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Cuckold for a Day
by marriedperv

I'm a woman. NO, I don't ask you to judge me. Just read, enjoy, and realise that in my stories I leave out the boring details like putting on condoms, washing up, etc, etc. If you like the story, please leave a comment. If you don't, that's ok too. However..................

Please, if you don't like sex to be fun, dirty, or hopefully both - then DON'T READ IT!


It was Friday night, and we had both been working hard getting our real estate company going the way we wanted it to. Since taking over from Al, things had been great, but we had also found ourselves playing a far greater management role than we had anticipated. This was due mainly to the fact we had hired so many young, attractive staff, who we believed could grow into top agents for us. The downside of this decision was we had to train several of them in order to let them head out on their own and sell without us being there all the time for them.

Anyway, to cut a boring story short, Steve had rung me on my mobile early in the day and told me to meet him at Crown. We planned to grab a meal, then either see a movie or have a dance, before spending a sexy night at home fucking each other's brains out.

I parked my car at the casino, then walked the short distance across the car park to the entry on Level 2. As I walked past the amusement arcade, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirrored walls. I still looked pretty good. My legs were still in great shape, and the heels were setting them off perfectly. The long black dress highlighted my curves, and the spaghetti straps meant I was unable to wear a bra, so my breasts were bouncing nicely, my nipples a little stiff as the cool breeze of the car park was replaced by the warmth of the heating inside. I carried just my small clutch purse, which only had my car keys in it. Expecting Steve to meet me, I didn't even bother to bring any cards or cash with me. My hair was looking nice, as I'd had it done that afternoon, and a little extra red lip gloss and the matching nails made me feel totally sexy, and ready for a wonderful night of pleasure with my husband of eighteen years.

I walked to the Italian restaurant, and smiled to Mario as he held the door open for me.

"Lovely to see you again, Mrs Bennett. Your reservation is table seven. I hope you and Mr Bennett have a wonderful meal and a good evening."

Mario was about 45, and he had gotten to know Steve and I in the last few years, as we liked to eat in his restaurant. The open fire, the wine list, the great food and the amazing way it always seemed quiet even when crowded, made it our favourite place to be alone together. It was the perfect night for our planned tryst, and I was already wondering what I might do in bed to make it a special night for Steve. I wondered too what little surprises he may have had in store for me.

I was surprised to see that Steve wasn't at the table when I approached. Mario's comment had given me the impression that Steve must have already arrived, but that was not the case. Not worried at all, I sat down and took in the scene.

To my left was the open fireplace, with the wonderful large leather chairs surrounding it. There were four of the big old brown chairs, that Mario told us had been in his family for years. Patrons usually moved there after a meal to sip on a port. Steve and I had even seen the occasional couple touch each other up and be naughty in them, thinking that no-one could see them. Little did they know that table seven, our table, was the only one with a view of the side of the furthest chair from everyone's view. This was the main reason we always got this table! Deep down inside we both knew we were voyeurs, and the excitement of watching lovers tease and play with each other, thinking they were unseen, always made for excellent foreplay for us!

Anthony, Mario's son, was waiting on our table, and he came over about ten minutes later and asked me if I would like to order a drink while I waited for my husband.

"Thanks, that would be nice. Can I have a Beaujolais please?" I replied.

"Of course madam. The Mitchell River 2003 is excellent."

"Perfect" I said, smiling at him as he drilled me with his killer eyes.

I made a mental note. Remind Mario to watch his young stud of a son. Girls would be after him for sure.....

I continued to look around, slowly getting a little annoyed with Steve. I was pissed that he hadn't rung and let me know he was going to be late. But, it occurred to me that my phone was still in the car, and that he may have rung me without any success.

"Oh well," I thought to myself, "He won't be long, and it's no big deal."

As I was watching two women giggle and laugh at each other sitting about five metres away, I wondered to myself if they were gay. They were very affectionate towards each other, but they were also dressed very sexily. I was trying to see if they gave any clues as to their sexuality, when Anthony appeared with my wine.

"Your Beaujolais, madam."

"Thank you," I replied smiling.

I sipped the cool liquid and immediately felt refreshed by the light red. Not being a heavy red drinker, Beaujolais and lambruscos were my thing.

More time passed, and I ordered a second wine. The first had gone down very nicely, and I was fast becoming rather shitty that my perfect evening was having a lonely, and slow, start!

Finally I decided to see if I could make contact with Steve to find out where the hell he was. I'd almost finished my second wine, was feeling a little happy already, and was also beginning to get that sexy horny feeling I always get when wine starts to take effect.

"Anthony, may I please use the phone? My husband appears to be running rather late!"

"Of course madam, I will bring it to you immediately."

With that he left and returned straight away with a cordless phone.

"Thank you," I smiled at him once more, again noticing those dark eyes.

