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Richard P
09-24-2012, 08:58 AM
A Cuckolds Diary 4.

Journal Extracts 4.


Marie wasn't over keen when I told her I'd booked a week's holiday to include lots of golf tuition from a P.G.A. Professional. Fortunately the hotel and golf course complex looks suburb, with plenty of activities for her to get involved with. Pity I can't get my wife interested in golf though, but most sport leaves her cold. Still, we'll have a trip out tomorrow before the serious business of my golf tuition begins on Monday.


Well the first day's golf went very well. The Professional, a guy of 40 called Dick, pointed out lots of faults in my game commenting that my swing is particularly weak, but I already know I have a lot to learn which is why I booked the course.

Introduced him to Marie in the bar during the evening. She too had a good day much to her surprise, enjoying the spa pool, sauna, and Decleor health and beauty therapy, whatever that is.


Another great day of tuition and Marie now seems to be enjoying the holiday. Her initial bad temper about what she referred to as my selfishness in booking a golfing holiday has now completely evaporated. She went off somewhere in the evening, the fitness studio I think, so I went for a drink on my own. Unfortunately Dick wasn't about as I'd hoped to discuss the ongoing problems with my backswing but at least I enjoyed a good long golf related conversation with a couple of guys on the course, which I couldn't really have done if my wife had been with me.


Marie wasn't in the bar as expected so I assumed she must be in the fitness studio again. Dick was though, talking to some of the other guys on the course. I passed them on my way to the bar and Dick nodded to me while saying to the others, "Remember me telling you about the hole in one I enjoyed?"

Returning Dick's nod I was surprised by the laughter which followed his words, admiration would have been more appropriate for a hole in one I would have thought.

Once I'd been served I carried my drink over to their table hoping to hear more about Dick's hole in one but unfortunately he excused himself, saying he had urgent business to attend to. Somehow the golfing talk without Dick's expert knowledge lacked sparkle.

Climbing the stairs later I met Dick coming the other way and asked about his hole in one, saying I'd missed hearing the tale.

"Another time," he smiled, "I'm busy just now."

Marie was taking a shower when I entered our room, the disordered state of the bed surprising me. I suppose she'd been having a lie down. Straightening the quilt I noticed what looked suspiciously like semen stains but banished them from my mind, perhaps the quilt had been soiled already and I hadn't noticed. The other alternative, that Marie's had sex with someone, seems highly unlikely because spending so much time in the fitness studio I doubt she's had time to get to know anyone.


Disappointed that Dick wasn't in the bar I found myself becoming bored by the conversation of the others and after a couple of drinks excused myself, despite their best efforts to keep me. They must be enjoying my conversation more than I was theirs I thought, declining several offers of a drink.

"Oh well, we've done our best," Craig commented as I walked away.

Entering our room the greeting died on my lips at the sight which met my eyes. A broad and powerful looking backside was rising and falling rhythmically between Marie's thighs while she clung to the guy, ecstatic cries ringing out. Both participants were oblivious of my entry as I quickly closed the door. For several minutes I stood at the foot of the bed watching the couple copulating, inevitably stroking my trouser front, until with a groan the guy came, his buttock muscles clenching spasmodically. It was only when he rolled off gasping that I saw with a shock it was Dick!

"I thought you said your friends were keeping him out of the way," Marie murmured, otherwise seeming unperturbed by my entrance.

"Sorry, they must have let him slip," Dick replied.

I remained standing there feeling bemused by the discovery but unable to prevent my eyes straying to Dick's penis. Another big one I thought, seeing the last drops of semen dribbling from his flaccid member.

"Oh well, I know what he wants to do. He loves this, don't you J***."
So saying Marie slipped a pillow beneath her bottom and spreading her legs even wider said, "Go on then, I know you want to."

Dick laughed when I freed my penis and he realised my intention but I had no choice, I had to do it. After all I'd carried out the humiliating procedure once a week for months under Peter's watchful eyes and it had become almost a compulsion. I stood there masturbating under Dick's mocking gaze, staring at the guy's semen oozing from my wife's vagina. From time to time my view was partly blocked by his fingers stroking and probing it but despite that I soon came.

The episode must have excited Dick because his penis was fully erect again. As Marie leaned over to take it into her mouth he said to me, "Take a walk, there's a good chap, and don't come back for at least an hour."

Zipping up I meekly let myself out and without knowing where I was going stumbled from the hotel to wander the grounds, my mind in turmoil. It's pretty obvious now that the other guys have been detailed to keep me out of the way these last couple of days while Dick enjoyed sex with my wife. How many other guys on the course know what's going on? Tomorrow is, I think, likely to turn out a very humiliating day as I have little doubt that Dick will tell them all about my recent activity!


Well it's the final day of the golf course and for once I'm not looking forward to it, aware that at least some of the guys know all about Dick's fun and games with my wife and envisaging a rather humiliating day.

In the event my humiliation started early. Back in our room after breakfast I was collecting my things together when a smiling Dick walked in.

"Go away and practice your swing or something," he told me, beginning to undress.

