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Here`s A Scary Tale For Hallow E`en

After Dalmally
As the train pulled into Dalmally, my erstwhile travelling companion Tam The
Shepherd stood up, grabbed his bag off the luggage rack with a practised ease saying....
"Ah well laddie I`ll be bidding ye` a guid night, mah train journey is almost done...."
here he chuckled,then continued....Aye an` I could be referrrin`tae oor conversation as well...He shouldered his bag an old white kitbag, probably a relic of his " Navy Day`s". We`d touched upon these,once, twice or more in our
freewheeling philosophic discussion,which included among other things, politics, power, education, wars hot and cold, love lust and sex. In other words a general no holds barred unexpurgated chat, that you get sometimes when two males from opposite end`s of Life meet for first, last, and only time. Stepping forward slid the door open,stepped out into the corridor turned and as he slid the door shut He said
"God Bless You Angus Journey in Safety"

Thus ended what had been a pleasant interlude or so I thought as I reached up put out all but the overhead light and stretched out on one carriage seats laid back and allowed tendrils of the more saucy part of our conversation to replay in my tired mind......
" So there I was ploughin` her greasy cunt for the third time that
mornin`........." And so I slipped into a erotic half dreamstate.

Excuse me, Is there any spare seats in here ........?"
The Southern English Female Voice interrupted my drowsy erotic reminiscences.

I awoke and opened my eyes
There stood what .....
A Vision ...a Vision that looked as if She Had Stepped off the glossy pages of a High Fashion Magazine Such "Harpers" "Queen" or something similar.....
The Vision again She spoke
"I am sorry to disturb you, but I`ve walked the full length of this train and....and my feet ...my feet are killing me
I raised myself up on my elbows and looked down at the torturing objects.
They were encased in sensuous soft leather fashion boots a soft autumnal red in colour. Hanging cloaklike her black astrakhan coat was open
and revealed a midnight blue silk skirt `tween the bottom of the skirt and
the tops of the calf length boots was a glimpse of black stockings, I would
bet anything they too were silk.
A white silk blouse topped by a powder blue bolero jacket waistcoat which enhanced rather than concealed her proud young breasts completed the ensemble,but, all this was only a mere compliment to her flashing emerald eyes, a pert slightly upturned nose, below which was a wildy sensuous opulent mouth crowned by her hair, long wavy curling locks almost but not quite auburn more a dark sultry red, which she wore like a mane.
As I said a Fashion Plate:
Again She Spoke....
"There is Room in Here.....????"
My Heart Sung Yes, Yes, a Thousand Times Yes.

"Yeah of course..... (I answered my voice more subdued
than My Racing Brain)
I`m The only one here,... all the others got off earlier.
"Thank Goodness....If this compartment was full I had made up my mind
I was getting of at the next station whatever or wherever it was.
She glided into the compartment turned sideways sensuously shruggged her coat off and sat down simultaneously crossing her legs with a silken whisper:
Inadvertently I believed in naivety, showing an ivory thigh.
The dull thud of her case on the compartment floor roused me from my erotic meanderings.
"You`re Most Welcome, most welcome.....allow me to help you with your case... casually grabbing it with one hand and quickly realising to put it up on the the luggage rack would take two hands.
"What have You Got in here? I wheezed theatrically A Body???"
Eyes Flashing she trilled a wicked chuckle
" No not One body, Four Bodies...
"Eh, what.. I stopped put down the the case and stepped back.
Not exactly sure, where this conversation was going.....
Oh out the way....Men, Huh...... good for only one thing.....
With practised ease using both hands she swung the case up over her head in an eliptical gliding movement up onto the the luggage rack and pushed it back securely and sat down in a twisting half turn every movement this girl made was a syphony of sensuality she was a living piece of erotic theatre.

