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10-24-2005, 09:33 AM
My Wife Karen - Part 1

Wife Pays for Legal Services
by Dr. Grits

My x-wife was an extremely sexy woman. She loved all hetero-sexual
activities and with several men at a time. We enjoyed about a ten year
career of sharing her with other men. I was really into it as much as
she, and it was a major turn on for me to see her act like a slut. It
all started with our lawyer.
My wife at the time was 29, blond, 5'5" and about 110lbs. She had
small but very pert breasts, a slim waist, a great ass and legs right
up to it. She generally dressed preppy, but seldom wore a bra, and
sometimes she was fairly provocative, especially on vacations or in
the Summertime. She liked to wear French cut T-shirts, a little on the
tight side to emphasize her nice breasts and nipples. She was a very
sexual person and we enjoyed sex in many different places, risking
being caught or seen by others.
Karen, that's her name (mine's John), especially liked these
encounters as she was a bit of an exhibitionist. For instance, she
liked to take her clothes off when we were driving on an interstate
and give the truckers a show. If she had enough to drink, she would
masturbate while I kept pace with the cab of a truck. On several
occasions she gave me noisy blow jobs in the back of taxi cabs.
Needless to say, she was hot, but as she moved from her twenties into
her thirties, she was getting hotter.
We lived in the country, about an hour and a half from the city. We
were in the city for a meeting with our lawyer, Bill, about some real
estate transactions. At the time I was dealing in real estate and
Karen had come along so we could go out to dinner and maybe party and
get a hotel room. Though we had packed some things in a small bag in
case we wound up spending the night, Karen was dressed for an evening
on the town. She had on a black silk French cut T-shirt that fit like
a glove. The back of the shirt was completely lace see-through and the
front was solid silk material. It molded to her perky breasts and her
nipples were very evident. Her skirt was a very short silk wrap-around
and she was wearing black patterned hose, the kind that stay up by
themselves and black high heel pumps. Over this all she wore a
flowered silk shawl. She was a sensual creature and loved the way silk
felt against her naked skin.
On the drive to the city I couldn't keep my hands off her. I ran my
hand up her thigh to the soft skin above her stockings. I stroked her
wonderful breasts, feeling the nipples become erect and stick out even
more through her silky T-shirt. I rolled back the sun roof and we
smoked a joint, this always ignited her libido. As the smoke began to
take effect, she turned sideways on the seat with her back against the
door facing me. She kicked her shoes off and put her feet against my
I looked over at her. I could see her crotch barely covered by her
little g-string panties. "Feeling a little horny are we?", I asked.
"You know what pot does to me. And all this silk!" She ran her hand up
the inside of her thigh to her pussy as she rubbed my hard on with her
stocking covered foot. Her eyes closed as she stroked her sex through
her panties. We passed a truck on our right and the driver honked his
horn, breaking her reverie.
"You love it when those truckers see me playing with myself, don't
"You don't? Seems to me you get off as much as I do, you little
exhibitionist. Why don't you take those panties off and really show
'em something?'
With that she sat up, reached under her skirt and removed those
next-to-nothing panties. She hung her panties over the rear view
mirror, pulled her skirt up to her waist and resumed her position, her
naked bottom on the leather seat, only now her legs were spread wider.
Her left foot was on the back of my seat and her right foot was back
in my lap. Her fingers began again to stroke her sex, parting the lips
I could see she was getting wet.
"Like this?", she asked. We passed another truck. I slowed down as we
passed to give the trucker some time to savor the sight. Karen worked
on her clit, closing her eyes, her hips began to rise and fall with
the rhythm of sex. I could see the trucker leaning out his window to
get a better look. He looked at me and smiled, I sped up and moved on.
Karen's eyes opened. She looked at me, I could see she was sexed up.
She slipped a finger into her pussy and stroked in and out a couple
times, then took it out, sat up and brought it up to my mouth. I
sucked it into my mouth tasting the sweetness I knew so well.
"Damn woman, you're too muckin' futch!", I said as she settled back
against the door. She reached into the glove compartment and lit
another joint. I reached over and felt the dampness between her
thighs. I slipped two fingers easily into her and began to slowly
finger-fuck her. She gently took hold of my wrist with her left hand
guiding me as I stroked in and out of her wetness, her hips resumed
the slow rise and fall. We continued like this for several minutes,
driving slowly in the right lane while she finished the smoke.
I pulled my hand away and licked my fingers clean. "God, you're so
sexy," she said as her hand returned to stroking her thighs. She was
clearly in a euphoric state, what with the pot and the sex play. I
sped up and passed another truck, another beep.
"You really get off on these little games. How would you like it if we
pulled one of these truckers over and you watched me actually fuck
him, or maybe give him a blow job and let him come in my mouth? You'd
probably love it, wouldn't you?", she chided.
I had thought about watching her have sex with other men and the idea
really turned me on, but I had never mentioned it to Karen as I was
sure she would never go for it. Now here she was, sprawled half naked
on the front seat of our car, flashing truckers, high on pot and sex
bringing up the subject for the first time in our seven year marriage.
"Well, I have to admit the thought does excite me, but that would be
too dangerous and I know you would never do anything like that.", I
said, leaving the ball rolling.
"Right now I'd fuck anything with a dick I'm so hot!" She turned her
head an looked forward to see we were approaching another truck. "Pass
this one and I'll get off for him."
"O.K.":, I said, "But then you'll have to clean up your act because
the exit is coming up."
She turned in her seat to face forward, leaned the seat back and
spread her legs, placing her feet on the dash. She began to masturbate
in earnest now, thrusting her hips up and down, her left hand working
at her pussy from on top and her right hand from the bottom. I pulled
alongside the cab of the truck and kept pace as she brought her self
to a shuddering climax. My cock was so hard in my pants that I though
it would rip through the zipper. As she calmed down, I sped up. The
trucker beeped three times and Karen waved at him through the sun
roof. Grabbing a towel from the back, which we brought for such
incidences, she cleaned herself up, straightened out her clothes and
sat up ready to enter the city.
Bill's eyes nearly popped out of his head when he saw Karen enter his
office. He came from behind his desk and greeted me with a handshake
and Karen with a hug. "God, you look absolutely delectable, Karen", he
said as he hugged her tightly.
"Thank you, Bill. I hardly know what to say", she said, pressing
herself into him and running her hands under his suit jacket. I knew
she was still feeling sexy. Bill was a good looking Harvard lawyer
about 6'2" tall. We had known him for about two years and Karen had
commented on his attractiveness on several occasions, though we hadn't
socialized much with him, our relationship was, to that point strictly
professional. He went back behind his desk and we took seats in front.
The business part of the meeting went smoothly. Bill and I were
forming a partnership with another fellow, Rick, to take over a
sub-division near the city. I was there to check on the final details
and sign the papers. I noticed that several times during our meeting
Bill's attention was diverted to Karen who, while not saying much, was
crossing and uncrossing her legs. This action had caused her skirt to
ride up on her thighs and her stocking tops were in view and a little
of the smooth nakedness above. Then I realized that Karen's panties
were still hanging on the rear view mirror in our car. I knew she was
flashing him views of her naked pussy, though she acted very
nonchalant about the whole thing. The thought of my wife putting on a
little show for my friend caused an immediate reaction in my pants,
and I smiled to myself.
When the business was over, I told Bill that we were planning to get
some dinner and maybe party afterwards and stay overnight in the city.
Karen asked him if he'd like to join us, as she uncrossed those lovely
legs. He said he would love to, but if we were staying over we could
stay at his house. Bill was a bachelor but lived in a big, luxurious
house. Bill gave us directions to the restaurant, The Garden, and said
he had some things to finish up at the office but would meet us in the
bar. Karen gave Bill another, this time longer, hug and we left.
When we got back in the car, sure enough, those panties were hanging
there. I reached up and handled them in my fingers. "You little
tease", I said.
Karen leaned over against me. I could feel the softness of her breasts
against my arm as she pressed herself into me, her hand felt my
erection through my pants. Her breath was moist and hot in my ear.
"I just wanted to make sure you got your way in your business deal.
Did I distract him in the right places?" Her tongue snaked into my ear
and her fingers gripped tighter on my cock. I turned and kissed my
wife's open mouth, our tongues waged war. My hand found her sopping
pussy as she ground her body into mine.
"We better go or I'm going to fuck you right here in the parking lot",
Karen moaned as we withdrew from the embrace. My wife was so hot we
needed to find a place to cool her down. I was hoping the bar at The
Garden would fit the bill. When we got to the restaurant I asked Karen
if she didn't want to put her panties back on.
"Do you want me to?", she asked. Her eyes revealed a mixture of
teasing and sexual rapture. I didn't know what she was up to, but I
decided to play along.
"Well, maybe it would be better to let that thing breath for a while.
If it gets too hot, you might catch on fire." She smiled and leaned
over and licked my ear. Then she dried herself off with the towel
before we went into The Garden.
The restaurant was very up-scale. Dimly lit, plush carpeting, leather
seating and waiters instead of waitresses. Karen turned all male heads
as we entered the bar. We sat at the bar on plush leather seats with
arms and backs. As Karen got on her seat, her skirt rode up revealing
her stocking tops to all and her beautiful trimmed little pussy to me.
We sat there and had a couple scotches. Karen was getting pretty loose
what with the smoke and now the drinks.
Karen's skirt was up above her stocking tops and she kept teasing me
by leaning back in her chair and raising her skirt to give me a peak
at her pussy. "You like showing off your pussy, don't you?", I asked.
"Bill seemed to like it. It really turned me on giving him flashes.
Did it turn you on knowing your lawyer was looking at your wife's
Just then Bill arrived and spotted us at the bar. He came over and put
an arm around Karen. She did not bother to pull her skirt dawn. Bill
was standing between our two bar stools and Karen had swung her stool
sideways so that her knees brushed against the front of Bill's
trousers. She remained in that position maintaining this contact while
we finished our drinks and talked. Then the waiter came in and told
Bill his table was ready. As Karen slowly got down off the bar stool
both Bill and I got a good view of her nakedness.
Our table was a round booth in a dark corner of the restaurant. The
leather seat was deep and plush. The waiter gave us our menus and
asked for our drink order. The waiter, a tall, good looking Italian
guy named Vincent was having a hard time keeping his eyes off Karen.
She sort of wiggled in her seat laying her shawl on the back sticking
her chest out, her nipples were hard and detailed through the thin
silk of her shirt.
When Vincent left to get our drinks, Bill put his arm on the seat back
behind Karen (he was on her right) and said, "John, you have one sexy
wife here. I can't get over these legs! And those stockings! But I
can't figure out what holds them up."
"Well thanks, Bill, flattery will get you everywhere. They actually
stay up by themselves. The tops have elastic in them, see", Karen said
as she placed her right leg over Bill's left knee, pulling her skirt
above the stocking top and snapping it with her thumbs.
Bill's put his hand on her thigh and hooked two fingers under the
stocking top, running his fingers around the naked skin of her inner
thigh. "Very nice", he said, his eyes glued to her exposed legs. Karen
smiled at me as Vincent arrived with the drinks. Bill retrieved his
hand and Karen her leg, though she didn't pull her skirt down. Vincent
leaned across the table putting the drinks down and getting an eyeful
of my wife's beautiful legs.
Bill ordered dinner for us as he was a regular and knew what was best.
While we were waiting for our food, Karen said she had to go to the
little girls room. Bill and I started to get up to let her out, but
she said, "That's all right, I can just squeeze out." With that she
partially stood and squeezed by Bill, her lovely butt towards his
face. Bill put his hands on her hips as she slid by slowly, letting
his hand linger on her ass as she got out.
"You're a lucky man, John", Bill said after Karen had gone. "How can
you keep your hands off her?"
"She's in rare form tonight, all right", I said. " We smoked a couple
joints on the way to town and that always get her juices flowing. She
loves playing these little exhibitionist games but tonight she's
pretty amazing."
"I hope you don't mind my playing along but I can't seem to help
myself. If you want me to I'll try to stop drooling", he said. We both
"No, that's all right. To tell you the truth, I get off on it too. I
certainly can't blame you, she is absolutely the sexiest woman I've
ever run into. Whatever is O.K. with her is O.K. with me."
"This is unbelievable!", Bill said as Karen sauntered back from the
ladies room. There was a table of four businessmen near ours and their
attention was focused on Karen as she walked sexily by them. When she
got back to our booth, she slid in passed Bill, only this time she
faced him, straddling his lap and rubbing her breasts against his face
as she squeezed by.
"Now I'm all refreshed", she said as she plopped down between us. She
leaned over to me and gave me a kiss, her hand caressing my again hard
cock through my trousers. Dinner arrived, Karen continued flirting
with Vincent, her skirt was again above her stocking tops. As she put
her napkin in her lap, Vincent looked a little disappointed, but
professionally went about his waiter duties. The dinner was excellent,
Karen's flirtations with Bill and me continued, but nothing too
intense. We were all hungry and the food was delicious.
After we finished and the table was cleared and the coffee was served,
Karen leaned back against me and again hung her right leg over Bill's
left knee, her skirt was now all the way up to the tops of her legs.
"Whew!', she said, "I'm stuffed." Her hands rubbed her flat belly and
lounged between us.
Bill looked down at her legs. "I just can't get over these beautiful
gams", he said as his right hand again ran up her thigh to the soft
skin above her stocking tops, stroking her inner thigh. I put my right
arm around Karen and rested my hand on top of Karen's.
"Mmm. That feels good", she said, referring to Bill's wandering hand.
Karen rested her left arm on my thigh, gently rubbing my cock with her
elbow. Her legs spread further apart as Bill's hand crept up her thigh
and under her skirt. Bill's hand was now slowly moving up one thigh,
under her skirt, across her mons, down the other thigh and back again.
Her hips began to rise as his hand traversed under her skirt. I was
nibbling on her ear and whispering to her about how turned on I was
getting and how the men at the other table were all watching. It was
dimly lit, but they could tell something was happening.
Karen reached down and gently grasped Bill's hand and brought it
straight up between her legs to her pussy. She spread her legs a
little more, rubbing Bill's crotch with her right calf. I pulled the
front of her skirt up to her waist leaving her completely exposed.
Bill's fingers were stroking in and out of her vagina and her hips
were moving in earnest now.
I couldn't believe it! Here was my wife, half naked, getting finger
fucked by my lawyer in a public restaurant with a table of four men
looking on. They couldn't see a lot of detail, but I'm sure it was
obvious what was happening. I was telling her how they were all
looking. She opened her eyes and looked over at them. "Oh God, they
really are!", she moaned softly.
"Do you want this to stop?" I asked.
"No, don't stop", she said, she brought my right hand down to her
clit. Bill's fingers were going in and out of her pussy and I started
rubbing her clit with mine. "I'm going to get off!" With that she
arched her hips up off the seat and began to shudder as her climax
washed over her. The men at the other table stared in disbelief.
"My God!" she said as she calmed down, slouching limply back against
me. Bill withdrew his fingers from her sex and I helped her sit up.
Her skirt was still up to her waist. She took a clean napkin from the
table and wiped herself off, straightened her skirt, sat up and smiled
at the four men across from us.
Karen put a hand on each of our thighs and gave a little squeeze. "You
guys are great! Thanks. I needed that." We all had a little laugh.
Bill said we should leave before the vice squad arrived. He said he
had some coke at his house and we could go there and party if we
wanted. Karen immediately agreed and we got up to leave. On the way
out, Karen walked sexily over to the four men with the napkin she had
used to clean herself up. They were embarrassed at first, but she put
them at ease asking if they enjoyed to show. She then gave them the
napkin as a momento, they all laughed and thanked her as they waved
Karen and I followed Bill in our car to his house. "I can't believe
what just happened", I said. "I never realized what a little slut you
could be. I'm surprised you didn't ride with Bill so you could give
him a private show for the ride."
"If I had I'd probably be sucking his big dick right now, and you
wouldn't want to miss that, would you?"
"You're hornier that I've ever seen you. I'm hard just thinking about
it. If that's what you have in mind, I wouldn't miss it for the world.
As long as you know that I love you and you love me and nobody gets
hurt I guess it's all right for you to do whatever turns us both on."
"I do love you, more than ever. That's why I'm being such a tramp. I
know it turns you on, and it turns me on too. I'm very happy being
married to you. We're both very sexual, and the freedom to explore our
sexuality is one of the things I love best about our marriage. It's
one of the things we truly share, and I wouldn't do anything to fuck
that up." Karen was being very philosophical for a little slut who had
just been finger-fucked to a climax in a public place by two men with
four strange men looking on. God I loved her!
We arrived at Bill's. It was, as I said, a big house in a luxury
development in the woods. Bill led us into the foyer. There was a
large livingroom on the left with a big, overstuffed, leather covered,
play-pen sofa and large screen TV on the left. We went into the
kitchen, which was straight ahead. I lit up another joint and we
passed it around. Bill said he'd go get some coke if we wanted. We
weren't into coke in a major way, but at this point a multimedia high
seemed in order. I fixed some drinks while Bill got the blow.
He laid out some lines on a dish on the counter and we all stood
around, did some coke and drank our drinks. Karen was beginning to get
more fired up, if that was possible. She walked up to Bill and said,
"Now, why don't we get out of this coat and tie and get comfortable?"
She pressed herself against his front as she slipped his jacked off.
Then she went to work on his tie, maintaining pelvis contact and
rotating her hips against his groin. She unbuttoned about four buttons
of his shirt and hugged him, licking his chest. "Now isn't that
better?", she said as she pulled away.
Bill laid out some more lines and Karen bent over for another snort. I
came up behind her and rubbed my hard cock against her butt. She
wiggled against me. I put my hands on her hips and dry humped her as
she ground back against me. She straightened up and pulled my hands up
to her breasts. I could feel her nipples like hard little pebbles
under my palms. I licked and sucked on her neck as Bill did another
line and looked on in lust.
Karen leaned over and did the last line, her ass was still connected
to my pelvis, and slowly grinding. I reached for the tie of her wrap
around skirt and it came loose around her hips. I moved back for a
moment and it fell to the floor leaving her naked below the waist.
Karen moaned as I pressed back against her and straightened up, her
back against my front. She reached over to Bill and pulled him up
against her front by his belt buckle. Her hands went around his waist
as she moved her pelvis sensuously against ours.
"God, I can feel two nice hard cock rubbing against me right now. This
is heaven!", she said as her hands gripped Bill's buttocks and pulled
him tighter against her. I was kissing her neck and kneading her ass
cheeks with my hands. Bill's hands began to feel Karen's breasts,
pinching the nipples between his thumb and forefinger, through the
silky shirt.
Bill leaned down and kissed Karen on the mouth. She let out another
moan and stuck her tongue into his mouth. Karen lifted her right leg
and hooked it behind Bill's knee and began humping on his pant covered
cock in earnest. Her breathing was getting heavier as she broke their
kiss and leaned back against me. Bill's hands were all over her tits
and her movements were getting frantic.
"Oh God, pinch my nipples!" She was leaning back and I was supporting
her upper body as she ground her pelvis against Bill's cock. "Oh God!
Oh God! That's it! that's it! Pinch those nipples and ground that big
cock against my pussy. Oh God! I'm coming!", she shrieked as her whole
body began to spasm with a huge orgasm.