There was no answer when I rang Steve's mobile, so I also phoned home. Again, no answer.

"Damn you!" I cursed, obviously a little TOO loud, because a man sitting in one of the leather chairs looked towards me.

Embarrassed, I smiled at him, "Sorry! Hubby running late."

"I see. Well, perhaps I should join you for a drink then, as I was just contemplating leaving and heading home, but, seeing you here all alone, I think I've changed my mind."

He left it up in the air. Clearly waiting for my response. I didn't quite know what to say. He was actually somewhat older than me, about 55 I guessed, and whilst not overly handsome, had that air of confidence and class about him that I have often found erotic over the years. In fact, as you well know, on several occasions I have had some wonderful sexual adventures with men in their 50's.

I took a moment to think about it. Steve was late. He hadn't rung. He wasn't home and he wasn't answering his mobile.

"What the hell was I supposed to do?"

"Please, join me. My husband will be here shortly, but a chat might be nice whilst I wait."

"Names Edward Taylor," he said, offering his hand.

"Nice to meet you Edward Taylor," I smiled, "mine is Dee, Dee Bennett."

"So tell me, Dee, why has your hubby left you alone all this time at the mercy of men like me who will try to get you in to bed in a flash?" he said, smiling in a sarcastic kind of a way that made me like him straight away!

"I wish I knew!" I replied. "We were supposed to meet about forty-five minutes ago, but Steve hasn't showed, and he's not answering his phone. I'm beginning to wonder if something might have happened to him!"

"Well for his sake and yours I hope that is not the case. I am sure he'll be along soon enough. In the meantime, I'm happy to keep you entertained until he turns up. Now, can I get you another wine?" said Edward, his politeness and confidence really showing through.

We spent the next fifteen minutes or so chatting. He was a lovely man, and we hit it off straight away. Id almost lost track of time, until Anthony appeared at my side with the phone.

"Miss Dee, your husband."

I took the phone and put it to my ear, excusing myself from Edward's charms for a moment.

"Where have you been baby?" I asked my hubby.

"Long story sexy," he said. I had a bingle with the car, and then had to get a checkout. I'm ok, but the doctor reckons I should lay low for a few days. The car's damaged pretty bad but I'll be fine. Are you ok to get home without me? I need to just rest up a while if that's ok?"

"Oh my god, Steve! Thank goodness you're ok. I'll come home straight away and make you some soup or something," I replied, a genuine look of shock on my face.

Edward looked concerned, and took an interest in the rest of the conversation.

"No, no, no, it's ok Dee. Take your time. Have you ordered your meal yet?"

"Not yet. I'm actually sitting having a wine with a nice older guy called Edward who offered to keep me company while I waited for you!" I said, smirking at Edward as I spoke.

"Oh, so I'm away for an hour and you've moved on to the next guy huh?" said Steve, laughter in his voice.

"Tell you what, babe. Why don't you stay there, have a meal with what's his name, and I'll catch you when you get home. I'm really fine, just have to be careful I don't stiffen up."

"Ohhh, I love it when you 'stiffen up' baby" I joked back. "Ok, I'll be home a little later and then we'll see what I can do to loosen you up and make you relax." I quipped, with a hint of sexiness in my voice.

At that very moment, I instinctively moved my leg, and my heel clipped Edward on the shin. I reacted quickly, moving my leg back away from him, but he took it as a sign and actually rubbed my stockinged leg with his shoe. It was a very brief but sexy moment.

I hung up and returned the phone to Anthony, who was politely keeping a distance away.

"So, I guess you'll be heading home then?" asked Edward, a slight look of disappointment in his eyes.

"Actually no. Steve told me to stay and enjoy dinner with you, then head home when I'm ready."

"My, my. He must be something, your husband. I'm quite certain if you were my wife I wouldn't be letting you out of my sight, let alone encouraging you to spend time with another man, eating dinner, and fighting off his advances!"

I was starting to really enjoy Edward's company.

"Who says I'd be fighting you off?" I retorted, my sense of humour hiding the sudden moistness in my panties.

Edward almost sputtered in his wine.

"Well, well, this meal is going to be even better than I had hoped!" he said. "Shall we order?"

"Please" I answered, sipping my wine and uncrossing my legs, my heels once more brushing his leg.

Throughout dinner we flirted, laughed, flirted some more, conversed, and enjoyed each other's company. Despite the age difference, we shared many interests. Edward was delighted when I said I enjoyed dancing. He told me that as a young man he had been a ballroom dancer, and that, unlike most men, he adored spending hours on a dance floor enjoying the feeling of movement and closeness of a dance partner.

I decided that, after dinner, I would ask him to join me for a dance upstairs at the disco. After all, Steve was in need of rest, and I wasn't going to be much help to him as he lay on the couch!

