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Author's introduction: Hello, this the first story I'm posting here on Blue Stores. The story I'm working on is about a high school filled with dark secrets. Four students with even darker secrets enroll into this school for their final year of high school. SDF acts as a prequel that introduces the four students and their individual pasts. A lot of my writing was heavily influenced by anime, manga, and of course hentai. Anyways... here goes. :p

Part 1 - The Young Assassin

A windy gust flowed through the night air, sharply ending the silence for but a second. The moon was hidden away behind the wrinkled grey clouds that seemed closer to earth than they should be. It was as if the gods decided to move a little bit closer just to witness the dark events about to pass.

The grass crackled and crunched under the heavy footsteps of a cautious figure. Stone steps of the stairway to hell led from an alleyway next to a broken down bar. Dispite being broken down, though, the bar was filled with crowds of rough-looking men whom probably could belong to a gang. Their appearances matched the stereotype, anyways.

The stairway only led to a supply closet... to the untrained eye. Push against the back of the closet and another set of stairs are revealed. They were long and led only to pitch black.

Deep below the cellers, underneathe the abandoned bar was a windowless basement of sorts. The walls were made to be soundproof and the only light was a single lightbulb hanging down from the rotting ceiling. The bulb was swinging back and forth, casting moving shadows at a constant pace. There were two shadows painted against the concrete floor. One belonged to a middle-aged man while the other belonged to a young girl.

The middle-aged man actually looked quite normal, wearing a chestnut-brown sweater and grey pants. He stood around six feet tall and had curly brown hair with black roots. The only thing that was abnormal about it, though, was the look of lust in his eyes and the crop in his hand. A sadistic sneer etched across his face, adding even more to his abnormal appearance. He brought the crop back up again, then struck the girl across the face.

The young girl looked to be only around eighteen, yet she looked as if she'd been through a war. There were cuts, scrapes, bruises, and welts all over her body. The most noteable ones were all over her more private regions: her breasts, ass, and cunt. At full height, she'd probably stand around five feet six. She had blond hair, which was in a mess, and blue eyes, which were stained with tears. She was kneeling on the floor with her wrists cuffed behind her back and her ankles hobbled together. An iron collar circled around her milky white neck. A chain led from the collar to the wall.

Six weeks... that was how long she'd been in this hellhole. The young captive remembered walking home from school one day when she decided to cut through some construction site. It was getting late that time... though she'd forgotten why she was late getting home. A towel from behind was pushed into her face and the next thing she knew... this sicko started the torture. At first, she was made to pleasure her kidnapper and rapist both orally and vaginally. Her anal virginity was taken away not to long afterwards. Then... a group of men from the bar upstairs joined in on the fun. That was... around four weeks ago? Every weekend, those thugs would defile her and gang rape her for their own pleasures. There was once when they came in four days in a row. She couldn't feel her three holes for a long time after that.

Those didn't compare with what her captor did to her during their little "discipline" sessions, though. The bastard would find some excuse to punish the poor girl whether it was because she didn't respond fast enough or if she didn't do something well enough. Whips, crops, canes... she took quite a few beatings.

"Fucking bitch, can't keep your eyes down like I told you to," Mark, the rapist sneered as the crop whistled through the air before cracking down against the girl's left breast.

"AAAAAIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!" The girl screamed as she felt the stroke across her mound. Another gush of tears erupted from her eyes as she tried hard not to fall over. She'd be in a lot of trouble if she fell over. Experience taught her that.

"You know, I found that voice sexy when we first started, but now it's just getting annoying," the towering man grinned as he looked down at his slave. "Hmm... should I even bother with a gag anymore? Maybe I should use something a bit more permanent."

"Please... no... not that..." the girl whimpered as she continued sobbing. "Please, I'll be good. I won't scream if you..."

"Fucking bitch! Did I say you could talk?!" The crop was raised up in the air again. Eyes of insanity glowered over the whimpering creature before him.


The wooden door to the windowless basement creaked open, revealing a third character. A heavily clothed man standing almost the same height as the man with the crop. The new arrival wore almost all black: a black leather trenchcoat, black jeans, black boots, black cap, black gloves, and a grey shirt. He also wore a white ceramic mask with a thick streak of black ink starting diagonally from his top left side.

"Ah, you must be the one here to collect the merchandise," Mark dropped his arm to his side as he greeted the expected visitor. His sneer was still on his face as he approached the masked man. "You must be that assassin I've been hearing about. Yep, that mask is the trademark of that famous killer. I heard you've killed quite a few people back in the days... what's it been? Twenty years? Working for slave traders now, huh? Nice choice, choosing a line of work that brings in the cash. Thought you'd be taller, though. What? Can't talk? Cat got your tongue? It's the bitch, isn't it? Pretty hot stuff there, know what I'm saying? I expect to be paid top dollar for this girl, alright?"

"..... not me, I'm his disciple," the masked man replied as he moved past Mark to inspect the slave girl. He knelt down and looked at the broken down girl before him. It didn't take a genius to figure out what kind of torture the girl went through. The blond tried not to look up at this unexpected guest for fear of getting hurt even more than she already had. Her body was visibly quivering as she wondered what her fate was to be.

"Huh... from your voice, you shouldn't be much older than this slut, here," Mark remarked as he looked at the masked man in surprise.


Ring Ring

Ring Ring

"Hello? Yes, I know... I was supposed to pick her up," an aged, but gruff voice answered. "Yeah, well... it was too much of a problem having to accept the mission and all. Don't worry though, I sent my disciple to handle it... yeah, that teen 'freak' we were talking about earlier. Don't worry, he can handle it. He might still be highschool age, but he can handle the job. He's handled a lot more blood than you'll ever see, so don't worry about it. Yes, yes, I know I've had him handle the last few mission, but... I'm useless you say?! Hey! I'm the guy who trained your killer! Now listen... Hmm... something interesting, you say? Alright, I'll come over."



"You were late on your payment... again," the man with the bloodied mask stood over the dead body of Mark. A shot to the head was all it took. The guy never saw it coming. The young assassin turned his attention towards the slave girl with even eyes. A shiver went up the captive's spine as she looked on in horror at the dead body before her. She hated that dead bastard with all her heart, but a dead body was still a dead body and this was the first time she's seen one. The youngster spoke, "now... what to do with you..."

The girl looked up at the masked man with a new kind of fright in her eyes. This man... he was supposed to be around the same age as her, too! She couldn't believe it... but there was no reason for the man to lie. Was he going to kill her? Was she going to be released? Was this man a saviour or another bastard about to rape her?

"Neither," the youngster seemed to read the young girl's mind as he knelt down beside her again. He reached up a leather glove to rub the girl's tears away, but the girl flinched at the slightest touch.

Realizing that she may had made a grave mistake, she immediately begged with her life. "Please, I didn't mean to turn away. Please... please don't... don't kill me, please... I'll do anything..."

"....." the masked man got to his feet and wielded his magnum .45 in his right hand. He carefully brought the weapon up and leveled it at the girl's face.

"Please, I'll fuck you! I'll... I'll suck you cock! Anything! Just don't kill me, please!"


The girl dropped to the floor, fainting at the sound.

No blood though.

Just fragments of what was once an iron collar.

Ring Ring

"Hello? Shihfu?" The masked man answered his ringing cellphone. "Mission Accomplished. Huh? The girl? She's fainted for some reason... I've nothing stronger to break iron with. Are you done lecturing me, Shihfu? Why did you call me? A gift? From the client? So... no money, then? You accepted... strange... I'll talk with you later. Highschool? No, I don't plan to... why? Oh, she's awake. Shihfu... stop talking so I can hang up... thank you."


Part 2 - The Gift

"The girl's back with her family and has joined the witness protection program. Mark's body was disposed of, but not before all evidence of his past deeds were delivered to the authorities. If you must know, the girl's safe-"

"Where's my cut," Tim asked as he held out his hand, waiting expectantly.

"What are you talking about? Weren't you paying attention?" The older man grunted as he whacked his disciple over the head with a newspaper. The man was crouched over a coffee table, which had cup of coffee and a doughnut he got to go at a Tim Horton's. He looked to be in his last forties to early fifties, yet he looked to still be in good shape. He wore a t-shirt and shorts and didn't look like he took very good care of his hygiene. A cigarette was in his left hand while his other picked up a doughnut. "The client had no money, remember? He's paid us in another fashion and... hey, where you going? Show some respect to your Shihfu! Hey!"

"Home," Tim replied with a cold tone in his voice. He picked himself up off the floor of his master's apartment and headed out the door. The youngster had his mask off, yet all of his other attire was still the same. His black hair was long enough in the front to hide his silver grey eyes. He zipped up his trenchcoat all the way up and tipped his hat down so that the collar and rim would hide more of his face. As he closed the door behind him, he distinctively heard his master continue scowling him. No matter... whatever 'gift' his master recieved, it did not concern him in the least... at least that was what he thought...


"Yeah, didn't get a chance to tell him, the little shit," the aged assassin smirked into the phone. He crushed his cigarette into the ash tray as he talked. "I swear, kids these days are getting bolder! You'd think they'd... what's that? Ah, shut it..."


The young assassin stood in front of his apartment building. A fifty storey building housing over five thousand different people. It was timber-red in colour with greyish balconies and black frames around the windows and doors. He looked up at the top of the building where he was sure his room was in. His room number was 5011.

The elevator ride up was mostly eventless save for a couple kids rushing in on the third floor. They pressed all the buttons leading to all floors, making the trip up even slower. Tim left the elevator and took the second one up.

The music was boring, too.

As soon as he reached his floor, he got off the elevator and headed down the hall. Take a left turn... right turn... go all the way to the end.


He poked his key into the keyslot and turned. He pushed open the door to his single room apartment. It was just the way he had left it: lifeless. He had three kinds of furniture and electronic equipment: television set, bed, and coffee table. The kitchen was completely empty save for a pot and a pan. He opened up the refridgerator revealing only an expired carton of milk. He took the carton of milk and dropped it into the trashcan. Now the fridge was empty. Some grocery shopping was in order.

Knock Knock

Who's there? Tim thought to himself as he approached the door. Strange... perhaps it was just a salesperson or something, but... he had to make sure. His line of work involved making quite a few number of enemies. He looked through the peep-hole, finding no one. Suspicious, but not casting away the possiblitie that it was just some kinds pulling a prank, he leaned against the wall next to the front door.

He reached his left hand into his pocket where his knife was as he stretched his right hand to touch the doorknob. He turned the knob, then cautiously opened it up a crack to look outside. He pushed his right foot to open the door the rest of the way.

No one.

He looked down.

"Um... he... hello..." a strange young girl was kneeling there, looking up at Tim. "I'm... I... hello..."

Tim blinked as he looked down at this stranger. The girl looked to be about the same age as himself. She had light brown hair and grassy dark green eyes. She had very well-tanned looking skin and appeared to have a very small body frame. What truly mattered the most, however, was the way she was dressed.

Tim blinked again.

"Please, can I... can I please come in? It's cold out here," the young girl begged as she shivered in the hallway. Well no wonder she was cold, she was naked! She wore 5 inch heel shoes and a red ribbon around her neck. Her wrists were tied behind her back by even more ribbon, causing her pierced B-cup breasts to jut out. On each of her nipples, she wore gold rings that looked like they couldn't be removed without cutting anything. Her ankles were hobbled together by a third string of ribbon.

"....." Tim simply nodded his head with a dull expression on his face. He used the knife in his pocket to cut the ribbons between the girl's feet and wrists. Afterwards, he help the stranger to her feet and into his apartment. Once they were inside and the door was closed, he motioned for the girl to sit on the couch. Once she did, the young assassin began his questions, "who?"

"Who? Um... Mr. Biggs... he... he told me I had to... I..." the young girl would had probably cried if she wasn't surprised by the question. "That I belong to you, now."

Mr. Biggs... Tim remembered that man as the previous client he worked for. Well... that explained a bit. He took out his cellphone and called his Shihfu. Time for the ol' gun slinger to explain what's going on.

"Hello? Hey, Tim! Did you get the gift, yet?" The aged assassin asked with a chuckle. "Heard she's top-notch material!"

"Shihfu, what the hell?" Tim asked.

"What? I thought you'd appreciate some-"

"What the hell?"

"-some fine pussy every once in a while," the older assassin continued. "You see, I was a bit skeptical when that Biggs fellow wanted to pay in another way. When I first found out what the other payment method was, I immediately thought of you!"

"What the hell?"

"Hey, if you continue the way you do, you'll probably end up like a monk or something. Live your life for once! Have some fun! You're only young once, you know!"

"What the hell?"

"Oh! Gotta go! Duty calls, ya know? Enjoy!"


"....." Tim looked down at his cellphone with an icy glare in his eyes. He set it down on the coffee table for he was tempted to break it. He turned towards the girl whom was apparently his new slave. He turned away and headed out the door, "there's extra clothes in the closet along with ten dollars. If you value your life, stay hidden and don't mention your slave life to anyone."

"Wait, are you kicking me out?" The girl's eyes widened as soon as she heard those words. She immediately got to her feet with a shocked expression on her face.

"You're free. What's the problem?" Tim asked as he looked over his shoulder to regard the girl.

"I... it's just that... please don't kick me out! I've no where else to go!" The girl exclaimed as she grabbed hold of the young assassin's arm. "I can't go back! I have no one to turn to anymore. Please! Your... your master told me this was the safest place I could ever be!"

"What do you mean," Tim asked as he turned around to face the nearly crying girl.

"They... those bastards... I'm sorry, please don't tell them I called them that... but... I'm a wanted criminal because of them! No one'd believe me even if I told them. Even if I leave this room, they'd just find a way to track me down, again. Even worse, they'll punish me because you rejected me. My parents... they're both dead and... and..."

"... do whatever you want!" Tim grunted angrily as he shrugged off the slave girl. He had other business to deal with anyway and none of them involved babysitting. What was his Shihfu thinking?

With that in mind, he walked out the door, slamming it shut behind him. The door was locked shut leaving the strange girl all alone in this new strange place.

"Please... I've no where else..." the slave girl fell to her knees and sobbed.

Part 3 - Voices

The sun was out and the clouds were sparse... under normal circumstances, this would be a pretty good day. Kids were running around playing tag on the streets. Old men and women were out sitting on the benches, possibly intending to feed the pigeons that weren't there. Well... they looked like it, anyways. Tim's apartment building was located near where a lot of small-business shops were set up. Some of these shops weren't from small companies, though, like the McDonalds around the corner or the Tim Hortons next to it. Most of them, though, like Bob's Pizzeria or the Twin's Tailor House, couldn't be found anywhere else.

The youngster pulled out a pair of sunglasses from his inner jacket and put them on. He tucked both hands into his pockets as he walked past a group of skate-boarders, no doubt taking turns practicing jumping the curb. After walking for what seemed like twenty minutes, he stopped in front of a diner: Daring Dungeon Diner. Before entering, he briefly wondered for a moment what the owner was on when he came up with that name.


"Tim," the cook/owner nodded his head towards the new arrival.

"The usual, please," Tim said as he sat down at the counter, to the far left against the wall. He hunched over the stool as he looked around at the others.

The place was a mess, but... not so much as to violate any health or safety codes. All four walls were painted green with a blue ceiling and purple floor tiles. The tables were occupied only by a handful of people: some business man with a laptop, some elderly woman with a dog, couple of kids his age on a date... did he know those two somewhere? Never mind.

"Alright, one egg with bacon and fries, poached with extra ketchup," the cook exclaimed as he got to work on the food preparations.

So you want to learn to kill

Tim snapped his head up. Now where did that come from? Before he knew it, he realized he dozed off for a few minutes.

"Just a couple more minutes," the cook shouted from the kitchen.

Tim simply nodded his head, then dozed off again.

"What's that brat doing up this time of night?" A voice. "Hey! I'm talking to you! Shouldn't you be getting home? Your mom'll worry!"

Leave me alone

"What's that? Little prick, tried being nice to you."

"Hey, just leave that kid alone, will ya?"

Just leave me.

"Hell no. Dipshit needs to be taught a lesson."

Leave me... alone.

"Holy shit! He's got a knife!"

"Hey! You eating those or not? If you don't want to, I'll just take it back." A hand reached out to grab the plate.

Tim's hand stopped the plate from leaving. "Leave... leave it."

"Heh... alright, wasn't sure if you were up to it or not," the cook/owner replied as he went to tend to another customer.

Tim looked down at the food before him.

One egg, poached. Two bacons. Four fries. Extra Ketchup.

He lifted the plate and grabbed the photo that was underneath.

One hostage, female, kidnapped. Two armed and known dangerous men. Four henchmen, just small fries. Extra money for completion.

New mission aquired.

"Thanks Ernie," Tim said as he left the diner, without touching his food.

"It's Bert," the cook replied with a toothy grin as he took back the food.


New mission accepted.


Tim reached the base of his building to find a crowd of people. There were ambulances, cop cars, fire trucks... too much commotion for anything simple. There were no evidence of fire nor any sign of a car crash. A robbery? No... that doesn't explain the fire trucks... does it?

"She was so young, too!"

"Why do you think she jumped?"

"Broken heart? Things like these happen."

"Nah, probably stress from exams and such."

Your fault

Behind the sunglasses, Tim's eyes went wide. He rushed past the crowd to get a better look at the patient. He had to know... he just had to... but she was already in a body bag.

"Anyone know who she was? Didn't look familiar."

Your fault

Why was this affecting him? He's seen plenty of dead bodies. Most of those dead bodies was his doing, too. So...

"Um... what's going on?" That voice. Tim whirled around.

"You," was all Tim could get out.

Relief? Doesn't make sense. Barely knew this girl for half an hour. If he had any feelings, why didn't he feel anything for the one who really died? No wait... did he?

"Uh... um... yeah," the apparently very much alive slave girl replied as she juggled some grocery bags. She wore a pair of black jeans and a white t-shirt along with a pair of sandals. These were no doubt taken from Tim's closet. "Um... not to... but... could you..."

"What're you doing here?" Tim asked as he grabbed the the bags from the girl's arms. His voice was cold and even for he wanted to get an answer right away.

"Um... well... you told me to do whatever I want, so... I wanted to cook something for you... to make myself useful and maybe convince you to let me stay, but you didn't have anything in your house, so... I used the $10..." the girl kept babbling on, afraid of what may happen if she stopped. "I... um... what's going on here?"

"I believe one of my neighbours committed suicide. From what I gather so far, she supposedly either died from a heartbreak or stress from exams," Tim replied as he jerked a thumb towards the crowd. Afterwards, he made his way towards the building.

"Really? That's horrible! Uh... wait for me?" The girl asked as she followed the young assassin into the elevator. "So... can I stay, yet?"

"Only if you tell me your name and your story," Tim replied as he clasped his hands behind his back. The grocery bags bounced off the back of his legs. The doors of the elevator shut once both the assassin and the slave girl were inside. "Your real name, please."

"My... my name is Eria Fitzgerald, I'm 19 years old and I've been a slave girl for 6 years," Eria introduced herself.

"Tiehhsin Ying, but you can call me Tim," Tim replied. "I'm 17 years old and I've been an assassin's assistant for 10 years. Officially for 7 years."

"Wha... you're younger than me?!"

The elevator doors opened up.

It took a bit of coaxing, some more tears from Eria, and a kitchen fire before the story could unfold.


