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Brigit Astar
10-17-2012, 08:11 PM
“It won't take long,” she said. “We just need to place the books in the shelves. It doesn't matter about the order of the books.”

She took some books from the box and began shelving them. Herbie joined her in shelving the books.

She suddenly let out an “Eek!” and Herbie looked over at her. Some of the books she had shelved had spilled out.

Herbie moved over to help her re-shelve the books.

The storeroom was very small and it was a tight fit. He stood behind her, his crotch touching her rump as they re-shelved the books.

As she moved her body around, Herbie gasped with the sensation. His cock grew hard and throbbing as he pressed it on her butt.

When they had finished re-shelving the books, Diana breathed out, “I think that's got it.”

Herbie didn't say a word. He simply kept pressing his crotch upon her ass.

After a moment, he felt her moving her rump around. She twirled her ass in slow little circles upon his hard throbbing prick.

Both were breathing heavily and their hearts were thumping.

Herbie suddenly couldn't stand it any longer. He reached up and slid his hands on her blouse, stroking her breasts through the silky blouse she wore.

“Um, ah, don't stop,” she breathed out heavily.

She reached her hand down between their bodies and grasped his hard-on. She squeezed his dick and he hissed with the sensation.

He slipped his hands down her blouse and cupped her breasts and rubbed them briskly.

She rubbed his prick up and down as he massaged her titties.

She suddenly turned her body around and fell to her knees. She unzipped his pants and pulled out his dick and balls.

His cock was rock-hard, throbbing and extended to its full thickness and length.

She opened her lips and took his prick in, swirling her tongue around the shaft as she sucked up and down on it with her lips.

He clutched her head and drove his dick deep down her mouth to her throat. She sucked his cock avidly, deep-throating him.

A thrill of lust shot through her body. She decided to suck him till he squirted cum. She was sure he could recover enough to fuck her pussy. He was so big and husky and so hard and throbbing that she had no doubt of his ability to squirt twice.

As for Herbie, wild horses couldn't have torn him away from fucking her mouth. She was so intent on deep-throating him, and her mouth was so warm and wet, and she was using her whole mouth—her lips, gums, teeth, and tongue, that there was no doubt that she wanted him to spurt cum down her throat.

He grasped her head and pumped his prick down to her gullet. He gurgled in lustful passion as she sucked every inch of his dick.

He cried aloud as the cum erupted from his balls and gushed up his shaft. He spewed hot cum down her throat. She gulped and swallowed his semen, not allowing a drop of it to escape. He spurted gob after gob of sperm down her gullet, and she sucked him voraciously.

He gasped and panted in passionate lust as she sucked the final dregs of his cum down her throat.

Never had he dreamed that anything could feel as good. He grunted and groaned and made lustful animal sounds as he emptied his balls into her licking sucking mouth.

Diana was right about Herbie's ability to spring right back up. As soon as his balls had been emptied, they began filling up again. His prick was already growing stiff once more. Even though she had not doubted that he would be able to get it up again, she marveled at his speed in growing another hard-on.

She stood and walked over to an old couch with a cover which set in a corner of the storeroom. She removed the cover and slid her panties down and off. She lay down on the couch, slipped her skirt up and raised her legs and drew them back.

“Come and get it,” she breathed out.

Herbie was not slow in obeying her. He hurried over and unsnapped his pants and drew them down. He raked her blouse and bra up and went down on her breasts, licking and sucking on the big orbs. He went from breast to breast, flicking his tongue on the nipples as he sucked on the nubs.

She panted and clasped his head and thrust her titties to his licking sucking mouth.

“Oh, ah, suck my tits,” she gasped. “Suck them, bite them.”

He chomped down on the orbs and she cried aloud in lust, “Eat my tits up! Oh god, it hurts so fucking good!”

He squeezed her ass good and hard as he bit her tits and rubbed his now-hard dick squarely on her pussy.

He tapped his stiff prick upon her cunt and pushed in. His cock slid into her hot snug moist pussy and they both gasped and panted in mutual lust as he stuffed every inch of his hard dick up her cunt.

Her pussy gripped his prick like a vise as he squeezed it into her tight core.

“Oh god, fuck me!” she cried. “Fuck your teacher, pump your cock deep in your teacher's pussy!”

He screwed her cunt with deep jabs of his dick, his big full balls mashing upon her ass as he fucked her fully and deeply.

“Jesus Christ, I'm cuming already!” she cried, hunching her cunt to meet his full deep thrusts. “Oh, you sweet-fucking boy, you're the one for me, you're my boy for the whole year!”

Never had Herbie had his prick in anything so sweet, tight and hot. He had never dreamed that fucking could be so good. He fell in love/lust with his teacher at the same moment.

As for Diana, she was lost in a world of lust. The boy's dick was so long, thick and stiff. She was amazed that a seventeen-year-old boy could be so big and hard.

“Oh sweet fucking god,” she gasped, “you're filling me up! Ah, you're making me cum again!”

She wrapped her arms and legs tightly around him and thrust her cunt up and humped back and forth to meet his hard fucking jabs.

“Oh, ah, I want to feel you squirting cum deep in my pussy,” she panted. “Don't worry about knocking me up, I'm on birth control.”

He felt the cum churning and swirling in his balls and knew he was on the verge of shooting his load.

He couldn't hold it back. He cried aloud as the cum gushed up his shaft to spurt deep in Diana's cunt.

As her pussy sucked up his sperm, she joined him in crying aloud in passionate lust.

He spurted gob after gob of thick creamy semen deep in her core. Her cunt sucked it all up.

They just lay there unmoving for a moment, and then they relaxed, letting their bodies come down into a restful position.

“Ah, what a fuck,” Diana breathed out. “What a cock.”

“Um, you've got the tightest, juiciest, hottest pussy,” he moaned.

They stayed in their positions until time told them to get moving. They separated and arranged their clothing, finished shelving the books, and left the store room as if nothing had happened. But inside, they were both glowing and warm.

They made their way upstairs, and walked out of the school and to her car. They occasionally gave warm smiles to each other, but they both saw no need to speak.

“This is going to be a nice year,” she suddenly broke the silence as she drove him home.

“Yes, very nice,” he replied.

She suddenly decided to become coarse in her speech: “We're going to fuck a lot. We have all school year to lick, suck and fuck.”

“I want to fuck you every day,” he said.

“I'm afraid that won't be possible,” she replied. “I teach as well as counsel other students. But I can promise you this: We will fuck a lot.”

When they made it to his house, they warmly smiled at each other, and Herbie said, “See you tomorrow.”

“Until then,” she answered.

She pulled out and was gone, leaving Herbie standing there with a foolish grin on his face...

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beautifully portrayed as always.

Brigit Astar
10-19-2012, 04:46 PM
Thank you

Brigit Astar
10-20-2012, 05:55 PM
Bumped to bring it in line with the rest of the story