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This is the first part of what will be a bondage based story. This is just part of what is to come...hope you enjoy it!

Chapter 1: Pre Dinner Jitters

Mandy was flipping channels on the TV when there was a loud knock on the door. She squealed in surprise. She jumped up and ran to the door. She opened it expecting a postman or some sort of delivery person. Instead when she opened the door there were a dozen deep orange roses sitting in front of her apartment door.

“Oh, how beautiful!” She said and picked them up and took a deep breath. They were the most fragrant roses she had ever smelled. There was a card attached to the vase. Her name was written in elegant hand writing across the front of the card. She sat the vase down on the end table and opened the card.

“Dear Miss Grimes,
I have watched you for a long time. Your beauty is beyond belief. I would like to invite you to my mansion in the hills north of your home. You are beauty itself and I would love to have you as my guest. Simply a dinner with me at my home. Nothing more, nothing less.”

Mandy wasn’t sure what to make of the note. Who would have been watching her? She worked at a local restaurant as a hostess. There were a lot of rich men dining there. She didn’t know what to do. She looked at the number embossed in gold at the bottom of the card. There was no signature or indication to who it might be from. She ran her fingers over the thick expensive paper as she thought. Before she could change her mind she went to the phone and dialed the number.

She nervously dialed the last number and waited on the first ring. It barely made it through before a hushed voice on the other end spoke.

“Thank you for calling Miss Grimes. My employer will be glad you decided to accept his invitation. We have arranged for you to have the weekend off of work and a car will be by to pick you up at 6 pm. Friday evening. Dress is formal. You do have something to wear?”

“No, I’m afraid I don’t. May I ask who your employer is?”

“You will meet him on Friday. I will send a selection of garments to your home for you to choose from. You are a size 6 correct?”

She was almost afraid. These people knew about her but she knew nothing about them. “Yes sir that’s correct.”

“I’ll send them over tomorrow. We will see you Friday then. Goodnight Miss Grimes.” The receiver clicked and he was gone before she could say anything.

Mandy was scared but excited all at the same time. She had never thought of herself as anything special. She was tall for a woman at 5’11” but had never thought anything about it. Her auburn hair was straight and fell to her ample hips. She loved her long hair. It was her one vanity. She loved the way it framed her grass green eyes. She couldn’t wait till the dresses arrived. She was a nervous wreck.

She could imagine the layout. A big fancy dinner table with the mysterious host sitting at the far end of the shadows. It was almost like a fantasy of some sort. She wondered what he looked like.

Who could have been watching her? She worked at a local five star restaurant called Le Une. It was a high class place that only the rich came to. Was it one of her regular patrons? Which one? She started running their faces through her head. But none of them seemed the type to do something like this.

She sat back down on the couch and picked up the remote. She started to flip the channels but she couldn’t get her mind off of what had just happened. The whole idea of someone watching her made her blush. She tried to imagine herself walking through the restaurant past tables shrouded on darkness. Her heart began to race as her mind tried to see who was watching her. Mandy had to be at work in a few hours. How could she work knowing that one of her customers could be the man she would meet on Friday?

Mandy’s mind wondered as she got ready for work. She got in the shower wondering how handsome her mystery man might be. All of the excitement and thoughts of being watched was starting to get her wet. She washed her long auburn hair. She wiped the soap from her eyes and began to wash her freshly shaven pussy. As she continued to think about her mystery man she let her hands wonder where they would. She slid two fingers deep inside her wet vagina. She found her hot spot quickly and easily. As she thought of how her weekend might unfold she rubbed deep inside herself quickly. She began to rub her clit with the other hand as hot water ran down her back.

She imagined dinner followed by romantic dancing. As they danced he kissed her deeply. She felt her body respond as she moved her fingers faster and faster. In her minds eye the kiss became more as he touched her breast gently through her dark blue evening gown. Her dream began to fade as she reached her own climax. She was breathing hard and even more excited about her meeting that weekend.

