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Richard P
09-25-2012, 01:33 PM
A Cuckolds Diary 6.

Journal Extracts 10.

MONDAY, JUNE 12, 2006.

Arriving at Tommy's house I unloaded the paint and other items purchased from the list he'd given me while Marie went inside. Tommy emerged to check that I'd bought everything he required and seeming satisfied said, "I got a couple of mate's in to help shift the furniture so you can start on the lounge straight away."

"Very good Sir," I replied.

Automatically adopting a subservient role when dealing with my wife's lovers seems to come naturally by now.

I carried the things inside and was pleased to see that various items of furniture had indeed been removed and everything covered with dust sheets. At least it made one job less. Tommy had instructed me exactly how he wanted the work done and I started by rubbing down the existing paintwork. He'd made it clear that any shoddy workmanship on my part would result in a severe caning and my early experiences with him leave me in no doubt he'll keep his word.

To my chagrin it was Marie who resurrected the cane, introduced by Doug back in January 04, and kept in a cupboard ever since his departure.

It took quite a while to rub the paintwork down, chiefly because I stopped from time to time and listened to the sounds coming from Tommy's bedroom directly above. The pounding of the bedsprings and my wife's ecstatic yells told me they were enjoying themselves.

I barely had time to clean up before a glowing Marie came down ready to go.

MONDAY, JUNE 19, 2006.

Tommy's redecorating is proving a slow job. I've done the lounge and other downstairs rooms, most of the weekend and all the evenings last week being spent on it, but the hallway and stairs are particularly awkward and time consuming.

(Perhaps I should explain here that Tommy is a friend of my wife's previous lover, Martin. When Martin fell for a girl he met in a pub and embarked on a serious relationship with her, he naturally enough ended the affair with Marie. However he 'handed her over' as he put it, to Tommy, one of the guys present the night of her striptease as detailed near the end of my previous extract.
"That way she won't go without. We both know your wife likes plenty of cock, don't we," said Martin slapping me on the back and adding derisively, "She certainly needs more than you've got to offer."
So it was that less than twenty-four hours after I watched my wife having intercourse with Martin, a farewell session he called it, I saw her doing likewise with Tommy.
Of course Martin's right. Usually at the end of an affair Marie is moody and noticeably bad tempered but this time, with a new lover straight away; she remained her usual perky and cheerful self.
Tommy 44, had recently moved into a new house following his divorce, a property in need of extensive redecoration for which he intended using me.
"I'd love to help with the work but according to Martin your wife wants as much cock as she can get so I'll be kept busy," he grinned.)


A rest from decorating tonight as it was the Council meeting. Gerald not there, Id forgotten hes away on holiday. Dropped Marie off at the community centre for her weekly badminton session on the way to the meeting as it seems pointless using both cars. Must have been a bit late picking her up because all the other members of the badminton club had already left and she was in reception talking to the young caretaker who would have been impatient to lock up.

THURSDAY, JUNE 22, 2006.

Well I've been elected to the District Council, carrying on the family tradition. The Chairman said he knew I'd make as good a District Councillor as my father before me. Would he have had such confidence if he knew my wife was at that very moment enjoying herself in another man's bed! The fact that none of the Lab or Lib/Dem Councillors were interested in standing for election to the District Council makes my own election seem a hollow victory but it's pleasing none the less.

My raised profile does make vigilance and discretion regarding Marie's extra-marital activities even more important though and perhaps gives Tommy even greater power over me. He certainly finds it amusing and says it adds spice to things that while I'll be attending more stuffy Council meetings, as he calls them, he'll be having the pleasure of bedding my wife. Says he'll have to give me more frequent spankings to make sure I don't get above myself!

FRIDAY, JUNE 30, 2006.

Having taken a week's holiday to get the work done according to his schedule, the last room of Tommy's house is finished. All that means for me though is a return to all the other mundane chores. Tonight I had to clean Tommy's car and tidy his garage, the paint and various accoutrements having been stored there while I was decorating.

