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Richard P
09-26-2012, 09:23 AM
A Cuckolds Diary 7.

Journal Extracts 10 continued.


If I had been lulled into a false sense of security by my wife's affair with Tommy resuming it's normal course following brother Jed's departure, I was certainly woken up by today's events.

When we arrived at Tommy's he was standing on the drive waiting for us.

"Don't get out, just drive to my instructions," he told me, climbing into the back of the car.

Marie quickly joined him on the back seat and they were kissing and cuddling by the time I'd turned the car around.

Following Tommy's instructions I drove out into the country. In a quiet lane he directed me to pull off the road onto a track leading to some farm buildings which looked to be undergoing extensive building work. My intuition was correct; the barns are being converted into a couple of houses.

While I parked next to a van three men, plainly the builders emerged from one of the barns and greeted Tommy while casting lascivious looks at Marie. Feeling somewhat apprehensive I followed the builders, who now flanked my wife one with an arm round her waist, another squeezing her bottom, to the nearest barn where Tommy asked, "Is this OK then Marie?"

"Oh yes, just right," she told him.

"When I suggested a gang-bang scenario Marie was very interested," Tommy told me. "Today's the day you’re going to watch your wife being fucked by four of us in succession."

My apprehension was justified but he simply laughed at my protests, reminding me that it was what she wanted and I didn't get a say.

I don't know whose idea it was to strip me naked and tie me to one of the uprights supporting the roof; it might even have been Marie's. The idea met with approval anyway, one of the builders remarking that it would certainly stop me from interfering, and willing hands quickly stripped my clothing off. The dirt floor felt cold on my bare feet as I was dragged over to the upright and tied very securely to it, hands behind my back.

The builders seemed a bit uncertain now it was time to act, perhaps having second thoughts on seeing me tied naked and helpless to the post. So it was that Marie took the initiative quenching any doubts I, or they, may have had about her willingness to go through with it, by slipping her jeans and top off. Her body was now revealed, clad in all white underwear, stockings and suspenders, the dark mound of pubic hair clearly visible through her frilly knickers.

There was still no movement from the builders, despite Tommy's encouragement, so Marie slipped her bra off. At that, one of the men stepped forward and with a sly wink at has mates began to fondle her breasts.

It may or may not have been my wife's idea to tie me to the post but it was certainly her voice that suggested using her knickers as a gag. One of the builders, a guy called Rick who was the eldest, pushed Marie's knickers down and knelt to remove them casting a look between her legs as he did so. He tossed them to Nathan who forced the knickers roughly into my mouth, Tommy's hand lightly squeezing my balls to stifle any protest. Tommy then found an ingenious method of tying Marie's bra under my chin to prevent me expelling the gag and, I would imagine, making me look ridiculous into the bargain!

Things really began to hot up then. Rick and Garry began to suck Marie's nipples, both using their fingers to probe between her legs. Then Nathan knelt at her feet and she gave a joyous cry when his face pressed up between her thighs. Tommy was undressing while watching the builders at work on her and once naked took Marie's hand to press it to his erection. My wife took his penis in her hand to stroke and squeeze it lovingly.

Next, she was gently pushed on to her back across a trestle table used by the builders. Rick's face was now between my wife's thighs and while he licked her vagina I saw Nathan slip his penis into her mouth. It didn't take him long to come what with Marie stroking his balls while sucking ardently on his penis. Tommy was now licking her out and both Rick and Gary presented their cocks to her mouth. They stood either side of her head and she eagerly licked the tips of both cocks where they met over her mouth.

This went on until she'd sucked them all off except Tommy, during which all four of them performed cunnilingus on her. I'd seen my wife in the throes of several orgasms by the time Tommy reappeared at my side.

"Now you’re going to watch the four of us fucking your wife one after the other, and there's not a thing you can do about it," he hissed in my ear. "Her cunt will be gaping like an open sewer by the time we've finished with it."

I was fully erect despite feeling revolted by the proceeding. The dirty nature of the barn, builders tools and debris scattered about, lent a sordid air to the surroundings and knowing my wife was about to be violated by the four guys made me go hot and cold, not that she seemed at all worried just the opposite in fact.

