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Richard P
09-29-2012, 09:35 AM
A Cuckolds Diary 13.

Journal Extracts 19 continued.

SATURDAY, MAY 24, 2008.

I've developed a hearty dislike for the malevolent George who, at Joe's invitation, continues to humiliate and chastise me in front of Marie. To my utter dismay George has now become a regular participant, being invited by Joe to fuck my wife a couple of times a week; to help satisfy her needs he says.

However, I have to admit that something about my treatment by the men does have a disturbingly exciting affect upon me. It's troubling that I now seem to need such abuse and often masturbate in front of the men following and, even more humiliatingly, sometimes during their abuse of me!

Today they were both waiting for me when I arrived, naked as usual and feeling cold from my walk up the cart track. Despite the sunny day there was a strong cold wind blowing. With George taunting me and slapping my buttocks with the cane I was shepherded into the lounge where a half naked Marie reclined on the settee.

Oddly, there was a short ladder leaning against the wall but I soon discovered its purpose. Ordered to stand with my back to it I passively allowed my wrists to be tied to a rung of the ladder above my head, baling twine being used for the purpose. Next, ankles, knees and thighs were all secured to the uprights, thus forcing my legs apart. I have to admit to a delicious feeling of helplessness and was fully erect.

However the feelings quickly turned to alarm when Joe began lightly tapping my testicles with a plastic ruler. He stood to one side ensuring I could see George stripping off beside the settee on which Marie could be seen eagerly slipping out of her knickers.

"Me and Clive both fucked your wife last night but see how eager she is for some more," Joe hissed in my ear.

Despite the occasional slaps to my testicles I remained erect at the sight of Marie's nakedness, provoking more derision from Joe.

"Your wife's only happy when she's got a cock inside her, any cock as long as it's not this tiny little thing," he jeered, giving my erection a slap with the ruler.

"He's still got a hard on George. Seeing as how I've got the ruler how long do you think it is?"

"Not nearly long enough to be of any use to me," Marie murmured to my shame.

"Not much above two inches, I should think," George speculated.

"Not far out. His cock's a bit less than two and a half inches fully erect," Joe told him; laying the ruler alongside my penis.

They roared with laughter at my expense, George flaunting his own penis which was now erect following Marie's oral stimulation of it.

"Still your cock hasn't seen the inside of your wife's cunt for years so it doesn't really matter does it," Joe taunted, my affirmative nod provoking more laughter.

Perhaps the excitement of the situation was getting to George because he was still wearing his tatty looking vest when he mounted Marie. She flung her legs wide and gave vent to the familiar yelp as she was penetrated.

"That's it; we'll keep your wife's cunt well oiled while this little thing shrivels up through lack of use," George hissed in my ear, giving my penis another tap with the ruler.

Despite the repeated slaps to penis and balls I remained erect as I watched George fucking my wife. Joe made sure I had a clear view and my eyes were riveted on George's scrawny backside bobbing up and down between Marie's thighs.

Later one of my wrists was untied so that I could masturbate while watching Joe's rather more muscular backside, doing likewise. Despite George's contempt I quickly came in my hand.

"I left my spunk deep inside your wife's cunt," he jeered.

Later still, and to round off a particularly humiliating evening, I was ordered to lick both men's cocks while Marie went for a shower.

She stayed over as usual, Joe ushering me out with the words, "Back to your cold and empty bed wimp, Marie will be keeping mine warm tonight."

He went on to remind me that my wife has been his mistress and plaything for a year now.

"A year of wriggling on the end of my cock while you go without," he mocked.

With my wife spending practically every weekend at Joe's I'm aware that Clive, and more recently George, are fucking her regularly but more disturbingly I'm pretty sure other men have also been getting in on the act. Joe drops crude hints to that affect anyway. It's certainly true that regulars at the pub know my wife is Joe's mistress. Not that that stops me going in, just the opposite, it seems to add a certain frisson to the humiliation I'm exposed to each time. These guys, some of whom I think may also have had her, know that Joe has fucked my wife literally hundreds of times while I'm not permitted any sort of sexual contact with her.

SATURDAY, JUNE 21, 2008.