"I can see you are puzzled unsuprisingly I am not a mass murderer carting my victims from place to place again she trilled her deliciously wicked laugh.
No dear sir... I am somewhat more exotic and entertaining I am "Madame Melusine Puppeteer Extrordinaire" and the bodies in question are myMarionettes
Ah Puppets you had me worried there a minute Melusine I`m Angus ...Angus Mac Quarrie so what are you a childrens entertainer??
No no.no..no... although I imagine some of the older children would enjoy the show....
although the mothers would possibly freak out at a show more
suitable for shall we say the nightclub audience`s I normally perform to.
"You mean your Puppets......
I think the word you seek is Fuck, yes, The Puppets, which are anatomically,correct fuck perform blow jobs sixty nine and so on.
Now when this train left Queen St. this evening if anyone would`ve told
me I would be having a strangely erotic conversation about fucking puppets...
correction... marionettes fucking I would`ve called for the men
with the white coats from Lochgilphead along with one of their straijackets:
Yet here I was, having just such a conversation, with The Most
Beautiful Female I had ever seen.

Now Angus you are probably trying to figure out how to ask the pertinent
question ........
Does The Puppeteer also for want of a better word which probably does
not exist .....Does The Puppeteer also Fuck .........and Angus the answer
probably is yes..... Unless you have taken to stuffing a whatamacallit......
Ah, unless you taken to stuffing a caber down your trousers.....as she spoke fluidlike she moved almost instantaneous.
One minute she was...
seated opposite:
The next she was kneeling in front of him parting his legs
unzipping his trouserfront. His mutinous appendage burst rebelliously from
his paisley patterned YFronts......
Oh My Dear Angus it was a Caber she murmuredthroatily......
You ARE A Big Boy Angus just the type of boy Naughty Melusine likes Oh Yes indeedy and Naughty Melusine wants
to taste Dear Angus`s Delightful Caberlike Cock
Having this vision submissivelike knelt in front of me filled me with such an almost overwhelming sense of Potency... Power... . With a previously unknown arrogance, I grabbed her delightful mane and standing raised her from her kneeling position. She was mine to do as I willed with her as I casually flung her backwards onto the opposite compartment seat
for the first time her eyes flashed confused fear. She no longer was in control of the situation She was now the Marionette I was The Puppeteer.

As Melusine fell back, her body half twisted causing her to over balance:
Thus it was that although her head and torso landed upon the seat her
buttocks overhung the seat causing her legs and thighs to be parted in a
wanton abandonment ....
Both our eyes were drawn to inviting imagery Melusine`s eyes excited terror at her defenceless appearance.
I at the delightful sweetmeats revealed,and revealed indeed were her ivory thighs black silk stockings held
there captive by her cream and silver threaded suspender belt.
Her unusual pose caused her cinder red silk camiknicks to hang gapingly revealing her lower thighs right up to the swell of her delicious creamy buttocks.
Yet concealed, her final feminine mystery, the pudendic bulge pressing imprinting itself upon it`s silken imprisonment dampening the silk with her salacious juicings.
Her tongue ravished her lips in nervous anticipation.
I spoke, softly, deliberately and authoratively.....
"Oh look "The Candy Cunt Shop" is open and Angus has The Gold Ticket.

As I gazed at the interesting tableau, being played out in front of me,
the very air itself seemed to crackle with an excited energy
The smell of her aroused cunt hung heavy in the compartment
alternating my gaze between her widespread thighs and her fearfilled
flashing eyes I sensed she felt lost in strange territory without the relevant maps this game had a new master...........
But although she was no longer in control, she was not frightened, in fact She was rapidly approaching........ no........... it could not be, but yes, She could feel the build up to orgasmic release, but that was impossible, was it not??????

