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A Cuckolds Diary 10.

Journal Extracts 17 continued.

THURSDAY, MAY 10, 2007.

Marie was keen to visit the Belvedere alone but I vetoed the idea, pointing out the dangers. I agreed to a scenario however in which we entered separately and I kept out of the way, intervening only if I thought the situation looked fraught.

So it was that I sat at a table near the exit, a table commanding a good view of the bar, with my glass of sparkling water. When Marie entered my eyes tracked her to the bar, as did many other eyes, her swaying hips encased in a short blue skirt which displayed plenty of leg proving an highly arousing sight. Waiting to be served my wife surveyed the room, aware no doubt as I was, of the many admiring looks she was attracting. Carrying her drink along to where there were the most males she perched herself on a bar stool and crossed her legs, skirt riding high.

There was a guy, probably about thirty, sitting at a table facing her and noticing him looking intently at her Marie flashed the guy a smile. When he responded in kind my wife slowly uncrossed her legs and parted them provocatively. Now I don't know how much he could see but was aware that Marie had impulsively removed her knickers before leaving home, so it was possible that the guy could see rather more than he'd expected!

Anyway, sitting there facing the guy with her legs apart, skirt high up her thighs was to my mind a clear invitation. The guy thought so too because he joined her at the bar where they were soon in animated conversation. Within five minutes they were heading for the door.

I watched their progress, as did many other guys, and was amazed at just how quick, not to mention how blatantly, my wife had picked the guy up. There was no sign now of the shy and demure, perhaps rather reserved girl I married.

Snapping out of my reverie I hastened to the door and scanning the car park spotted them climbing into a Volvo estate. I was just able to reach my own car and exit the car park without losing sight of it. However I almost missed them when the Volvo turned into Pennard Close. Knowing it to be a dead end though I drove passed the turn before parking and walking back. Turning into the Close I was in time to see them transferring to the rear seats of the car, which I was pleased to see was parked next to a line of bushes between path and road. Ideal for spying!

However, I proceeded cautiously and by the time I peered carefully through the bushes all I could see of my wife was the back of her head in the guys lap. The blissful expression on the guys face as he relaxed in his seat left me in no doubt as to what she was doing. I couldn't help but envy the guy. It's been upwards of four years since Marie sucked my penis but here she was, doing it to a guy picked up in a bar barely ten minutes earlier!

It was impossible to get any closer without being seen but following a flurry of body movements within the car I saw that Marie had straddled the guy. One or other of them had released her breasts which the guy was nuzzling while she rocked up and down. My wife's hands gripped the guy’s shoulders as she rode his thrusting penis, while his own hands were out of sight but I guessed to be cupping her bottom.

The windows were partially open and I could hear the mixture of grunts, groans and ecstatic cries emanating from the car. Then, suddenly, it was over and I quickly moved back to my own car.

Perhaps five minutes later the Volvo emerged from Pennard Close and starting the car I followed it back to the pub where I saw Marie alight. The car roared away at speed and I was surprise to see Marie enter the pub; I'd naively assumed we'd be going home now.

Parking up I followed her in but failed to see Marie. However, while I was waiting to be served she emerged from the toilets and deliberately went to the opposite end of the bar from me. She again perched herself on a bar stool, but not for long. In less than ten minutes she was on the way out again, this time with a guy who was obviously a lorry driver.

There's little more to say really. The blue truck I saw my wife getting into was plainly German and walking along to it I was gratified to find a window had been opened and so again listened, rather incredulously, to the sound of lovemaking. My incredulity due to the fact that it was only about twenty five minutes since I'd done likewise at the Volvo!

Marie spent far longer in the lorry cab than she had in the Volvo and this time when she climbed down it was to find me waiting, not wanting her to return to the pub a third time. Of course it meant the humiliation of being introduced to the German as compliant husband, his English being good enough to understand judging by the guys grin. It was a grin which broadened when, adding to my humiliation, Marie explained to the guy that as I'm unable to satisfy her she has to look for her pleasure elsewhere.

Back home I was shocked to find Marie didn't know the names of either of the guys she'd had sex with. It seems the guy in the Volvo, assuming she was a prostitute, had initially asked my wife how much she charged and was no doubt pleased to get it for nothing. To my surprise Marie commented that the mistake excited her and next time she might take on the role of prostitute, it would at least pay our expenses!

