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Richard P
10-05-2012, 09:05 AM
A Cuckolds Diary 24.

Journal Extracts 28.

SATURDAY, JUNE 26, 2010.

As is usual on these occasions Marie's ebullient spirits made it plain she knew what to expect while I, also as usual, remained in the dark. I'd been instructed to pick Miss W and Max up from his house having been told only that another of my wife's fantasies was about to be enacted. Marie wore a sleeveless top, rather low cut, and the inevitable short skirt. Her legs were bare, the day being a hot one.

With Max and Miss W in the back I drove to his instructions, eventually finding myself on a very quiet road familiar to me from years back.

"Stop!" he called suddenly and reaching over to squeeze my wife's thigh, added, "This is where you get out, it's about to begin. Excited?"

"God yes!" Marie exclaimed, opening the car door.

She started walking along the road away from the car and I looked quizzically at Max.

"We'll just sit here and wait," he said, a grin on his face.

There was virtually no traffic on the quiet country road as we watched Marie walking away from us, the sight of her short skirted figure and swaying bottom producing the inevitable erection.

The silence was broken by a noisy pick-up truck with a couple of old washing machines on the back driving past us followed by a large dark blue and battered looking van, both vehicles stopping just beyond Marie.

"Looks like traveller's, eh Perkins?" Max said.

I nodded and he went on, "I seem to recall you don't like travellers."

"They're alright," I muttered, noncommittal.

"They're alright but not living near your premises, as I recall. It was mainly through your objections that the traveller site proposed for the outskirts of the industrial estate, next door to your works in fact, was scuppered in favour of the more residential area where it wouldn‘t impinge on your sensibilities."

I said nothing to that, Max knew full well the stance I'd taken on the issue and the strings I'd pulled to affect the outcome of an enquiry.

With Marie's quickening pace taking her ever closer to the vehicles I saw a number of men climbing out of them, their appearance confirming in my mind that they were indeed members of the travelling community. When she drew close to the van words were clearly exchanged but we were to far away to hear. However, the rear doors of the van opened and more guys appeared. The newcomers seized my wife and almost before I realised what was happening threw her roughly into the back of the van, a couple of guys following her in. Before the doors closed I caught a glimpse of my excited looking wife on the van floor, her skirt having ridden up on landing and pink knickers fully exposed to the guys.

The vehicles moving off Max told me to follow them. Not for long though, both pick- up truck and van soon turning off the road onto a track leading into a small wood. On Max's instructions I followed and parked behind the van.

"Out you get. Let's see what's going on," the grinning Max said.

I followed him over to the rear doors of the van and with a sense of foreboding looked in through one of the small windows.

It had only been a matter of minutes but already my wife had been stripped naked by the men, a sight which clearly delighted Miss W.

Altogether there were nine of them, far too many for the van to hold, and so most joined us to watch through the windows.

"Get your kit off ready for a turn lads. Hubby here will hold your pants while you all do the business with his wife," Miss W urged.

Laughing, the travellers divested themselves of trousers and underpants which were handed to me and I soon found myself in the humiliating position of holding a large heap of clothing belonging to the guys queuing up to fuck my wife.

Through the window I could now see a broad and powerful looking backside rising and falling steadily between Marie's thighs, just about all I could see of her other than her hands at the sides, a penis in each.

The men succeeded one another and Miss W hissed in my ear, "This is only for starters. Once these lads have finished with your wife she'll be taken to the Spinney traveller site where others will be able to do as they want with the slut."

Feeling decidedly foolish I remained in the ignominious position of holding the men's trousers and underpants while one after the other they climbed into the van to have sex with my wife.

Once all nine had fucked her, a very hot and sweaty looking Marie was lifted from the van and carried a bit further into the wood. Placed upright facing a sapling, Marie's wrists were tied to it quite low down, the reason for that becoming apparent when her ankles were yanked backwards until my wife's body was at a right angle to the tree. The rough treatment and the position she found herself in clearly excited Marie who was squealing hysterically as her feet were forced apart and held there by a metal bar, the ends of which were strapped to each ankle

Marie appeared exhilarated by her helplessness as many hands groped her sweaty body. Fingers pinched and pulled at my wife's nipples while others were thrust roughly in and out of both vagina and anus.

"Look at the spunk running down your wife's thighs from the sluts overflowing cunt," Miss W taunted. "Now it's the turn of her bum hole to be opened up, ready for the scores of lads waiting to do her at the traveller site."

Max dragged me forward to make sure I could see as the first of them, the same broad and powerful looking guy who went first in the van, drove his penis into my wife's anus with a force that made her yell. Leaning over her he grabbed Marie's breasts as he bum fucked her with the same steady rhythm as he'd done it to her in the more conventional way earlier.