As I watched her I reached into my jacket pocket and pulled out my trusty penknife
I pulled out the smallest blade the one I used to cut hash and the only blade I kept razor sharp.
I crouched in between her widespread thighs I placed the first two fingers of my left hand upon the sodden silk encased
pudendic mound pulled the fingers apart seperating further the cuntal slit.
Before I could apply the knife Melusine`s whole
body shook with a sexual quaking.........
A primitive guttural sound emerged involuntarily from her throat
"GGGNNUUuuuunnnnaaaafffuuccccckkkkkkkkkiiimmmmeeeee eeeee"
I stopped knife poised turned and said coldy .................
"Not yet Cunt.......Not till I am ready........Alright?
She lay there stunned...
I spoke again... "I said alright Cunt......I expect to be answered....Cunt!
Totally subdued she answered
"Yes alright"
"That`s a good little Cunt."
I then proceeded carefully to cut the silk suspended
over the cuntal gap:
When I had cut the full length of the cuntal slit,
I pressed closed the blade on her thigh,
she flinched slightly I then using the first two fingers of both hands
inserted them into the cut silk
and ripped apart the the camiknicks. The Citadel had fallen and I The Victor claimed the prize I proceeded to devour her cunt......
With mouth, hand,teeth, tongue,and fingers...
I played her like a vitruoso such as Menhuin plays a Stradavarius...
I elicited from from her a yearning and needing She thought
forgotten or lost forever.
Her body reacted with involuntary convulsive movement
From her throat again emerged that primal sound
Please OOOOOOOOOOOhPlease FFFFFFFUuuuuccccccckkkkkkkknnHeLLLL
Please.... O.... Please Fuck ME
I stopped my feasting
and went back to my salacious repast.
After multudinous convulsive orgasms......
Melusine spoke again rational
Please Angus please I am starting....again she quivered and shivered.......
the uttered negative becoming a sob
I am starting to get sore....
I stopped, looked at her face Eyes Shut
Facial muscles twisted in estatic pain
I grinned as she opened her now watery eyes
I slid my right hand over the apex of her vaginic fold
used the left hand to part it and reveal her now
swollen clitoris forming the thumb and first finger into
an O callously flicked the first finger against her now bruised
Her body erupted
as the animalstic sound was forced from her lips
Aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiyyyyyyyeeeeeee eeeeeeee
Fucking Hell
regaining her composure she spoke
Please, Angus, let Your "Good Little Cunt......"
Service Your Needs....
Please,....Pretty Please.......Huh
Sitting back up wiping My Pussy Stained Mouth
and Mustache with the back of My Right Hand
I said
"Go for it Gal, knock yourself out.

Lazily Melusine slid to her knees pulling off
My Cuban Heeled Boots and socks....
Holding My Feet up..............
alternated in sucking first, My Left Big Toe
Then My Right, sending strange signals of
erotic pleasure.....
What the.... f.....ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhuuugggiiiinngggggggggg gggggggggggggggggg
This techique was taught to me by anEgyptianJewish
of a Schoolchum. She called it shrimping.....
She also taught me how to pleasure a woman.
You`re The Only Guy who has every exceeded her in that,
Who Taught You......"A Gentleman never tells outside the bedroom I said mock serious, while smiling.
Then Melusine started licking the inside of my thighs first one then the other...
The Grandmother again... I said trying to get my breath back
No a Bolivian Diplomat a Friend of The Family.....
I was 14 it was at a garden party in the Loire Valley, He seduced and
ravished me amidst the growing vines....
It was as they say, extremely erotic, listening, to her sexual oddysey.
While simultaneoulsy she was demonstrating the various techniques,
relating who taught them where when and the age she was taught
it seemed she had been sexually abused from an early age by a number
of distinguished people including a British MP and a Visiting Harvard Professor.
Thus it was I disappeared into a sexual melange of pleasure and pain,
at one time Melusine had her hand thrust up my ass while violently sucking
my testicles.........
I meanwhile was fucking her cunt with my right foot and twisting her nipples with both hands.
The last image I have was Melusine sitting atop me whispering singsong in my ear...
Daddy, Likes To Fuck.... His Hot Little Melusine Cunt