* * *
Journal Extracts 18.

WEDNESDAY, MAY 16, 2007.

Our second night at the hotel in Bradford. Prakesh, a waiter from the restaurant came to our room and fucked Marie while I watched. The contrast of brown skin on white made for a particularly erotic sight. It came about like this.

My wife was wearing a short dress, barely covering the inevitable stocking tops, and the waiter ogled her legs at every opportunity. By the dessert, Marie was openly flirting with the guy and to cut a long story short I invited him to our room when he came off duty.

When stripped Prakesh, a guy in his thirties, revealed a squat and incredibly hairy body which in comparison to my wife's pale and slight form I found highly arousing.

Well, he quickly brought Marie to a noisy orgasm by fingering her anus while licking her clitoris, a combination she loves.

Then he positioned her on the very edge of the bed so that he could fuck my wife while standing up. But first he spread her buttocks and to my surprise as he's the second guy to do so in a matter of weeks, and Marie's obvious enjoyment, began to lick her anus! My wife was squealing delightedly as his tongue flicked back and forth across the small and crinkly orifice, his fingers probing her vagina. I freed my erection to masturbate furiously while he brought her rapidly to another orgasm.

Straightening up Prakesh smiled to see me standing there, erect penis in hand.

"Very very small," he smiled while directing his more substantial organ between my wife's thighs.

Marie, having barely returned to earth following her orgasm moaned, "Oh god yes," when it drove into her.

It proved an ideal position from my perspective because I had a clear view of his thick brown penis sliding in and out of her. While he pounded in and out the sight of pink vagina lips clinging to his brown penis on the withdrawals, proved a particularly erotic one. Pausing occasionally to finger my wife's anus Prakesh fucked her steadily, Marie's ecstatic cries testifying to her pleasure. When he came Prakesh grabbed Marie's hips to pull her hard on to his discharging organ. His belly pressed up to her bottom, the guy's penis was fully embedded as he emptied his balls deep inside my near hysterical wife.

When leaving Prakesh shook my hand!

THURSDAY, MAY 17, 2007.

Prakesh came to our room again this evening but this time, and very politely, asked me to leave while he made love to my wife. So it was that I went for a walk returning a couple of hours later to learn they'd enjoyed anal intercourse. Apparently Prakesh had been nervous about bum fucking my wife in front of me, hence his polite request to be left alone with her.

* * *
FRIDAY, MAY 18, 2007.

Left Bradford early intending to break our journey at Bradgate Park, somewhere we hadn't visited before but which looked a suitable place for a relaxing walk away from the stress and rigours of driving. It was a day of sunny periods but with a strong cool wind blowing so I for one was glad to enter the shelter of a woodland walk.

The wood seemed very quiet, there hadn't been many cars on the car park, and we'd met few people by the time we emerged into a small clearing containing a solitary picnic table. Standing at the table, with jeans and underpants half way down his thighs, was a youth clearly masturbating while looking at a girlie magazine.

"Oh my god!" Marie exclaimed, an exclamation prompted more by the size of the lad’s penis than his act.

Startled and not a little embarrassed, the lad quickly yanked his pants and jeans up.

"No no, don't cover him up. He's magnificent!" she pleaded.

His initial nervous reaction quickly dissipating the lad allowed his clothing to slip down again and seemed proud, justifiably so, to flaunt his manhood for our, or I should say Marie's inspection. He was right to be proud. The lad’s penis, remaining fully erect under our gaze, was huge. Indeed Marie confirmed later that it surpassed any she's so far experienced.

"I've got something far better than pictures in a magazine," Marie smiled, brushing it from the picnic table before kneeling at his feet.

The lad gave me a startled look when my wife began licking the end of his penis, teasing all the most sensitive areas with her tongue while holding it by the root.

"Relax, hubby doesn't mind," Marie paused in her ministrations to tell him.

Oddly, with my wife now sucking his penis, the lad introduced himself as Jason, a mere 19. I told him our names in return at which point Marie said, "Here, make yourself useful and hold Jason's cock clear so I can get at his lovely big balls."

