View Full Version : A Simple guide to Private messaging or PM's

09-11-2012, 07:02 AM
Reading some of the threads it seems some people are unsure as to how to send private messages; so hopefully to help you along here is a simple private message guide.

Firstly along the blue banner heading you will see the words private messages. so click this and when the page changes you will see in the main box any private messages sent to you similar to your email readers inbox.

In the top box on the left you will see my messages in this list the command to send a new message.

click this and yet another screen opens in which there is a main box called reciepient users this is the equivilant to the email addy box on emails. Put the members user name in here for the person or persons you wish to receive the message.

Below this is your standard message box and here is where you type your message.

Finally hit the submit button and your private message or pm is on its way to being delivered. the only error messages you may receive are for those members who have opted not to receive pm's.

Hope you find this useful.