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Richard P
09-24-2012, 08:56 AM
A Cuckolds Diary 3.

Journal Extracts 2.


Glastonbury today. Had a good look round the ancient abbey ruins before making the climb up to the Tor. Marie didn't fancy the climb so we arranged to meet in a café on my return. Incredible views from the Tor and well worth the exertion to get up to it.

Met Marie at the café afterwards and found her in animated conversation with a guy who looked vaguely familiar. He introduced himself as Tom and it turns out he's staying at the same hotel as us, hence the vague familiarity. Told them about my visit to the Tor commenting to Marie, perhaps a bit annoyed that I’d had to make the trip on my own, that she wouldn't have found it too arduous. Tom arranged to meet us for a drink in the hotel bar this evening.


Enjoyed a drink with Tom. He's in Bath for a few days on business but didn't specify what kind. A guy of 50, Tom's a great wit and conversationalist and Marie sparkled in his company.

Returning from a visit to the loo at one point I could have sworn Tom's hand was on my wife's thigh but I may have been mistaken as he excused himself soon after my return, saying he needed an early night.


I woke up soon after midnight needing the loo. Marie's side of the bed being empty I assumed she'd beat me to it. When she hadn't returned after about five minutes, and with my bladder now bursting, I thought I'd better see if she was OK. To my surprise the en-suite was empty. Having relieved myself I returned to bed puzzled as to where she could be.

I must have dozed off because the next thing I knew was the sound of the door closing. I feigned sleep as Marie tiptoed into the room carrying her shoes. She also seemed to be carrying her underwear and the sight brought me fully awake and upright in the bed. Embarrassed, she had little choice but to confess where she'd been.

There is no easy way of writing this but it transpires that Tom had urged my wife to visit his room while I was asleep! In answer to my tentative question, not that I had any doubt, Marie admitted having had sex with him. What's more she’s agreed to visit his room again tonight and nothing I could say would change her mind. In fact she told me how annoying she found it when I'd sat up reading longer than usual, thus delaying her departure.

"At least now you know I won't have to hang about waiting for you to go to sleep," she commented.

I begged Marie not to let on to Tom that I knew about her having sex with him and she agreed. At least I'd be spared that humiliation, preferring Tom to think he was fucking my wife behind my back than that I knew but was powerless to stop her.


Breakfast was an embarrassment though. Inevitably Tom joined us and seeing his smirking face across the table and listening to my wife giggling at everything he said did nothing for my appetite. I could just imagine him gloating as he remembered cuckolding me with Marie last night and how he would do so again tonight.

Stayed in Bath today as we'd planned. Went to the Book Museum which was very interesting, also the Assembly Rooms. After a light lunch we viewed the Royal Crescent followed by Bath Postal Museum before returning to the hotel. Annoyingly, the first person we saw on entering the hotel was Tom who had just completed his business. He's leaving for home after breakfast tomorrow. While waiting for the lift he asked about our day and I replied that it had been interesting but tiring, I was looking forward to a nice long soak in the bath. We were about to enter the lift when the receptionist called across that there was a phone call for me so I went to take it while they travelled up without me. The call was from the President of Bath Rotarians telling me tonight's meeting has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. Pity, I was looking forward to going along as a guest. Still I mused, travelling up in the lift; at least it will prevent Tom doing anything with Marie in my absence. This turned out to be rather naïve.

Entering our room I found Marie in the act of slipping out of her knickers and tights. The sight of her standing there with the short black dress hiked up around her waist was a very arousing one. Flushing Marie told me that Tom had suggested she slip along to his room for a 'quickie' while I was having my long and leisurely bath.

"And you’re going?" I asked incredulous.

"Oh God yes, what he did to me last night was brilliant."

"What, as good as Doug?" I've no idea why I wanted to know or indeed remind myself of that humiliating episode.
Marie was pensive for a moment before saying, “Well almost but Tom's not quite as big.”

"Did you, er, did you suck Tom's penis?" Why I had to torment myself further I've no idea.

"Of course," she replied, almost scornfully.

At least she was blushing as she practically pushed me aside to reach the door.

"Well if you must go please don't let on that I know," I called after her.