Made aware by Jason's chuckle of the humiliation involved, I took the lads penis in my hand and held it up out of the way while Marie lapped his balls. His penis felt hard and really hot, as did my face when Jason muttered contemptuously, "You must be a right prick to let your wife do this."

She was now sucking his balls, one at a time.

Rocking back on her heels Marie said, "I'm going to suck you off. I want to taste your semen in my mouth. Would you like that?"

"Hell yes," he replied.

I remained beside them watching as my wife again took the lads penis between her lips. Seizing Jason's buttocks she ardently sucked on his penis while he drove it in and out of her mouth.

"You dirty bitch!" he exclaimed suddenly and I realised Marie was fingering his anus.

He came almost immediately, penis jerking deep in my wife's throat. Once she'd drained the last drop from the lad Marie sat back on her heels a contended smile on her face.

"Bloody hell that was good!" Jason exclaimed as she stood up.

"Better than wanking then?" she asked.

"Hell yes."

"Well perhaps in return you can do something for me."

So saying Marie hiked her skirt up, a longish one for her, and slipped out of her knickers before the lads greedy eyes. Tossing them to me with a grin, Marie pulled her skirt high before sitting on the picnic table. Spreading her legs Marie said, "Is this better than a magazine?"

"Hell yes," Jason answered, rubbing his penis which quickly became erect again.

"You’re not a virgin are you?" Marie asked on impulse.

Jason admitted, a bit shamefaced, that he was.

"We're both going to enjoy this immensely then. First I want you to bring me off with your tongue, don't worry I'll guide you if need be, then your going to fuck me; I'm really looking forward to it."

"What about him?" Jason jerked a thumb in my direction.

"John likes to watch but I'll send him away if you'd prefer," Marie told the lad.

"What a prick," Jason flashed me a disdainful look. "You must be a right nobhead."

I looked down at my feet and he went on, "Yea why not, I'll let the wimp watch me licking your cunt. I'm going to finger your bum hole too, like you did mine."

"Great," Marie said, laying back and spreading her legs even wider.

"You’re right, it's better than a magazine pic," Jason said, staring between her thighs.

"It tastes a lot better too," Marie smiled.

I had instinctively moved closer to join Jason in staring between my wife's thighs, a move which inadvertently exposed me to more humiliation.

"My husband doesn't get to see it much these days, hence his interest."

"Really?" Jason looked puzzled.

"Drop your trousers and show Jason what you've got, dear."

I hesitated until Marie snapped, "Come on, do as you’re told."

I reluctantly slipped my trousers and underpants down, flinching when not unexpectedly Jason roared with laughter as my erect penis was exposed.

"As you can imagine, my husbands cock doesn't do much for me so you can see the attraction of your own magnificent specimen."

"Yea," he said before turning slightly to flaunt his penis at me. "Take a good look and eat your heart out nobhead. I'm really going to fill your wife's cunt with this."

Then he went to work on Marie's vagina with his tongue and considering it was his first time needed very little instruction, the intensity of her cries testifying to that. Then the pitch of Marie's cries changed and I wasn't surprised when Jason raised his head briefly to say with a smirk, "Now I'm fingering your wife's tight little bum hole, two fingers right up inside it."

I wasn't surprised either when I heard and saw my wife in the throes of a very wild orgasm soon after. Simultaneous anal and clitoral stimulation invariably brings her off quickly.

Standing up, evidently highly charged, Jason said, "Now I'm going to fuck your wife nobhead, watch me drilling her cunt with my big cock."

Despite the lads obvious contempt I moved to a better viewing position as he eased his penis into Marie's vagina.

"Oh god yes," she called as it sank inside.

He eased his cock in and out of her, more and more of it disappearing with each thrust, until it was fully embedded.

"There you've got it all," he said, turning to me and adding with a smirk, "The full length of my cock's up your wife's cunt."

With her ankles up near his shoulders Jason gripped my wife's thighs as he began to fuck her. Marie gripped the edge of the table, her wailing cries ringing out as he picked up speed. God, he was really giving it to her and my wife was yelling ecstatically as his penis hammered in and out of her. I looked round hoping no one would be drawn to the clearing by the noise.

"What if someone comes?" I asked nervously.

"Hardly anyone uses this path," he grunted.

"You can always go and keep an eye out for walkers," Marie added, "but I think you'd rather stay and watch, right?"

