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A Cuckolds Diary 23.

Journal Extracts 26.


Although experiencing a weird excitement by adopting a very subservient role to Joe, who certainly brought my masochistic side to the fore during the two years he spent fucking my wife while punishing and humiliating me, it's a very different matter to find myself forced into a similar position with the loathsome Max. The fact that our feelings of detestation for one another are mutual but that he has the upper hand, makes my servile position to him altogether different.

Of course I have no choice but to obey the bastard, knowing that any refusal is bound to result in our secret lifestyle becoming common knowledge. The humiliation of facing my colleagues on the council should they know that my wife has been fucked by upwards of three hundred guys, in all sorts of situations and circumstances but often with me watching and masturbating; Max by this time possessing many compromising photos including some he acquired from Joe, doesn't bear thinking about. So it is that I agreed to take the afternoon off and meet him, Miss W and Marie at lunchtime in The Horseshoe pub.


Max and Miss W were alone at a table when I arrived and seeing me looking about Miss W said, "Your slut wife will be back in a minute, she's gone to the loo. I suppose you thought the whore was up to her usual tricks and on her back with her legs open for some guy."

Marie appeared soon after, walking through the bar with her short and rather tight black skirt revealing the outline of suspenders. Mine weren't the only eyes to feast on Marie's figure, Max commenting that as ever my wife exuded both sexuality and availability.

"A couple of guys fucked your wife at the hotel this morning and she knows I've got something special lined up for the afternoon. See how excited she looks."

Marie certainly seemed animated as she sat down; asking if we were going now I'd arrived.

"See how impatient the slut is for another five cocks," Miss W sneered.

Crossing her legs, the short skirt riding high, Marie was very aware and plainly revelling in the many looks she attracted but I looked about nervously hoping none of the customers knew us. The Horseshoe is much too close for comfort and it's a distinct possibility that people from our village use it and would recognise us. With Max squeezing Marie's thigh in full view, thus adding to my nervousness I was glad when a frowning Miss W said we ought to go.

"The bikers will be growing impatient and might leave before we get there," she said, laughing at Marie's rapid exit.

Max told me that it wasn't far to go and we'd all travel in my car as the parking area would be limited. Well he was right on both counts. Following his directions I left Sywell on a long straight road, soon leaving the small industrial area. He told me to slow down and then pull up in a gateway almost on the bend at the end of the straight. There was just room for my car amongst the motorbikes and riders. Miss W had said five in the pub but I counted seven leather clad figures, the sight of them clearly exciting Marie.

"Perhaps be as well to take your stockings off otherwise they'll get torn," Max suggested.

With guys looking in the car windows my wife hiked her skirt up to do just that, affording them a very sexy display.

"Red knickers," someone commented.

"Red for danger," from another.

"Yes, danger big hole!" exclaimed Miss W, the bikers laughing.

We had to climb over the padlocked gate, Marie's display of thigh and knickers again exciting the bikers. Max brought us to a halt just a few steps along a track bordering the small private airfield.

"The bunker," he said pointing to a grassy mound.

I wouldn't have given the mound, covered in long grass, nettles and brambles, a second look and was amazed to learn it was an old wartime bunker. The entrance was practically concealed by long grass but we followed him down into it, passing an old wheel someone had dumped, before entering the bunker proper.

The bikers had evidently been down already as a number of candles were scattered around the dark, dank bunker. It was dirty and smelly, the floor strewn with litter, amongst which were used condoms. Someone had even defecated in one corner! However the filth and squalor of the surroundings clearly excited Marie who clapped her hands together squealing with delight when Max said the bikers were going to strip her naked and take her, one after the other, on the filthy concrete floor.

"Not enough room down here for everyone though so we'll take the wimp back outside and deal with him there," Max said ominously. "Do your best boys."

"Or your worst," Miss W added. "Strip the bitch naked and get her down on the filthy floor where she belongs. Give her a good fucking amongst the garbage."

With a last look at my wife whose skirt and top were already off, and seeing the many hands pulling her knickers down, I followed Max and Miss W back up into daylight. Leading me to the far side of the bunker, out of sight of the nearby road, he ordered me to strip. I undressed, Miss W watching with a malicious smile on her face, a smile which broadened when we heard Marie's loud shriek from within the bunker. Reduced to just the stockings, suspenders and frilly white knickers I'd donned, knowing Max would expect me to be wearing female attire; I saw with surprise that he was rolling the old wheel from the bunker entrance.