Karen went limp in our arms and we lifted her up and carried her into
the livingroom depositing her on the sofa like a bag of beans. She lay
there on her stomach as her breathing returned to normal. I asked her
if she was all right and she said she was fine, she just needed to
calm down for a minute. Bill and I smiled at each other and went back
into the kitchen to have a couple more drinks and smoke another joint,
I had had enough coke.
"I can't believe this is happening. Are you sure it's all right? I've
never done anything like this before.", Bill said.
"Like I said, whatever get her off gets me off. You're a good friend
and I can't think of anyone I'd rather share her with. She is quite a
slut tonight. I hope she's not passed out, I've got such a hard on
right now. I'm sure she'll fuck us both and get us off."
"Man me too", Bill grabbed his cock through his pants. "I don't know
when I've ever been this hard."
Just then Karen came in. She had taken her top off and was completely
naked except for her stockings and heels. Her body was still flushed
from her climax. Her pert breasts stood up proudly, the nipples hard
and swollen from her arousal. She walked over to Bill, who was still
holding his cock, mesmerized by her beauty. She replaced his hand with
hers and began stroking his cock through his pants.
"That is nice and hard. And big, too." She lowered his zipper, reached
into his trousers and withdrew his sizable, very erect penis. Bill put
his arm around her back as she stroked his cock and nibbled on his
nipples, pushing his shirt aside with her teeth. "Look at this thing,
John. Isn't it nice? I bet it's just loaded with cum. Why don't you
boys get naked and come on into the play pen so I can suck on this big
cock? John, you can fuck my pussy while Bill here fucks me in the
mouth and gives me a big mouthful of cum. Would you like that, boys?"
Karen bent down, opened her mouth and sucked Bill's dick right into
her mouth. She bobbed her head up and down a few times, then stood up.
"Mmm, tastes delicious. What are you waiting for?" Bill and I looked
at each other as she sauntered back into the livingroom. What an
unbelievable slut I thought as Bill and I quickly shed our clothes.
When we entered the livingroom, Karen was leaning back on one elbow on
the ottoman with two fingers from her right hand deep in her pussy.
"That's better", she said, withdrawing her fingers from her pussy and
putting them into her mouth. "Anybody want a taste?", she asked as she
reinserted her fingers into her sex.
Bill knelt between her legs and began kissing the insides of her
thighs. She withdrew her fingers again and put them into Bill's mouth.
"Want some more?", she asked, sticking her fingers back in and hooking
her right foot over Bill's back. I went over to her and began licking
and sucking her firm tits and rock hard nipples. She pulled her
fingers out again and gave Bill another taste, his mouth was getting
closer to her sex.
"Oh yeah!", she exclaimed as she laid back on the ottoman and pulled
Bill's mouth against her pussy with her leg. Her hands came up to the
back of my head to press my mouth tighter against her tits. She pulled
my head up and kissed me with her open mouth, thrusting her tongue in
as deep as she could. Her body was thrashing wildly as Bill sucked and
licked at her pussy and clit. She was moaning deeply into my mouth.
Karen had her left foot on the floor and her right leg locked around
Bill's back and her hips moved up to meet his sucking mouth. She broke
our kiss and pushed my head back to her breasts, her right hand began
clutching at my cock. It was all I could do to keep from coming.
Bill's hand came up beneath her, his thumb poised at the entrance to
her sex. "Oh yeah! Oh yeah!", she blurted as her hips lifted high off
the ottoman. "Stick you finger in! Yeah, stick it in!" Bill shoved his
thumb in as far as it could go. "Oh God! Yeah that's it! Bite my
nipples! Oh my God!!!!"
Her grip tightened around my cock as she came to another gut wrenching
climax. What an amazing, orgasmic slut my wife was being today. She
had come four times already and had not even been fucked yet. As she
relaxed and released her grip on my cock and Bill's head, Bill pulled
his thumb out of her pussy and Karen grabbed his wrist and sucked his
thumb into her mouth like a little cock. She swirled her tongue around
his thumb and then popped it out of her mouth. She sat up and grabbed
Bill's stiff cock and licked his mouth. "Why don't you go get me
another drink, and then I want some real cock in my mouth?"
Karen was clearly re-energized and ready for some serious three-way
sex. "Are you all right with this?", she asked after Bill had left the
room to get her drink. She tenderly kissed me on the lips and gently
ran her hand around my stiff cock.
"As long as you're O.K., I'm havin' a ball."
She smiled and said, jokingly, "I think I'm havin' the ball."
Bill returned with Karen's drink and handed it to her. His cock was
now at about half mast. I couldn't believe it but mine was still stiff
as a board. Bill sat down on the sofa, his cock resting, semi-erect
against his leg. Karen took a couple swallows of her drink, put it
down on the coffee table and went over to Bill.
She straddled his right leg and sat down, rubbing her pussy against
his thigh. Her hand took his cock and started stroking and she bent
forward sucking and biting his nipples as she moved her pussy back and
forth along his thigh. Bill had his right hand on her ass and his left
hand on her shoulder as she kissed and licked her way up and down his
chest. "I want this nice and hard again", she was saying as she
continued nibbling away. "I want to suck this big, delicious cock."
Nibble nibble, lick lick. "I want you to fuck my mouth with this big
cock." The fingers of Bill's left hand were now pulling and pinching
her nipples. "I want you to cum in my mouth so John can see me swallow
your big load from you big cock."
Bill's right hand left her ass and came up between her legs on top of
his thigh. Karen raised herself up slightly to give him easy access to
her pussy. She licked her tongue into his open mouth. "Yeah. Stick
your fingers in me. That's it. Let John see you finger-fucking his
wife." Bill slid two fingers into her sex and she humped herself
against his hand. His cock was definitely hard again. "You want me to
suck your cock? You want to fuck your client's slutty wife in the
mouth while he watches? You want to cum in my mouth and watch me
swallow all your spunk down?"
Bill was breathing hard now. His hips were rising and falling with the
rhythm of his finger-fucking. Karen reached down and pulled Bill's
hand away from between her legs and stuffed his fingers in her mouth.
Then she got up and came over to me and gave me an open mouth kiss. I
could taste her sex in her mouth, she stroked my hard cock. "I want
you to fuck my pussy while Bill fucks my face."
With that she lay back down on the ottoman. Her ass was at one edge
and her head hung over the other. She ran her hands over her body.
"Come on, Bill, feed me my dessert." Bill didn't need to be asked
twice. he knelt by her head with one knee on the floor and one foot on
the floor, his cock dangled over Karen's upside down face. She opened
her mouth and he moved forward. Her lips closed around him as he
pushed in further. Karen was making loud sucking sounds and moaning as
he moved in and out of her mouth.
She pulled his cock out and started licking his balls. "This is a
great cock! Come on, John, fuck your little slut wife." I moved
between her legs and rubbed the head of my dick along her pussy lips.
She was soaking wet and my cock slid in easily. She opened her mouth
as I entered her and Bill thrust his cock deep into her throat.
Karen was soon rocking back and forth between us. Bill was pulling at
her nipples as he thrust in and out of her willing mouth. I could see
her throat expand with each thrust in and contract with each pull out.
Karen was moaning and whimpering as Bill and I increased the intensity
of our assault on her lovely body. Never before had I seen my wife so
completely consumed sexually. She was a true slut fuck-suck machine,
and loving every minute of it.
I could tell Bill was reaching the end as he leaned forward, his hands
on either side of Karen and began rocking his hips in shorter and
shorter strokes. Sweat was dripping from his forehead onto Karen's
tits. Her arms were stretched above her head, her hands pulling at
Bill's buttocks to get him deeper into her throat. His balls were
hanging down against her face and his dick had disappeared completely
into her mouth.
I didn't know how much longer I was going to hold out, watching all
this sexy stuff. Bill's motion ceased. He was buried deep in Karen's
throat and I could see her throat muscles working to coax his orgasm.
"Goddamn!", Bill groaned, as his climax began. His hips spasmed and
Karen let out a deep moan around his cock.
The dam broke and I could see Karen's cheeks expand as the first spurt
flooded her mouth. A little cum leaked out around her mouth, but I
could see her throat moving as she managed to swallow just before the
second, throbbing eruption filled her up again. This time a little
more leaked out. Bill pulled out so just the tip was in her mouth. She
reached up, wrapped her hand around his spurting cock and pumped three
more gushers out of him, most of which she managed to swallow, but
quite a bit had overflowed around her mouth and on her face.
As Bill was cumming in her mouth, I could feel her pussy start to
throb around my own penis as she experienced yet another orgasm. This
was too much for me and I exploded, filling her pussy with several
gushers of my own. Karen sucked Bill's deflating cock back into her
mouth and sucked it clean. It was quite a sight. My horny tramp wife
sucking another guy's cock, swallowing his cum and then cleaning him
off with her mouth. I withdrew from her warm pussy and stood up on
somewhat shaky legs. Karen smiled at me with Bill's cum all over her
mouth and face. She sat up, wiping the cum off her face with her
fingers and then sucking them into her mouth.
"That was a very tasty dessert." She leaned forward and took my
deflating cock into her mouth, swirling her tongue around and sucking
it clean. Bill was slumped back on the sofa, completely spent, and I
sat down as well afraid my knees would buckle under me. Karen looked
completely disheveled. Her hair was every which way, her lovely skin
was flushed a reddish hue from all the sex, and her face was shiny
with the residue of Bill's generous explosion. She looked happy and
satisfied, being the total slut she was.
Karen slipped off her stockings and heels and said she was going to
take a shower. Bill and I each took showers after she finished. That
night, though we didn't have any more sex, we all slept naked in
Bill's king sized bed. I was awakened in the morning by the sounds of
Karen sucking and slurping on Bill's cock. He was lying on his back
and she was curled up between his legs, with her hands on the bed on
either side of his hips, bobbing her head up and down on his big cock.
It was about 10:00 AM.
When she saw I was awake, she popped his dick out of her mouth and
smiled over at me. "I didn't want to wake you but I did want one more
load from Bill's tasty cock before we went home. For breakfast, you
know." With that, she resumed sucking his cock. I watched lovingly as
my wife, the new slut, slurped up and down on my lawyer's dick until
she was rewarded with a nice fresh load of jizm for breakfast.
After that we got dressed, went home and spent most of the day
recuperating. Needless to say, I never got anymore bills for legal
work. We did see Bill sexually on many more occasions, but this was
the start of my beautiful, willing wife's career as a shameless slut.

My Wife Karen - Part 2 (1/3)
Wife Meets the New Partner
by Dr. Grits
If you read Part 1 of this tale you know that my x-wife was an
extremely sexy woman. She loved all hetero-sexual activities and with
several men at a time. We enjoyed about a ten year career of sharing
her with other men. I was really into it as much as she, and it was a
major turn on for me to see her act like a slut. It all started with
our lawyer, Bill which is covered in the first part.
My wife at the time was 29, blond, 5'5" and about 110lbs. She had
small but very pert breasts, a slim waist, a great ass and legs right
up to it. She generally dressed preppy, but seldom wore a bra, and
sometimes she was fairly provocative, especially on vacations or in
the Summertime. She liked to wear French cut t-shirts, a little on the
tight side to emphasize her nice breasts and nipples. She was a very
sexual person and we enjoyed sex in many different places, risking
being caught or seen by others.
Karen, that's her name (mine's John), especially liked these
encounters as she was a bit of an exhibitionist. For instance, she
liked to take her clothes off when we were driving on an interstate
and give the truckers a show. If she had enough to drink or smoke, she
would masturbate while I kept pace with the cab of a truck. On several
occasions she gave me noisy blow jobs in the back of taxi cabs.
Needless to say, she was hot, but as she moved from her twenties into
her thirties, she was getting hotter.
About two weeks after our first three way with Bill, Karen, feeling
frisky one night after lovemaking, asked when we were going to get
together with him again. "I'm starting to get the urge to play your
slutty wife again, and he hasn't actually fucked me yet. Wouldn't you
like to see him fuck me with that big dick of his?" Her hand was
gently stroking my deflating cock, which was beginning to re-inflate
due to the wanton talk and her ministrations. "Maybe we could go to
another restaurant and put on a show for some strangers like we did
for those four guys at The Garden last time. I bet they all wanted to
fuck me. Would you like to see me take on four men at once? I bet you
would. I bet you'd like to see your whore wife get a cum bath from
four horny guys."
My cock was definitely hard now. "What's gotten into you? That
experience with Bill must have awakened a sleeping fuck monster." She
straddled my hips, slid my cock into her moist depths and began
rocking very slowly back and forth.
"Everything we did that day in the city really turned me on. I've
masturbated at lease once a day since then just thinking about.
Flashing those truckers. Those four guys in the restaurant looking on
as you and Bill fingered me to a climax. Having you in me while you
watched me suck Bill's big cock and drink his cum. God I love it when
a man shots off in my mouth!" Her movements were becoming more
insistent now.
"Well, Bill said something about getting together with Rick in a week
or so. Rick's been going through a divorce, but that's over now and
Bill thought we should get together about the new partnership and
celebrate Rick's return to bachelorhood. I'm sure he'd love it if you
came along." It was hard for me to concentrate on the conversation and
Karen's pussy began to spasm around my cock.
Karen sensed I was about to explode. She jumped off my hips, spun
around and enveloped my cock deep in her throat, her face pressed
tight against my pubic bone. I could feel her tongue and mouth
pulsating around my aching cock. My hips raised off the bed and I
exploded into an intense orgasm, shooting gushers of cum into her
sucking mouth.
Karen swallowed it all and continued her oral ministration until I had
to pull her away, my dick was so sensitive I couldn't stop shuddering.
She licked up the jizm off her lips with her little pink tongue,
smiled at me and said, "I can't wait to meet your new partner."
A week later we were again on the road to the city to meet Bill. Rick
lived in a city about forty minutes from Bill. He had some tickets for
a minor league baseball park near his home and we were going to meet
him at the ball park with Bill. It was a hot Summer day and Karen wore
very little. She had on a pair of tan denim short shorts that were cut
so they hugged her tummy and rounded bottom, but flared at the leg
openings. They had a button fly and Karen had left the top two buttons
open so they fit loosely around her waist, revealing to top of her
flat stomach and dimpled little navel. Naturally, she didn't bother
with panties. On top she had on a red silk sleeveless halter type
blouse that stopped just below her pert, little breasts. It buttoned
in front with four buttons, though she only buttoned the second one
down from the top. She wore thong leather sandals on her feet showing
off her red painted toe nails. The feel of the silk against her
breasts made her nipples permanently erect and they stood out proudly
on her chest.
"Do you think the boys will like this?" she asked, pirouetting for me.
"You look totally fuckable, you little slut." We got into our little
BMW and headed out. As soon as we were on the interstate we opened the
sun roof and Karen lit up her first joint of the day. It was only 11
o'clock in the morning and I didn't feel like smoking any pot so Karen
had the whole joint to herself. Pot always makes her very raunchy, so
by the time she was finished she was starting to boil.
"That sun really feels good, I think I'll get some tan", she said with
a devilish look in her eye. With that she unbuttoned her blouse and
took it off and laid it between the seats. She pushed her seatback
down a little and reclined with her feet up on the dash. She looked
absolutely beautiful laying there with the sun warming her naked
breasts. Her excited nipples stood up proudly as her breasts quivered
slightly with the rise and fall of her breathing.
I reached over with my right hand and slid my fingers into her
slightly open mouth. She licked and sucked at my fingers, emitting
little sounds from her throat. "God, you're sexy", I said, running my
hand down over her breasts, squeezing the soft flesh and rolling her
nipples between my thumb and forefinger. My fingers, wet with her
saliva, left a trail on her torso and I slid my hand down further over
her flat belly and into the front of her shorts.
"Mmm. That feels great." Her arms raised above her head as she
stretched, sucking in her tummy and allowing my hand to reach her
naked pubic mound. My fingers began a rhythmic massaging of her mons
just above her clit and her hips started a slow rise and fall. We
pulled up alongside the cab of a truck and Karen opened her eyes and
looked at the driver leaning out of the window. She ran her tongue
around her lips as she increased the movement of her hips.
"Loose the shorts!", the trucker yelled as he tried to lean further
out the window to get a better view. Karen smiled at him, her hands
moved down over her breasts to her shorts and she began to unbutton
the fly. The driver gave us the thumbs up sign and Karen slid her
shorts down her long legs, lifting her feet off the dash to drop them
on the floor. My hand was still on her pussy. She put her feet back on
the dash, spread her legs and raised her hips giving that luck truck
driver a clear view of her naked sex.
"Stick you finger in", she said as she stretched her arms back over
her head. My hand moved lower, I could feel how wet she was as two
fingers slid easily into her. I fucked her with my fingers as she
ground herself against my hand. The trucker was beside himself and I
was thinking that this could get dangerous. I removed my hand from my
horny wife and sucked them into my mouth. The trucker was bouncing in
his seat and yelping at the top of his lungs. I waved to him and sped
"Why did you stop. I was just about to cum for him?", she asked as she
calmed down a little. She was pouting and I knew she was a little
sexually frustrated at this point. My wife was a very orgasmic woman
and she didn't like to be interrupted as she was approaching her peak.
"I was afraid we might have an accident. That trucker was going wild
and I was getting pretty wound up too. Anyway, our exit is coming up
soon and you don't want to get all worn out this early. We've got a
long day ahead of us."
"I know," she said, "I've been looking forward to it all week." She
relaxed back in her seat. "maybe I'll just rest a little 'til we get
to Bill's." She let her breath out and, put her feet on the floor,
turned her head to the side and closed her eyes. She looked so angelic
in repose. Of course she was quite the opposite lying there completely
naked, in broad daylight as we sped down the interstate.
As we approached the off ramp, I nudged Karen lightly, but she was
asleep. I didn't want to drive in town traffic with her naked so I
reached in the back and got the towel and covered her luscious
nakedness. As we pulled into Bill's driveway, Karen woke up, removed
the towel and stretched languidly. She picked up her two tiny pieces
of clothing and instead of putting them on she handed them to me and
said, "Would you bring these?"
Karen got out of the car, ran her fingers through her hair and
sauntered up to the front door. Bill's mouth dropped open when he
opened the door and saw Karen standing there in all her glory. He was
wearing a pair of shorts and a tee shirt, like me, and it was evident
by the large bulge in the front of his shorts that he was immediately
effected by my whorish wife's nudity.
"Hi, Bill!", Karen said as she reached her arms around his neck and
pressed her nakedness against him. She pulled his mouth to hers and
gave him a long, open mouth kiss. His hands ran down her back and
grasped her buttocks, pulling her tighter against him as she ground
her pelvis into his.
"Did you miss me?", she cajoled as she broke away from their
passionate kiss. "Feels like you're glad to see me." Her hand snaked
down between their bodies and grasped his hard cock through his
shorts. Bill looked over at me and we shared a smile, then he ushered
into his house.
"I just can't believe this!", Bill said. "You guys want something to
drink or something before we leave?"
"Oh, let's not leave just yet. Let's have a drink and a little smoke
first.", Karen chimed in enthusiastically. "John, why don't you go get
a couple joints from the car and fix us some drinks?" She was smiling
at me. Bill was sitting on a stool and she was sideways between his
legs, her hip pressed into his crotch. His left hand was caressing her
buttocks and she was guiding his right hand over her taut breasts.