Following Martin's example Tommy enthusiastically uses me to do all the jobs and chores he dislikes, but at least he doesn't have a dog. However, as with the purchase of the decorating things I have to fill Tommy's car up with petrol out of my own pocket. Tommy says I ought to be happy paying his expenses in gratitude to him for keeping my wife satisfied.

MONDAY, JULY 3, 2006.

Dusting and hoovering tonight, my labours punctuated by Marie's happy cries as Tommy fucked her.


Made a surprising and disturbing discovery while picking Marie up from the community centre. Since joining the badminton club last year, mainly as a form of keeping fit, Marie seemed to enjoy the weekly sessions more and more. She's always in a happy frame of mind afterwards and earlier tonight I found out why.

The car park was deserted when I arrived at the community centre which was odd; the Council meeting had finished early so I was in good time. I tried the door but it was locked, although I could see light coming from one of the side rooms.

Spotting an old guy walking his dog I told him I was supposed to be collecting my wife after a badminton session but the place seemed deserted. He replied that I was much too late; the last session on Wednesday's finished at nine-thirty.

"Surely not!" I exclaimed. "My wife doesn't leave till ten-thirty."

The old guy shrugged, commenting that he always walked his dog near the centre and knew what he was talking about.

He went on his way and mystified I wandered round the outside of the building, soon noticing a fire exit door propped open by a bucket of sand. The caretaker had presumably opened it as the evening was a hot one and then forgotten about it. I went in and automatically walked towards the lit room near reception. I knew what I'd find even before looking in; Marie's ecstatic yells told me that!

It seems the room is predominantly used for judo and wrestling so the floor is covered by a large padded mat. My wife, plainly naked, was stretched out on the mat with a guy wearing just his socks on top of her. The long hair flowing down his back told me it was the young caretaker. Taken aback by the discovery I stood in the doorway listening to the familiar joyous cries ringing out while watching the guys buttocks driving rapidly up and down between my wife's thigh's. The caretaker was grunting and groaning then, and seeing his buttock muscles clenching I knew he was coming. At that point I slipped away, not wanting the embarrassment of being caught watching.

In something of a daze I returned to my car and drove a block away so they wouldn't know I'd been early. I then waited until the usual time before returning to the centre. They were chatting in reception as usual, giving no sign of having just had sex. During the drive home I told Marie about being early and unexpectedly seeing them at it. Unconcerned, Marie told me her lover is a student called Gavin working part-time at the centre. Long haired and a little swarthy looking Gavin, at 20, is by far the youngest guy my wife has had sex with. To my amazement Marie has been enjoying weekly sex sessions with Gavin for over six months, despite her ongoing affairs with first Martin and now Tommy!

FRIDAY, JULY 21, 2006.

A truly shocking evening. I still feel shaken by the events earlier and am barely able to hold the pen to write up my Journal. I must try to commit the appalling details to paper though.

In hindsight I should have realised that Marie seemed strangely subdued and not at all her usual bubbly self. There was a pent up nervousness about her as I parked outside Tommy's, next to a strange car. Letting us in Tommy led the way to the lounge.

"This is my brother Jed who I told you about," he said to Marie.

She smiled at Jed, a guy three or four years older than Tommy, who exclaimed, "Bloody hell bruv you were right. She's a cracker!"

I was introduced in my turn but Jed paid me scant interest, his lascivious eyes running up and down my wife's body.

"You said she always wears stockings?" he quizzed Tommy, a glint in his eye.

"Yea, take a look."

So saying Tommy grabbed the hem of Marie's skirt and hiked it up, her only response a shy giggle.

Jed was actually licking his lips as he eyed my wife's stocking clad thighs, her sexy red and black knickers also fully exposed by Tommy holding her skirt high.

"Can I have a feel?" Jed asked.

"Go ahead. I told you she's up for it."

Tommy's reply surprised me. Did Marie know Jed would be here? Of course she must have, it would explain her strangely subdued demeanour in the car.

I could only watch in disbelief when Tommy pulled my wife's knickers down and his brother slipped a hand between her thighs. Significantly Marie made no attempt to close her legs against Jed's invading fingers and was actually holding her skirt up herself by this time. In fact giggling, she moved her legs further apart to accommodate the questing fingers, Tommy having removed her knickers completely.