Eria was around the age of 13 when it all began. It was the last day of school, just a day after report cards. Of course, report card day didn't exactly go very well. Well... she managed to get an A in history, but didn't do so well in all the other subjects. Mostly D's... one F... a couple of C's. She was told to come straight home after school, even though she wanted to hang out at her friend's place. Well... she went to her friend's place anyway and went home two hours later.

The young girl arrived home, but... something was wrong. The door was unlocked... which usually never was even if someone was home... and it was extremely dark inside. She was half-tempted to turn around and run to a neighbour's house to call the police, but she also wanted to know what happened. Going against her better judgement, she cracked open the door and stepped inside. That was all it took.

Black out.

When Eria finally came too, she found herself in a world of darkness. For a minute there, she was afraid that she had gone blind, then she realized that she was blindfolded by duct-tape. She was lying down on a wooden table and, with great shock, was completely naked. Her arms were strapped down together above her head with even more duct-tape. Her ankles were spread out, much to her horror, allowing cold cool air to carress her nether regions.

"What you mean we're only getting a thousand? This is quality material here!" A voice belonging to a man most likely in his mid to late thirties. The voice was quite angry and created an echo in the area. An echo... where was this place?

"Listen, boss? I think she's awake," another voice... possibly younger.

"And how the fuck would you know? You can't even see her fucking eyes!" The first voice shouted angrily as he stomped around, pounding the concrete floor with heavy boots. "Can't you see I'm... no sir, I wasn't talking to you. Now about the price... what you mean it's final? I'm getting you some pure-bred american pussy here!"

"Uh, sir? I think she's half-"


"Don't you fuck around with me! She's a blond ten year old from america and that's all I need to know!"


"You understand?"

"Ye-yes s-sir," the younger voice stammered, not daring to correct his boss' mistakes anymore.

Eria was about to open her mouth to say something, but quickly snapped it shut after hearing the two gunshots. She was too afraid to say anything at this point and simply prayed for her own safety. She was shivering in fear and sweat was pouring out of her skin. What did these people want with her? How long was she going to be here?

"You, you, and you! Go switch with the guards outside!"

Guards? From the sound of it, there were three of them. How many of them are there? How many saw her naked?! If Eria could, she'd widen her eyes in horror at the possibilities that could occur. The most disconcerting of them, next to being killed, was being raped by all the men here.

"Are we even going to get to sample that pussy? I'm no real paedophille, mind you, but you've got to admit that for an thirteen-year old, she's pretty hot," a third voice asked.

"Thirteen? You sure? I knew she was an early-bloomer, but damn! I thought she'd at least be fifteen." A fourth voice.

"Hmph, it'll lower her price, but it doesn't sound like we're going to get much for her anyways," the first voice grunted.

Eria had the horrible feeling that they were looking at her. She squirmed in her binds, trying to will the thoughts out of her mind. They couldn't really be looking at her naked young body with hungry lustful eyes. They couldn't really be planning to rip her of her virginity and defile her... could they?

"Hold still, this'll all be over real quick if you don't fight back," the first voice growled into Eria's left ear. Like hell she wasn't going to fight back! All four kidnappers had to hold her down to keep her from thrashing about. However, a sharp slap to the face was enough to stop the trashing. "I told you to hold still! Was going to go easy on you, but it looks like we'll have to do this the hard way, won't we?"

With that said, a hand grabbed hold of Eria's left budding breast. The bound girl felt another hand going up her right leg towards... Eria screeched and cried out. Another slap to the other cheek wasn't enough to keep her quiet, but she lowered her voice a bit so that she was able to beg for mercy.

"Please, don't! Not there!" Eria begged as she tried to wriggle away from the hands.

"Someone shut her up already," the first voice growled. Two hands were on the captured girl now, carressing and rubbing in a circular motion. A finger and a thumb took hold of the left nipple and twisted it. Eria screamed out at this, encouraging one of the guards to shut her up.

"No teeth, got that?" The third voice commanded as another pair of hands grabbed hold of Eria's head. Something soft and fleshy was poking at her lips. It didn't take long for Eria to figure out what was expected of her. Afraid of what would happen if she disobeyed, she swallowed her pride and opened her mouth. As soon as her mouth was opened, the tool was immediately thrusted into her. "Oh yeah... knew you were a natural at this."

The hand on Eria's left nipple stopped twisting it. A second later, something moist and softer touched the young nipple, eliciting a moan from the bound girl. Another tongue was felt on the right nipple, causing the moans to grow louder with each passing second. Then a third tongue began attacking even lower...

"Ah..." Eria grunted into the cock in her mouth. She, of course, had no experience giving head to anyone, but the man on top of her probably didn't mind. She opted to breathe through the nose and tried to do her best, namely move her head back and forth. It was hard to concentrate on anything though, what with the new and strange sensations happening to her body. Especially... oh! The tongue attacking her pussy had just found the clit!


"Oh man... these will definately sell on the black market!" A fifth voice! Although Eria could not see, she recognized the sound of a camera going off. Someone was taking pictures of her and they were going to sell those pictures! Not only was she getting raped, but now everyone was going to know about it! Horrified at this thought, she tried to protest only to be reminding of the cock that was still in her mouth.

"Heh, fucking cunt. Did your mommy and daddy ever tell you what they did for a living?" The first voice, coming from between her legs, smirked. "Did they ever tell you that they're fucking crooks? Well... last time they stole from the wrong people, know that? They tried to steal from me, but I showed them. I've got fucking evidence of all their past crimes, which I've already turned over to the police, but I'm not going to just let them go to jail. Oh no... I've got something even worse in store from them. Not only is the cat out of the bag, but I made sure they went to hell for it."

"Mrmphf!!!" Eria grunted as she realized what the man in charge was telling her. She only found out recently about her parents' activities, but... what was she supposed to do? Turn her own parents in? She questioned her parents' 'career' choice, but she loved them with all her heart. Now they're dead....

"Heh... made it look like they skipped town, so your disappearance won't be unusual. Even if, by some miracle, you make it out of all this alive, the cops will be on your ass in an instant. The child of two criminals... they might believe your story, but they also might think you're just being creative in trying to cover for your mommy and daddy. You'll be thrown in jail until you give up your parents' location... which is a place the police will never reach."

Eria started sobbing, trying to block out what this... evil... EVIL voice was telling her. Her muscles slackened, for she found herself defeated. She no longer had to will to go on... not after all that was said. She tried with all her might to disbelieve what her captor was telling her. She tried to believe that her parents were still alive somewhere and was going to burst through the door any minute now. She tried to believe that police was with her parents, on their side. On HER side.

"Now, let's give this pussy a ride," the one in charge smirked as he shooed the others away from Eria's body. Eria felt the hands and tongue on her breasts move away along with the cock in her mouth. She immediately tensed up in anticipation for what was going to happen next. She was right to tense up in anticipation. Her rapist's cock was already rubbing itself up and down her entrance.

"Please... don't..." Eria sobbed lifelessly.

"Don't worry, this won't hurt... much," the monster grinned as he forced his organ all the way into the young girl's thirteen year old body.

"AAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!" Eria screamed loudly in pain as she felt her hymen tear apart. She thrashed about again, trying to get rid of the pain, trying to get rid of the vile serpent inside of her. She couldn't see a soul. She couldn't see a sight. She couldn't see any light that could save her at the moment.

"Oh... so tight..." the beastly voice growled as the leader rocked his hips back and forth. He pulled out his cock all the way until only the head was still inside, only to ram it all the way back in. He continued this motion over and over again, grunting with pleasure all the way through.

"Please... stop... hurts..." Eria sobbed.

"So tight... such a fucking tight cunt," the man in charge grunted as his cock spasmed. He quickly pulled out his cock and shot his load all over Eria's stomache and thighs. Eria felt the emptiness in her love canal, wondering what exactly had happened. The one in charge turned towards the others, "a pregnant slave girl can't exactly fetch a lot, unless of course, if the brat were a girl. Heh... don't exactly want to risk it, though. So all you other guys, put on some rubber before taking a turn with her. Besides, not exactly trusting that you're all clean, know what I'm saying? Once you're done, tell those other guards they can have their turn."

Eria whimpered in pain as she felt another cock press against her opening. Each of the other thugs were just as rough, if not rougher than the man in charge. In the background, she could vaguely hear some more discussion over the phone concerning her price. She didn't hear very much, however, for she had other matters to deal with.

After taking two more fuckings, Eria took the next one with the addition of another cock in her mouth. One of them got impatient and decided to get a blow job while the next guy fucked the slave girl. Eria ended up taking a total of nine cocks in her pussy and three cocks in her mouth. Her body was completely soaked in sweat and cum in the aftermath, yet the thugs weren't finished just yet. The ones who went earlier had enough time to recupperate and came back for seconds. The ones whom did not get a blow job fucked Eria in the mouth. The ones whom did not get to fuck Eria in the pussy, still fucked her in the mouth.

Once the gang rape was done and over with, Eria was left alone the empty building for the night. She sobbed and cried in pain as she tried to block out the events that had just happened. Her normal life was now over and if she didn't live as a slave girl, she would have to live as a criminal... or at least the only link to a pair of criminals. Either way, the authorities will want some answers and she had none to give... at least none she wanted to give. She continued sobbing until she finally fell asleep from the exhaustion.

She was sold the next day for a couple thousand dollars. She found herself in the possession of many masters and mistresses for the next few years. She was either sold off to make room for even newer slaves or given away to repay debts. It was when she found herself in the possession of an elderly businessman when she first met... him.

"Hello there, you must've went through alot," a middle-aged man smiled down on the nineteen year old Eria.

Eria immediately cringed in fear at the sight of the man. Six years of slavery had whethered away her willpower and made her meek and timid. She was too afraid to pull away from the man's reach. She was too afraid to approach. She was too afraid to speak. Too afraid to do anything. Afraid to the point where she stopped caring.

"Okay, so the dealie here is that you don't touch her and I work for you, right?" The middle-aged man smirked as he turned towards Eria's current master.

"Yes, yes... of course, anything for the help of the legendary gunslinger," the elderly man replied with a devilish grin. "Along with your usual payment, of course. I don't really understand, though. Why do you want to help a slave girl?"

"Help? You must be mistaken," the middle-aged man replied. "I'm just doing some old friends a favour, ya know what I'm saying?"


"Wait... what?" Tim blinked at this new information. "Shihfu said that?"

"I... I don't really understand it myself..." Eria replied, looking down at the floor between her feet. For some reason, she had stopped crying at this point and simply sat on the couch with an empty look in her eyes.

Tim turned his attention back on the girl in front of him, unsure as to what to do. He wasn't sure whether or not he was qualified to... take care of someone with so much emotional baggage. Hell, he wasn't sure if he could even take care of himself. He clasped his hands together and rested his chin on his index fingers. He looked hard at Eria for a few more seconds in order to decide what to do. Finally, he got up and walked towards the front door.

"We'll need an extra key," Tim said in his usual monotonous tone of voice.

Part 4 - Written Off From Day One

"Poached egg all alone. Poached egg all alone. Four fries out. Four fries out. Bacons still about. Bacons still about." Tim rasped into his cellphone. The young teen was standing on top of a tall building with a pair of binoculars in his other hand. He lifted the binoculars up to his eyes and looked towards the third floor of the building across. Through the window, he could see a young woman possibly in her late twenties tied down to a chair. Lying on the floor around her were four young men, bleeding to their deaths.

Tim snapped his cellphone shut and tucked it into his jacket pocket. At his feet behind him was an AWP sniper rifle. The weapon served its purpose and will only be a burden to him if he continued carrying it around. Besides, Shihfu hired someone to pick up any ammunitions and weapons left behind. Snapping on his white mask, he dropped the binoculars next to the sniper rifle and made his way downstairs. He had some work to do...

Eria lived with the youngster for a couple of months, doing whatever she could to earn her keep. She made it a habit to cook dinner and clean up the apartment. Somehow... perhaps just from Eria living there... the place seemed less empty. Tim noticed this, but made no note of it. He continued what he had to do and ignored the fact that he was the owner of a slave girl two years older than him.


"You knew her parents?"

"Of course. Went way back with 'em! Who'd ya think provided all the artillery, huh?"


Shadows were the best places to hide. They're especially good with dark clothing. Tim wasn't here to hide, however. He reached into his pocket and pulled out his favoured magnum .45 and got ready for the hunt.


"You know... I kinda miss my usual source of firepower. They went missing last year, ya know? Got found out, heh..."

"Uh huh... right."

"Need a bazooka? They'll deliver in less than a week! Now? Gotta wait fer half a month and it's still not here!"


One bacon upstairs in the washroom. One bacon downstairs doing... something... strange with a hooker. Of course, there were other people around, but the building was mostly abandoned. The rent here was extremely cheap what with the rumours of a ghost living here and all. The rumour... gave Tim an idea.


"Hey boy! Come with me! I'd like you to meet the Fitzgeralds, alright?"

"Mission, remember Shihfu?"

"Alright, alright. Next time then. Sheesh, you take this more seriously than I do."


Swiftly and silently. As swift as the wind. As silent as the shadows. Leave no witnesses. The art of assassination.


"So you want to learn to kill?" A middle-aged man with an umbrella in the rain.

A young boy around six years old looked up at the strange man. A blood-stained face and cold, even eyes. He nodded his head... yes, he wanted to learn to kill. Even though he had already done that just a few seconds ago.


"To kill... and to die... simple things," Tim muttered as he looked down at the dead man at his feet. The washroom floor was stained with blood and empty shells. In order to not attract any attention from the other armed man, Tim opted to strangle the first one. Of course, the one he strangled managed to fire off a few rounds, flushing the young assassin's efforts down the toilet. The man was armed and dangerous... but not dangerous enough.


"Why did you follow me?" Tim asked as he turned around to face Eria. He wore his usual dark attire with the black trench coat and sunglasses.

The cemetary was a scary place at night, especially when you were alone. The graves were well tended to for there were no weeds in sight. The grass was green and trimmed to a reasonable length. This did not help the fact that this was a place where the dead rested. The dark and the silence, however, neither scared nor appealed to the young assassin. Death was a part of his job, afterall. It was the very grave he came to visit that affected him the most.

"I... I... I'm sorry, I didn't mean..." Eria stammered as she looked away from the younger teen.

"Never mind," Tim turned away from Eria and faced the grave in front of him.

Emmeline Ying
June 12, 1985
December 26, 1998

"Um... so... is she a relative of yours?" Eria asked, looking at the name on the tombstone. She made a note of the year of birth and year of death. The current year was 2016. That meant that... Emmeline died at age 13 sometime around Tim was born.

"....." Tim simply nodded his head as he knelt before the grave. He laid some flowers before the tombstone and stayed silent for a few seconds longer. He answered, "she's my mother."


Tim snapped back to reality as he heard footsteps coming his way. It was time to dissappear.


"Oh... so... you were put up for adoption?"

"No... I was written off from day one."


"Hey, Bill! What happened here? I heard gunshots!" The remaining armed thug shouted down the hallway. It was very fortunate for Tim that the only one standing between himself and the 'prize' was an extremely stupid kidnapper. The young assassin hoped that this 'bacon' was just as equally a coward as he was an idiot.

Tim thought of doing some... creative work with the dead body of the first armed thug. It involved some rope and a hunting knife. It also involved playing messenger of doom with blood. He decided to just go with the rope.

"Wha... Oh my fucking g-"


The still living thug was no longer still living.


"Rape is a horrible thing that affects everyone in a negative way," Tim said as he sat crosslegged in front of his mother's tombstone. His voice nor his face showed any emotion whatsoever. The whole story was explained in a monotonous tone of voice. "I wonder what would had happened if one of those three abortion attempts actually succeeded?"


"Please let me go. If it's money you want, I'll give it to you!"

What familiar words Tim heard every time he was given a rescue mission. With the white mask on and the black attire, not to mention the weaponry, he must look very intimidating. Then again... that was the whole point of dressing up the way he did. He began to wonder what his Shihfu was thinking, sending him on assignments that required... talking to people. Come to think of it, he could barely remember the last time the old legendary gunslinger did any work at all.


"I was born nine months after Emmeline's rape. The rapist... last I heard, he's still rotting away in jail," Tim continued his story. "The relatives on my mother's side of the family took care of me for the first year. I was passed around alot, though I don't really blame them. Finally, I was placed in an orphanage in the hands of people whom also didn't want me. Left that place when I was five. Continued living on the streets till I was six. Then, I became Shihfu's assistant assassin."

"Did you... did you kill... a lot of people? Innocent people, I mean?" Eria asked, her voice evidently quivering.

"None I killed deserved to live. Shihfu made sure of that," Tim replied as he looked down at the ground. "In the world underground, it's kill or be killed. Not one of us deserve to live. I will keep on killing until I can kill no more. I'll drag as many as I can down to hell with me."


Rat-a-tat Rat-a-tat

A third one... Tim cursed under his breathe for overlooking this fact. He ignored the fact that there was a possibility that the information he was given was slightly inaccurate. It wasn't that rare a case for him, but it was still uncommon enough for him not to worry too much over. Fortunately, the shots he took were not serious enough to kill him instantly.

"The hell are you? You a cop?! Huh?!" Great, another brain-dead chimp with an assault rifle. Then again... chimpanzees were smart, this guy wasn't. Unfortunately, when your firing arm got clipped by a bullet, thereby resulting in dropping your gun, all that mattered about your enemy's intelligence was that they were smart enough to fire a bullet.

Three shots to the stomache. Two to the left ankle. One in the shoulder. Not even the fact that this thug didn't know a thing about burst-fire was going to save him now.


The apartment seemed... different. At first, it was hard to pinpoint what exactly changed, until Tim opened up the refridgerator to find it quite full of groceries. He blinked a few times, then grabbed a carton of orange juice. He never had orange juice before.


If he tried to retrieve his magnum, he'd be dead. If he reached for his second gun, he'd die before he got the chance to shoot. Therefore, all he could do was use his good leg and pushed the hostage safely away from the line of fire.

In that moment, he closed his eyes and awaited for death. This was the very moment he had been waiting for, afterall. A bullet to the head was all it took to end his life.

"I'm not afraid to die."

"Then you're a fool, boy."


"Are you... afraid of becoming like..." Eria asked.

"Yes," Tim replied as a matter of factly.

"Is that why... you don't... won't... you know..." Eria stammered again.

"Yes," Tim repeated as he stared at the carton of orange juice in his hand. "You bought orange juice?"

"Yes," Eria replied as she shifted her feet and looked nervously away.

"......" Two glasses were set on the table. "Do you want to?"

"Uh... no... yes... I don't know..."


I'm not afraid to die.

A good assassin always carries an extra weapon.

I'm not afraid to die.

An excellent assassin always hides an extra weapon.

I'm not afraid to die.

The best of the best can conjure one out of thin air.


"Please come back."


I don't want to die.

Tim grabbed a glass shard with his good hand off the floor and flung it at his enemy. The shard of glass planted itself right into the armed thug's left eye, blinding the man terribly. Red blood gushed out and bullets sprayed in random directions. A single, well aimed bullet could end a man's life.

A single, well aimed bullet ended a man's life.

There were now five dead bodies and two living ones in the room. One of the living ones was tied to a chair, sobbing away. The other was kneeling on the floor amongst shattered glass, sobbing away.


