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Richard P
09-28-2012, 09:26 AM
A Cuckolds Diary 12.

Journal Extracts 19 continued.


A disturbing development today.

Arriving at the entrance to Joe's farm I pulled up just inside the gate to strip off as usual. While I undressed Marie slid across into the driver’s seat and impatiently drove on leaving me to walk the quarter mile or so to the farmhouse, something she's done a few times.

Annoyed, I started walking, the bin bag containing my clothes slung over my shoulder. At least it was mild for the time of year but I hurried up the track, fearful as ever that someone might see me. I had covered about half the distance to Joe’s farmhouse when a car approached from the rear and I was forced to flatten myself against the hedge as it flew by at speed. I was embarrassed to glimpse a man's grinning face at the wheel but had no idea who he was.

Approaching the farmhouse I saw the stranger's car parked outside and feeling very nervous about my nakedness knocked tentatively on the door to ask Joe for his instructions.

"Today I've got a different job for you," the grinning Joe said, on opening the door. "My son's paying a quick visit so you can clean his car for him, both inside and out."

So that was the stranger's identity. Oh well, better than a local anyway I thought, collecting the car cleaning accoutrements from the barn. However the car was locked and knowing I'd eventually need the keys I knocked diffidently on the door, well aware that he doesn't like to be disturbed.

"What do you want, wimp?" Joe snapped.

I explained apologetically that I needed his son's car keys.

"Follow me," he commanded, leading the way into the lounge.

Picking a pair of grey trousers up from amongst the clothing scattered about, some of which I saw to be Marie's, Joe went through the pockets to locate the keys.

"My lad's upstairs giving it to your wife. He hasn't got long so I'm letting him go first. I'll take a turn later," Joe grinned, handing me the keys. "Like I say Clive hasn't got long so you'd better get a move on."

Feeling disturbed by this unexpected turn of events I washed Clive's car in double quick time but had barely finished when he came out, Joe walking to the car with him. I was embarrassingly aware of Clive eyeing my nakedness as they approached and cringed when he said, "I see what you mean; this chap must have the smallest dick in existence."

Father and son laughed at my discomfort before Joe said, "Now you can see why his missus likes opening her legs for me."

Without thinking I automatically held the car door open for Clive.

"See, the wimp knows his place," Joe commented.

Sliding behind the wheel Clive said, "Now I've found out what a good fuck the tasty Marie is, I’ll be back for more."

They again laughed at my discomfort and as Clive started the engine Joe said, "You can sweep the yard while I take a turn with your missus."

And that's what I did.

During the journey home it was obvious that Marie had thoroughly enjoyed her experiences with father and son but I wish I could say the same.


Like most Monday evenings it's chauffeur duty tonight.

Arriving at Joe's I found Clive's car outside and it quickly became apparent that I was expected to drive the pair of them. I dutifully held the rear doors open for them to climb in, Joe first then round to the other side for Clive. During the journey I was left in no doubt as to their intention, Joe telling his son, "Marie's really looking forward to a threesome."

When I opened the doors for them to alight at our house, Joe snapped, "Stay in the car, you’re superfluous to requirements. With two big cocks to play with your wife will have no use for your little one, not that she ever has."

Laughing happily they went into the house and I slipped back into the car.

After I'd been sitting there for some time, feeling increasingly bored and self conscious, I realised I needed the loo. It would be pointless trying the front door because Joe always bolts it against my premature entry. So it was that I decided to make my way round to the back garden and relieve myself behind a tree, something I've done once or twice before.

Returning, much relieved, I was passing the lounge window when a loud yelp from within caught my attention. Well, as there happened to be a narrow gap in the net curtains I put my eye to it, despite knowing I'd receive a caning from Joe if he spotted me. And it was Joe I saw first, stretched out naked on our settee. My wife, also naked, was bending over the end of the settee and from the close proximity of her lips to Joe's penis I assume she'd been sucking it. Marie's yelp had been caused by Clive at her rear who was plainly fucking her. However as he settled into a steady rhythm, hands gripping my wife's hips, she resumed her oral activity on Joe's genitals.

I couldn't tear myself away from the sight of Clive fucking my wife from the rear while she sucked his father's penis, Joe playing with Marie's breasts as they grinned at one another over her bent form.

It lasted for some time with Clive removing his penis from Marie's vagina periodically to slap her buttocks with it. He also spread the cheeks, evidently turned on by the sight of my wife's anus, and at one point I thought he might penetrate her there instead. He didn't however but suddenly began fucking her frantically, possibly urged on by Joe who I could see speaking.

When it was over Joe picked Marie up to carry her towards the stairs, Clive following.

