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A Cuckolds Diary 16.

Journal Extracts 20.

SUNDAY, APRIL 5, 2009.

If what Joe says is true, today's events could have catastrophic consequences. Hopefully his words are a bluff designed to get under my skin; only time will tell.

Two fields separate Joe's farmhouse from the wood and Marie and I were expected to walk across them naked. My wife had been ordered to strip and leave her clothes at the house, mine of course being in the boot of the car as usual. At least Marie walked unencumbered, unlike me. I had to carry a bag containing baling twine and for some inexplicable reason, leather gauntlets. Fortunately, despite the early morning frost, it was a mild and sunny day.

At that point I had no idea what Joe had in mind, although I'm pretty sure Marie did because there was that air of barely suppressed excitement about her which I've come to recognise as a precursor to something out of the ordinary happening. I have to admit that the uncertainty added a certain frisson to my own excited state and I followed them across the fields fully erect as I eyed Marie's bottom, swaying sensuously as she walked, and with Joe's hand squeezing it from time to time.

However I still felt nervous despite the remote location of Joe's farm; there's always the chance of hikers, or trespassers as Joe calls them, seeing us and before setting out I had remonstrated to him about being seen.

"Once they've had a good laugh at your little cock they'll take no further interest in you. As for your wife, over a hundred guys have fucked her so Marie's bodily charms are hardly a secret are they," he replied.

Eventually we reached the shelter of the woods and I thankfully slipped inside, now hopefully safe from prying eyes.

"This will do," Joe said, stopping beside a tree.

Marie, now flushed with excitement, leaned back against the trunk and taking baling twine from the bag Joe tied her to it. Marie's wrists were tied together behind the trunk before her ankles were also secured.

Taking my wife's breasts in his hands, Joe said, "Your completely helpless and at my mercy now. Does it excite you?"

Marie's voice sounded hoarse when she replied in the affirmative. Naturally I remained fully erect as I watched Joe sucking my wife's nipples, having pushed one hand roughly between her thighs.

"Your cuntís sopping, you're really up for this aren't you?"

Marie nodded and he laughed before saying, "I'd better do something with the wimp first."

I then found out what the leather gauntlets were for. Pulling one of them on Joe seized a handful of stinging nettles before ordering me to touch my toes. There was no question of refusal despite a realisation of what he had in mind. Laughing, Joe began stroking my buttocks with the nettles. I gasped and then groaned, my flesh stinging, while the nettles were passed back and forth. However I did nothing to prevent the torment, Joe taunting me that I was putty in his hands.

I was then ordered to back up against a tree facing the one Marie was tied to, and from where she'd observed my torment with her usual amusement. My wrists were tied together behind the tree trunk. Next my ankles were secured in a similar way, also behind the tree, so that my body sagged in a very uncomfortable manner. However, I revelled in my helplessness as Marie plainly did hers.

What happened next though was nearly a shock too far. Taking up the nettles Joe began stroking my penis and testicles with them! Instinctively pulling back to escape the nettles I found my tortured buttocks pressed to the rough bark. There was no escape and I howled as the stinging nettles were rubbed repeatedly over my genitals, my tormentor merely laughing.

"It's not as if you use your cock for anything other than pissing and wanking," he jeered, my wife joining in the laughter.

"Ah, right on cue," he said, suddenly throwing the nettles aside.

I'd been unaware of anything but the agony of the repeated strokes of the stinging nettles but now realised we had company. Two guys appeared, both wearing balaclavas, and began stripping off. Seeing Marie's excitement I guessed correctly that she'd been expecting something of the sort.

Naked but for the balaclavas, the two men approached her and while one took my wife's breasts in his hands the other knelt to untie her ankles. Directly they were released Marie's legs sagged apart and the guy's fingers went to work. Then his face was between my wife's legs and the rough material of his balaclava rubbing against her inner thighs as he tongued her clitoris clearly stimulated her. In fact I don't think I've ever seen Marie brought to orgasm so quickly!

"Anonymous sex," Joe hissed in my ear. "Both these guys are going to fuck your wife without her knowing their identities. See how it excites her."

He was right; Marie's highly charged state was plain to us all.

My stinging genitals and buttocks seemed as nothing, compared to the mental torment caused by his next words.

"Actually one of these guys knows you very well. He's a fellow Rotarian or Councillor but I won't tell you which."

"No!" I gasped.

"Oh yes," Joe hissed in my ear. "Next time you attend a council or rotary meeting take a good look round. One of the guys, at one of those meetings will have fucked your wife."

Despite the warm day and stinging genitals my body felt suddenly cold and I shivered as the full import of Joe's words became clear. If true it seemed that the hitherto well kept secret side of our life was in danger of coming out into the open. But there was more.

