spat.

I heard a car pull up outside and a door slam, it was Phil. Amy moved passed me placing her hand on my chest, "don't worry, I'll sort it". Amy opened the door to intercept Phil, all I could hear was him raising his voice at her and Amy pleading for him to calm down. Phil barged passed her into my lounge, he was bigger than I thought, 6 foot and well built, with muscles clearly visible through his shirt.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH MY GIRL?!" he yelled into my face. I was terrified "No, nothing Phil, Amy came here just to chat, that's all" "BULL SHIT, YOU WERE MAKING A MOVE!" with that he launched a punch into my chest, I instantly keeled over, he followed through with another punch to the side of my right eye, I felt the warmth of blood begin to poor as well as the dizziness that comes when you take a nasty bang to the head.

Amy interjected and began to push Phil away. I couldn't make out the conversation my head was spinning too much, Amy kept pushing Phil until he was out the door, after fifteen minutes or so I came too. I pulled myself up and headed to the kitchen and grabbed an ice pack for my eye. I sat nursing my wounds for a while when I heard a faint knock on the door.

I got up to answer it but sat back down, "enough drama for tonight" I mimed to myself. I heard the handle turn and the door open, fuck I hadn't locked it I thought to myself. Slowly I heard the door close and then Amy slowly enter the room, her hair was a mess, her dress wasn't straight anymore either. I looked up at her with a look that easily portrayed how humiliated I felt.

Amy sat down beside me, she smelled mustier to me and not as sweet, had she left with Phil and fucked him after all this had happened? Amy took the ice pack from my hand and began to tend to my cut herself "G, I'm so sorry about what happened, Phil just misunderstood the situation, he didn't mean to hurt you." I couldn't believe what she was saying "How can you defend him after this?" she turned her head and smiled at me "Phil is just over protective of me, he loves me and thinks that every guy wants to sleep with me, so when he heard I was here, he got the wrong idea"

"When we left I explained to him that nothing was happening, he calmed down shortly after and now he understands that we're just friends" she seemed to be well versed in this, as though it had happened before. "He just calmed down did he?!" I stated with a little anger in my voice, she glared at me "Don't raise your voice at me and yes, he did calm down after I explained things". I couldn't explain why but her touch on my wound and more pungent smell was turning me on a little.

"What did you do to calm him Amy?" she looked at me in a completely different way and gave a small grin like she was reliving the moment. "Why do you want to know?" she said staring into my eyes, "I don't know, a part of me just wants to know what happened after you left" she looked down and could see my semi hard cock through my pants. "A part indeed" she laughed.

"Alright, after everything that's happened tonight I'll tell you. After we left we started driving to Phil's place, Phil was still pumped after what happened here, I know from experience that when he gets like that he won't calm down easily but he fucks so much better when he's pumped. I had him pull the car over into that mill down the road, there is never anyone down there at night. I had him move his seat back so I could unzip his pants, then I started sucking on his cock, he loves the way I suck his cock taking it deep into my throat, I know how to get him off"

"After I'd got him all hard I lifted my dress and got on top of him, I moved my underwear to the side and lowered myself onto his cock, he was so excited he rammed his cock deep inside my pussy." I couldn't believe how the tone had just changed in the room, nor could I believe how hard my cock was getting. "Phil grabbed hold of my ass and started bouncing me up and down on his hard cock, it felt so fucking good his cock pounding in and out of me, my pussy was getting wetter every time he went inside me. It didn't take long, but the first go round is always quick, he shot his load inside me, it felt so good that I came all over his cock in that same moment".

"I climbed off and started to suck our mixed juices from his cum covered cock, it took less than a minute before he started getting hard again, I tell you he is such a fucking machine when he is pumped, he opened the door to the car and got out, he bent me over the driver's seat and started pounding me again from behind, harder than he did when we were in the car, my pussy was dripping G, he just kept fucking me so hard, it felt great. I wish you could have seen him".

My head was spinning but not from my recent wound, my cock was rock solid, what was this perversion? I wanted to see my attacker fuck the girl of my dreams in front of me. I wanted to hear her screams of pleasure whilst I lay on the floor beaten, where was this coming from? I'd never felt like this before, wanting to be a victim, to be degraded whilst she was in ecstasy above me.

I'd obviously gone into a trance at the thought of all this, Amy smiled at me knowing full well I was turned on more than I have ever been in my life, she knew she had me. I felt her hand gently rub my cock through my pants. I came back to reality to see her face close to mine. "Do you want me to continue", I didn't know if she meant the story or what she was doing with her hand, either way I immediately blurted out "Yes!"

Her hand began to grope my shaft and rub it through my pants, she continued her story "he pounded me so hard you wouldn't believe, his cock slamming in and out of my pussy could be heard echoing through the area, it felt so fucking good knowing we could be caught but I didn't care G, I just wanted him then more than anything, he kept ramming his cock deeper and deeper inside me I couldn't help but keep cumming hard over it, over and over"

Her hand moved hard and over my shaft, which was still locked inside my pants but she was a pro, she didn't need to have it out to make me cum and she knew it. I was close.

"I've fucked Phil a lot and I can tell when he's about to cum and he was close, so I pushed him back and got on my knees, I took his cock into my mouth and let him fuck my throat, our juices tasted so good G. He grabbed my hair hard and held me there whilst his cock spurted wave after wave of cum into my throat".

I was in bliss, with that she grabbed hold of my cock hard and kissed me with force, sliding her tongue deep into my mouth. I could taste everything she'd described and I loved it. I was in heaven, my first kiss with the girl of my dreams was a tainted one with my attackers cum still lingering in every part of her mouth. I couldn't hold it anymore and came in my pants, Amy let go of my cock and wiped a little cum from her hand onto my face, she knew I was hers, with that she got up and smiled.

"I came here to get my shoes, I left them in all the mix up earlier, do you forgive Phil for what happened. I was in my own world and nodded. "Good, I'll let him know that everything is sorted, we may have you round for dinner sometime. I hope you accept, maybe then I can share some more with you".

I kept on nodding and smiling, savouring the taste of her in my mouth. I loved her in that moment more than anything else in the world, she was perfect.

"Until dinner next Friday then" Amy said as she left carrying her dress shoes away with her out the door, I heard a car pull away, Phil must have wondered what took her so long...Is it wrong I want her to tell him what just happened so he comes back to beat me again, get pumped and fuck my dream girl the way she loves?


Amy 2: The Date

This will be posted separately