I was sorry not to see any more but also relieved that they hadn't spotted me spying on them through the curtains.

Back in the car it was a couple of hours before father and son emerged from my house and I quickly opened the rear doors for them. With the thought that a neighbour might pass and wonder what was going on this is always the most nerve racking part of Joe's visits and tonight was twice as nerve racking.

I drove to the farm with an erection, listening to the men discussing all the things they'd done to my wife, and taunting me about her willingness to do anything they wanted.

"When she needed the loo we both went with her to watch," Joe told me. "Of course I've seen her pissing loads of times but Clive loved seeing the stream of golden rain flowing from your wife's cunt. In fact he straight way fucked her on the bathroom floor."


I was right about the effect Marie's anus had on Clive. Today he did indeed have anal intercourse with her, while I was outside washing his car. Joe actually came out to tell, or rather taunt me, about what Clive was doing.


Today Joe ordered me to collect some things he needs for Christmas. His list included holly and a collection of thin twigs with plenty of leaves from the woodland adjoining the farm. At least I was allowed to dress; the day though sunny was very cold, before setting out across the fields.

While I collected the sprigs of holly etc, presumably for his Christmas decorations, Joe enjoyed a long sex session with my wife.


Directly we arrived at Joe's he ordered us to follow him into the open shed where, unusually, his Land Rover was parked. My initial thought was that he'd parked under cover to avoid frost, although the mildness of the weather made it an unlikely supposition. That idea was quickly dispelled however when Joe opened the rear door of the Land Rover and indicating a yellow rug on the floor told Marie to strip below the waist and lie back on it with her legs sticking out.

Marie did as instructed, with undo haste it seemed to me, and he roughly pulled her legs out a bit further so that her bottom was perched on the very edge of the Land Rover. Next, Joe raised each of my wife's legs in turn and tied them to hooks on either side of the door. Climbing into the driver's seat he then tied Marie's wrists to the headrests. Joining me at the rear of the vehicle Joe invited me to admire his handiwork.

Well it was certainly a very arousing sight to see Marie tied up, practically immobilised, with legs forced wide apart and the pouting vulva lips fully exposed to our gaze. She certainly seemed to revel in the helplessness of her position, squealing excitedly when Joe ran his finger down the length of her slit.

"It's a long time since your cock's been in here, bet you've got an hard on," he jeered, laughing when I agreed.

"What do you think happens now?" he asked.

"I assume you’re going to fuck my wife, Sir."

"Wrong," he grinned, "this is George's Christmas present."

I failed to comprehend his meaning at first but when, in response to Joe's shout, the shambling figure of his farmhand appeared the truth began to dawn.

"Here you are George, your Christmas present as promised," Joe told him, "Get stuck in."

He pushed me aside so that George could see Marie’s pouting lips presented to his gaze.

"Do whatever you want with her mate, this randy bitch has had more pricks than a pin cushion and won't object to one more, not that she's in any position to do so anyway. Meanwhile I'll make sure the wimp here sees everything you do to his wife."

"Thanks boss," George muttered, eagerly undoing his grubby looking cord trousers.

Feeling dazed by what was happening I barely heard when Joe said, "George is a bachelor whose cock doesn't see much action these days."

Indeed with trousers and rather grubby looking underpants, they were presumably white once, pushed down his thighs George lunged forward, a yelp from my wife indicating she'd been penetrated.

While we watched the old guys buttocks jerking rapidly back and forth, Joe laughed and called, "That's it George, give her what for."

"Did Marie know about this?" I asked tentatively.

"Only that she was having a new cock today but not who it belonged to. But then, just so long as she's got a cock drilling her cunt your wife doesn't care who's on the end of it, slut that she is."

We continued watching, Marie's excited cries confirming Joe's words, until he said, "Right, now touch your toes."

I obediently took up the position, aware that he was removing his belt, thus leaving little doubt as to his intentions. Next, and with my wife's joyous cries ringing out as George fucked her, Joe began beating my buttocks with his belt.

Of course my buttocks have received such treatment many times before but the fact of it happening in front of George added to my sense of shame and humiliation, as did their laughter.

"Right, let's get back inside. I've a few jobs for you."

"But you can't leave Marie tied like that," I protested, my concern augmented by the frustration of not seeing any more.
I cannot deny that Joe's earlier words about forcing me to watch everything George did to Marie had excited me.

"Why not?" Joe grinned, "George will be busy for sometime, and who knows perhaps someone else will come along and give her one. Marie didn't object to being tied up, despite not knowing what would happen to her, did she?"

"Well no," I conceded.