"The beauty of it is that this guy has fancied your wife while hating your guts for years, so he's really looking forward to giving it to her in front of you, and not just today. Mr. X, I think we'll call him, is going to become a regular participant in our little fun and games and is particularly looking forward to thrashing your backside."

The rest of the afternoon is a bit of a blur but both men fucked my wife while she was tied to the tree, Marie's high excitement as she was taken by the unknown guys apparent to all. One of them had her for a second time, but on the ground just in front of me. The fact that directly he finished the balaclava clad guy reached up to squeeze my already tortured genitals leads me to think that he must be Mr. X, assuming Joe's words to be true that is.

Throughout it all my mind was in turmoil, not knowing whether to believe Joe or not. Is one of these guys known to me? If so in what capacity?

I can't really decide if he was telling the truth or not but have convinced myself that it was probably just his way of adding more anguish to my already tortured body.

Wishful thinking or what?


Well, now I know that Joe was telling the truth in the woods two weeks ago. Mr. X must be a fellow Councillor.

While Mr. X was having sex with Marie this afternoon, the sixth time since that fateful day and balaclava clad as usual, Joe told me some council news that could only have come from someone attending the recent meeting. The highly confidential nature of the information in Joe's possession convinces me that Mr. X is indeed a Councillor. A particularly agonizing piece of knowledge made worse by Joe forcing me to lick the guys penis clean after he'd fucked my wife.

WEDNESDAY, MAY 13, 2009.

Dropped Marie at Joe's before attending the council meeting I've been dreading. Mr. X will be there. Will I be able to work out which of the members he is? Even worse, will he perhaps say something?


Well, the meeting passed without me being any the wiser about Mr. X's identity, although I can narrow it down to a shortlist of three or four, based on height, build and suchlike.

One of the four, Gerald has been a close friend for years, since childhood in fact when we were classmates at school, so I'm pretty sure I can rule him out.

The same with Max B, a member who's only lived in the area for about ten years and who I've never had much to do with. Also I'm fairly sure he's never met Marie. I only include him as a candidate because of his open dislike of me, a dislike which is mutual. Max B makes it very plain that he thinks I've only progressed on the council due to family connections, which is of course tommy rot.

Of the other two it could be either I suppose. There was certainly no indication tonight that one of them fucked my wife yesterday and will do so again tomorrow. If it wasn't for that confidential piece of information in Joe's possession I'd be inclined to disbelieve his assertions that Mr. X is known to me.

SATURDAY, MAY 16, 2009.

Another humiliating day at Joe's. Mr. X was there and for the first time administered the threatened spanking. It was of course Joe who gave all the orders, Mr. X maintaining his usual silence. The beating happened twice, once before and again after, he'd fucked my wife.

The first was over Mr. X's lap, Joe feeding me snippets of council news while the spanking was taking place, thus ensuring that I can be in no doubt that the guy is a fellow Councillor.

The second beating took place while I touched my toes and for that Mr. X used a belt, which of course was much more painful than his hand.

Afterwards I was ordered to kneel at Mr. X's feet and thank him, after first licking and kissing the guy's penis and balls. Fearful of our lifestyle becoming common knowledge I had no choice but to comply.

TUESDAY, JUNE 9, 2009.

My regular spankings and beatings continue, sometimes several times a week, leaving my sore and tortured buttocks little chance of recovering. Mr. X is now fucking my wife four or five times a week, being encouraged by Joe to do as he wants with her, and Marie's initial concern about him being a Councillor seems to have dissipated. She's enjoying the sex too much, and finding herself Mr X's plaything clearly excites her.


A revelation, shocking if true, at the council meeting tonight. As I sat down somewhat gingerly, Mr X having severely beaten my buttocks last night, Max B remarked that I seemed to be in some discomfort. I looked at him sharply and seeing his smirking face staring back at me went hot and cold. Surely my hated rival on the council couldn't be Mr X?

No, his remark must be just an innocent coincidence.

FRIDAY, JUNE 12, 2009.

Well the shocking and alarming truth is that the loathsome Max B is indeed Mr X. Tonight he suddenly removed his balaclava saying it was much too hot. I groaned to find my suspicions of two days ago confirmed, Max B finding my obvious revulsion hilarious. Taunting me about the number of times he's fucked my wife, and about how much Marie enjoys it, the smirking Max B ordered me to suck his penis. Of course I had no choice but to comply and sucked the swine's penis while Joe fucked my wife in the background.

Fortunately Marie had left the room by the time Max B ordered me to kiss his anus as a mark of my submission to him. Next, and to further stamp his authority, Max B climbed on to the bed and stretching out on his stomach ordered me to thoroughly lick his anus.