There was a lively discussion going on about who should go first, to which Marie listened with an excited look on her face.

"Just drive a cock into her, she doesn't care who it belongs too, and you'll all get a turn never fear, more than once for those who want," Tommy called.

At that Rick stepped forward and Tommy brought my attention to the eager way Marie spread her legs in anticipation. Grabbing her thighs Rick pulled my wife unceremoniously along the table until her bottom was on the very edge of it. Then, with the others holding her legs high and wide, he stood between them and began fucking her. I listened to my wife's happy cries as I watched his backside jerking back and forth in a stately and fluent rhythm.

When Rick had finished Nathan took over, fucking Marie with much quicker thrusts which soon had her moaning and squirming on the table.

Next it was Gary's turn and he wanted her on hands and knees. Marie took up the position with alacrity, my clothing placed on the dirty floor to cushion her knees. Gary knelt high above her and slightly forward, so that both backsides were presented briefly to me. His balls hung down on to Marie's buttocks and her semen soaked vagina gaped open from the work of the two cocks’ that had already been there. When he lowered himself into position Marie was practically hidden from view but as the guys buttocks jerked forward I heard her familiar cry on being penetrated for the third time.

He fucked her quite roughly but my wife's yells were happy ones.

Directly Gary had finished he withdrew and Tommy moved forward, Marie giggling as he rolled her roughly on to her back before mounting her. They were on the floor in front of me so I had a close up view of his backside bobbing up and down between her legs. The others stood watching and I was disturbed to see they were all fully erect again.

When he'd finished Tommy helped Marie to her feet and she kissed him before sitting down on the end of the table. Her face lit up to see the three erect cocks and her knees involuntarily moved apart. Nathan leapt forward and pushing Marie backwards across the table lifted her legs at right angles and pressed up to her. My wife gripped the edges of the table and raised her head to watch him feeding his penis into her very wet and receptive vagina. Her eyes sparkled and she cried out excitedly when his buttocks jerked forward. Once he was fully embedded Nathan moved his hands to her ankles, ankles which were already up near his shoulders, and holding them apart really made my wife yell as he fucked her furiously.

For the final act of this shocking afternoon Tommy placed Marie on all fours, but this time facing me, so that he could watch me while fucking her. It was probably also done so that I could see her glazed but ecstatic facial expressions as first Tommy, then Gary and finally Rick, pumped into her in quick succession.

Finally Marie kissed each penis in turn and not one could raise an erection, she'd drained them all.

Having dropped Tommy off at his place I drove home aware of Marie's radiance as she sat beside me, and I was shocked to realise she seemed proud and exultant to have been taken by the four men. A few years ago she wouldn't even have contemplated being unfaithful let alone doing it in front of me and with four guys!

* * *

Perhaps I was a bit early at the community centre because Marie was still freshening up in the shower. Annoyingly, it seems she's now told Gavin I'm aware of what's going on, despite her assurances that she wouldn't. I really didn't want this young lad knowing I'm a cuckold but his conversation while we waited revealed that he does.

"You should look after your wife better. I had no trouble getting inside her pants," he grinned.

I said nothing, mainly because I'm still surprised that Marie has continued her regular sex sessions with Tommy, and now Gavin, despite her sordid experiences on Saturday.

"I had your wife the second time we met, she was gagging for it. Apparently you haven't got much of a cock," Gavin teased.

When Marie appeared they kissed in front of me for once. Gavin then winked over her shoulder at me while slipping both hands up the back of my wife's skirt.

"Pity you've got to go, I'm getting hard again," he commented.

"I can tell," Marie said, "but John doesn't mind waiting, do you dear?"

"I've got an early start in the morning," I reminded her.

"The sooner we get started the better then," she said, leading him towards the judo room.

Gavin, already undoing his trousers, paused at the door to say, "Turn the key on the main door will you. Then you can wait in my office."

Then he was gone, closing the judo room door behind him.

I was left to contemplate another humiliating experience, sitting waiting for my wife in the caretaker's office while she had sex with him.

Despite the closed door I could clearly hear Marie's happy cries, cries which grew louder and louder, and prompted me to cross to the door. I could then hear the regular thudding sounds of the padded mat as the lad fucked her.