Finishing our meal, Edward paid the bill, as I actually had no money on me! He was old fashioned that way, and insisted on paying anyway, yet had the confidence of a young Italian in the way he dealt with me. I was having a wonderful time. I had learned that Edward's wife, Janice, had passed away seven years earlier from cancer. He lived alone now, but within half an hour of his two children, who were both working and living in the suburbs to the south-east.

He lived in an inner city apartment, and worked within walking distance of his office. He was an engineer by trade, but was now manager of his own building contract company.

It was clear that there was a chemistry between us, and, as we took the elevator to the disco upstairs, I leaned in and thanked him for such a wonderful dinner, particularly given the circumstances.

"My absolute pleasure, Dee. I m indeed fortunate to have stumbled across one so lovely. My normal evenings are spent alone trying to find something interesting to watch on the tv. To find you, and indeed, have your husband's approval to spend some time is a true pleasure."

The doors opened and we embarked into the noisy foyer of the club. I loved this place. The music was always a mixture of new stuff with some classics, and I always enjoyed writhing and moving to the heavy beat. I don't care what young people think. I'm 42, I love dancing, get over it or get out of my way! That's always been my philosophy. Besides, I reckon I still dance ok, and most men say I look fine, so hey, I love to spend time boogeying. Not only that, but it's the best workout apart from sex that I know of!

Again I had to ask Edward to pay the entry fee, as my purse was in the car. I promised to pay him back before I went home, but he dismissed the thought, and took me by the hand. I took the initiative, and lead him on to the dance floor where I found my favourite place. It was a slightly dark corner of the room, where the dance floor is spacious, but the speakers are not so close as to deafen you and make your ears ring all night.

We danced a few songs together, laughing and enjoying each other's moves. Slowly we became more and more comfortable, and I noticed that with each song, Edward became bolder in his moves. He was a great mover, and his hip swaying, swivelling and fitness was a marvel for a man of 55. I was getting really warm, and felt some beads of sweat run down my cleavage under my black dress. I took the chance at the next break to excuse myself, and went to the ladies room.

Inside, I swear I was the oldest there! Young girls wearing way too much makeup were everywhere. I took a few tissues, and dabbed them down the front of my dress, gathering up the sweat that had beaded there. Checking my makeup, I realised it would have to be ok as it was, because I had nothing with me! Refreshed, I headed back to the dance floor and quickly found Edward, holding two drinks and a beaming smile on his face.

"Thought you might like a refreshment," he said, passing me a cocktail looking drink.

"Wow, what is it?" I asked, intrigued by the bright red and orange coloured liquid.

"Tequila sunrise. The best drink there is for re-energising the body!" he said, before taking a good long sip.

We chatted a while, our flirting becoming almost serious now. As I sipped my drink, I wondered how far Edward was willing to push the fact that my husband was not there, and, had in fact given him permission to spend time with me.

"So tell me, Dee, what do you and Steve do for, you know, fun?" he asked, a slightly shy look on his face for the first time since we had met.

"Fun?" I teased, knowing full well what he meant by asking.

"Yes. You know, fun. Sexy fun. Having a good time. What do you and he like to do to keep the juices flowing between you?"

"Oooh, THAT kind of fun," I laughed as I sipped the cocktail, noticing that for the first tie I was starting to get that hot feeling that I know so often leads to erotic warmth between my legs!

"Well, we kiss a lot, cuddle a lot, like to spend time taking long walks.........."

I paused.

"And?................." Edward butted in, almost desperate for me to say something that would give him an indication of the chance of tonight's meeting progressing further.

"And........we like to go to swingers parties, erotic balls, and occasionally we welcome others into our bedroom for some wild fun."

His eyes lit up, and I swear I noticed a sudden bulge in the crutch of his tailored trousers.

"I see. Then perhaps we should consider exploring some of that kind of fun back at my place?" he asked, the self-assured confidence back in his voice.

I was now finished my drink, and was actually feeling very hot, a combination of the venue, the drinks I had consumed and the dancing we had been doing for the last hour or so.

"I'm definitely keen to explore some more, but it must be back at my place," I said. "Steve will worry if I don't get home soon. Especially seeing as how he knows I am with a strange man!"

"Oh, so I am still strange then am I?" he quipped. "I'll remember to change that perception if given the opportunity."

Ever the gentleman, I thought. Even when obviously propositioning me, he was still polite and proper.

We headed to the car park, and made arrangements to meet at my place. Edward's car was on a different level to mine, and so I pecked him lightly on the cheek, like a schoolgirl at her formal, and then headed for my own car.

In the car and on the way out of the car park, I decided to call Steve and let him know of the situation. I was very horny by this stage, and the anticipation of a sexy fuck from a strange man with my husband was making my pussy tingle as I dialled the number on my mobile.

It rang several times before Steve answered.


"Steve, it's me. How you feeling baby?"

"Honestly, I'm not feeling that flash. My back has stiffened up and my neck is slightly sore."