"Yes," My murmured reply brought laughter from the pair of them.

"Well shut up and don't disturb us again. I'm really enjoying this," Marie snapped.

"Yes so am I, so pipe down wimp," Jason chimed in, resuming his thrusts.

Again my wife's cries rang out, echoing round the clearing, as the lad fucked her. Eventually Jason was grunting, his penis thrusts becoming more erratic, until he suddenly gasped, "I'm coming."

With buttocks jerking spasmodically he emptied his balls deep inside my wife, Marie's excited cries drowning his grunts and groans.

"What a wanker," he said to me, coming back down to earth. "To stand by and let another guy screw your wife. You deserve everything you get."

Contempt was clear in Jason's voice and I hung my head until a mischievous Marie said, "Put my husband in his place for interrupting us Jason."

"What do you mean?"

"Warm his bum up with a spanking before using your belt on it," Marie urged.

Jason laughed and said, "Right, bend over that tree trunk," indicating a fallen tree near the picnic table.

I looked appealingly at my wife really not wanting the humiliation of a spanking by the young lad, but she merely snapped, "Come on, trousers and pants right down and over the tree trunk with you like Jason said."

At that I meekly took up the required position and a gleeful Jason began spanking my bared bottom, encouraged of course by Marie.

"Good, that's warmed his bum up nicely. Now use your belt and show my pathetic wimp of an husband no mercy." There was a decidedly malicious tone to Marie’s voice.

The cool wind was blowing stronger on my bared flesh by this time but I sweated as Jason laid into my buttocks with his belt, again laughing gleefully.

"You’re a wanker, a prick, a nobhead," he jeered, lashing my buttocks while I remained passively bending over the tree trunk.

I hadn't been secured in any way so could easily have avoided the humiliating beating, had I really wanted too, a fact which I'm sure didn't escape him. It certainly didn't escape Marie who, when I straightened up afterwards, drew Jason's attention to my erection saying, "See my wimp hubby likes that sort of thing. Shall we let him relieve himself?"

Jason looked quizzically at Marie who perched herself on the end of the table again and spreading her legs said, "Here John play with yourself while looking at my cunt, a cunt which has just enjoyed Jason's lovely big cock."

He laughed at the eagerness with which I moved into position and began masturbating. Inevitably it didn't take long and I quickly came in my hand, Jason saying contemptuously, "Pathetic." and giving my buttocks another vicious blow with his belt.

Needless to say it was Marie who drove the rest of the way home, my bottom much too sore to concentrate.

* * *

MONDAY, MAY 21, 2007.

Due to Marie’s involvement with Felix, the MD of the Lincoln firm I’ve started doing business with, I didn’t relish today’s courtesy visit. (It’s customary to check up on how things are progressing, a month or so into any new contract.)
I hoped to go alone but my wife insisted on accompanying me, and I didn’t need two guesses to know why.
As expected, the morning visit proved an embarrassment. From the various smirks and winks it was plain that some of the senior managers the MD introduced us to were aware that he’d fucked my wife a month earlier. Anyway the visit went smoothly enough, no problems with the contract, but at some stage Felix surreptitiously handed Marie a note suggesting she slip back to his office alone; tell me she’d left her bag behind or something.
So it was that I sat in a café a few hundred yards away while Marie went back to Felix office, knowing she’d almost certainly have sex with him. The hardness of the chair reminded me that my buttocks haven’t fully recovered from Jason’s handiwork of a few days ago and time dragged as I tried to make my coffee last. To my embarrassment a couple of the managers I’d met earlier came in, exchanging grins when they saw me sitting there.
“Lost your wife then?” one asked.
I told them she’d had to return to Felix office for her bag and one of the guy said, “Yea right!” in a decidedly sarcastic tone.
They sat at the adjacent table and after a whispered conversation one of them said to me, “What’s the betting your wife’s getting a good fucking over the MD’s desk as we speak.”
“Don’t be absurd!”
The guys laughed and the second one said, “Well from what he told us, the boss had no trouble getting inside your wife’s panties last time she was here.”
“Yea, I bet he’s got her knickers off and giving it to her at this very minute,” the other guy added, joining in his friend’s laughter as my face coloured up.
I didn’t reply and they said no more but sat talking about other things, still casting grins my way.
I was just wondering whether to go and meet Marie outside, and thus save further embarrassment, when she came in looking flushed. The guys laughed, one saying to Marie, “How was it then?”
“Sorry?” she looked quizzically at me and I stood up hastily to leave.
The guy’s laughter followed us from the café but Marie was unrepentant and unconcerned when I said that her earlier indiscretion seemed to be common knowledge, as did her real reason for returning to Felix office.
“I hope it was worth it,” I said bitterly.
“Oh it was, it was! He did it to me from the back while I bent over his desk.”
Irritatingly the guys had been right!