I hesitated and undoing his trousers Dick said, "Go on what are you waiting for, you know you‘re not man enough to stop me having your wife."

Turning to appeal to my wife I was exasperated to find she was already slipping her knickers off, having removed her outer clothing in double quick time.
I remonstrated with her until Dick put his arm round my shoulders and said in a patronising tone, “Don’t make a fuss now, there’s a good chap,” and gave me a hard push in the back to propel me towards the door.
They were both evidently in a highly charged state because by the time I reached the door they were on the bed and Dick was moving onto her. I reluctantly tore myself away and closing the door behind me heard Marie joyous cry as Dick's penis penetrated her.

It had been humiliating to find myself banished from the room in such an ignominious fashion and I still had to run the gauntlet of the other golfers. I wasn't surprised to find myself the butt of their jokes and sniggers but embarrassed to find that practically all of them knew what had been going on between Dick and my wife. Some of the comments were downright contemptuous but at least I was a long way from home and unlikely to meet any of them again.

"This is the wimp who likes to have a wank while other guys fuck his missus," Craig informed a late arrival.

"What that pretty little black-haired piece? I wouldn't mind giving her one. Does your missus take on all comers mate?"

"Don't be stupid, of course not," I snapped.

"Maybe not, but Dick told me he gave her another good seeing too this morning after sending you on your way with your tail between your legs!" Craig jeered and I felt myself colouring up as the eight or nine guys around me erupted in laughter.

As expected it proved to be the most humiliating day of my life but I have a sneaking suspicion that part of me revelled in it. I was certainly the last one to leave the golf course, finding myself in no hurry to escape their jibes and taunts. Of course it would have been different if it was happening near home amidst people we know, but among strangers and with no fear of gossip I was able not only to face the humiliation but find a strange excitement in it. I even found myself confiding in Craig, the last to leave and one of my worst tormentors all day, about my wife's eight month affair with Peter and some of the humiliating things he'd ordered me to do!

However, I couldn't face the bar and more humiliation in the evening and so went for a very long walk. Dick was spending the evening in our room having told me in no uncertain terms to keep out of the way while he and Marie enjoyed themselves.

* * *

Journal Extracts 5.


Surprisingly, Marie decided to accompany me to Darlington. It's only a two night stay in a B&B but she said she'd find something to do while I'm at the meeting tomorrow. In the past when I've suggested her coming on a business trip my wife has declined, saying she'd be bored. Hence my current surprise.

Found the hotel without much trouble and an ancient porter came out to help with our cases, not that we carried much for just two nights. Marie presumably dropped something because at one point I saw her leaning across the car seat searching about in the opposite foot well. The old porter's tongue was practically hanging out as he ogled my wife, Marie's already short skirt having ridden high up her thighs as she leaned across the seats, legs splayed. I moved to block his view, receiving a venomous look in return. Escorting us to our room the porter seemed to be hanging back, that or it was his age, and casting lascivious looks at Marie's legs as she ascended the stairs ahead of us.

Once he'd gone I remonstrated with Marie about the show she'd given him at the car.

"The randy old devil goosed me while you were signing the register. His hand roamed all over my bum while you were writing," she laughed, evidently finding his attention amusing unlike me, indeed I decided to speak to the guy about it next time I saw him.

Found the long drive stressful as usual and decided to go for a drink. We'd eaten en-route knowing the hotel had neither bar nor restaurant so it was necessary to go in search of a pub. Marie declined, saying she'd unpack, not that there was much of that to do.

"Off out, are you?" the porter asked rather unnecessarily, as I headed for the door after giving him a piece of my mind about his conduct.

Replying that I was going for a drink I asked where the nearest pub was. He gave me directions; turn right out the door etc, warning me that it was a longish walk.

"No problem, I enjoy walking."

He was certainly right about the distance but the walk was relaxing. However, arriving back at the hotel I found the door locked and rang the bell in vain. Fortunately a guy who's also staying at the hotel came along just then and unlocked the door saying, "Didn't old Ken give you a key? Must be getting forgetful in his old age."

When I told him where I'd been for a drink he commented that it was miles away, I should have turned left on leaving the hotel and there was a good pub just around the corner! Ken, the bastard, must have deliberately sent me in the wrong direction because I'd remonstrated with him about groping my wife.

I parted company with the guy outside his room and continued along the corridor to ours, a couple of doors further on. Inserting my key in the lock I found I was unable to open the door to our room and assuming Marie must have bolted it was about to knock when a noise from within arrested my hand. It was a creaking sound which seemed to be growing louder by the second. Surely not the bedsprings I thought but then heard my wife's cries mingling with the increasingly noisy creaking.

Well I've heard such sounds enough times by now to know that my wife was having sex with someone. But who? We'd only just arrived, for heavens sake!

The noise from within the room stopped rather abruptly and not wanting to be caught listening, but also intrigued to know who it could be, I stepped into a curtained alcove. Bloody hell! I nearly exclaimed out loud, when a few minutes later the door opened and who should emerge but the old porter, still in the process of doing his trousers up!

Once he'd disappeared I entered the room to find a naked Marie reclining on the bed.

