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A Cuckolds Diary 25.

Journal Extracts 29.

MONDAY, JULY 19, 2010.

Arrived home to find the car I've come to know and dread parked on the drive. Alan came out as I approached and said in a loud voice, "Five minutes earlier and you'd have seen me fucking your wife on the dining room table."

Insolently slamming the front door in my face he pushed me aside and went on his way laughing, while I was left on the step fumbling for my keys and hoping the neighbours hadn't heard his words.
His threat of forcing me to watch whenever they have sex has fortunately failed to materialize.

TUESDAY, JULY 20, 2010.

Alan's car here yet again when I came home. This is really getting too much. Today I met him in the hallway, doing his trousers up as he descended the stairs, a smug grin on his face.

"I'm on a fortnight's holiday so will be able to enjoy your wife's body every day," he told me, swaggering to the door.

SATURDAY, JULY 24, 2010.

I suppose it was inevitable that Alan would turn up at some stage today and he arrived soon after lunch.

"Where's the stepladder?" he snapped.

I replied that having finished the decorating I'd returned the stepladder to its normal location in the garage. Alan admonished me for not leaving it in the house and when I protested about not wanting it cluttering up the place, yelled, "Shut up you worm. Fetch the stepladder and carry it up to the bedroom."

Remembering Alan's unpredictable and volatile temper from school all my old fears of him came rushing back and I hastened out to the garage. Carrying the stepladder into the bedroom I found them on the bed, my wife's very short skirt up around her waist and with Alan's hand inside her knickers. Marie's own hand was busy inside his open fly.

"Set the stepladder up same as before then strip naked," Alan barked and I again hastened to carry out his orders.

Naked, I was secured to the stepladder exactly as I had been nine weeks earlier, wrists handcuffed behind it, knees tied to the uprights. Satisfied with his handiwork Alan leisurely undressed, taunting me about my wife being his to do as he wanted with.

"And there’s absolutely fuck all you can do about it," he jeered. “This time I've remembered to bring my riding crop so as to thrash your backside after I've enjoyed Marie's bodily charms."

"Surely you've humiliated me enough," I begged, my bottom hardly recovered from the beating it had received from the travellers.

"Oh no, this is just the start. I'm going to fuck your wife and whip your arse time and time again in the coming months but you've no one to grass me up to nowadays have you," he jeered sadistically.

Removing his underpants Alan held them up to my nose telling me he'd deliberately worn the same pair for several days.

"Smell a bit do they?"

I tried to turn my face away, confirmation enough, but the bastard forced his smelly underpants into my mouth.

"Suck on my piss stained pants and don't dare spit them out or I'll give your balls a good hard squeeze. Might even put them in the vice I saw in your shed while fucking Marie out there," he threatened, cupping my testicles in his hand and squeezing to make sure I got the message.

Alan had always been a malicious and sadistic bastard at school and I didn't doubt he'd carry out his threat. I certainly made very sure that his smelly underpants remained in my mouth until Alan himself removed them, some forty minutes later. First though I had to watch his activities with Marie.

"This is the next stage of my revenge," he jeered. "Today you're going to watch me enjoying anal intercourse with your very sexy wife. I've never known anyone who likes it up the bum the way Marie does."

Tied naked helpless and vulnerable to the stepladder I could do nothing, not even groan for fear of dislodging Alan's smelly underpants from my mouth, as he very slowly stripped my wife. He was leering at me the whole time he undressed her. Then, flashing me a triumphant and evil looking grin, Alan lowered his face between my wife's thighs and she was soon squealing happily. The smug bastard brought my wife to orgasm surprisingly quickly, his tongue at work on her clitoris, fingers teasing her anus, Marie's joyous cries echoing round the bedroom.

"There, now you've seen for yourself how much your wife likes the feel of my tongue on her cunt," he jeered, raising his face from between her thighs. "Next you can see how much she likes sucking my cock and balls."