After a very long, although not very relaxing bath, Marie still hadn't returned to our room but came in while I was towelling myself down. Whether it was the knowledge that my wife had just had sex with Tom, or more likely the sight of her slipping out of her dress that prompted my erection, I don't know.

"I suggest you do something to get rid of that," she smiled, indicating my erect penis before going to take a bath in her turn.

Well it's shameful to admit, even in the private pages of my Journal, but I did just that. Picking her discarded knickers up I wrapped them around my penis and masturbated, imagining as I did so the sort of things she might have been doing with Tom. Judging from the way she was singing in the bath Marie had certainly enjoyed herself.

When we met Tom for a drink later he looked very pleased with himself, as well he might! For some strange reason when I excused myself to visit the loo I lingered just outside the door to look back. This time there was no mistake. Taking advantage of my absence Tom not only had his hand on my wife's thigh but it was actually underneath her skirt. I hope no one in the bar saw them but it's quite likely some of them did.

In our room later there was no need for pretence so Marie said she'd just give it a few minutes and then pop along to Tom's room.

"I'll tell him you were worn out and are fast asleep already," she explained, evidently master of the situation.

"What about earlier. Did you enjoy your 'quickie'?" I asked, although I don't know why.

"Oh God yes. He did it to me doggie fashion," Marie said animatedly. "The feel of his big hard cock sliding in and out of me was gorgeous."

With that she was gone leaving me pondering my wife's words. Not so long ago her crude comments would have been unthinkable.

It must have been over two hours before Marie returned looking radiant, but at least she was apologetic whilst telling me she'd enjoyed great sex with him. Not that it was much consolation for me.

FRIDAY, AUGUST 20, 2004.

One last ordeal before Tom departs from our lives for good, and an ordeal it was. Again I was confronted by his smirking face over the breakfast table but this time he made a few snide remarks about unfaithful wives and their betrayed husbands. All of which indicated how the guy was gloating about cuckolding me with Marie, or at least that's my reading of it.

* * *

Journal Extracts 3.

(A bit of a jump now to my wife's fling with Peter. It was an affair which lasted for about eight months in 2005, with these Journal entries depicting a typical week during the last two months or so of it.)

MONDAY, JUNE 20, 2005.

Arriving at Peter's house around seven o'clock, Marie went inside while he gave me my instructions for the evening. I was to clean his car thoroughly, both inside and out, and then wait in my own car until Marie was ready to leave. Nothing unusual there and I cleaned Peter's car with a speed born from experience.

(Peter, who was a tad fastidious in my opinion, ordered me to clean his car twice a week.)

The work done, I settled done to read the book I'd brought with me in expectation of having time on my hands – it must be five months since the car cleaning routine began.

Eventually Marie came out, looking radiant as she always does on these occasions, and climbed into the passenger seat while Peter inspected my handiwork.

"Very good, your learning," he said, actually complementing me for a change. "Deliver your wife to me at the usual time tomorrow."

TUESDAY, JUNE 21, 2005.

Missed another Rotarians meeting tonight, the eighth this year. Good job I didn't take up the suggestion of becoming treasurer. We arrived at Peter's house around twenty past seven and Marie hurried inside; we were late, while he gave me my orders. I was instructed to cut his grass, front and back, before giving the borders a general tidy up. My work filled the evening and Marie was ready to go by the time I'd cleaned the tools and put them away.


Dropped Marie off at Peter's before returning for the monthly Council meeting. No topics of interest came up for discussion this evening. Picked a euphoric Marie up from Peter's afterwards. I don't know if it was a deliberate tease or she just wasn't thinking but my wife sat beside me in the car with her legs apart, literally oozing sexuality. With her skirt high and bare thigh visible above her stocking tops, I could actually smell Marie's sex, which didn't do anything for my concentration. They'd had a good long session tonight and I knew from Peter's gesture and smug expression that he'd fucked my wife twice.
While Marie went for a shower I masturbated using the photos Doug had taken of her, my only sexual outlet these days.

THURSDAY, JUNE 23, 2005.

At Peter's I was ordered to do his washing up followed by dusting and vacuuming all downstairs rooms. I set to directly they'd disappeared upstairs. Peter must have closed the doors because while working I could hear very little.

