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Richard P
09-28-2012, 09:24 AM
A Cuckolds Diary 11.

Journal Extracts 19 continued.

SUNDAY, JUNE 3, 2007.

Having been instructed by Joe not to return for Marie until evening I might as well use the time to bring my Journal up to date and include a few details about him, as I'm pretty sure now that a long-term association is on the cards. Joe is clearly very pleased with the situation, having fucked my wife very evening last week and kept her at the farm all weekend.

A well-built muscular guy, Joe at 52 is still exceptionally virile besides being very well endowed. His broad chest is particularly hairy, unlike mine, and the body hair proved an instant turn on for Marie who seems to prefer her lovers hirsute.

I maintained my servile and obsequious demeanour towards Joe throughout the week, submitting meekly to all his orders. He relishes his total control over both of us and certainly, as far as I am concerned, I'm more than happy to go along with his demand for 100% obedience; even to the extent of giving him our address. Joe said he wants to mark his territory by fucking my wife on the marital bed and for once I'm comfortable with the idea, being confident of his discretion.

It also turns him on to hear about Marie's exploits from her own lips, so more and more of our secrets are coming out. Joe seemed particularly excited to learn that seventy four guys have fucked my wife before him, commenting that he wouldn't have believed it of her if she hadn't told him herself.

MONDAY, JUNE 25, 2007.

Tonight Joe did what he's been threatening to do, fuck my wife on the marital bed.

When he rang, some forty minutes before we were due at the farm, I guessed his intention even before he gave me my orders.

"Pick me up at seven-thirty and don't be late," his voice barked in my ear.

"Very good Sir," I replied meekly, Joe hanging up without another word.

Pulling up outside Joe's I saw him already locking up and hastened to open the rear door for him.

"Stop at the post box in the village, I've a letter needs posting," Joe snapped.

"Very good Sir," I replied and we were off.

When I pulled up at the post box Joe handed me his letter, saying, "Get out and post it. I'll save my energy for fucking your wife."

His letter duly posted I continued the journey. At our house I again opened the door for him to alight, this time looking about nervously, hoping none of our neighbours would see my servile behaviour.

"Show me the way to your bedroom where I assume Marie will be waiting, stripped and ready for action. Tonight you're going to watch me giving it to your wife on your own bed, in future though you'll act as my chauffeur and wait in the car until I'm ready to leave," Joe informed me.

Marie was of course waiting in the bedroom, naked but for stockings and suspenders.

"Good, your wife's waiting for me with legs spread, ready for a good fucking," Joe smirked undoing his trousers.

"A very nice sight, eh?" he said, as we stood at the foot of the bed staring between Marie's legs.

My voice sounded hoarse when replying in the affirmative.

"And mine to enjoy. You'll not be going there for a long, long time," he taunted.

Undressing, Joe asked, "Have you had sex with Marie since we met?"

"No," I replied, although he knew full well the answer.

"No, and perhaps you'll never have it again because I'm looking forward to a very long adventure with you two. Your wife is an incredible fuck and I'm going to continue giving it to her for years, while you remain celibate," Joe taunted me.

"Stop talking and get on with it," Marie urged impatiently.

Laughing, Joe strolled to the head of the bed where my wife grabbed his penis like a starving man his last meal. He lay besides her grinning at me while Marie played with his genitals, stroking, kissing, licking and sucking Joe's penis and balls for perhaps twenty minutes. The guy was in heaven, lucky sod.

"Bet you wish it was your equipment receiving the works," he taunted.

"God yes," I blurted, sparking off his laughter.

"But your cock and balls are not worth bothering with, are they?"

"No," I groaned my agreement.

"Now I'm going to bring your wife to orgasm with my tongue before giving her a good fucking. First though I'm going to tie you up so we don't have to watch you playing with your pathetic little cock. Strip naked and then fetch a straight backed chair and some of your neckties," he ordered.

I dutifully fetched the chair and meekly allowed myself to be tied to it, Joe using five of my own neckties. One to bind my wrists together behind the chair, two binding my ankles to the front legs of it, and two more likewise my knees. I felt deliciously helpless as I watched Joe burying his face between my wife's thighs.

Marie again sucked his penis, at least to begin with, while his tongue did its work on her clitoris. All I could see was the top of Joe's head but when her ecstatic cries began ringing out he raised his face to grin at me. Spreading the lips of my wife's vuvla with his fingers, Joe taunted, "There, bet you'd like to bury your cock in this juicy hole wouldn't you?"

