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Richard P
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A Cuckolds Diary 20.

Journal Extracts 21.


"I hope you haven't drunk too much as you could be in here for quite a while," Max smiled, ushering me inside the Priest's Hole.

Tonight was the night of the small dinner party in Function Room One, the night I was expecting to witness the seduction of my wife by Max's boss.

Once the four guys had all arrived the first course was served, Marie looking very sexy in her waitress uniform of short black skirt and white top with, in my opinion, far too many buttons left undone. She was certainly attracting many admiring looks as she circled the table.

I knew they were all directors of the hotel chain but at that time had no idea which of them was the MD. However as time went by and I saw the way Liam was patting my wife's bottom at every opportunity I assumed it was he. Of the others I was surprised to recognise Alan, a contemporary at school who I hadn't seen for years, and had no idea he was on the board of directors. The school bully, I'd felt overawed and a bit frightened of Alan during my schooldays so was none too pleased to see him now. We haven't seen each other since those days though, so at least he wouldn't know the waitress he was eyeing up lecherously is my wife.

"The waitress is a tasty bit of stuff," a guy whose name was Gareth commented.

"Her tits are too small for my liking," from Nick.

"Nonsense, she's got a gorgeous pair. Have you noticed how you can just catch a glimpse of nipples peeping over the top of her bra?" from Liam, his words confirming what I'd already thought, Marie did have too many buttons undone!

Marie bustled about serving the course’s, which were being delivered to the room on a trolley by one of the regular waitresses. At one point, while she leaned over the table to deal with some spilt wine, I saw Liam's hand disappear up my wife's short skirt and remain there until she'd finished. Marie of course made no attempt to repel the hand, expecting to have sex with him later no doubt.

With the flow of drink and Marie's short skirted figure flitting around the table, the guys seemed to be growing more and more excited as the meal progressed, and by the dessert all four of them had groped her bottom at some stage; which I found particularly galling in the case of Alan

"What colour panties are you wearing, girl?" Nick asked.

"That would be telling," Marie smiled.

"I think she's got white ones on. What about the rest of you?"

"Black," from Alan.

"Pink," chimed in Gareth.

"Well I think your knickers are yellow. Who's right?" asked Liam.

"That's for me to know and you to find out," Marie teased.

"Go on, give us a quick flash," Nick implored.

When she merely smiled and continued clearing the table Liam jumped to his feet exclaiming, "You're a cock tease. I'm going to find out for myself."

So saying he grabbed the hem of my wife's skirt and yanked it up, provoking a cheer from the others.

"I was right, black knickers. Does that mean I get to take them off?" Alan said.

He too was on his feet now and taking her by surprise thrust both hands down the back off Marie's knickers.

"Nice warm bum cheeks."

I could actually see the outline of Alan's hands inside my wife's knickers squeezing her buttocks and felt a cold shiver run through me. Of course I've seen lots of guys squeezing Marie's bottom but to watch my old school bully doing so was irritating to say the least.

"Leave her to get on with her work you randy old devil," Nick said, calming Alan down a bit.

Liam's hand continued to delve beneath Marie's skirt at every opportunity and so I was surprised when he was the first to leave. When Nick and Gareth soon followed suit I was even more surprised, but then appalled when the truth of the situation became clear to me. The guy lined up to have sex with my wife was the old school bully!

"I thought they'd never go," Alan said, pulling Marie on to his lap. "Max tells me your old man can't get it up and you might be game for a bit of fun. Is that right?"

My wife's only reply was to put an arm round his shoulders and part her legs, confirmation enough. I could just about see when Alan started stroking Marie's thighs, coaxing them further apart.

"So, I am going to have the pleasure of taking your knickers off," Alan laughed before kissing her.

I was of course fully erect as I looked at my wife perched on Alan's lap skirt high up her thighs, stocking tops and suspenders exposed, despite my irritation that it was him.