FRIDAY, JUNE 24, 2005.

Picked Peter up to drive him and my wife to their favourite restaurant. With his house to myself I cleaned all Peter's upstairs rooms, noticing a few items of my wife's underwear amongst his clothes in the basket waiting to be washed. One of my chores for tomorrow along with yet another clean of his car.

Returning to the restaurant I waited until they appeared before alighting from the car to hold the rear doors open for them to climb in, Marie first then round to the other side for Peter. He handed me the till receipt so I could reimburse him his expenses before climbing in beside Marie. Peter says that as he's keeping my wife well satisfied the least I can do is pay for their weekly meal out.

Back at his house I climbed out to open the rear doors for them, waiting patiently while they finished a long and passionate kiss. I couldn't help but notice my wife's skirt was high up her thighs with Peter's hand inside her knickers. Marie sat with legs apart, evidently enjoying whatever it was his fingers were doing between them. Once they'd alighted from the car I handed Peter a sum of money which more than covered his restaurant bill and while putting it in his pocket he held the other hand up to my nose.

"You can smell where my fingers have been, deep inside your wife's exceptionally juicy cunt, and that's where my cock will be in a little while unlike yours," he smirked. "Right, now sod off and I'll expect you back here at midday tomorrow."

They headed towards the front door and looking back over his shoulder to see if I was watching, Peter grinned and slid his hand down my wife's back to pat and squeeze her bottom. He would soon be doing much more than that to her, I found myself thinking bitterly as I climbed into the car.

Back home I showered before retiring to sleep in our double bed alone, fully erect as I thought of my wife sharing Peter's bed and possibly being fucked by him yet again at that very moment.

SATURDAY, JUNE 25, 2005.

Awoke with an erection as usual but refrained from masturbating. Hopefully I'll be able to do that later at Peter's.

Arrived at his house around twelve noon and he let me in with the words, "Think yourself lucky. I've brought the washing down ready for you."
He indicated the clothes basket at the foot of the stairs.

Once I'd loaded the washing machine and set it running, having put his underpants to one side, I began preparations for lunch. Peter insists that I wash his underpants by hand, perhaps thinking it a further humiliation. I certainly find it so. The cooking under way I popped upstairs to use the loo. Inevitably I glanced into his bedroom in passing and was excited to see my wife reclining naked on Peter's bed, watching him dress. With the bed opening on to the foot of the bed and seeing Marie laying there, legs apart, I couldn't help but stop and look. I developed an instant erection starring greedily between my wife's thighs. The vulva lips, just visible amidst the mass of jet black pubic curls, really turned me on until my view was suddenly blocked by Peter.

"Nosy bastard, that's not for you. Sod off," he said. "If you're good I'll let you watch while I give your wife a good fucking later, after I've tanned your bare arse in front of her."

I knew he would too. Every Saturday Peter puts me across his knee to spank or slipper my bared buttocks in front of Marie, a humiliation he says designed to keep me in my place.

With lunch almost ready Peter entered the kitchen to see how I was getting on.

"Lunch will be served in ten minutes Sir," I told him, by this time automatically adopting the subservient tone he expects.

"Let's see, how long has it been since I first had the pleasure of fucking your wife?" he asked.

Peter enjoys teasing and taunting me and today was going to be one of those days.

"Just over six months, Sir," I replied.

"For six months I've been fucking your wife whenever I feel like it while you’re not getting any," he jeered.

"That's correct Sir," I confirmed.

Peter laughed before asking, "So, what's the extent of your sex life nowadays?"

"Just masturbation Sir, ideally when you graciously permit me to watch you having sex with Marie."

When he'd finished laughing Peter said, "Wanking is all your little cock's fit for isn‘t it?"

"Yes Sir," I agreed, hanging my head in shame.

I've no idea why I adopt such a subservient role with Peter; it just seems to occur naturally. It's as though I have a need to abase myself before him.

After serving their lunch in the dining room, and as I’m not allowed to eat with them, I had mine in the kitchen as usual. Returning to the dining room later, I asked if they'd finished and if everything had been to their satisfaction.

"Yes, very good," Peter replied, almost grudgingly. "Now you can fetch my shoes before clearing the table and doing the washing up. We're going out for a walk."