"So, mission accomplished, eh? The hostage has been retrieved safe and sound, huh? That's good to... what? Well... ya gotta do what ya gotta do... what? No, I'm not mad. Strange huh? Betcha expected more of a reaction from me, huh? Don't worry bout it! I've still got my share to live off of... nope, I'm out as well, ya know? Figured might as well quit what with not doing any actual killing for a while and... don't give me that tone! I'm your shihfu! Show me some respect, ya hear?! Hello? Brat! How dare you hang up on me!"


"Sheesh, kids these days... no respect at all!"


Underground doctors were hard to find these days, but Tim had enough connections with the underworld. It was the unlicensed doctors... those whom were unable to achieve their medical degrees... they were the ones to look for. One month was all it took for Tim to heal, dispite the lack of reputation the med-school dropouts held.


"Are you sure about this?" Tim asked as he came out of the washroom and into the... room. One room apartment, remember?

"I'm... sure," Eria stammered as she looked away from her 'owner'. She was sitting on the bed, completely naked. She looked up at the young ex-assassin and asked, "are you sure?"

"Yes," Tim nodded in the affirmative as he approached his 'slave girl'. He reached out a trembling hand, pulling out all his courage just to... taking out ten gangster with machine guns was ten time easier than this!

"It's okay... this isn't... you know..." Eria said as she reached out and took hold of Tim's trembling hand. She pulled it towards herself and pressed her cheek up against it. Her eyes... they were bright this time. They were still the same grassy dark green as when Tim first saw them. Yet... they were somehow bright at the same time.

"....." Tim leaned down and kissed Eria on the lips. This was enough of a spark to start the fire.

The young ex-assassin continued locking lips with the young ex-slave girl. Their tongues entertwined and danced together like moths around an open flame. The lied down together on the bed, holding each other as if for dear life. The storm was strong and the winds even stronger. They held each other as if they were on a sailing ship, journeying for safe ground.

Tim nuzzled his face into Eria's neck, lining it with butterfly kisses. Eria responded with a suppressed moan of pleasure. She grabbed hold of the back of the younger teen's head as the line of kisses made their way downwards. Two hands groped the breasts, moving them up and down. Eria moaned again in pleasure, her face turning a deep shade of red. Tim's face also went red. He bent down and gently sucked the nipple between his teeth. This elicited even more moaning on Eria's part and even redder faces on both of them.

"I... do I put it in now?" Tim asked as he looked up from Eria's breasts.

"Um... yeah, g-go ahead," Eria stammered as she looked away, then looked back up at her lover. She shifted herself so that she was sitting slightly up on the bed. This way, she could reached in between the young man's legs and grab hold of the cock. She gently stroked it with one hand while her other jiggled the balls.

Tim leant forward, his tool obviously protruding at full erection. He allowed Eria to lead the head of the cock towards the pussy. His hands went upwards so that he could grab hold of the bed's headboard. Then, he cautiously rubbed his cock against the entrance of Eria's womanhood. At Eria's direction, he gently squeezed the head of his cock past the lips. He moved his head down and gently kissed Eria again.

Eria wrapped her legs tightly around Tim's waist for a better hold. At that, Tim continued as gently as he could to push the rest of his manhood into the love canal. Both groaned with pleasure and upon hearing each other, they opened their eyes and gazed at each other. One was lost in a world of dark green grass. The other was lost in the light of the silver grey moon.

They rocked their hips together, at first clumsily and out of synch. However, after a few unsuccessful attempts, they developed a rhythm together and moved together as one. Tim would pull away his cock at the same time that Eria would pull away her pussy. Then, while the head was still inside, they'd push themselves together and listen to the sound of flesh upon flesh. Skin upon skin. Only the thin... yet thick layer of a condom separated the cock from the pussy. That did not matter, however, for they could still feel each other.

"I'm... going to eja... e... come," Tim grunted as he could feel the fluids rising to the tip of his cock.

"So... so am I..." Eria blushed as she felt the spasms in her pussy.

Then, the two of them came together. Tim shot out his white fluids, grunting as load after load came out. Eria screamed in pleasure as she felt herself let go. Every muscle in her body went off at once, sapping her of energy and sending it straight to her heart and soul.

"Was it... was it good?" Tim asked as he looked down into Eria's grassy green eyes.

"Yeah... it was," Eria replied as she looked up at Tim's silver grey eyes. She reached up and they kissed.


"Hello? Shihfu? Yeah, I'm just calling to ask... for a favour," Tim said as he spoke into his cellphone. He was out on the balcony, enjoying the scenery. Eria was still inside, fast asleep on... their bed. A deep breathe later, Tim asked, "can you help me get into a highschool near here?"

Unknown to Tim, his shihfu was chuckling silently to himself. The ancient gunslinger set his cup of Tim Hortons down on the ground. Somewhere in the city, there was a park full of lush green forestry. The silver full moon was out and shining down upon this greenery. Night time had never looked so good before.

10-09-2006, 04:17 AM
Part 5 - Pick of the Litter

(The XXX means I'm too lazy and uncreative to come up with an actual number or name :p)

Day XXX, 2010

The target had been captured and detained. Evidence of her disappearance were covered by her belongings found amongst the remains of last week's building disaster. The final stages of the experiment can now proceed as planned. The target/subject is a white female, 23, whom just graduated out of XXX university.

-Dr. Sergio

P.S. Professor Goodwin is complaining about my bad grammar again. Urge to kill rising...

Day XXX, 2010

The first of the final stages was a success on the second try. The serum, which was injected into the subject on day XXX, proved to be effectie. Brutus, an eight year old golden retriever, has successfully impregnated the subject. The subject now bears a litter of four puppies. The birth of these four puppies will be expected in three to nine months, depending on how much influence the human-side of their DNA has affected them.

Day XXX, 2011

The four specimens are developing as planned and expected to be born quite healthy. The subject has expressed a wide range of emotion, mostly anger and depression, and has attempted suicide more than once. However, all attempts were prevented and further security measures were put forth.

Day XXX, 2011

The specimens were born as four very healthy puppies six months after impregnation (two males, two females). The stress of giving birth to these puppies has left the subject exhausted and unconscious. The specimens are currently under surveillence and put under study at another laboratory. Interesting results are expected from them.

P.S. Professor Goodwin is annoying me to no ends.

Day XXX, 2011

In a shocking turn of events, specimen #3 is developing at an alarming rate. The other specimens have developed into three fine golden retrievers whom each displays high intelligence. Specimen #3, however, is developing into what can only be a human being. In only three short months, he has transformed into a hyperactive five year old child.

Day XXX, 2011

The anomalous specimen has proven himself to be more of a handful than his siblings. A decrease in sugar intake has done nothing to cease his affinity to causing havoc and destruction. However, the rate at which he is able to learn is astounding and proves further study is needed.

P.S. Professor Goodwin must DIE!!!

Day XXX, 2011

Okay! Scratch that! The anomalous specimen, however cunning and clever, is cleary not intelligent enough to be considered a human being! No ten year old (however young he technically is) would mistake a test tube of potassium for a banana! The subject whom gave birth to the specimens seems to find this amusing.

Day XXX, 2011


P.S. Professor Goodwin is clearly the lesser of two evils

Day XXX, 2011

The experiment for the potion has worked. Seven months and one week after birth, the anomalous specimen's rate of aging has finally slown down to match that of a normal human being. One can only hope that his behaviour will improve over time.

Day XXX, 2012

The potion that reduced the anomalous specimen's aging rate has done nothing for his behaviour. No matter how much he is drugged or detained, he always seems to find a way around it. On a lighter note, today is the anniversary of the puppies' birth. In only one month, the anomalous specimen has learned over fifty songs for the piano, all of which he played today.

Day XXX, 2012

Although I realize this is a waste of paper and resources, I wish to rant again. THIS GODDAMN KID IS PISSING ME OFF!!! Somehow, the hell child has found a way out of the lab and spray-painted the side of a morgue. In order to avoid suspicions, Professor Goodwin played the part as the father. "Trent" now has a juvenile criminal record.

Day XXX, 2013

Specimen #3 has escaped again.

Day XXX, 2013

All search efforts for specimen #3 were in vain. On a more positive note, life has never been more quiet. Dispite better judgement, a second batch of specimens is underway.

Day XXX, 2016

Specimen #3 is still missing. One of the siblings, specimen #2, has died today at age five. The anamolous specimen, if he is still alive today, will be reaching his fifth birthday soon. Physically and mentally, however, he will be reaching age seventeen. How much he has developed over three years is unknown and unpredictable.


Elsewhere, a young teenager with extremely long light brown hair and sky blue eyes was sitting high up in a tree. He wore brown trousers and a green sleeveless jacket over a white t-shirt. He also wore black sandals and a white bandana over his forehead. His hair was incredibly long, reaching down to the back of his knees.

"Gero-nemo!!!" Trent shouted as he jumped off the tree and onto the top of a passing bus. He heard many good things about the city and he was going to experience it for himself!

Part 6 - Chaotic Behaviour

(Song "Motivation" by Sum 41. Lyrics taken from Plyrics)

What's the difference of never knowing at all?
When every step I take is always too small.

"Alright, let's go!!!" Trent shouted as he excitedly lifted his skateboard high up over his head. The adrenaline... the rush! There was no feeling like it in the entire world.

Maybe it's just something I can't admit but lately,
I feel like I don't give a shit.

The half-pipe was the best thing he discovered since busting out of his prison of a home. He managed to earn money by running some errands every now and then. It was amazing how much speed was in demand these days. Unlike most delivery boys, he was able to deliver in one third the required time. Pizza, letters, messages... you name it. He'd find out the address even if you didn't tell him what it was.

Motivation such an aggravation,
Accusations don't know how to take them.
Inspiration's getting hard to fake it.
Concentration's never hard to break it.
Situation never what you want it to be.

All eyes were on him for it was always a show whenever it was his turn on the pipe. He earned himself the nick name "stray hound" on the first day he displayed his skills. He claimed to had never skate-boarded before, yet he learned advanced tricks by watching them performed.

What's the point of never making mistakes?
Self-indulgence is such a hard habit to break.
It's all just a waste of time in the end.
I don't care so why should I even pretend.

As if to encourage others to call him by his new name, he stole a black leather collar and wore it around his own neck. He earned other names for his deeds including "dare devil", "maniac", and strangely enough... someone called him "Tzuyu." That last one stuck to him for some odd reason... so he kept that one as well.

Motivation such an aggravation,
Accusations don't know how to take them.
Inspiration's getting hard to fake it.
Concentration's never hard to break it.
Situation never what you want it.

Nothing's new, everything's the same.
It keeps on dragging me down, it's getting kind of lame.
I'm falling further behind, there's nothing to explain.
No matter what you say nothing's gonna change my mind.

Trent/Tzuyu jumped off the top of the half-pipe and began his performance in front of a crowd of kids his age. The audience was cheering and egging the young dare devil on. Trent started things off with a nose grab followed by an indy and an airwalk. His best trick... he was going to save that for last.

Wheels were whirling on wood. Time stood still for him. His blood was boiling with adrenaline which was pumping at maximum pressure. Not a care in world... that was the kind of state his mind was in. There was no confusion about anything at all. Everything was clear to him... yet chaotic at the same time. Clear and chaotic... he wouldn't have had it any other way.

Can't depend on doubt until the end.
It seems like leaving friends has become
This years trend and though I can't pretend.
It's fine to be mislead.
It's not the same but who's to blame,
For all those stupid things I never said.

Motivation such an aggravation,
Accusations don't know how to take them.
Inspiration's getting hard to fake it.
Concentration's never hard to break it.

The wind was with him and they both knew it in their hearts. When it came to the air, Trent knew he was in safe hands. He could jump from high heights and launch himself from ramps without a single doubt in his mind. He'd jump off a cliff and knew he'd be okay. He'd attach rocket boosters to his feet and believe he'd come out alive.

The crowd screamed louder for the youngster to go up higher. They knew he could go higher. He knew they knew he could go higher. They've seen him go higher and wanted him to go even higher than when they've seen him go higher. He knew he wanted to go higher. He knew they knew that he wanted to go higher as well. This time, he was going to give them the highest he's ever gone before.

Motivation such an aggravation,
Accusations don't know how to take them.
Inspiration's getting hard to fake it.
Situation never what you want it to be.

"Oh my god!!! Is that... it is!!!" A commentator's voice.

Never what you want it to be.

"This dark horse of the tournament might have a chance, afterall!"

"Don't you mean dark dog? *Snicker*"

Never what you want it to be.

"There you have a it folks! First time contender, Trent "stray hound Tzuyu" Bloom has just performed a 720 backflip! That has got to earn points!"

"Yeah, alright!!! Gonna take number one!" Trent shouted as he pumped a fist into the air.

"Unfortunately, his registration seems to have disappeared... is he even competing legitimately?" One of the commentators asked as he searched through a bunch of papers.

"Uh oh, looks like I got found out!" Trent grinned as he jumped off the half-pipe when his skateboard strapped to his back. He landed onto the cement ground on all fours just as the security guards arrived. The audience booed the judges for disqualifying their favourite skater so fast.

"I'm sorry, son, but you gotta play by the rules," one of the guards apologized as he approached the young boarder.

"Nah, don't apologize. You wouldn't if you knew I'd do... this!" Trent laughed as he jumped as he dropped a lit firecracker into the guard's hands. He immediately ducked away from another guard as the firecracker went off.

"Damn kid. Get back here!"

"Ha ha ha!!!" Trent continued laughing maniacally as he scaled the walls like a monkey and jumped into the crowd of spectators. He was immediately lost in the sea of teenagers and young adults.

"Okay... that was wierd. How did he get past security in the first place?" The commentator asked, looking around.

"Kid should've just registered for the amateur tournament and made his way up. Say... does that mean he won or what? The audience seems to like him enough."


"Shit, dude! That was awesome! 'Specially like the way you got out uncaught!" Spike exclaimed from behind the wheel of his convertible. "How'd you get past the guards, man?"

"Laxatives, my man. Laxatives," Trent grinned devilishly in the back middle seat with his arms crossed. "No one can mess with the genius of Trent Bloom."

"You rocked, man! Knew you'd be cool enough to hang with us!" Nails laughed as he clapped a hand on Trent's shoulder. He was seating right behind the driver's seat. He looked towards the others and asked, "didn't I say he was cool or what? The devil man! You were like Dare Devil out there!"

"Of course he's cool! He's always been cool! Hadn't I always said he was cool?" Razor exclaimed in the front passenger seat. He turned around and continued, "you're definately one of us now! We're like dogs who hunt in packs."

"Yeah, you're definately dogs alright," Sting smirked as she sat beside Trent, behind the front passenger seat. She turned her head and smiled sweetly at the new addition to the team. "Seriously, though, you were great out there."

"Thank you! Thank you! Greatest skater in the world is my new title!" Trent laughed as he stood up on his seat. He took his skateboard off his back as he jumped onto the trunk of Spike's car. He saluted to his new friends as he said, "now if you'll excuse me, I've got an appointment to attend to."

"Wha... we're on the highway! C'mon, you suicidal or something?" Spike exclaimed as he looked back, then front again.

"Ha ha, you're funny! We're on a bridge, not a highway," Trent continued laughing even after he jumped off the convertible, causing a pile-up worthy of tomorrow's headline news.


"Okay, so now that he's shown his stuff, what you guys REALLY think of him?" Spike asked his friends as they hung out in a local park. Spike had dyed blue hair and a nose ring through his left nostril.

It was approximately one week after the skateboarding tournament and one of the hugest car pile-ups in recent history. Since then, the gang of punks allowed Trent to hang out with them. It didn't take long before Trent showed them that he was a nuisance not only to the society they hated, but also to them.

With Trent late to their latest meeting, the group discussed the pros and cons of their newest member. Spike and Sting were sitting on a bench under the shade of a large tree. Razor was sitting on a large rock while Nails was leaning against a tree.

"He's got balls, gotta give 'em that," Razor smirked as he pulled out a carton of cigarrettes. He took a stick out and lit it before taking a puff of smoke. His silver white hair covered his red eyes for a moment. As he blew out a whisp of white smoke, he added, "I always told you the guy's a psycho. Don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing."

"Dang, we don't even know where he lives. Gotta get some background info on him, ya know? Hey, I need one, too," Nails replied as Razor tossed him the carton. Neil was completely shaven bald and had a green beanie to hide it.

"Who cares who he is and what he can do? The guy's an idiot who pees outside during broad daylight!" Sting growled as she brushed back her auburn red hair, which was tied up in a small ponytail. She snatched the carton of cigarrettes out of Neil's hand and took the last one. As Neil began to protest, Sting continued, "did you know he chased around truck for a good half hour? The guy's probably a retard and you all know it!"

"Who's a retard?" Trent asked as he appeared upside down with his face in front of Sting. The devilish grin was there, which added to the effect of freaking out the red haired girl.

"Wha... you trying to give me a heart attack or something?" Sting gasped as she found herself behind the park bench, upside down with her knees over the back of the bench. Fortunately for her, she was wearing jeans for if she wore a skirt she'd be giving the guys a free peep show. However, this did not get rid of her humiliation which she immediately hid away by getting back to her feet. She glared at Trent, who was hanging upside from a tree branch. "Where did you come from? Why... are you upside-down like that?"

"Ninjas are sneaky people... kind of like Spider-man!" Trent chuckled as if the reason he was hanging from a tree was obvious. He grabbed hold of the tree branch with one hand for he was holding a six... five-pack with the other. He hung down from the tree with one hand this time before dropping down in front of the bench. "By the way, I got us some beer!"

"Dude... you are so cool," Razor said as he accepted one of the cans.

"Why's there five cans? Did you drink one?" Spike asked as he took a can as well. He looked at the label and saw that it was actually root beer. "By the way, this isn't real beer."

"Nope, I drank seven!" Trent grinned as he took a can and set the other two on the bench. He took one look at his can before showing it to the others, "and it is beer! Look! It even says so on the label!"

"Ah well, a beer's a beer," Nails shrugged as he took one of the cans.

"Tzuyu... mad dog... whatever your name is... we need to... ah... discuss some things about your... behaviour," Sting began as she took one of the cans. She put on one of her sweet smiles and said, "you see..."

"Oh! A squirrel!" Trent exclaimed as he saw something in the corner of his eye. He dropped his can of root beer and went running after the black rodent. "Here squirrely squirrely!"

"Um... Trent?" Spike began.

"GGGGRRRRRRRR..." Trent growled as he stopped in front of the hole his prey escaped into. He reached a hand into the hole and felt around for the squirrel.

"Do you see what I mean?" Sting sighed as she turned to the others, whom nodded at once.


"He's resorted to using fire crackers now," Nails noted as he looked at what Trent was doing.

At that moment, a red brandspanking new Toyda ferrari rolled up in front of the youngsters. It was one of those new 2016 models with black tinted glass and V16 engine. Honda and Toyota banded together to design and manufacture the car. Only rich folks had that kind of ride. One name immediately came to mind.

"Whoa, that's a sweet ride," Spike whistled as he checked out his sworn enemy's car. The others immediately agreed and looked at the vehicle with envy in their eyes. Spike was proud of his convertible, but knew it paled in comparison with such a beast.

"Whatcha lookin' at? Whatcha lookin' at?" Trent asked as he appeared right behind his friends. He took one look at the ferrari and whistled, "Ooh... shiney..."

