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Richard P
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A Cuckolds Diary 15.

Journal Extracts 19 continued.


Marie stayed at Joe's overnight. She's rarely home at weekends these days, and as I use a secondary bedroom anyway, I'm used to sleeping alone. Slept little last night however, my mind dwelling on Joe's words. What does he have in mind for the weekend?

I've been ordered to return to the pub early this afternoon where there will be work for me to do, mostly the cleaning up.


Marie was behind the bar when I arrived, with the same expectant air about her as yesterday. The village pub closes for a couple of hours in the afternoon at weekends but when Joe sent me to lock the doors there where still a few customers left, all of them strangers as far as I could tell.

On my return I noticed Marie's absence and soon some of the remaining customers departed, but through to the living quarters rather than the exit. Joe told me to continue cleaning up before he too disappeared, taking the remaining three guys with him.

Well I soon began to hear a lot of noise emanating from the upper rooms of the pub, chief amongst it my wife's shrieks and laughter, so had an intimation of what might be happening. What I couldn't work out though was how many guys might be involved. It was when Joe reappeared and, grinning broadly, told me to leave my chores for the time being and follow him that I found out.

He led me upstairs to a rear bedroom and the first thing I saw was Marie stretched out naked on the bed. Naked guys clustered round it but a gap had been left at the foot of the bed, presumably on Joe's instructions, so that I could see what they were doing. And what I saw was an incredible number of hands on my wife's body. There were seven hands; I actually counted them, on Marie's upper thighs with many fingers probing her vagina and anus. My eyes travelling upwards I saw she was sucking one penis while holding two others, seemingly a favourite occupation these days, while hands groped her breasts.

"These are old mates of mine," Joe informed me. "I invited them over to enjoy a gang bang with your wife. Being the centre of attention with loads of guys lusting after her body is what the slut loves, just look at her revelling in it."

Marie was laying there, legs flung wide and now with three guys fingering her vagina simultaneously, eagerly sucking the variety of cocks that were presented to her lips.

"Very soon now by the look of it, you’re going to watch the eight of them fuck your wife in succession same as the other six did last night, only about fifteen hours ago to be precise. See how she loves playing with all those cocks."

True enough Marie's excitement was plain to see. Indeed one of the guys mounting her at that moment and driving his penis deep inside, elicited the cry, "Oh god yes, yes, do it to me hard and fast, all of you!"

Well, they did just that. Directly one had finished another took his place and Marie's highly charged and excited state was undeniable as guy after guy fucked her. Indeed, as Joe was quick to point out, she was plainly disappointed when the eighth had finished!

"The slut still wants more and she's going to get plenty," he hissed. "We'll leave them to it now."

When the pub reopened the guys were still upstairs with Marie, and remained so for a considerable time.

Soon after the last of Joe's friends departed, there being a bit of a lull in the bar, Joe again told me to follow him upstairs. We found Marie stretched out on the bed, eyes closed, a blissful expression on her face despite the many marks and bruises on her body.

"How many times have you been fucked Marie?" Joe asked, pushing me to the foot of the bed.

"No idea, I lost count," she murmured complacently.

Joe laughed and said, "Take a good look at your wife's well used cunt. See how my mates have opened it up. I expect they gave it to her up the arse as well."

Lifting Marie's legs and spreading her buttocks Joe said triumphantly, "Yea, more than one cock's been up this little hole I think. How many bum fucked you Marie?"

"Four," she murmured.

Highly charged himself now Joe swiftly rolled her over and began spanking my wife's bottom, but as usual with considerably less force than he does mine.

"You've been a naughty girl," he grunted, Marie squirming and giggling as he spanked her.

I found myself automatically masturbating while watching, not even being aware of freeing my erection!


I had hoped that the landlord and his wife's return this morning would signal the end of a sordid weekend. Instead the action simply transferred to Joe's place.

The guys started arriving early afternoon and by three pm there were ten of them assembled.

