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08-27-2012, 09:17 PM
I have recounted before, tales of my wife, Sarah, and her development from a shy retiring prude, into a woman who initiated sex with one of our close friends, totally out of the blue and who now loves sex and will even take on several guys together. Here is another small step on her path.

Bob, Dave Carl and I had spent the afternoon at a rugby match and as we were all feeling too skint to go on a pub crawl, the plan was to head back to my place for some food and a few drinks after the game. Sarah had been a bit miffed that I was going out to the rugby and not taking her. She loves a good game but, as it had been Carl who had got the tickets from a mate and could only get four, there was nothing I could do about it. She said I would have to make it up to her when I got home from the match. I reminded her that the lads were coming over and she went off in a snit. In the end she went shopping with her girl friend Jennifer but grudgingly agreed to get the burgers, beers and stuff in ready for our return.

We got home about fiveish and went straight in to the back garden. Sarah was as good as her word. There were salads and other rabbit food, under covers, on the table, a large cool box was on the ground full of bottles of beer & ice and the barby was all ready to go.

I parked in the drive and we all headed for the back garden. I handed out the beers and then went looking for Sarah. When I called her from the hallway she shouted that she'd be down shortly so I went back to join the others and to light the barby.

She came out in her usual self - jeans, a baggy, shapeless jumper and pumps - carrying plates of burgers and rolls, so I started in on cooking. The next hour or so passed quickly. We ate and drank, chatted about the match, and drank some more. I returned from taking some of the uneaten food into the house to find Sarah taking a beer bottle from Carls hand and having licked the top of the bottle slowly with her tongue, drinking from it in a very suggestive manner. She was flushed and flirting with the others in the way she always does when she's tipsy. But I didn't think she was quite as tipsy as she was making out. She gave Carl back his bottle and started to clear more stuff from the table. I gave her a hand and, when we were in doors again, asked her what she was up to.

She started acting a bit coy. "I'm just feeling a little frisky," she said "you've all been out having fun today and I just wanted a little fun too”
“You need to get changed” I said giving her a kiss.
“What do you mean?” she asked.
“I mean you’re wearing far too much clothing. Get upstairs and slip into something that leaves no doubt that you're available.”
She put her head to one side a slight smile on her face. “Are you ordering me to whore for your friends?”
I smiled back. “Well it wouldn’t be the first time you’ve fucked my friends and you’ve never complained before”
She gave a little laugh and started to smile “Oh I know, and I'm not complaining now. It’s just that this is the first time you have actually told me to do it”.
“You don’t usually have any objection to a good fucking”.
“I've no objection. In fact I’ve been feeling randy all afternoon waiting for you to come home, since I had to spend the morning listening to Jennifer and what she and her new bloke get up to, in very graphic detail. I've been feeling hot and horny. Its just you’ve usually let me make the running and, as I said, it’s the first time you’ve actually told me to do it. I like that, I really like that, but I want you to give me to them” I obviously looked puzzled so she explained. “You're telling me to do this? Then present me and hand me over for their use. Make me feel used and dirty.”
“Ok”. I agreed.
“So how do you want me to behave – slut or slave and what do you want me to wear?"
“Definitely slut, you could never do slave, and wear something that makes you look really cheap. After all, of that lot, only Bob that knows what you can be like, but let’s give even him a surprise, really let yourself go. Slut!” I smacked her bum.
“Fine, but it may take me a little while, I usually have longer to prepare”
"Just don’t take too long. While you are changing I'll get the rest of these things cleared away, do you need anything?"
“A drink, tall glass, full, neat vodka. I’ll need it to put on a good act”. She kissed me and, while I went back to clear the last of the plates from the table, she slipped off upstairs.

I fixed her drink and took it upstairs. She was in the spare bedroom, where we keep all the toys and sexy clothes, the four poster was strewn with garments. She took the drink and shooed me out of the room.

On my way back outside I grabbed her compact digital camera then put a load more beers and ice in the cool box. I handed out fresh drinks and we all sat round, drinking and chatting. When Dave asked where she'd got to and I told him that she was just ‘freshening up’. After about twenty minutes I heard Carl give a low whistle and saw him stand up. I turned round to see my wife coming out of the house with a half empty glass in one hand and the vodka bottle in the other.