"Ooooh, poor baby" I teased, "You men are all the same. You'd be hopeless giving birth!"

I knew that was my best way of stirring him. He hated it when I laid that one on him.

"Yeah yeah, now tell me, what have you and Mr X been up to while I've been here dying?"

"Well, why don't you ask him yourself baby?" I chided.

"Huh? What do you mean? Is he there with you now?"

"No. He's in his own car. We're meeting at our place. I was horny, and I thought given your current state you might like to just watch. I couldn't help myself Steve, Edward is just too damn sexy for words. We went dancing, and you KNOW how hot I get when I dance don't you?"

Laughing in the confident way a man safe in the knowledge of a healthy marriage would do, he chatted away about what we might get up to when we got there. I hung up after telling him I'd be another twenty minutes or so, then reached down and started to play with my nipples as I drove the rest of the way. I was hot as a firecracker, and on the remainder of the trip, I planned what I would do with my two lovers that night. It was going to be a complete surprise to Steve, and I was pretty sure Edward wouldn't mind what I had in store for him either!

I lifted the garage door with the remote, and parked my car next to Steve's. Climbing out, my nipples were rock hard and I also felt a rather moist sensation between my thighs. Steve met me at the door and kissed me on the lips.

"Hi baby. Sorry about tonight. Some bastard hit me from behind at the lights."

"The main thing is you're ok." I said, and walked straight past him into our ensuite, where I stripped off, kicked off my heels and jumped into a shower.

"Edward should be along any minute. If he gets here before I'm done, would you mind showing him in and making him at home?" I asked.

"Sure thing babe - what's he drink?" asked Steve.

"I'm guessing scotch, but not certain."

Twenty minutes later, I was dressed, made up, and ready for the fun that I knew was in store.

I had chosen my outfit very carefully, with some key considerations in mind. Firstly, I wanted to look totally hot. At the restaurant I had been dressed very classy. My long dress was pure elegance, and I wanted to show some serious contrast. I knew Edward suspected there was a sexy devil hiding behind the elegant exterior, but I wanted to totally blow him away. Secondly, I was in the mood now to fuck. Simple. I had to wear something that allowed access. Thirdly, I made sure to overdo the make up, giving me that whorish, almost hooker look. I knew enough about men in their fifties to know they love it when women dress for sex. I was certainly that. I had chosen my pink, glitter mesh tube mini dress. It was skin tight and semi transparent, giving a clear view of my purple nipples through the shimmery material. On me legs I wore black stay up stockings, thigh high, and on my feet my six inch spiked heel pink platform sandals with the pink clear heels. I looked like a chick from a music video! The good thing was that if things went the way I planned, I could simply drop the top of the tube dress down below my boobs, and lift the bottom up over my hips and get down to business, still wearing the hot pink material that history had shown turned men on so much. My bright pink lipstick, covered with a clear layer of high gloss, made me look hot, even at my age, and with the large gold hoop earrings, I was ready for action. I smeared just a small amount of Opium perform behind my ears, and a splash between my boobs, straightened my dress, and I was off. My heels clicked sexily along the wooden floorboards of the hallway. I moved into the main living room, and saw Steve sitting on the leather couch. Edward, sipping on a scotch, was opposite Steve, both men warming their hands in front of the open fire

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Cuckold for a day part.2
by marriedperv

"Hi boys" I said, in my best Marilyn Monroe sexy voice impression!

Both men were silent as their eyes fixed on my outfit, taking in every detail.

Edward was first to respond.

"My, my. You look stunning, Dee."

"Yep. Ed's right, Babe. You look magic, said Steve, his hand rubbing his obviously sore neck.

"Thanks. I thought I'd dress up a little for our guest," I smiled as I walked in and sat down on my recliner in to the side of the fireplace. My recliner is a black leather one, that has the adjustable foot stool that lifts when you recline back all the way for comfort.

The three of us sat and chatted a while, and I was flattered to see Edward keep sneaking glances at my legs in the very brief mini dress. He was trying to determine if I was wearing any panties or not I'm sure.

Eventually I got impatient, and decided to speed thing along a little. Steve and Edward had got to know each other somewhat, and I felt it was time to put my plan into action to give both men a night I hoped they would remember for many years.

I rose from my chair, and straightened my dress once more. Turning to face the fire, I bent down a little and warmed my hands, my butt sticking out backwards to ward Steve and Edward. I knew that in this position, in the semi see through mini, both men would be able to see that I clearly was wearing no underwear. I also did not have a bra on. Under the dress the only thing I wore was the small patch of fuzz I keep above my pussy. My lips and pussy itself were completely shaven clean, just the way I like them.

I slowly turned to face the men, and suggested to Steve that I make him comfortable on the couch. I reached for a few cushions, patted them in place behind him, then kissed him full on the lips in front of Edward. I was hot as a firecracker, and keen to get started fucking my new lover. Steve whispered in my ear that he wanted to fuck me.

