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Continuing from part 1 which can be found here (http://www.eroticxxxstories.com/showthread.php?6451-Amy-1-The-Beginning):

Part 2 of my Amy story, any feedback / comments are appreciated.

Theme: Voyeur, Masturbation, Humiliation and cuckolding.


Amy 2: The Date
Nearly a week had passed since Amy decided to show up at my door one Friday and turn my otherwise boring world upside down, every day and night since then all I could think of were the words she used to bring something out of me I didn't know existed.

"He bent me over the driver's seat and started pounding me again from behind, harder than he did when we were in the car, my pussy was dripping G, he just kept fucking me so hard, it felt great. I wish you could have seen him".

"...Ramming his cock deeper and deeper inside me I couldn't help but keep cumming hard over it, over and over"

" He grabbed my hair hard and held me there whilst his cock spurted wave after wave of cum into my throat".

Then of course there was that kiss she planted on me, I could still recall the taste of everything she had described that night and now I couldn't get her out of my head. Amy was my infatuation, my drug and I needed another hit, just to be close to her and experience that same sensation of last Friday again, that would be everything...

Today was Wednesday and so far this week I hadn't gotten a thing done, I was just waiting until the next time I could see Amy, she'd mentioned about me going to dinner with her and Phil on Friday. I'll admit a part of me was met with constant reservation about dining with a guy who less than a week ago beat me to a pulp, however I couldn't deny my arousal and excitement at the prospect of being near Amy again.

It was late on in the day when I heard my phone beep and notify me I had a text message, it was Amy telling me some wonderful news.

"Hi G, just letting you know that Phil and I broke up today, we can still have dinner if you want, we can make a date of it ;) but can we make it Sat instead?".

I could hardly contain my joy, a smile from ear to ear stretched across my face and my mind was racing with the possibilities, I didn't waste any time replying to her message.

"Hey Amy, sorry to hear about you and Phil, I'd love to still have dinner with you and Saturday is fine, when and where?"

A few moments later another beep from my phone would confirm what I had fantasized about all week. "The restaurant around the corner from me is good, I like the food there, pick me up at 7:30, see you then x". I don't know what had happened between her and Phil but the truth is I didn't care, I had an opportunity to make her mine and I was going to take it.

The days couldn't pass quick enough, until finally, Saturday was here. All week I'd thought about this night and finally here it was. I was like a child on Christmas, full of hope, excitement and brimming with energy. I couldn't contain myself and decided I'd head up to Amy's earlier than planned just to make sure I arrived on time.

On the drive over I wondered how I was going to greet her? A hug? A kiss? I didn't know, she had a lot more experience with this sort of thing than me and I'm sure she'd lead on that front. I pulled up across the road from her house, it was 6:30. I'd arrived an hour early and gazed across the street letting my mind wander, she was in there, the girl who only a week ago made me feel so alive and tonight she was all mine, or so I thought...

I decided to take some initiative and text Amy from across the street. "Hey Amy, looking forward to seeing you in an hour, dinner will be great!". Five minutes later I had a reply "hey G, I'm looking forward to dinner too, I've got company at the moment that I can't get rid of, do you mind if we push dinner to 8:30?". I was dubious but replied "sure, everything okay?" a minute later my phone beeped with news I really didn't want to read, "yeah, Phil came over, see you later".

My body felt tense, my mind wandered, what was she doing in there with him? I could guess what he was over there for but she was meant to be on a date with me tonight. I couldn't leave it there, I had to text her again "Oh, I hope he doesn't ruin our special first date, what's he after?" as though it wasn't obvious. Ten minutes later I finally got a reply "he came over for a fuck, I told him that I wouldn't do that because we were going out tonight and he blew his chance with me".

A part of me felt relieved to read those words but if what she said were true why hadn't he left? I decided to leave my car and cross the street toward her house, I approached quietly and tried to peer through the front window, she wasn't there and neither was Phil. I decided to move round to the back of the house, it was there I could hear the faint sound of people talking, quietly I approached making sure not to make any noise, as I came to the corner I still couldn't make out what was being said but it didn't sound like an argument.