"Get those panties off Perkins," he ordered, laying the wheel amongst the grass on the side of the bunker.

Next I was ordered to lay face down over the wheel, a position that raised my backside in the air. Then, and taking me by surprise, they tied my wrists to some metal rings in the ground, rings which had been concealed by the long grass. When my ankles were dealt with in the same way I must admit that the feeling of complete helplessness had a disturbingly arousing effect on me.

"As each one finishes fucking your wife the bikers will be coming out to thrash your arse with their belts, some of which I was pleased to see are studded," Max taunted. "First though I'll warm it up with some nettles the way I enjoyed watching Joe do, it must be about a year ago now."

"No, not that!" I shouted, Miss W laughing her vindictive laugh.

Then I screamed as without warning nettles were brushed across my buttocks. If anything the pain from the nettles was even more excruciating than when Joe had done it and I howled. They were both tormenting me then and it was Miss W who viciously thrust a handful of nettles between my thighs. As usual she seemed more sadistic than Max and my balls felt on fire from the stinging nettles pushed repeatedly against them. It was almost a relief when one of the biker's appeared, despite the leather belt in his hand.

The biker laughed to see me stretched out over the wheel wearing nothing but stockings and suspenders.

"Give his arse six of the best with your belt, as hard as possible," Max said.

"Make it ten," Miss W urged, again thrusting the nettles against my balls to make me howl.

"No six will be enough. Don't forget there's another six guys to follow."

I felt relieved by his words but then yelled when the biker suddenly and unexpectedly lashed my buttocks with his belt. Max and Miss W laughed and continued doing so as the biker continued lashing my buttocks.

It was over but my relief didn't last long as a second biker emerged from the bunker and immediately took over. To Max's delight the second biker's belt was a studded one and I yelled continuously as he beat me with it, the metal studs cutting into my already tortured flesh.

So it went on until all seven biker's had used their belts on my backside, which also meant of course that all seven had fucked Marie.

"Right, over with him," Max said and willing hands released my ankles and wrists from the hooks and turned me on to my back.

"No, no!" I cried, seeing both Max and Miss W with nettles in their gloved hands.

"Oh yes!" Miss W chortled, plunging her nettles on to my balls yet again.

Max joined in, brushing my penis with his nettles, a penis which I'm ashamed to say was fully erect, despite both the pain from the nettles and the scorn of the bikers. Again I howled continuously, pleading with them to stop. However it was only when Miss W remembered my wife, still down in the bunker, that the nettles were abandoned.

"Get back inside and do the slag up the bum. Let's hear her yells out here while you all give it to her," she urged the biker's, who turned and were practically fighting to be first in the bunker.

After a brief pause Marie's loud shriek was heard from below and Miss W went to the entrance to see what was going on.

"It's that big ginger haired guy. He's really pounding your wife's bum hole while the others hold her down, not that the slag needs any holding," she crowed jubilantly.

At least I was spared any more torment from the nettles. Miss W continued to watch from the entrance to the bunker, giving a running commentary about the goings on inside while Max stood watching me, a sort of gloating smirk on his face, as we listened to Marie's ongoing shrieks and yells emanating from the bunker.

Some of the bikers were beginning to drift back out by the time Miss W shouted exultantly, "The fifth one's up her now, the big bearded guy, and he's really pounding the slag’s bum hole. Listen to the bitch scream!"

Marie's yells, echoing and resounding from the mouth of the bunker, were certainly wilder than anything we'd heard before and I wondered if what was happening to her was too much, even for my randy wife.

Eventually all the bikers had emerged into daylight leaving my wife flaked out on her stomach in the bunker, well and truly fucked according to a highly delighted Miss W.

"If anyone needs a piss the wimp's body looks as if it needs cooling down, piss on him," Max told the bikers, who immediately surrounded me on the mound.

It was the big bearded guy, having taken up his position on the very top of the mound straddling my head, who began urinating first, quickly directing the stream on to my face. I closed my eyes but not before I'd seen Max's smirking face through the throng. I couldn't close my ears though and as others began urinating on me I heard his triumphant laughter ringing out.

Tied down over the wheel I could do nothing to avoid the streams as the seven bikers urinated on me, some starting as others finished, and most directing their pee onto my face at some point. Throughout it all I had to listen to their sneers and jeers, the despised Max's voice uppermost.

Afterwards Max thanked them for their help in subduing me, as he called it, and the bikers went on their way. My humiliation wasn't quite over though. With her body looking dirty and bruised, Marie emerged from the bunker and while Miss W mocked her for the state she was in, Max asked if she'd enjoyed herself.