No sign of Marie when I arrived at Joe's. However, while he and George dragged me to the desk and tied me face down over it, I began to hear her cries emanating from the bedroom. Seeing me raise my head to listen, Joe said, "Guess who's fucking your wife at the moment?"

"Clive presumably."

"Wrong, he gave her one last night, same as I did," Joe grinned.

"Who is it then?" I asked, concerned now.

"Jim," he told me, mentioning a neighbouring farmer. "He did me a favour when my tractor broke down so the least I can do is give him a few goes with your missus in return. After all, her cunt's open house for all who want to use it."

Laughing the men began spanking my buttocks, standing either side of the desk to beat a cheek each.

I'd seen Jim, a rather fat guy of similar age to Joe, in the pub a few times and know him to be married, so at least he won't be inclined to gossip about his extra marital activities.

With Marie's wild cries reaching a crescendo the men paused to listen.

"You'll need a new bed soon boss by the sound of it," George commented.

Certainly the pounding of the bedsprings above our heads seemed even noisier than usual.

"That's OK; the wimp here can go and buy me one. After all it's his wife's bouncing arse that's wearing it out."

Later the rotund figure of Jim appeared and after laughing to see me tied over the desk, my bottom glowing, said, "Whose going next?"

"Go on George, take a turn," Joe told him, his farm hand needing no second bidding.

"You weren't wrong about this bloke's missus, she's an amazing fuck. It felt as if her cunt was sucking at my cock."

"Well it's had a lot of practice and with a lot of cocks. You're free to use it whenever you want. The wimp here won't object if he knows what's good for him and you never know between the four of us we might manage to satisfy the randy bitch," Joe commented.

"Thanks mate, I'm really looking forward to bum fucking the tart."

"Me, Clive, George and countless others already have. I think the slut likes a cock up her arse as much as her cunt. You'll enjoy spreading Marie's soft bum cheeks to slip your cock up her nice tight little arsehole, although it's probably becoming less tight nowadays with all the action it's getting. In fact I think George's giving it to her that way now."

He was right, the different pitch and intensity of my wife's yells were a sure sign she was having anal intercourse with the repugnant George.

Listening to Joe and Jim discussing Marie had been a mentally discomforting experience but now my torment was increased by a sharp, pinching sensation on my foreskin. It proved to be a clothes peg and the men continued attaching others to my testicles and buttocks until I screamed and begged them to stop.

Coming to the other end of the desk, Jim seized a handful of hair to jerk my head up.

"Stop whining like a soft girl. While Joe and George have been keeping you in your place down here I've had my cock hard up your wife's cunt," he spat in my face.

With his free hand Jim undid his trousers and I cringed, guessing what was coming. Joe took over holding my head still while Jim held his surprisingly fat looking penis beneath my nose. "You can smell where that's been," he jeered.

Laughing he rubbed his penis all over my face while Joe held my head rigid. Then I was ordered to lick his balls which I did with some repugnance.

Next Jim flexed the plastic ruler in front of me, saying, "Now I'm going to hit the pegs off one at a time and you'll certainly know about it. Finally I shall give your arse six of the best for good measure."

He was right, I did know about it! I literally screamed as each peg was knocked away, the men laughing merrily.

"Told you a bit of the old S&M was fun," Joe commented.

Next, Jim thrashed my buttocks with the ruler and I'm sure my tortured flesh received more than the six he'd threatened. While the beating was taking place Joe added to my torment by sneering, "Your wife's mine to use as I see fit and the four of us will be fucking her senseless during the summer, although it will probably take more than us to give the slut what she needs."

Released from the desk I straightened up painfully.

"Fetch your car and drive Jim home. It's the least you can do in return for the effort he's put in with your wife and you."

The men laughed but as I reached for my clothing Joe snapped, "No, you'll remain naked to fetch the car and chauffeur Jim home."

Having left the car at the entrance as I'm ordered to do nowadays when alone, I set out on the walk to fetch it, a blow from the ruler sending me on the way. Surely he wouldn't expect me to drive the car naked on public roads, I speculated as I walked.

He did though but fortunately it isn't far and I don't think anyone saw me but my eyes were darting nervously about during the drive.

When I returned to the farmhouse it was to find George alone in the lounge.

"I don't need to tell you what Joe's doing," he commented.