When Mandy walked into work that night she looked around at the crowded tables trying to see if someone was watching her. Her heart sank slightly as she saw no one looking her direction. She had worn her one of her sexiest bra and panty sets. It made her feel nice especially knowing that someone there might want to see what she was wearing under her uniform.

She made her rounds that night with an air of distraction. The manager had to call her name more then once to get her attention on several occasions that night. She was grateful to see the end of the night come. She was in the back washing dishes alone while the managers counted money upstairs. She thought of all the possibilities that had walked through the door this evening.

Mandy’s nipples were hard at the thought of it. She felt her own arm brush them and it sent a shiver down her body. She knew it would be almost an hour before the managers got done upstairs. She pulled her tight black skirt up and exposed her bright red thongs. They had a pearl string for a crotch. It had felt good rubbing against her clit and pussy as she had walked the guest to their tables.

Mandy began to finger herself lightly with one hand. The other hand reached inside her shirt and began to rub her nipples through the matching lace bra she wore. Then she slowly moved to her clit. She began to pull on it causing some pain as she masturbated. Her fingers just weren’t doing the trick this time. She looked down at a freshly washed spatula with a wooden handle. She smiled and reached down and picked it up. She lubed it up with her own juices and slid it deep into her vagina. Mandy began to pump feverously. Hard and harder with each thrust. She began to alternate between her clit and nipples. Pulling one or the other. She fought not to scream as the climax hit her. She sighed as she slid the kitchen utensil back out and began to straighten her close. She rewashed the spatula and finished the rest of the dishes.

She knocked on the counting room door. She got a muffled answer from beyond the door. “I’m done. Just wanted you to know I’m headed home,” Again a muffled answer as she turned and walked away. She glanced over at the work schedule for the rest of the week. She was marked off all the way till Monday. The managers hadn’t asked her what was going on so they must know her admirer well.

She went home and dropped on the couch. Tomorrow the dresses would be here for her to look at. That was exciting enough as it was. She barely made enough money to get by let alone buy an expensive dress. She was thinking about the dresses as she dozed off to sleep.

The ringing phone woke her Thursday morning. She jerked awake from a dream. Her surroundings were blurry. She reached behind her and picked up the phone.


“Miss Grimes?”


“The dresses should arrive in about an hour. I have sent a selection of twenty dresses. Please select three. You will be wearing one to the dinner tomorrow and the others on later occasions. I will also have someone arrive early tomorrow to help you with you hair and makeup. You must be dressed accordingly.”

“That’s kind of you.” She laughed softly, “I feel like a movie star.”

The man on the other end of the phone softened a little and laughed as well. “You are in my employers eyes it seems. I’m sure you will enjoy yourself immensely. Good day Miss Grimes.”

“Good day.” She hung the phone up and jumped in the shower. She was just pulling on her jeans when there was a knock on the door. She flew to answer it her heart pounding with excitement. There was a young woman at the door.

“Miss Grimes, I’m Ashley. I will be assisting you in fitting the dresses that you chose today. May I come in?”

“Of course.” Mandy moved out of the way so Ashley could roll the rack of dresses in.

Ashley was barely over five foot tall. Her long black hair fell to her waist. Her Asian heritage was extremely obvious in her fragile face. Her blue eyes stood out in contrast. Mandy wondered what her secret admirer saw in her if he had women as beautiful as Ashley working for him.

“Is there something wrong Ms. Grimes?”

“No just thinking what your employer wants with me when he has someone so beautiful working for him.”

Ashley began to laugh as she walked around the rack towards Mandy. She smiled up at Mandy and walked her over to the mirror on the back of the closet door.

“You are beautiful too Ms. Grimes. You’re tall, you have the most amazing green eyes and your hair is to die for. I just wish I was as tall as you. Your eyes could stop any man in his tracks. If you’d quit hiding behind your hair. I’ve seen you at the restaurant myself and you always look down or have your hair hiding your face.”

Mandy was blushing. She’d never really thought of herself as pretty. Maybe she should take a little more time and really look at herself someday.

