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Richard P
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A Cuckolds Diary 1.

Journal Extracts 1.

The following are verbatim extracts from my Journals, including dialogue as recorded at the time; plus additional, (bracketed) explanation or comment if and when required. I have kept a Diary since my childhood but switched to the Journal format a couple of years before these entries begin, finding the unstructured pages of a notebook more useful than the limiting daily sections of a diary.

First a few minimal personal details.

At the time of these first entries I was 36, my wife, a petite and very attractive brunette, 33. Childless, we had been married for 8 years.

SATURDAY, JULY 19, 2003.

Left home ten a.m. arrived in Looe five p.m. Two breaks en route but a longer journey to Cornwall than I'd expected. Our cottage seems very good with the owner, Doug, living in the adjoining one. Looked round Looe in the evening and sampled a couple of pubs. Bumped into Doug in one of them. Dark-haired and tanned, the muscular looking Doug is a divorcee in his mid-forties.

SUNDAY, JULY 20, 2003.

Walked the coastal path to a monkey sanctuary after lunch in a pub recommended by Doug. It proved to be as good as he'd said and I wish we'd taken his other piece of advice. Doug remarked that the coastal path is longer and more strenuous than it looks on the map and suggested driving. Of course I knew better and insisted we walk, tiring us both out in the process. To say that Marie was annoyed would be an understatement. No lovemaking tonight! The second night running as I'd been too tired after the drive on Saturday.

MONDAY, JULY 21, 2003.

Drove to Fowey and the Daphne Du Maurier visitor centre, one of our favourite authors. Interesting to see the area she was so familiar with.

Relaxing in the rear garden later when Doug popped round to suggest meeting up for a drink in the evening. Marie was only wearing her yellow bikini pants and he could hardly take his eyes off her breasts! In the pub later he could hardly take his eyes off her legs, Marie wearing a rather short skirt. I think we all probably drank too much, I was certainly too far gone for lovemaking later. The drink also loosened Doug's tongue because during a visit to the loo he bemoaned the lack of sex in his life, admitting to not having had intercourse since his marriage broke up over three years ago. Doug said he envied me having a very attractive, sexy looking wife.

TUESDAY, JULY 22, 2003.

The Eden project early with me feeling decidedly the worse for wear.
Sunbathing in the garden later when Doug joined us. At one point Marie fetched a couple of drinks, handing him the second one and leaving me to fetch my own. She is plainly still miffed with me. Like yesterday, Doug could hardly take his eyes off my wife's breasts; the main reason he'd come round, I suspect!


Drove to a number of castles around Bodmin. Went on my own as Marie said she didn't fancy walking round a lot of stuffy old buildings and wanted to sunbathe instead.

On my return I found her sunbathing in Doug's garden. He'd invited us to use it, which is good of him, as his garden is not only more secluded than ours but also better appointed. I bet Doug was disappointed though because Marie reclined next to him wearing her short mauve skirt and white top instead of being topless as in our garden! Marie had enjoyed her rest in the sun anyway; she seemed on top of the world. Annoyingly though, there was still no lovemaking tonight.

THURSDAY, JULY 24, 2003.

We'd planned a trip to the lost gardens of Heligan today but Marie again cried off, which surprised me as I thought it was something she was particularly interested in seeing. I said I'd stay and sunbathe with her, a bit annoyed because it's not really my thing; I like to get out and about as Marie well knows. Indeed, she encouraged me to go without her, saying it wasn't fair to spoil my holiday plans on her account.

When I returned from a very enjoyable trip Marie was again sunbathing in Doug's garden, this time topless, which no doubt accounted for his jolly demeanour; several hours of ogling my wife's breasts! I waxed lyrical about the places I'd been but neither of them seemed particularly interested. I invited Doug to join us for an evening meal as a thank you for keeping Marie amused in my absence which he smilingly accepted.

We went to the usual pub but this time I deliberately restrained my drinking. However, it didn't do me any good as Marie wasn't in the mood for sex. When she undressed I noticed a blemish on her bottom and jokingly said it looked like a love bite. Oh, that must be the bruise from when I walked into a corner of the table Marie told me, quickly slipping into her nightdress, no doubt to dampen my ardour.

FRIDAY, JULY 25, 2003.

Out on my own again today, this time by train to Liskeard. I didn't find it very interesting though, and decided to catch an early train back to Looe and take Marie for a pub lunch. You never know it might put her in the mood for an afternoon of lovemaking.