Alan edged the chair round a bit from the table, presumably for more room, but which also gave me a perfect view of his fingers delving inside my wife's knickers. Marie's legs automatically parted further and he exclaimed, "God girl, your cunts sopping. You're gagging for it!"

I could see Marie wriggling on his lap, her legs sagging ever further apart as Alan's fingers probed between them.

"Seems as if old Max was right. Hubby no longer satisfies you and you're desperate for a good shafting."

"Not strictly true, it's more a case of my husband never having satisfied me," Marie corrected, adding in explanation, "John's not very well-endowed. In fact his cock's tiny."

Did she know I was hidden in the Priest's Hole watching and listening? I don't think so but doubt if she would have modified her hurtful comments even if she did. I certainly cringed to hear Alan's laughter.

"Stand up a minute then, you'd better take a look at what I've got to offer."

Marie stood up and watched eagerly as Alan did likewise to slip out of his trousers. In her eagerness to get at Alan's equipment my wife knelt and pulled his underpants down. A smile spread across Alan's face when she grabbed his penis and began licking the glans. It was big but not, I was pleased to see, excessively so. She was licking his balls then and Alan's head rocked back.

"Hell, that feels good," he gasped.

Inevitably I had my penis in hand as I watched my wife licking and sucking the lucky Alan's balls. Then she was sucking his penis and holding Marie's head between his hands Alan grunted, "Great, suck my cock while I fuck your mouth. I want you to swallow my cum."

She did too, he made sure of that, forcing his penis down my wife's throat as he came and keeping it there until she'd drained the last drop from it.

Marie got to her feet while Alan flopped back onto his chair gasping.

"Now I'll do what I said earlier and have your knickers off."

So saying he reached up under Marie's short skirt and yanked them down, my wife stepping eagerly out of her knickers which Alan quickly picked up and pressed to his nose.

"Lovely!" he exclaimed. "Now stretch out on the table so I can give your wet cunt a good licking. I'm going to suck your clit until you squirt in my face."

Alan laughed to see the speed with which she climbed onto the table. With skirt up round her waist, legs wide apart, Marie lay back across the table and Alan licked his lips as he stared happily between her thighs.

"I'm going to really enjoy drilling your wet and willing cunt after giving it a good tongue licking, particularly as I was at school with your husband, the pretentious, stuck up sod. He's the sneak who got me into a lot of trouble by acting as witness against me when I was accused of bullying."

So he did know who she was, and my blood ran cold wondering if he also knew I was concealed in the Priest's Hole watching him seduce my wife.

Of course his words meant nothing to Marie, she was probably hardly aware of what he said as she waited impatiently for him, nodding eagerly when he asked, "I wonder if you like a finger or two up your nice crinkly little bum hole?"

His face was between my wife's thighs then but all I could see was the back of Alan's head. I contented myself with listening to Marie's squeals, squeals which grew wilder when he lifted her legs up and over his shoulders. A few minutes later she came, her body writhing on the table, her wild and lusty screams echoing around the room.

"You do like a finger up your bum hole!" Alan exclaimed, staggering to his feet, face wet and running with my wife's juices.

Without further ado he drove into her, Marie yelling her joy as his penis slammed home.

"Yes!" he shouted exultantly, holding me wife's ankles high and wide as he began fucking her.

I watched Alan's buttocks jerking back and forth for several minutes before he suddenly stopped, withdrew, and almost before she knew what was happening turned Marie over onto her tummy before driving his penis back inside.

"Oh lovely!" she moaned.

"Next time I'll fuck you up the arse, you'd like that would you?"

"God yes."

Again there was an exultant ring to Alan's laugh.

"For now though I'm going to enjoy drilling your cunt and filling it with cream." Gripping my wife's hips Alan fucked her vigorously while I watched from concealment, thankful that he didn't appear to know I was there. I was of course fully erect and stimulating myself despite the cold shivers running up and down my spine to watch my old school antagonist fucking my wife, and from his attitude, plainly excited to be putting one over me.