"God yes," I groaned, my erection lending testimony to the fact.

"Well you're not going to are you?"

"No Sir."

"Perhaps even never again," he taunted. "Certainly not while I'm keeping your wife well satisfied anyway."

I groaned loudly at the implication and Joe went on, intent on rubbing my face in it still further, "You love to feel my big fat cock up your cunt don't you Marie and have no interest in hubby's tiny little thing."

"Oh yes," she moaned. "Stop teasing him and give me what I need."

Joe's laugh had a triumphant ring to it as he lifted Marie's legs to push a pillow beneath her bottom.

"I can do anything I like with your wife. Watch this," he commanded and spreading her buttocks deposited a mouthful of spittle onto Marie's anus.

After checking that I was still watching Joe began fingering my wife's anus, first with one finger, then two, and finally three. Judging by her excited cries she loved it.

Using his other hand to stimulate her clitoris, and grinning triumphantly at me all the time, Joe quickly brought my wife to orgasm, the three fingers drilling rapidly in and out of her anus clearly driving her wild.

Heaving himself up Joe flaunted his penis in my face, saying, "Now I'm going to fuck your wife. Just imagine how much I'm going to enjoy it. Afterwards you can go and play with your own little cock in the bathroom."

With that he mounted her.

"Oh yes, yes," Marie yelled as he began fucking her.

I stared transfixed, hypnotised as usual by the sight of Joe's buttocks rising and falling between my wife's thighs, her joyous cries ringing out with every thrust of his penis into her. The pounding of bedsprings growing faster and noisier by the second, Marie's shouts verged on hysteria at the rapidity of Joe's thrusts. Her wild and wanton yells soon reached a crescendo and I saw his buttocks jerking and contracting.

It was over and a triumphant Joe rolled off and approached me.

"You can't deny you wife enjoyed that more than anything you could do," he said complacently, standing legs apart his mighty penis slowly diminishing.

"Oh yes, very much so," I replied my eyes fixed on Marie's gaping vagina and the semen flecked, wet and matted looking pubic hair, surrounding it.

"That's right, enjoy the view," Joe sneered. "I think you'll agree that your useless little cock's redundant."

"Oh certainly. I couldn't compete with yours, or indeed the pleasure you give my wife," I agreed, willingly humbling myself before him.

Laughing contemptuously Joe proceeded to wipe his by now flaccid, but very slimy penis, all over my face.

He was untying my wrists when my wife slipped from the bed saying she needed the loo.

"What about you Marie, did you enjoy it?"

"Of course. You don't need to ask."

"Then you'll want plenty more of the same?" he queried.

"Oh yes, lots and lots!" my wife exclaimed and kissed Joe gratefully before heading for the bathroom.

I realised that the foregoing conversation was designed purely to rub my face in it, to highlight my inadequacies, when Joe, having untied my wrists but leaving me to deal with the rest said smugly, "You're a wimp and a worm who's mine to command. In a few minutes you can drive me home but first I'm going to slipper your bare arse. Touch your toes."

I took up the required position with alacrity, I need this sort of thing by now, and picking up one of my slippers from beside the bed Joe proceeded to beat my backside with it. Then he dismissed me to the bathroom with a contemptuous wave of his hand. Joe knew what I needed to do.

In the bathroom, actually wallowing in the humiliation of the act, I masturbated to orgasm within seconds.

"There, that wouldn't have done Marie much good would it?"

I felt even more humiliated to find they'd been standing in the doorway watching me, but agreed weakly that he was right.

Dropping Joe back at his farm I rounded off a humiliating evening by thanking him for the pleasure he'd given my wife and for allowing me to watch.
“What a pathetic wimp,” he sneered. “Incapable of stopping your wife from opening her legs for all and sundry.”

MONDAY, JULY 2, 2007.

Again ordered to act as Joe's chauffeur but this time, after opening the car door for him to alight at our house, I was told to wait in the car until he was ready to leave. An humiliating, not to mention boring experience, just sitting in the car waiting while Joe had sex with my wife and I can't imagine what the neighbours would have thought had they seen me sitting there.