“Let’s get started shall we?”
Ashley asked Mandy to slip out of her clothes so she could begin to try the dresses on. Mandy had never undressed in front of a woman before. She blushed slightly as she stripped down to her green bra and thong. The first dress Ashley held out to her was a brilliant yellow. It was extremely long and fell in puddles at her feet. It had on tiny strap on the left shoulder holding the top up. It fit tightly at her waist and loosened up at her hips. Mandy had never been one to wear a lot of yellow but she loved the cut of the dress.

“Not your color I’m afraid dear but the dress fits wonderfully on you. Let’s try it in purple. That may look better.” Mandy stripped out of the yellow dress and into the purple one.

“Much better. “ Ashley pulled out another dress and handed it to Mandy. This continued for the better part of an hour. Mandy must have tried on thirty dresses. She was beginning to feel uncomfortable. Every time she took one dress off Ashley would stare at her intently.

Mandy finally got the nerve up to ask her if anything was wrong. Ashley smiled and walked up to her took a deep breath. “I’m bi sexual. You are beautiful. Have you ever been with a woman?”

“Oh my…no. I’m flattered Ashley but I don’t think I could ever do anything like that. I’ve not actually been with that many men either.“ Mandy was so embarrassed.

Ashley laughed softly. “That’s ok. I understand. I’m sure this will be a new experience for you at the mansion tomorrow. Well we have your three dresses. I will see you tomorrow. Get plenty of sleep. My employers parties last well into the night.”

Mandy held the door as Ashley left. She had the entire day to spend wondering what was going to happen the next night. She leaned up against the door after she closed it. She took a deep breath and realized her nipples were hard. Had Ashley’s attraction actually gotten her horny. Surely not she thought. But she could feel the stirrings of it in her now damp pussy.

She moved to the couch and let her hand run along her inner thigh. Mandy hadn’t bothered to redress after Ashley had finished. She closed her eyes and let her hand continue to wonder. She soon found her hard clit and began to rub it softly. She imagined herself in her fancy dresses. Men and women both looking at her and telling her how beautiful she looked. Her other hand moved to her bra and began to rub her nipple through the green lace. She felt her self begin to orgasm and her back arched off the couch. She relaxed with a sigh and closed her eyes.

The next thing she knew the phone was ringing and it was dark outside. She grabbed the phone groggily.


The voice that answered her was soft thick and dark sounding. “Hello Mandy.”


“Are you excited about coming to my home tomorrow evening?”

Her heart skipped a beat as she realized it was her admirer. “Oh my yes. I am very excited. And flattered as well.”

The man laughed softly. “I’m glad. I assure you that your trip this weekend will be like nothing you have ever experienced before. Bring some nice lingerie and some casual clothes as well. It’s cool weather in the mountains right now so make sure they are warm as well.”

“All right. I’ll do that. May I know your name?”

Once again laughter reached her ears. “All in due time my dear. All in due time. Until tomorrow Mandy.”

She hung up the phone and got dressed. It was eight o’clock and she still had time to go buy some nice lingerie. She ran down the down the stairs. She hit the sidewalk at a full run. There were several nice shops down the street from her apartment. She’d never really bought this kind of lingerie before. She found the first shop quickly and walked in. Nerves hit her quickly as she looked around at all the teddies and other kinds that she had no idea what they were. She decided to stick to what she knew. She found a soft blue teddy with a sheer shawl. It was so beautiful. She snatched it up without a second thought.

Mandy blushed the whole time she was paying for the lingerie. She mumbled her thanks and headed back to the apartment. Her heart was still pounding as she made her way into her bedroom. She pulled her suitcase out of the closet and packed her new lingerie away. She began to pick out clothes for the weekend. She could only imaging what was to come.

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She pulled several warm but sexy sweaters out of the back of the closet. She wanted to look sexy but not slutty. It could be a hard line not to cross. Once she was satisfied about her selection she fell onto her bed. She was excited, horny, scared and nervous all at the same time. Mandy thought about masturbating yet again but something about it seemed wrong. Something told her to wait. That it would be worth it if she did. She began to fidget around the apartment. She finally made her way to the shower. All she could do was imagine what it would be like the next day. A big mansion hall full of roses, soft music and candles. She closed her eyes and let her mind wander.