From my point of view it was even more humiliating than the episodes at the pub because of course I was naked and had to face the laughter and jeers of each new arrival, Joe inevitably drawing attention to my manhood.

"Did you ever see such a shrivelled up little cock?" he commented to the last arrival, provoking the expected derision.

"Now everyone's here we can get started. I promised you double figures today Marie; are you looking forward to it?"

"Oh god yes!" My wife exclaimed, her face flushed with excitement.

"Right, first though we'll tie hubby to the ladder," Joe said.

Of course I'd been expecting it since seeing the ladder in place against the wall on my arrival, but nevertheless still protested when he told me to stand against it.

"What, questioning my authority. Grab the wimp and tie him to the ladder lads, facing it to start of with. Then two or three of you take your belts to his arse and teach the pathetic sod his place."

Struggling was futile as willing hands bound me to the ladder. Annoyingly, not to mention very painfully, a surprising number of Joe's friends seemed eager to join in my chastisement. I think five or six of the guys used their belts on my buttocks, at least two at a time, before I was released. My freedom didn't last long though; I was merely retied, this time with my back to the ladder.

"Look lads he's got a hard on," Joe said, whacking my penis with the cane to make me howl.

By this time however the guys were more interested in my wife who had been stripped naked while my beating was taking place. Marie knelt on the floor surrounded by guys all eager to present theirs erections to her lips.

"Now then lads, let's have some order. Stand in a line and the slut will move along sucking your cocks in turn. You'd like that wouldn't you Marie?"

"Oh yes," her excited response was almost lost in the hubbub and laughter of the men forming a line.

Despite the evident impatience displayed by some of the guys my wife was in no hurry, plainly relishing a unique situation, as she moved slowly along the line.

"Long time since you've enjoyed this sort of thing, eh," Joe taunted, standing beside me and evidently enjoying the spectacle.
His hand cupped my balls to give them a little squeeze, just enough to provoke a yelp.

Marie certainly gave each guy the full works, licking and kissing cocks and balls with obvious relish. She seemed incredibly fired up by the situation, so much so that when one of the guys, highly excited himself by the work of her mouth on his genitals, turned and urged her to lick his anus Marie did just that! I could only watch in horror as my wife palmed the guy's buttocks to run her tongue up and down the crevice between them.

"Your wife's putty in our hands, the sluts ours to do as we want with," one of the guys taunted.

"He's right there. Marie's a whore but in reverse. I bet she'd gladly pay the guys for their services," Joe hissed in my ear.

I was barely aware of his words, totally shocked by the sight of my wife ardently licking the guy's anus.

Perhaps not surprisingly others wanted the same treatment and by the time she'd been picked up and stretched out on Joe's desk Marie had repeated the process with another four guys!

I hardly needed Joe to tell me Marie was in her element, stretched out across the desk holding a cock in each hand, sucking on a third and with a fourth guy fucking her. But of course he did anyway. It was obvious that the sheer volume of men vying to present their cocks to mouth or hands while waiting their turn to fuck her, made my wife feel the centre of attraction.

None of the guys lasted long but as each fresh penis drove into her, Marie's ecstatic shout rang out. She knew they'd want more. My wife must have been keeping count this time because there was an exultant tone to her yell when the tenth penis entered her.

"She'd gladly take another ten," Joe hissed in my ear as we listened to Marie's ecstatic cries ringing out while the guy fucked her vigorously.

By the time it was over Joe had released me from the ladder. Taking me by the ear he dragged me to the desk where I was forced down onto my knees.

"There, take a look at your wife's cunt now that ten cocks have given it a good pummelling."

I stared between Marie's wide spread legs while she remained stretched out across the desk, basking in the afterglow. There were fresh bruises on her inner thighs, thighs wet with semen, but I was chiefly struck by how my wife's vagina gaped open following the activity of the ten guys.