I played it smart and changed my phone setting to silent and decided I'd text a reply to that last message, "I see. So you're not tempted to do anything with him then?" I heard her phone beep to notify her of a message, a moment passed and I could hear both of them laughing. I crept closer so I could see what was going on inside and hoped that my being closer would grant me further clarity in what was being said. I snuck next to the window but didn't look inside as my phone began to vibrate gently in my hand.

"Yeah, I was tempted but decided not to coz it's our date, unless you want me too? You liked what happened last time, do you want the same again?" I paused for a moment and absorbed the message, did I want her to fuck Phil before our date? My cock was rock solid at the thought of her fucking another guy before meeting me, part of me really wanted her too, God how fucking sick do you have to be to want another guy to fuck your girl before your first date?!

I stared at my phone wondering what to say when all I could hear from inside was laughter and what sounded like Amy moaning, with that I decided to finally peer into the window where I saw her and Phil, she was led back on the kitchen table, her phone in hand and Phil stood between her legs fucking her with a smile on his face, they were both sweating so this hadn't just started happening, they'd been at this for a while. Phil had Amy's legs hooked over his shoulders, he towered above her fucking her so hard the table was lifting with every thrust.

Phil grabbed hard at Amy's tits, she moaned in pleasure, her eyes closed whilst she bit her lip, she was clearly loving his cock inside her, she moaned louder with each thrust, Phil still had his clothes on, his pants were around his ankles, where as Amy's clothes were strewed across the floor, I wondered how long it took him to get her there, she was bucking her hips on his cock, she was clearly in the moment and loving it. I couldn't help but feel angry, jealous and envious but most of all I was so turned on, I was seeing Amy in her element and I was loving it. I looked at my phone, without knowing it I'd already said "Yes" I hit send and continued to watch.

Amy unhooked her legs from Phil's shoulders, she lowered them to his waist and pulled him in closer, she was driving his cock for him, her phone beeped, she'd gotten my message, Amy glanced at her phone and laughed, she turned the phone to Phil who smiled and continued fucking her, he bent over and grabbed her shoulders, that was when I heard Amy really scream! Phil rammed his cock into her with force, she wasn't lying when she said he was good he seemed to go on forever fucking her.

I was in awe of Phil, I wanted to be him at that very moment, feeling her, pleasuring her. I couldn't help but take my own cock out and start masturbating right there, it wasn't going to take long with how turned on I was, she looked so beautiful with another man's cock inside her, she was perfect.

I noticed Amy looking at her phone and texting, she threw her phone to the other side of the room after about a minute of typing a message, Amy then suddenly shot up and kissed Phil hard, her hands reached down to his ass where she dug her nails in tightly and squeezed hard, Phil roared and pounded her faster and harder than I ever thought possible, he was close to cumming from the sounds of it and so was I. My phone began to vibrate, I checked the message, it was Amy "I'm glad you said that, now watch him cum in my pussy, you're cleaning this up after for watching me G you fucking perv".

My eyes opened wide and I looked back at them, Amy was sat up leaning over Phil's shoulder as he let out a roar like I've never heard before, she moaned into his ear whilst her eyes locked onto mine. I'd been caught. A wave of shock went through my body and in that moment I had the best orgasm and most humiliating experience of my life, Amy knew I was cumming I couldn't hide my shame, she glared at me whilst Phil was still bucking his cock in and out of her as though her pussy was milking his cock for everything he had.

With that I slid back round the corner and headed to my car, what had I just done? What was she going to do to me when she was done with Phil? There was certainly more to come...


I haven't written part 3 as of yet, hopefully that will come soon, any feedback regarding this or the first part is appreciated.


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Not quite the feedback I had in mind :P

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Good story. Thanks for posting.

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Good story. Thanks for posting.

Thanks for reading Go4it and feeding back I appreciate it :)