Marie immediately went to work, taking Alan's penis between her lips and running her fingers over his balls.

Alan's smile was one of triumph and he jeered, "You've got an hard on but mine's the cock your wife likes to feel up her cunt and bum."

I struggled in vain against my bonds, not really knowing why, as I continued to watch Marie licking and sucking Alan's penis and balls. For his part he watched me the whole time, a supercilious and triumphant grin on his face, plainly enjoying my discomfort.

"Now we must find the best position to make sure you get a good clear view of my cock drilling your sexy wife's anus," Alan said, climbing from the bed.

First he positioned Marie kneeling on the edge of the bed, sideways on from me, and after checking my viewpoint dragged the stepladder with me secured to it, a little to the left and closer. To my relief he then removed his smelly underpants from my mouth.

He was ready and spreading my wife's buttocks Alan dribbled a copious amount of spittle down on to the crevice between them.

"Now tell me exactly what you see, same as you did a few weeks ago," he snapped, erect penis in hand clearly about to penetrate Marie's anus.

"I can see your penis beginning to enter my wife's anus," I stuttered reluctantly.

"Good, continue describing what you see and don't forget the words I want to hear you say."

"I can see that your cock is nearly fully inside my wife's anus now," I responded.

"Good, carry on."

Alan was jubilant as he began bum fucking Marie.

"I can see your cock driving in and out of my wife's anus and she clearly loves it."

I don't know why I felt the need to humiliate myself further by adding the embellishment but it evidently pleased Alan who urged me to continue in similar vein.

"I can clearly see your cock driving in and out of my wife's anus, fully penetrating her with every thrust, and Marie very obviously loves every minute of it."

Over excited now Alan's buttocks were clenching and he yelled, "Yes, yes."

"Your cock's buried to the hilt inside my wife's anus and your coming deep inside her," I gasped, sweat pouring down my helpless body and desperate to stimulate my own erect penis.

"That was brilliant. I'm definitely going to make you give a running commentary again in future," Alan gasped.

Turning Marie round to face away from me he again spread her buttocks.

"There, now you can see my spunk in and around your wife's gaping bum hole," Alan crowed jubilantly.

"Fetch a bowl of warm water, you can wash my cock and balls," he said, releasing me from the stepladder. "When you've done that you can fetch the riding crop from the boot of my car so I can give your arse a good thrashing."

Still erect, a fact which aroused Alan's contempt, I meekly turned to do his bidding, the guy’s triumphant laughter following me to the bathroom.

I've washed guy's genitals following their sex sessions with my wife a number of times before but now found it the most humiliating experience of my life, doing it to the old school bully. Alan just lay back on the bed, a satisfied and supercilious smile on his face while I soaped his penis and balls, his occasional jibes and jeers not to mention the taunting reminders about the riding crop making my humiliation and anguish infinitely worse.

"I can honestly say this is the best day of my life," Alan told me while I dried his genitals. "To have you wash my equipment after I've bum fucked your wife in front of you is revenge indeed. And in a few minutes my revenge will be sweeter still when I thrash your arse and make you scream while all the time remembering that your wife's mine to fuck whenever I want."

Hands behind his head, Alan lay back on my bed smiling up at me as I stood towel in hand, my ignominious task complete. "Now go and fetch the riding crop from the boot of my car. While we're waiting I'll enjoy the feel of your wife's mouth on my cock again."

And when I returned carrying the fearsome looking implement that's precisely what she was doing. Alan secured me to the stepladder again but this time facing it so that I was bending slightly forward. Then he stood in front of me flexing the riding crop and to my shame I found myself trembling at the sight of it. Holding the taped handle Alan brushed my face with the triangular shaped leather paddle taunting me about what he was going to do to me.

"Your pathetic little cock's still hard I see. After I've thrashed your backside I'll let you play with yourself for our entertainment," he said, prodding my erection with the crop.