Hands, not Joe's, suddenly grabbed my head to push my face between Marie's thighs. My lips were in contact with her vagina, the first time in years, and when a voice urged me to lick it clean I did so almost eagerly. However the laughter as I licked copious amounts of semen from my wife's vagina served as a reminder of the humiliation involved, particularly as whacks to my buttocks ensured that I had no choice but to swallow.

Eventually Joe pulled me to my feet and ordered me outside to clean all the guys' vehicles for them.

"There's no hurry," he added. "The guys are going to take your missus upstairs and continue the fun. That's what you want, right Marie?"

"Oh yes, yes!" she cried excitedly, practically running towards the stairs, the guys laughing at her eagerness.

"She's like a bitch on heat," someone remarked.
“Yea, fancy being married to a slut like her. The tart obviously can’t say no and will drop her knickers for all and sundry,” another added contemptuously.

Outside I surveyed the cars with dismay, two of them were particularly filthy, the third not too bad and I decided to clean that one first. It had been a showery day but fortunately not too cold; as a matter of course I had to remain naked while car cleaning.

While toiling away on the cars I frequently saw grinning faces at the bedroom window looking down on me. I could also clearly hear, despite the closed window, my wife's wild shrieks and excited cries, her joyous yells and exultant shouts while the ten guys did as they wanted with her.

I was on the third car, sweating from my labours despite it being November, when Joe strolled out to see how I was getting on.

"Good nearly finished," he said. "Thought I'd let you know that Andy's just giving it to your wife up the arse, he's the sixth to bum fuck the randy bitch."

He strolled back to the house laughing at the obvious discomfort his words caused me.

I was just clearing up after finishing the third and final car when the guys came out, my nakedness and servility evoking their ridicule. Perhaps there was a certain inevitability about it as I was forced over the bonnet of the car I'd just cleaned and most, possibly all, of the guys took a turn at spanking my already tortured buttocks, my screams even bringing Joe and Marie to the upstairs window. There was no sympathy to be found there though, the pair of them merely laughing at my plight while clearly enjoying the spectacle.

* * *

We always finish work at lunchtime on Christmas Eve and Joe had ordered us to be at his place as early as possible. It was clear from Marie's barely suppressed excitement when I collected her from home, that she was expecting something special. My wife wore a navy blue dress that was so short it barely covered her stocking tops, and I was thankful that none of our neighbours saw her. The dress, one I've never seen before, was also very low cut, only just covering her nipples. In fact it's fair to say my wife looked the slut she has undoubtedly become. Inevitably I became erect directly I saw her.

"Triple penetration today Marie, are you still up for it?" Joe asked, ushering us inside.

"Oh god, yes!" she exclaimed excitedly.

Initially I didn't understand what Joe meant but when he introduced us to the three guys, who of course erupted with laughter at my nakedness, I began to get the picture.

"That's right," Joe told me, realising the truth had dawned. "Three big cocks to penetrate your wife simultaneously. She's been waiting weeks for this."

The implication behind his words sent a shiver down my spine and for once I actually hoped I'd be sent out to wash a car or something, anything rather than have to witness Marie taking part in such a sordid act.

Joe of course intended me to see everything, hissing in my ear, "Tonight you're going to witness your wife's total depravity with cocks in her mouth, cunt and arsehole at the same time. Afterwards, you'll not only thank the guys for their efforts but pay them ten pounds each for their travelling expenses."

Ben, Terry, and John, who were late twenties or early thirties, jumped to their feet eagerly when Joe said, "Right oh lads, get her tits out. Shouldn't be difficult, they're barely contained by that skimpy dress."

With a whoop John plunged both hands down the front of my wife's dress to scoop her breasts out before moving aside for his friends to see.

"Small tits," Terry commented, taking one of them in his hand.

"Small but beautiful, the perfect size," said Ben, taking the other.

Marie was plainly in heaven as she stood there with two guys licking and sucking her nipples. The ever impatient Joe lifted the hem of my wife's dress the short distance needed to expose her jet black pubic curls to the leering John who exclaimed, "No knickers!"