* * *
Journal Extracts 19.

FRIDAY, MAY 25, 2007.

An interesting and potentially rewarding encounter earlier this evening. Late back from a business meeting I took a short cut across country and fancying a quick drink to slake my thirst called in at the village pub I've used a couple of times before. It was there that I overheard a farmer; who seemed the worse for drink surprisingly early in the evening. He was ranting and raving about his ex wife, possibly egged on by one or two friends who had heard it all before, calling her a boring old stick in the mud who was too straight laced to experiment with the various aspects of sex he had been keen to try.

"Just a bit of harmless fun," he grunted.

"Depends whether you call bondage and sadomasochism harmless fun Joe," one of his listeners, evidently familiar with the farmers predilections said.

A little later when the farmer went out to the toilet I impulsively did likewise, my mind running feverishly over various possibilities.

(By this time I wanted a regular long term lover for Marie, to hopefully cure her of her wanton and promiscuous behaviour.)

Fortunately Joe was alone in the loo and after explaining that I couldn't help but overhear his conversation in the bar, asked what sort of things he was into, hoping to put him at ease by adding that my wife and I have had a number of 'experiences'.

Well the upshot is that Joe, apparently to his ex wife's disgust, wanted to explore his latent dominant tendencies, using a variety of role playing scenarios which would include bondage, discipline and such like. Quickly, too quickly perhaps, I told Joe a little about some of the things I've experienced. About being caned by a guy while another fucked my wife, and the various indignities I've been subjected too. I found revealing my submissive tendencies to Joe an highly embarrassing and humiliating experience in itself but one which I also found myself revelling in, knowing that at least I need never encounter the guy again if he poured ridicule on me. However Joe's earlier drunkenness seeming to evaporate, he commented that perhaps our predilections complimented one another and we could explore them together.

"Oh yes!" I exclaimed, again too eagerly.

"Tell you what. If the pair of you come to the farm tomorrow I've a pigsty that needs mucking out. You can do that, stark bollock naked, while I enjoy myself with your wife. Then I'll take my belt to your bare arse while she watches," he said, ending with the challenging words, "if you dare come that is."

Shivers ran up and down my spine and I exclaimed immediately, "We'll be there!"

We were standing side by side at the urinals, where I hadn't missed the welcoming fact that Joe is very well endowed indeed. Joe now turned to me saying, "Prove your submissiveness. Wipe my cock clean with your shirt tail."

Well I did just that! Pulling the shirt free from the waistband of my trousers I carefully wiped Joe's penis with it, all the time hoping no one would come in and catch me in such a demeaning act; although part of me perhaps hoping they would. While doing it I also had to listen to Joe's disparaging remarks about my own puny manhood which remained protruding from my open fly and had become embarrassingly erect.

"Not surprising your wife looks elsewhere for her cock if that's all you've got to offer," he said contemptuously.

Joe laugh had a triumphant ring as he pointed out that even erect my penis was but a quarter the size of his own flaccid one.

"Good. Now let's go back in and you can buy me a pint before pissing off."

"Certainly. I'll do anything you want," I heard myself saying, suddenly aware of a need to be totally dominated and humiliated by this guy, who to be honest I was beginning to find rather repulsive.

Back in the bar I duly bought the oafish Joe a drink, aware of quizzical looks from his friends, and then left, wondering if he'd tell them about our transaction in the loo.

Having put Marie in the picture she's as keen as I for the new adventure, not least because I described Joe's penis as one of the biggest I've seen, nearly on a par with young Jason’s.

SATURDAY, MAY 26, 2007.

