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10-16-2012, 02:33 AM
Sorry folks - I really don't know where to post this, but the true story is interesting.

This is a true ad being posted in an escort site in the city of Dallas, Texas. I may have to get in line.
Dadnlilsis: A Husband and Wife Team


We wish to tell a little about ourselves as it seems that there may be some confusion.

We are James(49yo, aka Papa Bear or Daddy) and Sissy(21yo aka Sugar Bear), a married couple who are very much in love. We have been married for a year now and have been swinging the entire time.

I met Sissy while swinging with her mother. Sissy found out that her mother and I were swinging and Sissy wanted to try it out. Sissy's mother told her she could but recommended that Sissy should only swing with me. Sissy's mother explained that I was very experienced, had been swinging for a very long time, had always stayed sober, had always looked out for her mother and had good rules for VERY good reasons.

Sissy's mother dropped her off at my house on a Wed and was to pick her up the following Sunday night. Sissy never left and we were married 4 months later...October 19, 2011.

Sissy took to swinging like a duck to water. We both enjoy all of the same things, get along very well and trust each other. Her energy level is the same as mine which most people my age can't keep up with. Back in March of this year Sissy asked me about the escort business.

I had never been involved with escorts as my swinging lifestyle afforded me all of the opportunities for adventure that I desired. All of my GF's have been bi...don't ask me how that happened, but it did. With one exception..my High School Sweetheart, who turned out to be lesbian. My entire adult life I have never cheated on a GF and never needed to as my GF's always played with couples, guys and girls with me and I played with all the girls. But true love has changed me. I no longer want, desire or wish for anyone but my Sugar Bear. So I no longer play with any female but Sissy even when doing 3 or more way with other females involved.

Sissy has blown my mind in so many ways. She is a multi-orgasmic 5'5", 120 lbs, blond hair, hazel eyed, B-cup, thin waisted cutie that looks like shes 15 with a beautiful round ass like no other. She loves 2 or more guys at one time and I love to watch her get fucked while she massages my cock and balls or sucks me off. Her motto is "Cocks, Cum and Candy Bars". We are both drug/desease free and neither of us need anything to get us in the mood or to relax us. Sissy truly enjoys her experiences and we talk about everything openly and freely both before and after our adventures. Life with her is one long adventure and a trip well worth taking, if I may say so.

We recently had a member post a review for us that we had met thru another site but did not play with until recently. Yes we met him and he came to our hotel room in Addison. He hung out with us as Sissy and I had a couple of 3 way Sessions with clients and Sissy did a double with another provider who had introduced us to **** a few days earlier. Yes we know that may seem odd to some of you but we enjoying making new friends and he had explained to us that he had been swinging a long time. He turned out to be a very cool and intelligent guy that has become a trustworthy friend and client. We realize that not all clients want or need such a relationship with us and we respect that.

So a little about Sissy and our adventures:

We go to swingers clubs and people watch us to see when we go to the semi-private room to play so they can watch us. We love this and play 4 or 5 times a night so people can watch us.
Sissy and I play 3 to 12 times a day with an average of about 7 times a day. Yes, my nuts hurt some days and I dont always play to my own orgasm...LOL.
We have had a dozen or more people in our hotel rooms from Shreveport to Dallas and points in between watching and joining in on the fun with Sissy as the center of attention for guys, girls and couples.
Sissy loves to be cum on and doesnt want to wipe it off but have it rubbed in.
The more cocks the merrier for Sissy.
If Sissy had her way she would be naked all day with guys lined up to play with her, cum on her and do it all over again with short breaks every hour to eat a Baby Ruth candy bar.
If she had the best of all worlds it would be for her to have her ass in the air with a cock in her pussy, her face burried in a clean shaven pussy, a cock in each hand and her covered in cum.
Sissy is not satisfied until she has had so many orgasms that her tummy aches from them.

She is my Dream Girl Cum True.

10-30-2012, 08:15 PM
interesting but this may belong in stories from the net section