"Told you the slut wouldn't be wearing any, she's too eager to feel a cock inside her."

There was a squeal of delight from Marie when John's hand delved between her thighs.

I could hardly see my wife, surrounded as she was by the three guys eagerly exploring her body, but hearing her excited cries and moans knew she was in her element. Joe laughed when her dress was suddenly thrown clear and hissed in my ear, "Bet the randy bitch took it off herself as she hasn't yet got any cocks to play with."

John was about to rectify that though and tore his clothes off in double quick time. Through the gap which opened up momentarily I could see Ben and Terry fingering Marie simultaneously, Ben continuing to tease a nipple with his tongue. However, directly she saw John's erection my wife dropped to her knees and took it into her mouth.

The other two then stripped off, Joe pulling me to one side so that we had a very clear view of Marie licking and sucking John's genitals, penis first then his balls. Directly the naked Ben appeared Marie turned her attention to him, repeating the treatment she'd given John, whose balls she now held in her cupped hand.

"Your wife's in her element," Joe commented when she turned her attention to Terry, as if in confirmation of my own thoughts.

Again Marie was barely visible but I knew she was sucking a penis while playing with the other two.

Suddenly she was flat on the floor, face down on a quilt.

"Ah, here we go," Joe said, as spreading my wife's buttocks John dribbled spittle down on to the crevice between them.

While he continued to hold the cheeks apart Ben drove his thumb into Marie's anus. I watched in awe as he fingered her vagina with one hand while the thumb of his other pushed slowly in and out of her anus. Terry meanwhile stretched out in front of Marie, thighs either side of her head, and she sucked greedily on his penis, seeming oblivious of the fingers and thumbs driving in and out of anus and vagina. Joe again made sure I was in the best place to see John and Ben excitedly fingering my wife, both now concentrating on her anus.

"Opening it up ready for a cock," he commented.

Terry then stretched out on the settee and Marie was lifted onto his waiting erection.

"Oh yes, lovely!" she exclaimed when they lowered her and she was fully impaled on his penis.

Ben moved to the end of the settee so she could take his penis into her mouth. John meanwhile coated Marie's anus with lubricant before tossing the tube to me. Joe laughed and said "He wants you to lubricate his cock ready to drill your wife's arsehole."

So it was that I had the ignominious task of thoroughly coating John's penis with lubricant. As if that wasn't humiliating enough, John then said "Now guide my cock into your wife's bum hole while I hold her cheeks apart."

With burning face and shaking hands I did so, aware of the grinning Joe watching. John's penis slipped deep inside Marie's anus with remarkable ease, all the lubricant I suppose, and I found myself watching the twin movements of the cocks with incredulity. With John's penis forcefully drilling in and out of my wife's anus, the movements of Terry's in her vagina seemed somewhat hampered. Marie's initial yelps quickly disappeared when she eagerly took the third penis into her mouth again.

It was an unbelievable, shocking and disturbing sight to watch my wife being fucked by the three guys simultaneously but I couldn't take my eyes off the sordid spectacle, though vaguely aware of Joe taking photos.

It was John who came first, buttocks jerking, penis buried to the hilt in my wife's anus. I watched awestruck as he withdrew, Joe moving quickly to photograph Marie's gaping anus.

She was now able to ride Terry's thrusting penis with abandon but continued sucking on Ben's while she did so.

A little later Joe told me to fetch a bowl of warm water and wash John's penis.

"Make sure you wash my cock thoroughly because you'll be finishing off with your tongue," John himself added, shades of Osman last year.

The men laughed at my expression of repugnance as I carried out the ignominious job of washing John's genitals. Next, and without being told, I licked his penis and balls.

"See, the wimp knows his place," Joe commented.

Laughing, John moved away but my humiliation was far from over. Taking up his position in front of me Terry said "Now you can lick my cock, fresh from your wife's cunt."