Carl had whistled because of what she was, or rather wasn't wearing. Red patent shoes with 4" heels, black stockings, one with a ladder in it, a very tacky red, lacy, gem studded garter, a red PVC mini skirt with zips down each side and a black and pink ¼ cup basque, which had seen better days but it had the advantage that it left her ample breasts totally unfettered whilst giving them a good heft. To finish it all off she wore a long, red, filmy robe, which billowed out behind her as she strode out onto the patio. Her lips were now crimson as were the long false nails, she wore long heavy false eyelashes on eyes that were very heavily made up. Her exposed breasts were covered with a glitter makeup and had a circle of crimson lipstick round each nipple. The overall effect was superb. She looked like a really cheap slut. I snapped her picture, she looked fantastic.

She stood there, one hand on her hip and smiled at us all. She topped up her glass and took a good swig of it, Bob gave me a knowing wink.
"God that feels cooler". She said stretching and making her breasts bounce. "I hate being overdressed on a summers evening, especially," here she licked her lips and dropped her voice "when I've a bunch of men in my garden".

She placed her drink on the table and strode, bouncingly, towards us. We were all standing by now. I went over to her and, standing behind her, reached round and started to play with her nipples, smudging the lipstick rings. She leaned back against me. Letting go of her breasts I reached down and pulled at one of the zips on her skirt. It fell away. She wore nothing underneath and now stood there in all her plump glory. I went back to playing with her breasts.

"Gentlemen. I give you Sarah. This is not the Sarah most of you know. This is not Sarah the Women’s Guild President, Sarah the church cafe organiser, Sarah the parish council member or even Sarah the Girl Guide leader. No this is MY Sarah, the horny slut, who loves to suck and fuck. She's here to be fucked, and has been told to do anything you want. I give you Sarah the whore" I was now pulling her nipples as far out as I could and she was gasping and rubbing hard up against me. I reached down with one hand and, whilst still pulling one nipple, started to massage between her legs. She started to moan, her eyes closed and I could feel the flow of her juices over my hand. “What have you to say for yourself?” I let go of her nipple and removed my hand from her cunt.

She straightened, opened her eyes and pulled away. Turning and, running her hand down my face. She reached out, grabbed her drink and, in one long gulp finished it. She caught her breath from glugging so much vodka so quickly, swayed, smiled and said with a wicked grin.
“No I’m not really any of those people I used to be, now I’m a whore. A whore whenever and wherever John wants me to be. He likes to watch men fuck me and I love to let them fuck me for his pleasure. He's told me to dress like a slut, behave like a slut and let you fuck me. I'm happy to do it because I am a slut, I love to fuck. I fuck anyone he tells me to. If you want me, fuck me, any way you like, I don't care so long as I get fucked. Who shall I fuck first for him?” She moved towards them. "Bob you've had me often enough, so you can wait a little while".

There were exclamations and comments along the lines of "You kept that quiet you sly bastard" She shrugged off the robe and walked up to Carl, pulled his head down and kissed him very passionately, her hand working its way down to his crotch. Carl lost no time in responding and in grabbing a handful of ripe breast. The kiss went on and on until she finally broke free.

She sank down on her knees in front of him, undid his belt, pulled down his zip and pulled out his cock. She started to slowly lick it round and round then slowly enveloped it between her lips. This left a crimson ring of lipstick just behind the head of his cock. She looked at her handiwork and smiled. She then engulfed him in her mouth again and started working her way gradually down the entire length. Her skin looked paler than usual against his coffee coloured flesh. She began to move her head backwards and forwards almost pulling off the end of his cock, kissing the tip, then once again burying it deep in her throat. Her hand was by now cupping his balls. She slid his cock out of her mouth and started to nibble down the underside until she came to his balls, these she sucked into her mouth and I knew she would be massaging them with her tongue. Then she worked her way back up his cock and once more enveloped it in her mouth. She speeded up her movements and Carl grabbed her hair and started to rhythmically fuck her mouth.

Dave looked over to me. "God I can't believe this is Sarah. I know she flirts a bit but she's never seemed the type"
Bob gave a laugh. "Oh she's the type all right and she's good. She fucks like a pro, you just wait she'll drain us dry and could probably go on to drain a few more as well"
"Her record is six to date, though she did have a little trouble walking the next day" I added “You want her?”
“Fuck her? Yeah” was Dave's reply
"That's what she's here for."

By now Carl is ramming his cock into my wife's mouth, then he stiffened and pulled her hard into him and we could all see him shudder as her stood there emptying his load. Her throat worked away as she tried to swallow it all. He released his hold and she sank back onto her heels and grinning, licked the last of his cum off the end of his cock. "Well come on get your cocks out and gather round, I'm hungry".

We had all been watching her blow Carl and seemed to realise at the same time that we were still clothed. There was a mad rush to strip off. Then we did as we were told and soon she was sucking and wanking us all in turn, both her hands and her mouth were busy. Before long her face and breasts were covered in cum and she was laughing and slurping it up.