"Oh god yes!" my wife exclaimed, inevitably arousing Miss W's contempt.

"I'll just add my quota then, before we go," he said and before I realised what was happening started urinating over me.

Catching me by surprise Max managed to direct his pee into my mouth before I had a chance to close it, amusing both himself and Miss W.

Not having the means to clean ourselves both Marie and I had no choice but to dress as we were. At least my wife's body was merely bruised and dirty, whereas my painful frame was soaked in urine, my clothing sticking to it. All in all it was a humiliating end to a very humiliating day, at least for me. Marie, it goes without saying, found the entire experience exhilarating.

* * *
Journal Extracts 27.

FRIDAY, MAY 21, 2010.

I knew Marie had been enjoying occasional sex sessions with Alan, the bully from my old school, but until earlier today hadn't seen him since the night of his party. This afternoon though, by a quirk of fate he was quick to capitalize on, I caught Alan in my bed!

I left the office early, work being a bit slack at the moment, and drove straight home otherwise I would have missed him. An unknown car was parked on the drive, not an unusual occurrence these days, and in the lounge I saw various items of hastily discarded clothing, male and female.

Familiar sounds, rhythmically creaking bedsprings, masculine grunts mingled with my wife's ecstatic cries, drew me upstairs and I arrived at the bedroom door just in time to witness the climax. The, at that time unknown, guy's buttocks were jerking spasmodically between my wife's thighs, the muscles visibly clenching as he released his semen inside her. Marie's own joyous shouts rang out as she clung to the grunting guy.

It was only when he rolled off to lie panting beside her that I was horrified to recognise Alan.

"Ah, my husband!" Marie exclaimed before heading for the bathroom and a shower.

An unperturbed Alan stretched expansively out on the bed, my bed, a smile on his face.

"Recognise me from the old days, do you?"

I nodded, my mouth suddenly feeling dry and not trusting myself to speak.

"So, how does it feel to know I've just fucked your wife, and not for the first time either?" Alan grinned, folding his arms behind his head.

Gritting my teeth I again said nothing and spreading his legs Alan relaxed on the bed, looking highly pleased with himself.

"I've not forgotten you either and when Max introduced me to his PA, apparently she's working for you now, I was intrigued to learn who she's married to. A tasty little thing your wife and it didn't take me long to get inside her knickers. I've enjoyed fucking her these past six months. More importantly, every time I drove my cock inside your wife's cunt or up her bum I was able to think of you and imagine my pleasure when revealing it all to you at some future date."

Powerfully built and intimidating, Alan suddenly leapt from the bed and catching me by surprise, forced me to my knees.

"Smell your wife's cunt on my cock and eat your heart out, grass," he snarled, thrusting his penis in my face.

All my old fears of the school bully resurfaced and I found myself literally grovelling at Alan's feet as he snarled, "I've had my cock hard up your pretty wife's bum hole a dozen times. How does that grab you?"

He was kneeling then and with me flat on my back, his knees straddled my head. Grabbing a handful of my hair, Alan snarled "Suck my cock, you bastard," and forced it into my mouth.

Unbeknown to Alan, Max has clearly told him nothing of our lifestyle, I've sucked quite a few of my wife's lover's cocks and so I automatically did likewise to his. His triumphant laughter however had an evil ring to it.

"Do you know what I'm going to do tomorrow afternoon? Oh I forgot you've got a mouth full of slimy cock and can't reply," he jeered, removing it.

"Well I'm going to tie you up, probably with your cock hanging out so I can have a good laugh because according to Marie it's not up to much. Then I'm going to strip your wife very slowly before your eyes and," he paused for dramatic effect. "And then I'm going to fuck her nice and slow on the marital bed in front of you."

I couldn't prevent a groan escaping my lips at that point and he laughed.

"Another day I shall spread your wife's bum cheeks and give it to her up the arse, again with you all trussed up and watching. I'm also going to enjoy giving you the thrashing I always wanted to give you at school for grassing me up. I'm going to take the skin off your backside with a whip and the lovely Marie will be watching your humiliation."

I found myself twisting and turning in helpless rage beneath the powerful and jeering Alan.

He left soon after that so Marie saw nothing of his treatment of me. However she confirmed he's returning tomorrow and also having agreed to go along with whatever he has in mind to belittle and humiliate me.