Managed to find Joe's farm ok from the directions he'd given and following our experiences today I'm sure my absent wife would concur that we both hope it will become a regular journey. I say absent because Marie has stayed overnight at Joe's while he sent me home alone. The distance to the farm and his local village from here isn't great but I'm confident we can maintain discretion; the last thing I want is gossip about our lifestyle. I would imagine Joe is too keen to fully explore and exploit a unique opportunity than risk losing it by careless talk in the wrong place and I remain confident of our secret life remaining just that, despite Joe's avowed intention to fuck Marie on the marital bed at some stage, saying it will give him an added buzz.

So far at least, I've had no hint that Mr. Burridge broke his vow of silence over similar activities.

Joe did exactly as he said he would. Directly I'd introduced him to Marie, well aware of the lecherous way he ran his eyes over her body, Joe ordered me to strip naked. Then, wearing only a pair of wellington boots, I was ordered to follow him across the farmyard to the pigsties, Marie coming along with us. I looked nervously about as I flapped across the yard in the oversized wellingtons, they're at least two sizes too big for me, concerned that Joe's employee might appear.

Joe deliberately refrained from telling me George had got the Bank Holiday weekend off until I left, no doubt to increase my tension.

At the first pigsty, which was empty all the pigs being in the adjacent ones, Joe indicated a shovel, wheelbarrow and hosepipe, and told me what he wanted doing. Seeing my hesitation he snapped, “Get on with it. I'm keen to get to grips with your lovely little wife. You didn't tell me what a gorgeous creature she is."

Marie smiled at the compliment before saying, "But my husband told me what a big cock you've got and I'm keen to get to grips with that."

Her crudity surprised me a little although I suppose by now it shouldn't.

Well I got started and they stood watching me shovelling pig dung into the wheelbarrow for a few minutes before he said, "Good, while your shovelling shit I'm going to take your wife back inside, have her knickers off, and give her a fucking the like of which she's never had from you."

Marie was literally squirming with excitement at his words and Joe took her in his arms to exchange lusty kisses.

"I shall expect the sty to be spotless by the time you've finished otherwise your arse will receive a thrashing. Well actually it will anyway."

They laughed and headed for the house with barely a backward glance.

Not being used to manual labour I soon found it to be hard and dirty work shovelling pig dung into the wheelbarrow before taking it to a heap in the corner of the yard but at least it kept the cold at bay, the day being dull and showery. Eventually I'd cleared all the pig dung. I then hosed the pigsty thoroughly, the splashing I received in the process not making me any wetter than I was already. The rain was coming down steadily by this time.

Recrossing the yard I again looked about, nervous of being seen, but the farm is well away from any road and the only sign of life I saw was Joe's grinning face at the window observing my progress. I stood outside shivering until Joe deigned to let me in but then had to suffer pain and indignity when he carried out the second part of his promise. Touching my toes when ordered I gave vent to my feelings of pain while Joe took his belt to my wet backside. Of course he insisted on doing it in front of Marie who as always on these occasions merely laughed at my humiliation. Joe lashed my buttocks unmercifully, even more viciously than Jason, Marie’s laughter adding to my anguish.

I was then sent home with orders to return tomorrow morning when Joe will have other work for me to do. With Marie stopping over I had to drive home which was a nuisance as my inflamed buttocks made concentration difficult. Usually she takes the wheel if I'm in any discomfort.

Directly I'd let myself into the house I freed my erect penis, the butt of Joe's jokes and ridicule all day, and masturbated furiously, coming within seconds. I then treated my aching limbs to a long soak in the bath.

I know by now that I need frequent punishment and humiliation, meted out by a dominant guy, as much as Marie needs frequent sex.

SUNDAY, MAY 27, 2007.

My buttocks still painful, Joe has certainly made his mark on them, I drove back to the farm directly after breakfast surprisingly keen to face more torment at his hands. On arrival I found a note pinned to the outside of Joe's door instructing me to clean his Land Rover. Naturally they weren't up yet so I simply got on with the job.

An hour or so later Joe ushered me into the house plainly in a dominant mood, this time extending to Marie. I experienced both pleasure and excitement to see Joe spanking my wife's bare buttocks; although it was nothing to the thrashing he’d given mine yesterday! Afterwards she remained draped over Joe's lap while he stroked her glowing bottom. Sliding his hand between her thighs, he remarked, "Your wife's cunt is nice and wet, soon be ready for my cock again."

