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10-08-2006, 03:40 PM
Sophie felt a shiver go through her body as their eyes met across the crowded room. A good shiver. Their eyes locked and she could feel him appreciating her appearance. Short jean skirt, low-cut but not slutty black top, her skin glowing and hair perfectly tousled, she looked amazing without it being apparent that she had tried hard to do so. Sophie smiled at the gorgeous stranger coyly and sipped her drink, never taking her eyes off of him. Why wasn’t he coming over? Her thoughts were interrupted when Jess came up behind her.

“God, the bathrooms in this place are disgusting.” Jess said loudly over the pounding music. The girls had decided to try out a club downtown, deviating from their normal routine of the pool bar they normally spent their Friday nights dominating. Jess had joked that Jays was running out of guys that neither of them had slept with.
“Lets dance,” Sophie shouted back, as the new Shakira song came on.

The 22 year olds made their way onto the dance floor, slowly gyrating to the music. Sophie smiled as she moved her hips to the catchy beat. Slowly the expected crowd of men drifted toward the sexy pair, Sophie with her golden hair catching the lights, and Jess with her curvy, latina body made for dancing. Sophie found herself dancing with a cute blonde guy, but couldn’t help wishing she had been able to snatch up the dark, glaring stranger from earlier. Still, she resolved not to let herself get down, and smiled as shook her hair playfully. Suddenly she felt a pair of large, warm hands slip around her waist and down her thighs and pull her back into a sturdy body. Knowing somehow that it was Him, she began to grind against him in time to the music, her hands over his, leaning back against him so he could smell her hair. As the song ended, she turned seductively and pushed him back against one of the pillars bordering the dance floor.

“God his chest feels amazing,” she thought to herself. Looking back into his eyes for the first time, she was again momentarily thrown off by the spark of electricity that passed between them. She felt herself being drawn to him. It was as if time had slowed down, the crowd had been silenced. As her eyes drifted shut she felt his arms wrap around her and draw her to him. Her lips parted and slowly brushed his and then –

A loud siren broke the dream like state. The ceiling of the club erupted in water as the fire alarm blared. Suddenly grinning, the stranger pulled Sophie back to him and kissed her with such a fiery passion she couldn’t breathe as the water soaked through them both. All through the club, the girls were screaming as everyone raced to the doors. As smoke filled the room, the kiss became less urgent and more gentle, as they explored each others mouths with tender tongues. Sophie let out a quiet sigh that turned into a cough as the smoke filled the room. They broke apart and the realization of the danger hit them. The club was on fire! Looking at the crowded main exit of frantic people trying to escape, he grabbed her hand and pulled toward the back of the club, out a side door, and out onto the street.

Once they were in the fresh air, Sophie began laughing. He looked down at her, smiling at the sound.

“I’m Brad,” he said, meeting her eyes. As Sophie gazed back at him, the laughter died on her lips. “Sophie,” she murmured. Slowly their lips met again, gently. He moved his lips to her cheek, her eyes, and then down to her neck as she shivered and softly moaned. Sliding her hands up his chest, she caressed the back of his neck and drew his lips back to hers, kissing him passionately, with urgency. He slowly pushed her back against the wall of the alley, sliding his hands down to hold her firm breasts in his hands, groaning as he felt her hard nipples through the thin fabric of her shirt. He moved his lips down to the bumps, sucking and wetting them. She sighed, and moved her fingers through his hair, then down, letting them wander to the waistband of his jeans. As she slipped her fingers beneath them, he groaned and slid his hands down and up under her shirt, his mouth still teasing her nipples. His hands gliding across her skin as they went higher.. higher.. until he was cupping her bare breasts, moaning with pleasure due to the lack of a bra. She moaned, then whispered seductively, feeling his erection straining at his jeans, “Where can we go?” He rubbed her nipples and pinching them, murmured back, “My apartment is six blocks away.” “Mmm.. Too far,” she whispered, and then looking over his shoulder, “Unless..” She then turned, gave him a coy smile, and whistled at the cab approaching the curb at the end of the alley. Removing a 20 dollar bill from her pocket, she opened the door, threw it at the driver, and looked at Brad for him to give his address. As they pulled away from the curb, she coyly bent over, opened up his jeans, and teased his large, hard, member from its cotton prison.