What could I say? I put her clothes on the counter and went out to the
When I got back, Karen was straddling Bill's lap with her feet on the
stool rungs grinding her naked pussy against his clothed erection. her
hands were clasped behind his neck and his hands were supporting her
weight by her buttocks. "God! Your big hard cock feels so good against
my pussy. I can't wait for you to fuck me with that thing."
I was getting very turned on. I lit a joint and asked if anybody was
interested. Karen stopped her grinding and got down off Bill's lap.
She swayed over to me and took the joint. Her free hand rubbed my
stiff cock through my shorts and her tongue licked out at my mouth as
she slowly exhaled a lung load of smoke into my face. "I've got to
warn you, I'm really feeling slutty today. I'd just as soon stay here
all day and let the two of you fuck my brains out."
She filled her lungs with another drag and walked over to Bill. She
exhaled into his mouth as she had in mine, stroking his dick through
his pants. There was a wet spot of her pussy juice on Bill's shorts.
then she took another toke and came back over to me. That's how Karen
smoked that joint, sharing the smoke with first Bill then me, rubbing
our cocks and telling us how she loved being a slut.
"Why don't you drive, John honey, while I fuck Bill's big cock in the
back.", she said as we were ready to go. I really didn't mind, I knew
the way to the ball park and I was looking forward to the show in the
back seat. Karen walked brazenly out of the house, still naked as a
jay bird, and I dutifully carried what little clothing she had worn. I
opened the back door to Bill's big Lincoln Town Car and she started to
get in with Bill behind her. Suddenly she turned and stopped Bill with
her hands against his chest.
"No clothing allowed in the back of this car, big boy", she said
jokingly. She pulled Bill's tee shirt up over his head and off,
handing it to me. Then she went to work on his belt as she kissed and
licked at his bare chest and nipples. She crouched down in the door
opening and lowered his fly, pulling his shorts down his legs and off.
Bill, like me , had not worn any underwear, his big engorged penis
stood up and away from his body.
Karen stared at his manhood, encircling it with her hand and
masturbating it back and forth. "God, I love this cock." She pulled it
close to her mouth and licked the pre-cum of the head. She looked Bill
right in the eyes, opened her mouth, put her hands on his ass and
pulled that monster deep into her mouth, letting out a guttural moan
as it sunk into her throat. She moved her head back and forth a few
times, fucking Bill's cock with her mouth. then she pulled her mouth
away, stroking it with her hand and licking around the head with her
pink tongue. "You love watching you little wife suck another man's
dick, don't you?" she said, looking up at me and breaking my trance.
'I could suck this cock all day long. I love sucking cock!" she said,
continuing her licking, stroking and sucking. "The problem is he'd cum
soon enough, so I'd need more cocks to keep me happy. How'd you like
to watch you slut wife suck off about 8 or 10 big, stiff cocks in a
row? Oh God, I could cum just thinking about it!"
Her hand went down to her pussy and she began frantically rubbing her
clit and stroking her fingers in and out of her hole as she began
fucking Bill's cock with her mouth again. Suddenly she pulled her head
back, popping Bill's cock out of her mouth, she lurched forward,
holding Bill around his waist for support with her free arm. "Oh God!
I'm cummmmmming!" She gritted her teeth, her toes curled up in her
sandals and she began to shudder with the waves of her orgasm.
Bill lifted her up, put his arms around her and supported her limp
body. Amazingly he had managed not to cum himself. I don't know how he
did it, I damn near came without even touching myself. Karen got into
the back and Bill followed. I got into the front, throwing their
clothes and a small bag we had packed for the day on the seat next to
me. "Drive on, Geeves", Karen said. "I'm going to fuck you lawyer's
big dick, then we'll get dressed and meet your new partner." I
adjusted the rear view mirror so I could watch the action in back and
drove off to the ball park.
Bill was sitting behind me and Karen lay down on her stomach with her
head in his lap. "Whew, that was and intense cum!" she said. "How come
you didn't cum, Bill? Are you saving it up for my pussy?" She was
kicking and mouthing his balls and dick as she spoke. "My pussy is
just itching for this cock. I want you to get nice and hard and then
ram this thing right up my pussy. You hear that, John? Bill's going to
fuck me good and hard and then shoot a big load right into me."
Karen was definitely beginning to heat up again. I could hear slurping
sounds as she began sucking his cock in earnest. As we pulled back
onto the interstate, Karen sat up on her knees and patted the middle
of the seat. "move over here, Bill, so John can get a good view of you
fucking his wife." Bill moved to the middle and Karen straddled him.
In the rear view mirror I could see down between the front seats as
Karen raised her ass, took hold of Bill's dick, and lowered herself
down, taking him inside her.
"God, you're so wet and warm in there. This is wonderful!" Bill said
as his hips began their rise and fall, his cock moving in and out of
her hole. Karen laid her arms on the shelf in back of the seat and
pressed her chest into Bill's face as she started her own rhythmic
fucking motion, Bill sucking and licking at her tits.
"Oh yeah!" she sighed, grinding herself down on his cock. "Suck my
boobs. Bite those nipples." Her hips started moving faster. Bill's
knees were against the back of my seat and the whole car began to rock
with the rhythm of their fucking. "Oh yeah! Fuck me! Fuck me! Bite my
nipples! A little harder. Bite it a little harder. Yeah, that's it. Oh
God, that's it!" Karen was completely impaled on Bill's cock. She let
out a loud, teeth clenching moan and started to shake with her climax.
Bill thrust his hips up off the seat, raising her up with him, and
exploded into the depths of her sex.
The two of them stayed hooked together as they relaxed into the
afterglow of their orgasm. As Bill's cock began to subside in her
pussy, I could see some of his generous ejaculate run out of her onto
his balls. I reached into our bag and handed them a towel we had
packed. "Here, I think you're going to need this." They slowly drew
apart and Karen cleaned her self up with the towel. Then she put her
head in Bill's lap and licked their combined juices off his balls and
cock. After she had finished with her mouth, she dried him off with
the towel.
"There, now you're all clean as a whistle." I handed them back their
clothes. "I hate to put these back on." Karen said. "It's such a turn
on being naked riding around in the back of a car. I've been naked all
day so far." She put on her shorts and flimsy little silk top. Bill
looked over at her, it was the first time he had seen her dressed
"You're not exactly overly dressed as far as I can see", he said.
"You like my little outfit? I love the way this silk feel against my
tits." She rubbed her hands over her breasts, smiling at me over the
seatback. "Hey, do we have time for another joint?" I passed her a
dooby and she fired it up. When we got to the ball park we were all a
little woozy.
We met Rick by the entrance to the ball park. Rick was a short, stocky
Italian, solidly and thickly built. He stood about 5'8", had curly,
salt and pepper hair and was about ten years older than us. He was a
street-smart businessman who ran a painting contracting business but
dabbled in side deals. In our partnership, he had the bank connection,
but couldn't come up with clear, liquid security because of his
divorce entanglements. I was able to offer the liquidity to pledge as
security against future loan payments, and of course Bill put it all
together. It was a sweet deal. We took over a sub-division from the
bankrupt owners with no money down and no payments for six months,
only security pledged against those future payments. We immediately
put it on the market and if we got a buyer within six months, we would
each clear about a half a mil!
Anyway, I had only met Rick a couple of times and didn't really know
him well at all. He was a nice guy and very intelligent, but a little
on the crude side. He grew up on the streets of Providence and though
he had been successful financially, his social graces were lacking.
Still in all he was trustworthy and honest in his business dealings.
He was also very macho and wore gold necklaces emphasizing his hairy
chest. He was wearing a flowered shirt and loose fitting cotton
exercise pants with an elastic waistband. His shirt was worn outside
his pants and unbuttoned, exposing his hairy chest and abdomen. A
Panama hat and dark sunglasses completed the outfit.
"Hey! How ya doin', guys?", he said as we approached, enthusiastically
giving us firm hand shakes. "And you must be Karen." He held her hand
in his as she smiled at him, acting a little shy. "Bill's told me all
about you." He emphasized the word "all".
"I hope he hasn't told you what a bad girl I am", she said, being very
"Actually he's told me what a good girl you are." His eyes were
devouring her body behind those dark sunglasses. As I said, Rick was a
little on the crude side, social subtlety was not his forte. "Hey, how
'bout a hot-dog before we go in to see the game?" Rick removed his
gaze from Karen and motioned toward the hot-dog stand.
We all had hot-dogs and stood off to the side of the entrance to eat
them. The conversation was light, though all three of us men were
eyeing Karen as she shifted her weight, moving her body sensuously.
When she was finished her food, she reached for Rick's neck, grasping
a gold pepper charm hanging from one of the chains. "What's this
for?", she asked, her eyes flirting and roaming over his exposed
"That means I'm a hot Italian pepper", Rick said jokingly. Karen
giggled and ran her hand over his hairy chest and abdomen down to
where the hair formed a thick line disappearing below the elastic
waistband of his pants.
"Mmm. You've got a really hairy body. I'd love to rub my titties all
over your chest." Bill and I chuckled and poked each other. Rick first
looked stunned at my wife's boldness, but then smiled, pulled apart
the two halves of his shirt front completely exposing the front of his
upper body, and said, "Feel free, little lady."
Karen ran her hands under his shirt around his naked back and pressed
her front to his, squirming against his body. Rick's hands, still
holding his shirt apart, grasped Karen's shoulders, helping to press
their bodies closer together. "Man, your wife's quite the little
flirt. And you don't mind?"
"He loves it", Karen said as she drew away from Rick. Her nipples were
now obviously extremely aroused and poked prominently through her silk
blouse. Rick had box seat tickets, his friend, our banker who I had
not met, owned the team. We were right down front behind the home team
dugout. A bunch of college boys were in the box right behind ours and
they all chortled as Karen entered their field of view. Bill went into
our row first, then Karen, Rick and me. I could hear the boys behind
us whispering as Karen turned toward them and bent over to put her
seat down, giving them a quick look down her blouse at her naked
breasts. She stood, smiled at them, then turned around and sat down,
making sure to stick her ass out as she did.
My Wife Karen - Part 2 (2/3)
Wife Meets the New Partner
by Dr. Grits
Rick laughed and said, "You're a real exhibitionist, aren't you?" We
all had some beer from the vendor as he came around and generally
enjoyed watching the game. Whenever Karen would lean forward in her
seat, placing her elbows on the railing in front of her, we could see
the tender undersides of her breasts hanging down under her silk top.
The boys in back enjoyed this view too and they were getting rowdier
as they were consuming plenty of beer. At one point Karen said she had
to go the restroom. As she wiggled passed Rick, he ran his right hand
up the back of her smooth thigh and under the leg of her short shorts
to fondle the tender globe of her left buttocks. You could see her
pussy peeking out, and as she slowly moved by, Rick's fingers ran down
the crack of her ass and over her tender pussy, parting the moist
lips. Karen stuck her butt our giving Rick's hand easier access. The
boys behind us were whistling and yelping. Karen wiggled her finger at
them as she sashayed off the ladies room.
"Whew! That's quite a wife you got there, John", Rick said after she
had gone.
"I told you. You didn't believe me, did you?" Bill chuckled. "Do you
believe me now?"
"You're a lucky man, John, if you can handle it. I haven't had this
much fun since I was a kid", Rick said. Karen was gone for a while,
but when she returned she squeezed by me she sat on my lap. She leaned
in close to my face and Rick leaned in as well so he could hear, and
look down her blouse, as she started to whisper.
"I ran into a couple of those fraternity boys back by the restroom and
they asked me if I wanted to go to a fraternity party with them after
the game." Rick and I were getting an unobstructed view down the front
of her blouse at her naked tits. Her nipples were in a constant state
of arousal. "Can you imagine? Those young boys wanting to party with
an old lady like me. I told them I was otherwise engaged, but they
gave me the phone number of their frat house." She waved a piece of
"They probably want to get a gang bang going", Rick said jokingly.
"With the show you've been putting on today, they probably figure
you're ready for anything."
"Well maybe I am, you nasty boy" she said as she slid from my lap to
her seat, rubbing her breasts against Rick's face. She stood facing
the boys and wiggled her shoulders at them. They hooted and hollered
as she sat back down. During the 6th inning we were beginning to tire
of the game and Rick suggested we go to his house. Karen waved a
wiggled for the boys as we left the stands. When we got out in back,
Rick said he had to see Mr. Durham, the banker, about something, but
we should all meet him at his house. Bill knew where it was and he
gave him the key telling us to make ourselves at home. He wrapped an
arm around Karen and pulled her to him as he spread his shirt open
with the other hand. Karen lifted her blouse over her breasts as she
pressed her nakedness against his hairy skin. "Stay nice and warm for
me, honey", he said as she closed her open mouth over his, sticking
her tongue deep into his mouth. His hands ran down to her buttocks,
kneading the soft flesh as she moved herself against him. "Goddamn!"
he exclaimed as they drew apart. She pulled the waist of Rick's pants
away from his belly and looked down at his cock.
"My, my! What a big dick we have there", she said, letting his pants
snap back against his waist. "I'm sure John and Bill will keep me nice
and warm 'til you get there." She walked over to Bill and me, put her
an arm around each of us and we strolled off to Bill's car. Bill
drove, since he knew the way, and Karen sat between us on the front
"You know, those boys back there thought I was a stripper", Karen
said, laughing. "They offered me five hundred dollars plus tips for a
private show at their frat house."
"So what did you tell them?" I was getting excited at the thought of
my wife showing off her sexiness for a whole fraternity.
"I told them if it was just 6 or 8 guys I might do it, but they said
about 25 and I told them I'd have to think about it. They gave me
their names and number and said to call them anytime. Then they
started feeling me up, rubbing my tits and ass. So I reached down one
of the guy's shorts and started jerking him off. A cop came by and
started glaring at us, so we stopped and I went back to our seats. If
we'd had a little more privacy I probably would have fucked the shit
out of those two college studs." What a slut!
Rick's house was a big modern split level in an upscale development
though, unlike Bill's, there were very few trees. The houses were
spaced pretty far apart, but there was not as much privacy as at
Bill's. The inside was spacious and decorated in a sort of tacky,
"Italian modern" theme. The living room had large circular, sectional
play pen sofa that was covered in purple crushed velvet with gold
pillows. In the middle of it was a thick, round, white marble coffee
table. One wall was a sliding glass door that opened onto the patio
and swimming pool area. There was large, raised hearth fireplace on
another wall and a large screen TV and various hi-fi paraphernalia
against a third wall.
"Nice house, but is this tacky, or what?" Karen intoned as we walked
into the livingroom and cased the place. Bill got us some beers from
the kitchen and Karen lit a joint as I sat down on the plush sofa. I
thought I was going to be swallowed up as I sunk into the thick
cushions of this modern monstrosity. The feel of it all was very nice
though. Karen was checking out the TV, I was checking out her luscious
ass as she bent over to look into the cabinets under the big TV
"Wow! Check this out", Karen exclaimed. She knelt in front of the
cabinet and I went to see.
"I guess you found Rick's porn stash", Bill said as he brought us our
beers. There were about 250 or so X-rated VHS tapes, mostly copies,
neatly lined up on the shelves of the cabinet. Karen passed me the
joint and got on her hands and knees for a closer look at the tapes.
I, of course, ran my hand over the backs of her delectable thighs. Her
pussy was visible to our gaze as I ran my fingers through its soft
folds, parting the lips and moistening my finger tips. She wiggled her
ass back against my hand, Bill was watching it all, stroking his cock
through his shorts, smiling down at us.
"Man, he's got everything here. Let's try this one." Karen stood up
handing me the tape and taking the joint. "Keeping that nice and hard
for me?" she asked Bill, replacing his hand with her own and softly
blowing smoke into his mouth as her mouth closed over his. The tape
was a copy, the label was hand lettered, "Gang Bang". I popped the
tape into the VCR, turned on the TV and we all sat down on the sofa.
The tape started right in with a scene of a small Oriental girl, lying
down on a mattress in the middle of a bare room with a bunch of naked
men standing around pulling their puds. The girl was masturbating and
soon three of the men knelt on the mattress and began feeling her up.
The action continued from there, and pretty soon she was being fucked
and mauled and everything else.
Karen was commenting on the abilities of the girl and how lucky she
was to have such a plentiful supply of hard cocks on hand to keep her
going. Bill and I were running our hands over Karen's body, pinching
here, probing there. She was squirming under our touch, but stopped us
each time we tried to remove her clothes, saying we should wait for
Rick. When the climax scene finally arrived on the TV screen, it
showed the guys cumming all over the girl's face, neck and tits. She
was drenched in the slimy stuff.
"I wonder how many guys there are", Karen said. We all started to try
and count, but couldn't come up with a definite number.
"Eighteen", we heard from back behind the sofa. We turned around and
Rick was standing there smiling. He had taken his shirt off and was
holding it draped over his shoulder, proudly displaying his thick,
hairy torso. "But she only takes twelve cum shots", he said
matter-of-factly. "You guys need some more beers?" Rick brought us the
beers and dropped his shirt and came over and sat down on the sofa.
The movie continued with another scene of a blond with big tits taking
on four guys.
"You've got a lot of porn there, Rick", Karen said, as she lit up
another joint. "You must be a dirty old man." She laughed as she
passed the joint to Rick, leaning across me.
"And you must be a nasty little slut", he chided back, taking a long
pull from the joint. "Are you watching this tape to pick up some
pointers for those frat boys? I talked to a couple of them after you
left. They thought you were really hot!" He passed the joint to me.
"Do you know what your wife was up to when she went to the restroom?
Two of those boys were feeling her up outside the men's room. One of
them, who by the way just happens to be Mr. Durham's son, told me she
stuck her hand in his pants and started jerking him off while his
buddy was sticking his fingers in her pussy. They said a cop broke it
up, but they were very impressed."
"I was just giving them a little sample", my wife said coyly. "They
thought I was a stripper and asked me to do a strip for their
fraternity. I sure hope your Mr. Durham doesn't find out."
"I can assure he wouldn't mind if he did find out. Why don't you give
us a little practice strip right now, baby?" Rick asked. "See if you
can get us heated up and maybe we can cool you down."
"Oh, that sounds like a good idea", Karen enthused. "But I don't know
if you guys are enough to cool me down. I've been heating up all day,
and I've only been fucked once." She gave Bill a kiss and gently
rubbed his cock as she stood up. Rick got up and pulled the drapes
shut, darkening the room. He muted the sound from the TV and put on
some sexy "bump and grind" music. He switched on some track lighting
which flooded the marble coffee table with light.
"You're all set up for this, you dirty old man." Karen kicked off her
sandals and stepped up on the coffee table. The three of us guys sat
around the sofa. Karen's hips began to undulate with the rhythm of the
music as she took a deep drag on the joint. She bent over and handed
the joint to Rick, stood back up and began slowly turning around, her
body pulsing with the music. Karen was a good dancer, believe it or
not she took ballet classes almost every day to help keep her in
shape. I knew we were in for a treat.