Again I could hear my wife's lusty cries ringing out amidst the increasingly noisy bedsprings.

"Joe said to tell you his Land Rover will need cleaning when you come back to pick your missus up tomorrow. You can toddle off home now but take this with you and see to it."

George handed me a sheet of writing paper with specifications for a new double bed, king size and with wrought iron framework. "Joe said get the bed bought and delivered as soon as possible otherwise we might all have to come and fuck Marie in your bed, and you wouldn't want that would you."
No I wouldn’t! The thought of them all trooping in and out of our house and likely seen by neighbours filled me with dread.

SUNDAY, JUNE 22, 2008.

Went to the retail park in the morning and managed to buy a bed which I hope will satisfy Joe's requirements.

SATURDAY, JULY 26, 2008.

Marie's wanton behaviour this afternoon certainly underlines her increasingly prurient interest in all things sexual and her willingness, nay eagerness, to go along with whatever Joe demands of her. However, I found the episode both sordid and shocking; although I ought not to be surprised at anything my wife does by this time. When it was over Marie was radiant, with no sign of the shame and disgust with herself which I thought she should be feeling.

Now I’ll try and write up the shocking experiences, including of course my own humiliation.

When Joe said we were taking a walk in the woods bordering his farm I knew from Marie's barely suppressed excitement that he had something special planned, although as usual I was kept in the dark.

I of course remained naked as we set out from the farmhouse. I assume Joe likes to keep me unclothed to highlight my subservience to him. Whatever the reason I found it a nerve-racking experience to be trailing along behind them across the fields, stark naked and with the possibility of being seen.

Joe held my wife's hand as they walked in front, Marie looking very sexy in a short black skirt and red top beneath which she was braless. Under her skirt she wore black stockings and, as I soon discovered, lacy red and black knickers.

Entering the wood Joe led us along a faint path through the trees until we approached a bit of a clearing. Seeing glimpses of coloured clothing and hearing voices ahead I stopped abruptly, pointing out to Joe that there were other people in the wood.

"Of course there are," he said with a grin. "They're waiting for us."

With that he seized my wrist to drag me into the clearing where a group of guys whooped with laughter at my nakedness.

"Here he is lads, the guy with the smallest cock in the land. Tie him to the tree like we planned."

Some of the lads manhandled me to a tree and despite my protestations secured me to it, my wrists being tied together behind the trunk.

It was only then that I was fully able to take in what was happening. I counted six young guys, all in their early to mid twenties, amongst who my wife was being passed around exchanging kisses.

"Apparently this will be your wife's second gang bang," Joe's voice hissed in my ear. "But it's certainly not going to be her last. These rampant young lads are going to fuck Marie repeatedly and you won't even be able to play with your little cock while you watch."

Joe's words caused me to struggle against the bonds holding me to the tree but all I succeeded in doing was exacerbate my already sore buttocks, still painful from last nights caning.

"See how eager she is," Joe teased.

Indeed, by this time Marie was holding an erect penis in each hand while allowing the guys to lower her top exposing her breasts to eyes and hands.

It was a blond guy wearing a blue T-shirt and nothing else who lifted my wife's skirt to yank her knickers down. Willing hands removed them from Marie's ankles while the blonde guy thrust his hand between her thighs.

"Nice juicy cunt," he muttered.

"Of course it is she wants cock. Give it to her," Joe commented, adding, "Throw her drawers over here."

Someone threw my wife's knickers to him and Joe forced them into my mouth saying, "That should keep the wimp quiet."

From his earlier comment I knew Marie must have told Joe about our experiences in the barn, nearly two years ago now, which I suppose gave him ideas for the gag.

The guys laughed and led Marie closer to my tree, where a rug was then spread out on the ground. When she was lowered onto it with both skirt and top bunched around her waist Marie spread her legs wide in eager anticipation.

It was the blonde lad who mounted her and when my wife's happy cry rang out on being penetrated, Joe hissed in my ear. "The first cock of the day. All six lads are now going to fuck your randy wife one after the other, but that'll just be the start. Over the next few hours they're going to fuck her every which way and you’re going to watch every minute of it. You won't even be able to wank your little cock," he ended with a jeer.

Well he was right. On the rug at my feet Marie was taken by the six lads in quick succession, none lasting very long.