My wife's yells and screams rang out in the woodland as penis after penis drove into her anus, clearly delighting Miss W who taunted her that this was merely the hors d'oeuvre for the main course still to come. However, I think both Max and I knew her screams were of excited anticipation at the prospect of being used and abused by lots more men, rather than fear.

Five of the travellers had anal intercourse with my wife and it seemed to be at an end, or perhaps I hoped it was.

"Right lads, back in the van with the bitch and take her to the Spinney," Miss W commanded in her usual imperious tone.

Marie squealed excitedly as she was manhandled to the van and thrown roughly into the back of it. The van moved off as did the pick-up but in the opposite direction and at Max's orders I followed the van, driving towards the traveller site with a sense of foreboding. At the entrance to the traveller site a rough looking guy stepped into the road and on recognising Max greeted him.

"This the bastard who doesn't like our kind is it?" he said, turning his attention to me.

"Yes, is his wife here?" Max said.

"Oh yea, the boys are stringing her up as planned. A good looking piece."

"Good, let's go and see!" Miss W jumped from the car and headed towards a derelict house on the edge of the traveller site, abandoned as I knew, by the owners at the time the site was set up.

Max and I followed and we heard Miss W's exultant laughter long before we entered the door less house, her laughter drawing us to what would have been the lounge. In the musty smelling room with flaking paintwork, I gasped at the sight which greeted us. My naked wife was hanging upside down, her ankles secured far apart to hooks in the ceiling. Marie's fingertips just about brushed the floor, her long curly hair cascading down between her hanging arms. Suspended there, legs held wide apart by the hooks, Marie plainly revelled in her helplessness.

There were a number of travellers in the room, one of who bent his head between her thighs to inhale deeply.

"What a smelly cunt!" he exclaimed, continuing to inhale.

"Of course it is she's just been fucked nine times, the slag's a whore," Miss W told him. "You're all getting it for free though."

"This one game as well is she?" an oldish looking guy said to Max, catching Miss W by surprise as he yanked her skirt up.

"Stop them Max!" Miss W appealed as another guy pulled her tights and knickers down to her knees.

Max watched for a few seconds, a faint smile on his face, and only called a halt when one of the men forced a hand between the screaming Miss W's thighs.

A flustered Miss W quickly pulled her knickers and tights back up before approaching my helpless wife and bringing her hand sharply down between her thighs.

"That was your fault bitch," she told Marie and proceeded to spank her buttocks, the travellers clearly enjoying the spectacle.

With Marie's howls ringing out, the room seemed to fill even more and there must have been ten or more guys watching by the time Miss W had finished venting her spleen.

"Cut her down and take her upstairs for the next instalment," Miss W told them before kneeling to hiss in Marie's ear, her voice barely heard above the hubbub, "Now you’re going to be fucked by scores of guys, cock after cock drilling your sluttish cunt and bum hole. You won't know what day it is by the time they've finished with you."

Released from her ignominious and uncomfortable position Marie was carried from the room with the noise of many feet clattering up the uncarpeted staircase as she was borne aloft. The three of us followed but at the door leading to what would have been the main bedroom found it impossible to get inside.

"Clear a path boys, we want the councillor to see every thing that happens to his wife, don't we now."

At Max's words a gap opened up and I saw Marie tied to a bed, but tied in an awkward looking way. Each of my wife's ankles was tied to a corresponding wrist thus doubling her up, but with the cord looped over a slat of the wooden headboard first. Not only were her legs kept very wide apart, much to the delight of Miss W, but the slightest movement of an ankle had the effect of jerking the corresponding wrist. Marie was completely helpless again and with perhaps ten or twelve guys eagerly dropping trousers and underpants in the bedroom, while others waited on the stairs, obviously in a very highly charged state.

The first of them mounted my wife and her loud yell when his penis drove into her seemed one of release.

"For most women, certainly with any self respect, what's happening to Marie would be a fate worse than death," Max commented as we watched the succession of guys mounting her.

"Not for his slut wife, the slag’s loving it," Miss W said contemptuously, Marie's ecstatic cries ringing out as penis after penis drove into her.

"I hope your keeping score," Max said but I wasn't, my eyes glued hypnotically on the succession of backsides humping up and down between my wife's thighs.

"Well that's fourteen," Max told me as a sweating guy heaved himself off to be replaced immediately by another. "And don't forget she's already had nine in the van."

"Hang fire a minute," Miss W called when the fifteenth heaved himself off. "Untie her some of you."

I thought it was over but my relief was short lived. They untied her but Marie's respite was also short lived when Miss W yelled, "Tie her wrists to the bedposts lads, then double the slut's legs back to tie her ankles the same."

My wife's squeals and cries when numerous hands tied her up in the position Miss W instructed were more in relief that it was continuing than anguish, I noted. She was immobilised almost bent double, legs forced wide apart. Hands mauled my wife's breasts, others her bottom, fingers invading vagina and anus, Marie being helpless to stop them even if she wanted to.