"Hey, isn't that..." Sting moved her head around to look at the car from a sharper angle.

"Yep... Greg and Brenda. The rich pricks who gets away with stuff all the time," Spike grinned evilly as he clasped his fingers together.

As the red car pulled away, Razor took one look at Spike and said, "you gotta stop acting like Mr. Burns."

"Hahaha, Simpsons is still going even though it started thirty years ago," Trent laughed.

"Uh... never mind, let's just follow them," Spike grumbled as he got up off the bench and headed for his car. "If you guys want some revenge, come with me. Trent, you should come along, too. You were with us that time, remember?"

"Hmm... I don't remember seeing the car... but that driver and girl I remember," Trent thought back to a few months ago, when he first met up with the gang. Back then, they weren't really much of a gang. They and about twenty others were just buddies who drank and partied together.


A few months ago, Trent, Spike, Sting, Razor, and Nails were at one of those raves that lasted till dawn. Almost every single student from the local highschools were all there. There was... of course... booze and drugs available at the outdoor party. Heavy metal music by some new music band was playing over the loud crowd.

There was this one guy, one of the snotty higher class bunch named Greg. He and his uppity, but really hot girlfriend, Brenda were the 'leaders' of the group. Spike and the others made up the second group, the typical bad seeds up to no good. Well... suffice to say, the two groups did not get along very well with each other. It was only natural that the two groups would get into it during the rave.

Basically, what happened was that an extremely drunk rich Greg spilt beer on Spike. Spike got pissed off and demanded that the high-class leader apologized for the mess. Greg, in a cocky manner, apologized very insincerely before dumping an entire pitcher of beer over Spike's head. Drenched and angry, the blue-haired punk socked the rich boy in the face.

This started the battle between the two and escalated into a full-out brawl. Spike's friends and Greg's friends all got involved and pretty much wrecked the party. Trent could vaguely remember being more interested in the beer than in the fight. Dispite this, however, he still managed to take out five guys who could very well be from football teams.

Anyways, the police were soon involved and even though it was the rich kids who started the confrontation, it was the other group that got hauled in... including Trent (though he snuck out later). Since then, the group of bad seeds swore to get revenge the first chance they got.


".... and that's why we're following them," Trent finished his self-narration.

"Dude, you sure you're up to this?" Spike asked as he took a left, following the red ferrari. "You realize what we're going to do, right?"

"Let's see... rope... hand-cuffs... enema bag..." Nails looked through a bag full of items.

"Um... why do you have all that?" Razor asked as he stared at Nails in disbelief.

Suddenly, Trent stood up in the convertible as soon as he heard a familiar sound. He turned around and noticed something in the corner of his eye. He immediately jumped out and ran after a certain vehicle playing a certain song. "ICE CREAM!!! ICE CREAM!!!"

"Okay, that's it, he's officially out of this group," Sting growled as she watched the crazed teen run after an ice cream truck.

"All those who agree, raise your right hand and say aye," Spike said as he raised his right hand.

"Aye," everyone said at the same time as they raised their right hand in unison with each other.

Part 7 - Rich Bitch (no pun intended)


A red ferrari zipped along the empty road, going way past the speeding limit. The jet black tires screeched against the asphault as the Honda/Toyota hybrid twisted and turned against the sharp curves. The trees swayed in one direction as the sleek machine passed them. The car was built for speed and it showed.

Within the car, the driver and his girlfriend were enjoying the ride. Greg and Brenda were the most popular couple in school and they both knew it. They both came from high-class families and were the leaders of a group of snotty rich brats. They had power among their generation and they used it to their full advantage. It was summer-time, so they decided to head down to the lake together.

Greg was, simply put, a snobbish rich punk who knew only how to spend money and show off. He had professionally groomed blond hair and watery blue eyes. He was well built and quite tall, standing at around 6 feet. His equally snobbish, but really hot girlfriend, Brenda also knew only how to spend money and show off. She had honey blond hair combed straight with a single curly lock on each side of her face. Her bikini matched her eyes, which were of an ocean blue colour. She also had very well endowed breasts, wide hips, and a small waist. She stood around 5 foot 4.

Following closely behind the ferrari, a red convertible was trying very hard to keep up with the monstrous machine. Four punks were trying to keep up in order to exact their revenge on the high-class couple. Spike, at the wheel, had blue hair and a nose ring in one nostrils. Sting, riding shotgun, had auburn red hair tied up into a ponytail. Razor had silver white hair which neatly covered his eyes. Nails was completely shaven bald and had a green beanie to hide it.

A few months ago, during a rave party, Greg poured beer over Spike's head. This caused the snobbish high-class group and the punkish bad-seed group to fight it out. Although it was the first group who started it, it was the punks who ended up in jail. Since then, four of the punk group, including Spike, swore to get revenge. Now they had their chance.


"What are they doing now?" Razor asked as he looked over Sting's shoulder.

"They're still swimming, it seems," Sting replied as she shoved her friend away. "Nothing's happening yet."

"Man... let's just go down and do it!" Nails whined.

"No... not yet. Let's wait a while longer," Spike replied as he watched the couple in the lake.

"Say, I wonder what Trent's doing now," Razor wondered.

"Chasing a truck!" The other three said at the same time.


"Arf! Arf! Arf! Arf!!!" Trent barked as he chased after an ice cream truck on all fours. His long, flowing light brown hair trailed behind him as he set his sky blue eyes on the target. It was no wonder that he managed to gain quite a few number of stares.


Trent immediately screeched to a stop once he noticed an 18-wheeler pass by. He stared at the large vehicle for a few seconds, then immediately ran after the truck, barking all the while, "GGGGRRRRRRRRR... Arf! Arf!"

"Mommy, what's that strange man doing?"

"Don't stare, honey. Just ignore him."


"Mmm... that was a good swim," Brenda sighed as she stepped out of the lake and back onto shore. Her skin glistened in the night air as the water on her body reflected off the moon-lit sky. She walked over to a blanket, which was laid out earlier, and lied down upon it. She turned herself over so that she was sitting upright, with her legs spread apart. She licked her lips in a very seductive manner as she looked at her boyfriend with lust in her eyes. Greg, in order to stay cool, walked casually over to join his girlfriend on the blanket.

The rich boy moved himself in between Brenda's legs and planted his hands on either side of her hips. Brenda responded by wrapping her arms around Greg's neck and pulling him down for a kiss. The two of them started sucking at each other's lips like hungry hyenas. Soon, their tongues were swirling together and exploring each other's mouths. They pulled each other closer together and continued making out on the blanket.

Greg's hands reached around and began massaging Brenda's back. He felt around until he found the string knot to his girlfriend's bikini top. As he pressed forth, he fumbled around with the knot until the top was loose. Once it was loose, he pulled the top away and laid Brenda down on her back. While keeping his lips on his hot girlfriend's, he reached up a left hand and began groping Brenda's right breast.


"I... can't take it anymore," Razor exclaimed as he stared at the rich couple make-out. "Who knew? I thought Brenda was too uptight and prissy to do stuff like this."

"Heh, I knew she was a slut," Sting grinned as she watched with interest and amusement.

"Alright, let's go down there, then... oh, and bring the ropes," Spike commanded as he led the way.


"Psst, let's do it," Brenda whispered into Greg's ear.

"Alright, let's," Greg grinned happily in response.

"Oh, she'll be doing it, alright... with us!" Suddenly, two pairs of hands pulled Greg off of Brenda.

"Wha... what's going... oof!" Greg gasped as Razor punched him across the face. Razor stopped in order to show the brass knuckles on his right fist. Greg seethed, "so it's you filthy street rats, huh? What are you peons doing here?"

"I've been waiting for this moment since we got out, you know?" Spike grinned as he sent a punch straight into his sworn enemy's nose. Greg's head snapped back in response, causing blood to spurt through the air and onto the ground. Spike continued pummeling the rich boy with two brass knuckles as Razor held the victim to keep him from going anywhere.

"Hey, what're you doing? Stop it!" Brenda snapped as she immediately moved to get up. However, another pair of feminine hands wrapped around her waist and held her down.

"Going somewhere, girly?" Sting hissed into the blond's ear before licking it with her tongue. With one arm binding Brenda, she used her free hand to grope at the same breast Greg was groping earlier. "Mmm... very nice. Soft, yet firm at the same time. I'm jealous."

"Get your filthy hands off me, you dyke!" Brenda growled as she struggled to escape the punk girl's attacks. Her ears were burning in shame and humiliation at what was going on. She wanted to get away, but she couldn't. What's worse was that she was beginning to enjoy it!

"Heh... lil' sissy doesn't know how to fight," Nails grinned as he took his turn to pummel Greg with his bare fist. He choose the liver as the target and attacked the very same spot over and over again. Once he was done, the snobbish rich boy was down on ground, begging for mercy.

"I think it's about time for the real fun to begin," Spike grinned devilishly as he dragged his enemy over to a nearby tree. Together with the help of Razor and Nails, they tied the rich kid to the tree. Then, they turned their attention on Brenda.

"I'm not a fucking fag, whore! Now get off me, already!" Brenda shouted angrily as she continued to struggle out of Sting's embrace. She finally succeeded by pushing the punk girl away with her elbows. She immediately crawled away, but found herself staring at three pairs of shoes. She looked up with fright in her eyes as she stared up at Spike, Razor, and Nails.

"Heh, you better pay attention, cause we're going to bang your slut," Spike grinned towards the bound Greg as he grabbed Brenda by the wrist. Tearfully, Brenda tried to get away, but could do nothing against three teenage boys and a girl. She found herself thrown back onto the blanket, which was relocated to just in front of Greg.

"Damn you, get off my girl!" Greg growled as he tried to get out of the ropes. "I'll kill you."

"Correction, you're going to shut it if you want your little excuse of a dick to be kept... ahem... under wraps," Sting grinned as she leaned up against the rich boy with a look of superiority to her face. She reached down and gently groped the youngster's crotch. Only a piece of bathing suit material separated the girl's hand from Greg's manhood. It was no wonder that Greg got a hard on.

"Say cheese," Nails chuckled as he pulled out a camera. Sting pulled down Greg's bathing suit, exposing a two-inch long penis. A snap later, the picture was taken.

"Now keep quiet about this or we'll show that picture to everyone at school," Sting smirked as she tapped her finger against Greg's chin before slapping the boy across his face. "Understand?"

"Now that that's out of the way, time to have some fun," Spike rubbed his hands with glee as he grabbed hold of Brenda's hair. The punk leader dragged the girl over to the blanket and threw her down onto the thin material.

"Fuck you! I'm not touching you!" Brenda shouted as she tried to get back up with one arm draped over her breasts. However, she was roughly shoved back down onto the blanket. She looked up at her to-be rapists and whimpered, "just... let me go."

"What's wrong? From what I've heard, you've fucked with quite a few number of people," Spike chuckled as he stood over the frightened rich girl. "Now, we can do this the easy way or the hard way. Do what you're told and we won't make it too painful, alright?"

"I..." Brenda looked behind her to find Razor, Nails, and Sting blocking off any form of escape. She turned her attention back on the blue-haired punk before kneeling submissively before him. She looked shamefully to the ground as she nodded to show she understood.

"Good, now we're making some progress," Spike smirked as he looked down on the girl kneeling before him. "Alright, bitch, your first task is to give me a blow-job."

"....." Brenda was in tears as soon as she heard what she had to do. She's given quite a number of blow-jobs before, but this didn't remedy the situation at all. She tentatively reached up with trembling hands and unzipped the blue haired punks jeans. She gasped as soon as she saw what sprung out of those jeans.

"Heh, I don't like to brag... but... it's a whole lot bigger than your boyfriend's, don'tcha think?" Spike grinned as he shoved his ten-incher into his victim's open mouth. "Come on, suck it! Suck it like the slut you are!"

"Mmm..." Brenda gagged as the monster of a cock entered her mouth. She reached up with both her hands and grabbed the serpent before too much of it entered her oral orifice. She immediately went to work, using her tongue as much as possible to bring her captor to orgasm as soon as possible. The sooner the punk shot his load, the sooner things would be over.

"Oh yeah, just as I thought. You're a natural-born cocksucker," Spike sneered as he forced more of his cock down Brenda's throat. "Take it all down your throat. Deep-throat it!"

"....." Brenda had never done that before. Fortunately, she heard some other girls talk about it and knew how to do it. She just hoped that what she learned would be enough to get her throat it.

"That's a good girl, just take it aaaaalllllllllllll in," Sting purred as she knelt beside the blond. She reached out a hand and groped the girl's right breast as her tongue snaked out and touched the right earlobe. "Afraid you'll come to like it?"

Brenda whimpered in humiliation and fear as she relaxed her throat and began to breathe through her nose. Inch by inch, she took the cock down her throat slowly and cautiously. Every time she swallowed, her throat massaged Spike's tool, eliciting a groan of pleasure out of the blue haired punk.


Someone was taking pictures! She tried to move her head to see who was taking the pictures, but was unable to. Nails... he was the one who took the picture of Greg's miniature-sized cock. They were... did they plan to... were they going to show the pictures to everyone? Fear invaded her mind as Spike's cock invaded her throat.

"Yeah, that's right... like that..." Spike grinned as he grabbed hold of Brenda's head with his hands. He moved his hips back and forth and began to face fuck the blond girl. Brenda began to gag, but she couldn't do a thing about it. She simply knelt there, allowing her throat to be defiled by someone she usually considered 'trash.' She felt the cock in her throat spasm and immediately knew that Spike was going to shoot his load! With two hands hold her, she could do nothing as she felt the fluids hit.

"Hehe... is it our turn? Is it our turn?" Nails grinned impatiently as he unzipped his jeans in anticipation. He took off his jeans and underwear so that he could join in right away.

"Yeah, go ahead," Spike smirked as he pulled his cock out of Brenda's throat. Brenda automatically started gasping for breathe as soon as the cock was out of her throat. She felt like throwing up.

"Alright, I get her ass," Razor grinned as he exposed his eleven incher to the captive. He pushed Brenda down onto the blanket so that she was on her hands and knees, like a dog. He grabbed hold of Brenda's hips to keep her from escaping and moved the thong bikini out of the way. He then poked the head of his cock against the anus. "If you think Spike's bad, think again. Trust me, this'll hurt. A lot."

"Wha... no! Wait! I've never put anything in there before!" Brenda panicked as she tried to struggle away from the white-haired kid.

"You know, I liked you better when you couldn't talk," Nails grinned as he knelt down in front of the blond. His twelve-inch cock was staring up at the stunned girl. Brenda's eyes were widened in fear for she knew what was expected of her. However, the thought of something in her ass was too much for her.

"Please, take my... my... take my cunt! Please! Fuck me in my cunt!" Brenda begged as she wiggled her ass to get Razor off of her.

"Hehe, what a slut! Begging me to fuck her," Razor snickered as he continued pushing the head of his cock into Brenda's ass. He forcefully rammed his tool until the head was past the anus.

"EEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!" Brenda let out a blood-curdling scream as she felt her anal orifice invaded by the white haired punk. She felt like she was being ripped apart by the sperpentine invader. Her screams grew louder as more of Razor's cock continued along her anal tract. She kept screaming until Nails rammed his cock down Brenda's throat.

"Man, that was loud," Nails grumbled as he let go of his ears. He stared down at the girl before him and grabbed hold of her head. "No more shouting, alright? Be a good little slut and suck my cock!"

"Oh man, her ass is tight! Too bad it won't be for long once I'm done with her," Razor snickered as he continued pounding away at Brenda's ass. He showed no mercy and continued fucking the girl's asshole. Fortunately for Brenda, Razor lubed up his prick beforehand to speed up the process.

"Once you're done with her, I want a taste of that sweet pussy of hers," Sting smirked as she licked her lips in anticipation. She went down onto her stomache and said, "then again, why wait?"

With that said, she moved herself underneathe Brenda so that her mouth was right below the girl's vagina. She pushed the bikini out of the way so that the hairless slit was exposed. She reached up with both hands to pull apart the lips and began licking around the inside. Her thumb reached around until she found the clitoral hood. With one thumb massaging Brenda's clit, she continued licking the girl's slit.

"Ah..." To Brenda's utter horror, she found herself moaning in pleasure to the treatment she was given. She continued deep-throating Nail's cock, took Razor's in her ass, and reacted to Sting's ministrations. She just couldn't help herself! All the sensations going on at once were attacking her mind altogether.

"Oh god, so good! So... tight..." Razor rasped out as he felt his load about to burst. He let out a groan as he shot his load deep down Brenda's ass. As soon as he pulled out, his jiz began spurting out of the girl's anus. Soon, Nails followed suit and blew his load deep down inside Brenda's throat. Like with Spike's cum, Brenda could do nothing except swallow Nail's load.

"Heh... such a slut. You're enjoying this, aren't you?" Sting grinned evilly as she stuck a finger deep down inside Brenda's pussy. She pulled it back out so that she could pulled herself from under the captive. She pushed Brenda onto her back and climbed up on top of the blond. The redhead unzipped her jeans and pulled it and her cotton panties down to her ankles. Much to Brenda's protests, Sting sat on the blond's face, crushing her with her moist pussy. "Start licking, bitch."

"Mmm..." Brenda whimpered as she stared up at the redhead's shaved slit. She slowly opened her trembling lips and poked the tip of her tongue out against the slit. In a very amateurish way, she licked the punk girl's cunt slowly and fearfully. Dispite being obviously new at this, she still managed to elicit a groan of pleasure from Sting's throat.

"Your pussy's very tasty, I want another go at it," Sting grinned as she lowered her head onto Brenda's slit. She grabbed hold of the blond's legs and spread them apart. Now that they were in a sixty-nine position, the red head began licking away at the cunt beneather her. It was only a matter of moments before Sting had her first orgasm. Once her first ride of pleasure was over, she started on a second one. She licked her lips after the third and said, "oh yeah... that one was good. Now it's your turn."

With that said, she got off of Sting and moved so that she was in between Brenda's legs. Before Brenda could do anyting, Spike was standing right beside the blond's head. The blue haired punk knelt down with a grin on his face as he forced his cock into the captive girl's mouth. He grabbed a fistful of the girl's hair to keep her from escaping. That was when Brenda felt another presence behind her.

"Time for another crack at your ass, bitch," Razor grinned as he moved himself so that he was underneathe the blond. He lifted the girl's hips and moved her anus right over his rigid cock. Without another word, he dropped the girl on his cock, bringing great pain back into Brenda's anal tract.

"My turn," Nails snickered as he stood right in front of Brenda. He knelt down and placed his twelve-incher right between the girl's breasts. He then proceeded to fuck the rich bitch's tits.

"Now for the grand finale," Sting giggled as she poked a finger into Brenda's slit. Once she had one finger inside, she poked a second finger into the captive's cunt. She moved her fingers in and out until she was sure the cunt was wet enough. To speed things up, she poked the third and fourth finger inside, causing Brenda to moan in pleasure and pain.

Sting continued fucking the other girl with four fingers until she was sure the cunt was ready. She then slipped her thumb inside, then curled her fingers into a fist. As she pushed inwards, Brenda's eyes were popping when she realized what was going on. Her eyes rolled back, overwhelmed by the sensations. The red head gave the rich girl a cheshire smile before proceeding with the fist-fucking.