By the time they emerged looking hot and sweaty, Marie’s shower had been a waste of time, I was back sitting in his office.

Driving home I remonstrated with my wife about having sex with someone local, the town being less than three miles from our village, and reminded her about our pact of discretion. Marie reassured me to a certain extent by telling me that Gavin knows nothing about us other than her name, and has no idea where we live. Anyway, his parents were thinking of moving to the States and if they did Gavin would probably go with them.

* * *

The events of the last five month's can be summed up in one word, unbelievable. I've been able to keep but a sketchy record of all the things that have happened, often too shocked to write more than the bare bones at the time. Also with Council work taking up a lot more of my time these days, not to mention the Rotarians, I haven't even been present during many of Marie's visits to Tommy's house. It's only now that her affair with him is at an end that I can perhaps get back into my Journal writing habits. First though I must try and condense five months into a few paragraphs, if only to serve as a reminder of a somewhat sordid episode in our lives.

It's not easy to write this but for much of that time my wife has literally been Tommy's plaything, his sex slave in fact. Probably due to her own voracious and seemingly unquenchable sexual appetite Marie allowed him to do as he wanted with her.

Many men fucked my wife during those month's, with Tommy seeming to enjoy watching her in action with others almost as much as having sex with her himself. I've seen Marie eagerly indulging in all sorts of practices some, to my mind at least, rather perverted. Prostitution for instance. At one time Tommy gloated that he was making good money because some of the guys who were turning up at his house to have sex with Marie were actually paying him! Marie had no qualms about having sex with a variety of nameless guys who paid him for it. One evening Tommy commented that his lounge resembled a waiting room because three guys sat patiently waiting their turn while a fourth was upstairs fucking my wife. Having made a hundred pounds for the evening he gave Marie four, a pound for each of the guys who had fucked her, remarking that she would probably have paid them, nympho that she is!

Threesomes became the norm during those months. Indeed even foursomes occasionally took place, several of Tommy's friends and workmates becoming regular participants.

Marie revelled in it, rarely having sex with less than two guys at a time, and once commented "the more the merrier."

It's painful to write but my wife's insatiable sexual appetite does indeed verge on nymphomania. To possess a wife with such a love, nay a craving for all things sexual might be desirable to some guys but it does me little good as I haven't actually had intercourse with Marie since 10/08/03, and that was pretty disastrous. There have been a few attempts since but always with the same humiliating result, premature ejaculation. To my shame I come before even entering my wife the sight of her naked form, the body that so many guys have now enjoyed, proving too stimulating. When Tommy at the end of their affair taunted me that a total of thirty nine guys had fucked my wife at his house I saw no reason to doubt his words, particularly when Marie was only to happy to confirm them.


During a long and frank discussion this morning Marie agreed to modify her increasingly wanton behaviour, even conceding that some of the things she'd done made her blush with shame. For my part I've agreed to do my best to provide her with lovers and the discreet adventures she needs and indeed craves. I'm going to York on business for a few days the week after next and Marie suggested coming with me. Four nights in a hotel will make a pleasant change she says, but I think I know what my role will be and confess to being a little apprehensive.

* * *
Journal Extracts 11.


So it's come to this. Earlier this evening I 'procured' a guy to have sex with my wife on the grounds that I'm unable to satisfy her, assuredly the most humiliating transaction of my life, although I can't deny getting a buzz from it! The guy, David, took it for granted that I wanted to watch which isn't really part of the arrangement Marie and I have agreed upon. However by this time I have to acknowledge that I do indeed want to watch my wife with her lovers, the next best thing to having sex with her myself. I seem to experience a sort of vicarious satisfaction to witness my wife being brought to orgasm by some guy. I nearly always come in my hand while watching Marie writhing in the throes of an orgasm created by a guys tongue between her legs or his penis deep inside her vagina.

So it was that I masturbated while watching David fucking my wife. He seemed to find the whole experience an exciting one and when we returned to the bar afterwards suggested I buy him a drink in return for his 'services'. I was happy to oblige, actually experiencing an additional kick from the transaction.