"A choice of holes lads, take your pick but I want to see lots of you do her up the bum. Really give it to her hard lads, I want to see cock after cock pounding the slag's bum hole," Miss W yelled hysterically and seemed disappointed when the first of the travellers to mount my wife in the new position drove his penis into her already overflowing vagina.

Miss W's disappointment didn't last long however as the next of them did indeed drive his penis deep inside my wife's anus, a wail breaking from her lips.

"Yes! This is more like it," Miss W yelled jubilantly as the traveller bum fucked Marie vigorously.

"There are guys still queuing on the stairs, I'd better make a note which of your wife's holes they use," a grinning Max said when the next of them also opted for her anus.

"You count how many use the whore's cunt, I'll keep a check on her bum hole. I hope my score's higher than yours," Miss W said.

The next, choosing anal intercourse delighted her, as did the long queue of travellers waiting their turn.

Miss W's laughter sounded almost evil at times as we watched the succession of guys mounting my wife, some fucking her vaginally but most using her anus.

"That's ten," she crowed. "How many have you got?"

"Only four."

Max's reply delighted Miss W whose exultant laughter rang out again as yet another penis drove into my wife's anus. And the room was still full of guys waiting to take a turn although at least the throng on the stairs had thinned out.

"Right boys, take the councillor back downstairs, strip him naked and do as we planned," Max said when it was finally over.

Ignoring my protests the travellers manhandled me down the stairs and tore my clothes off. Then I found myself being lifted and strung up exactly as Marie had been earlier but with the advantage of being taller my hands touched the ground and so I was able, to at least partially, alleviate an uncomfortable position.

Next, seven or eight guys urinated over me, the urine running down my suspended body to form a pool on the floor below. Released, I was lowered to the floor where I lay in the pool of their urine. There was more to come though. With hands holding me down others then urinated on me.

"That's it boys use the bastards face as a toilet," Max said, giving my testicles a slap.

I yelled, presumably his intention, because my mouth immediately filled with urine. I spat it out only for a large traveller to kneel over my face and roughly force my mouth open. His rather smelly penis brushed my face before he began urinating into my open mouth.

"Drink it down councillor," he snarled, and almost gagging I had no choice, laughter ringing out as I swallowed.

Two more travellers urinated into my mouth before they all appeared to have finished. Not my ordeal however.

"Good, you've got the emasculator. Castrate the bastard," a voice said and feeling cold steel touching my inner thighs I screamed.

"That's it boys take his bollocks off. They're of no use to him," Max shouted.

Feeling the cold metal of the fearsome looking emasculator on my testicles I screamed continuously, begging them not to do it.

"OK councillor we'll leave your balls in place but only if you agree to bring your missus back here whenever we want to make use of her," the large traveller said.

"Yes, yes, anything," I wailed desperately.

"Look at the pathetic wimp, he's blubbing," Miss W jeered as I sobbed with relieve when the metal implement was withdrawn from my testicles.

Of course Miss W was jubilant, reminding me of my promise to the large traveller.

"Your slut wife is theirs to use as they want," she taunted when I staggered to my feet. "You're committed to deliver the whore to them whenever they say."

The tears were still running down my face as I was again strung upside down from the hooks.

"Right boys use your belts and anything else that comes to hand on him," Max said.

"Yea, let's flay the bastards arse," from the large traveller.

It was Max who set the example, beating my buttocks three or four times with his belt.

Others followed and I was soon yelling continuously as a succession of traveller's thrashed my buttocks, some using belts, others sticks. Finally several of them stubbed their cigarettes out on my already tortured bottom.

Dressed, but in agony, I was carried from the derelict house and thrown on to the floor in the rear of my car. Marie was already there, laying along the back seat her clothes in tatters. Looking very hot and sweaty my wife lay with legs flung wide, the smell emanating from her nether regions filling the car.

"Open the windows Max. Get rid of the stench from the slag's gaping cunt," Miss W said.

Max drove my car from the traveller site with every jolt from the rutted track making me yell with pain, something which clearly delighted the pair of them.

"Do you want to know the final score?" Miss W turned in her seat to ask.

Well I didn't really but Marie replied in the affirmative. However it was to me that Miss W turned.

"Your wife was fucked by twenty three guys in the house which with the nine who did her in the wood, makes thirty two. Best of all is the fact that nineteen guys did the slag up the bum," she crowed.

"That's only the start," Max cut in. "Your wife will be driven back here whenever any of the travellers want to make use of her. And you'll do the chauffeuring otherwise I'll let them castrate you, get rid of your useless shrivelled up little balls."

"Might as well take his little boy's cock off while your at it, all he ever does is play with it while his slut wife screws around," Miss W jeered while I gritted my teeth.