Karen danced around on the table. Her little feet looked very pretty,
her tan skin and red toenails standing out against the white marble of
the table top. The rest of her looked like a sex-starved slut. She
would face each of us in turn, spread her legs and hump her hips like
she was fucking an air lover. We could easily see her lovely pussy
through the legs of her short shorts. She would run her hands up under
her blouse, massaging her soft breasts and tweaking her swollen
nipples. Then her hands would travel down to her thighs and back up
the insides, drawing her fingers through her sex as she would bring
them to her mouth and lick them, giving us a slutty, slow eyed stare.
She knelt on the table, her knees spread wide facing Bill, who was in
the middle. She leaned back reaching her left arm behind her on the
table for support. With her right hand, she reached up and unbuttoned
the sole button holding her top together, it fell away from her on
either side baring her beautiful tits to our staring eyes.
"Yeah, baby, take it off!" Rick reached under the sofa and brought out
a small tin box. He opened it up and took out three, thickly rolled
joints, passing one to Bill and one to me. "We'll tip this little slut
with hits of this killer weed." Karen cocked her head and looked at
Rick, her tongue licking her bare shoulder. Sitting up straight, she
took her blouse the rest of the way off and stared straight ahead at
Bill, her knees still spread far apart. She began to unbutton her
"Take your dick out and let me see it", she said to Bill, reaching her
hand down over her exposed tummy into the valley between her legs.
Bill pulled his hard cock out of his shorts and began stroking it.
"That's it. Let me see you rub that thing." Karen was moving her hand
more rapidly now as she bent all the way back on the table and arched
her back. She rolled over and got up on her hands and knees, sticking
her rear end out at Bill, her sex peeked out of the loosened shorts.
"Take my shorts off" she said to Bill.
Rick was rubbing his crotch through his pants as he watched the
action. "Goddamn, John, she's some hot tramp! Go ahead, Bill, what are
ya waiting for?" Bill stood up, his stiff dick sticking out through
his fly. As Karen backed over closer to the edge of the table, Bill
reached under her and cupped her hanging breasts, she reached back
between her legs and cupped his balls. His hands moved down her sides
grabbing the waist of her shorts and pulling them down to her knees.
She turned over on her back and raised her legs allowing Bill to slip
her shorts the rest of the way off. She was now completely naked,
laying there in front of three guys, humping her pelvis off the table
as her hand worked her pussy.
She looked over at Rick and began to slowly crawl over to him. My wife
looked like a sex hungry animal as she sensuously laid back in front
of Rick, spreading her legs and putting her feet on either side of his
knees on the sofa. She covered her pussy with her hand. "Do I get a
toke off that joint if I let you touch my pussy?"
"Yeah, baby" Rick said as he reached forward between her legs and
replaced her hand with his. Her hands were caressing her sensitive
breasts and her hips began that rhythmic humping under Rick's
ministrations. He slid two fingers deep into her snatch causing her to
take in her breath and raise her hips further up. You could hear the
liquid sounds of her pussy as Rick's fingers moved in and out. Her
fingers were pulling at her nipples and mauling her breasts and Rick's
activity sped up as her buttocks bounced violently against the hard
marble surface of the table.
Rick leaned forward and attached his mouth to her sex, his fingers
continuing their assault. She reached down and grabbed his large head
and mashed his face against her crotch, like she was trying to stuff
his whole head into her pussy. "Oh God! Stick you tongue in there! Oh
God! Right there! Right there!" Her movement stopped and she began to
tremble. Her thighs locked around his head and she gave over to the
intensity of her climax. You could hear slurping noises as Rick
continued tonguing her pussy. Her body continued spasming as she
relaxed her leg lock on Rick, pushing him away saying her pussy was
too sensitive. Rick leaned over her and kissed her on the mouth, his
face was wet with her juices.
"Well, can I have some of that joint now?" She smiled up at Rick as
she sat up in front of him, her legs still apart, leaning back on her
hands for support.
"Sure, kid", Rick said. "You've earned it." He lit the joint, took a
drag, then cupped it and offered it to her. Karen moved her face
closer to his hand and licked around his fingers holding the joint.
Then she took a big drag and tossed her head back smiling at him as
the smoke slowly drifted out of her mouth. "You're a nasty little
slut", he said as his free hand caressed the side of her face, running
his fingers over her partially opened lips. She sat forward, sucking
the thumb of his right hand into her mouth. She tilted her head up at
him and opened her mouth as her stroked his fingers around in her open
Her hands began to move over his naked torso, around to his buttocks
and over his thighs. "I bet you just love to suck cock, don't you?"
Karen moaned in the affirmative. "Does John like to watch you suck
other guys' cocks?" Another affirmative moan, her hands were beginning
to caress his crotch. "You like to suck the cum right out of them,
don't you?" His fingers were literally fucking her mouth now. "Why
don't you pull down my pants and let me stick my dick right in your
pretty little mouth so you can show Bill and John what a good
cocksucker you are?"
Her hands gripped the waistband of his pants and slid them down. They
dropped to the floor and he stepped out of them. Rick's cock was huge.
It was so heavy that, even stiff, it still hung down. Karen gasped
when she saw it. Rick held her mouth open with his right hand, her
tongue licking at his fingers. He grabbed his cock with his left hand
and inserted it slowly into her mouth, removing his right hand to hold
the back of her head. Karen's mouth stretched open to accommodate that
monster as her tongue swirled around the head. Rick put his right foot
up on the table and began to move his hips back and forth, slowly
fucking his dick in and out of Karen's mouth.
Karen pulled her mouth away, catching her breath. "Oh God! It's so
big!" Rick was stroking his cock, rubbing it around on Karen's face.
Bill and I had finished our joints, we all had long ago lost interest
in the video. We stripped our own clothes off, got some more beers and
sat back to watch my wife suck off Rick's big dick.
Karen's tongue licked out at his cock as he drew it back and forth
across her open mouth, her left hand cupped his balls while her right
hand roamed over his chest, abdomen, hip and thigh. Again, he placed
the head of his cock at her open mouth and slowly inserted it,
stretching her jaws to capacity. She moaned around the massive
invader, choking a little as her throat expanded to accept the head.
Only about half of his cock was in her mouth. He moved his hips back,
slowly drawing the slick shaft out until just the head was in her
mouth. Her tongue licked out, running around the head, then Rick's
hips began moving back and forth, sawing his dick in and out of her
mouth, each forward thrust reaching a little further into her throat.
The veins on her neck stood out swollen with blood as she tried to
swallow Rick's hardness.
"God! What a little cocksucker! You guys should get some of this. How
would you like that, baby? You want us to take turns fucking that hot,
little mouth?" Karen was moaning and nodding her head, his cock buried
deep in her throat. He laid her back down on her back, climbing up
over her, keeping her mouth stuffed. Rick was crouched over my wife's
face with his dick stuffed down into her mouth. He pulled it out and
straddled her chest, rubbing that cock over her tits. "Come and get
it, boys. She wants to suck us all off, don't you, baby?"
Karen stretched her arms above her head and looked over at us. Her
face was smeared with her saliva and Rick's pre-cum. She licked her
lips and said, "Yeah! I want all three of you to cum in my mouth."
Bill and I knelt on either side of Karen's head and she reached up and
grabbed our erect cocks. Turning her head toward me, she licked at my
dick and then sucked it all the way into her mouth. Her head bobbed
back and forth, fucking my cock with her mouth, Rick continued rubbing
her tits with his monster and her right hand stroked Bill's hardness.
Then she switched to sucking Bill, her body was thrashing around under
Rick's thick body. When she released Bill's cock, Rick moved forward
on her chest a stuffed his dick down into her waiting mouth.
This went on for about ten minutes, Karen taking each of us in turn
into her hungry mouth, her moaning and bodily movements increasing in
intensity. "Man your wife really knows how to suck cock!" Rick
exclaimed as he wrapped his hand around his thick shaft and stroked
it, holding it deep in Karen's throat. We were all ready to shoot off,
but Rick was first. "Get ready, baby, here it cums!" Karen increased
her suction and I could see the muscles in her neck begin to pulsate,
encouraging Rick's nearing explosion. In an instant, her cheeks bulged
out and Rick's jizm ran out the sides of her stuffed oral cavity. She
swallowed, making loud guttural sounds in the throat. Rick's pelvis
jerked, another explosion flooded her mouth. She was moaning loudly
now, moving her mouth up and down on his shaft. Another thrust of his
hips, another massive spurt of hot cum into her hungry mouth.
Her face was covered with Rick's cum as he removed his stiff cock from
her sucking mouth and sat back, his wet cock smearing cum and saliva
over her chest. She looked up at me and licked her lips, the inside of
her mouth was still coated with cum and her face was streaked with it.
"Next", she said, reaching under me, between my legs, and pulling my
pelvis toward her slimy face. My cock slid into her mouth, it felt hot
and greasy from all the cum. Her tongue swirled around my dick head a
couple times and I was off, shooting my own prodigious load. I could
feel her throat muscles working to swallow my seed. Bill guided his
cock over Karen's face as she turned to him, scooping up the cum with
the head and then letting her lick it off. Then he plunged into her
mouth and began fucking in and out. Rick's cock continued leaking cum
over her chest and neck. Bill squatted above her face and withdrew his
cock from her sucking mouth. He took hold of his shaft and aimed it
down into her open mouth as her tongue licked out at the tip. He
jerked a couple times and began to shoot long streams of cum into
Karen's waiting mouth almost filling her mouth to overflowing. When he
was done, he sat back on the table top and breathed a sigh of relief.
Cum ran from Karen's mouth as she closed her lips and began to swallow
Bill's generous load. She ran her hands over her face and down over
her breasts, smearing the cum all over her skin. She began to jerk off
Rick's cock with her cum soaked hand. "God! You guys are great! I've
never seen so much cum. God I love cum!" She lifted her head and
sucked the head of Rick's tool between her lips. Amazingly, he was
still hard. "Got some more for me?" she asked Rick, realizing his
sustained erection.
"Why don't you get your slutty little body cleaned up and we'll order
a pizza and relax a little?" Rick said, patting her cum streaked
cheek. Rick moved off of her and we all got off the table and looked
at Karen as she stretched her body sexily in front of us, her arms
outstretched above her head. She was quite a sight, her skin reddened
and wet with sweat and cum, her breasts swollen with sexual arousal,
her nipples engorged and erect with excitement and her face and hair
soaked and slimy with the ejaculate of three men. She was truly a
cum-sucking slut if I ever saw one.
"Guess I'm too much for you three, huh? Well, OK, let's take a break,
but I still want to try to fuck that monster of yours, Rick", she
said, getting up from the table and weaving off toward the bathroom.
"I'll take sperm on my pizza!" she shouted to us as she rounded the
corner heading to the shower.
My Wife Karen - Part 2 (3/3)
Wife Meets the New Partner
by Dr. Grits
Rick showed us down to the basement where he had a shower and we all
took showers and got dressed again. When we came back upstairs we
found Karen asleep on Rick's bed. It was a large round bed in the
middle of a huge bedroom. Her naked body looked lovely in repose,
contrasting with the black, velvet bedspread. We left her in peace, or
should I say us in peace, and returned to the livingroom to talk
business. This was, after all, originally a business meeting. The
meeting took about an hour. Bill said he already had some interested
parties in the development and he felt confident we could move it
within six months, which meant we could cash out of the deal without
having to fork over any cash of our own. What a sweet deal.
After the business was over, Rick said he'd order the pizza and I went
to wake Karen. She was lying languidly on her stomach breathing
gently. I sat down on the big round bed, it looked like about 5 people
could sleep in that thing and I noticed when I sat down it was a water
bed. I began to gently run my hands over the smooth skin of Karen's
back, over her firm buttocks and down the backs of her thighs.
"Mmm. That feels good", she said softly, wakefulness slowly coming
back to her. "I guess you guys wore me out more than I thought. You're
not mad are you?" She stretched, cat-like, smiling up at me. "I love
you very much, you know." I knew that, but it was nice to have her
"No, honey, you know I love you too. How could I be mad at you? You're
so beautiful and you put so much excitement into our sex life playing
the tramp roll." I continued gently rubbing her back and ass. She
asked me to go out to the car and get our bag so she could put on some
fresh clothes. I brought it to her then went to rejoin Rick and Bill
in the kitchen.
"What time is it?" the question came from Karen, who appeared like a
vision in our midst. She was dressed in a little shift that she
usually wears to the beach over her swimsuit. It was a lime-green,
cotton affair, the material loosely woven so as to let air circulate
in hot weather. Of course, you could also see through it, not like a
negligée, but still it was obvious that Karen was totally naked
underneath her dress. It had a tank top-like bodice with a T-back and
a slightly flared shape, the hem line stopped just below her ass. More
or less like a big, sleeveless T-shirt. She looked delicious. Her dark
nipples and trimmed bush shadowed, the light colored material
contrasting with her smooth, tanned skin. She may have calmed down a
bit since the afternoon, but somehow I got the feeling that her
sluttish act was not over.
"It's 8:30, you got some place to go?" Rick asked, his eyes
lecherously mauling her body. We were standing around the island
counter, Bill and I dressed in our shorts, Rick in a pair of loose
fitting, nylon jogging shorts, we were bare above the waist. Karen
walked sexily over behind him and ran her hands under his arms and
moved through the hair on his chest, pinching his nipples. We all
smiled at each other and shook our heads in amazement at my wife's
uninhibited actions. Her left hand ran down over the thick hair line
of his lower abdomen, disappearing under the waist of his shorts and
wrapping around his growing erection.
"Well", she said, "We do have to go home, but not before I get to
stick this hot, thick cock up my hot, juicy cunt." The front of Rick's
shorts bulged out and pulsated with the movement of her hand as she
masturbated his cock, the finger of her other hand continued moving
through the thick hair of his chest, pinching his now erect nipples,
her mouth licking and sucking his neck.
"Jesus, John, where did you find this girl?" We all chuckled. Just
then the doorbell rang and Karen pulled away from Rick, leaving him
with his erection sticking out against his shorts.
"Why don't you get that, honey?" Rick said. "I sure can't go to the
door like this"
"I guess I'll have to", Karen said. A lascivious grin on her face. We
all watched her ass sway as she sashayed to the front door, you could
see the crack between her ass cheeks through the little dress. The
delivery boy damn near dropped the pizza when Karen opened the door.
He followed her into the kitchen, trying to act nonchalant as his eyes
devoured her. He set the pizza down on the table, then stood up
straight looking over at us with an embarrassed, half smile on his
face. Karen looked at the noticeable bulge in the front of his jeans
as she slowly bent over to pick up the $20 bill from the table. The
front of her dress hung away from her body as she lingered picking up
the bill. The delivery boy had a clear, unobstructed view down her
dress at her naked breasts.
"Here, you can keep the change", she said, straightening up and
handing him the money. She walked in front of him as they headed back
to the door. "Wow! That was fun!" she exclaimed when she came back
into the kitchen.
We all sat around the table to eat the pizza. Bill and I drank soda,
but Karen and Rick drank beer and shared another joint. By the time we
finished, Rick and Karen were both pretty high and Karen was squirming
around in her chair. Rick reached over and stuck his hand in the side
of her dress squeezing her breasts and tweaking her nipples. Karen
moaned a little and leaned forward to give him better access to her
aching tits. He moved his face next to hers and whispered so we all
could here.
"You want us all to fuck you, don't you, you little slut?"
"Yes", she whispered back.
"You want to suck our cocks and get them nice and hard?"
"Oh, yeah."
"You're a real cock hungry whore, aren't you?" Karen was moving her
body around on the chair, licking her lips and moaning. "Why don't you
get down on your hands and knees and crawl into the bedroom then we'll
let you suck our cocks and fuck the shit out of you."
Karen slunk down to the floor and rolled over on her back, her dress
rode up to her waist. She spread her legs and rubbed her tits with one
hand while her other hand moved rhythmically over her swollen pussy.
She rolled over again and got up on her knees and pulled her dress up
and away from her naked body. Her hands ran back down over her
breasts, squeezing them, hunching her shoulders. Then she put her
hands on the floor and began to slowly crawl toward the bedroom.
We stood up and removed our shorts, we were all sporting hardons.
Karen stopped and looked back at us over her shoulder. She reached a
hand back under her and stuck a finger in her wet snatch, closed her
eyes and humped her pelvis against her hand. Then she resumed her
crawl. We followed her, devouring her nakedness with our eyes. The
scene was so erotic I was in a state of transcendence. There was my
wife, totally bare, crawling on her hands and knees being followed by
three naked men. She was like some animal in heat, luring the
available males into her den.
When we got into the bedroom, Rick told her to stop and spread her
legs further apart and stick out her ass. Our eyes feasted on her
glistening sex as she compliantly moved into position. Rick walked
over and straddled her back, facing back toward us. He hand came down
and gently but firmly smacked her buttocks, her flesh jiggled with the
impact, a surprised moan escaped her mouth. Rick crouched down,
rubbing his huge, stiff penis along the small of her back, she gently
swayed her body to increase the friction on his cock.
"You like the feel of my big dick on your back?" Rick said, Karen
moaning in the affirmative. His hands caressed and kneaded the pliant
flesh of her ass, pulling the cheeks apart, opening even more of her
private area to our gaze. "Let's see if you're wet enough yet." His
fingers slid down the crack of her ass, over her puckered little ass
hole and into the tender folds of her vagina. Her juices were abundant
as her inserted his fingers into her and wiggled them around, making
wet squishing sounds. She was fucking her hips back trying to get more
of his fingers into her sex.
"Oh God" Karen breathed, lowering her self down on her elbows,
sticking her ass further into the air. Rick reached back between his
leg, grabbed my wife by the shoulders and lifted her upper body, Her
head came under his crotch and she was in a kneeling position, her
face level with Rick's swollen member.
"Come on over here, boys, I think she wants to suck our cocks. Do you
want to suck our cocks?" Karen nodded and took Rick's cock in her
little hand and brought it to her mouth. Bill and I were now standing
on either side of her, her jaw stretched as her mouth accepted the
invasion of Rick's monster. She let his cock slide out of her mouth
and looked up at us. Her eyes were glazed over with the look of pure
lust. I don't even think she knew who we were at that point, only that
we were three men with hard cocks to service her desire.
Her torso swayed and she steadied herself by holding onto Rick's giant
cock and my buttocks. Her face moved into my pelvic area and my dick
sunk into her open mouth. She was sucking and licking with lustful
abandon, like a living blow job machine, moving from one cock to the
other, her mouth constantly open to accept whichever cock wanted it. I
was having a hard time controlling my approaching climax, things were
getting so hot. Then Rick told her to get up on the bed and finger
herself. Karen released our excited cocks, sunk back down on her hands
and knees and crawled over to and up on the bed. At this point I don't
think she could have walked if she tried.
She rolled over onto her back and began to follow Rick's instructions,
rubbing her swollen pussy lips, stuffing her fingers into her wet
depths and moving her hips up and down. Rick got on the bed and
crouched over her head, stroking his hard cock and placing his balls
in Karen's mouth. Her tongue licked out at his scrotum and inner
thighs, Rick rubbed his dick over her breasts. Guttural noised began
to come from Karen's throat as her movements increased in intensity,
her fingers thrusting insistently moving in and out of her wet hole.