"I'll warm his bum up a bit, ready for you!" Marie said, much to my annoyance and Alan's delight.

She began spanking me and I howled, more in anguish that she could join my enemy in his chastisement and humiliation of me, than the pain. Alan of course encouraged my wife in her spanking of me, soon suggesting his belt when she complained that her hand was stinging. Not as much as my backside, I thought bitterly.

"I am enjoying this!" Alan exclaimed, flourishing the crop in my face while lightly squeezing my balls to make me howl.

I gritted my teeth; devastated by the vindictive way Marie seemed to be thrashing my backside, inwardly cringing at the ignominy of my wife joining so enthusiastically in Alan's desire for revenge.

"There, his bum's glowing. Really lay into it with your riding crop," Marie told him.

"I will that," Alan said yanking my head up to spit in my face. "I'll show the wimp no mercy as I flay the skin from his arse."

"Oh God!" I groaned.

Adding to my anguish, pain and sense of total humiliation, my wife was laughing and calling encouragement as Alan began beating my backside. On and on it went and I was yelling and screaming in pain almost continuously. True to his word he ignored all my pleas for mercy as he continued to thrash my tortured buttocks, only stopping I suspect when his arm ached. The sweat poured from my body and I sobbed, sinking to the floor when he released me from the stepladder.

"There, that's reduced you to the snivelling worm you are," Alan sneered as he stood over me. "Now play with your little cock for our amusement."

There were on the bed then with me kneeling on the floor at the foot of it.

"Lay back, spread your legs and let the pathetic creature have a wank while looking at the promised land," Alan said, Marie of course slipping a pillow beneath her bottom before doing so.

I immediately began masturbating, I could have done no other, staring between Marie's wide spread legs.

"That's right look at the cunt that's mine for the asking and play with your little cock, you wanker," Alan jeered.

I did just that but as I stared at my wife's vulva, the lips swollen and gaping following her very rampant sex life, my thought's were on the hundreds of men who have fucked her. Groaning, I quickly came.

"Good, now bugger off and take a walk or something. I'm going to fuck your wife and leave my spunk deep inside her, unlike you who can only come in your hand."

Washed and dressed I made for the stairs, Alan calling after me, "Lock the door on your way out and don't come back 'till my car's gone."

My buttocks on fire I left the house but glanced back at the bedroom window just as Alan looked out. Perhaps he'd been waiting because he scornfully stuck two fingers up at me and grinned. Feeling belittled I walked away from the house, knowing there would be no point in trying to sit down anywhere!

* * *
Journal Extracts 30.


From Miss W's jubilant manner when we arrived at Max's house earlier this afternoon I knew they had something special planned that would involve yet more degrading treatment for Marie and I.

They relaxed in the back of my car while I drove to Max's directions, eventually finding myself on the narrow road between Carlton and Felmesham, an area very familiar to me from childhood, having been taken fishing there by my father many times.

We were approaching Daisy Bank, a small off-road area which over the years as become a little known picnic spot overlooking the river Ouse, and Max told me to turn into it. I pointed out that a large white van blocked the entrance making it impossible to turn in.

"Sound your horn," he commanded and when I did so the van promptly moved forward allowing me to drive into the picnic area.

If I'd felt surprise at the speed with which the van had moved aside I was even more astonished when it immediately reversed to completely block the entrance again. A number of youths were scattered between the two picnic tables and with the van now stationary others climbed from it to join them. Somewhat bemused I looked at Max quizzically.

"Today you'll watch your wife being taken roughly and forcibly by this group of louts. In effect Marie will be gang raped, but naturally she's looking forward to it," he told me. "Another of her fantasies becoming reality."

Marie was already alighting from the car, her excitement plain.

"Look at the slut, she's like a bitch on heat at the prospect of lots more cock," Miss W sneered contemptuously.

"Found the spot alright then lads?" Max asked, also alighting.