"It's amusing to watch you squirm and anyway,” she smiled, “you love it really.”

SATURDAY, MAY 22, 2010.

The stepladder I've been using for the re-decorating was just outside the front door when Alan arrived and seeing it unfortunately gave him ideas.

"Carry that stepladder up to your bedroom," he commanded imperiously.

I hesitated until Alan, grabbing my shirt front, snapped, "Do it. You know you're not a match for me."

Laughing, Alan followed me up the stairs and into the bedroom where Marie was already waiting. After kissing her Alan placed the stepladder near the wall and opened it up with the steps facing the foot of the bed.

"Stand with your back to the rungs," he snapped, producing a set of handcuffs.

Feeling numb with apprehension I had no choice but to do as he said. Pulling my wrists back behind the stepladder Alan snapped the handcuffs in place on them. Then, as if I wasn't helpless enough, he produced some cord and tied my knees to the stepladder, affectively holding my legs apart. His grinning face close to mine Alan ripped my shirt open, yanking it free from the waistband of my trousers. Pinching and twisting my nipples painfully, he hissed, "I'm really looking forward to getting my own back on you."

My yelps of pain increased Alan's laughter and he only stopped pulling my nipples in order to undo my trousers.

"Now let's have a look at this tiny cock your wife's been telling me about."

"You'll need a magnifying glass!" Marie humiliatingly exclaimed, the comment pleasing Alan as he yanked my trousers down.

With my trousers down around my knees I squirmed helplessly as Alan pulled my underpants down, the pair of them laughing when my penis, inevitably and embarrassingly erect, was fully revealed.

Secured to the stepladder, shirt open and yanked down to my elbows, trousers and underpants down around my knees, I felt helpless and vulnerable when an exultant Alan hissed in my ear, "I've had your wife loads of times but today I'm going to have her before your very eyes, this is the moment I've been looking forward to."

Irritatingly it was Marie, slipping her top off and inviting Alan to do the same with her bra, who started the ball rolling. Her back was towards me and I had little choice but to watch Alan's fingers unclipping Marie's bra. Tossing it aside he grinned over the top of her head at me as he yanked my wife's skirt up and plunged his hands down inside her knickers.

"Ah nice, soft warm flesh to play with," he said, while I groaned to see the outline of Alan's fingers inside my wife's knickers, kneading and squeezing her buttocks.

"Your wife's bum feels lovely," he taunted, "but I think I'll have a little play with her tits now."

Spinning Marie round to face me his hands came up to cup her breasts, my wife's cry of delight as he teased her nipples pleasing him. Again I groaned, this time at the humiliating way my wife unzipped her skirt and let it fall, clearly eager to play her part in his torment of me.

"Look what sexy little black knickers your wife's wearing and know that in a few minutes I'm going to have them off and take my pleasure with her," Alan taunted.

I'm not sure which was worse, seeing the old school bully running his hands all over my wife's body or the very willing way in which she accommodated his wish to humiliate me and I groaned again, despite not wanting to give him that pleasure.

"I always thought you a pompous ass at school but you're not so pompous now," Alan jeered. "Watch my hand."

Slowly and inexorably Alan's fingers crept down inside the front of my wife's knickers, Marie's legs parting eagerly.

"Your wife's cunt feels lovely and wet. She's obviously ready for my cock," he taunted.

"Take your knickers off for me," he urged Marie, who naturally didn't need asking twice.

With his eyes running over my now naked wife Alan began undressing. Turning his attention to me he said, "I'd forgotten what a weedy kid you were but seeing your skinny frame and miniscule cock reminds me how you were the laughing stock of the showers. I also remember you thought yourself a cut above the rest of us but how we all used to take the piss out of you."

Naked himself now Alan flaunted his erection at me before Marie dropped to her knees and took it between her lips.

"Not such a stuck up brat now are you, with your wife sucking my cock," Alan jeered.

For several minutes I watched Marie sucking his penis and balls, aware of his smirking face watching me the whole time.

"Ah yes, revenge is sweet indeed," he said eventually.

Telling Marie to lie on the end of the bed and bend her knees right back and far apart, Alan stood beside me to enjoy the view.

"Look at your wife's cunt, all wet and open for me," he taunted. "But I'm in no hurry; after all I can enjoy it whenever I want."

Yet again I groaned, more through frustration than anything else. With hands under her knees holding them doubled back and wide apart Marie was fully exposed to our gaze. Alan advanced and standing to the side ensuring I could see, tickled my wife's anus with a finger tip, making her squeal excitedly. He laughed at my facial expression before kneeling to kiss Marie's bottom while continuing to tease her anal opening with a finger.