At least it was only an hour or so before Joe reappeared, still doing his trousers up I saw and nervously hoped no one else would, as he swaggered towards the car. I quickly alighted to open the car door for Joe and he said smiling, "That was good. Your wife went on top tonight so I could play with her lovely little tits while she rode my cock."

Again I looked about nervously and felt glad when he climbed in without further comment. I remained silent while driving Joe home despite his taunts.


Had to play the role of Joe's chauffeur yet again this evening. Holding the car door open for him to alight at our house I asked him if I could do something, anything, rather than sit in the car waiting.

"Not disputing my authority, are you?" he asked.

"Of course not I wouldn't dream of it but its highly embarrassing sitting in my car with the neighbours wondering what I'm doing," I explained.


My next door neighbour walks his dog in the evenings and several times I've seen him looking at me quizzically when passing our drive and seeing me just sitting in my car for no apparent reason. Explaining this to Joe I begged, even pleaded with him to let me do something else to avoid the embarrassment but he merely laughed, saying that the uncertainty would keep me on edge.

So it was that once again I spent a nervous hour or so sitting in the car hoping no one would notice, while they enjoyed themselves in the bedroom.

MONDAY, AUGUST 20, 2007.

This evening at Joe's I was ordered to clean his Land Rover, naked of course, while he and Marie had sex. Later he used me has a footstool, a new innovation, while they relaxed with the coffee I made them. While they sat side by side on the settee I had to remain on all fours in front of them where Joe, and sometimes Marie rested their feet on my back. I was forced to maintain the increasingly uncomfortable position for thirty minutes or more, the increasing discomfort arising from the occasional strokes Joe gave my backside with the cane.


Collected Joe at the appointed time and drove him to our house where, for once, I was allowed inside. In the bedroom I was ordered to strip naked whereupon I was tied up in a kneeling position on the floor, wrists bound to ankles. They then disported themselves on the bed for some thirty or forty minutes, indulging in general foreplay with much oral stimulation.

Joe then stretched out on the bed and Marie mounted him. I found I was holding my breath as I watched my wife lowering herself on to his waiting erection, my gasp probably louder than hers when she impaled herself on it.

They enjoyed a long slow copulation with Marie riding his upward thrusting penis with evident relish. My wife raised herself so high that only the tip of Joe's penis remained inside her, expertly controlling the movements to prevent it slipping out altogether. I held my breath each time Marie's buttocks rose, thinking his penis would surely slip from her vagina this time, but no, she sank back down fully impaling herself on Joe's erection with a happy sigh.

Of course I was erect throughout, despite the ignominious position of being tied up, crouching on the floor at the foot of the bed. Despite the frustration of being unable to masturbate while watching, it was probably one of the most exciting copulations I've seen.

"Go for the finish now Marie, ride my cock hard," Joe suddenly urged, and glancing at the clock I was amazed to see they'd been at it for over half an hour! Incredible.

His hands gripped my wife's hips then, pulling her down hard onto his upward thrusting penis, and again Marie's ecstatic cries rang out. With Joe's hands squeezing and pulling at my wife's buttocks I found myself staring at her anus, amazed to think that the small puckered orifice could accommodate a big hard penis. But of course it can and has, many times by now, to my knowledge fifteen guys having had anal intercourse with my wife!

It was over and Marie slumped forward onto her lover, their bodies soaked in sweat, the pair of them breathing heavily. I continued to stare at Joe's penis while it slowly diminished in size, eventually slipping from my wife's incredibly wet looking vagina.

A little later I was untied and given the ignominious task of washing Joe's genitals before driving him home. During the drive Joe commented that it might be a good idea for me to wash his penis on a regular basis.

"Serving me and every other guy who fucks your wife in that way should keep you in your place," he added.

Alarm bells ringing, I asked what he meant by 'other guys'.

"Well I'm a generous sort of chap and it wouldn't be fair to hog your sexy little wife all to myself. I thought I might share her with some of the lads and we both know Marie will be keen, the more the merrier for your slut of a wife," he replied.

I started telling Joe I wouldn't be happy with the sort of thing I thought I'd seen the last of with the departure of Tommy from our lives, but he brushed my objections aside.

"By your own admission Marie’s been fucked by over seventy guys, although your own small cock doesn't count, and I want to bring up the century. I want your lovely little wife to be penetrated by one hundred cocks of all shapes, sizes and colours."

Despite the alarm at what Joe might have in store for her I have to admit experiencing a thrill at his words.