"Ahh... oh..." Brenda moaned and groaned as she was gang-banged and raped by the enemies she dispised and looked down upon. To add to her horror, she felt the first signs of an incoming orgasm. She tried to fight the sensations, but lacked the willpower to do so. Nails was the first to shoot his load. This was the trigger that caused the chain reaction of what happened next.

Brenda felt the cum drench her breasts, causing her to have her first orgasm. This caused Razor to shoot his load and Sting's arm to get swallowed by the blond's cunt. Brenda felt herself being filled in both her holes and had her second orgasm. Spike couldn't take anymore and shot his load deep down the rich girl's throat. Brenda gasped for air as soon as the blue haired punk pulled out of her throat. Once Razor pulled out of her ass, the blond had her third orgasm of the night.

"Oh yes... very juicy," Sting grinned as she struggled to pull her arm free. However, she had to wait until the other girl calmed down first before she could pull out. Once she did, she licked at the girl cum that drenched her hand. After a few licks, she presented her hand before Brenda, ordering her to clean it up with her tongue.

"Right, time to tie her up," Nails snickered as he picked his camera off the ground. He checked the pictures that it took and whistled, "amazing shots! This could be worth a fortune!"

"Heh... come on," Spike said as he grabbed hold of Brenda's wrists. He tied the exhausted girl's wrists together behind her back. He looped the rope around the girl's forearms, tying them tightly into a coil. With Razor and Sting's help, Spike had Brenda bound in even more rope. By the time they were done, Brenda was down on her stomache with her ankles tied to her wrists. Lastly, Sting soaked the blond's green panties with her own juices before gagging the bound girl with it.

"Have a nice night!" Razor laughed as he and his friends waved good-bye to the rich couple. As he passed Greg, he threw a left hook towards the enemy's face, knocking him out cold.


"Aw... no ice cream and no truck..." Trent muttered as he walked along the road with his hands in his pockets. He sighed in disappointment for a second, then brightened right back up again. "I know... the lake! From their trail scent, those other guys must be headed for the lake!"

With that said, he got down onto his hands and knees and sniffed the ground to sleuth out his friends' path. He ran along on all fours, clocking at around 150 mph. It took only a while before he reached the lake. He stood up and looked around, scanning for any sign of his friends. He did not find his friends, however, but found the rich couple his friends were talking about early. One was bound to the tree while the other was hog-tied and lying on a blanket.

"Huh... what happened here?" Trent blinked in curiosity as he ran over next to a blond girl bound in rope.

"Mmm..." Brenda cringed in fear as she felt another prescence approach her. Were they back? No... it couldn't be... help? Had help finally arrive? She immediately spat out her own panties and begged, "please, let me out! I'll do anything! Just let me out!"

"Huh..." Trent blinked again as soon as he looked down at Brenda, unsure what to make of things. A grin etched across his face as he said, "alright, I'll let you out! I don't like ropes, either!"

Part 8 - Photoshop is Fun!!!

|-|yp3|2_|>4\/\/6: H3Y 3v3ry 1!

Blue Mage: Hyperdog! Long time to see!

Killer666: Hi

Bl00D-B0i: where u go?

|-|yp3|2_|>4\/\/6: LOL!!!!!111 \/\/45 47 4 70|_|2|\|3Y!

Bl00D-B0i: rite, plz stop dat

Swordmaster: You haven't logged on in quite a while. Where were you?

|-|yp3|2_|>4\/\/6: LOL!!!!!111 \/\/45 47 4 70|_|2|\|3Y!

Bl00D-B0i: Wat dat mean? ~.^ Tourney?

Swordmaster: what kind of tournament?

Blue Mage: I didn't know you competed in anything.

|-|yp3|2_|>4\/\/6: LOL!!! I was at a skate-boarding tournament

Blue Mage: Cool, sounds interesting. XD

Swordmaster: Wait, didn't you say you were a runaway? We were just wondering, how are you ******? Are you using a public computer?

Bl00D-B0i: o.O did he stop using 1337?

|-|yp3|2_|>4\/\/6: I'm borrowing a new friend's computer!!! COMPS ARE FUN!!! CAPSLOCKS ARE ALSO FUN!!! We ShOuLd GeT tOgEtHeR sOmEtImEs!

Blue Mage: Er... okay... good to see you're still as... energetic as ever.

Swordmaster: So you're staying at a friend's house? That's good to hear.

Bl00D-B0i: plz stop dat, it anoying

|-|yp3|2_|>4\/\/6: NeWaYs, GoTtA lOg OfF1!1 CyA1!1

Blue Mage: cya

Swordmaster: Good-bye and good luck

Bl00D-B0i: later

Killer666: bye

*|-|yp3|2_|>4\/\/6 has signed off*

Bl00D-B0i: ne one got ne pron pics ta sow?

*Swordmaster has signed off*

*Killer666 has signed off*

Blue Mage: g2g, dinner. :p

*Blue Mage has signed off*


It was approximately one week after the raping incident near the lake. Two days after the incident, Greg could no longer look at his girlfriend in the eye anymore. The rich boy simply decided to break it off and stopped seeing Brenda. Brenda, dispite the experience, continued life as normally as possible, trying her hardest to pretend that it did not happen. Fortunately for her, there was some... other problems to help distract her. Unfortunately for her, said problems were a little too strange for her to handle.

"So, um... are you some kind of alien or something?" Brenda asked as she stared at the man who saved her one week ago. She sat on her bed and blinked at the person using her computer. She had long honey blond hair and ocean blue eyes.

"Nope, not an alien! Not x-file alien neways! Nor Star Wars alien! I like to think of myself as more of an..." Trent rambled as he swiveled around in his chair to face the bewildered young girl. The youngster had light brown hair which reached all the way down to the bedroom floor. He also had sky blue eyes and a black leather collar around his neck.

"Honey, do you have someone in there? What did I say about boys in your bedroom?" A voice rang out from behind Brenda's bedroom door. The doorknob turned as the voice said, "I'm coming in, alright?"

"Uh... sure, mom, whatever you say," Brenda replied as she turned her attention on the door for a moment. She then turned her attention back on Trent, who was still rambling on about aliens. She immediately panicked when she realized that the youngster was going to do anything. She quickly hissed, "what are you..."

"Oh, how cute, the puppy's playing on the computer," Brenda's mother giggled as she pointed in Trent's direction. Brenda snapped her head back towards her mother as soon as she heard the door open. She then turned her attention back on Trent.

"Arf..." a puppy seemingly no older than 10 months old was sitting there on the chair where Trent supposedly sat. The puppy was a golden retriever with light brown fur and sky blue eyes. He sat there on his haunches with his tongue hanging out and tail wagging side-to-side. Brenda let out a silent sigh of relief.

"I was listening to some spoofs about aliens," Brenda explained as she motioned a hand towards her computer. "Wanna listen?"

"Maybe later, hun. I've got a business meeting to get to," Brenda's mother said as she headed out the bedroom door. "I'll see you later tonight, alright? Take care of yourself."

"Don't worry, I will," Brenda replied with a forced smile on her face. She let out another sigh of relief as soon as the door closed.

"So your mother works? Does your father stay home and take care of stuff, then?" Trent asked as soon as he changed back into his human form.

"Erm, no... he works, too," Brenda replied.

"By the way, I know how lonely things get here, but I wished you had talked to me first before getting a dog," Brenda's mother's head popped back from behind the door.

"Arf..." Trent, back in his puppy form, barked.

"Um... I found him... by the lake... he was abandoned..." Brenda stammered out the quickly-constructed story. "Dad said I could keep him."

"Yes... I'll be talking to him about that tonight when he gets back," Brenda's mother's eyes narrowed into thin slits. Before she left... again... she reproduced a smile and said, "talk to you later! Bye!"

"My god, that was close," Brenda sighed as she fell on her bed, exhausted and relieved.

"I'll say!" Trent beamed a toothy grin as soon as he changed back to human form. His face suddenly became serious, "so your mom and dad both work? Things must get lonely around here, then."

"Yeah, my mom's the vice-CEO of some company and my dad's got some high rank among the FBI," Brenda replied, twirling a length of her hair. "They both work seven days a week so I rarely ever see them. I mostly just hang out with some friends or... just mostly hang out."

"I see, I see," Trent replied as he started up a game of solitaire. A grin etched across his face as he asked, "so you're mostly free to leave the house and explore, huh?"

"Well... yeah, but... wait a minute, we were talking about you!" Brenda exclaimed as she pointed an accusing finger at the shape-changing dog man. "How are you able to change into a puppy? I've been asking all week, but you never answer!"

"Wee! Won the game!" Trent exclaimed as the monitor filled up with cards bouncing around one by one.

"Ugh... never mind," Brenda grunted as she got up and left the room. "I've got school to get to. You should get ready, too, you know."

"What's school?" Trent sincerely asked with genuine curiousity.


"Oh my god, I knew she was a slut!"

"Is she really into that sort of thing?"

"Wow, she's also into girls!"

A crowd of students were gathering around in one spot near a wall. As soon as Brenda saw the crowd of students, she became curious as to what was going on. It didn't take her long before she realized what they were all looking at.

"....." Brenda stared with wide-open eyes at the pictures displayed on the wall. They were pictures of when she was raped a week ago by the lake! However, these pictures... they must've carefully chosen the ones that made it look like she enjoyed it! Either that or they photoshopped it or... something. Spike and other's faces were cut off from the picture so that the only face visible was Brenda's! The pictures, in short, made the popular girl look like a complete slut while masking her rapists' faces.

The whisperings continued until almost every single student in school heard about the pictures. Rumours began to circulate about her, making her look bad. The teachers took the pictures down, but it was already too late. Too many people had already seen it.

Brenda ran out of there... as fast as she could...


"Why are you following me? Leave me alone!" Brenda turned around and screamed at a puppy with light brown fur and a black leather collar. She was out in the city, away from the school she suddenly decided to hate with passion... and away from the home she always hated with passion. Swarms of people passed by her and the puppy, turning their heads for a second to stare at the situation before continuing on their own businesses.

"I just wanted to know what was wrong is all," Trent replied, a bit heart-broken from being yelled at. He knew he was always being yelled at, but those were yells by people he disliked. He had no real reason to dislike the girl before him. At least not yet.

"You... can speak even... never mind," Brenda turned away from the golden retriever and continued walking along the sidewalk. She wore a hat over her blond hair in order to hide her tear-streakened face. "I just..."

"Oh, hotdogs! Want one?" Trent asked as he suddenly materialized in front of Brenda with a hotdog in each hand. They were the jumbo-sized hotdogs that were sold by hotdog stands.

"Where did you get those?" Brenda stared at the hotdogs, then turned to look behind her. An understandably angry hotdog vendor was headed their way. With a shocked expression on her face, she grabbed Trent by the wrist and ran. "Oh my god, I can't believe... run!"

"Running's fun!" Trent laughed as he followed the blond girl. "Say, we're friends, right? Brenda?"

"Yeah, sure! Whatever! Just run!" Brenda gasped.


Blue Mage: Hello, Hyperdog! Good to see you ****** again.

|-|yp3|2_|>4\/\/6: H3Y 3v3ry 1!

Blue Mage: Haha, it's just me right now. Don't worry, I think the others should be getting here soon.

|-|yp3|2_|>4\/\/6: Blue Mage! You're a blue mage! You're like a wizard, right? You can do amazing things, right?

Blue Mage: Um... it's just a name. I wish I could do amazing things, though. Even if it's regular amazing stuff. :p

|-|yp3|2_|>4\/\/6: ThIs Is No TiMe FoR yOuR nEgAtIvE aTtItUdE1!1 I nEeD yOuR hElP1!1

Blue Mage: ???


"First thing we do when we get home after being chased by a hotdog vendor... huh?" Brenda asked skeptically as she watched the dog man use her computer. "Why are you humming like that, anyway?"

"I like listening to music, that's why," Trent replied with a grin on his face. "When I hear no music, I just hum some tunes I remember!"

"I see..." Brenda blinked as she walked out of the bedroom and towards the balcony for a breath of fresh air. She sighed this time not in relief but in exasperation. Trent was getting to be quite a handful. The youngster had some sort of... ability to turn things upside down. What kind of mood was she in before... she could scarcely remember. The blond girl even forgot all about the pic... the pictures! How could she forget about them?

Suddenly, a smile grew on her face and she chuckled to herself. She forgot... she thought that the incident would scar her for the rest of her life, but she forgot. It was strange how a week old relationship with a lunatic of a dog man could make a bunch of pictures pale in comparison. Trent... it was like he didn't even care what others thought about him. He could strip naked and dance in front of the whole school and not have a care in the world.

She leaned against the railings of the balcony and stared up at the night sky. She wondered again how it could be night so soon. Did time really pass that quickly? She vaguely remembered doing many other things in the city with Trent besides escape a hotdog vendor. Apparently, adrenaline made events pass by in a flash.

"Hello! Staring at the stars?" Trent asked as his upside-down face suddenly appeared right in front of Brenda.

"Kyaa!" Brenda cried out in surprise as she fell on her butt. She looked upwards to see the dog man grabbing hold of the railings with one hand. Trent was doing a one-handed handstand on the edge of the balcony. "How... an acrobat, too?"

"I can do a whole bunch of other things!" Trent laughed as he jumped back on the balcony on all fours.

"Are you... did you escape from the circus or something?" Brenda asked with a questioning look on her face. She got up off the balcony floor and headed back inside. "It's been a long day. I just... I just want to sleep."

"Right, of course! Don't let the bed bugs bite!" Trent smiled as he said good-night to the blond girl. As soon as Brenda went back into the house, the youngster back-flipped and leapt off the balcony. Once he landed outside the house, he snickered, "time to initiate Plan Pic-Strike! God, that's cheesy..."


Blue Mage: Er... what do you plan on doing with these?

|-|yp3|2_|>4\/\/6: Gimme gimme gimme!

Blue Mage: Um... I did the best I could, but I'm not sure if they're... you know... good enough.

|-|yp3|2_|>4\/\/6: Gimme gimme gimme!

Blue Mage: Alright, I'll send them over, now.


She didn't know why she bothered coming back to school... but she decided to, anyway. She hoped that the other students would forget about the pictures, but she knew that was very unlikely to happen. Brenda took a deep breathe, then re-entered the school she ran away from.

"Oh my god! More pictures!"

"These are back up again?"

"Haha! She looks like a slut!"

Brenda froze.

She looked up at the walls, expecting to find more degrading pictures of herself. She was right... but...

"The entire football team's gay?"

"You idiot! It's obvious these pictures are fake!"

"Hey, this one looks pretty real!"

"Wow, Sally and Tia are lesbian bondage queens?"

"Oh my good! Hahahaha!!! You gotta look at this! The principal's godzilla!"

"King Kong fucking the art teacher, huh? That's not very original."

"Hey, if these pics are fake, you think maybe those pics of Brenda were also fake?"

"Idiot, pretty obvious they're fake. Though gotta say, they look pretty realistic. Who did these?"

Brenda could not believe her eyes. All over the school, on every wall, there were photoshopped pictures of not only herself, but of her fellow students. Even Spike and his friends had a pic up! At first, it did not seem obvious that the pictures were fake, but... it became obvious once one saw the more absurd pictures.

"Piggy P.E. teacher! Hahahahaha!!!"

Brenda immediately noticed something in the corner of her eye. She turned towards a window and looked outside towards the football field. Her eyes went wide as soon as she saw Trent waving in greeting. The blond girl hurried outside in order to get to the dog man before anyone noticed.

"Hello! Like my handiwork?" Trent chuckled as soon as his newfound friend was within hearing distance. "I asked a friend of mine to photoshop some pics. It was fun!"

"Did anyone see you put up those pictures?" Brenda asked in a worried tone of voice.

"Nope, not a soul! Ninja must be sneaky and deadly, you know!" Trent laughed out loud.

"That's... that's good," Brenda sighed with relief. She stared at the young man many called a lunatic, then hugged him. "Why? I barely even know you."

"I asked you if we were friends and you said yes!" Trent replied with a goofy grin on his face. He then whispered into Brenda's ear. "Hey, wanna skip school?"

"Let's go," Brenda nodded her head as she followed her new strange friend.


"Trent did this, I just know it," Spike seethed as he stared hard at a picture of himself fucking a sheep.

"Is he even smart enough to use a computer?" Sting muttered as she ripped up a picture of herself depicted as a dog slave. Her eyes immediately glared at Nails and Razor, who were hiding a stack-load of pictures under their shirts. "You better not have any of mine or you guys are dead!"

"Don't worry," Nails replied, who had a picture of Sting urinating into a litterbox.

"We don't," Razor added, who had a picture of Sting lapping up milk from a dish.

"You're dead," Sting growled as she revealed the pictures she stole from Nails and Razor. After ripping the pictures up, she commenced chasing after her 'friends' with an extremely violent look in her eyes.

"He'll pay for this... oh he'll pay dearly," Spike growled as he burnt his picture.


"I don't just do this for anybody, you know?" Brenda explained as she siddled up next to Trent. They were back near the lake, sitting on a long and staring out into the peaceful scenery. The moon was up and the stars were out. Stars were rare nowadays... too rare. "My parents, fortunately, believe that the pictures are fake... just like everyone else, but... they still think it's better if I switch schools next year."

"Yeah? Maybe I'll go with you," Trent replied, goofy grin still on his face. "School looks like fun! I'll join next year as a student!"

"Uh... well... I'm sure you'll be popular," Brenda replied, trying to picture the dog man as a normal high school student. She placed a hand on Trent's crotch.

"Your hand's on my crotch," Trent noted as he stared at the slender hand stroking the bulge in his trousers.

"....." Brenda suddenly appeared in between Trent's legs, undoing the zipper. She reached into the young man's trousers and felt around until she found what she was looking for. She gasped as soon as she saw just how big Trent was.

"Eh heh... lots of other dogs have bigger," Trent chuckled as he looked down at his own 14 inch cock. "Plus it goes inside my body when I'm not using it."

"Normally, I'd be freaked out, but... I'm not even scared," Brenda replied as she stared at the monster of a cock pointing right at her. She grabbed the long flesh with both of her hands and gently stroked it up and down. She stared at the cock some more, then gathered up enough courage to go for it. She opened up her mouth and closed her lips around the head of the penis.

"Whoa... that feels good," Trent blinked in surprise. Suffice to say, this was the first time anyone had ever done this with him... as a human. He vaguely remembered a girl whom he had sex with as a puppy.

"Mmm..." Brenda moaned as she continued sucking on the dog man's cock. She ran her fingers along the shaft, feeling its entire length. Her tongue swished and played around with the head of the cock. She immediately felt something growing at the base of Trent's cock. A knot was actually forming there!

Intrigued instead of freaked out, the blond girl continued sucking on the cock. One hand stroked and explored the surface of the newly formed knot. The other hand played around with the balls dangling down between the young man's legs. Brenda continued playing around with the cock with her tongue until she felt the first sign of ejaculation. She immediately pulled away and off to the side to avoid the load of semen from hitting her face.

"Wow... that was good!" Trent exclaimed in excitement. He beamed a smile at Brenda and said, "more fun than anything I've experienced, really."

"Really now," Brenda smirked as she sat back down beside the dare devil.

"Ahem, were we interrupting something?" A voice rang out behind the newly formed couple.

"Oh no..." Brenda's eyes went wide for she recognized the voice.