"Yes, here it comes!" Alan suddenly exclaimed, and I saw his buttock muscles clenching spasmodically as he released his semen deep inside my yelling wife.

"Bloody hell, no wonder the randy old sod stayed behind."

Nick stood in the doorway, Gareth peering over his shoulder. I hadn't even been aware of the door opening; I'd been so absorbed in watching the action.

"Come on in and close the door lads," Alan urged.

It transpired that while having a nightcap in the bar Nick realised he'd lost his mobile phone so they'd come back to search for it. The mobile was quickly located under the table and they turned to leave, Gareth casting wistful looks at Marie still perched on top of it.

"Hang about lads why not take a turn? I've just given her a bloody good fucking," Alan told them boastfully, "but I reckon she's up for more."

They all looked at Marie whose only response was to turn and face them, legs apart a smile on her face.

"A clear invitation lads go to it. I want to see her getting fucked while sucking a cock."

Alan practically tore the rest of her clothes from my wife's body to leave her naked but for stockings and suspenders.

Nick immediately began stripping off but Gareth took Marie's breasts in his hands, asking, "What about you darling, are you game for more cock?"

Marie's response was to unzip Gareth's trousers and free his penis with an expertise that left him gasping. When a naked Nick, naked but for his socks that is, approached the table my wife eagerly grabbed his penis also. Sitting on the table an erect penis in each hand, legs apart and with both men's fingers probing between them, my wife looked to be in her element. It was a sight which plainly excited Alan.

"Put a cock in her mouth one of you," he urged.

It was Gareth who, climbing up to stand on the table, presented his penis to Marie's lips. Unfortunately my view was blocked somewhat at that point by Alan moving and getting in the way as he said, "How many fingers have you got up her cunt, mate?"

"Three," came back Nick's reply.

"Try her bum hole as well, I can recommend it."

"You’re right, it's great. Two fingers in each!" Nick exclaimed after a minute or so, Alan laughing.

By the time he moved aside it was Gareth who was fingering my wife while Nick enjoyed the feel of her mouth on his penis, Alan joining in briefly to play with her breasts.

"One of you fuck her from the back while she sucks the others cock," he urged.

They did just that, Marie eagerly slipping to the carpet and getting down on all fours.

Nick at her rear wasted no time in driving his penis into her vagina, my wife uttering a happy cry before taking Gareth’s erection between her lips.

"Great!" Alan exclaimed as he watched Nick fucking my wife, every thrust of the guy's penis pushing her forward so that Gareth's penis was driven down her throat and Marie's nose was buried in his pubic hair.

With Alan circling them and plainly very excited by what he was seeing, my own view was blocked from time to time. However I had a clear view of the climax, Nick's head rocking back, his hands gripping my wife's hips, penis buried inside her as he came.

Picking her up Gareth laid Marie on the table, her bottom perched on the edge of it. She spread her legs eagerly, a fact not lost on Alan.

"See how keen the randy bitch is for a third cock up her cunt. While Gareth's giving it to her I'll let you into an interesting fact I happened on by chance," he said to Nick.

Unfortunately they moved closer to the Priest's Hole spoiling my view just as Marie's joyous shout rent the air. So it was that while they enjoyed the spectacle of Gareth fucking my wife on the table all I had was their conversation and what I heard sent shivers up and down my spine.

"I fancied Max's PA as soon as I met her so you can imagine my surprise when, after telling him I wouldn't mind having her knickers off and giving her one, Max said he'd try and set it up."

"Trying to ingratiate himself, I suppose," Nick commented.

"Of course, got his eye on promotion as our Max. Anyway Max told me that his PA, Mrs Perkins, is expected to cover any role in the hotel and he'd give her the job of waitress for our little dinner party. The rest was up to me but if I made a pass at her he was pretty sure she'd come across. Max went on to tell me he knew for a fact that Mrs Perkins is a bored and frustrated housewife, married to a guy totally wrapped up in his business and local affairs, and who's a total failure in the bedroom. He's certainly right about her frustration."