The next, Rab Macrae The Train Guard and a Family Friend saying.....
C`mon Angus Laddies fasten Yer trews afore the Lassie Cleaners get here
or You`l l be The Talk o`The Market Bar
Wha..Where has She .........
I don`t know what you are on about have You been Smokin` Yon Pottie
stuff Naebody has got on or off since Tam The Shepherd goat aff at Dalmally oanwie were pullin` into tae Oban.... is oanybuddy cammin in frae
Leraigs fur ye Aye or Naw
No I didn`tknow if I would catch this train ...
Well set there an get yersel respectable and I`ll gie ye a ride oot he said leaving, shutting the Door behind him.
I sat in a state of dazed confusion
Had it all been a crazy dream?
If so, it was the wildest most Erotic Dream I EVER had dreamt
I look about the carriage compartment
and then I see them...
unbelievingly I crouch down and reach under the opposite seat and carefully pick up the torn remnants of a sodden pair of
cinder red silk camiknicks.
Just as I brought them to my nose to smell her body smell they literallyturned to smoke in my hand and I`ll swear to this day I heard her tinklinglaugh and the whispered words
Don`t Forget Your Hot Little Melusine Cunt, Father Angus.....
I`ve thought about it often as I got older possibly wiser
Still I cannot explain it.
Every now and again I feel her Hot Mouth or Cunt descending upon me.
Often when travelling by plane, car or train.
Once most awkwardly when I was in The Pulpit Reading The Gospel
Most awkward I had to prolong my sermon till My Erection diminished
It would n`t Look Good For Father MacKay to be seen with an Erect Prong.
As I said I have never been able to figure it out
Maybe now you`ve heard my story....
Do You Have an Answer
Do You know...
What it was happened....
After Dalmally?????

Happy Hallowe`en From Sorbus


I saw Rab, six weeks later, in The Oban Inn.
College had just broken up for The Christmas Holidays Iwalked in and
over to the bar he was standing there supping on a pint I slapped him on the
back playfully,
he turned around sudden like looking askance
Angus ye Frightened The Life oot o` me Ah Thoat Morag had found me..
Aw I `m right sorry Rab, Ah didnae know ye wur hidin` frae her I said
chucklin ....Anyway Rab The Gantry`s Yours whatever you want on me
Ah Angus thats right fine o` ye I`ll have a Half o` Islay Mist
Roddy A Double Islay Mist for Rab an` a Double Glen Grant for Mahsel`
Once we got Our Drinks I said let`s go sit in the the corner we`ll be less
obvious if Morag keeks in
Once we were seated him wae his back to the door I looked him in the eye You
know what happened don`t you.....
Has it happened to you.....
No She alway`s picks young unmarried students Island Laddies mair often as
What dae ye mean mair often as not well there was a lassie once
frae Tirree if`n Ah remember Right She wis in a right state....
Puir Wee Cunt ended up in Lochgilphead far as Ah know She`s still
So what`s The Story ......

Well it was just before Hallowe`en 1967 seem `s She`d just been
sacked from a Paris Nightclub She`d flung a brandy Glass at a couple of
German Tourists. Anyway She was coming up to see her Father who was
a Retired Diplomat .....
She`d Been Drinking continually since the train had left Glasgow any way it
reckoned She became involved with Two Dalmally Boys who left her in a stae
now whether they Raped her or just had Sex with her the Autopsy Showed Sperm
in every orifice including her Ears
Did They Murder Her No No No She Commited Suicide ...She Jumped off
in The Pass o` Brander.
Aw Naw Naw Rab Did Aw Fuck A Ghost? Naw It IT jist Cannee It Cannee
Oh God Forgi`e Me Ah Did.... Ah Did......A Ghost Took Mah Virginity
Aye Angus Laddie....... Ah Reckon She Did
So Now You Know as Much As Me
But I Will Be Honest I Personally Still Do Not Know
What Happened After Dalmally
One Thing I Do Know She Was Never Seen.....on The Train......... Again.

Sole Author Sorbus

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