"Trent and Brenda. The popular psychopath who acts like a retard and the popular bitch who only knows how to spend money. Wow... I never thought such pairing was possible," Spike sneered as he and his friends appeared out of the shadows. The blue haired punk glared at Trent as he continued, "why the fuck are you with this bitch, huh? What's the idea, putting up all those pictures? If you wanted to do her, you should've came with us when we raped that bitch! Don't you remember what she and her boy toy did to us?"

"Hmm... sorry, could you repeat that? I have a condition the docs call 'short attention span'," Trent replied as he scratched his head. "I kinda stopped listening after 'idea,' really..."

"Ya stupid long-haired hippie! I told the entire football team that you were behind the pictures! They've got an axe to grind with ya," Spike growled as he signalled for the entire highschool football team to appear. True to his word, more than twenty extremely well-built highschool students appeared out of their cars. How did they miss the sound of incoming cars?

"I see, I see..." Trent chuckled as he stood up off the log. He pulled up his trousers and zipped them up. A malicious grin etched across his face as he cracked his knuckles and said, "so you've all got an axe to grind, huh? This'll be a good warm-up."

"It's twenty-five to two, you really think you can beat all of us?" Spike grinned before rushing the dog man.

"Excuse me for a moment, this won't take long," Trent chuckled again towards a bewildered Brenda. As soon as Spike was within striking distance, Trent turned right around and smashed a round-house kick into his face.

Spike went down with a thud.

Razor and Nails stared at their leader for a moment, then decided to join in on the fight. Razor, sporting brass knuckles, threw a punch towards Trent's face. Trent counter-attacked by grabbing the punching arm by the wrist and pulling hard. At the same time, he sent a left backfist towards the face by swinging it above his opponent's punching arm. Once Razor was down, he turned his attention on Nails, who... um... decided to back away.

"You know, things'll take too long if I fought fair," Trent chuckled as he pulled out a recorder from... somewhere. He quickly turned towards Brenda and shouted, "cover your ears!"

As soon as Brenda covered her ears, Trent played a single note on the recorder. The brown note to be exact.

"Ah!!!" The football players were shocked to find that... well... they pooped in their pants. They immediately ran back to their cars to get spare pants.

"Ugh..." Nails grunted as he pinched his nose at the horrid stench he made.

"Oh my god..." Sting shuddered as she pulled her fingers out from her ears. Those fingers were immediately used to pinch her nose to block out the horrid stench of twenty-somthing people who pooped in their pants. She suddenly realized that something else was wrong, "where... where did those two go?!"


Blue Mage: So how'd it go?

|-|yp3|2_|>4\/\/6: 62347!!!!!!!!!1111

Blue Mage: Er... great, huh? That's... good to hear.

|-|yp3|2_|>4\/\/6: I'll be going to a new school next year!

Blue Mage: Cool! I'm going to a new school next year, too. Hey, maybe we'll meet up or something!

|-|yp3|2_|>4\/\/6: 7H47 50UN|>5 62347!!! What bout you, Killer666?

*Killer666 has signed off*


"Why do I have a feeling my school life isn't going to be a normal one?" A certain seventeen year old named Tim asked as he logged off for the night.

10-09-2006, 04:18 AM
Author's note: this character is still under construction! I will update this thread as soon as I get the next part done.

Part 9 - The Sword-Girl


Land was visible.


The waters were getting shallow.


The boat was getting near Demon island.

"[Moto-chan! You feeling alright?]" The voice of a woman spoke out.

"[Tsunade-sempai, mornin!]" Motoko Kurenai quickly whirled around to face the older woman. She was sitting on her bed away from the door in one of the cabins of the boat. The cabin contained two beds; she was sitting on the one farther away from the door and closer to the window. Motoko had reached the age of fourteen at the beginning of summer. It was now mid july, the beginning of the most important test of all. It was a test everyone learning the Shin Onitsurugi-Ryuu style of kenjutsu must take at least once before learning the more advanced techniques. The pass rate was less than 5%... men AND women...

Motoko wore her traditional training gear: a white loose-sleeved kimono, a long black hakama (samurai pants), a white sash, and a shinai. Her black hair was only long enough to cover up part of her ears. She had snowy white pale skin and sharp brown eyes. Dispite her years of training, she did not look like someone who'd do well in a fight. She had a small and slim figure, though it was hard to see through her baggy clothes.

"" Sanae Tsunade replied as she sat down next to Motoko. "[Are you sure you're ready for this?]"

"[I'm sure, Tsu... Sanae-sempai,]" Motoko replied as she clutched the shinai in both her hands. The hilt of the wooden practice sword was held near her face, as if she were hugging it for comfort. "[Was always ready...]"

"[I know, but... I can't help worrying,]" Sanae explained as she wrapped her arms around the younger girl. Sanae also wore her traditional training gear, but she carried a real katana by her side. She was taller than Motoko by a head and had doe brown eyes and dyed dark purple hair tied up into a bun. She also had a more developed and slender figure with a kind and nurturing atmosphere around herself. At age nineteen, she passed the test five years ago. She was the sensei's first disciple. Motoko was the fourth.


Motoko remembered when she was nine, how happy everyone was when Sanae-sempai passed the test. There was some sort of promotion ceremony followed by a celebration, then a private session to teach Sanae one of the most powerful techniques of Shin Onitsurugi-ryuu. When it was Asuka-sempai, the second disciple's turn, there was only disappointment. Motoko could vividly remember the words from that day:

"[What the hell do you mean I didn't pass? I brought you the ultimate weapon, didn't I?]" Asuka's voice.

"[No, you did not. It's impressive that you survived and found [i]a sword, but you failed to do what you were sent here to do. If you wish, you may take the test next year with Akira.]"

"[Ne... screw this! I'm leaving!]"

That did not compare to what happened last year... when Akira took the test:

"[Tsunade-sempai? Wasn't Akira-sempai supposed to come back today?]"

"[Akira... is not coming back.]"

"[Kinda like how Asuka-sem... Asuka left? It's not too late, maybe we can conv...]"


"[Tsunade-sempai? Wh-]"

Motoko couldn't get anymore words out. Sanae was hugging her and crying her heart out. It was hard not to understand the situation.


"[Sanae-sempai, I'm not gonna end up like Akira-sempai, alrigh'?]" Motoko said, tilting her head to look at Sanae. "[Didn'ja pass the test five years ago? Asuka-sempai almost passed, too. Ya know?]"

"[Please don't underestimate the test, Moto-chan. Aki-chan had the same kind of attitude. I just... I can't...]" Sanae couldn't get the words out. She simply held onto Motoko for as long as she could. ""

"[Sempai...]" Motoko turned her face away and pointed her eyes downwards. She noticed a drop of water on the wooden floor next to her feet. Another drop joined it...

"[Motoko, you don't have to,]" Sanae said as she wiped away her tears. She leaned in closer as she tightened her grip on the younger girl.

"[Sempai, I gotta take it,]" Motoko felt the prescence of the older girl come closer. The purple hair was close enough to smell.

"[I know... and I can't do anything for you... except this,]" Sanae pressed her lips up against the younger girl. She reached up with her right hand and began ruffling Motoko's short hair. Her other hand was used to wrap around Motoko's right hip in a form of embrace.

"[Wha...?]" Motoko was caught off guard by this action and wasn't sure what to do. Her shinai left her hands and clanged against the wooden floor. She closed her eyes and immediately began returning the kiss. She allowed her mind to wander in continuous confusion and pleasure. Her heart-rate went through the roof as she permitted her sempai to explore with her tongue.

"[Do you remember? We used to do this kind of stuff alot when Asuka and Akira were still around. Even to this day, we're still not sure if the Sensei knows.]"

"[Wouldn't be surprised if he did.]"

"[It'll be lonely once you're gone... when you're taking the test, I mean.]"

"[Ya still got Jin and them.]"

"[Jin is still just a little boy.]"

"[Oh, right.]"

Motoko reached behind Sanae's head to undo the the bun. Once she pulled off the scrunchy, the older girl's hair fell down. Sanae's hair reached down all the way to her waist. Her eyes met Motoko's and they stared into each other's soul. The older girl continued exploring the younger one's mouth. Her tongue slithered along the oral caverns and rubbed up against the cave's own fleshy tongue.

Sanae decided to get a bit more aggressive by grabbing Motoko's breasts and pushing her down onto the bed. Her heart skipped a beat as a moan of pleasure escaped the younger girl's mouth. She broke the kiss and knelt over her lover's body with her knees on either side of the waist. She had the younger girl turn over so that she was face down. The older girl undid her sash, then used it to tie Motoko's hands behind her back. Next, she undid Motoko's sash and used it to blindfold her. Once that was done, she carefully slid the bound girl's hakama off, exposing the girl's panties. Those were taken off as well.

"[Sempai...]" Motoko began as she felt her own clothes removed.

"[Shh...]" Sanae shushed as she stood up and removed her own hakama and panties. These along with her kimono were piled onto the wooden floor. Instead of a bra, however, she wore bandages in order to bind her breasts against her body making them look small to the untrained eye. Once these were removed, her full D-cups were revealed. Motoko could not see them, but she could feel them pressed up against her face.

"[Sempai, ya got nice breasts. Wish I hadda pair lik'em. Why ya wrap 'em, neway?"]

"[It's more practical in battle. Don't worry, you're just a late bloomer. I'm sure you'll have nice breasts one day. Then you can wrap them like me.]"

"[Doubt it...]" Motoko muttered to herself. That thought left her head once she felt something moist against her pussy. "[Oooohhhhhh... Sempai...]"

Another groan of pleasure elicited from her throat as Sanae swirled her tongue around Motoko's outer lips. A gentle blow to the clit was enough to make the body spasm. In order to gain more control, the older girl grabbed the bound girl by the thighs and buried her face into the womanhood before her. This sent another... couple... few... hundred... thousand... jolts of pleasure down the younger girl's spine. Sweat drenched Motoko's black hair as she went herself already coming close to a climax. She made a note to herself to kick herself in the head for having such weak endurance. That left her mind once the first waves of orgasm hit her.

"[Coming already? Tsk, tsk... that's so unlike you, Moto-chan,]" Sanae giggled as she noted the fluids coming out of the younger girl's opening. She lowered her head back down in order to taste the juices. Then, she gathered some of the cunt juice with her left hand before presenting it before Motoko's lips. Motoko sensed the older teen's cum-soaked fingers and knew what she had to do. She reached out with her tongue and licked up all of her own juices. She felt herself licking air once the fingers were removed. However, she didn't have to wait long before she felt herself licking pussy. "[Now it's my turn. Do a good job, alright?]"

"[Mmm...]" Motoko's reply was muffled by the womanhood squished up against her face. Since her hands were tied, she could only use her tongue. She poked around the entrance to the older girl's love canal. After a bit of probing, she penetrated the lips with her tongue and began exploring the foreign tunnel.

"[Oh... that's it... right there...]" Sanae groaned as she tweaked her own nipples in synch with Motoko's probing. She released hold of her nipples and lowered her head back down into the younger girl's pussy. This way, the two of them were in a sixty-nine position. With the advantage of sight and usable hands, she was able to bring Motoko back near the brink of orgasm again. This time, however, she held off until she felt her own orgasm approaching.

"[Tsuna... Sanae-sempai... please... make me cum...]" Motoko pleaded.

"[Not yet... just a bit longer...]"


"[Oh... now! Together!]"

With that, the two of them came together. Motoko found herself cumming for the second time that day and her face drenched with Sanae's cum. She accepted the love juice with excitement and happiness in her heart. She relished the taste of her sempai before swallowing what she could get into her mouth. Sanae lifted her face and used her fingers in place of her tongue in order to avoid getting her face drenched with cum. Instead, her face was drenched with sweat. Her left fingers were drenched with cum... so she licked it all off.

"[Moto-chan, you taste so good.]"

"[You... you too... sempai...]"

"[We should probably get ready. We should be arriving at demon island very soon.]"

"Hai, sempai..."

Once both of them cleaned up the mess they made and donned their clothing, they headed out. Before Motoko reached the door, however, Sanae pulled the younger girl in for another kiss. Once she broke the kiss, she said, "[good luck, Moto-chan.]"

"Arigatou, Sanae-sempai."

To be continued!

Part 10 - Demon Island

On an island far away from civilization, on an island not found on any conventional map; on an island where many died; a test of one of the highest calibers was taking place.

A boat reached the shore of this dangerous island. Three people were standing on the red hot sands. The sun was bearing down on everyone, casting away the shadows. The nearest tree was far away past an open field. Within the woods... evil lurked about.

"[Motoko, you realize that the success rate of this test is less than 5%, correct?]"

"Hai, Sensei."

"[You also realize that the chances of you dying during the course of this test are more than 90%?]"

"Hai, Sensei."

"[You'll be required not only to survive for three months, but you'll also need to find the ultimate weapon somewhere on this island.]"

"Hai, Sensei."

"[Then... good luck. We'll be leaving now.]"

"Arigatou, Sensei."


Motoko stood up from her newly made campsite. She was on the edge of the beach where she said farewell to the last people she would talk to for the next three months. Where she stood, the beach ended and the grassy plains began. There were hills along the way... and past the hills were the woods.

As soon as she reached the woods, she felt uneasy. The branches and leaves blocked out the sun, casting large shadows onto the ground below. Nevertheless, the young girl knew that she had to explore the island if she were to have any chance of completing her task. Her hand rested upon the hilt of her shinai, though she knew a wooden weapon stood no chance against large predators. However, it still gave her comfort to know she had something to rely upon should the need arise.


"[What the hell?]" Motoko blinked as soon as she noticed the strange creature.

"Honk honk honk!!!" It was a pink bird, though not a flamingo, with an owl's head, goat horns, and three legs. Although it had three legs, it was standing on none of them. It had a tail that looked very much like a cross between a snake and a lamprey. That was what it was standing on. This made the bird-like animal stand as tall as Motoko.

"[Guess I shouldn't be too picky with my meals from now on,]" Motoko noted as she gripped her shinai with both hands. She immediately rushed forth, drawing her weapon back behind her. The ground was moist, yet she had no trouble with speed. Once she was within striking distance, she quickly lashed out a horizontal slash towards the head.


"Honk," The pink creature honked as it parried the strike with its horns. It dropped down onto the ground with two feet planted firmly into the semi-muddy dirt. The long tail left the ground, taking a large piece of the earth with it. The tail whipped out towards the samurai girl, sending the desk-sized clump of dirt towards her.

[What The hell], she thought. Motoko quickly side-stepped the projectile, though she was quite surprised by the attack. Apparently, the bird-creature was a lot smarter than it looked. The pink bird attack again, however, before she could recover.

"Honk honk!" The third set of talons curled up into a fist and punched into the ground. Once it did, a wave of tall spires made of stone began from the point of impact and headed straight for the young girl. Each spire was larger than the last and disappeared right after it reached its peak. The first spire rose as tall as a foot. Motoko quickly dashed away from the wave of spires and watched as the last one uprooted and shredded a tree into four long pieces. This one was as tall as a house.

"[Eh heh... I must be dreamin'... yeah... just dreamin'...]" Motoko chuckled nervously as she stared at the large spire before it disappeared back into the ground. She turned her attention back to the pink bird just in time to see it run towards her... head first. She didn't move. Instead, she stood there... and waited. ""

"[I]Honk!" The pink bird felt something on its head. It felt nothing on its horns. It lifted its head and looked to see that the girl was gone. The bird then felt a rush of sharp pain.

"[Good thing ya can't charge and use yer gripper-thingy at the same time,]" Motoko smirked as she straddled the bird's back with her shinai planted firmly against the back of the creature's head. One hand was on the shinai, the other was reached out behind her to grab the tail in case it came after her. That last part, as it turned out, wasn't necessary. The bird collapsed onto the ground, causing the young girl to let out a cry, "Oof… [not a dream...]"

She got off the bird, grabbed it by the third talon, and began dragging it back to the campsite. Dinner was served... or so she thought.


"[What now?]" Motoko grumbled as she looked over her shoulder. She didn't have a chance to react.

Thwip thwip

"[Ya gotta be kiddin me!]" Motoko exclaimed as she felt two vines grabbed hold of her weapon. She released her catch and grabbed hold of her shinai with both hands. Unfortunately, she lacked the strength to compete against this new animal and lost the tug-of-war. Her hands throbbed with burning heat as she felt the handle slip out of her grasp. Gritting her teeth in anger and determination, she faced her opponent. "[Dat's it! Yer goin' down!]"


A three-eyed monkey with vines coming out of its back appeared.

"[Uh...]" Motoko blinked speechlessly once she found out her new foe was the size of a house-cat. She immediately snapped out of it once more vines made their way towards her. She quickly stepped out of the line of fire and said with exasperation, ""

"GGGRRROOOOAAAARRRRR!!!" The three-eyed monkey roared as the end of each vine grew a single, razor-sharp claw. Three vines reared upwards before swinging down towards the sword-girl's head.

"[Wha... shit!]" Motoko was too busy dodging the horizontal vines to notice the ones overhead. She dashed backwards and barely avoided getting skewered. The front of her clothes however was shredded exposing her breasts to the air. She noticed the shreds of clothing and looked down. "[Wha... pervert,]" she shouted.

"Groar," the monkey growled happily as it started swinging around the shinai it stole from Motoko. Motoko glared at the monkey, swearing to herself that the little furry animal was going to roast over the campfire tonight. She reached out and grabbed a nearby branch in order to use it as a temporary weapon. Unfortunately for her, the monkey was had quicker reflexes and stabbed the back of Motoko's right hand before she could pick up the branch. At first, the young girl was shocked that in the time it took to pick up a weapon, the monkey was able to attack from twenty feet away.

The mischevious three-eyed monkey withdrew its claw which caused blood to spurt out of Motoko's hand. Motoko gritted her teeth for she planned to ignore the pain and continue fighting. Her knees bent, indicating that she was going to dash forward and attack from close range. She never had the chance.

"[AAAAHHHHHHHH!!!]" Motoko screamed in pain as even more of her own blood was spilt all over the ground. A horizontal slit was created just below the knees on the front of her hakama. She immediately fell on her ass for her legs could not support her at the moment. When she pressed her right palm against the ground to support herself, even more pain surged from the first wound.

Motoko knew she had to get away and tried to stand up to run. She was surprised when the monkey did not stop her from standing back up. She was even more surprised when three vines slammed into her ribs, sending her flying backwards through the air. A heavy [i]thud sounded once she landed back on the ground, knocking the wind out of her. It almost felt like she was hit by a car doing 120mph.

"[Damn...]" Motoko gasped as she sat up from where she laid. Every single breathe she took from that point on hurt like hell. She looked up at her opponent... no... she was too weak to call the monkey her opponent. The three-eyed monkey bared its teeth as if taunting the bleeding girl. The wounded girl immediately knew just from the look in the monkey's eyes... she was being toyed with. It was no wonder so many students died while staying on this island. It was a wonder how Sanae did not die while staying on this island.

The young swordswoman felt two vines encircle her ankles. She felt like a rag doll in the hands of a bratty toddler. The monkey jerked at the girl's legs causing the girl to drop her arms and hit the back of her head against the ground. Motoko reached around frantically with her left hand. She didn't care what she picked up. She had to get out of this situation through any means necessary. Her hands wrapped around something rough and the size of a baseball. With one last desperate attempt, she flung the stone in her hand towards the monkey.

The stone did not even leave her hand.