Mandy began to think of her host. She imagined him tall with the dark eyes and hair. She could see him as he spun her around and around the dance floor. He leaned her backwards in a romantic move bringing her back up into a deep kiss. It seemed to last forever. There was a buzzing beginning in the back of her mind. She sat up suddenly realizing it was her alarm clock. She must have fallen asleep while she was thinking.

The clock read 10 am. She had a lot of stuff to do before they came to pick her up at 3. She knew it was several hours drive to the mountains near her home. She headed to the shower. Her mind kept wondering away from what needed to be done to think about the coming night. After her shower she made sure all her clothes were packed and picked out a sexy low cut sweater for the trip up the mountains. It was a deep green and complimented her auburn hair and green eyes. She wore dark brown boots under her skin tight jeans. They had just a hint of a heel on them. She was already tall for a woman and didn’t want to seem too tall.

She looked at herself in the mirror and went to do her makeup and hair. When she finished all her personal preparation it was almost 2 o’clock. She had taken her dear sweet time wanting everything to be perfect. She was starving so she fixed a sandwich and set down to watch some TV while her mind wandered. She was so excited that she couldn’t concentrate on anything on the TV. She took her plate to the sink and flopped onto the couch. She was so horny she could fell the dampness between her legs. She longed to touch herself but something kept telling her to wait. She was debating with herself when her door bell rang. She jumped at the noise. She grabbed her bag and went to answer the door. A very handsome older man stood at her door.

“Ms. Grimes?”

“Yes.” She was shaking she was so excited.

“I’ll take your bag if you will follow me please.” He took her bag and headed down the stairs. Mandy locked her door then ran to catch up. When she reached the bottom he was holding the door waiting patiently. She said thanks as she walked by him. He opened the door and let her settle herself inside the plush limo.

Mandy settled in nervously and watched the city fade away as they drove. She smelled something funny inside the limo. She took a deep breath and began to cough. Her head felt light and she couldn’t keep her eyes open. She was suddenly afraid. She slipped into the welcoming blackness with the taste of fear on her tongue.

Mandy’s head was spinning when she opened her eyes. She was still in the limo but they were stopped and the limo driver was at her door asking if she was ok.

“Yeah…I don’t know why I fell asleep. What time is it?”

“It’s almost 8 pm miss. If you would follow me I will take you inside.”

Mandy slid out of the limo and followed the driver up the stairs. The mansion was huge. It was three stories high and seemed insanely old. It was dark and silent. She was suddenly scared. They reached the door at the top of a set of marble step. The wind was whipping around Mandy as she waited for the driver to open the door. It opened with a creak that did nothing to soothe her fears.

When the door finally opened all the way she was greeted with a sight that made her forget the outside of the house. It was bright, warm and full of sound. A young woman took her bag as she entered the door. “Please follow me Ms. Grimes. We have been waiting on you. Your room is ready.”

“Thank you.” Mandy followed the eager young blond up the stairs.

Her room was warm and full of heavy furniture. She felt much better seeing that the room was so welcoming. She flopped onto the bed and smiled. She looked at the young woman and smiled.

“This is a beautiful room!”

“My employer asked me to help you dress for dinner. It is formal and your dresses have been hung waiting your arrival. Which one would you like to wear?” She opened the closet and Mandy looked at the dresses. Her eye went straight to the dark electric blue dress with the low cut bodice and spaghetti straps.

“The blue one please.”

The young woman took it out of the closet and handed it to Mandy. She quickly stripped out of her jeans and into the dress. She looked at herself in the mirror that hung on the closet door. She looked like a princess out of a fairy tale.

“He will like that one…blue is his favorite color.” The maid told her.

“How long till I get to meet him?” Mandy played with her hair trying to decide how she would wear it.
“Wear your hair down. It’s beautiful. You’ll meet him as soon as we get you ready. Then you are to join him at the dinner table before the other guests arrive.”