Alan paused in his dialogue and they listened to Marie's ecstatic yells echoing round the room as Gareth fucked her on the table.

"It sounds as if she's making up for lost time tonight," commented Nick.

"Naturally I told Max it would do his career prospects the world of good if he could set it up for me to give his PA one."

The men laughed before Alan continued his tale.

"By this time though I'd picked up on his PA's surname and asked about her husband. You may not know that my folks came from round here and I attended the local independent school. By a quirk of fate it turns out she's married to the bastard who stitched me up at school. The stuck-up pretension sod grassed me up and got me expelled from the Plum school and as you can imagine my old man wasn't best pleased to see his fees go down the drain. You can also imagine how much I enjoyed having the bastards wife tonight, thinking of him while drilling her cunt. You and Gareth coming back and giving her one as well makes it even better."

"Revenge is sweet, eh?"

"Indeed, and I'm going to cuckold the bastard every time I'm in the area, which will probably be a lot more often in future."

They laughed and Alan went on, "I'm also going to bum fuck the bastard's wife, I know she's keen for it, and then ultimately get in touch to let him know I've shot my load in all three of her holes. That's a long time in the future though, for now I'm going to enjoy getting between her legs at every opportunity; thinking of that bastard Perkins while fucking his wife."

Laughing they moved away from the Priest's Hole and I was able to see Gareth holding Marie's legs high in the air as he thrust in and out of her, clearly approaching his climax. He came, buttock muscles clenching spasmodically as he ejaculated inside my squealing wife.

With the departure of his friends Alan told Marie she ought to clean herself up and get dressed as Max would probably be along soon. However as she slipped from the table he took my wife's breasts in his hands saying, "I hope to be playing with these nice little tits again very soon and also hope my cock will be making regular visits to your cunt. Would you like that?"

Marie's murmured affirmation clearly delighted Alan, though for reasons she was unaware of, not being party to the overheard conversation.

Later, when Max released me from the Priest's Hole the inner mechanism still a mystery to me, he told me to hurry and get the room cleaned up.

"You can piss off home then wanker," he sneered, knowing I'd masturbated while watching Alan and the others with my wife.

Max doesn't seem to have told Alan the true relationship of himself to Marie and myself, perhaps thinking it an abuse of his position, but he told me that Alan having regular sex sessions with her will advance his own career.

"I've offered the MD full use of my PA whenever he comes to the hotel on a visit, and in any capacity he sees fit. He wasn't slow to get my meaning and told me what a good fuck she was tonight."

* * *
Journal Extracts 22.


Having been ordered to pick Max and Marie up from his place at ten this morning and drive them to Bedford I duly did so. It was a very cold day, the temperature barely above freezing, and my wife was muffled up in a long coat. During the drive to Bedford though, I noticed in the rear-view mirror that the coat had been opened, probably by Max as he had his hand on my wife's thigh, and she wore nothing beneath it but her underwear.

Following his directions I turned into the drive of a large detached house on the outskirts of Bedford where, telling us to wait, Max went inside. I hadn't a clue about what was going on and although Marie admitted to having a rough idea she refused to enlighten me.

It was beginning to get cold in the car by the time Max reappeared and told us to follow him. In the hallway of the house he told me to strip but I could hear muffled voices coming from a room to the right and hesitated, until Max told me in no uncertain terms to get on with it.

Marie meanwhile slipped out of her coat and hung it up. She wore black fishnet stockings with a very sexy black basque and I could hardly take my eyes off her as I reluctantly peeled my clothes off. Next Max gave me a mauve coloured bra and matching panties to put on. The panties were tiny but as Max was quick to point out it takes very little material to cover my genitals.