I did so but with greater reluctance than usual due to my humiliation being photographed by Joe. While licking the glans of John's penis I heard the familiar excited cry from Marie and knew she was being fucked again. I couldn't see but surmised correctly that it would be Ben.

"Kiss my balls then you can watch your wife getting it again," Terry instructed.

When I'd done so he moved aside and I saw Joe and John holding Marie's ankles wide apart and high in the air, with Ben's buttocks hammering up and down at a rapid rate between her thighs.

"He's really giving it to your missus," Terry taunted as her excited yells rang out.

It's necessary to stand while bringing my Journal up to date and the next section of the story will explain why.

We were in Joe's bedroom where a sort of upside down v-shaped wooden frame had been erected facing the foot of the bed. I allowed myself; I had little choice, to be tied to the frame. I was facing the bed where Marie lay flanked by Terry and John, holding a cock in each hand. Both men fingered her while each sucking a nipple.

Once I'd been tied securely in place Marie straddled John, his penis sliding with ease inside her well lubricated vagina; well lubricated by the semen of the two that had already been there, that is. Next, Terry crouched at her rear, momentarily blocking the view.

"While you watch the two guys fucking your wife, John using her cunt and Terry her bum hole, me and Ben are going to thrash your buttocks with our belts," Joe told me.

"I doubt he'll want to sit down for Christmas dinner by the time we've finished with his arse," Ben added, both men laughing.

By this time Terry had succeeded in penetrating my wife's anus, and now straddled the other two. Presumably it was carefully arranged because I found I had a clear view of the two cocks driving steadily in and out of my wife.

Then the first blow fell and I cried out, more in surprise at the suddenness than pain. To start with only Ben lashed my buttocks with his belt, Joe taking photos. Then he too joined in my chastisement, first drawing Ben's attention to my erection, and saying, "That pathetic little cock hasn't seen the inside of his wife's cunt for years, unlike dozens of other blokes."

Ben laughed while I howled, the blows to my buttocks falling on both cheeks.

"Marie will open her legs for any cock other than hubbies," Joe sneered.

Despite the rapidly increasing pain I stared compulsively at the two guys fucking my wife, morbidly desperate not to miss a thing. If I couldn't have her then I must take my pleasure by watching others.

Terry's buttocks were jerking, muscles clenching, by the time Ben replaced his belt with the cane. My yell was even louder as the cane cut into my already very painful bottom.

Terry was off the bed then and I had a momentary glimpse of my wife's gaping anus as she joyfully rode John's upward thrusting penis. When Terry climbed on to a stool in front of me I thought for one horrific minute he was going to force his penis into my mouth. I felt almost relieved when instead he rubbed his penis, fresh from my wife's anus, all over my face.

At last the beating seemed to be over and my inflamed buttocks had a respite. However, feeling hands spreading my cheeks and hearing Joe say, "Go on then Ben, fuck his arse with the candle." I almost forgot about the pleasure of watching my wife riding John's penis, horrified by the prospect of my fate.

"No no, not that," I begged but of course they took no notice, merely laughing as the candle was driven forcibly into my anus.

Incredibly, considering the humiliation I was feeling I came almost immediately and with no stimulation, my wrists still being tied. My semen spattered the carpet as the candle drilled in and out of my anus and I was barely aware of John's orgasmic cry as he too came, but deep inside Marie.

"You can lick your mess up now," Joe said contemptuously, while I was being released from the frame.

Marie was relaxing on the bed, glowing and radiant, while I knelt to do Joe's bidding. I licked tentatively and with disdain at the little blobs of semen on Joe's carpet, while my tormentors stood above me, jeering and laughing.

"Off you go home now then," Joe said, "but don't forget that George will be calling in here on his way from the pub. Probably have Jim in tow, keen to give Marie a good fucking, and we both know how eagerly your wife will spread her legs for two more cocks don't we."

And that was that. In considerable pain from my very inflamed buttocks and with a sense of having been violated by the candle I drove home to the empty house, having first thanked the three guys and given them the money for expenses as Joe instructed.