Fetching Peter's shoes I knelt at his feet to put them on and lace them up for him, a ritual he introduced some time ago, again designed to reinforce my submission to him. As Marie had popped upstairs to use the loo before their walk, Peter decided some more taunting of me was in order.

"When we return I shall probably have your wife's knickers off and give her cunt a good tongue licking while she sucks my cock. Then I shall fill her cunt with my big fat cock, the way I have many times before, and give her the fucking she craves but can't get from you."

"Can I watch Sir?" I asked hopefully.

We could hear Marie descending the stairs and lowering his voice Peter said, "Yes, but it will cost you ten pounds and a spanking."

He knew full well I'd gladly pay. The fact that her lover charges me ten pounds a time to watch their lovemaking, an innovation of two months ago, is something Marie as yet knows nothing about.

Once they'd gone I quickly got the washing up done, having first had the distasteful job of hand washing seven pairs of his underpants, and was able to relax before they returned.

Directly they came in Marie said, "I'm going upstairs to undress. Don't be long."

She kissed him, her hand rubbing the front of Peter's trousers, before leaving the room.

"See how eager your wife is for my cock," he taunted.

I handed Peter the required ten pounds knowing he's right. I'm still amazed by Marie's voracious sexual appetite nowadays. Her first lover, Doug, seems to have awoken in my wife an insatiable desire for sex in all its permutations. Peter must be fucking her at least ten or eleven times a week and it hardly seems enough!

I meekly followed Peter up to the bedroom where we found Marie already naked on his bed. She'd wasted no time! Peter undressed, handing me each article of clothing as he removed it with instructions to hang or fold as required. Naked he faced me, the mighty penis my wife loves so much hanging between his thighs like a big thick length of hosepipe. Even in its flaccid condition Peter's penis is probably three times the size of my own erect one, a fact he never tires of demonstrating to my wife as he did now.

Ordering me to strip Peter stood watching, a mocking smile on his face. Then I was ordered across his knee for the promised spanking, Marie laughing as she watched my humiliation at her lover's hands. By the time Peter ordered me to my feet I was embarrassingly erect, signalling the excitement his beatings for some unaccountable reason invariably arouse in me. Of course we had to stand side by side at the foot of the bed so Peter could demonstrate to Marie the superior dimensions of his penis.

"Look, even with a hard-on your husbands cock is nowhere near as big as my soft one," he pointed out, the way he's done many times before. "Which do you prefer?"

"No contest. Yours of course," Marie replied spontaneously. She never has any hesitation in adding to my humiliation and in fact seems to enjoy doing so.

A laughing Peter said, "Kneel and pay homage, wimp."

On my knees at Peter's feet I knew exactly what I had to do. It's a regular ritual. Today though, for some inexplicable reason I found myself deliberately drawing it out, licking and kissing Peter's penis and balls very slowly. Despite her obvious impatience I heard Marie laughing as she watched me at work on Peter's genitals while he towered over me, hands on hips, a mocking smile on his face.

"Now suck my cock, wimp. Not that you're anywhere near as good at it as your wife." Again she laughed when I took the end of Peter's penis between my lips.

Next there came an act he delights in and which Marie must have told him about, regarding our experiences with Doug. Pushing a pillow beneath Marie's bottom he asked her to spread her legs. Not that she needed any encouragement.

"There, take a good look at your wife's juicy cunt, mine for the exclusive use of. It's the closest you ever get to it," he mocked.

Humiliatingly I began masturbating at that point; staring avidly and yearningly at my wife's vagina whilst thinking that Peter's would be the penis to have the pleasure of penetrating it, not mine. Despite his mocking laughter I pumped away with my hand. Of course I found it as humiliating as ever to be kneeling on the carpet at Peter's feet, masturbating furiously while staring at my wife's vagina which she was spreading open, inevitably recalling the three guys who have fucked her and knowing by now that there will certainly be more in the future.

Having come in my hand I remained kneeling on the floor while Peter joined Marie on the bed. During the next hour or so while they made love and despite, perhaps even because of Peter's open contempt, I masturbated twice more. A measure of my frustration.

"Now you've had your fun sod off home but don't forget to wash my car first."
Peter's words sent me from the room.