She kissed the head, and then opening her mouth, allowed the tip to slip inside the warmth of her mouth. He gripped her hair and slowly groaned as more of his penis found its way into her mouth. Finally, shocking him into a pleasure filled gasp, she sucked and moved her mouth upward at the same time. The cab pulled over, and she slowly straddled Brad, kissed him sensuously on the mouth, and opened the door and got out. Brad, shaking from the expectation and arousal, tucked himself back in and followed her out. Reaching around and cupping her breasts from behind, he leaned over and kissed her. Hurrying now, he guided her up to his apartment and into the bedroom, willing himself to take it slow so as to savor every second.

Sophie gulped and struggled to control her breathing as she stood across from Brad’s silhouette in the dark bedroom. She had never felt this aroused by a man, and could hardly wait to feel him inside of her. But she vowed to pleasure him in ways that he had never experienced before in the process. Slowly she moved toward him, diverting her mouth at the last second to kiss his ear and whisper, “You’re so sexy.” Roughly, he pulled her to him and tangled his hands in her hair, transferring all the passion he felt through his lips. She slowly removed his shirt and ran her hands along his contoured upper body, feeling even more aroused by the moment. She unzipped his jeans and helped him remove them, and then, kneeling, pulled down his boxers, kissing his thighs and on his abdomen before swiftly taking his entire penis in her mouth and massaging it with her tongue. “Oh god…” he murmured. Sophie pushed him back onto the bed and slowly walked away, her back to him. Sighing, she peeled off her wet shirt and clutched her breasts, turning slightly to allow him to enjoy the profile.

She watched his erection grow even further as she softly moaned and moved her hands lower, beneath her skirt, rubbing herself. She slipped the skirt down and walked toward him, allowing him to admire her lacy black boy cut underwear. He started to get up as she put a hand on his chest, ran her hands down his body, and slowly stepped out of the underwear to reveal her smooth, waxed pussy, with only a thin trail of hair, as if a trail to the pleasure points beneath. He groaned with arousal as she moved toward him, slowly straddling his warm body and then he couldn’t take it anymore. He pulled her down to him, crushing her mouth with his, and rolled her over so that she was beneath him. Sitting up, he took in the sight of her moonlit body, gently tracing his fingers along the curve of her breasts, the flatness of her abdomen, and slowly, down to the mound of her lower regions. Leaning down toward her, he kissed a trail around her right nipple, tantalizing her until finally he sucked on the bud and sent her writhing in pleasure.

Cupping them both in his hands, he moved his lips down as he kissed a trail to her folds of warmth, Kissing her thighs and belly, his fingers delicately traced the fine line of hair and parted the warm lips, as his tongue followed with warm wetness. Licking and sucking he moistened the entire area, as she tugged at his hair and moaned. She thrust her pelvis upwards toward him, and he drove his tongue deep inside of her. Her moans became louder and louder until he knew she must be close to cumming, and so he situated himself and in one deep thrust plunged his penis deep into her inner warmth. It was at this moment that she climaxed, and driven by the moans of her orgasm, he began to slowly thrust, as she met him with thrusts of her own, and as his orgasm mounted, she slowly pulled away and turned over, kneeling on all fours so that he could see her gorgeous breasts dangling in front of him.

As he reached to cup them, she guided his pulsing member back into her cunt, pushing back against him with new vigor. He groaned and pulled her whole body into him, humping her from behind with animal passion, feeling the pleasure mount, thrusting harder and harder until with an animal roar he unleashed his seed into her as she screamed with passion in her own orgasm.

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Excellent story...thanks so much chris for posting this....I look forward to more stories from you.

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Great story...thanks for sharing it...look foward to more!

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good job