"Not now baby. Wait your turn!" I answered, loud enough so that Edward heard, and would have realised what Steve had whispered.

Steve settled in to his position, realising that what I wanted now was to put on a show for him. Little did he know that I wanted also to do something very, very special.

I walked over to where Edward was sitting, and bent down to kiss him gently on the cheek. He responded by slowly raising his arms and stroking my legs. His hands were surprisingly soft, and he moved them up and down, as my tongue searched for his mouth, finding it and snaking it's way inside. I was very excited sexually, but wanted to make this last, for my own sake, but also for Edward and Steve. I've always thought of fucking as a performance to be savoured. This time I also wanted it to be enjoyed by the audience, my husband, Steve.

We kissed as I leant forward, enjoying his hands as they rubbed my thighs, until I was ready for more. I lifted Edward forward, indicating that he should stand from his reclined position in the chair. I left him standing momentarily, walking in my huge heels to the light switch. I flicked off the main light, leaving only the glow of the fire to illuminate us as we would perform. I put my favourite sexy music on the stereo, and then returned to Edward, who, with a clear erection in his trousers, stood waiting for me.

I went to Edward and we danced together slowly, the music helping us to melt together. I felt his erection push against my groin as we drew closer. Behind me, Steve sat silently, sipping on his drink as his wife of eighteen years began to have sex with a stranger, right in front of him in his very own living room. He was spellbound.

We swayed together for a long time, our hands and mouths exploring the delightfully wicked feelings one gets when having sex with a new partner. I found Ed to be firm but actually shy, unlike his persona at the restaurant when he had first met. He seemed content to let me take control, and I was just the person to do so.

I slowly turned to face Steve, my erect nipples clearly visible through the sheer shimmering mesh of my pink mini. I blew him a kiss as I leaned forward, my ass jutting backwards to rub against Ed's now very stiff cock. I moaned and cooed as I felt his hands grab me by the hips, forcing his cock between my cheeks whilst still in his trousers. I must have been quite a sight, leaning back against the hands and erection of a stranger.

I wiggled a while, wanting to tease Ed but to also titillate my husband, Steve. I reached up and lowered the top half of my dress, exposing my nipples. I began to play with them, pinch them, squeeze my boobs, and all the while I felt the cock of a stranger pushing against my ass cheeks.

Behind me now, Ed reached for the hem of my dress and ever so slowly lifted it above my hips. MY bare ass and pussy was now exposed. I looked my husband in the eye the whole time. He shifted uneasily in his chair, as I slowly parted my legs, allowing Ed better access as his fingers began to explore my cunt.

I closed my eyes and groaned loudly as I felt Ed's fingers find my clitoris. He was so gentle, I just stood there bent over and enjoyed his touch. He found my love button with one hand, and began to flicker my clit with tiny, slow and soft movements. He was very good. His other hand discovered the moistness of my pussy, and he pushed a finger very slowly inside me. I threw my head back as the first penetration registered.

"Oh god, Steve, his fingers are inside me now," I said.

Steve moaned and spread his legs in his chair as he watched.

Behind me Ed was being very good, and was slowly turning me on more than I had been in quite a while. I enjoyed the combination of fingers rubbing my clit and two others now fucking my pussy at the same time. I was getting very aroused. I pushed back to meet the invading fingers, egging Ed on to fuck me more with his hands.

I started to rock back and forth, wanting this incredible scene never to end. I was in my own home, letting a stranger finger fuck me as I pushed my pussy back against his fingers, in front of my husband, dressed like a pole dancer, and I was loving it. Neither of my lovers seemed to be complaining either, so I kept going!

Slowly, I began to climax.

"I'm cumming," was all I could muster as Ed's fingers worked their magic.

I climaxed in front of the warm fire, standing up with the fingers inside me and a hard cock pressing urgingly into my ass cheeks.

My body shook, my hair thrashed and I moaned and groaned aloud as the orgasm took control of my body. At first I just twitched, then my muscles contracted strongly, and finally, as Ed pushed his fingers deeper and harder inside my spasming cunt. I shook and trembled until my whole body collapsed downward, dislodging the invading hands from my sopping pussy.

It was great.

Steve unzipped his cock at the onset of my orgasm, and was now stroking it openly, in front of Ed ad myself. Ed, meanwhile, was standing there behind me, his glistening fingers clear in view by the firelight, a smile on his face.

I turned to him, my now exposed ass and back facing my horny hubby as he sat in the chair watching me have sex with this man.

I waited until my orgasm had totally subsided, then stood up once more to kiss Ed on the lips. I passionately held his face in my hands, then aggressively kissed him with full force. I was becoming rampant and wanted more than anything to fuck this man in front of my husband. I kissed him until I thought his cock was going to burst from his trousers. Reaching down, I felt his erection, and rubbed it outside the material. I glanced around to Steve, and winked at him as my hand worked it's magic on Ed's cock.