Finally he produced a black leather dog collar which he fastened round my neck after showing me the name tag. The tag had my name on followed by the words 'owned by Max Bayes‘. Telling me to kneel he attached a lead to the dog collar before opening the door of the room from whence the voices came and ushering Marie inside. The room went suddenly quiet before a female voice said, "Very nice."

Max followed her in to the room, leading me on all fours.

"Sit," he snapped, just inside the door and during the laughter which greeted our entry I was able to take stock of my surroundings.

It was a large room almost devoid of furniture but with a large mattress at its centre. Four men and two women, one of who was leading Marie round the room for their inspection, made up the company.

"Good dog, does he like a bone?" one of the men asked Max, patting my head.

"Yes, give him one Paul," Max grinned.

Paul unzipped and produced his penis, brushing my lips with it. In a daze and confused by the speed with which things were happening, my wife was already on her knees sucking a guy's penis, I opened my mouth to accept Paul's organ. His penis quickly became erect while I sucked, and out of the corner of my eye I saw the women lowering the top of Marie's basque to bare her breasts for the guy's eager hands.

"Lick my balls."

Paul's voice brought my attention back to him and I automatically ran my tongue round his testicles.

"There's a good doggie," It was one of the women who now patted my head.

Max still held the lead and when Paul moved away to join the others groping Marie, led me on a walk, or in my case a crawl on all fours, around the room. It’s impossible to deny the excitement I felt to be humiliated thus, my erection slipping from the side of the tiny panties evoking the inevitable laughter and derogatory comments.

He brought me to a halt beside the mattress where Marie was on her back, sucking one guy's penis while holding two others. To my surprise it was one of the women, Carol, who hooked my wife's knickers aside to finger her.

"Help me out here guys and rip her panties off, they're getting in the way," Carol said.

A laughing Gordon easily tore the flimsy garment from between Marie's thighs and, this time following Jan's instructions, two of the guys grabbed my wife's ankles to lift them high and wide.

"Like you said Max, this looks like a cunt that's seen a lot of action," Carol remarked as the women inspected Marie's vagina.

Happily sucking a succession of cock's Marie seemed oblivious of what was happening to her nether regions as with Carol fingering her vagina, Jan drove two fingers deep inside my wife's anus.

"From her reaction your sub's had a few cocks up her bum hole too, I suspect," Jan said to Max.

"More than a few but hubby never has the pleasure, unlike me. In fact all he ever gets from his wife is the occasional hand job and he only gets that if he pays me ten quid for the privilege."

Inevitably I was the butt of much derisory laughter occasioned by his comment, although my attention was occupied more with the two women fingering my wife's vagina and anus.

"Well, she's very wet and very open. Who wants to fuck her first?" Carol asked.

"Need you ask?"

It was Steve, who gripping my wife's thighs drove into her, eliciting the usual joyous cry. With her legs up at right angles to her torso Steve fucked Marie rapidly, any cries being stifled by Richard leaning over her face, his penis deep inside her mouth. Carol stimulated Marie clitoris with her fingers and Jan, reaching between Steve's thighs, again fingered my wife's anus. The other two guys stood watching, although not for long.

Directly Steve finished Marie was rolled over and lifted up onto all fours, a position she adopted with alacrity. Richard began fucking her from the rear, Marie eagerly taking Paul's penis into her mouth. Steve and Gordon played with her breasts, the women taking a few pictures of the scene and at Max's suggestion taking some of me crouched on the floor at the end of the dog lead.

When Richard had finished Paul took over. Gripping my wife's hips he fucked her furiously while she sucked greedily on Gordon's penis, knowing no doubt as I did, that he'd be next.

Indeed he was but first rolled her onto her back. When Gordon mounted Marie, Steve forced his penis into my mouth. So it was that I had the humiliating task of sucking his penis while watching Gordon's buttocks pumping up and down between my wife's thighs. But there was worse to come.