No... that can't be... Motoko thought to herself in shock. She turned her head and stared at her left arm. A crimson line ran from her wrist down to her elbow. She released her hold on the stone in her hand as blood painted her face. She looked back up at the three-eyed monkey. Her eyes went up even higher until they were fixed on a single blade raised up towards the sky. The blade came down...

The blade stopped within an inch of Motoko's face.

"Honk!" The pink bird-like creature from before had its sucker attached to the back of the three-eyed monkey. The bird pulled in the paralyzed monkey until it was right under its middle talon. The middle talon was used to tear out the vine-like appendages one at a time. The bird reached down with its beak and pecked away at the three eyes. This strange creature was hungry and it chose the monkey to be its food. The monkey appeared smaller, but due to its vine-like appendages it had twice as much meat as a grown human being.

On other days, Motoko would had been fascinated at the similarities between these demons and normal animals. Instead, she wanted to get away from this place as soon as she could. She slowly staggered to her feet, pressing her left arm against her waist to stop the bleeding. The wound on her right hand stopped closed up, but it still stung every time she reached out for a tree to support herself. A trail of footprints followed her as she painfully made her way out of the forest.

As soon as she reached the beach, she collapsed under her own weight. She laid there in the sand for a few seconds. She pulled herself back up and walked towards the water. She shed her clothes revealing twos cuts on each leg located just below the knee and around the ankle. Her ribs were bruised and she suspected that a couple of them were broken. Once she was knee deep in water, she ripped a few strips from her clothing and bandaged her left forearm and right hand.

She pulled herself out of the water and fell back onto the sand. The sand felt cold during the night. As she laid naked on the silent beach, she thought about her first day on the island. She thought about the test. She thought about the warnings that came with the test. She thought about the other students before her who took the test and died.

She thought... and she cried...

Part 11 - The other participants


"[Again! Your guard's weak!]" A loud authoritive and booming voice shouted. The voice belonged to a man wielding a katana. Although the man was wielding one sword, he wore a sheath on each side of his belt with a second sword in the right sheath. His face was hidden for the sun was right behind him.

"[Sorry Sensei. I'll try harder this time.]" Jin grit his teeth as he clenched his sword with both hands. Sweat was pouring down his face which meant that he was putting effort into his training. He had white hair in a crew cut and blood red eyes. He and his sensei were outside in the dojo's backyard training with real swords.

"[What are you even doing with an adult's sword? You should be using a smaller weapon]," Sanae scolded her kohai as she watched the training from the wooden porch.

"[No way. Real men use real swords]," Jin seethed under his breathe. He was indeed wielding a sword that was easily as long as he was tall.

"[A regular sword's going to throw off your balance once you hit puberty. Unless, of course, you use a giant slab of iron for a sword. You're going to look like you're overcompensating for something you know]," Sanae teased.


"[Eyes on the enemy at all times!]" Jin's Sensei shouted.

"[Wha... ah!]"



One week had passed since the near death experience at the hands of the three-eyed monkey. The temperature had dropped quite a bit and was not entirely unpleasant. There were a few clouds here and there while seagulls took to the blue sky. In fact, one could say that it was a nice day.

[I want to get off this stupid island], Motoko thought to herself as she laid there on the sand. With what was left of her clothes, she was able to create a mini-skirt out of her hakama and a tube top from her gi. She didn't know what happened to her shinai and wasn't about to return to the woods to fetch it. The scars around her ankles and shins were healed and weren't that very noticeable unless they were examined closely. The scars on her hand and wrist on the other hand were visible. She used her sash as bandages for her wounds and cleaned it everyday so that she could use it again. Fortunately for her she was a fast healer and could endure quite a bit of pain thanks to her training.

As she listened the waves of the ocean brush up against the sand, she thought back to her life before the test. She wondered how on earth her two sempais were able to survive living on this island. She never truly knew how incredible they were until she faced the demons in the woods. It was no wonder so few people were able to pass let alone live. It was no wonder Akira...

Motoko squeezed her eyes shut as soon as she remembered that name. She wished she could've been there when Akira first step foot on the island. She wasn't allowed because she was not supposed to know anything about the test save for that it existed before she took it. She was not allowed to know anything because it would be cheating if she knew something advantageous beforehand. The only time she was even allowed near the island was after her sensei determined whether her sempais passed the test or not. She was not allowed to ask her sempais, her sensei, or...

[There are other people on this island!] Motoko suddenly realized as she instantly sat up. As soon as she did, a sharp pain ran across her ribs reminding her that she was still injured. She slowly settled back down onto the sand and replayed an old memory in her mind.

The ancient art of Shin Onitsurugi-Ryuu began several hundred years ago. It was a style of Kenjutsu that was designed specifically for battling demons and monsters. The demonic island was the island on which the seven disciples of the founder of the style was stranded on for twenty years. Since then, Demon Island became the testing ground that determined whether or not a student could learn the advanced techniques. Due to the high mortality rate, very few followers of the Shin Onitsurugi-Ryuu style was left... but they existed.

Motoko's Sensei had one Sempai and eight Kohai. Seven of the Kohai were dead which left one Sempai and one Kohai. Motoko's Sensei's Sempai had a handful of disciples. The Sensei's Kohai also had at least two disciples. Motoko's Sensei's Sensei also had his own Sempais and Kohais and Motoko's Sensei's Sensei's Sensei... so... who knew how many practitioners were left. Motoko searched through her memory for the ones around her age.

"[Kate and Pete might be on this island]," Motoko suddenly realized as her eyes widened. She vaguely remembered members from her Sensei's Sempai's dojo coming over for special training. Kate and Pete were among the visitors. The two dojos usually visit each other once or twice an year in order to share what they learned and gain experience by training together. As far as Motoko could remember, only one of Kate and Pete's Sempai passed the test. Motoko searched through her mind again for other possible students. "[Kana, Akito, and Yo. I've only met each of them once, but I'm pretty sure they're my age. I wonder if they're on the other side of the island or something.]"


"Eight days and still no sign of any ultimate weapon," Kate sighed as she fed the campfire with a handful of twigs. She and Pete had been exploring the island and mapping out the different locations. They came across a three-eyed monkey, a purple-spotted rhinocerus, and a swarm of flying snapping turtles. They were only able to survive because they depended on each other's help. She poked at the small fire with a branch she found lying on the ground. "Shit, how long does it take to take a whiz? Sheesh..."

Kate was a fourteen year old brunette with blond highlights and bright blue eyes. She stood at around five feet two inches and looked quite thin. She was still flat-chested, but appeared to be developed in other areas. She wore a green tanktop and brown trousers instead of the standard kenjutsu uniform. Unlike Motoko, she was not carrying a shinai. Instead, she was carrying a shinken... in other words, a real sword. She and Pete were fortunate enough to find real weapons for themselves during their exploration.

"Achoo! It's the freaking summer! Why's it so cold..." Kate shivered as she wrapped her arms around herself.

They were travelling around in the woods and once every so often they would play rock-paper-scissors to decide which direction to go. For some odd reason, they ended up going uphill for hours. They did not stop at any open clearings for they knew such areas made them easy prey. They continued walking until they came upon a clearing big enough yet small enough to rest and not get attacked easily.

"Damn it, he better not've gotten himself eaten!" Kate growled as she grabbed her shinken and left the campfire. She seethed and bit her lower lip for she knew just how dangerous this island really was. She may had been more fortunate than Motoko, but the chances of surviving for three months were still not looking very good.

As she left the campfire, a gust of wind came along. It howled a silent howl and pushed against the fire. The fire struggled to stay alive, but it did not take long before it was carried away. The woods became cold again.


"Pfft... small fries," Akito smirked as fire danced across the air. A small flame sprouted from her fingertips as she prepared to finish off her victim. With a feral grunt of animalistic strength, she raked her burning fingers across the face of her prey. Her prey screamed in pain at the attack, clutching at the three-lined wounds.

Akito was fighting a seven-foot tall green-furred troll. The troll had only one eye which meant he was a cyclops as well. He also had four arms, a pronged tail, and six cat-like ears... which meant that he was... well... just plain strange. The troll reached out with his two left hands while his top right hand clutched his bleeding face and his bottom right hand clutched the open wound in his waist.

"I should really just finish you off and get this over with," Akito smirked as she grabbed the one-eyed troll by the face. She was a red-eyed, raven-haired beauty at the age of fifteen. She stood at around five feet eleven and had developed a fine figure. Her breasts were binded by bandages which looked painful considering she had C-cup breasts. She also wore bandages around her wrist and ankles. Her hair was cut short prior to the test so that they didn't get in the way of her eyes. She wore her gi open and her hakama was shredded into a miniskirt.

Due to the difficulty and mortality rate of the test, any student may skip the test and take it again next year. Akito chose to skip the test and train one more year before taking it. As a matter of fact, most of the students who survived the test were the ones who had an year or two of extra training. Many students, however, decide to take the test as soon as possible for most of the students who passed the test did so when they were fourteen.

"AAAAHHHHHH!!!" The troll desperately clutched at Akito's forearm with all four of his hands. Unfortunately for him, it was to no avail and he fell upon his knees from the searing pain. Smoke rose from his face and his hands released their grip on the fiery girl's wrist. As soon as Akito released her deathgrip, the troll fell over... faceless and dead on the cold, cruel ground.

"Jeez, I thought this would be more of a challenge," Akito said with an arrogant tone of voice. A flame sprouted from the palm of her hand and black smoke rose up into the air. It was useless, she knew, to try and signal the other participants of her whereabouts. The trees were tall enough to almost block out the sun and the woods were like a maze. However, if the others knew that normal human beings could survive this place... it might give them hope.

Her eyes wandered for she noticed something moving. She quickly closed her flaming hand and waited... for her next prey to make the first move.


"Oh dear. Had I realized there would be others, I would've come sooner and helped you."

On the other side of the island, another student named Kana came upon what could only be described as slaughter. Strewn about on the open grass field were fragments of torn limbs and flesh. The grass was originally yellow from dryness, so it was easy to see the blood that was left behind. The ground was painted with crimson death and reeked of meat gone bad. A finger here or there could be seen within the mess. A bone was poking straight out of the mess as if marking the scenario. The only part of the bodies that were left intact were three human heads.

Kana knelt down next to one of the heads and picked it up to inspect it. The head was that of a fourteen year old boy with curly black hair and a horrified look on his face. The eyes were wide-open circles, reflecting the world around them. She vaguely recognized the boy's face from a couple of years ago. The two of them went to the same school and were classmates for an year. They even went on a date one time, but it didn't work out so they stayed as friends. It didn't matter... Kana had long forgotten about him ever since she started training for the test.

"I'm sorry I didn't come sooner... Junoichi. You other two must be Kai and Mori, right? I really should've come sooner," Kana apologized as she dropped Junoichi's head back onto the ground. Her pitch black eyes looked desolate and empty as they simply stared at the carnage. A black bandana was wrapped around her head, hiding most of her pink dyed hair. Save for the bandana, her only clothes were white strips of bandages hiding her small breasts and womanhood. Both of her arms and ankles were also covered with bandages even though she did not appeared physically injured in any way. Her only weapon was a single kunai she found in the hands of a half-buried skeleton.

There were footprints... a pathway Kana followed and created at the same time. There were several sets of footprints mostly belonging to a pack of animals with three toes on each foot and nasty claws that dug deep into the earth. These footprints led away from the slaughter scene and towards the woods. A single set of human footprints was right beside the set of pack animal footprints. These human footprints led towards the slaughter scene.

If you followed these footprints, you would find another bloody scene. Seven wolves lie dead on the cold ground. Each of them had six legs, six eyes, two sets of mouths, and three toes on each foot. They were all killed by a single teenage girl wielding a single rusted-up kunai.

"I hope no one else shares the same fate," Kana monotoned as she stood up with a blank expression on her face. She was starring off into space as if she were trying to find something far away. Her lifeless eyes even penetrated straight through the dark woods as they dragged her entire body along. Her expression was unchanging even as she stepped on the remains of the other students. "I really do hope. Being afraid... it's too sad a way to die."

As if sensing something, her eyes whipped upwards towards a cliff with a strange-looking tree.


"Who's there? Show yourselves already!" Akito shouted at the trees around her. She gathered some fire into her right hand as she spoke, intending to scare off the demons. Of course... only the weaker demons were afraid of fire. The strong ones would only be curious and seek to find the source of the heat and light. The truly strong ones knew what fire was and would intentionally seek out the fire in order to prey on the bearer.

The red-eyed girl looked around at the darkness enveloping her. She felt like shivering from the cold energy around her, but that would show weakness. She knew that if she showed any weakness, it would be all over for her. All she could do was create more fire and keep herself warm that way. Her eyes went upwards... and she could not stop herself from showing weakness. Her eyes widened and the words came out of her mouth before she knew it, "oh shit."

The one-eyes trolls were chuckling at her. They were mocking her. They were prepared to humilate and torture her all at once.


"Hey, Pete? Where are you?" Kate called out as she followed the footprints that were left by Pete. The prints were still fresh which meant that her companion should not be too far away. The prints led out of the woods and onto a cliff overlooking a good portion of the open fields.

The cliff was at least fifty metres deep and there were trees just as tall littering the bottom of the cliff. The cliff had an open space save for a single dead-looking tree growing at the edge of the cliff. Pete's prints stopped just at the edge of the cliff next to the dead tree. Kate quickly ran over to the edge of the cliff and looked down towards the bottom.

"Don't tell me that idiot tried peeing here and fell off the cliff or something," Kate exasperated as she crouched down so as to not slip and accidently fall herself. She squinted her eyes a bit as she looked at the open fields. Her eyes widened as soon as she saw what looked to be a girl with a black bandana and bandages. "Hey, isn't that Kana? She's entering the woods without a proper weapon? Is she nuts or something? Still... I should really get her attention or something... but how?"

Suddenly, Pete showed up...

With a horrified look on his face...

As a severed head...

Hanging from a branch.


"Damn it!" Akito growled as she quickly dodged the first wave of attacks. The closest troll held a tree branch which he swung downwards in order to break open the girl's head. The flaming girl saw the attack coming a mile away and easily avoided it by taking a step back. She slammed her left heel into the branch, shattering it into pieces of splinter. However, before she could effectively counter-attack another troll tried to grab her with all four arms.

The troll stretched out all four arms in an attempt to bear-hug Akito. Unfortunately for him, such a position left way too many openings. The troll found himself immediately blinded by a fiery poke to the eye. Screaming in pain, the troll jumped backwards causing the other trolls behind him to temporarily halt their attacks. Wave by wave, the trolls kept attacking in an effort to subdue their prey.

"You're all dead! You hear me? Dead!" Akito shouted as she melted the wrist of another troll who managed to grab a hold of her hair. She dashed in and out of her assaillants' reaches; she dodged when they attacked and attacked after they attacked. Dispite the growing pile of corpses, they simply kept coming one after the other.



Kate immediately dashed backwards and unsheathed a fraction of her sword with her thumb at the same time. Her eyes changed from bright blue into a much darker shade... as if she were possessed. Her right hand was trembling even as it hovered over the hilt of her blade. Her attention refused to leave the face of her friend even though she knew she should be paying attention to her enemy.

The strange tree that stood at the edge of the cliff was moving slightly with the wind. They weren't there before, but now they were plainly visible and in sight. Hundreds of human skulls were hanging from the branches of that tree. The tree... it didn't smell of it before, but the scent of decaying flesh was present. The smell of death lingered through the air around the tree as if sending an invitation to other demons.

"What are you? What did you do?" Kate managed to gasp out as she stood there with her hand on the hilt of her sword. Her eyes were narrowed into thin slits, but they weren't fooling anyone. Tears were flowing down her cheeks even as she rushed towards the tree. As she unsheathed her sword, she shouted, "Give him back to me! Give him back!"

With her Shinken, she drew her blade and slashed out at the tree at the same time. Unfortunately for her, she could not draw her blade all the way out of its sheathe. A smooth vine coming out of the base of the strange tree managed to wrap itself around Kate's wrist, stopping her attack. Realizing what happened, she released her right hand from her sword and grabbed the hilt with her left hand. With the sword held backwards in her left hand, she drew the blade and sliced the vine that was holding her wrist. Believing she was free, she rushed forth only to trip and fall over.

Surprised, Kate turned around and saw that two more vines managed to circle around behind her and grab her by the ankles. She frantically hacked away at the vines with her sword, but only managed to free one foot before a vine wrapped itself around her neck. Choking and gasping for air, she grabbed the vine around her neck with her left hand. She pointed her own sword and herself and stabbed at the vine. Just as she managed to free her neck, her sword was taken away from her by even more vines.

"No... no! NO!!!" Kate squirmed as she tried to retrieve her weapon, but to no avail. As more vines wrapped around her body, she tried everything she could to get free. She was pulled in by the tree and into a hole at the base between two roots. Her fingers clawed at the earth in a desperate attempt to escape, but she was too weak. The last thing she remembered was looking up at the opening and at the last rays of light she would ever see. The light disappeared and her own personal hell began.


"Mmplgh..." Akito blubbered as her head was shoved into the ground by one of the nine-foot trolls who was missing an arm. After fighting for what seemed like hours, her clothes became torn and raggedy. She somehow lost her gi to the flames during the midst of battle. Her bindings were even torn freeing her left breast to the open air.

She immediately struggled to get free, resulting in the complete cremation of yet another troll. It took a while for her to realize it, but the trolls she fought up to now were scrawny compared to the ones waiting their turn. It was only then she realized that the trolls were deliberating using cannon fodder to weaken her! The fiery girl was furious at herself for not realizing it sooner and only fighting those who came after her. With a new vigor she burst through the ranks of the one-eyed trolls and made a mad dash towards the larger ones hiding in the back. The flames erupted from her two arms as she slashed and hacked her way through the horde of demons.

Once she was through, she realized that the true enemies were not only larger, but they were fifteen feet tall giants. This did not phase her in the least and like a runaway freight train, she continued rushing head-first towards her destination. Her flames were stronger and brighter than even the fierce sun that beat down on the beach during high noon. The large fireball she gathered in her right fist made even the titanic troll leaders worried for they stepped back with the first signs of panic on their faces. Akito truly looked the part of the demon more than the demons themselves.

Suddenly, she felt fingers wrap around both of her ankles. Surprised, she looked down and was shocked to see injured trolls trying to grab hold of her. Before she could react, more arms reached out and grabbed her in order to stop her burning assault. In only took a moment, but once she was unable to hold onto her flames any longer they simply dissipated and vanished.

"NO!" Akito screamed as she tried to recover her fire. She opened and closed her right hand, but not even a simple ember came out. She was completely exhausted both mentally and physically. She was too tired to create anymore flames and they all knew it. The trolls took this opportunity to force the young girl onto the ground and knock her out.

The last thing she remembered before falling completely into darkness was being carried by the gigantic troll she was aiming for earlier.


"....." Motoko sat back up again, slowly this time. She did not know why, but she felt as if she had to run into the woods. The pain was not as bad as before and she was sure she could make it in time to prevent... whatever was happening. She was sure... there were human screams coming from deep within the trees that could cover the blue skies. It was just a feeling, but she felt that she could not ignore it no matter what.

With injuries from her first venture, she returned to the darkness for a second chance. It was probably too soon, but she would rather she be too soon than too late.

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Drip drip...

Drip drip drip...