Dropping to my haunches in my high heels, I reached up and unzipped Ed's trousers. Very, very slowly, I snaked my hand inside, until I found the waistband of his underwear. I pulled it downwards, until his cock shaft popped free, and I was able to feel it for the first time in my hand. It was very warm, and the heat that was coming from his cock turned me on even further.

NOTE: I know many of you men think that those really life like jelly dongs are as good as a cock for us girls to fuck, but let me tell you, there is NO substitute for a real penis. The heat that emanates along the entire shaft when erect is something to admire, and as yet, I have not found a dildo to match it.

I langoriously squeezed, rubbed and felt the shaft of Ed's cock in my hand as my husband watched us. I looked at Ed's face and his eyes were closed, concentrating on the feelings I was giving him with my hand wrapped around his penis. I reached lower down and found his balls. To my delight, Ed, aged 55, had his balls clean shaven! They felt wonderful in my hand as I played and fondled them in front of my husband.

Slowly, I turned my head to face Steve once more, my hand staying in the stranger's trousers, playing with his cock. I wanted my husband to feel the tease that was inside me dying to get out.

Steve moaned and rubbed his cock shaft.

"You look beautiful, babe," he said, the lust in his eyes.

I smiled and turned once more to face Edward, my mind now totally focussed on making my husband enjoy the show I was putting on for him.

For a brief moment I stopped fondling Ed, just long enough to ease his belt open and unzip the front of his trousers. Ever so slowly, I lowered his pants to the floor, before dropping to hands and knees, on all fours, and then lapping at the outline of his dick as it strained to escape the underwear trap it was in. I found the head outline and licked the rim as it pushed against the elastic waistband of his Calvin's.

Once I had fained sucking his cock for a few minutes, I noticed his underwear were very wet. I was unable to tell if it was the saliva from my mouth, or the pre-cum that was seeping from his cock as I sucked him in front of my husband.

Still on my knees, I reached up and eased the elastic over the tip of his cock, until it wonderfully 'popped' free of it's confinement. Pointing menacingly towards the sky.

With my pink mini gathered in my midriff like a belt, my pink heels were sticking back towards Steve.

"Suck him, Babe. Let me watch you suck his cock and make him cum. I want to see you swallow his sperm you nasty, nasty slut!" I knew this sort of scene really got Steve going. I have to admit, despite the kinkiness of it all, it got me totally hot aswell, and I certainly didn't need his permission nor encouragement to take Edward's penis in my mouth and suck him off. I have always adored giving head, and the heat and wickedness of this situation only heightened the enjoyment and erotic arousal was getting from the fact that I was about to give head to a complete stranger in my own home.

Reaching up with my right hand, I seized his shaft and pulled the head down towards my boobs. I squeezed the dick between my cleavage and gave it a few slow pumps, looking Ed in the eye as I did so.

"MMMMMmmmmm, you have a wonderful cock, Edward," I said, "I think I want to suck it. Would that be ok with you?"

Yes, stupid question I know, but I love taking control of the situation, and the tease factor is a huge part of that control as far as I am concerned. I don't have sex just to be a receptacle for men, or for my husband's pleasure. I fuck for me. End of story.

It was strange because, Ed, who had been so confident and self-assured all evening, was suddenly like a small boy with a new lego set!

"Ooh. Please , Dee. Please? Yes, please."

He was almost begging, and I swear he was also drooling!

Giggling a little at his desperation to have his penis in my hungry mouth, I took the head into my mouth like a popsicle and just focused on the rim and the tip. I was certainly in no hurry. I sucked and licked the head, making popping sounds as I took it in and out at will. Occasionally I bit the rim just a little, to remind Ed who was in charge.

At one stage I found myself fingering my clit as I sucked his cock, and I looked around to see Steve rubbing some lubricant onto his cock as he began to pump his fist up and down as he watched me suck Edward's dick.

It was wild!

I decided I wanted more in my mouth, and so adjusted my position to be able to take more of his cock into my throat. Up and down I sucked, the moisture from my saliva working nicely to help him glide in and out of my throat. I was frigging my clit really fast now, and was beginning to hit the heights of my second orgasm for the afternoon.

The waves overwhelming me, I jammed his cock into my throat, as I cam and enjoyed a massive orgasm in front of my husband. I kept going with my fingers on my pussy until I had stopped shaking, and the beads of sweat had formed between my boobs and ass cheeks. I was ravid, and the cum I had just experienced almost made me bite down too hard on Edward's cock. I let him go, as my breathing returned to normal and the warmth overtook my whole body.

"Shit, Dee, look at your nipples baby!," said Steve.