She wasn't in the cottage so I assumed she'd be next door sunbathing again. Popping upstairs to change my shirt, I glanced out of a rear window to check if Marie was indeed next door, the window commanding a good view of Doug's garden.

What I saw stopped me in my tracks. Doug's bare backside was pumping up and down like a piston and the knees bent up on either side of it were plainly Marie's! I was dumbstruck, rooted to the spot and staring as though hypnotised by the sight of Doug fucking my wife. I soon realised I could also hear Marie's ecstatic cries ringing out as he really gave it to her. Strangely there was no thought of running outside and venting my anger. Stranger still was the realisation that I had developed an erection!

What happened next I can only attribute to frustration caused by the lack of sex during our holiday because I actually stood there masturbating while watching Doug fucking my wife! I came in my hand long before he did, but inside Marie.

The reason for his longevity was explained when I later learned that it was their second bout of intercourse that morning.

Shocked, not only by the discovery of my wife's adultery but my own automatic reaction to it, I just remained standing at the window until the end. When Marie's cries reached a crescendo I was shattered to realise she'd experienced orgasm, something never attained during intercourse but only through oral sex with me. When Doug eventually rolled off to lie beside her I received yet another shock. His penis, though now flaccid, looked huge. Certainly considerably bigger than my own modest member.

Seeing the lovers looking very contented and pleased with themselves I was uncertain what to do. However, when Marie began playing with Doug's penis it was time to act. Running next door, I blurted out that I'd seen everything from the window. Marie was embarrassed to have been caught out but not so Doug who just said, "I suppose you had a wank while watching, otherwise you'd have intervened."

I bit my lip saying nothing; he'd rather taken the wind out of my sails.

"I'm right, aren't I?" he persisted, and I nodded dumbly.

Doug laughed before telling me to fetch them a couple of drinks as it was hot work making love in the sun. I just turned to do his bidding as though on automatic pilot. Before I'd finished preparing their drinks Doug came in needing the loo. Pausing in his passage through the kitchen he said, "If you saw as much as you said you'll know how much your wife enjoyed it."

I just nodded dumbly.

"And presumably Marie's happiness is important to you?"

"Of course," I replied.

"Then you'll not object to your wife spending the remainder of the holiday in my bed rather than yours," Doug grinned, knowing he'd caught me there.

When I remained silent he added, "I'm a benevolent sort of chap. I'll let you watch and have a wank from time to time while I'm fucking your wife."


Well here I am spending the night alone while Marie shares Doug's bed. At least she was apologetic when fetching a few of her things, telling me it will only be for another week and his lovemaking is so exquisite she couldn't say no, a comment which makes my own situation seem even more humiliating. I also know by this time that while I've been sightseeing on my own these last few days, Doug has been fucking my wife.

SATURDAY, JULY 26, 2003.

It was strange waking up alone; humiliating too, knowing my wife is in bed with Doug next door, and I found myself wondering what they were up to. This unexpected turn of events also throws all my holiday planning awry.

After breakfast I went next door to see if they were up. Opening his door wearing just a robe, Doug told me to pop along to the shop and get him a pint of milk, a thick sliced loaf and a paper, specifying the Telegraph. As he wasn't dressed it seemed natural for me to do Doug's shopping. He was in the kitchen making coffee when I returned and told me that I might as well carry on making their breakfast and take it up to them on a tray along with his paper.

"You know how Marie likes her coffee after all," he said.

"Here's the till receipt," I said handing it to Doug, only to see him crumple the scrap of paper and throw it in the bin.

With that he left me to it. On top of not reimbursing me the cost of his shopping Doug seemed intent on using me as a servant, I thought to myself while preparing their breakfast.

(When we went for a meal that evening it was left for me to pick up the bill; a practice which was to continue throughout the week.)

I carried the tray upstairs and into the bedroom, Doug admonishing me for not knocking. While I stood meekly listening to his words - in future I must always knock before entering his bedroom - my eyes were on my naked wife lying beside him. Inevitably I developed an erection. After placing their respective breakfasts on the bedside cabinets on either side of the bed I turned to go.

"Come back in about half an hour for the mugs and things. You can do the washing-up. In the meantime make yourself useful by mowing the lawn, the mowers in the shed," he told me.

I've no idea why I obeyed Doug; there was obviously no compulsion but it just seemed the natural thing to do and I set to and cut his grass before returning upstairs for the breakfast things. This time I tapped on the door and waited for Doug's voice to bid me enter.