"Good God Marie, the guys old enough to be your father!" I exclaimed.

"Older. Ken's 67 actually and a highly skilled lover," she replied calmly. "Well endowed too, unlike you," she added disarmingly.

Apparently he'd come to the room on the pretext of giving us a key to the front door, having presumably neglected to give it to me on purpose. If I was locked out I couldn't interrupt his fun! Having already stripped to her undies Marie only opened the door a crack to see who it was and the porter, perhaps realising her state of undress, said he also needed to check something inside the room. Letting him in it didn't take Marie long to realize he had no interest in the room, just her scantily clad body.

"Oh well now you're here perhaps you could help undo my bra, I'm having trouble with the clip," Marie told him, admitting it was rather brazen.

His heavy breath hot on her neck Ken unclipped my wife's bra and immediately took her breasts in his hands. One thing led to another and after enjoying a bout of oral sex, he fucked her. For some reason, perhaps his age, I feel more annoyed about my wife having sex with this guy than any man she's been unfaithful to me with. I also ended up sleeping on the damp patch!


The meeting seemed to go well despite the fact that I had difficulty concentrating on the matter in hand. Marie had informed me in no uncertain terms that she intended spending the afternoon at Ken's place, which turned out to be a flat above the nearby newsagent. All very sordid and it's particularly galling that she returned to the hotel radiant following a lengthy session of lovemaking with the pensioner. Worse was the fact that I had to run the gauntlet of Ken's smirking face in reception when we went out for a drink this evening.

"The pub along to the left's closer," he said with a grin, no doubt well pleased with last night's ploy. "Are you still wearing those sexy red and black drawers you had on this afternoon Marie? Or did have 'till I had them off," he said to her.

"No, white ones tonight," she told him, saucily raising her skirt to give Ken but not me a quick flash.

"Come on, let's go," I urged, keen to escape Ken's leers and comments.

At least I won't have to face the guy when we check out in the morning, which is some comfort I suppose.

* * *

Journal Extracts 6.


In London for a long weekend break, still trying to make things right with Marie for dragging her away on the golfing holiday, although she had her fun on that occasion so can't really complain.

Marie has always turned heads, attracting many admiring glances, and I've felt proud to possess such a highly desirable and attractive wife. In the past the many passes she attracts have been steadfastly rebuffed but that is no longer the case. Now it just means opportunities for extra-marital fun and games.

In the hotel bar earlier this evening Marie realised a really good looking guy, her description, was paying her a lot of attention and I was sent to 'procure' him! I then found myself banished from our hotel room while she had sex with the guy. Adding to an already humiliating situation I stood in the corridor furtively masturbating while listening to my wife being fucked on the other side of the door. Later, I was told to spend the night in his room while he sleeps with Marie. Nigel has a single room so I suppose it makes sense. At least I was able to collect my Journal and a few things before being banished; which I did with averted eyes, trying not to see the smug expression on the naked Nigel's face as he reclined on my bed next to my equally naked wife. At 36 he's also my wife's first lover to be of similar age which means he's extremely randy and virile.


It's late evening and I'm preparing for bed in Nigel's room again. Saw little of my wife today as she seems to have spent most it having sex with Nigel. He's insatiable but so is she!


My third and final night in Nigel's room. I've been out and about, taking in the sights of London, and have actually seen little of them all weekend. Most of the hotel staff seem to be aware by now that Nigel and I have swapped rooms and it's highly embarrassing to see their grins and hear them sniggering as I pass.

Whilst having a drink in the bar earlier this evening I needed the loo wherein I overheard the following conversation by a couple of staff members. They were presumably unaware that one of the cubicles was occupied, that or unconcerned about being overheard.

"It's right what I heard about the goings on in room 16, then?"

I pricked up my ears, 16 being our room number.

"Oh yea, the geezer from 23 is in there all the time, shagging the arse of the other geezer's missus. He even spends the night there while the tarts hubby sleeps in 23," the other guy said.

"Well it takes all sorts."

"At it like rabbits they are by all accounts, the geezer from 23 reckons Mrs. P****'s a right nympho."

“Well her old man must be a right tosser.”

I could of course have remained unknown and concealed in the cubicle but something prompted me to press the flush and emerge. Crossing to the wash basin I saw the two guys, one I recognised as a waiter, exchange grins.

"Enjoying your weekend break are you?" the waiter asked while I washed my hands.

"Yes, I've been doing the tourist thing and seeing the sights," I told him.

"Not seeing much of your missus though. By all accounts she's spending most of the time on her back with her legs open and another guy’s dick inside her."

While they erupted in laughter my face felt on fire. However, I knew that part of me was revelling in the humiliation of my position; after all I could have stayed in the cubicle. A disturbing thought.


Only Nigel came down for breakfast, having left my wife still in bed.

"You've got a very randy lady there," he told me in a low voice. "I've lost count of the number of times I fucked her over the weekend, but it must be into double figures. Your wife even took it up the arse, which was great."

I looked round nervously at this point, hoping no one could hear.

Fortunately, that was the last I saw of Nigel.