"Oh God! Oh God!" Her hips rose high off the bed, her head was thrown
back and a cry rung out from her open mouth. Rick raised himself over
her face, aimed his dick at her open mouth and plunged it in as far as
it would go. Karen began to shudder and moan, her flesh trembled as
her orgasm completely consumed her being. Bill and I stared on in
wonder at this sex crazed slut. Soon her limp body sunk back onto the
bed and Rick withdrew his rod from her mouth. She took a deep breath,
squeezed her leg together an shook for a couple minutes, rolling onto
her side in a fetal position.
"Goddamn! That was the most intense orgasm I've ever had!" she said,
recovering her consciousness and straightening out her body,
stretching languidly before us. I was relieved to see that she was all
"You ready for some fucking?" Rick was so crude, but to the point and
not hurtful.
"Yeah, I think I could use some nice hard cocks right now." She looked
around at us and gave us a sexy smile.
Rick laid down on the bed on his back, his stiff cock rested on his
lower abdomen and stretched straight up to his belly button. "Well,
climb on board, honey, and take a ride." Karen moved over to Rick, her
head dipping to lick his erection as she lifted her leg to straddle
his middle. She slid her naked pussy up and down on his thick cock,
the labia bulging out on either side, moistening his length with her
juices. She reached down between her legs and took hold of his tool,
rubbing the head along her slit.
"God, I need this thing inside me." The head slipped easily into her
moist pussy. She lowered her hips as more and more of Rick's cock sunk
into her, stretching her pussy lips to accept its girth. Bill and I
couldn't take our eyes off this lewd show. Karen was moaning as her
pussy stretched more to accommodate the rude invasion. Suddenly Rick
thrust up into her and his cock disappeared in her sex. She was
completely impaled.
"Oh my God!" Karen's hips began that familiar movement and Rick's cock
re-appeared and disappeared. Soon they were moving in unison, Karen
grunting and thrashing over him. Rick's hands kneaded the soft mounds
of her ass, she lowered her breasts to his mouth, sticking her ass
out, moving it up and down. His fingers ran down between her ass
cheeks. Bill an I were mesmerized by the display these two were
putting on. Rick's fingers slid between his cock and the lips of her
vagina, picking up the sweet moisture of her sex. Then they moved up
and one finger pressed against her ass hole. Karen shuddered at the
"Oh God, you are a nasty man." Rick's finger slipped into her ass,
just the first knuckle, causing Karen to moan and move her hips back
against the intruder. The finger moved in further, Karen again thrust
herself backwards. Soon Rick's digit was sliding in and out of her ass
as his cock worked in and out of her pussy. She was really turned on.
Karen and I had never had anal sex, though on a few occasions of high
passion I had fingered her there. Then, to my amazement, he put a
second finger in. She accepted it easily, moaning her approval.
"You like my fingers up you ass, don't you, you hot little slut? My
cock in your pussy and my fingers up you ass. I bet you'd like a nice
stiff cock up there right now wouldn't you?" His fingers were now
fucking her rapidly in the ass and she was enjoying it very much.
"Yeah! I want my husband's cock up there right now. I want him to fuck
my ass while you fuck my pussy. I want to suck Bill, too. I want all
three of you in me right now." I couldn't believe my ears. Karen, of
course, was very open to sexual adventurism, but neither of us had
ever really had the desire to engage in anal sex. Now here she was
practically begging for it, and I wanted to fuck her ass more than
anything in the world right then.
Rick pulled his dick out of my wife and told me to lube myself up in
her pussy. I got on the bed and put one knee between Rick's legs and
my foot on the bed next to Karen. She pushed her butt back drawing my
engorged penis easily into her sopping cunt and began rocking, fucking
me while rubbing her tits on Rick's hairy chest. After a few stroke
like this, Rick stopped her reminding her that she didn't want me to
cum before I fucked her up the ass. He told her to put his dick back
in her pussy, she readily complied. I moved forward and placed my now
well lubricated cock against her tiny, puckered anus. She stopped her
movements, Rick was telling her to try to relax her sphincter. She
pressed back increasing the pressure and the head of my penis slipped
into her virgin ass hole.
"Oh God", she gasped as I pushed my shaft deeper into her butt and her
movement began again. Her hips worked against the two invaders, I
could feel the swell of Rick's cock against mine as I moved in and out
of my wife's tight ass hole. She was again in full sexual ecstasy,
fucking our two cocks with abandon. Bill knelt next to her head and
she quickly gobbled up his stiffness, slurping, sucking and licking.
My hands were on her hips as I shagged her ass, it felt so tight, the
friction was incredible. Karen seemed so small and frail to me,
feeling her slim waist, her body looked so tiny in contrast to the
bulk of us three men.
Her actions told me that she wasn't so fragile. Her small body was
thrashing wildly, slamming against us, filling all her holes with our
cocks, like she was starving for cock meat to fill her up. Her body
was slick with perspiration, her back soaking my palms as I rubbed her
pulsating flesh. She was moaning and gurgling around Bill's shaft, his
hands held her head and his hips pumped, fucking her hungry mouth. I
was fast approaching my climax as I watched the depraved action and my
totally wanton wife. My pelvis slammed against her butt, her pelvis
slammed against Rick, Bill's pelvis slammed her face, it was all too
Bill's hand clenched at her hair and he thrust deep into her mouth.
His buttocks tightened hard as a rock and his hips began to shake, he
let out a loud moan and started to unload into Karen's throat. Her
body thrashed wildly, I could feel the muscles in her crotch throbbing
with her own climax as she swallowed Bill's gusher. This set me off
and I shot my load right up my wife's ass. As I was cumming, I felt
Rick's huge shaft go into contractions. We were all cumming and
twitching and throbbing like there was no tomorrow. This was intense.
Slowly we all relaxed. I pulled out of Karen's ass and collapsed back
on the bed. Bill was sitting back on his calves and Karen was limply
draped on top of Rick, his deflating cock still in her pussy. Her body
glistened in the light, cum ran out of her ass and pussy onto Rick's
balls, her face was smeared with Bill's ejaculate. Very slowly she
pulled herself up, sliding Rick's member out of her twat.
"God, you guys are great. That was incredible!" She got off the bed
and went into the bathroom to clean up. The rest of us gradually got
up, cleaned up and went back to the kitchen to get our clothes. Karen
was standing there in her little shift, drinking a glass of water. It
was about 11:00 at night and we had to go. Karen slept in the back of
the car, she was worn out, and no wonder. She had maintained a state
of full sexual arousal in herself and several men for a whole day. It
was a day I'll never forget, but I knew there would be more
unforgettable days ahead.
My Wife Karen - Part 3 (1/3)
Wife Seals the Deal
by Dr. Grits
If you read Part 1 and/or part 2 of this tale you know that my x-wife
was an extremely sexy woman. She loved all hetero-sexual activities
and with several men at a time. We enjoyed about a ten year career of
sharing her with other men. I was really into it as much as she, and
it was a major turn on for me to see her act like a slut. It all
started with our lawyer, Bill which is covered in the first part.
My wife at the time was 29, blond, 5'5" and about 110lbs. She had
small but very pert breasts, a slim waist, a great ass and legs right
up to it. She generally dressed preppy, but seldom wore a bra, and
sometimes she was fairly provocative, especially on vacations or in
the Summertime. She liked to wear French cut T-shirts, a little on the
tight side to emphasize her nice breasts and nipples. She was a very
sexual person and we enjoyed sex in many different places, risking
being caught or seen by others.
Karen, that's her name (mine's John), especially liked these
encounters as she was a bit of an exhibitionist. For instance, she
liked to take her clothes off when we were driving on an interstate
and give the truckers a show. If she had enough to drink or smoke, she
would masturbate while I kept pace with the cab of a truck. On several
occasions she gave me noisy blow jobs in the back of taxi cabs.
Needless to say, she was hot, but as she moved from her twenties into
her thirties, she was getting hotter.
Karen was really getting into her new found sexual freedom. She
couldn't believe how exciting it was to play the slut that day at the
ball park and to get laid by three men at one time. Rick's crude
sexuality was a special turn-on for her. She said that he reminded her
of a satyr with his short, stocky, hairy body and that huge penis. We
would reminisce about these experiences when making love or engaging
in mutual tantalization. We both knew that this activity had to be
limited to an occasional foray, but still it added incredible
excitement to our sex life.
A few days after our scene with Bill and Rick, Rick called me at my
office. He thanked me for sharing my wife and said how much fun he had
and what an incredible sexy little fox she was. He said he could see
that I enjoyed it as much as she and wondered if she might be willing
to play her slut roll again as a sort of escort for prospective buyers
of our development. He had talked it over with Bill as well as Mr.
Durham, the banker, and they thought it was a wild idea but were
prepared to offer her $10,000.00 if the deal went through.
My first thought was that this was pretty close to crossing the line
between exciting sex games and prostitution, but the thought of my
wife acting the slut for perfect strangers was very exciting. I told
Rick I'd talk it over with Karen and if she agreed then it was all
right with me. He re-assured me that he would make sure any
prospective buyers were OK. He said he thought she would really enjoy
herself, and get some extra cash to boot.
That night as I had my head trapped between her thighs feasting on her
sweet tasty pussy, I lifted my head up and asked, "How'd you like to
have Rick's big dick stuck down your throat right now?" Her hips rose
off the bed, pushing her crotch into my face.
"Oh yeah, I'd like that." She put her fingers in her mouth and began
sucking them like she was sucking a cock. "Yeah, I'd like his big cock
sliding in and out of my mouth while you eat my pussy." Her other hand
was squeezing her breasts and pinching her erect nipples. "Stick your
tongue in there. That's it." Her hips were pumping furiously now, her
hand moved from her mouth to her clit and joined my tongue in
stimulating her most sensitive spot. My tongue licked over her sex and
her fingers. "Oh God! Oh God!" Her body began to quake and shudder as
she exploded into orgasm.
"Whoa, that was intense!" she said as she calmed down and I moved up
to lie next to her. Her hand reached over to stroke my erection. "What
made you mention Rick's cock? That really got me off thinking about
I told her he had called me at the office and what he had proposed.
Karen was a little surprised at first, but then her eyes started to
twinkle and a smile crossed her beautiful mouth. "$10,000. God, I'd
really be a slut then! This sounds exciting. What do you think?"
"Honey, you know how much your little tramp act turns me on. I think
that if it's safe, and if you're right with it, it can only add to our
mutual erotic experience. Of course, I may not be able to be there to
see my little whore acting up, so you'd have to tell me all the
details." Her hand was now insistent on my cock. She pulled me on top
of her and stuck my hard shaft right into her pussy, thrusting her
hips up to sink me in all the way. I assumed her answer was "YES!"
Sure enough, about a month later, in September, Rick called to
re-confirm Karen's willingness to participate and tell me that we had
some serious buyers coming to look at the project next weekend.
Unfortunately, I had to fly out to California that Saturday, but I
told him I'd get with Karen and we'd coordinate something. He said
that the buyers were two Chinese brothers, named Wu, from New York.
They had lots of cash and were very serious about our situation. Then
he told me that he had told them he was arranging a little female
surprise for them and they said they couldn't have sex because of
their loyalty to their wives, but they would enjoy a little
When I told Karen, she was a little disappointed with the no sex part,
but I knew she was still excited about the prospect of having Rick to
play with again. The Saturday finally came and the scheduling worked
out perfectly. Karen could take me to the airport, then go to Rick's,
which was in the same city. Then they would go to the development and
get on with business, and other things. Karen was very anxious and
excited about everything as we prepared to leave the house.
It was a warm day so naturally she wore very little. On her top she
wore a boys sleeveless undershirt, which fit tight and was cut off
just below her tits. It was white cotton and her nipples showed
clearly through the thin material. Her midriff was bare to just below
her dimpled navel where she wore a short jeans skirt, just long enough
to keep from getting arrested. On her feet she wore white socks and
sneakers, and that was it. No bra, no panties. What a slut!
She packed some other things in a small bag and we headed off with me
driving to the airport. Karen looked unbelievably sexy in her outfit.
I had a hard time keeping my eyes on the road, especially thinking
about what she would be doing while I was 60,000 feet in the air. "Are
you sure this is OK with you, John?" she asked, turning in her seat
and tucking her left leg up under her, I could see her cute little
slit peaking out at me. "You're not going to be there to watch, and I
know you like to watch."
"Karen, I love you and I want you to have a fun and fulfilling sex
life that's just as erotic as you can handle. The more erotic you are,
the more fun I have. You go ahead and enjoy yourself. Be as slutty as
you want. Just tell me all the gory details when I get home, and then
you can be a slut for me." I knew she was really looking forward to
what would unfold as the day progressed and I wanted her to feel free
to take advantage of whatever might happen, and, of course, tell me
all about it.
"God I love you!" she exclaimed as she leaned over to me and ran her
hand up my thigh and licked her tongue into my ear. Her breasts
pressed against my arm, her hot moist breath enveloped my ear and neck
and her sneaky little hand began to lower my zipper. "I want to suck
your cock dry so you'll remember me while you're gone." She was
licking and sucking at my neck as her hand pulled out my growing
erection and began to stroke it to fullness.
Suddenly she sat up on her seat and pulled the hem of her skirt up to
her waist, then bent down and engulfed my cock all the way into her
mouth. Her ass stuck up in the air and I reached over to caress it as
we passed a truck on our right. As I inched slowly past the truck, my
fingers parted the soft folds of my wife's moist pussy. Her head was
now bobbing up and down, her tongue swirling and her mouth sucking on
my aching boner. I looked up into the face of the truck driver, his
eyes were wide in disbelief. Slowly, I slipped a finger into Karen's
wet snatch, she moaned around my cock and ground her ass encouraging
me to fuck my finger in and out of her.
She took her mouth away from my cock and turned over in the seat,
laying her head back in my lap and putting her left foot on the dash,
spreading her legs for the truck driver. She grabbed my right hand and
placed it on her sex and looked at the driver through the sun roof.
"Fuck me, John." She pushed two of my fingers into her hole and arched
her hips off the seat. "Oh God, John, he's watching me!" Her hands
pushed the bottom of her T-shirt up over her breasts and began
kneading them as her hips rose and fell at an increasing rate.
I was about to loose control. Her hair was rubbing against my cock,
her breathing was frantic now and her hips suddenly began to vibrate
as her climax shuddered through her whole body. "Oh God! Oh God!: The
guy in the truck was bouncing up and down and yelling as I pulled
ahead. Karen slumped down and flipped over again. "Give my your cum,
John!" her mouth surrounded my excited hardness and I felt her throat
muscles working on the sensitive head. It was all I could take. I
started squirting globs of sperm into the back of her throat and her
mouth locked down on my cock. She swallowed my whole load and even
continued sucking after I was dry.
Releasing my cock, Karen sat up, licked her lips and straightened out
her clothing. "Now I'm going to be thinking about you all day, how
good your cock tasted and how you made me cum in front of that truck
driver. I can't wait 'til you get back." As my wife got into the
driver's seat, leaving me off at the airport, she made sure I got a
good last look at her naked crotch. I bent down to kiss her and
pressed my hand into her open nakedness.
"Don't forget to remember the details for when I get back."
"I hope there's not too many details to remember." She joked as she
drove off.
Well, she did remember the details of her adventures that day and I
wrote the rest of this part of our story based on those details as
Karen related them to me.
Karen was excited as she pulled out of the airport and back onto the
interstate. She opened all the windows and basked in the sensuality of
the wind caressing her body. Her nipples tightened into hard little
pebbles and her flesh broke out in goose bumps as the air swirled and
licked at her naked thighs and crotch. She looked down at her body,
wondering if she would please the Chinese businessmen, what they would
do if they weren't interested in sex, what their cocks looked like.
She thought about Rick and what he would do to her body. Would he rub
his dick all over her? Would he have other men with him and make her
fuck them? By the time she arrived at Rick's house, she was so aroused
by her erotic thoughts that her knees felt weak as she got out of the
car and walked up to his door.
Rick had a towel wrapped around his waist and was drying his curly
salt and pepper hair with another towel when he opened the door. "Your
little whore reporting for duty, sir." Karen said jokingly, getting
more turned on by Rick's appearance.
"Goddamn! You're fantastic! What great tits!" Rick stared at her
chest, her nakedness under the shirt obvious, her nipples dark little
nubs sticking through the translucent material.
"You like my little titties?" she said, walking up next to him and
putting her arm around his neck, sticking her chest out. "Did you miss
them?" She grabbed his hand and guided his palm over her taut breasts.
She felt the moisture in her pussy build, turned on even more by the
closeness of this near naked man.
"God, baby, I'd like to fuck you right here, but we're running late
and I've got to get dressed. The Wu brothers got an early start and
we've got to hurry."
"OK", she said. "I'll help you." She pulled away from him and started
walking towards his bedroom. She knew the way and was thinking about
all the hot sex she had the last time she was in there. Rick followed
her and she pulled her skirt up to her waist as she walked, giving him
a good view of her naked swaying ass. When they got into his room she
again pressed herself up against him, this time guiding his hand to
her moist crotch.
"Are you sure you don't want to fuck me? I'm all wet." She chided,
licking his ear and nibbling at his neck. She could feel his cock
begin to grow through the towel against her hip. She knew it took all
the control he could muster to tell her again that they really had to
get going. "OK", she said. "let's get you dressed."
As she disengaged from him she pulled the towel from around his waist
leaving him completely naked with a half hard-on. Her passion rose
anew as she stared at the huge tool that had brought her so much
pleasure a month ago, and that she had been fantasizing about for the
past hour and a half. Walking up to him again, she took his penis in
her hand and rubbed it between her legs against her wet pussy, moving
her hips slowly back and forth. His hands caressed her buttocks and
she licked her tongue around in his mouth.
"How 'bout I just suck you off?" she said, nibbling her way down over
his hairy torso. She could feel his cock grow in her hand as she
sucked on his nipples. She knew he was helpless as she worked her way
down his body, stroking his growing erection until she was on her
knees rubbing the soft head of his penis over her face, stroking the
shaft with her small hand. Lust filled her eyes as she looked up at
him and ran her tongue up the entire length of his stiff tool and
sucked the head into her mouth. His hands held her head and his hips
ground back and forth as her fucked more and more of his cock into her
hungry mouth.
Soon he was buried deep in her throat and she held him there, her arms
wrapped around his hips pressing her face against his pelvis. She was
moaning around the thick shaft and her throat was making gurgling
noises as she worked feverishly to coax his impending orgasm. She
pulled back, popping his cock out of her mouth and quickly removing
her tiny top, baring her breasts.
"God. I love this cock!" She raised up on her knees, wrapped her arms
around his waist and rubbed his saliva soaked member against her naked
chest, licking and kissing around his hairy belly. His hands reached
down squeezing her tits and pinching her erect nipples. Electric bolts
ran down from her nipples to her pussy as he ground himself against
her writhing torso.
"I want you to fuck my mouth and feed me all your cum" her lips
trapped his moving penis and she thrust her face right up against his
crotch, moaning in ecstasy as he grabbed her head and again began
fucking that huge cock in and out of her sucking throat. His movements
became increasingly violent as he fucked her warm orifice, not even
aware who she was, only that she was something fucking his cock.
Lunging forward in one last thrust, he buried his dick deep in her
throat and held it there. It started to spasm as her tender mouth
throbbed around his hardness. His cum splashed against her tonsils and
filled her mouth to overflowing, the cum dripping down over her chin
and breasts.