Sarah sat down on the edge of the table, legs apart. Dave stepped up and went as if to mount her. She held him back.
“Eat me first, eat my cunt, get me really wet, I promise you wont regret it"
Dave knelt down between her legs and inhaled deeply. He started to lick, very gently, along the length of her cunt.
“I said eat me” She grabbed his head and thrust his face into her cunt. He started to lick hard and suck her cunt lips into his mouth. She let go of his head and leaned back onto her elbows. He thrust a couple of fingers into her moist depths; she squirmed and started to moan. His tongue found her clit and he started to lick and nibble at it. Her legs spread wider.
“That’s good, so good, now another finger, ream me” He inserted another finger and I could see the juices flowing. “Now I'm really wet and ready to fuck”.

Dave stood up, placed her legs over his shoulder and rammed his cock home to the hilt. Dave has no finesse. She bucked and pushed back. Dave started to fuck her hard. She lay back on the table urging him on.
Bob moved in grabbed her breast and started to suck and chew on it’s nipple. “Carl, grab a tit and get to work, she loves her nipples and tits chewed and sucked hard”. Carl quickly followed his lead. I took photos as they worked on my wife. By now Dave was hammering away, the table was rocking and Sarah was moaning. I saw the flush spread across her breasts, heard her moans rising, getting louder, (thank God we have no close neighbours). Then she came with a shriek and, as she lay there juddering in her climax. Dave shot his load and came to a halt. He pulled out and a flow of cum started from her cunt.

Carl helped her off the table and laid her on the grass. Pushing her legs wide apart he sank slowly in to her. She tried to curl her pale legs round his brown back and pull him into her.
"Loosen your legs woman. I need room to work". She unclasped her ankles and he started to withdraw very, very slowly until only the very tip was still in her cunt, then equally slowly he sank down into her depths again. When he almost pulled out she whimpered. "Just repaying you for earlier". He said and proceeded to repeat the move several more times. He built up speed and was finally hammering his full length in and out of her cunt. She came twice again under his ministrations and finally he shot his load too.

Carl withdrew and went to help her to her feet. She waved him away and, propped on an elbow, called for a cold drink. By now the beers were gone but there were still quite a few ice cubes in the box. I threw a couple in her freshened drink and then carefully slid another into her sopping cunt. She drained half the glass then lay back with a sigh.

Sarah knows how I like her and, when I lay down next to her, she rolled over and straddled me, sinking down my length. I could still feel the remains of the rapidly melting ice cube inside her. It had done it's job, I love a sloppy, cold cunt. She leaned forwards so her breasts swung over my face. I caught one breast and started to suck hard on the nipple. I added to the bites there. Suck, nibble, bite the way she likes it. You can make her come like this with only the very slightest stimulation to her cunt. She was hot and responsive. While I worked on one breast with my mouth I used my hands on the other. Squeezing and kneading the flesh whilst rolling the nipple between finger and thumb. Then I swapped sides to concentrate on the other breast. Sarah was building towards a climax and was riding my cock with a steady rhythm. Finally as the flush spread across her breasts once more, and I started to cum, I grabbed a nipple hard between the finger and thumb of each hand and wrenched her breasts as far apart as possible. She yelled and came.

This time she got to her feet and made her way unsteadily to the table for another drink, all the while cum was flowing down her legs. By now she had consumed the best part of half a bottle and the bottle itself was empty. She took another slug of her drink
"Waste not want not." said Bob, handing her an empty beer bottle "do your thing with the bottle" She lay back on a lounger and proceeded to insert the bottle into her cunt. There were cries of encouragement which got louder the further she pushed the bottle in. Neck, shoulder, body. She pushed it in until only about an inch of it protruded. Even I was amazed. She normally only uses the neck of a spirits or fizzy wine bottle to bring herself off. I'd never seen here shove almost a whole bottle into her cunt. She started to twist it round, slowly, and then withdraw it. She pushed it back in again
"Fuck, she could probably shag a horse." This from the ever suave Dave
"Got one with you?" came Sarah's reply "In your dreams."