"Hmm, this really is a nice sexy little hole. I'm really looking forward to stretching it open with my cock with you watching."

Abruptly standing he returned to my side.

"Now I'm going to take great pleasure in fucking your wife in front of you, filling her cunt with my cock. A nice revenge on you for grassing me up," he jeered, waving his erect penis at me.

"No!" I exclaimed involuntarily.

"Oh yes," Alan taunted. "I'm going to thoroughly enjoy shooting my load deep inside your pretty little wife."

With that he promptly mounted her, my wife's ecstatic yell as his penis slammed into her the cause of his exultant laughter. With Marie's legs now doubled back and pinned there by his shoulders Alan fucked her furiously, my wife's joyous cries ringing out. Secured by the handcuffs I could do nothing but watch Alan's broad backside humping up and down rapidly as he fucked my wife.

With a suddenness which surprised me and drew a disappointed wail from Marie he withdrew, and running to the rear of the stepladder undid the cords holding my knees before unlocking the handcuffs. A merciful release that didn't last long. Before I realised what was happening Alan had forced me to my knees and again clamped the handcuffs on my wrists behind the stepladder.

Kneeling beside me Alan looked at the bed where a clearly frustrated Marie waited.

"Yes, that should do it. I want you to be able to see my cock drilling your wife's cunt," he hissed in my ear. "Afterwards I'm going to enjoy wiping my slimy cock all over your face and making you suck it."

Quick as a flash he was on top of her again and Marie's cry when his penis drove into her was one of relief.

"Can you see it; can you see my cock penetrating your wife?"

"Yes," I groaned, my involuntary response clearly pleasing Alan.

"Good, keep watching because this is something you'll be seeing a lot of. I'm looking forward to making you watch the many occasions I fuck your wife."

It goes without saying that I continued to watch Alan's humping buttocks and his penis driving in and out of my wife but there was more to come. Again he withdrew but this time Marie's frustrated wail changed to one of delight when he told her to go on top.

"I want hubby to see how much you like riding my cock."

Their positions reversed Marie eagerly lowered her self onto Alan's erection.

"Now I can watch your wife's lovely little tits wobbling about while we fuck," Alan twisted to look round her body at me. "And you can see my cock buried to the hilt up her cunt."

Indeed I could, and I watched my wife enthusiastically riding Alan's thrusting penis with considerable envy. It's been many years now, nearly seven in fact, since I've enjoyed that pleasure!

"Tell me what you can see," he suddenly called.

I hesitated but said eventually, "Your penis sliding in and out of Marie's vagina."

"You always were a fastidious prude at school. Repeat it using four letter words and refer to Marie as your wife."

This time there was even more hesitation before I haltingly said, "I can see your cock driving in and out of my wife's cunt."

Laughing exultantly Alan told me to repeat it and continue doing so until they'd finished.

"I can see your cock driving in and out of my wife's cunt," I said, my voice sounding hoarse as I kept up the mantra-like refrain.

"I can see your cock driving in and out of my wife's cunt. I can see your cock driving in and out of my wife's cunt. I can see your cock driving,,,,"

Suddenly my refrain was interrupted by Alan shouting triumphantly, "And now I'm shooting my load deep inside her, filling your wife's cunt with my spunk. What do you think of that?"

My loud involuntary groan brought forth another peal of his exultant laughter before Alan said, "I think I'll put you through the ringer like this fairly often in future. It's good to see and hear you squirm."

Marie departed for a shower directly it was over and fortunately missed Alan's final act of the day. Standing in front of me, legs apart, the grinning Alan rubbed his penis back and forth across my face.

"There, can you smell your wife's cunt on my cock?"

"Yes," I groaned before the bastard forced his penis into my mouth.

"There you pathetic sod, suck my cock fresh from your wife's cunt."

I automatically did as he said, Alan's exultant laughter ringing out. Then he knelt and cupped my balls in his hand.
“I’ve had great fun tormenting you today, getting my own back, so will time my visits to your lovely little wife for when you’re here in future,” he said, giving my balls a vicious squeeze.

I screamed and Alan malicious laughter rang out before he said, “I’m going to really put you through the ringer, tie you up and force you to watch every time I have your wife.”

He left soon after, but with the promise of an early return and with a whip, not only leaving me feeling drained and humiliated by what had taken place, but apprehensive for the future.