"Good, your learning," he grinned.

He then told me I was expected to serve their breakfast at the same time each morning, along with his newspaper, when he'd give me my instructions for the day. I just nodded before taking the tray back down to the kitchen. While doing the washing-up I contemplated the humiliation of being treated as little more than a lackey by this guy who was daily fucking my wife but oddly there was no question of refusing his orders.

(The rest of our holiday passed, for me at least, in something of a blur. Doug continued to ‘enjoy’ as he put it, my wife each day while using me to carry out various chores for him. I washed his car one day and on another dusted and hoovered his house from top to bottom while they went to St Austel for the day. Perhaps I hoped to please Marie by serving her lover in this way and that marital relations would be resumed after the holiday, when hopefully her brief fling would quickly be forgotten.
Each morning while making Doug's bed the semen stains would remind me that he wasn't using a condom while having sex with my wife. Lucky sod, I've never had sex without one. We don't want children but unlike Doug I haven't had a vasectomy in case we change our minds at some stage.)


The final day before our return to normality tomorrow.

All week Doug had been teasing me about watching their lovemaking and today he wanted it to happen. I was reluctant, knowing it would be humiliating for me, but he was insistent.

"I want you to see for yourself just how much your wife likes my cock," he told me.

However, there was a bit more to it than that. While Marie was in the bathroom Doug ordered me to strip naked. He then tied me to a chair facing the foot of the bed, my wrists secured behind my back.

"Now you won't be able to play with your little cock while watching me fucking your wife," he jeered. "Later I'm going to put you across my knee and spank your bare arse in front of her."

"Oh no," I gasped, his words sending shivers up and down my spine, but Doug just laughed.

I felt my humiliation would be complete.

When Marie re-entered the bedroom she merely laughed at my predicament before undressing, deliberately I felt, keeping in my line of sight. My rapidly developing erection proved another source of amusement for them. When she slipped out of her skirt, I saw Marie was wearing stockings and suspenders and guessed she'd donned them to tease me, no doubt at Doug's instruction. It's the first time I've seen my wife in stockings and suspenders all holiday but Doug made a point of telling me that she's worn them for him a couple of times.

With my wife now naked but for the stockings and suspenders Doug moved behind her and his hands came round to cup Marie's pert little breasts. How I envied him as he played with them, rolling and tweaking Marie's nipples. Directly one of his hands began travelling slowly down her body my wife moved her legs apart in anticipation. Doug grinned over Marie's shoulder at me before sliding his hand between her thighs. I groaned, I couldn't help myself, and he laughed.

"Your wife's cunt is lovely and wet. Eager for my cock to fill it," Doug taunted, but at least she blushed at his words.

They remained like that for several minutes, Doug continuing to grin over my wife's shoulder at me while his fingers rubbed and probed between her legs. Perhaps it was just as well my hands were tied otherwise I would almost certainly have humiliated myself further at this point by masturbating.

Eventually Doug stripped off and I couldn't prevent a gasp breaking from my lips when his mighty penis was revealed in all its glory. Seeing it fully erect for the first time I was consumed by envy, my own looking pathetically small in comparison. Marie then sat sideways on my lap, the feel of her warm flesh on mine doing nothing to diminish my erection. Next I experienced the torment of seeing my wife licking, kissing and sucking, Doug's penis just inches from my face. I was actually groaning when she repeated the same process with his balls. Marie has never sucked my balls but she was doing so to Doug's with abandon. I also took it as an indication of my wife's infatuation for the guy - that and her willingness to play her part in my humiliation.

"Time to reciprocate," he told her.

While Marie climbed eagerly on to the bed Doug very slowly, and with a mocking smile on his face, rubbed his penis and balls all over my face.

"I'll do this again after I've fucked your wife so you can smell her juices on my cock," he hissed in my ear before joining her on the bed.

He was on top of her in a 69, presumably again enjoying the feel of Marie's mouth on his genitals. I couldn't see from my position. What I could see was the top of Doug's head as it moved about between her thighs. I soon heard cries of pleasure from the other end of the bed and knew my wife had abandoned his penis for the time being to fully enjoy the feel of Doug's tongue between her thighs. Eventually she was writhing and yelling in orgasm and I felt chagrined to see the power of it. Doug raised his head, chin glistening wetly, and there was a triumphant expression on his face. Climbing from the bed Doug strolled - swaggered, almost - to the foot of it with his erect penis in hand.

"Now I'm going to fuck your wife, filling her cunt with my cock the way your little thing never has," he taunted.