"That's it George, really give it to the bitch," Joe called as a particularly fierce penis thrust brought a wild yell from my wife.

While I attended to the chores he wanted doing, all the usual things like washing up, dusting and vacuuming, Joe told me he had a few surprises lined up for the new year.

"2008 will see your wife getting fucked by a lot of blokes. Marie's cunt will be open house for any of my mates who want to use it," he informed me.

I found Joe's words highly disturbing; knowing him well enough by now to be under no illusions about his seriousness. I protested that it wasn't part of our arrangement but he merely laughed and pointed out that both Marie and I were his slaves to do as he wanted with. He nodded towards his photo album, the implied threat sending shivers up and down my spine.

Joe has taunted me before about handing the photos round the pub, the highly intimate pictures depicting my wife in threesome action with him and Clive which I'd been ordered to take myself, and it's a constant source of concern. For once I regret following his orders.

"Thanks boss, I'll get off now. Merry Christmas," George shouted through the open door.

"Did you give it to her up the arse like I recommended?"

"Yea, very nice," George grinned.

Following George's departure it was another twenty minutes before Joe went to release a very cold and stiff looking Marie from the Land Rover.


Following the episode with George on Christmas Eve I find it embarrassing every time I see the guy. Today's events though will make my embarrassment even more acute.

As usual I'd stripped naked at the entrance to Joe's farm and was carrying my clothing in the bin bag when I passed the grinning George leaning on a gate. I felt my face growing hot directly I saw him watching my progress along the rutted track, his triumphant shout about having had my wife doing nothing to lessen it. The sod even followed me to the farmhouse, his taunts about the tiny size of my manhood increasing my discomfort.

Opening the door to my knock Joe bade me enter which I quickly did, keen to escape both the cold and George's taunts. He doesn't always let me in and many’s the time I've stood shivering on the doorstep while he and Marie enjoy themselves within.

Spotting George, Joe called him inside too much to my annoyance, particularly as my wife was laying naked on the settee plainly having been enjoying Joe's ministrations while I trudged up the cart track.

"You look cold. Bend over the back of that chair and I'll warm you up a bit," Joe instructed.

Well I knew what that meant but for once took up the position reluctantly, highly embarrassed by George's presence, although at that moment he was more interested in Marie who actually parted her legs under his eager gaze.

Anyway my legs were tied to the chair as usual before my wrists were secured likewise to the front. I was helpless, my bottom high in the air, and though it's a position I've grown to relish today was different. Aware of George's mocking laughter I didn't really want to suffer the indignity of a beating in front of him and begged Joe to dismiss the guy.

"Oh no, I don't think so," Joe said, his hand lightly squeezing my testicles to remind me of my servitude to him.

Next, to my further annoyance and deep embarrassment he invited George to carry out the beating of my defenceless buttocks.

"No!" I exclaimed, but my protest only prompted laughter and a further squeeze of my testicles, making me wince.

"Go ahead George, tan the wimps arse while I take his missus upstairs. You can take a turn with her later, if you do a good job".

With that I heard them leave the room.

Well, with a maliciousness that surprised me, George beat my buttocks unmercifully, taunting me the while about the things Joe might be doing to my wife. Indeed it wasn't long before Marie's ecstatic cries from above merged with my own very different sort of cries, yells of pain as George really laid into my buttocks with his belt.

Eventually, his arm tiring I assume as it certainly wouldn't have been pity at my torment; George stopped the beating and concentrated on taunting me about what was happening upstairs.

"Sounds like your wife’s getting well and truly fucked," he jeered. "Enjoying it too by the racket she's making."

I knew from the intensity and wildness of Marie's lusty yells, after all I've heard such cries very many times by now, that George was right.

A little later I heard Joe return, I couldn't see the door from my position.

"Good show George, you've really brought the colour to his cheeks."

Both men laughed at my discomfort before Joe went on, "Now get yourself upstairs and give it to his missus. She's waiting for you with open legs."

"Thanks boss."

"That's OK. The hot arsed slut's like a bitch on heat. She can't get enough. Her wimp hubby‘s going lick my cock clean now"
He yanked my head up by the hair and pressed his genitals into my face snarling, “Come on wimp, suck my cock.”
With the laughing George watching I did as ordered, licking and sucking Joe’s penis and very aware of the taste of Marie’s juices.

Following George's departure upstairs Joe decided to warm my buttocks up even more with a spanking before untying me.

"Now clear off home. You can collect your wife tomorrow after me and George have finished with her."

So it is that I'm standing at my desk to write up the Journal, my buttocks much too painful to contemplate sitting. The drive home was torture.