"Tan the wimps arse with your cane Joe if he slackens."

I hesitated; really loathe to carry out such a humiliating procedure on the detestable Max B.

"Do it," he barked. "I expect total servility and subservience from you; otherwise the council will get to hear how your wife likes to spend her time. Apparently she's had well over a hundred cocks inside her which I think our colleagues would find very interesting news."

There was a clear threat in his voice and knowing I had no choice but to do as he said I gingerly placed my hands on the hateful Max B's buttocks. Spreading them apart I ran my tongue down the crevice, initially avoiding his anus.

"I want to feel your tongue probing my bum hole. Do it," he snapped, Joe encouraging my obedience with a couple of sharp blows from the cane.

Feeling defeated and dejected I began licking his anus, Max B laughing triumphantly. I was forced to continue the humiliating procedure for what seemed an age, certainly a good ten minutes, with Max B jeering that I was his slave to do as he wanted with.

"You'll obey me one hundred percent, understood?" he said, eventually rolling over on to his back.

"Yes," I muttered reluctantly.

"Louder, and call me Sir," he barked.

"Yes Sir," I said feebly, the words coming out with reluctance.

"That's better. I've got you by the short and curlies so don't forget it," Max B told me, laughing triumphantly at my downcast expression.

Marie returning and seeing the loathsome creature stretched out on the bed, quickly bent to take his penis in her mouth.

"Your wife's more than happy with the situation as you can see," he grinned at me while Marie sucked on his penis, her fingers stroking his balls.

When she straddled him Max B snapped, "Take my cock and guide it inside your wife's lovely cunt."

Raging inwardly at my impotency to do anything but obey the detestable and odious Max, I gingerly took his penis in hand to guide it into my wife's vagina as she sank down onto it with a happy sigh.

The smug bastard flashed me a triumphant smile before saying, "Take the wimp downstairs out the way Joe. Tan his arse with your belt again if you want, while I enjoy the services of his lovely wife."

Leading me from the room Joe said, "I'll leave the doors open so you can hear Marie's yells as Max fucks her."

And that's pretty much it for today. Bent over Joe's desk, howling as he lashed my buttocks with his belt, I could only listen to my wife's wild shouts with apprehension about the future.

SATURDAY, JUNE 20, 2009.

To Weymouth for a week's holiday. I drove while Marie and Max B relaxed in the back.

I must have been very naÔve when booking the accommodation back in January, having deliberately chosen a one bedroom cottage thinking that being forced to share a bed might persuade Marie to resume marital relations. The plan has certainly backfired though because when Max B heard we were going away on holiday and Marie complaining about the bedroom arrangements, he decided to come with us.

"There's bound to be a sofa or something the wimp can use, failing which he can sleep on the floor while we use the bed," he told her, my wife plainly delighted by the idea.

SUNDAY, JUNE 21, 2009.

Well the sofa's not too bad but it was a long time before I got off to sleep last night, kept awake by the noise of Max and Marie enjoying themselves in the room above.

The same noise woke me this morning but unlike last night I masturbated while listening to my wife's ecstatic yells.

TUESDAY, JUNE 23, 2009.

At least Max agreed to go along with my itinerary today. A drive to Corfe for a look at the castle, calling at something known as the Blue Pool on the way.

Well the Blue Pool turned out to be very picturesque with the light diffracting in the water to produce differing colours, turquoise or green, the reflection of the surrounding trees adding to the effect. I had plenty of time to study it as I spent about forty minutes sitting on a bench overlooking the pool while they went off through the trees looking for a secluded spot to make love. It was a hot and sunny day, the stillness disturbed only by occasional passers by, the rustling of small animals, and Marie's faint cries from wherever it was they were disporting themselves.

On their return Max handed my wife's knickers to me, with the comment that it wasn't worth her while putting them back on as he'll only have to take them off again later. For the rest of the day I carried Marie's knickers in my pocket, almost dropping them on the floor of the restaurant when paying for lunch!

On to Corfe Castle where they had no interest in walking up to it but disappeared into some bushes and trees nearby. Excellent views from the Castle and I'm glad I had the binoculars with me. However, while scanning the surrounding area I spotted Marie and Max, my attention caught by his humping backside. From the chuckles of people around me I wasn't the only person to have spotted the couple fucking in the trees, but at least they didn't know it was my wife we were watching.

Back at the cottage I remonstrated with them about making love in such a public place only for Max to say that what they did was nothing to do with me, Marie adding that she found it exciting to know people had seen them.

"You've clearly forgotten your place," Max said. "Down with your pants and over my lap with you."

I reluctantly did as he said and with Marie laughing as usual the loathsome Max proceeded to spank my bared buttocks.