Both Ed and I looked down and noticed that my nipples were indeed very hard, poking their way forward. Edward reached down and played with them, pinching and flicking them nicely.

"Simply breathtaking my dear," he said, both his hands now cupping my boob and playing with them as he bent down to kiss me on the mouth. I returned the kiss. It was very passionate. There was plenty of tongue, and I enjoyed the slithering feel of a strange tongue inside my mouth as my husband continued to masturbate a few metres away.

Feeling extra naughty, I stood up, stretching my slightly cramped knees, and walked across to where Steve was pulling himself. In the light given off by the open fire, his cock was glistening with the shiny lubricant. I didn't care. I was ravenous and wanted to tease him more than anything. I was in the mood to show off in front of him, and wanted to fuck the absolute skin off poor Edward, but first I wanted to remind Steve what a hot fox I can be when I am in the mood.

Dropping to my knees in front of him, I moved his hand from his shaft. It was sticky from the lube.

I leant forward and sucked his cockhead, the sweet tasting sticky liquid tasting warm as I took more of his cock in my mouth. I managed to deep throat Steve, a fact that has highlighted our sex life all these years. Once fully inside my throat, I wiggled and snaked my tongue along the underside of his shaft, his head nestled in the area behind my tonsils. I sucked and sucked until I knew he was about to cum.

Suddenly..........without warning.........in a total act of wickedness.......I withdrew his cock from my mouth with a loud 'pop'.

The look on his face was priceless. He was mortified. I knew that the scene of his wife in front of him sucking off a stranger and cumming as she masturbated while giving him head had got him aroused almost to the point of no return.

Slowly, with a huge smile on my teasing face, I moved back to where Ed was standing. He was now to the side of the fire, leaning against the brick wall on the right hand side of the mantelpiece, his very much erect penis pointing outwards and upwards. I knew what I had to do, for all of our sakes.

I walked across and once more used my mouth to wet his dick. I reached up with one hand and drew his face to mine, kissing him on the lips as my other hand reached lower and found his cock. As we kissed in front of my husband, I guided his cock into my now very wet vagina. I used the power in my hips to push him deeper with each thrust, and before long, the squelching noises we were emitting were evidence of the moisture that was coming from my pussy as we fucked in front of my husband.

I now had both my hands around Edward's neck, out mouths locked together as we kissed. Ed's hands were on my butt cheeks, cupping my buttocks as he pulled me to him with each thrust. His penis was not huge or long, but is was very hard and he was a nice fuck. We managed to get up quite a rhythm as we bounced up and down fucking in front of Steve. I wanted to tease my husband some more, and so I began to make whimpering sounds, as if I was almost in pain from the fucking I was receiving.

"MMmmmph, arrggg, oooohhh, yes, pheww,,,, ggrrrnnnn..........."

I went on and on. As if to emphasise the enjoyment Ed was giving me, I began to thrash my hair around, throwing my head back and forth in pleasure.

"Yes, yes, yes, baby. Oh Ed, your cock feels wonderful. Fuck me, toss me up and down on your cock, come on, give it to me baby...fuck me hard now!"

"Yes baby, Yes," was all Steve could muster. His hand once more covered in glistening lube as it pumped up and down on his shaft.

By this time I had my legs wrapped around Ed's waist, his hands locked behind my knees as he struggled to hold me up and fuck me. I kept forgetting he was 55 I guess, because I almost moaned with disappointment when he lowered me off his cock and told me he needed to change position!

What he did next though, made up for it.

He turned me to face Steve, who was still wanking himself off as he watched his wife fuck another man in his own home just out of reach.

Slowly, he bent me forward at the waist, my boobs hanging down, my legs parted, balancing in my huge pink spiked heels. I felt his cock head enter me. It was slow, but delightfully warm. Just as I felt him bottom out inside me, his hands were on my breasts, cupping them as he began to fuck me from behind. It wasn't quite the doggy position, because I was still technically standing up. However, after about five minutes of wonderful screwing, I dropped to me knees on the coffee table and we assumed the classic doggie style fuck. It was lovely. My nipples were tingling from the grip of Edward's hands as he fucked me with long, sure strokes.

I bounced back and forth on his cock, squealing, moaning, and almost screaming with pleasure as we fucked facing Steve.

"His cock feels so good" I said. "Deeper, baby, deeper. Oh Steve, I love fucking, and Ed is doing me so well I never want it to top. Do I look sexy honey? Is his cock inside me? Can you see it? Can you see my wet cunt on his beautiful cock, Steve?" I went on and on, my husband trying to close his eyes and think about the rubbish tip or something I guess. Apparently he didn't want to cum. Yet.

To his absolute credit, Edward proved to be a wonderful fuck. His self control was amazing, and I suspected that I wasn't the first woman he'd picked up and taken home to fuck. He just kept going on that wonderful rhythm of long strokes, the feeling incredible as we fucked.