"Hold these," he said with a grin, tossing my wife's knickers to me, "have a sniff; you
won't get any closer to it."

Much laughter, including Marie's, followed his words.

To his brother he said, "What did I tell you. She's hot stuff."

"Tommy also said you like plenty of cock. Is that right?" Jed asked her.

"Yes," my wife gasped as he really rammed his fingers into her.

Feelingly decidedly foolish I stood there holding my wife's knickers while the brothers continued their explorations. While Jed continued to finger her Tommy relieved Marie of her top and bra.

"Lovely little tits or what," he said almost with pride, displaying my wife's breasts to his brother.

Feeling completely bemused I could only stand and watch while the two men stripped my wife naked.

"It's been a long time for you so take Marie upstairs and give her one while I put hubby in the picture," Tommy said.

At that Jed picked my naked wife up and literally threw her over his shoulder, her slight form making it relatively easy, before carrying her squealing up the stairs.

"My brother's from up North," Tommy explained, "and hasn't had sex since his marriage broke up eighteen months ago. He's staying with me for a couple of weeks and as your wife's up for a threesome she's going to be getting plenty of cock."

Tommy paused and grinned at me as sounds from above broke into the conversation.

"Jed's really giving it to her," he grinned.

Indeed the pounding of the bedsprings coupled with my wife's loud yells indicated that she was indeed being fucked by this guy we'd met barely ten minutes earlier.

"He's relieving his frustration," Tommy explained, "but this is just the start."

I was literally squirming, still foolishly holding Marie's knickers, when he went on. "Between us we shall probably fuck your wife four or five times tonight and every night for the next two weeks."

There's nothing further to add really. Marie, who has stayed overnight at Tommy's, had already been fucked four times by the time I was told to clear off. At one point I saw my wife squatting between the brothers holding a penis in each hand while sucking them alternately. At another point I saw her sucking Tommy's penis while Jed did it to her from the rear.

A few years ago I wouldn't have believed it possible that Marie could willingly take part in some of the things I witnessed tonight.


The almost unbelievable happenings of the last two weeks can, following Jed's departure, now be summed up. There was a certain sameness about the days with the two brothers taking turns to fuck my wife.

I've now been instructed to get busy over the next few days to catch up on all my chores as I did very little work during Jed's stay. Tommy insisted that I watch most of their acts with Marie, indeed forcing me sometimes by tying me to a chair. This was so I couldn't play with myself, he said. However Tommy ordered me to wash both their cars a couple of times no doubt wanting to humiliate me in front of his brother.

I've seen things during the last two weeks that I never expected to see in the flesh, and most certainly not being performed by Marie. Tommy had boasted about how willing my wife is to accept his penis anally during her periods but last Monday I was forced to watch while both he and Jed enjoyed anal intercourse with her, even though it wasn't her period. It's only after the passage of days that I can bring myself to write about it.

There is one rather disturbing thing to add; at least it will be if Tommy carries out his threat. It was while Jed was stretched out naked on the bed enjoying the feel of Marie's tongue on his penis and balls that Tommy led me from the room and said, "I think you'll agree that over the last fortnight we've discovered your wife's a right randy little thing, something of a nymphomaniac in fact. Once Jed's gone I might have difficulty in keeping her satisfied on my own and have to recruit some mates to help me out."

At that moment my wife's loud and ecstatic yell rang out, the familiar indication that she's been penetrated by a penis. Tommy laughed and said, "See what I mean. We've already fucked her four times today and she still wants more. I reckon your wife would open her legs for a football team."

I must have looked aghast at his words because he went on to say, grinning at my discomfort, "Who knows, one of these days you might find yourself tied up and forced to watch four or five of us fucking your wife in succession. I know Marie would enjoy it. Now drop your trousers and touch your toes."

Reluctantly I did as he said, my mind in turmoil by his words, and he began caning my bared backside. Soon my yells of pain rang out at each stroke of the cane, mingling with my wife's ecstatic cries as Jed fucked her in the next room.

Hopefully his words were no more than an idle threat but I wouldn't put it past Tommy to bring it about, just to spite and humiliate me further.