Due to yesterday evenings success Marie again commissioned me to find her a suitable partner. Simon was the lucky recipient of my wife's bodily charms tonight. I employed the same humiliating formula as before, this time for some strange reason taking it a stage further by adding that I needed a real man to satisfy my wife in my stead. He wouldn't let me watch though, saying it would cramp his style, and I had to wait outside in the corridor while they had their fun inside. An humiliating experience in itself but at least I was able to hear my wife's joyous cries as he fucked her, as did some passers by who actually stopped to listen.

"Someone's having fun," a guy remarked.

"Aren't they just," I replied, hoping they didn't realise I was standing outside my own room.


Tonight it was the young barman's turn!

There were few people in the bar when we arrived and I could sense Marie's disappointment as she scanned the room. It was while I was at the bar ordering our drinks that Jamie, the 22 year old barman, embarrassed me by saying, "I hear your wife likes plenty of cock and it turns you on to watch her getting it."

I nervously looked about hoping no one was within earshot and fortunately, as already stated the bar remained almost deserted.

"If you’re looking for a repeat tonight I'm game. Simon and David both told me your wife's a good screw."

Perhaps it was inevitable that the guys would have talked about their unusual experience but nevertheless I found it highly embarrassing listening to the grinning barman's remarks.

"David said your wife sucks cock like no one else. I'm certainly up for a bit of that," the grinning Jamie went on.

I replied that it was up to Marie but would certainly tell her about his offer. When I gave her the gist of Jamie's conversation Marie's eyes lit up, particularly on hearing about David's comment. My wife said it would make a nice change to have a young guy, with the exception of Gavin her partners usually being older.

Without customers to serve the barman strolled over to our table and said, "What's the score then? I can be free in ten minutes."

For reply Marie downed her drink in one and stood up saying, "I'll be undressed and waiting in our room."

Watching Marie's departure, her bottom swinging seductively beneath the short skirt, Jamie exclaimed, "Bloody hell your wife's a randy one! My cock's itching to get between her legs,"

"Well it won't have long to wait," I murmured, again thinking it fortunate the bar was deserted.

"You can do anything you want with her, my wife loves all things sexual," I found myself adding for some inexplicable reason.

Then he made a suggestion which I found curiously exciting.

"Seeing as how I'm giving up a couple of hours behind the bar the least you could do is make up my lost earnings. After all I'll be doing you a favour by giving your wife a bloody good seeing to."

Apparently he'd arranged for an off duty member of staff to cover his absence.

"Of course I'll be happy to reimburse you. How much?" I replied.

"Make it twenty five quid," Jamie grinned.

So it was that I handed him the money, in affect paying the lad to have sex with my wife! The transaction didn't end there though. Perhaps realising he was on to a good thing, Jamie said, "Of course it will cost another twenty five if you want to watch the action."

His laughter when I quickly handed him the money added to an already highly humiliating transaction but one I found myself revelling in. However the highlight was still to come when my sense of humiliation was increased by the stand-in barman appearing and being put in the picture as to why his services were required.

"Guess what. This guy has just given me fifty quid to watch while I fuck his missus."

"What a wimp," the stand in barman sneered contemptuously, and I felt myself colouring up.

However I was inwardly revelling in my ignominious position as the two guys laughed at my apparent discomfort.

"He's a right gossip," Jamie remarked as we travelled up in the lift, “by the time I go back it'll probably be all over the hotel that you've paid me to fuck your wife."

I pondered his words, excited rather than disturbed. After all we're a long way from home so gossip can do no harm.

"You'll be the laughing stock of the hotel," he jeered, exciting me even more.

As promised we found Marie naked on the bed and Jamie, whistling his appreciation, speedily tore his own clothes off. I was probably as pleased as Marie to see that Jamie's penis was a decent sized specimen.

"I need this!" he exclaimed, quickly mounting my wife.

"So do I," she murmured when the lads’ penis drove into her.

It goes without saying that I stood at the foot of the bed masturbating, my eyes transfixed by the sight of bare buttocks pounding up and down between my wife's thighs. Jamie didn't last long but rolling off gasped, "That's just for starters. Don't worry you'll get your moneys worth."
Marie looked at me quizzically and I said I'd explain later.