Mandy let her hair fall and let the young lady brush it out. She sat at the vanity that was covered with make up and perfumes. The young woman began to work on Mandy’s makeup. Nerves hit her as she sat still under the gentle touch of the maid.

“I’m scared.”

The maid laughed, “I would be too. My employer is a wonderful and handsome man.”

“What is his name?”

“I can’t tell you. He wants everything to be a surprise. “She giggled again. “Now…let’s get you down stairs.” She slid a pair of high heels onto Mandy’s feet and stood up.

Mandy followed the young woman down the stairs. The maid stopped outside a huge set of doors. She turned and motioned for Mandy to wait and slipped inside. She could hear muffled voices and then the door cracked open again. The maid motioned her inside with a smile. The room was dark except for a few lights near the door. A deep voice greeted her.

“Welcome Mandy. I am so glad you decided to join me this weekend. My god you are beauty it’s self.”

She could feel a blush run up her cheeks. “Thank you. May I know the name of the man I will be sending the weekend with?”

He laughed softly and she heard a chair move as he walked out from the shadows. “Let me introduce myself. My name is Eric Lasse.

The man that stood before her was the most handsome man she had ever seen. He was easily over six foot tall. His hair was a soft blond and his eyes were the most beautiful blue she had ever seen. She felt her heart jump up in her throat as he reached out and took her hand. He kissed it softly and lead her to the seat on the right hand of his.

“The other guest will be here in moments. After dinner I would like to take you on a tour of the house. I want you to know it well and treat it as your own. I would love for you to spend more weekends with me like this if it goes well.”

“I hope it goes very well. I don’t really remember seeing you at the restaurant though Mr. Lasse. I know that must seem horribly rude.”

He laughed softly, “That’s all right. You never did see me because I was always in the office. I own that restaurant. “

“Oh my goodness. You’re THE Eric everyone talks about? Oh wow…this is wild.” She laughed softly at the mental picture she had made of him. The old wrinkly man that never came out of the office.

“Yes that’s me. Ahhh…our first guest have arrived. Make your self comfortable. I’ll have them bring you a drink while you wait for me to return.” Eric stood and motioned for one of his servants over. “Bring her a drink. Attend her as you would me.” The woman nodded and headed over to the bar that was set up near the table.

Mandy sipped the fruity drink that the woman handed her. Several minutes later Eric rejoined her at the table followed by a large crowd of well dressed men and women.

“I’m afraid this dinner maybe a little boring my dear. It will be a lot of business. But hopefully the food and music will be to your liking.”

Mandy smiled at Eric sweetly. “That’s all right. I don’t mind. I’m honored to be here.”

She listened quietly as the men and women talked about Eric’s different businesses. She drank many more drinks by the time desert was served. Her head was swimming pleasantly. She noticed the table was emptying out as deserts were finished.

Mandy turned to Eric and smiled. “Are your guest leaving?”

“Yes we’ve finished. Are you ready for your tour my dear?”

“Oh of course…that would be wonderful.” She took his offered hand. She swayed a little on her feet.

“Drank a little more then you thought my dear?” Eric laughed softly as he lead her toward the back doors of the dining room.

“Yes a little but I’ll be fine.” She leaned on his arm as they walked.

He led her through the rooms slowly. Showing her all of his artwork and prized possessions. There were hundreds of bedrooms it seemed, each with a different theme. There was a kitchen on each level but the main kitchen was right behind the dinning room. They were back on the first level in the foyer where she had arrived many hours earlier. She noticed a set of stairs leading down to yet another level.

“What is down there Eric?”

He laughed and led her to the top of the stairs. “That my dear…is my dark secret. My play room.”

“What kind of play room?”

“One that I don’t think you are ready for or interested in.” He started to walk away from the stairs. Mandy turned to join him.

“I want us to get up early in the morning and go on an outing through the mountains. Would you like that my beautiful lady?”

“Oh yes…I love the mountains and the outdoors.”

“Good. Then I will escort you to your room and say goodnight. We shall leave early and it is midnight or a little after now. Shall we?”