I resumed my head thrashing, my hair flying back and forth as I moaned and squealed with the pumping. It was great sex, and I must have looked a sight, bouncing up and down on the stranger's cock.

Just as I was certain Ed would need to cum, I felt him pull back just a little, and slow his movement. I turned to look at him, a puzzled, almost begging look on my face once more.

"Baby........why'd you stop?? Come on, give me more, I need more. Fuck me Ed, fuck me now!!" I demanded of my new lover.

He raised his finger to his lips, indicating I should be silent.

"Ready for something special, Steve?" he asked my husband, who was once more watching this man fuck his wife intently.

"Absolutely" was Steve's reply, as he reached for the tube of lubricant and squeezed a generous amount onto the palm of his hand once more.

I wasn't sure what Edward was planning, but I didn't have long to wonder.

"Steve, the lubricant please?" called Ed to my husband.

Tossing it, Steve laid back and began pumping his newly re-greased hand along the cock I know so well.

Behind me though, Ed was preparing for something a little more raunchy. He covered his cock in lube, then slowy pointed the nozzle of the tube towards my ass and squeezed a generous amount around my anal opening.

I now knew what he wanted, and I reached down to play with my clit in anticipation of the intensity of the feeling I was about to experience.

10-06-2006, 07:32 PM
Cuckold for a day part.3
by marriedperv

I turned to face Steve.

"Oh god, Steve. Ed is going to fuck me up the arse. Yes baby, he is going to stick his big dick (I lied, just to enhance the moment!! ) He's going to cum in my bum and you can't do a damn thing about it. Watch me as I take a strange man's cock in my tight arse honey."

I was going wild when I felt a finger push it's way into my tight arsehole. I wiggled a bit to help Ed stick it in further, and it suddenly popped in, just like when you push anal beads inside your arse. He slid that finger in and out of my hot tight arse as I thrashed around a bit to show off the fact I was about to let this man fuck my arse in front of my husband.

After a while, my bum muscles relaxed and he was able to ease two fingers into my anus. I knew I was ready, because it no longer hurt, and I could feel all the sexy attention on my clit as I played with myself.

"I'm ready, Ed baby. Fuck my arse. Stick your cock up my tight arse and fuck the shit out of me now! I want you to um deep in my arse baby, hurry.!"

The next ten minutes were crazy.

Behind me, Edward gently began to push his cock inside my arsehole, before getting it almost all the way in and rocking me back and forth, his hands on my hips as his cock invaded my bowels. He managed to last quite well in my opinion, because the scene must have been totally fucking horny from where he stood. His cock was inside the arse of a sexy (If I do say so myself!), married woman's arse, fucking her well and good, as her husband, not five metres away, masturbated and watched as his wife took the cock in her butt and fucked like crazy.

It was too much for me.

"Steve, get down her and lick my cunt you bastard!" I screamed, the third orgasm of the day seizing me.

Steve immediately dropped to the floor and got underneath me, his tongue instantly finding my clit, which was swollen to an amazing size. It was bloated like a small penis, and his tongue instantly thrashed me to another climax. Just below my face, my husband's cock was sticking straight up at me as he sucked my cunt, and so I took him in my mouth, and, in my orgasmic state, sucked and sucked until I felt the cum surge through his cock and pump into my mouth and throat.

The very instant he came in my mouth, I gulped and swallowed as I was climaxing. This triggered Ed's orgasm and as a final gesture of the fuck we were having, he jammed his cock deeper into my arsehole and came inside my bowels. It was an incredible feeling, and one that caused me not only to gulp for air, but swallow all my husband's cum in my mouth, and cum all over the hot jets of semen that were erupting into my deepest arse regions.

There was cum everywhere dripping out of me. My arse seeped gooey cum down onto my hubby's legs. My bum cheeks were covered, and some dripped into my sopping and swollen pussy. Steve, my husband, had come so much in my mouth as I was being arse fucked that some had escaped my throat and mouth and seeped down onto my bosoms.

I reached down and squeezed them, cleaning off the sperm as I did so, offering it to Steve to lick clean from my fingers. He reluctantly did so, thankful that it was his own!

I was not finished yet.

Turning to kiss Edward on the lips, complete with hubby's cum all over them, I marvelled as he licked my face clean and tongue kissed me deeply.

I squatted over my hubby's face as he lay below me, and I pushed hard in my bowels, forcing the cum to drip slowly from my anus onto his face. He was covered with another man's sperm that had just been spurting into his wife's arsehole moments before.

I span around, dropped my body down on top pf him, my breasts crushed against his chest. Slowly, I licked the cum from his face, before gulping loudly and swallowing it all in my hungry throat.

It ended a truly amazing evening..........

12-03-2006, 03:22 PM
A bump for all of our Slutty wife lovers out there....;)