He was on the bed then and moving on to her. Doug's buttocks rose and remained in the air for a few seconds before sinking slowly back down, accompanied by a joyful cry from Marie. Up and down moved his buttocks, each thrust of his penis into her eliciting further cries of joy from my wife. Suddenly his movements ceased and he turned his head to look over his shoulder at me.

"The entire length of my cock's buried deep inside your wife's cunt and she loves it," Doug taunted, wriggling his buttocks to elicit further cries from her.

I bit my lip, Doug laughing at my distraught expression.

"Now watch closely while I give your wife a good fucking, you might learn something."

He did too! Again I was as though hypnotised by the sight of Doug's buttocks pounding up and down between my wife's thighs, but this time of course at much closer range. Marie's wild cries rang out and I twisted and turned in vain against my bonds, not sure if I wanted to pull the guy off or masturbate while watching him fucking her! Marie's knees were up on either side of Doug's pumping backside and she clung to him desperately, all the while yelling ecstatically. I've never seen my wife in such a state.

"I'm coming," he suddenly grunted. "Filling your wife's cunt with my cream."

The clenching of Doug's buttocks confirmed his words.

My torment was far from over though. Rolling off, Doug seized a pillow to push beneath Marie's buttocks, thus raising them. "There, have a good look at what I've been enjoying while you've gone without these past two weeks."

Staring between her thighs I let slip an involuntary groan at the sight of my wife's vagina gaping open quite lewdly following the pounding he'd given her, Doug's semen clearly visible in and around it.

Fortunately Marie slipped to the bathroom and so missed my next humiliation for Doug kept his word. Laughing all the while, he again rubbed his penis and balls over my face, this time the smell of sexual activity strong in my nose.

Untying me, Doug took my place on the chair and instructed me to drape myself over his lap. It was what I'd been dreading but there was no thought of refusal; I adopted the required position with barely a protest. Next there came the final indignity when the guy I'd just watched fucking my wife proceeded to spank my bare bottom in front of her. Marie, though, seemed to find my humiliation at the hands of her lover highly amusing, even encouraging Doug to keep going when he showed signs of flagging. To my shame I was unable to prevent the cries which broke involuntarily from my lips.

"That's brought the colour to his cheeks," Doug said, finally tiring, and they both laughed. "Now clear off back next door."

Dressed and in the hallway about to leave, I looked up when Doug called from the landing. "I suppose you'll have a wank. Here, use these."

He threw my wife's knickers down, laughing when I automatically bent to pick them up. Leaving my tormentors cottage I let myself into our own and directly I was inside, literally still in the hallway, quickly released my erection to masturbate frantically into Marie's knickers! It seemed as if I'd been erect for hours.

When I went to bed I masturbated again while reliving in my mind the extraordinary events of the evening.


Incredible as it seems I masturbated again first thing this morning and can only put it down to pent-up frustration caused by my lack of sex over the last fortnight.

While I served their breakfast Doug asked me if I'd had a wank. When I replied in the affirmative he asked how many times, seeming to possess an uncanny knack of divining things.

"Three," I replied, almost whispering in my shame, which Doug found highly amusing.

Marie had done most of her packing so I loaded the car while they breakfasted, wanting to escape the gloating Doug as soon as possible. However, it wasn't that simple. I was sent upstairs to change Doug's soiled sheets for one last time while they said their goodbye's in the hall. The crumpled, semen-stained top sheet showed evidence of much sexual activity and I bundled it up quickly. Out of sight, out of mind.

While Marie went out to the car Doug held me back. "I'm keeping these as a trophy," he smirked, fishing a pair of Marie's knickers from his pocket.

"I've fucked your wife twenty seven times in eleven days," he went on, seemingly boasting of his prowess. "While you haven't had it at all."

Doug's laughter followed me out to the car.

We were both very quiet during the journey home, Marie I suspect already beginning to regret her fling with Doug.


Marie has been subdued all week, no doubt suffering remorse of conscience over her indiscretion with Doug.

SUNDAY, AUGUST 10, 2003.

I wanted sex this morning and Marie, though obviously reluctant, obliged. It was a disaster. Within seconds of entering her I came, depressingly unable to keep the image of Doug's backside pumping away between my wife's thighs out of my mind. A waste of a condom really as it had taken me longer to put it on than fill it! Obviously it did nothing for Marie but I think she was happy it was over so quickly, not being at all in the mood.

(Further extracts to follow.)