"Yea, no problem. This the tart then?" one of them replied, leering at my wife.

Marie, in white top and clearly braless, a dark skirt buttoned down the full length of the front, had already seated herself on the end of one of the picnic tables and was literally oozing sexuality.

"That's right she's yours to do as you want with in front of her wimp husband, isn't that right Perkins?"

I just nodded, knowing I had no choice in the matter but irritated that he'd used my real name in front of the youth's who were all plainly local, some of who could even be from our own village, something I tentatively put to Miss W. Mostly shaven headed, some wearing hooded tops, it was difficult to differentiate one from the other and it wasn't beyond the bounds of possibility that some of them knew me.

"That's something you'll have to wonder about," she teased.

"You know the score Kevin, fuck the arse off the slut and show her no mercy. She's gagging for it," Max said to a youth who seemed to be the ringleader.

By this time a couple of youths had pushed Marie onto her back on the table where a third eagerly yanked her top up fully exposing my wife's breasts.

"Have you got a rug or something, the tables pretty worn and dirty?" Kevin asked.

"It doesn't matter about that. Just get the slag's knickers off and give it to her." Miss W shouted through the car window, adding maliciously, "If the slut gets a few splinters in her bum so much the better."

It was true that the picnic tables looked well past their sell by date, filthy and mildewed with patches of a green mould-like substance on parts of the jagged and pitted woodwork. It was also true that Marie was in a very highly charged state at the prospect of being taken on the table by the group of jostling youths.

Her skirt seemed to be both pushed up and unbuttoned at the same time, youths practically fighting one another to get at her. Several buttons were simply torn from the skirt but my wife was plainly in her element to be manhandled by so many.

"Another nine cocks to drill the slag's cunt," Miss W hissed gleefully in my ear. "These unemployed yobs and layabouts, all young and virile, will pound the bitch's smelly cunt roughly and repeatedly. And the best bit is that you're paying them five hundred pounds to do it."

I looked at her in horror, and the laughing Miss W went on, "Why do you think Max told you to bring your cheque book. You'll also have the bill for their van hire to take care of."

Despite the shock of her words I was more focused on the sight of my wife stretched out on the table, her white, almost transparent knickers fully exposed. An erotic sight indeed.

"Get the wimp out of the car, I want him to see everything these yobs do to his wife," Max hissed, his head inside the car window presumably so the youths wouldn't hear his derogatory description. "These louts are the scum of the earth and you're going to watch while they take turns with your wife."

Once out of the car I was dragged across towards the first of the picnic tables where two of the youths were sucking my wife's nipples. I found myself staring at the dark mound of Marie's pubic hair, clearly visible through the almost transparent material. Many hands were on her thighs, fingers worming their way inside my wife's knickers.

"Come on boys, off with her knickers and give her what for. We can't block the picnic area indefinitely," Max urged.

"Yes just rip the pants off the bitch, they're barely covering her sluttish well-used hole anyway," Miss W added, the venom in her voice perhaps surprising even Max.

Her words did the trick though and Miss W laughed exultantly when my wife's knickers were ripped from her body and her legs yanked incredibly wide apart. The youths crowded round, their jeers and catcalls as they stared at my wife's very exposed vagina delighting Miss W.

"Hells bells, but her cunt looks wet and open!" Kevin exclaimed above the hubbub.

"Of course it is, the slag's had more pricks than a pin cushion," Miss W sneered.

She was in command now, Max just smiling when Miss W threw Kevin some cord and told him to tie Marie down to the table, bum perched on the edge of it.

"Force the slut's legs as wide apart as possible and tie them to the table legs," she urged, smiling happily to see the rough way in which the youths carried out her instructions.

Miss W joined Max and I as we stared between Marie's wide spread legs. The way the youths manhandled my wife, roughly tying her down with legs forced incredibly wide apart exactly as Miss W had said, clearly excited her. So too did the sight of all the youths speedily stripping off.