I've grown to love such humiliating punishment from other guys but, given my utter detestation of the odious Max B, my feelings have undergone something of a sea change and I squirmed in helpless rage while he spanked me.

THURSDAY, JUNE 25, 2009.

Today Max set the itinerary and it was to Cerne Abbas we went first. He wanted Marie to see the Cerne Giant carved on a hillside. I already know a bit about it from studying the area in advance of our holiday, as I always do. The Cerne Giant, also known as the Rude Man, is a chalk figure of a giant naked man carved on the side of a hill.

We viewed it first from the distance. It certainly is a spectacular carving and Max commented that even with Marie's love of a big cock, the giant's would bring tears to her eyes. Then we walked up to it for a closer inspection. Next Max led us to a belt of trees and bushes running below the carving and finding a spot between its feet told Marie he was going to fuck her from the back while she faced up the hill.

"You can look up at the giant's cock and imagine it drilling your cunt," he told her.

"Oh yes," she replied, eagerly slipping out of her knickers.

While Max dropped his trousers and underpants my wife knelt on the grass, skirt up around her waist, and I looked about nervously. We'd seen a number of sightseers and I was worried someone might spot what was going on, the trees affording little cover.

A sharp cry drew my eyes back down to where I saw Max kneeling at Marie's rear, his penis deep inside her. I just stood beside them, urging my wife to keep the noise down, as I watched his penis driving in and out of her. She took no notice however, her joyful cries ringing out as loudly as ever, and it wasn't long before they attracted an audience.

First a couple of young guys with rucksacks, then a guy who looked to be a farmer, and finally two more sightseers. Realizing he had an audience, Max paused in his exertions to tell them, "Marie here is this guy's wife. He likes to watch me fucking her. Isn't that right John?"

Not trusting myself to speak I just nodded and wanted to sink into the ground with embarrassment when the watchers laughed.

Gripping her hips Max resumed his thrusts, fucking my wife vigorously until he came, some of the watchers actually clapping!

"Anyone else fancy a turn, she likes plenty of cock?" Max asked, standing.

The sightseers looked at one another uncertainly but with Marie maintaining her position and looking round hopefully the farmer, if such he was, quickly undid his trousers and pushed them along with his underpants half way down his thighs to kneel at her rear.

"Ah lovely!" Marie called when his penis drove into her.

He lasted much longer than Max fucking my wife steadily, her cries a sure indication of how much she was enjoying it.

"Joeís right about your wife. The whore doesn't even know the guys name. As long as she's got a cock inside her Marie doesn't care whose it is," Max told me.

By the time the farmer had finished the two guys with rucksacks had melted away, perhaps shocked by the proceedings. Not so the other two though and with Marie rolling onto her back, legs wide apart invitingly, they tore there clothes off. The first to be naked quickly mounted her and again Marie's ecstatic cry rang out as his penis drove into her.

"Put your cock in her mouth to quieten the bitch down," Max urged and the second guy did just that.

My wife was clearly in her element, sucking one guy's penis while being fucked by the other.

However, the most disgusting event of a sordid encounter occurred soon after the second of the two young guys had fucked her.

"I'm desperate to pee!" Marie exclaimed squatting down.

Then, with skirt held clear and knees wide apart, my wife urinated onto the ground, seemingly oblivious of her audience.

"Look at that, she's pissing like a dray horse," the farmer remarked as the torrent flowed noisily from Marie's body.

There was a round of applause from the three guys when she finished after which they went their separate ways.

It was only then that I discovered Max had been taking photos; having been too absorbed in the action to notice at the time. Holding his camera in front of me he scrolled through the pictures and I was horrified to see pictures of the two young guys in action with Marie, but even worse was the fact that I was visible on the periphery of some of them, watching avidly. Also included on his camera was a short film of my wife urinating.

"If ever you consider disobeying me always remember I have these pictures," Max B said threateningly.

SATURDAY, JUNE 27, 2009.

Back home from probably the worst holiday I've ever had, all down to the repulsive Max B's presence. Marie however thoroughly enjoyed herself but I found it utterly demeaning to spend the week sleeping on the sofa while Max shared my wife's bed. He also made very clear our future roles in his scheme of things. My wife is now his mistress and will remain so for the foreseeable future. Any objections on my part and not only the council, but also the community at large, will be made aware of the situation.

"As far as you're concerned you'll continue to obey me in all things and I'll brook no argument. I'm going to punish, belittle and totally humiliate you, and there's not a thing you can do about it. I've always thought you a toffee-nosed, jumped up bastard and will enjoy bringing you down a peg or two, putting you in your place," he gloated.

Marie is perfectly happy with her role but I face the uncertain future with trepidation.