There were cheers and very lewd remarks in response. The encouragement continued as her speed with the bottle increased until once again she was yelling and shuddering. She lay back, still. Everyone was cheering her. I gave her her drink. Dave started to discuss with Bob where they could get a horse from. Sarah just lay there and flipped him the finger and said "Get real - I ain't that depraved"
"Yet" I muttered in Bobs ear. He burst into a very vulgar laugh

Suddenly she had downed her drink, lurched off the lounger, and grabbed Bob. She pushed him back onto the bench so he was laid out with his legs over the end and climbed aboard his rampant cock, her feet resting on the ground at either side.
“I know how you like it Bob, deep and slow and dirty, though its been a while. You haven't had me since you got married”. Then she purred, just loud enough for us to hear "Tell me Bob, has your pretty little wife ever fucked you like I did?"
"God if only!" was the reply.
She smiled broadly and settled herself fully down on his cock and started to rock rotating her hips all the while. "I could give her some tips, especially if we were all in bed together I could show her just what you like." She ground herself hard onto him and he whimpered “Dave, come here I want some cock to suck”
Dave moved in and she started to feast. I could see Carl eyeing her up and then he grabbed a bottle of olive oil from the table, poured a good measure of it on her lower back and started to slowly massage it in to her plump rear end. She left of her ministrations on Dave’s cock long enough to say
“OH that feels gooood!” and went back to her blow job.

Knowing Carls tastes, I had an idea of what was about to happen next so I grabbed the camera and got where I could see her face. He started to massage the oil into the crack of her arse and she started to moan in pleasure. She proffered her arse so that he could massage it more readily He poured on more oil, massaged some more round her hole slipping his finger in ever so slightly. She seemed to quiver, and her arse came up higher, then he massaged some of it down the length of his cock and spread the cheeks of her arse wide apart. She seemed to get the idea of what he had in mind and got out a stifled “NO” but it was too late. He speared her, holding tight to her hips he pulled back slightly and then pushed home.

At his first assault she stiffened and her eyes flew wide open, "NoNoNO!" she started to protest. He sank his length in and she almost screamed. I was snapping photos as quickly as the camera would take them. She made as if to pull away but he held tight to her hips and started to slowly hump her. Her body relaxed and I could see that his movements were causing her to rise and fall on Bob’s cock. She started to moan and then to grunt. I love it when she does this, my cock was hard and I stepped forwards, handed the camera to Dave pulled her head down and got her mouth round my cock.

Bob and Carl had, by now got into a rhythm and she was sounding like an animal so hoarse were her grunts. I saw Bob stiffen as he came, this sent Sarah over the top and she started to shudder. Pulling her mouth off my cock she started to yell in time to his humping.
“Harder! Fuck my arse, fuck my arse, fuck my arse! Fill it!. Harder you bastard, Harder! Harder! HARDERRRR!”
Carl had stiffened and pulled her hips hard towards him. I could see he was emptying his load. She had been yelling out in pleasure, the pitch rose to a scream. She was rigid, shuddering hard from head to toe. Then she fell forwards onto Bob’s chest. I started wanking and came all over her face and hair, quickly followed by Dave’s contribution.

Carl pulled out, she lay there, still on top of Bob, hole agape, whimpering.
“God girl, you’ve got a tight arse. Anyone would think it’d never been used before”
“It hasn’t” I said “She's always freaked if anyone goes near it, anal usually turns her right off”
“Didn’t seem to mind today”. He replied with a broad grin
“I still don’t know if I care for it” came a weak voice “I've always hated the thought of someone just fucking my arse when I've got a perfectly good cunt, but God!.... When I had a cock up my arse as well as my cunt it felt fantastic. I want to try it again another day, when my arse isn’t so sore. That hurt!”
Carl smiled “With a bit of experience it won’t hurt. Maybe I should get my wife to give you some tips, Tanya loves it hard up the ass ”
“I should have remembered, she talks about it enough.” was the rueful reply. She dropped onto the lounger, legs apart, looking totally abandoned her breasts a mass of marks and bites and she had cum dripping from every hole. She smiled around at us, very flushed and panting hard. “That was a great fuck. I'd like to do it again some time.” There were calls of agreement. “But only when John tells me I can.”

That was a couple of weeks ago. Today I hung a picture on the hallway wall right opposite the front door. In the frame, under a title of 'SARAH SERVING THE COMMUNITY' are two pictures The one on the left is of Sarah, dressed in a white waitress' apron and smart black dress, serving tea to our Vicar, the MP and some local Councillors at the village summer fete. The other is the picture snapped by Dave of Sarah with a stiff cock in every hole. Sarah saw it as soon as she walked in, she couldn't miss it. She loved it. Loved it so much that we fucked then and there in the hallway, the front door still wide open. I've had to move it now. It's in pride of place in the spare, sex, bedroom. I would have liked to leave it where I originally hung it, but as Sarah often hosts meetings at our house it would deeply offend our local 'worthies' and totally ruin her reputation in the village. Also Bob's and Carl's wives are in and out of here on an almost daily basis and we don't want to sour any relationships.