Jamie wasn't wrong anyway. By the time he was ready to leave he'd fucked my wife a further twice amidst much mutual oral stimulation. He also, perhaps remembering my comment about doing whatever he wanted, fingered my wife's anus, driving two fingers in to the hilt while I watched with indrawn breath.

At the door he turned to look at Marie who remained lying naked on the bed, and asked if he should send Tom, the stand-in barman, up.

"Yes do."

Marie's murmur was barely audible as I found myself thinking, not another Tom. At least five guys with that name have fucked my wife in recent years!

Marie popped to the loo but was back on the bed by the time the rather brash Tom walked in, without bothering to knock. He laughed when he saw Marie laying there awaiting his pleasure, legs spread wide in anticipation. Given her behaviour at Tommy's I oughtn't to have been shocked by her enthusiasm to have sex with a guy she hadn't even clapped eyes on before he walked through the door, but I was.

"It'll cost you the same as Jamie," Tom said to me, undoing his belt.

I explained that I didn't have enough cash on me and would pay him later but Tom, insisting on having the money up front, told me there was an ATM at the bank on the corner.

"Don't be long or you'll miss all the fun," he teased as I made for the door.

He was leaning over the bed, trousers and underpants round his knees, and I paused long enough to see Marie take the end of his penis between her lips. Then I literally sprinted to the bank, returning to the room breathless.

"Don't you ever knock?" Tom snapped, raising his head from between my wife's thighs.

I heard myself apologising rather meekly, while placing the required fifty pounds on top of his discarded clothing.

Well, he fucked my wife twice and I again stood at the foot of the bed masturbating while watching yet another male backside rising and falling between her thighs.

It was late by the time Tom was ready to leave but stashing the money in his wallet he suggested we join him and Jamie downstairs for a nightcap. Marie declined, preferring to shower before going to bed but I agreed despite, or perhaps because of, knowing it could prove an humiliating experience. However by this time I have to acknowledge that humiliation is what I want, perhaps even need. Anyway I certainly got it!

Both lads were behind the bar when I entered and their roar of laughter almost prompted me to turn tail. However the room was empty by now and I approached the bar revelling in their open contempt.

Jamie suggested I stand them both a drink, "For services rendered," he grinned, which of course I did so.

When Tom sneered, "I bet your wife's had more pricks than a pin cushion," I merely nodded, revelling in their contempt and laughter.

The culmination of a very humiliating evening was when Tom suggested, nay ordered me, to clear and wipe all the tables in the bar while they stood watching, laughing and joking. The task completed I finished my drink and made for the door.

"Not so fast, we haven't finished with you yet," Tom barked.

I meekly returned to the bar and in answer to Jamie's question Tom said, "Let's teach the wimp a lesson and have ourselves some fun."

I was ordered to drop my trousers and underpants before draping myself over one of the tables. There was no question of refusal in my mind. Their fun consisted of taking their belts to my bared backside, standing on either side of me and delivering alternate strokes. What with the pain from the belts on my backside coupled with their sneers and jeers I was soon yelling in agony, but my yells only increased their laughter and brought the night porter in from reception to see what was going on. Tom quickly put the newcomer in the picture about the events of the evening adding, "I'm surprised his wife bothers to wear any panties seeing how willing she is to drop 'em for anything in trousers."

I found myself being pulled upright and round to face my tormentors as Tom said, "Here take a look at the wimps little cock. Have you ever seen such a small one?"

I was sweating profusely from the beating but felt myself colouring up even more to find myself the butt of their contempt, the three laughing males staring at my genitals. Next, the night porter being invited to take a turn with Tom's belt, I meekly resumed my position over the table and submitted to it. My willing subservience to these guys provoked another round of laughter but shocked me, although by this time I don’t suppose it should have.

Returning to our room I said nothing to Marie about the abuse I'd been subjected to but she spotted my red and raw backside so I had no choice but to reveal a little about the beating, which to my chagrin she found highly amusing! Marie then asked about the money changing hands and on learning that I'd actually paid the guys fifty pounds each to have sex with her, she admitted to being turned on by it.