When he was spent, she slunked back down on the floor, laying on her
back and massaging the spilled cum into her naked breasts. He stood
over her, drying his glistening cock with a towel. "Wow! You're one
nasty little slut! If you don't sway these Wu boys then they must be
"Do you think they'll like me?' she asked coyly, running one hand down
her body and through the wet folds of her sex. 'I'm so horny right
now, I can't wait to play with them." Karen really enjoyed the power
she had over men by teasing their cocks.
"Come on, honey, get cleaned up. We really do have to go." They both
cleaned up, got dressed and headed out for the development. There was
one house finished in the development and partially furnished as a
show piece. The plan was for Karen to be in the raised bath tub in the
master bathroom, which would end the Wu brothers tour, and Rick would
leave them alone with her. Rick reminded her that they weren't
interested in fucking her, but she could prance around naked for them,
let them rub her down with towels and maybe blow them if she wanted.
This was a strange code of ethics, but the idea excited my whorish
wife. Rick told her he would have a surprise for her when they were
done and she was tingling with anticipation about what that might be.
Rick showed her quickly around the house before leaving her in the
bathroom to go get the brothers Wu. The house was a luxury home with 5
bedrooms and a swimming pool, which was not completed. The master bath
was a large room with a large stall shower in one corner, a separate
anti-room for the toilet and bidet, two large side-by-side sinks in a
long vanity and mirrors on all walls. The main attraction was a big,
tub which was sunken into a marble stage-like platform three steps up
from the floor. There was a jar of scented bubble bath and several
plush bath towels stacked up next to it. Rick also showed her a
special panel in the back of a closet in the master bedroom that
looked into the bathroom through a one way mirror. He said he'd be
keeping an eye on her in case things got out of hand, though her was
sure they wouldn't. It added to her excitement to know that Rick would
be watching her performance.
Karen stripped off what little clothes she had worn, folded them
neatly and placed them on the vanity. She stepped back and admired her
sexy body in the mirrors around the room. She felt excited about what
she was doing and what might happen and what Rick's surprise might be.
She ran her hands over her nakedness, her flesh tingling under her
touch, turning and looking at herself from the different angles. Her
fingers felt her wetness returning as they slipped along her slit. She
wanted to maintain her high level of sexual arousal, so she decided
not to masturbate, though she really wanted to get off. Reluctantly,
she drew her bath with plenty of bubbles, and sensually slipped into
the hot sudsy water to await the brothers Wu.
By the time Karen heard the door to the house open, she was ready for
anything. The bubbles in the bath had been tickling her sensitive skin
and her mind had been working overtime on erotic thoughts. Every pore
on her body was screaming for release. Soon the door to the bathroom
opened and the three men walked in.
The Wu brothers were very nice looking men in their late thirties and
dressed in slacks and sport shirts. They smiled lasciviously at her as
they moved into the room. Karen smiled back with a lustful glaze in
her eyes.
"This is Ron and Rudy Wu, Karen." Rick said. "Gentlemen, this is
Karen. I'll leave you alone and let Karen show you the master
bathroom." Rick winked at her, he could sense her state of arousal, in
fact the sexual tension was so thick in that room that you could cut
it with a knife.
As the door closed behind Rick, Karen said, "Why don't you guys get a
couple of those towels over there and help me dry off?" Karen's body
was hidden beneath the suds, but she revealed herself as she slowly
rose from the warm water, some of the suds clinging to her nakedness.
"It would be a pleasure." They said in unison, each picking up a towel
while trying not to take their eyes of the little slut emerging from
the luxurious bath. They stood on either side of her, taking her hands
and helping her step up from the tub onto the marble platform. She was
surprised at how tall they were. She had expected a couple of short
guys, but they were about 6' tall. They looked down and her diminutive
form as they rubbed her body dry with the soft towels. Karen swayed
sensually, feeling their hands run over her sensitive skin, the
friction of the towels heightening her arousal.
They worked in consort, lingering over her tender firm breasts,
tweaking her nipples. "Mmm. That feels good." She bent over at the
waist, spreading her feet apart as their hands moved firmly through
the crack of her ass and pressed against her sex. She looked at the
scene in the mirrors, wondering where the peephole was, aroused even
more knowing that Rick was watching and maybe stroking his big prick.
She straightened up and leaned back against one of the Wu's, his hands
cupping and fondling her breasts while she stuck out her pelvis so the
other brother could run the towel up between her legs and massage her
aching pussy.
Her hips began to rock in a slow fucking motion and she reached down
and took the towel out of the hand working her crotch and spread her
legs further apart, humping against the now bare hand. The other
brother dropped his towel and now her body was being ravaged by four
hands. She reached behind her and felt the hard cock of the brother
mauling her tits. Again, it was bigger than she had expected. The
brothers picked her up and carried her down the steps, laying her down
on the plush carpeting of the floor. They knelt on either side of her
and continued their ministrations.
Karen spread her legs wide and rubbed both their cocks. They each had
one hand working on her crotch and another squeezing and pinching her
breasts. Her body writhed under their caresses. Her hips rose and fell
as one finger fucked her pussy and the other stroked her clit. "Oh
God! Yes! God! Fuck yes!" Her pelvis bucked violently, she was
completely taken over by an incredibly intense climax. Throbbing,
pulsating, writhing, shaking, for a time she seemed to loose
consciousness, but then she calmed down. The brothers caresses
softened as they ran their hands lightly over her smooth flesh.
"Thank you." She said. "That was wonderful." She stretched sensually
beneath their gaze and rolled over onto her stomach. Her hands reached
for one brother's belt buckle. "Please, can I give you two a blow job?
You've been so good to me, I'd love to get you off too." She met no
resistance as she undid the trousers, pulled out an engorged cock and
stuffed it in her mouth. The other brother undid his own trousers and
began stroking his cock as his other hand caressed her buttocks and
the backs of her thighs. Soon she switched brothers in her mouth. The
brothers laid down on their backs next to each other and she crouched
over them, one knee between each brother's legs, her head bobbing back
and forth between them.
She lifted her head and looked them in the eyes, holding each of their
cocks in a hand. "I want you to cum in my mouth. I want to drink all
your cum." The brothers were in disbelief as she went back to sucking,
increasing her efforts to make them feed her their spermy ejaculate.
Then it happened, and almost at the same time. As she was trying to
swallow the last blasts from one, the other one started cumming over
her hand. She quickly moved over to catch the newly spurting cock,
letting the other one finish in her hand. Then she started licking up
what she hadn't caught in her mouth. Licking and sucking around their
deflating cocks, sparse pubic hair and all over their balls cleaning
them off completely. She finished by drying them off with a towel.
"Did you boys like that?' Karen asked as they straightened out their
clothing, they both had cum stains on their trouser fronts. Karen, of
course, remained naked basking in their continued gazes.
"That was a wonderful way to end an excellent business outing. We only
hope you enjoyed it, and, of course, we are most grateful to you and
Rick. If you ever come to New York, let us know. You will be our
guest." These men were very polite and sharp. They spoke perfect
English with a British accent. Very educated, Karen thought. "Well,
unfortunately we have to go. The plane will be leaving soon."
Rick re-appeared through the door. "I trust Karen has shown you all
the ins and outs of the master bath, gentlemen? If you would wait in
my car, I'll be right out to take you back to the airport." The Wu
brothers again thanked Karen and Rick and went out. Karen eyed Rick
with a teasing glint in her eyes, her head cocked, licking her lips
which were still speared with the cum from two Chinese cocks.
"How'd I do? Did you watch the whole thing?" she asked.
"You were fantastic, baby! You bet I watched, you little slut. I damn
near beat off it was so hot. What's that, three loads of cum in your
belly now, baby?" Rick was standing next to her, gently feeling her
tits and ass and softly stroking her pussy lips.
"No, actually it's four. I gave John a blow job on the way in this
morning. I just love the taste of cum. You want me to do you again?"
Her hand rubbed his bulging pants front.
"I'd love it, sweetheart, but we've gotta go, and besides, your
surprise is waiting." They broke apart and Karen cleaned up and got
back in her little top and skirt. In all the sexy excitement she had
almost forgotten about Rick's promised surprise, but now her
anticipation rose as they walked hand in hand to the door. Out in the
circular driveway, parked about 50 feet from the house and under a
large oak tree was a Mustang convertible with the top down and four,
bare chested college boys standing around drinking beer.
"You remember Jimmy and his fraternity buddies, don't you? Well,
they're here to chauffeur you back to my house while I take the Wu
brothers to the airport." Karen's heart beat anxiously as Rick lead
her over to the group of rowdy boys. They all yelped and raised their
beer cans to her as she approached, her hips moving a little more than
usual. They couldn't keep their eyes off her chest when she got close,
her hard nipples plainly visible through the tight top. She recognized
Jimmy and the other boy who had felt her up at the ball game and she
gave them each a knowing smile.
"Now you boys take good care of her and I'll see you when I get
there." Rick said, giving her ass a little squeeze and walking back
over to his car.
My Wife Karen - Part 3 (2/3)
Wife Seals the Deal
by Dr. Grits
"Yea, we'll take real good care of her, Rick, don't you worry." Jimmy
said, smiling lasciviously at my wife. Karen was tingling with
excitement being surrounded by four, half naked, virile young men.
"You guys don't have any pot, do you?" Karen asked nonchalantly,
trying to hide her lustful state. This was a surprise that she wasn't
expecting, but with a day of tantalizing foreplay and four loads of
sperm in her belly, she was hoping that soon these boys would all be
fucking her like a bunch of wild animals. The boys all hooted at her
"You bet, beautiful, we've got some real killer weed. Light one up,
Donny and give the lady a hit." Jimmy put his arm around her shoulders
and she slid hers around his waist. The closeness of his bare torso
brought a tingling sensation to her crotch. Her hand rested on his
hip, a thumb hooked under the elastic waistband. All the boys had on
athletic shorts and it was really turning her on as she surveyed the
hard, young bodies. They were all hunks. In addition to Jimmy, there
was Donny, Carl and Darryl. Darryl was the other boy who had sampled
Karen's luscious body at the ball park. Donny lit the joint and passed
it to Karen. She took a big hit and offered it to Jimmy who told her
to go ahead, they had already had lots of smoke and were pretty
"Well try this." Karen said, taking another big hit. She turned her
face up to Jimmy's and pressed her open mouth lightly against his. He
opened his mouth and accepted the smoke from her lungs into his own,
her tongue licked softly at the inside of his mouth during this
exchange. The rest of the guys shouted exclamations. "Now isn't that a
good way to share a joint? Who wants to be next?"
Karen was pretty far gone by now, what with nothing in her stomach all
day but sperm, two deep hits of Maui Wowie and her libido in overdrive
she was slowly loosing control of her composure. Darryl stepped up in
front of her responding to her request for "next". She disengaged
herself from Jimmy, took another deep pull and smiled at Darryl,
slipping her arms around his neck and pressing her body right up
against his. The other boys moved in closer as their lips locked
together. Karen could feel his cock begin to grow against her belly as
she sucked his tongue into her mouth like it was a little penis. His
hands gripped her buttocks as she moved her lower body against his.
She just had to turn a quarter of a turn and there was Donny. "I think
you boys are getting the hang of this." She said, pressing her belly
against the hard cock in Donny's shorts and drawing deeply on the
joint. Her lips closed over his and she rubbed herself against him, a
moan emerged from deep in her throat. The boys were pressing in closer
now. She could feel their cocks rubbing against her hips, belly and
backside. "Man, she's hotter than a firecracker!" one of the boys
Karen pulled back from Donny and turned another quarter turn, their
pricks rubbed against her as she turned. Now she faced Carl. "I'm
hotter than the hottest firecracker." She said, putting the joint in
her mouth and frantically unbuttoning her skirt, letting the boys push
it down till it fell around her ankles, leaving her naked to their
staring eyes and roaming hands. She took another deep drag and mashed
her body against Carl, moving with more urgency now, humping the
hardness in the front of his shorts. At the same time she could feel
Darryl's cock sliding between her ass cheeks. Jimmy's hand wandered
over her rib cage and slipped under her little top, cupping her firm
sensitive breast.
She moaned into Carl's mouth, then pulled away. Her eyes were filled
with lust as she looked around at her four studs, their middles still
pressing tightly against hers so she could feel four very hard cocks.
She stared into Jimmy's eyes, drew again on the weed, and turned the
quarter turn to face him, throwing the joint away. She crossed her
arms in front of her and drew her little top up over her head and off.
Now she was totally naked except for her socks and sneakers, in broad
daylight, standing next to a car under some trees with four horny
college boys about to fuck the living daylights out of her. Her body
was moving of its own accord against the four cocks, the boys hands
were roaming over her, squeezing here, pinching there.
Karen ran her hands over Jimmy's chest, pinching his nipples, then
down to his hips and under the waistband of his shorts. Her hands
reached into his shorts and snaked around gripping his naked buttocks,
grinding her pelvis into his, then she closed her mouth over his,
sucking his tongue into her mouth and moaning loudly as she felt hands
and cocks pressing into her from everywhere.
She pulled back and again looked around at the four studs grinding
their cocks against her. Her right hand came out of Jimmy's shorts and
she raked her fingernails down over Darryl's bare abdomen and grasped
the elastic waistband of his shorts. "Do you boys like rubbing you
stiff pricks against me?" Her hip movements increased and they all
indicated in the affirmative. With her right hand she pulled Darryl's
shorts down in the front, exposing his engorged penis. The back of her
hand pressed into his testicles as she ground her naked hip against
his naked cock flesh. Her left hand started to try to lower Jimmy's
"Take you cocks out. I want your cocks naked." She turned around in
their midst, frantically helping each of them out of his shorts.
Stroking their stiff cocks, rubbing them against her wet pussy, her
belly, between the cheeks of her lovely ass. Her body jerked against
their cocks and hands. "Oh God! Oh my God! This feels so wonderful!"
She licked and nibbled at their naked torsos, not knowing who was
where, she was lost in male flesh. Karen crouched down slowly, feeling
their dicks sliding against her ribs, abdomen, back, breasts,
shoulders and neck as she sank to her knees.
Opening her mouth, she sucked in the cock in front of her, the two
cocks on either side stroking through her hair and against her cheeks,
their balls resting on her shoulders. She wrapped her arms through the
legs of the boys on either side of her and fucked her head back and
forth on the cock in front. She looked up to see Jimmy looking down at
her as he fucked her face. Then she turned her head to the right and
engulfed Darryl's monstrous shaft into her hot mouth. Then she leaned
back, supporting herself with Darryl's and Carl's legs, her head under
Donny's balls. Donny bent his cock down and stuffed it into her
willing oral cavity, they could all see her throat widening as he sunk
in deep. Jimmy leaned down in front of her and stuck his fingers into
her moist slit. She spread her legs wider and bucked her pelvis as her
fucked her with his hand.
Just then Donny let out a loud growl and unloaded a gusher of sperm
into her sucking mouth. Karen let out a gurgling scream as she opened
her mouth around Danny's spurting cock and her own orgasm overtook
her. Cum bubbled out of her mouth and down her cheeks as Danny
withdrew his wet, dripping cock. Jimmy's fingers were buried deep in
her snatch as she slowly sunk back down on the cool grass, her feet
drawn up under her and her legs spread wide.
"Goddamn! I've never seen anything like this chick!" Darryl said,
looking down at Karen and stroking his large erection. Her mouth was
open and still full of semen. She opened her eyes and looked up into
Darryl's face, licking her tongue out around her lips and swallowing
the last of Donny's load, it was her fifth helping of male sex juice
of the day.
Jimmy was kneeling in front of her smiling. "Hey, Carl, get the
blanket out and let's fuck this sexy little slut. I think she's ready.
Do you want a beer, Karen?" Jimmy and Darryl helped Karen to her feet
and they all had another beer while Carl spread out the blanket. Karen
really liked these boys and felt comfortable with them. What she
especially liked was the fact that they all were still sporting full
erections, even Donny who had just shot a huge load down her throat.
They all lounged on the blanket and Karen really loved being in such
close proximity to so much hard young male virility. She rolled and
wriggled around on the blanket, moving from one to the other, licking
and kissing her way over their naked bodies, gently kissing them on
the lips, running her hands over their nakedness, swirling her tongue
around their cocks and gently taking them into her mouth, feeling
their hands caressing and probing her own naked flesh.
She felt completely brazen in a state of total sexual abandonment.
These boys were her special surprise from Rick. They were ready,
willing and very able to fulfill her most base wanton whorish desires.
Karen rolled over onto her back in the middle of the blanket and
started running her hands over her body, squeezing her firm tits,
tweaking those hard little nips, spreading her legs and rubbing her
sex. Looking around at her boys she said in a lustful tone, "I want
you to pour your beers all over me and then lick me off. Would you do
that for me?"
They couldn't believe their ears. They had never encountered such an
erotic imagination as this woman possessed. Just as things were
cooling down, she turned up the heat yet another notch higher. They
all smiled at each other and got to their feet, standing around her
squirming, naked body, her hands continuing their self stimulation.
She gazed up at them. Their stiff cocks stood out proudly from their
hard, young bodies against the darkening, late afternoon sky. "Let me
see you stroke your cocks. God I love those things. That's it. Get
them real hard so you can ram them into me." They masturbated
themselves in their strong hands and began to pour beer down over her
writhing form. Her body jerked and spasmed as the cold liquid splashed
down over her flesh. Goose bumps formed all over her and her nipples
turned to rock.
By the time the beers were empty, she was completely soaked and
totally lost in passionate abandon. They knelt down around her and
began licking up the beer. Karen had never felt such sexual
stimulation as four tongues raked over every part of her naked
yielding flesh. Soon Donny's mouth was pressed against her pussy, his
tongue licking deep into her hole and vibrating over her clit as her
hips rose and fell with the rhythm of sex. She reached out on either
side and grabbed two stiff dicks and started masturbating them in
unison. Darryl got on his knees above her head and drove his excited
cock down into her throat. Again she felt her passion mounting. Two
mouths licking and sucking at her sensitive breasts, one mouth working
vigorously on her pussy, a hard cock in each hand and a bigger, harder
one plunging in and out of her hungry mouth. Her hips thrashed wildly
up and down, thrusting her pussy into Donny's face as his tongue
fucked her hole. Suddenly she felt Darryl's cock start to erupt in her
mouth. She tried her best to swallow it all but her own climax was
fast approaching and she pulled his squirting pole out of her mouth
and let him finish on her face and neck as her body shuddered against
Donny's mouth.
"God! Somebody fuck me! Please fuck me!" she exclaimed and she rubbed
Darryl's spent penis around her face and neck, cleaning off the
spilled sperm with her mouth. Donny moved up and immediately rammed
his sizable erection deep into her throbbing, wet cunt. "Oh yeah!" she
cried out. She had enjoyed all the blow jobs that day, but now she was
finally getting fucked. She bucked back against Donny as he thrust in
and out of her aching pussy. She pulled Jimmy by his cock over her
face and stuck his erection right into her hot mouth. Donny's
movements increased to a furious pace and soon she felt him throbbing
out his climax into her depths.