Spreading her buttocks he teased Marie's anus with a finger tip, leering at me the whole time. "I wonder if she likes it up this nice little hole as well."

I nodded, on the verge of telling him my wife has enjoyed anal intercourse with a dozen guys, when he snapped, "Go up and run my bath wimp."

He soon joined me in the bathroom and after testing the temperature of the water Joe climbed in and told me to wash him. What followed proved to be the most humiliating experience of my life. With Joe reclining in the bath I soaped his body, deliberately leaving his genitals until last, perhaps hoping he'd do them himself. Of course it wasn't to be and eventually I had no choice but to soap his penis and balls, handling the mighty organ almost in awe. I became physically aroused myself while handling Joe's big fat penis and listening to his boasts about how much my wife had enjoyed being fucked by it. In fact I mumbled, "I hope you'll continue to satisfy Marie for a long time to come."

Joe laughed before turning on his side and ordering me to wash his anus. Soaping the gloating Joe's anal region was of course even more humiliating but there was worse to come.

Joe stood passively while I dried him off and then said, "Now prove your complete submission to me by kissing my arse hole."

I stared in disbelief at him but he just turned his back on me and bent over. He then spread his buttocks and when I hesitated snapped, "Come on wimp, do it."

At that I knelt and pressed my lips to his anus.

"Now lick it," he commanded.

This time I just meekly did as he said. At last, the ultimate humiliation I thought, licking and kissing Joe's anus while he taunted me that from now on both Marie and I were his slaves to do as he wanted with. "You'll both carry out my orders to the letter," he said.

I nodded and he went on, "Of course you won't be allowed to have sex with your wife, that will be my prerogative, but from what she tells me you haven't had it for years anyway. For Marie’s part I shall expect her to open her legs for me whenever I want it, but that won't be difficult. I know she likes plenty of cock"
I again nodded.

"In future you'll strip naked at the entrance to the farm, putting all your kit in a bin bag and remaining naked all the time you’re on my property. Marie has already agreed to a knickers ban and will leave them off whenever she comes here. That way I can have instant access to your wife's juicy cunt," he grinned.

"But what about the chap who works for you. He'll see me," I said.

"George will soon get used to seeing you about the place and once he's had a good laugh at your pathetic little cock he'll take no notice," the grinning Joe said.

Then taking me by the ear, he pulled me across the landing and into his bedroom where we found a naked Marie.

"On your hands and knees slut. I'm going to fuck you doggie fashion and hubby's going to assist by putting my cock into your hot and eager cunt," he said.

Marie took up the position with alacrity while I pondered the import of his conversation. Joe in turn took up his position at her rear and said, "Now then wimp, take my cock in hand and insert it into your wife's cunt. This will signal your total submission to me."

Well I took the gloating Joe's penis in my trembling hand, shades of Mr. Burridge, and while he spread Marie's lips lodged it inside. He was laughing as I watched the mighty organ slowly disappearing inside. With a final lunge, which brought an ecstatic yell from her, the entire length of Joe's penis was buried inside my wife. Brushing me aside to grip Marie's hips, he began thrusting in and out of her.

"Bugger off home now wimp you've served your purpose for today. You can collect your wife tomorrow evening when I'll have finished with her for the time being."

"Can't I stay and watch?" I pleaded.

"Certainly not. Are you questioning my authority? Piss off wimp."

I reluctantly turned away, looking back from the door to see Joe leaning over to seize my wife's breasts as he resumed his thrusts. His triumphant grin sent me from the room and I descended the stairs to leave the house with my wife's ecstatic cries resounding in my ears.


Joe continued to refer to my wife as his slut and Marie seems to find the designation an exciting one. She certainly revels in being Joe's sex slave, just as she did with Tommy. It seems to absolve her of all responsibility from the wanton, and sometimes sordid, acts he demands. When she needed the loo at one point Joe insisted on my wife urinating into a bucket while he watched, sending me from the room first. My job was emptying and cleaning the bucket afterwards. I find my own very submissive and humiliating role equally satisfying and know that it's what I want, indeed need. An ongoing relationship with Joe will I think, be ideal for both our needs.