She took his offered hand, looked over her shoulder at the stairs and turned to walk up to her room. They reached her door moments later. She turned to thank him for the wonderful evening. He was smiling and looking down at her. She returned his smile. Her breath caught in her throat as he bent his head to kiss her softly. Mandy felt her legs go week. The kiss became more passionate and deep. He pulled away with a sigh. “Good night my beautiful one. Sleep well.”

She watched him walk down the hall way. She went in her room and slipped into her nightgown. She curled up exhausted on the huge fluffy bed and sank into sleep.

Mandy’s dreams were full of dark stair cases and thought of dungeons. She jerked awake as one of her dreams became dark and full of evil things. The first thing she thought of when she awoke was Eric’s playroom. What was down there? Why was it a dark secret?

She slipped out of bed and into the hall. Slowly she made her way back through the maze of halls and rooms until she came back to the foyer. She stood at the top of the stairs debating whether she should go down or not. He wouldn’t know she was there. Then maybe she could sleep in peace. She put a foot on the top stair then with a deep breath made her way down.

She reached the bottom easily and quickly. She had expected it to be pitch black once she reached the bottom but there were faint lights on in the ceiling above. She could make out huge pieces of furniture and things hanging on the walls but she couldn’t see them clearly. Suddenly the lights came on full force and she was blinded.

“I told you that you weren’t ready for this. I ask you as a guest in my house and you trespass into areas that you are not welcome in. I can only handle this one way my dear.”

Mandy had yet to turn around as she took in the site before her. There were whips, floggers, canes and chains hanging everywhere. All kinds of racks and torture devices hung from the walls. She felt her heart jump into her throat when his hand touched her shoulder.

“I’ll have to punish you Mandy. You brought it on yourself so I expect you not to fight me.”

“No please Eric. I’m sorry. I’ll go home if you want me too. It’s just that I kept dreaming about it. Please…I won’t tell anyone.”

“No. You did this now you must pay for it. Then I may let you go home.”

“May let me go home? You can’t keep me here. People will be looking for me. They will miss me at work.” She knew as soon as she said the last thing that it wasn’t true. Eric owned the restaurant and could tell her boss whatever he wanted.

She tried to turn to face him but he wouldn’t let her. “Just so you know…you are actually fulfilling a fantasy of mine. I’ve dreamed of having you in my service.”

She felt fear grip her heart but she also felt other parts of her respond as he grabbed her roughly and moved her towards a huge cage in the back of the room. “Please no…don’t put me in that thing.”

He opened the door and pushed her in. “I’ll be back in a few moments. Have that night gown off by the time I get back.”

She was shaking with fear as she watched this gorgeous man walk away from her. She felt her body singing with anticipation. She’d never been into this kind of thing before. She was a very in control type of person. She was still wearing the nightgown when he came back. She didn’t notice him till the whip hit the front of the cage. She screamed and jumped back. She looked out at Eric. He was standing in front of her dressed in nothing but a pair of soft blue shorts. His chest was bare and it made her catch her breath.

“I thought I told you to be out of that thing by the time I got back!” He yelled.

“I’m sorry Eric. I’ll take it off.”

“You will address me as sir or master while you are in my service. And you will thank me for anything I give you. Do you understand?”

“Yes.” She was shaking with fear and excitement.

The whip hit the cage again, “YES WHAT!!!!” He screamed.

“Yes sir!”

“Better…off with it. You are mine and will do as I say. Do you understand me?”

“Yes sir,” it came out muffled as she pulled the gown off of her toned body. She looked at Eric when she finished. He was smiling and his shorts were much tighter then they had been. She couldn’t help but wonder what he looked like under those shorts.

Eric opened the cage door and motioned her out. He took her forcibly by the arm and took her over to a saw horse that was bolted to the floor. He stood her in front of it and reached for a small table he had set up next to it. He put an ankle cuff on each foot and then turned her to face the saw horse. He attached them to clasp on the bottom of the saw horse. She could feel her heart racing.