As soon as he pulled away, Carl grabbed her hips and flipped her over,
pulling her up onto her knees. Karen locked her mouth back onto
Jimmy's cock and Carl rubbed the head of his stiff penis up and down
the folds of her pussy, inserting first the head only and then
plunging in all the way. Karen groaned around the cock in her mouth as
Carl's pelvis banged against her ass. Soon they developed a rhythm and
she was being pulled back an forth between the two cocks penetrating
either end of her pliant body. Carl's hand kneaded the soft mounds of
her buttocks, spreading them apart, she could feel his thumbs getting
closer and closer to her anus. Then his thumb pressed directly against
her puckered little butt hole and she gave a start.
Karen moaned loudly and pulled her mouth partially away from the cock
she was sucking. "Stick it in", she gurgled. "Stick your thumb in my
ass." Carl pulled his dick out of her pussy and rammed his thumb in.
Then he slipped his dick back in as his thumb again covered her anus.
"Oh yeah!" Karen gurgled again as Carl's thumb pressed past her
sphincter. She groaned around Jimmy's cock as the thumb pressed all
the way in her ass. Their fucking motions began again with increased
intensity. The whole scene was too much for Jimmy and he suddenly
blasted off deep into Karen throat. This set Karen off and she
collapsed forward on her stomach, her body shuddering and spasming in
another orgasm. Carl pulled out of her, flipped her over on her back
and straddled her chest, lifted her head and stuck his spurting cock
in her mouth. Karen eagerly accepted the throbbing intruder and
swallowed as much as she could.
Laying back and letting her body relax in the afterglow of such wanton
sex, Karen felt fucked out. Happy, but fucked out. She looked around
at her boys and noticed that they were all soft now, letting their
bodies calm down as she was. She smiled contentedly reaching over to
caress Jimmy's sweet face and Darryl's smooth abdomen. After a little
while, they all got up, and started to pack things up to go back to
Rick's. It was almost dark now and the air had cooled. Karen's flesh
tingled in the cool September air and her libido began to stir anew,
like some uncontrollable force within her. She put her little, filmy
top back on, but as she looked around at her young studs, she decided
to put her skirt in her bag. She walked up to Jimmy and asked him if
he and Darryl would sit in the back seat with her.
"You bet, sweetheart." He said, caressing her naked butt. "Hey Carl,
you drive, me and Darryl are going to keep this lovely lady company in
back." The boys were astonished at Karen's amazing daring, riding in
the open convertible basically naked. She sat in back, squeezed
between Jimmy and Darryl. As the car pulled onto the road, Karen
pulled Jimmy's arm around her shoulders and relaxed back against his
chest. Her left leg draped over Darryl's right thigh, spreading her
legs as she enjoyed the cool breezes licking around her nakedness. Her
right forearm rested on Jimmy's thigh, and she felt Jimmy's cock begin
to stir in his shorts and she gently guided his hands over her near
naked chest. Carl was adjusting the rearview mirror and Donny had
turned sideways in his seat in order to watch the sexy scene unfolding
in back.
Karen's thoughts wondered over the events of the day as Darryl's hands
began gently stroking her thigh and stomach. She decided that this was
"the day of the blow jobs". Trying to count how many loads of jizm she
had consumed since I had fed her breakfast with my cock, she began to
get more turned on. Of course, the gentle stroking Jimmy and Darryl
were giving her and the cool breeze tickling her naked flesh as well
as the boys in front watching her were getting to her as well. Though
becoming a little distracted by her building arousal, she figured the
count was now eight, and the evening was still young. She thought
about how turned on I would be when she told me all about her
adventures, and how proud I would be of her for being such a total
slut for all these men.
Her mind was brought back to the present by the gentle touch of
Darryl's hand against her moist sex. By now her top was pushed up
above her breasts, baring her chest to the cool night air and Jimmy's
caresses. She could feel his now hard cock through his shorts against
her right arm. Wondering if Darryl was similarly hard, she spread her
legs further apart and pressed her left calf against his crotch. She
was very happy to feel his huge cock was indeed extremely stiff.
Karen stretched languidly, thrusting her body against the cool air and
the roaming hands of her two studs, tilting her face up to Jimmy's,
covering his mouth with hers. She moaned into his mouth as his left
hand squeezed tightly around her right breast and Darryl's fingers
penetrated her wet hole. She felt a new hand, Donny's, on the soft
skin of the inside of her right thigh, squeezing her pliant flesh,
moving up over her naked hip, caressing her belly, then down into her
sparse pubic hair, pressing against her mons. Her hips rose and fell
against the two hands working her sex, Darryl's fingers fucking in and
out of her pussy and Danny's rubbing her clitoris.
Her head laid back down against Jimmy's stiffness. "God! You boys are
so hot!" She looked up at the night sky, realizing that they were on
the interstate, getting more aroused by the fact that her wanton
behavior was so totally open to the gaze of the truckers that Carl
was devilishly passing. She wanted a convertible and determined that,
if the deal with the Wu brothers went through, she would use her
commission to buy one.
She turned her head in Jimmy's lap, wrapping her open mouth around the
stiff shaft of his throbbing erection, licking and sucking it through
his shorts, her hips continuing to jerk and hump against the finger
fucking of the other two boys. Her hand groped at the waistband of his
shorts, trying to free his cock. Jimmy sat up a little in his seat,
helping her efforts and she engulfed his naked cock in her hot mouth
as it came out above his shorts. He pushed her head all the way
against his pubic bone as her throat muscles throbbed around his glans
eliciting yet another load for her hungry stomach. It didn't take
long. His hips jerked and she felt his cock swell and pulsate as he
sent his seed deep into her swallowing throat. That sent her over the
top and she experienced her own shuddering orgasm.
She disengaged herself from her three tormentors and squirmed around
in the back seat until she could attack Darryl. Her hands worked his
shorts down over his hips and her hot mouth licking and sucking its
way down his muscular chest. Grabbing his stiff cock with her hand,
she stuffed it in her mouth and began sucking like a mad wanton whore.
As they pulled into Rick's driveway, she was rewarded by another huge
load form Darryl, this time she swallowed his whole ejaculation.
She sat up on her haunches as the car pulled to a stop, proud of her
lascivious behavior and the fact that she could satisfy these lusty
college boys. Darryl pulled her face to his and stuck his tongue in
her mouth, tasting his and Jimmy's cum, sucking her tongue into his
mouth. When they broke the kiss, she wiped her hand across his mouth,
telling him how nasty he was, thinking that the count was now an even
ten. She didn't bother getting dressed as they all climbed out of the
Mustang and walked up to Rick's front door. Her body was flushed with
all the sexual excitement, her little top was still pushed up above
her beautiful breasts, and she was still looking forward to fucking
her hot Italian satyr.
"What took you so long?" Rick said, his eyes feasting on her nakedness
as they all sauntered into his house. "As if I didn't know." Karen
walked up to him and brazenly rubbed his cock through his trouser
front, pressing her naked body against him and running her moist
tongue around his ear, whispering to him how much she appreciated her
special surprise. Bill, our lawyer, walked in with a drink in his hand
and stopped dead in his tracks. They all laughed. Karen took her bag
and went to shower and clean up, kissing all of the men and letting
them grope her body as she exited the room. Her body was tingling with
sexual anticipation at the thought that there were now six horny men
for her to play with.
When Karen finished dressing, she heard a knock at the bedroom door,
it was Rick. She was wearing a knit cotton stretch dress that hugged
her curves like a stocking. It came down to a little above mid-thigh
and had a mock turtle-neck top. Though it was sleeveless, it covered
the rest of her completely, however the sexy details of her naked body
underneath showed through the translucent material. Rick couldn't
resist running his hands over her luscious little body as her took her
in his arms.
"You were fantastic today, baby. The Wu brothers were quite impressed
with the deal and you and I think we'll be getting their offer next
week. And of course, Jimmy and the boys just can't believe what a sexy
slut you are. They told us all about how you fucked and sucked them
all right next to the driveway. You're not worn out, are you?" She
kissed his open mouth and rubbed his growing erection through his
"With six big nice cocks waiting for me I better not be." She said
jokingly. "And especially this one, her hand squeezing him a little
"Well, come on. Let me get you a beer. I've ordered some pizzas and
they should be here soon." They walked into the living room and the
boys all hooted their appreciation, ogling her sexy body displayed
under the tight dress. They were all sitting on the circular couch
watching some porn movie.
"What, I'm not good enough?" she chided, posing and wriggling her body
in front of the big screen TV showing some porn queen getting fucked
by a big black dude with a big black dick. "I guess maybe I should go
home." They all shouted for her to stay, telling her she was better
than any porn star. That she had gotten them all sexed up and they
missed her while she was in the shower. The doorbell rang and Rick
suggested that she answer it, the money for the pizzas was on the
kitchen table. Rick had a sly look in his eye and she winked at him as
she walked sexily to the front door.
It was the same delivery boy as before who she had let ogle her the
last time she was there. "Oh hi. I remember you", she said with a
friendly smile on her face. His eyes were overtly staring at her body,
plainly visible in the light from the porch. her dark, pointed nipples
and little pubic patch stood out in sharp contrast against the white
fabric of the too tight dress. She turned and swished her ass, leading
him into the kitchen. Again she took the cash from the table, only
this time she accidentally dropped it in the floor. Slowly bending
down to pick it up with her back towards him, she let her dress ride
up the backs of her smooth thighs. She knew her was getting an
unobstructed view of her naked pussy.
There were three pizzas and only thirty dollars which didn't leave
much for the tip. She knew this was one of Rick's sly tricks but she
didn't care because she wanted to suck this kid's prick, tip or no
tip. She straightened up and spun around handing him the money.
"There's not much of a tip there", she said, his eyes were still glued
to her body and she noticed a nice bulge in the front of his jeans.
"W-w-well, that's OK, mam, y-you don't need to bother with the tip."
He could clearly hear the men talking in the living room and see the
lewd movie playing on the big screen. He was very nervous and excited.
"Now, now", she said, taking his arm and holding it tight against her
body as she walked him back to the door. When they got to the door she
stopped and said, "There must be something I can do to make up for
it." Her hand moved over his erection through his jeans and she rubbed
her breasts against his arm. She was amazed at what a cum hungry whore
she was, how sexually charged she had been all day.
She placed her mouth against his ear and whispered, "Why don't you let
me take care of this for you?" Her hand squeezed the stiff cock in his
jeans, his breathing increased. "You can feel my tits if you want."
She guided his right hand to her chest and moved in front of him,
working on his belt buckle. His young hands mauled her breasts as she
lowered his zipper and pushed his pants and shorts down his thighs.
Her hand wrapped around his cock and masturbated it back and forth.
"You've got a nice cock here. Would you like to rub it against my
pussy?" Her own breathing increased as she pulled the hem of her dress
up around her waist and moved forward pressing his penis between her
thighs, fucking her hips back and forth coating it with her flowing
sex juices, his hips began their own jerking.
"That feels so good. I want to suck your cock and I want you to shoot
off in my mouth." He was whimpering and she knew he wouldn't last
long. He couldn't have been more than 16 or 17 and Karen was turned on
by the fact that he was completely in her control. She could taste
her own juices on his cock as she knelt and took him gently into her
mouth. He let out a loud moan his cock was engulfed by her wet,
sucking mouth. He was grunting and jerking his hips wildly, fucking
her mouth. Suddenly he erupted and she had a hard time keeping his
cock in her mouth as he jerked spasmodically. She did manage, however,
to swallow every drop and sucked him clean and dry.
She stood up and helped him with his pants, thanking him for her
appetizer. He was, of course, very grateful, but still nervous and
embarrassed and he quickly left. Karen's sexual burner was ignited
again by the taste of fresh sperm in her mouth, but she hadn't eaten
anything else all day and she was hungry, she knew she had to eat some
real food, even though it was only pizza. She called to Rick that the
pizza was here and he and Bill came into the kitchen.
"Was there enough money for the tip?" Rick asked, a wicked smile on
his face as he ran his hands around her from behind, pressing himself
against her buttocks and cupping her firm small breasts. She leaned
her head back and told him that she had given the kid another kind of
tip. Then she closed her mouth over his, sucking his tongue into her
mouth. She knew he could taste the fresh spent jizm of the teenager.
"Goddamn you're hot. I can't wait to stick my dick in you."
"You may have to get in line tonight." She joked, pulling away from
his embrace. "Let's eat." Karen carried the pizzas into the dinning
room and put them out onto the big table, there were a dozen chairs
around that table. Rick and Bill brought in lots of beers and called
the boys. Soon they were all sitting around the huge table talking and
eating and drinking. Rick produced a couple of joints and they were
passed around.
As Karen's hunger for real food became satisfied, her hunger for hot
sex began to build. Rick produced a bottle of tequila and seven shot
glasses. Everybody hollered and laughed. Karen stood up and grabbed
the bottle. "I'll pour. Get ready, boys." She stood beside Carl and
bent over to fill his glass to the rim. His hand snaked up the back of
her thigh and under her dress, pushing the hem up to just below her
crotch. She lifted the glass, spilling a little over her hand, and
sipped a little off the top, tilting her head back, feeling the warm
liquor descend her esophagus and Carl's fingers stroke gently through
her sex. She bent slightly and held the glass to Carl's lips, emptying
it into his mouth as he tilted his head back. Then she covered his
mouth with hers and licked out her tongue, tasting the tequila from
the inside of his mouth. Two of his fingers slipped deep into her and
she wriggled her ass a little.
"Wow! This is going to be fun!" She disengaged from Carl, picked up
the bottle and moved on to Donny. As she leaned over to fill Donny's
glass, he pushed the tight bottom of her dress up over her hips to her
waist. Everybody clapped and she pirouetted for them before repeating
the drinking ritual. She continued around the table like this, ending
with Rick. By this time she was very high and very turned on having
moistened every one's fingers with her hot pussy and licked the sweet
tasting liquor out of their mouths.
My Wife Karen - Part 3 (3/3)
Wife Seals the Deal
by Dr. Grits
"Any one for another round?" Karen asked, getting the reply she wanted
from the six horny males she was serving. Again she was next to Carl,
pressing the lower part of her naked abdomen against his right
shoulder. "I guess I don't really need this", she said, pulling her
dress over head and throwing it on the floor. Now she was totally
nude, no shoes, no nothing. Carl felt her breasts and pinched her hard
nipples as she filled his glass. She repeated the ritual, drinking a
little herself and then emptying the glass in his mouth, his hands
caressing the entire length of her naked body, causing her to moan
into his mouth. Then on to Donny, who licked at her bare pussy and she
poured the golden liquor unsteadily into the glass.
Every one was making lewd, but appreciative comments, which heightened
her sexual arousal. She stood next to Jimmy and smiled down at him,
running her left hand through his thick, blond hair. His hand rested
gently on her naked hip as her looked up into her face, her mouth was
smeared with saliva and tequila. As she lifted the glass, she took her
sip and then splashed to rest over her bare chest. Then she tilted his
head back and stuck her right breast in his mouth. He licked and
sucked first one then the other until there was no more liquor. Then
she passionately probed his mouth with her tongue and her hand reached
under the waistband of his shorts and stroked his hard cock.
She shivered with excitement as she pulled away from him and moved on
to Darryl, who's eyes were glazed over with lewd lust, ogling her
glistening body drawing near to him. He leaned over and licked his
tongue up from her sparse pubic hair to her navel. Her left hand held
the back of his head as he sucked and nibbled around her sensitive
belly button. He took the bottle from her hand and ran the cool top
slowly down the front of her naked body, his right hand gripped her
behind her left knee, slowly urging her legs apart. Everyone was
suddenly quiet. The bottle continued its slow decent.
"I want you to sweeten the mouth of this bottle for me. Would you do
that?" She sighed in assent, placing her right hand on the table for
support and lifting her left foot onto Darryl's chair, spreading her
legs further apart. "That's it, baby." The bottle moved up over the
pliant flesh of her breasts, pushing on their undersides, pressing
against her sensitive nipples. Her eyes were closed, her hips began to
rise and fall in anticipation. In the silence she could feel every
one's eyes running over her body like little hands tantalizing her
trembling flesh. She was totally lost in the lust of the moment.
The bottle resumed its downward path, Darryl licking at the tender
inside of her left thigh, his right thumb gently stroking through the
moist lips of her vagina. The top of the bottle moved through her
pubic patch pressing firmly against her mons. She slowly thrust her
pelvis out. Daryl moved the bottle lower, trapping her hard little
clitoris in its mouth and moving it in tiny circles. Her hips moved
with more insistence.
"You want me to fuck you with this bottle, don't you, you little
slut?' He moved top of the bottle slowly through the outer lips of her
aching sex, back to her clit, back through her pussy lips. "You want
to cum all over it so I can taste you pussy juice when I take a drink,
don't you?" She couldn't believe what was happening, how turned on she
was at the prospect of fucking a liquor bottle in front of all these
men. The only things that had ever been in her pussy were cocks,
tongues and fingers, and now she desperately wanted to fuck this
bottle and show these men what an incredible little slut she was.. She
felt a naked male chest press against her back and she let herself
lean back against it for support, stretching her left arm up and
behind her, running her hand through his hair. She knew it was Jimmy.
"Yeah!" she said, her mouth now dry from the heavy breathing, her hips
still fucking at the glass stimulator. "Yeah, fuck me. Stick in my
cunt. Please! Stick it in." She pulled Jimmy's hand to her heaving
breasts, forcing his fingers to pinch her nipples. Darryl slowly
inserted the bottle neck into her wet hole. "Oh God!" she exclaimed,
pushing her hips down to get more of the glass intruder inside her.
Darryl twisted the bottle around, pulling it out the pushing it back
in. Her hips bucked frantically. She pulled Jimmy's left hand down to
her clit and his fingers began to rapidly stimulate her most sensitive
She was thrashing and moaning as Darryl fucked the neck of the bottle
in and out of her pussy and Jimmy rubbed her clitoris. Her left hand
grabbed Jimmy by the hair and she turned her head and mashed her open
mouth to his, gurgling and moaning and sucking on Jimmy's tongue. Then
it happened. Her body stiffened, she ripped her mouth away from
Jimmy's and let out a loud cry. Darryl shoved the bottle deep into her
cunt and her whole body spasmed into a shuddering orgasm.
A roar of approval and applause filled the room. Darryl withdrew the
bottle from her depths and she and Jimmy sank to the floor. Darryl
held the bottle up, its neck glistened with the juice of her climax.
He stuck the neck into his mouth and pulled it back out, cleaning the
neck and leaving the mouth in his, tilting his head back and taking a
long pull of the intoxicating contents. "Now that's what I call a
drink!" he exclaimed, slamming the bottle down on the table.
The bottle was passed around and they all had a couple more shots.
Karen enjoyed their randy conversation about what they had just
witnessed. She knew that even though she was willing to let them do
just about anything they wanted with her, they were, nonetheless, in
her complete control. Jimmy helped her to her feet and they all
applauded her again as she rose. She smiled at Rick and Bill who were
shaking their heads in pleasant disbelief.
"Why don't you and Bill help me clean up a little and these hot studs
can wait in the living room and watch some more porno movies?" she
asked Rick. Rick said he thought that was an excellent idea.