How long had it been?

Kate tried to remember how long it was since she was taken by the moving tree demon. She wondered why she was still alive and her head was not hanging from a branch. She remembered the vines pulling her down into the darkness. She could not move. Her screams reached no one. She could not see. Her nose was filled with the smell of death. She could not do anything at all... except fall into a world where pain and pleasure was one and the same.

After she was captured by the tree demon, her clothes were shredded into a thousand pieces. Dispite her protests, her green tanktop was ripped from her small frame by a single vine. Since her breasts were small enough so that she had no need for a bra, her breasts were immediately exposed to the eerily cold air. That was the only warning she had before her trousers were pulled down leaving her only in her panties (she came to the island barefoot).

Kate continued to squirm, even more so now that she realized what the tree demon planned on doing to her. Unfortunately, she was powerless under the sheer strength of the moving vines. Something tickled against her womanhood through her panties. At first she thought it was the tip of another vine, but this one seemed softer and moist compared to the vines restricting her. Her heart began to race and her breathing quickened at the touch of the unknown object. Her adrenaline-level was at an all-time high.

Another scent filled the dark and cool air. This other scent was much more pleasant compared to the smell of rotten and decayed corpses. It smelled like nothing Kate had ever smelled in her life, but it smelled nice enough to calm her down a bit. Without realizing it, her pussy began to moisten and her hormone-levels began to rise rapidly. Without realizing it, she was reacting to aphrodisiac in the newly introduced scent.

The young disciple of the sword did to resist as much as she should had when her panties were removed. Instead of being ripped off like the other articles of her clothing, her panties slid gently down her left leg and off her left foot. Once the last barrier was gone, the vines that encircled her ankles forcefully separated her legs as much as possible. To her horror, instead of screaming out in pain she screamed out in pleasure.

The strange wet object from before returned to her pussy at once. Kate shivered in ecstasy as she felt the intrusive demon organ played with the outer-folds of her pussy. When the tip of the organ flicked against her clit, a gasp of pleasure escaped her lips. Her mind was split into two factions: one was trying to get her to resist while the other was successfully getting her to go along with the flow. She wanted to resist, but it was felt too good.

"JUST FUCKING PUT IT IN ALREADY!" Kate cried out in frustration as tears spilled from her eyes. She surprised herself as soon as the words escaped from her mouth. She continued to sob even as she moaned and groaned in pleasure. Her tears were falling from her eyes... that meant that she was facing downwards. It was a bit of a comfort to her when she figured out how she was positioned. As if it were acting on her outburst, the wet object slowly entered the love canal. It continued to slithered within the young girl until what felt like ten inches of moist demon muscle was inside of her. "Oh my god... oh god..."

Her words matched the rate at which the organ pumped in and out of her.

Her eyes continued streaming with tears as her words left her mouth.

Her mind kept screaming out incoherent thoughts as her eyes streamed with tears.

Kate's toes curled up as the moist demon instrument pounded into her over and over again. She clenched her fists and her eyes squeezed shut as she felt her clit being rubbed against another vine. Her arms were pressed against the small of her back to make her feel even more at mercy to the tree demon. Her eyes popped open for only an instant as she felt another object begin to intrude her other hole. Her eyes squeezed shut again as the other mysterious serpent slithered into her backyard.

Kate continued screaming in pleasure and pain as she orgasmed over... and over... and over...


Kate: "Circle, circle, dot, dot. Now you have a cootie shot."

Pete: "Are you sure this works, Kate? I won't get sick?"

Kate: "It'll work! Trust me! Now we can all play tag together!"

Motoko: "Are you two done yet? You've already done that a hundred times."

Kate: "Just making sure it works! Right, Pete?"

Pete: "Um... right."

Motoko: "Yo! Yo! What are you doing up there, Yo? Don't tell me you're scared of cooties, too!"

Yo: "Only little kids believe in that kind of stuff. Oh... Akito and Akira are fighting again."

Motoko: "Again? They do this everytime they meet!"

Kate: "Sensei says they're rivals. That's why they fight all the time."

Motoko: "What are rivals? Yo? Do you know?"

Kana: "Rivals are two people who want to be better than each other."

Kate: "Kana! Yay! You're here! Now we can play. Yo, are you coming down?"



"[God... please don't let me be late... please don't let me be late...]" Motoko repeated that same phrase over and over again like a mantra. She sped along the moist ground, running past any and all obstacles in her way. The bottom of her barefeet were caked with mud for she never looked where she was going. She was going on a hunch, but that didn't stop her from going back into the woods anyway.

On her way through the woods, she came across a skeleton holding a bow and a quiver with three arrows. There was also a campfire that was slowly dying out from the cold atmosphere of the dark and desolate wind. She immediatley whipped up a torch using a small branch she found lying nearby. It was only a few short seconds of delay, but she was already worried that it made her a few seconds too late.


Kate: Damn... they're really going at it, aren't they?

Motoko: Akira-Sempai! Do your best!

Kana: No cheering for your sempai, stupid retard.

Motoko: Why not? Um... what did you just say?

Kate: You're too goody-goody to fucking swear, aren't you?

Motoko: I'm not! I just don't know how to swear in english.

Kana: Oh yeah? Let's hear some japanese swearing. I know japanese too, so I'll know if you're lying.

Motoko: [Oh screw you, ya fucking whore. In fact, why don't I just cut the bullshit and flip ya off, ass-wipe. There, that's the fucking universal sign fer fuck off!]

Kana: ... Osakan-dialect?

Kate: Damn... even if I don't understand, I know swearing when I hear it.

Sanae: Hey, you three do realize everyone can hear you, right?

Motoko, Kana, Kate: Eeep!


Where the fuck am I? Damn head's pounding... Akito thought to herself as soon as she was conscious. She was too dazed to make out the objects around her. She tried getting up, but found that she was too exhausted to do anything at all. She realized from the coldness against her skin that she was completely nude save for her bandages around her wrists and ankles. The bandages that binded her breasts were torn apart and laid in fragments on the ground.

There was laughing in the background...




Akito felt a strong hand grab her by the hair and forced her to her feet. Two more hands reached out and grabbed her by the ankles before forcing them apart. A fourth arm wrapped itself around Akito's waist and pressed her back against the furry chest of a one-eyed troll. All four hands belonged to a single troll whom stood around nine feet tall and possessed arms that could rip a normal human being like a rag-doll. Akito was about to be gang-raped by a pack of demonic trolls.

The raven-haired beauty's thoughts went to the fire techniques, but she knew they were useless while she was in her current condition. She tried calling for help, but she could only manage a weak groan. The closest people who could save her were probably already long dead.

Her breasts were roughly handed by the beasts. Since she had them bound for a long period of time, they were incredibly sensitive to even the slightest touch. The troll's handling of her breasts sent overwhelming jolts of pleasure into her brain. Even her mind was too tired to argue with what she was feeling and accepted it just like that. Then came the true horror...

She managed just enough strength to lift her head and look around her. The strongest of the troll pack was gathered for they had first dibs on the 'prize'. The fifteen feet trolls were standing there, amused with the entertainment presented before them. Every single troll had sheaths to hide and protect their cocks, but now they were proudly displayed for all to see. They were wielding an average of 10 inches of beastial meat.

Akito felt the troll behind her begin to enter her rear entrance and he wasn't going in gently. The pyro-user snapped at attention when she realized that she was getting sodomized for the first time by a demon. She could do nothing but experience a mixture of pain and pleasure as the gigantic rod pushed past her anus and into her anal cavity. A hurricane of emotions was swirling through her head and her mind decided to choose the least painful ones. Pleasure... lust... joy... those were the kinds of feelings her mind chose to prevent a complete and total breakdown.

Another cock entered her from the front. One of the stronger trolls who stood at twelve feet tall was to be the first of the pack to sample Akito's womanhood. In the back of Akito's mind, she was glad she already gave her virginity to someone else. In fact, through-out the entire ordeal she was only thinking of the person who took her virginity. Even as the strong smell of animalistic hormones filled the air and even as the trolls violated and debased her body, Akito's mind went to her one true love.

A nine inch cock was forced into the fifteen year old's mouth as another pair of trolls took their turn fucking both holes. The cock was was blue and there were orange veins bulging out. It smelled like it was dipped in dog poo and washed with cat pee. Dispite this, Akito did not gag when it was forced down her throat. More hands... these ones were playing around with her breasts again. It did not just stop there, however. Apparently, foot-fetish did not just exist among humans. Some of the trolls took a liking to Akito's toes and were sucking them into their mouths.

Even so... Akito's mind seeked escape...

Even if her love was not there to save her...

Akito was ready to go to her...

"Akira..." Akito managed to gasp out before she slowly lost consciousness again.


Kate: Say... Motoko? Is Akira a boy or a girl?

Motoko: Of course Akira-Sempai is a boy!

Kate: Oh? Akira looks too pretty to be a boy.

Kana: Akira acts too much like a girl to be a boy. Then again, he or she acts too much like a boy to be a girl.

Kate: Akito acts too much like a boy, but she's a girl.

Akito: What did you say?

Kate: Eep!

Kana: Akito, are you a lesbian?

Kate: Lesbian?

Kana: Ow... why did you hit me, Akito? I only asked a question.

Akito: No, I'm not a lesbian. Where did you get that?

Motoko: What's a lesbian?

Motoko: Um... why are you all looking at me like that?

Kate: A lesbian is a girl who loves another girl. Sempai says it's a natural thing to happen and is as normal as if a girl loves a guy and if a guy loves a girl.

Motoko: Then... that means... it doesn't matter whether Akira-Sempai's a boy or a girl!

Kate: Wait... you like Akira? As in like her like her?

Akito: Her? I thought Akira was a guy.

Motoko: Um... Akira-Sempai only wears the dojo-uniform and takes baths by himself, so no one knows. Sensei felt it was rude to ask so not even he knows.

Akito: This is getting weird. I'm just going to find out myself.

Motoko: If you thought he was a guy a along and you're not a lesbian... then... NO! You can't have Akira-Sempai! He's mine!

Akito: Not interested either way.

Kate: Liar! You two spend way too much time together!

Kana: If Akira's a girl, that makes you a closet lesbian.

Motoko: If Akira-Sempai's really a girl... then... I'll become a lesbian, too!

Akito: You three are weird.


"[Kate... Kana... please be alright...]" Motoko thought to herself as she continued to run through the woods. Her feet were getting sore, but she paid no heed to them. She just kept running along the ground, praying that her two friends were safe. "[Wait... what am I thinking? Bad Moto-chan! Bad! I hafta think bout Pete, Yo, Akito, and everyone else takin' this test as well! So... everyone... please be alright...]"

Her barefeet pounded away against the dirt floor as the trees went by her at a rapid pace. She met three trolls along the way, but they were easy to dodge and avoid. The injuries she sustained last week had healed to the point where she hardly noticed them anymore. Apparently, most of the damage was psychological for it became relatively easy to ignore the pain and think about her friends.

There were... human footprints. Two of them... belonging to a couple of teens her age. From the shape of the prints, one was male while the other was female. The female prints appeared fresher, so it was likely that the owner of those prints was following the prints belonging to the male. However, as soon as she reached a cliff, the trails ended.

"[Fuck!]" Motoko cursed when the trail ended. She looked around the cliff, then noticed a series of other footprints. That meant... there was a struggle of some sort. Something caused the owner of the female prints to run around and fight some invisible enemy. No... not invisible. There were marks along the ground indicating something vine-like slithering along the ground. There was a shinken on the ground, but no sane person would leave a weapon like that behind. All the footprints were also pointing to direction. Fingerprints also indicated that the female victim was dragged along the ground and towards... the TREE!

As soon as she figured it all out, a vine came down upon her head like an executioner's axe. She immediately dashed away from the vine and off to the side. She clenched her torch like a sword and cursed her lack of a real one. Her bow and arrows were on her back, but they couldn't really do anything to a tree demon, right? In fact, she wasn't sure how much damage she could do even if she had a real sword.

Her thoughts went to the shinken on the ground, but it was too close to the tree demon. If she went in too close, she could very well end up with the same fate as the owner of the female footprints. Instead, she backed off as much as she could while staying within the vicinity of the cliff. She continued moving backwards and dodging the vines until they could no longer reach her.

Adrenaline pumped through her veins as she sank deeper and deeper into the world called battle. Her breathes became faster and her heart pounded louder. Sweat poured down her face as they glistened in the sun. She was too distracted at the moment to even be disgusted by the smell of a thousand rotting corpses.

"[Looks like the vines can't reach me he- shit!]" Motoko immediately dashed backwards when she realized the vine's reach was longer than the tree had her believe. This time, she just continued dashing backwards until she was near the trees again. She could turn around and run, but that meant leaving behind two people who might possibly still be alive.

The tree demon was taunting her. The demon monkey taunted her. All the demons on the island were taunting her. They didn't think of the newly introduced humans as a threat. They didn't even think of them as food. Humans were entertainment in the eyes of the demons. Humans were only pathetically weak creatures who squirmed and screamed when the demons wanted them to.

"[Damn you all...]" Motoko growled as she wielded the bow she found. Her left hand clutched the middle of the bow as she planted the torch in her right hand into the ground. She took an arrow and nocked it into the string. She fired.

The arrow slithered through the air as it went straight past all the vines. The tree demon was not fast enough to catch the arrow and took it in the middle. Nothing... the tree demon did not appear phased by the arrow at all.

Motoko fired again, but she got the same result. Her eyes narrowed into frustrated slits of anger. They went towards the torch she planted on the ground. Her eyes suddenly widened with excitement.

The young sword-girl turned her attention back on the demon tree. She grabbed her tube top (or rather what was left of her gi) and ripped it off of her small and lithe body. Her small budding breasts were suddenly exposed to the air causing her nipples to harden and erect. She knelt down and proceeded to tie the fragments of clothing onto the tip of her remaining arrow. Once she was done, she lit the tip of the arrow with her torch and nocked it to her bowstring.

She aimed...

She fired...

She amazed herself...

It was like watching a dam burst. At first there was only the small ember from the arrow. Then the ember grew and spread along the tree trunk. Soon, the entire tree demon was engulfed by an even stronger demon named fire. The flames slowly, but surely claimed the tree's life. Now it looked like a Christmas tree. A Christmas tree from hell...

Motoko snapped out of her trance and ran forth towards the shinken on the ground. She snatched the blade and sheath up and sheathed the shinken at once. With her left hand clutching the sheath and her right hand on the hilt, she ran towards the flaming demon tree.

A flash of lightning could kill a tree...

Motoko's battou-jutsu wasn't that far off.


"Strange..." Kana stopped walking and simply stood there in the middle of the woods. She wasn't sure why she stopped until she noticed something on the ground. Then she noticed something else that was out of place. "Strange... I'm crying and I don't know why... strange..."


Kate: Circle, circle, dot, dot. Now everything will be alright.

Motoko: Why are you giving me a cootie shot? I'm not a boy.

Kate: Boys have cooties too, you know. Now that you have a shot, you don't have to worry about catching anything from Akira.

Motoko: Akira doesn't have cooties!

Kana: There are no such things as cooties.

Motoko: There are no such things as cooties!

Kate: Whatever... you'll thank me later.


"[Kate... please... don't die...]"

The smell of a thousand rotting corpses was gone. All that was left was a pile of dusty old bones, a burnt down tree on a cliff, and two girls.

"[Kate...] please don't die..." Motoko sobbed as she held Kate in her arms. Both of them looked like what they should look like after going through a war. They were bruised, battered, and exhausted.

"Pete... is that you... why did... you wake me..." Kate gasped as she looked towards Motoko.

"Kate, it's me, Moto-" Motoko began to gain hope, but she was cut off.

"Circle... circle... dot... dot..." Kate managed to say. Her finger wobbled as she lifted it to Motoko's foreheard and drew the invisible circles and dots. Once she was done, she dropped her finger and smiled. "Now... every... thing... will be... alright. Please... ju... kiss... please..."

"Kate, it's me! Motoko! I... you... please don't die," Motoko begged as she held Kate against her body. She wasn't sure what to do... except... "I... can't do... anything... for you. Can't... anything... except for this."

She kissed her.

Then there were more sobs.


"Sanae-Sempai, why are you crying?" Jin questioned his sempai as soon as he noticed that tears were staining the dojo's floor.

"Just... got some sand... in my eyes..." Sanae turned away from her kohai and left the dojo.


Hours passed...

Motoko wanted to stay with Kate a while longer...

She could not and she knew it...


Kate: Did you hear? Did you hear? Akira and Akito just confessed their love for each other.

Motoko: It won't last.

Kate: Aw... feeling jealous?

Motoko: Leave me alone!

Kate: It's strange... we're only obligated to see each other bi-annually. Yet... we always seem to hang out every weekend.

Motoko: Is that so strange? Our dojos are only a subway trip away from each other. Wait... what does that have to do with anything?

Kate: Nothing... nothing at all. Just that... isn't Akito's dojo far away? I guess we should've seen it coming. She's been hanging out with us every weekend even though she has to take a longer trip.

Motoko: So what? I bet she just doesn't have any friends where she lives.


Akito remembered what her life was like before she came to the island. She was an outcast among her peers ever since the start of elementary school. It was because she disagreed with what everyone else thought almost every time a hot topic was introduced. Her parents were killed in a car crash when she was five years old. She lived with her grandparents ever since. When she was seven, her grandmother taught her how to use a sword and her grandfather taught her how to use her fists.

It was because she had no parents that the other kids initially picked on her. It was after she nearly beat a classmate to death that things got worse for her. The other children simply avoided her and treated her like some sort of monster. Akito blamed this entirely on her grandparents for the next few years. She then blamed herself for her grandfather's death, which occured when she was thirteen. She was certain that her grandmother also blamed her.

Nobody except Akira... but Akira was dead.

Even if she were to die here, Akito was certain that nobody would miss her. Nobody would care...

It was getting cold...

"Akito... Akito..."

Akito looked up and at first she thought she was looking at Akira. She corrected herself. It was not Akira... but why...

"No... not again... not you too..."

Why... why was she...

Why is she crying for me, Akito thought to herself as she looked up at Motoko's face. Streams of tears were rolling down the fourteen year old's reddened face. The skin under her eyes were puffed up and sore from all the crying.

I'm glad...

Circle, circle, dot, dot... now everything will be alright.

Everything will be alright...

All around the two girls were the unmoving figures of the one-eyed trolls. They were all dead... yes, even the fifteen feet tall giants. They were all slaughtered by a single girl wielding a shinken.


There was an old woman who lived in Okinawa. She lived in a cottage near the beach. She was a widow and her only child was dead. Her only child... and now she was worried about her only grandchild.

"Akito... please come back..." The old woman whispered.


Three months passed like the wind against the sand.

It was time to see if all was in vain.

"Where is the ultimate weapon?" Motoko's sensei asked.

"It's..." Motoko lowered her eyes at the question. She had grown in the past three months. Her hair was much longer and reached all the way to the small of her back. She looked less fragile and her skin was slightly tanner. She stood as tall as Sanae and her breasts had also developed as well. Simply put, she was hot after one month of hell. She was smoking hot once the demons learned to fear her.

"Well?" The sensei was waited patiently with his arms crossed.

"It's right here," Motoko replied. She jerked a thumb towards her forehead and repeated, "The ultimate weapon is right here."

"Congratulations, Motoko. You passed."

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