A tug on the lead made me turn and I was surprised to find Carol holding the other end of it. I quickly discovered the reason for the changeover when Max loomed in front and ordered me to lubricate his penis. Taking the tube from him I squeezed a copious amount of lubricant onto Max's erect penis before disdainfully smearing it over his full length, assuming he intended anal intercourse with my wife in front of me and all the others.

I was wrong.

Back on all fours I was surprised to find myself being gripped firmly and held in place by two of the guys. Then my buttocks were pulled roughly apart and I was horrified to feel the lubricant being smeared on my anus. Next I felt the tip of Max's penis prodding at it. My tormentor was about to sodomize me, surely the final ignominy in a long line of humiliation I've suffered at his hands.

"No!" I yelled when his penis drove into my anus.

"Oh yes!" Max shouted triumphantly as he began bum fucking me.

The shame and indignity of it, to be happening in front of all these strangers, several of whom were photographing what I thought to be my final degradation at the hands of the loathsome Max . Gripping my hips roughly Max drove in and out of my anus, taunting me and laughing exultantly.

"Put a cock in his month to shut the wimp up," Max urged, my desperate yells ringing out.

Someone did just that but I've no idea whose it was. I just automatically sucked the penis, my mind in turmoil and feeling totally degraded by it all.

Max came suddenly and unexpectedly, it hadn't taken long, and with his penis buried to the hilt inside my anus leaned over to hiss, "There you pathetic wimp. Now I’ve had you as well as your wife I don't think you'll be so proud and haughty in future will you?"

I said nothing, just relieved it was over, and breathed a sigh of relief when Max withdrew and moved away to view some of the pictures. My relief was short lived though when another penis drove into my anus. Again I yelled, my protests only arousing Max's laughter and scorn, and prompting someone to force his penis down my throat.

"I'm going to sit back and enjoy watching the rest of the boys bum fucking you. Take plenty of photos girls they'll come in handy if the wimp gets disobedient in the future."

With my head held in a vice like grip, the penis still in my mouth, I had no idea which of them it was sodomizing me but knew it didn't matter. From Max's words they would all do it to me anyway so the running order was irrelevant.

Whoever it was lunged over me, balls slapping my thighs with every thrust of his penis into my anus. With his fingers pinching my nipples I recognised Paul's voice when he hissed in my ear, "I'm coming, dumping my load deep up your bum same as I did in your wife's cunt earlier."

He did just that, fingers still pinching my nipples, balls squashed to my thighs. At which point I shamed myself by coming, my semen squirting on to the mattress arousing the men's scorn and contempt.

"Who's going next?" Paul asked as he withdrew.

No one replied but a third penis drove into my anus and I groaned, the other having been removed from my mouth. Perhaps it was that one now pumping in and out of my anus.

Either way it didn't matter because they all did it to me, leaving me feeling violated and sore. Max was exultant, standing over me where I'd collapsed on the mattress, laying on my own semen as it happened.

"There, that's reduced you to a snivelling, whimpering worm," he crowed. "Pity the District Councillors can't see you now, arsehole gaping and covered in spunk."

He turned away but paused to add threateningly, "Still, I've got plenty of photos of the day's events to show them at the slightest sign of any disobedience from you."

"I'm ready to go."

It was Marie entering the room. I hadn't even been aware of her absence but it turned out that my wife had gone to take a shower after watching Max sodomize me and thankfully saw nothing of my subsequent violation by the others.

"Marie's got a client waiting at the hotel. You can drive her there and wait outside while your wife does the business. Then come back and pick me up," Max instructed.

So it was that sometime later I parked on the large public car park adjacent to the hotel and waited while Marie went inside. It wouldn't do to use the hotel's very small car park even if there had been room, which is doubtful. In less than half an hour my wife was back, with nothing other than a slight flush to reveal she'd just had sex with a nameless stranger for money, money which she promptly gave to Max when we picked him up as instructed.

There's nothing further to add really, about a very sordid and degrading episode, other than Max's threat of similar episodes in the future.