"You boys clean up this mess and we'll clean up this little nympho and
meet you on the couch." When they were in Rick's bed room Karen told
them that they had too many cloths on and should strip down to their
shorts like her young studs while she took a quick shower. Karen felt
excited and invigorated at the prospect of what the rest of the night
might bring. She scrubbed herself clean in the hot, cascading water,
enjoying the stimulation she felt as the jets of water pelted her
sensitive skin As she was about to turn off the shower, Rick and Bill
walked into the bathroom. They were both naked and joined her in the
Karen took the soap and started to rub over Bill's chest. The lather
built and she washed his body, running her hands over his slippery
flesh while Rick ran his hands over her ass. "This is fun!" she said,
washing Bill's testicles with one hand and masturbating his growing
erection with the other. Then she turned her attention to Rick and
lathered him down. Soon she was standing between them, masturbating a
stiff, soapy cock in each hand.
"So, tell us, Karen, what exactly did you do to tip the pizza boy?"
Rick asked, pinching her right nipple.
"You didn't really give him a blow job, did you?" Bill asked,
marveling at the incredible limits to which my wife could take her
sluttish behavior.
"I sure did", she said proudly. "I knelt right down in front of him
and swallowed his whole load. It didn't take him long either, he was
so excited and nervous."
"I told you, Bill, this little slut is a real cum hungry cocksucker.
Tell us, how many loads have you swallowed so far today?" Karen became
more turned on thinking back over "the day of the blow jobs."
"Well, let's see? Now you keep count, Rick, my hands are busy." She
continued to stroke their slippery hard shafts as she recounted her
feedings. "Now, first was John on the way to the airport. And
then......Well you know, Rick. Next the Wu brothers. Then those hot
college boys out by the car. Two of them fucked me, but all of them
came in my mouth. Let's see, oh yeah, then I sucked Jimmy and Darryl
off in the back of the car on the way here. And then, of course, the
pizza boy. Now how many does that make?"
"I count eleven. Is that what you get, Bill?"
"I lost count", Bill answered incredulously. Karen's masturbating
hands were having the desired effect on both men and she could feel
their stiff poles throbbing in her grasp.
"I think it's time for twelve and thirteen." Karen said, sinking to
her knees, rinsing the throbbing members off in the spray and rubbing
them over her upturned face. She licked their stomachs, thighs, balls
and shafts, sucking her mouth along their lengths and then fucking
them into her mouth. She switched back and forth between the two,
masturbating which ever one she wasn't fellating. The men were
twitching their hips more, she knew they were near the end.
Bill went off first and she shoved her face up against his pelvis
taking his spurting tool deep into her throat. Her tongue pulsed along
his rod, causing his hips to tremble as he emptied the last of his
ejaculate into her willing mouth. Her right hand felt Rick's prick
start to twitch as his hips tightened and ceased their movement.
Quickly she removed her mouth from Bill and wrapped her lips around
Rick's big dick head as he unloaded a gusher of sperm over her tongue
and into her mouth. She opened her mouth and let it fill with Rick's
generous offering. Then she tilted her head back, her mouth still
opened so the men could see it filled with semen, she knew how much
men liked this rude display. Then she swallowed it all down and smiled
up at them, licking her lips with a naughty smile.
The three of them rinsed off and got out of the shower. Karen told
them not to put any clothes on and make sure the boys were all equally
naked so when she came out there would be six naked men waiting for
her on the circular couch. She asked Rick to roll some joints and have
them waiting as well. Her carnal desires began to increase yet again
as she thought about the possibilities of what she was about to do
with her six horny men. Wrapping her towel around her, securing it
just above her breasts she walked confidently into the living room.
As per Karen's request, there were her six naked men sitting around
the circular couch applauding her entrance. The room was dark but for
the track lighting focused on the round white marble coffee table in
the middle, dimmed to increase the erotic effect. On the table were
three, fat joints and a lighter. Karen picked up one of the joints,
lit it and sashayed over the her right to Jimmy, who was sitting on
that end of the huge couch.
She looked down at the handsome boy, running her right hand through
his hair. She was glad Jimmy was first in line. Lifting her left leg,
she straddled his lap and sat on his knees facing him, her nakedness
still hidden provocatively by the towel. Then she raised up on her
knees, grabbed the towel where it joined between her breasts and
opened it, exposing herself to Jimmy's staring eyes, keeping herself
hidden form the others. She leaned forward, pressing her body against
his and wrapping the towel around the back of his head as she rubbed
her breasts against his face, and her crotch on his smooth firm
She sat back down, feeling his stiff penis against her sex and tossed
the towel onto the floor, eliciting loud hoots from the others. Then
she took a deep drag on the joint and reached down between them,
grasping his erection and rubbing it against the moist lips of her
pussy. His cock entered her for the first time as she gradually
lowered her self down, crushing her open mouth to his and exhaling the
mind altering smoke into his lungs, moaning as she felt him slide into
her. Her hips slowly rose and fell as the other watched his slick
shaft appear and disappear in the dim light.
Then she pulled away from him, bent at the waist, sticking her ass in
the air and sucked his damp cock into her mouth, cleaning her own
excretion from his straining tool. She let it pop out of her mouth and
crawled on the couch to Donny, licking up his chest and straddling his
hips. She repeated her lewd performance with Donny, and then moved on
to Bill.
When she was finished with Bill the joint was almost consumed and she
was becoming increasingly excited by the potent smoke and leisurely
fucking she was getting from these hard cocks. She crawled on all
fours across the marble coffee table, deliberately displaying her
naked crotch to her enthralled audience, and retrieving a fresh joint
and lighting it. Inhaling deeply, she crawled back over to Rick,
licking her way over his balls and stiff cock, pausing to suck it into
her mouth for a couple strokes, then over his hairy abdomen and chest
as she moved from the table to straddle his hips.
"Oh God, that feels good!" she exclaimed as his thick shaft stretched
her tender vagina, his hands squeezing her sensitive breasts. She
pulled deeply on the marijuana and moaned loudly into his open mouth
as they exchanged the sweet smoke. Her hips moved with more urgency
now as she fucked him in earnest. She was beginning to loose control
as her libido rose and she felt Rick's big cock plunging her depths.
Suddenly Rick grabbed her hips and brought her back to reality by
stopping her movement.
"You've still got two to go, you little slut." He said, smiling
lasciviously at her slightly tormented face. She looked over at
Darryl, her eyes glazed over with lust. He licked his lips and stroked
his huge erection. Karen slipped off of Rick's cock and stood in front
of Darryl, her legs spread, with her knees against the couch on either
side of his knees. She ran her free hand down her body to her crotch,
sticking her fingers into her wet snatch and humping her hips. Then
she took a drag on the joint and pressed her wet hand around and into
his sucking mouth.
"You love the taste of pussy juice, don't you, you nasty boy?"
"Almost as much as you love cock juice, you slutty little whore." He
countered. She climbed up on the couch, holding her hand in his mouth
and forcing his head back. Then she slung her right leg over the back
of the couch, straddling his face, and lowered her pussy to his mouth.
His hand mauled the firm mounds of her buttocks as she ground her
crotch against his sucking mouth, her right hand grasped in his hair
for support.
She mashed her sex against his face, her hips violently thrashing back
and forth as his tongue licked from her ass hole to her clitoris. "Oh
my God, yes! Suck me out! Oh God!" Her hips stopped and her whole body
shook and trembled as her climax consumed her.
Darryl's hands grabbed her by the hips and lowered her down till she
was straddling his lap. Then, holding his stiff cock in his hand and
he rubbed it against her wet pussy. She twisted her body against his,
urging him to fuck her. She looked down at him, his face was soaked
with her juices. It was all she could do to pull again on the joint
and crush her mouth to his. He thrust his hips upward and buried his
cock deep in her aching hole.
Karen moaned loudly and came up for air. Still breathing heavily, she
leaned over to Carl, pulling on the joint with her right hand and
grasping his hard cock with her left, mashing her wet mouth over his.
She was fucking Darryl with a calmer but steady rhythm when she licked
her way around Carl's face to his ear. Her hot breath and tongue
moistened his aural cavity as she whispered, "Did you like it this
afternoon when you stuck your thumb in my ass? I loved it. I want you
to stick this hard cock in there right now. Would you do that for me?
Cheers and applause filled the room as Carl rose to her request. She
guided his cockhead to her puckered anus as he moved behind her,
Darryl spreading her ass cheeks with his hands. Her whole crotch area
was soaked with her fluids so Carl's average sized dick slipped easily
into her butt hole. Now the two boys started fucking in and out of her
with increased passion. She moved between them, mashing her breasts
into Darryl's sucking mouth.
"Here we go, boys" Rick said, jumping behind the couch and taking the
burning joint from Karen's hand. His stiff prick was in front of her
face and she grabbed it and stuffed it into her hungry mouth, moaning
around the thick shaft. The rest of the men got up and came around
where Rick was to get a closer look at Karen's raunchy performance.
Karen reached out with her left hand and grabbed onto another stiff
cock. She was lost in the total sexual abandonment of what was
happening. Rick's cock started throbbing uncontrollably in her mouth.
Her cheeks swelled out as he blasted his seed into her sucking throat,
some of his sperm escaping past her lips and coating her chin.
Karen frantically stuffed the cock in her left hand into her slimy
mouth. Her body was thrashing around between the two men fucking her
and she could feel another climax building as the cock in her mouth
erupted and sent its load down to her stomach. She turned her head to
the right and sucked down another eager cock.
Just as her own body began spasming in another orgasm, Karen saw a
light flash through her closed eyelids. She opened her eyes and saw
Rick standing there with a Polaroid camera. Her movements increased,
turned on by knowing her depraved action was being photographed. Carl
thrust forward, burying his cock in her ass and let out a loud yell as
he shot his ejaculate deep in her bowls. At almost the same instant,
the cock in her mouth went off. Flooding her with another load of male
cock juice. The flash went off again.
Carl pulled out of her ass and Karen looked over at Rick, her face was
wet with semen and she licked her slimy lips as Rick took another
picture. She slipped off of Darryl's dick and lay down on the table,
spreading her legs and rubbing her swollen pussy.
Looking at Darryl, who was stroking his slippery cock in his hand, she
said, "I want you to fuck my mouth with that big dick. I want all of
you to fuck my mouth and cum all over me." Darryl needed not further
invitation as his cock was aching for release from their fucking. He
got on the table and knelt over her head, still holding his swollen
cock in his hand and rubbing it over her wet face, letting her lick it
as it passed over her mouth. The flash went off again and Darryl
crammed his stiff dick down into her open mouth, stroking the
glistening shaft and dumping a gusher of pent-up jizz into her. She
licked, slurped and gurgled trying to catch it all as the flashes
The other three boys scrambled onto the table to comply with her
wishes and began sticking their cocks in her mouth and rubbing them
over her squirming body. Bill then joined the fray, straddling her
head and stroking his cock against her breasts. She licked and mouthed
his balls as her hand worked her sex, her hips arching up off the
table. The other boys were rubbing their erections over her torso and
as her body thrashed into another orgasm they all began to spew loads
of cum over her writhing flesh. Bill stuck his erupting cock deep into
her throat and fed her another load. Karen clasped her hand tightly
between her thighs, her body shaking as she calmed down from her
orgasm and relaxed against the cool surface of the marble. The spent
men retreated from her and Rick snapped one last picture of her cum
soaked nakedness.
Karen opened her eyes and looked around at all her lovers, their dicks
now limp from all the cumming she had caused. She basked in the
sensual feel of their slimy sperm as her hands gently spread it all
over her naked body. "Thank you, gentlemen. I've really enjoyed being
your slut today. And thank you, Rick, for such a wonderful special
They all applauded again and returned her thanks. Rick told the boys
to rack out in the basement as they were all too drunk and high to
drive. He and Bill helped Karen into Rick's bathroom and into the
shower where they all cleaned up. Then Karen collapsed on the bed and
passed out, totally contented and sexually satisfied.
When she woke up she was alone in the big waterbed, still naked and
lying on top of the smooth satin bedspread. She stretched languidly,
feeling rested and still a little turned on as she thought about the
events of the previous day. She got up, put on one of Rick's Hawaiian
shirts that she found in his closet and then padded out into the
house, finding Rick and Bill in the kitchen, dressed in swimming
"Good morning, boys", she said, letting the shirt fall open, she
hadn't buttoned it, and giving each one a hug and kiss. "Thanks for
letting me sleep."
"Well, you had a pretty hot night last night and we figured you needed
it. And besides, I wanted to get those college boys outa here before
you got them going again." Rick said jokingly, his arm around her
shoulders, hers around his waist.
"You just wanted me all to yourself so you could stick me with this
big dick." Karen joked back, gripping his cock through the front of
his trunks.
"Jesus, you never quit. You're amazing!" Bill said, laughing. He was
sitting at the kitchen table and Karen walked over to him, spread her
legs on either side of his and held her shirt open, displaying herself
completely to his staring eyes.
"Don't you like your client's little slut wife anymore?" she said
teasing him.
"I love it!" he exclaimed, rubbing his hands over her naked breasts.
"Mmm. Now that's better." She looked over at Rick and asked, "So,
where are those pictures you took last night?" Rick reached into a
drawer and laid the stack of Polaroids down on the table. Karen turned
around and sat in Bill's lap, taking the pictures in her little hands.
They all had coffee and bagels as they passed the dirty pictures
around. Even Karen was amazed at what a total slut she was in these
pictures, but looking at them and thinking about all the sexy things
she had done the previous day, started her motor running again. She
squirmed around on Bill's lap, her elbows resting on the table,
feeling his now hard cock sliding between her buttocks.
"Wow!" she exclaimed. "I'm getting all worked up again looking at
these. Why don't you two take me back to bed and fuck the shit out of
me?" She shrugged out of the shirt and leaned back against Bill's
chest, pulling one of his hands to her breasts and pushing the other
one down to her crotch, her ass undulating against his straining cock.
Rick sat there grinning.
"Do you remember when Carl shot off in your ass?" he held the picture
up for her to see. "You liked that, didn't you? Remember all that cum
you swallowed?" She looked at a picture of her sperm covered face.
"Oh, yeah", she said. She began frantically pushing on Bill's hand in
her crotch, spreading her legs and humping her hips against the hand
in front and his stiff erection between her ass cheeks. Rick stood up
and took out his cock, stroking it in his hand and watching her stare
at it. "Oh God! Stick you fingers in me." Her hips picked up speed,
arching up off his lap and her hands reached behind her frantically
trying the get Bill's trunks down.
"Forget the bed," Rick said. "You want us to fuck you right here,
don't you?" She had managed to work Bill's trunks down to his thighs
and his naked cock was lodged between soft mounds of her ass, his
fingers fucking in and out of her dripping pussy. "You want Bill to
stick that hard cock right up your pussy, right now, don't you? You're
just a little cock hungry nympho slut, aren't you?" he moved closer to
her, her eyes fixed on the engorged member in his hand.
"Oh yeah. I want it now, here. I'm a suck-fuck slut and I want Bill to
stick his dick in my pussy and I want you to fuck my mouth." She
lifted her hips off Bill's lap, took hold of his stiff cock and
stuffed it into her aching hole, leaning back and fucking her hips up
and down. Rick moved in closer and straddled her body, rubbing his
huge cock over her tits. Her hand grabbed his buttocks and pressed him
harder against her, licking his stomach as he humped her chest.
"Oh God! Give me your cock! Stick it in my mouth!" Rick held her head
in his hands, pulled back and thrust his shaft into her open mouth.
She slurped and sucked and moaned around the huge tool as Rick fucked
it frantically in and out of her wet oral cavity.
After about ten minutes of this Rick told her he wanted her to stick
Bill's dick up her ass so her could fuck her cunt. He pulled his cock
from her sucking mouth as she raised up, guided Bill's member to her
anus and slowly sunk down taking him all the way into her ass hole.
"That's it. You like his cock in your ass, don't you?" Her hips began
to rise and fall, fucking Bill's penis with her ass. "Now you want one
in your little pussy, right?"
"Oh yeah. I want your big cock in my little pussy, Rick." Her feet
were on Bill's thighs, her legs spread wide as she fingered her slit,
showing Rick how wet it was. He stepped forward and bent his knees so
his pelvis was on a lever with hers. Her hand wrapped around his thick
shaft and guided it to the mouth of her tender opening. "Go ahead,
Rick. Ram it in. Fuck me hard and make me cum."
Rick lunged forward, sinking all the way in and she let out a scream
as they all quickly settled into a frantic fucking rhythm. The chair
rocked and twisted with their frenzied movements. Karen bit at Rick's
nipples and licked his chest. She was panting and moaning and urging
them with words to fuck her harder. She had never felt so full and she
wanted them to keep fucking her forever. But then her head began to
spin and she felt a monster orgasm begin to build. She hugged Rick in
a tight bear hug and let out a loud scream as her body bucked between
them and her insides began to throb, squeezing their cocks in her
pussy and ass.
It was too much for Bill and his cock erupted into her butt, his
generous offering leaking out down around his balls. Rick pulled his
cock out and grabbed her head stuffing his slick shaft down her
throat, her lips stretching to accept the welcomed meat. Almost
immediately his dick swelled, throbbed and unloaded of torrent of jizm
into her throat. Her cheeks bulged out as she strained to swallow as
much as she could, the rest leaking out of her mouth and dribbling
over her chin and down onto her breasts.
She held Rick's deflating cock in her mouth, sucking and tonguing it,
making sure he was emptied and clean before he popped it out. Bill's
cock slipped out of her ass as she got up from his lap and stood,
stretching sensually as they looked upon her in wonder.
"Mmm. That was the best! I can't wait to tell John all about this
wonderful weekend, and he'll love the pictures." Karen showered and
got ready to go back to our house and rest up for my arrival the next
day. She borrowed Rick shirt for the ride home, but didn't bother to
button it up. What a slut!
When Karen picked me up at the airport she was dressed in Rick's shirt
and her little sandals. She insisted on driving home while I looked at
those rude pictures of my sexy wife getting gang banged. We were both
getting hot and bothered as we shared the pictures and she started
relating the details of her "day of the blow jobs." Needless to say,
when we got home she insisted on sucking my aching cock before we even
got out of the car, then we spent the rest of the day in bed, going
over more of the exciting details.
Later that week Rick called me, thanking me again for my willingness
to share my sexy wife's charms and expounding on what an amazing slut
she had been. I think we both got hard talking about her. He told me
that the Wu brothers had delivered an offer to Mr. Durham. Though the
offer was $200,000 short of what we were asking, he, Bill and I could
still each clear our half a mil each, and we were prepared to accept
less than they offered. I agreed with everyone else to accept, not a
bad deal for two month's of risk and no cash outlay. He said it would
go through pretty quick because the Wu's were going to write a check
and no further financing was needed. He suggested we all get together
to celebrate when our checks were issued by the bank. Then he told me
that Mr. Durham was looking forward to meeting Karen.
I called Karen at home and told her the good news. She was very happy,
and especially excited that she may have had an important role in how
fast we managed to sell this property. When I got home that evening,
she greeted me at the door in her birthday suit, wrapped her arms
around my neck and gave me a passionate, open mouthed tongue kiss.
She was really worked up.
"I'll have to buy a new dress for the celebration", she said,
devilishly. "As you can see I haven't got a thing to wear. I can't
wait to meet Jimmy's father."

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