"See, she's loving every minute of it," Joe said and I could only nod my agreement.

Indeed, with a penis in each hand Marie was yelling ecstatically as a guy, dark-haired and in just a white vest, fucked her vigorously.

It was over, at least the preliminaries as Joe called them were, and a radiant looking Marie remained lying on the rug while the guys chatted and laughed about what they'd done. After a few minutes she slipped her skirt and top off signalling her readiness to continue.

"On your hands and knees then bitch, some of us are going to give it to you doggie style," the blonde guy said.

"See how keen your wife is for more," Joe taunted seeing the eager way she adopted the position, which is after all one of her favourites.

My wife's wild and excited cry when the blonde guy's penis drove into her for the second time more than confirmed what we could see.

Joe laughed and said, "Next time I shall have to arrange a few more. It doesn't look as if six cocks are enough for your slut of a wife. As we both know Marie's cunt is open house for anybody who wants to use it, you excluded of course."

A number of them joined in the laughter when pointing at my erection, he jeered, "Look lads, the redundant cock."

Gripping her hips the blonde guy fucked my wife steadily and with less urgency this time. The others stood round watching, most with erections in hand, as they waited their turn.

"I think when they've finished you'll have to kiss all the lads cocks and thank them for a job well done, don't you?" Joe hissed in my ear.

I shook my head desperate to avoid such a humiliating and demeaning act but he just laughed and said, "You've got no choice in the matter, any hint of refusal and I'll get the lads to piss on you as well."

That sobered me up and I nodded my head resignedly.

Another loud cry from Marie drew my attention back to the action in front of me where I saw the guy in yellow top now fucking her.

And so it went on until all six had taken a second turn, after which Marie rolled onto her back rubbing what must have been sore knees. She'd been in the position for ages. However, her hot and sweaty body glowed and she looked ecstatic, almost triumphant to have been fucked twelve times with barely a break in the action.

Joe untied my wrists from the tree and forced me to my knees. I thought for an awful moment he was going to carry out his threat of the lads urinating on me, but thankfully it was additional taunting that he had in mind.

"There, take a good look at your wife's well used cunt."

With Marie remaining on her back legs wide apart, I stared between them. It was an incredible sight. My wife's vagina gaped open lewdly following the pounding it had been given. It was soaked and slimy with love juice, her pubic hair matted.

It's shameful to admit but my hand automatically strayed to my erection until Joe's laugh prompted me to snatch it away.

"Go on then, have a wank," he jeered.

Almost with a will of its own the hand returned to my erection and despite the humiliation of an audience I masturbated frantically, trying to close my ears to their jeering laughter.

"That's it, play with your little cock while looking at the cunt which has been closed to you for years but which is always open for me and my mates," Joe taunted.

I quickly came in my hand, the contemptuous and jeering laughter of the surrounding guys making me want to sink into the ground with embarrassment.

It didn't end there though. Almost before I realised what was happening the guy in black T-shirt had mounted my wife. While he began fucking her two others were kneeling either side of her head and although being on my knees inevitably restricted the view, humping buttocks getting in the way, I assumed she was licking and sucking their cocks.

Eventually both guys at her head also fucked my wife making it fifteen times in all, as Joe enjoyed reminding me.

Next there came the final ordeal when I was forced to thank the guys for their efforts and kiss all six cocks in gratitude.

Meanwhile Marie remained lying on the rug, her stockings in shreds, looking weary but well pleased with herself. Indeed her exuberance as she thanked Joe for arranging such an exciting scene shocked me.

"Do you want more of the same then?" he asked, watching me with a smile on his face, a smile which broadened when she my wife exclaimed, "Oh yes please!"

Then, and to round of a thoroughly sordid episode, my wife exclaimed, “I’m absolutely bursting!” and perching on the end of a sawn tree trunk began urinating.
The group of young men gathered round excitedly watching the torrent of pee flowing from my wife’s body, Marie spreading her legs to make sure they could all see, and the duration of flow testified to her comment about bursting. For once I felt really horrified by my wife’s wanton and disgusting behaviour.

Leaving me to carry the sweat and semen stained rug they headed back to the farmhouse where I was ordered to hand wash it.