"Go to it lads, fuck the slag into submission. Show her no mercy while you repeatedly drill the slut's sewer-hole cunt. I want to hear her scream," an almost hysterical Miss W shouted.

Kevin went first, standing between Marie's wide forced legs to drive his penis into her. My wife's joyous cry hardly met with Miss W's approval, her intention plainly one of causing pain and humiliation. However as the youths succeeded one another, my wife wriggling and squirming on the table as they fucked her, the tone of Marie's cries began to change.

"Oh the splinters!" She yelled at one point, prompting Miss W's evil sounding laugh.

With the youths continuing to take turns fucking my wife, the thrusting movements of her buttocks on the rough table elicited more and more yelps of pain, plainly delighting Miss W who chortled maliciously.

"The slag's bum will be a mass of splinters!"

When all nine youths had fucked my wife Miss W exhorted them to roll her over. Willing hands flipped Marie over onto her tummy and the sight of her bottom, the skin torn and splintered, clearly delighted Miss W who promptly gave Marie's rump a vicious slap.

"Ow!" Marie yelled.

"Turn the cow back over lads and roll her about on the table. Let's give her some more splinters. I want to hear the slag howl with pain," Miss W yelled maliciously.

She did too! Marie's howls and cries were pitiful to hear as the youths rolled her roughly back and forth across the table, driving even more splinters into her already tortured flesh.

"That'll teach the bitch, just throw her on the ground where she belongs and if any of you need the toilet she's it, pee all over the filthy slut," Miss W urged hysterically.

Marie was dumped unceremoniously on the grass, howling when her splintered bottom hit the ground. Then, and to Miss W's delight, several of the youths began urinating over my wife. Marie made no attempt to avoid the streams of urine descending on to her body other than to close her mouth and eyes. The first two or three, having relieved themselves, moved aside but others quickly took their place. Suddenly kneeling beside her head, perhaps remembering what had been done to me at the traveller site, Miss W pressed Marie's cheeks and held her nose, thus forcing my wife's mouth open.
"Pee in her gaping maw lads, use the slag's mouth as a urinal!" Miss W yelled hysterically.

"No no," I gasped moving forward only to be grabbed and held by Max and Kevin.

All I could do was watch helplessly as several more youths urinated over my wife, most aiming for her mouth at some point and Miss W laughing evilly as she repeatedly forced Marie to swallow. All but Kevin having urinated over Marie, Miss W forced her pee soaked fingers into my wife's mouth ordering her to lick them.

"Right, back up on the table with the cow," Miss W said briskly.

"No, not more!" I exclaimed, concerned about Marie's tortured looking bottom.

"But yes," crowed Miss W. "At least one of the lads is ready for seconds."

She pointed at Kevin, still assisting Max in holding me, and who sported a full erection prompted by watching his mates urinating over my wife.

Laughing happily Miss W watched as a number of youths seized Marie and showing her little regard plonked her down roughly onto the picnic table.


Again Miss W's evil sounding laugh rang out as my wife screamed in pain.

"Go on then lads give it to the bitch again. Pound her cunt for all your worth."

Kevin sprang forward and as he drove his penis into her, eliciting more wild screams from Marie, Max whispered in my ear, "Once the louts have finished with your wife I'm going to get them to drape you over the front of the car, hold you down, and take their belts to your arse. Then, to complete your humiliation, you'll write them the cheque for five hundred pounds."

Which is precisely what happened. With trousers and underpants down I was forced over the bonnet of my car where willing hands held me down. Then my buttocks, barely recovered from Alan's thrashing of two weeks ago, received another severe beating as several youths beat me with their belts. Finally I had to suffer the indignity of writing them the cheque for five hundred pounds while Kevin emptied my wallet of cash to pay the van hire, Max's triumphant laugh accompanying my writing.

My final humiliation of the day was being forced to suck Max's penis in front of the nine laughing and jeering yobs.