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10-12-2006, 05:34 PM
Room Service
by pervinplainpackage

My wife and I got a nice room in a local hotel...not a cheapo motel, but a top quality boutique type. After a night of wining and dining, we return to the room, and there I set up a scenario we've played out many times before, just the two of us. She is unaware that I have changes in mind.

My wife is tied to the bed, blindfolded. I have put headphones on her and am playing music just loudly enough to white-out the background noise. She's dressed in black-fishnet stockings and high-heeled shoes. Nothing else, and I've been teasing her by eating her and feeding her my meat, and playing with nipple clamps (she loves having her nipples pinched hard). She also loves these nights together, where I take total, sexual and sensual control.

But tonight I have a new plan, tonight I call room service. Over the course of the day I have "pre-selected" a bellman for this purpose, a young man named Antonio. I saw the way he looked at her when we checked in, and when he missed his chance to carry our bags into our room. I saw the way he jockeyed for position to hold the door for her as she got into the cab. He commented on how beautiful her long, blonde hair was, and I think she hiked her skirt a little higher as she slid into the backseat, as a treat. I order strawberries, whipped cream, and chocolate sauce, and I ask for the chocolate to be heated to body temperature (in case they don't get the idea just from the content of the order), and I request Antonio to deliver it. I hear the order taker call out for him.

"Tony?! The couple in 1241 wants you to deliver something...."

In the background, "Hey, I just went off shift...wait, did you say 1241? Damn, that blonde is a hot piece. I'll do it, maybe give me something to dream about."

When the bellman raps at the door I throw a towel over my naked body, wrapping my stiff cock so it's pointing up to my waist and making sure the bulge is clearly visible. I open the door wide and ask the young man--18 or 19, maybe--to bring the tray inside and put it on the table. He's tall and dark and lean, Italian background probably, or maybe Spanish. As steps past the corner and sees my naked wife tied spread across the bed, he stops for a moment and catches his breath, then continues on toward the table with the tray. I close the door behind us.

He puts the tray down without his eyes ever leaving my wife's naked, writhing form. I'd left a vibrator inside her, and as he turns from the table back and toward the door it slips out of her and onto the bed, leaving her gaping, wet, furry slit open and giving our young bellman an excellent view.

I hand him a twenty as a tip and ask, quietly "Do you like what you see?"

"Oh yes, very much. She's beautiful."

"Would you like to taste her? Would you like her to suck your cock?"

"Y-yes. Oh....yes. You wouldn't mind?" I shake my head "no."

"Alright, then, strip. The only rules are that you can't speak, you have to do what I tell you, and I will take pictures. Are you comfortable with that?"

He's half-naked by the time I'm done saying this, and not slowing down, so I really don't need his quick "uh huh" as affirmation.

I drop my towel and stroke myself as he finishes undressing. He is tan and muscular, a swimmer's physique. As he pulls off his boxers he reveals a beautiful, semi-hard cock and large, pendant balls, framed by a speedo-style tanline. He looks at me expectantly.

"Stroke yourself while I get dessert ready for you. Pull up a chair there, between her legs." He obediently slides the desk chair to the foot of the bed, sits down, and is soon stroking his fully erect member.

I grab the berries and cream and slowly push 1...2...3 of the largest berries into my wife's sopping blonde pussy. She moans and squirms as the cold berries go in, but she doesn't speak. From our past experiences she expects me to alternate between sensual attention and maddening inattention. Then I apply a dollop of the whipped cream to top it off. I motion for him to kneel between her legs and enjoy his dessert.

He dives greedily in, licking off all the cream, which has begun to melt and drip deliciously over her swollen clit and labia. Then he digs his tongue in and extracts each of the strawberries, keeping his lips in contact with her as he chews the marinated fruit, so she can feel his mouth moving. I take several pictures, then move behind him with the warm chocolate sauce as he finishes the last berry. As he eats my wife his knees are on the bed and his back arched, giving me easy access to his firm ass, and heavy cock and balls. I dip my hand into the chocolate, and wrap my gooey fingers around his shaft. He doesn't recoil at my touch, but instead pumps his hard dick into my fist, and this is all the encouragement I need.

I place the bowl between his legs, sit down on the chair, and with both hands, scoop warm chocolate all over his cock, balls and up his crack. As it starts to drip from his ballsack I catch it with my tongue, and find myself unable to resist taking each of his candied nuts gently into my mouth. I reapply some fresh chocolate and guide him by the hips up over my wife's outstretched form. He is dripping sauce, both chocolate and his own, all the way to the head of the bed where he straddles her face. When the sugary droplets hit her chin, my wife opens her mouth wide in anticipation.

"Balls first...Tony." I whisper to him, and taking him by the base of the scrotum, I guide each of his nuts into her mouth, where she lovingly laps and licks the chocolate off. His sticky cock spreads sauce across her face as she obediently tongue bathes him. At this point I'm fairly certain she has no idea it's not my balls she's cleaning, since the music in her ears has muffled all the noise since he arrived.

"Now, make her lick your ass...." He swivels forward so that his tight back entrance is right over her lips, then slowly lowers himself down. She is tentative at first...not very experienced in rimming, though she dearly loves being rimmed...but soon she is enthusiastically tongue-fucking his tight backdoor. He is moaning quietly, and his erection is pulsing, gently slapping her blindfold, nose and forehead.

When I think he can take little more without losing control, I whisper "Now, fuck her mouth...when you come, shoot in her mouth, but save some for her face...."

He puts his hand behind her head and guides the tip of his cock into her mouth, slowly sliding his chocolate shaft down her throat. I step back to take some more pictures of my wife greedily devouring her secret lover's manhood, when I decide to change the game.

I step to the head of the bed, reach down, and pull the blindfold quickly from my wife's eyes. She gulps in surprise (gasping is out of the question with her mouth full), her eyes darting back and forth between me and the young stud. After a moment of thought, she resumes her slurping, bobbing her head even more vigorously than a moment before, when she thought it was me. I take the headphones off, and speak to her. "Honey, you remember Tony? He's the one who held the door for you...the one you thought might have stolen a peek up your skirt? You said he had a nice ass." She looks back up and him and mumbles something, it could be "Pleased to meet you..." but it's hard to say because she had a mouthful of cock.

I guide Tony from his straddle into a sixty-nine position, which they manage to accomplish without my wife ever losing her suction on his dick. I unclasp one of her legs, leaving her still tied at three points to the bed, and slide into bed beside her, my hips under her leg, and point my own cock toward her slit. The bellman lifts his head from her pussy as my member approaches his face, but not to stop, just long enough to reach down and guide me into her before he resumes his oral work on her swollen clit.

I squeeze my head under his leg, and begin to lick the chocolate from her cheeks as he continues thrusting into her throat. This drives my wife over the edge, and she begins to buck and strain against the ropes in a powerful orgasm. As she cums, she drives both of us into cumming as well. I sink my shaft deeply into her and empty my balls. (That will be a late night snack). He remembers my earlier command and squirts first into her mouth, then somehow contorts himself so that he fires the rest of his hot cum all over her face. I reach up and guide the tip of his cock back to her lips, then kiss her, savoring the salty cum and the sweet taste of chocolate.

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