She heard him pick up something else on the table and walk around in front of her. He then attached a cuff to each hand. Finally he reached behind him and pulled out a thick black collar and a lock. He reached around her, fastened the collar and locked it.

“I’ve decided that I will keep you here for a while. That collar will be all the clothes you need unless I decide to take you above or outside the house. You will be in my service for a long time. You are absolutely the most gorgeous woman I’ve had in my possession. I think we will have many enjoyable sessions.”

Mandy was left speechless. As he spoke it came to dawn on her that everything she could see was all there would be of her world for a long time to come. She felt something inside her get cold. Tears filled her eyes and she looked at Eric. “Please no. I can’t be a slave. Please…punish me and let me go. Don’t keep me like some sort of dog. I’m begging Eric please!”

“You will come to enjoy it. I promise. I will treat you well. You will have many luxuries. I treat my people very well.”

She broke down into sobs. He ignored them as he bent her over the horse and fastened the wrist cuff to the saw horse. She couldn’t see where he went. Suddenly she felt the whip hit her soft untouched ass. She screamed as it hit her bare skin over and over again. The hits started to blend together as they came faster and faster. Her tears and screams stopped as she went numb to the pain. As suddenly as the whipping had begun a sudden pleasure filled her as she felt Eric’s fingers enter her pussy.

“As I thought. You are enjoying this, my lovely possession. You are soaking wet.” He brought her to the verge of orgasm and then stopped. She moaned as he brought her to the verge again and again.

“Please Eric. Let me orgasm. You are driving me crazy.” She begged.

Suddenly the whip hit her ass hard. “I am your master and you will not forget that!” He yelled.

She felt his hand brush over her ass. She felt fear grip her as his fingers played around her asshole. “Master please…I’ve never done that before. I don’t like it.”

“I see you are learning but you are talking too much. I’ll have to do something about that and teach you that you are the slave and mine to do with as I please.”

He walked around and lifted her head. He shoved a ball into her mouth and fastened it behind her head. She felt her heart sink as she realized that she was nothing more then a toy to him and there was nothing she could do about it. She was his. Yet something inside her liked it.

She felt him moving his hand around her virgin anus again. She was scared. She knew it would hurt. She felt cold liquid hit her anus. She gasped as the coldness of it. Then she felt an awful pressure as a butt plug forced its way into her. She tried to scream around the gag but it only come out as a muffled noise. Suddenly the pain was gone and she only felt full. Until the vibration began. Suddenly she felt her body responding to the stimulation. She began to squirm and moan around the gag. How could this feel so good? She felt her body near climax and Eric’s finger in her now dripping vagina yet again. Her body jerked as it reached that needed climax.

She slumped against the horse as the vibration stop. She had her eyes closed as he walked around and unhooked her hands. Once she stood up she could feel the butt plug again. He ungagged her and brushed the side of her face. She could smell her juices on his hand.

“Clean my hand slave.”

She felt her eyes get huge as he pressed his fingers into her mouth. She licked each finger clean. She was trying not to gag at the thought of it being her very own juices. Once they were clean he pulled them out and walked around and unhooked her feet.

“Time for bed my pet. After on adjustment to your wardrobe.”

“But Eric…Master…are you leaving that inside me?”

“Yes…it will stay until I feel like taking it out. And to make sure that you don’t take it out. I’ll be adding a chastity belt. No touching, feeling or playing with anything. And to make doubly sure I think a pair of mitt cuffs will be in order.”

She stood in front of the cage as he wrapped the leather belt between her legs and around her waist. He locked it firmly in place and put the mitts on her hands. There was no way that she could touch herself or try to get the locks off. He took her past the cage though a door into a bedroom. He helped her onto the bed. Once she was comfy he hooked a chain to her collar and another lock so that she couldn’t get off the bed. She was totally in his control. She sank into the bed utterly depressed yet feeling somewhat complete.

“Until tomorrow my pet. Sleep well.” He turned the lights out and shut and lock the door.

She closed her eyes and drifted off into a deep dreamless sleep.

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